and harry looks so smug


Niall: The sequel to Happy Birthday, I think it was.
Louis: WOW, that is a big number right there.

Okay, what is the story of The Song That’s Not Olivia??

(@genuinelybelieve based on her observation!)

i’m cr ying

when harry hugs niall he just puts his whole body into it, like, he just fully envelops niall and holds him so tightly and buries his face into nialls neck and totally relaxes himself and i literally can’t deal with it because the hug always looks so full of love and you can see sometimes niall is just like “uh, you can let go now harry” but harry doesn’t care he just loves the feeling of having niall in his arms and he never wants to let go and there’s always like a whisper or pat on the bum to end it and he looks so damn smug after it, like… damn you harry styles