and harry is all proud and cute

people can say whatever they want about larries but in the end of the day it wont change how much they deeply adore louis and harry and you can see it from even the simplest things like the tags they put when they reblog from us and i creep and read them like yeah ive seen some cute ones for louis and harry separately (ive been running this blog for almost 3 years now ive read them all lol) but for some reason reading the tags people post for louis and harry are so damn cute and so so so pure i just i literally want to hug every single one of you lol its always in this like adoring almost motherly tone when i read the tags like very proud like, “yes these two grown men are my babies, they are in love hello yes look at them ima reblog them for you guys can see my beautiful babies” anyways this is really random but idk i was reading some tags and i just i love you guys, im so glad louis and harry have such a amazing, loving, support system nomatter what people may say or think or whatever may be going on around them currently it will never change the fact that you guys love them so damn much and all you want is for them to be happy and feel loved and since you cant tell them you have these blogs, tags, etc. showing everyone else how much you love them and thats beautiful.

Being James’ sister would include…

- Having to endure his constant teasing, no matter what you do

- Though he would be absolutely proud of you when you’d start your first year at Hogwarts, no matter what house you would get sorted into

- Your teachers (and even some of the other kids) being kind of suspicious of you when they hear you’re James’ sister 

- But they’d soon realize, that you’re your own person and not just 
“James Potter’s little sister”

- However, this wouldn’t mean that you weren’t constantly surrounded by James and his friends

- Seriously, they’d treat you like all of them were your brothers

- Remus would help you with all of your homework, making sure you always caught on in class, which resulted in you doing great on your exams

- Sirius and James examining basically every person you’d talk to, just to make sure you’re not getting in touch with the wrong people

- But, hand on heart, they actually were like brothers to you

- Them giving a hard time to every boy (or girl) you would be even just slightly interested in, making them understand how they should better be careful how they treat you

- You sometimes just having to get some time for yourself

- At the end of the day though, you’d be thankful to have a brother like James and his friends because you knew there would always be people who cared for you and want to make sure you’re alright

Teddy Lupin
  • Teddy Lupin getting sorted into Hufflepuff
  • Teddy Lupin beaming when Professor McGonagall primly tells him “Your mother would’ve been proud”
  • Teddy Lupin getting a violent crush on Victoire Weasley
  • Teddy Lupin changing his hair different colors depending on his mood
  • Teddy Lupin being a die-hard Weird Sisters fan and a natural-born talent when it comes to Defense Against the Dark Arts
  • Teddy Lupin decides to permanently wear his hair in a bright shade of blue after Victoire says “You look cute with that color”
  • Teddy Lupin keeping a photograph of his parents with him at all times, sometimes telling them about his day each night in his bed
  • Teddy Lupin being an honorary member of the Wotters (Weasley+Potter) and feeling an unimaginable feeling of joy during each gathering
  • Teddy Lupin visiting Grimmauld Place alone, and staring into a mirror as he carefully shifts himself to resemble each of his parents
  • Teddy Lupin crying when Harry Potter gives him photos of his teenage mother and father and he realizes that he gestures like Tonks but looks exactly like Remus
  • Teddy Lupin wanting to be an Auror more than anything else
  • Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley start dating after he accidentally hits her in the head with a chocolate frog
  • Teddy Lupin marrying Victoire Weasley straight out of Hogwarts
  • Teddy Lupin sets two chairs off to the side for his parents during the ceremony
  • Teddy Lupin taking out the now-crumpled photograph of his parents and telling them he hopes they’re proud of him

“Daddy, daddy! Look at me!” your daughter smiles so big and proud as she shows off her new sparkly dress to Harry. Harry claps his hands and says “That’s a pretty dress! But not as pretty as you are” and grabs her to his arms. He kisses all over her face and tickles her sides. “You’re such a daddy’s girl, aren’t you?” Harry asks her and places the curly strands of hair behind her ear away from her face. “I love you” she says and hugs Harry tightly. “Love you too, sweetheart”.

Diary (Draco)

Requested- Could you write a Draco imagine where the reader and him and ultimate bffs like Ron and Harry or something and she finds like a diary or something with really cute fluff like SO MUCH FLUFF!!!! Idk ur the writer but like the reader finds something of his that shows his feelings

- - -

You sat in the boy’s dorm just like usual. The other Slytherin boys were all used to it, as you and Draco were best friends in Hogwarts.

“Hey y/l/n, waiting for Malfoy?” A dark haired boy with pretty amber eyes greeted you with a smile, you recognized him as one of the Prefects.

“Yeah,” you smiled back, “where is he?”

“No idea. He’d be back soon I suppose,” said the boy. He left the dorm after a few seconds.

You got annoyed by how slow Draco was, so you started looking around Draco’s place. His belongings were placed neatly around the room as you remembered, but this time there was something else on his bedside table. His notebook? You thought and picked up the leather covered book. You flipped through the notes quickly, then realised that it was a diary. You chuckled at the thought of him writing and started reading.

1st September

Back to school, I guess. At least I’d get to see y/n and make fun of Potter. Father’s got me this diary thing, I’m not sure what he wants me to do. 

You flipped some more pages, and stopped when you saw your name again.

4th October

Today has been one of the best. Y/n and I had so much fun at the Black Lake. I was surprised that she wasn’t pissed when I “accidentally” pushed her into the Lake. She smiled at me in a way that made me unable to look away. Merlin, she is so beautiful. Anyway, I think I’m sick. I got pushed into the Lake by her as well.

Your eyes widened completely as you read through it. You were surprised and stunned in disbelief by the words he wrote. Turning to another page, you eagerly read it once more.

24th January

Ok. I admit. I like her. But how on earth can I tell her? I don’t want to ruin our friendship… I’ll probably

As you heard footsteps coming, you shut the diary close and hid it behind your back. The door was opened in a second.

“Y/n! I went looking for you!” Draco walked in and grinned. You grinned back nervously, hoping that he wouldn’t notice your awkward behaviour. But unfortunately he did. “You’re behaving oddly.”

“I’m not!” You raised your eyebrows, “I’m perfectly normal.”

“What’s that behind your back?” He asked curiously, then he realised what you were holding. “Is that my- Hey give it back!” He threw himself onto you and tried to grab his diary, resulting you falling on to his bed with him on top of you. Draco got his diary back, but you two were now blushing crazily.

“Um- D-Draco…”

“Oh I-I’m sorry.” He got off you quickly and apologized. “Did you read it?”

“Only a little. I’m so sorry.” You looked down to your hands and blushed even more, although it seemed impossible. “You like me?”

“…Yeah, do you?” He asked, looking outside the window. You followed the direction of his gaze and saw the giant squid in the Lake.

You smiled and walked towards the boy, “I do, actually.”

He immediately looked back at your eyes as his whole face brightened up. “Are you serious!” You nodded and grinned, eyes also locking with his. He grinned back and hugged you. You were taken aback by his sudden move, but you hugged him back with your hands around his back. “Can I kiss you?” Without waiting for your answer, which was obviously a yes, he leaned in a planted a kiss on your lips with his hands on your hips. You smiled to the kiss and kissed him back.

“Jeez, we should have done this on 24th of January, when you finally admitted that you like me.”

“Y/n!” He laughed out loud. “Don’t you dare say another word about that stupid diary!”

You stuck your tongue out and laughed, too. “I bet Narcissa would want to know about what happened in May!”

“Don’t- you- dare-”

“You’ll never stop me!”

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The fact that Harry and Gemma are sibling goals makes me cry.

Baby Harry and Baby Gemma

Now they are all grown up.

Aw and what about here? Harry looks so proud to call Gemma his sister.

I am literally wiping my tears at this cuteness. Maybe I should use these notes to wipe them.

From Harry to Gemma when they were really young.

Now the letter cuteness grew with him.

Sibling goals confirmed.

“And if you like cameras flashing every time we go out (Oh, yeah) And if you’re looking for someone to write your breakup songs about Baby, I’m perfect Baby, we’re perfect”

anonymous asked:

Challenge for you: RFA+V and Saeran reaction to MC being an insane Potterhead and cosplaying as a Hogwarts student at the first screening of Fantastical Beasts(midnight on a empty mall full of potterheads) Good luck!

that’s not really a dare…. who’s listening to the books nonstop on audible this gal… #Slytherinpride

Hope you have lots of fun at the mall :D


  • you can bet ur ass he’s standing in line with you
  • and he’s an adorable Hufflepuff
  • you’ve never seen something this cute
  • He’s so proud of you two
  • he loves the sparkle in your eyes when you talk about Harry Potter


  • she doesn’t really share your excitement for Harry Potter
  • but she doesn’t make fun of it either
  • But she loves that you’re this dedicated
  • eventually, she reads all the Harry Potter books to understand you better
  • and she wants to go with you
  • so you sew her a costume
  • she’s impressed because you have these skills
  • tries to recreate a coffee that tastes like butterbeer


  • He loves it because you love it
  • and because of “a Harry Potter Musical”
  • And you look super cute in your short skirt and the blouse with your house logo
  • He goes with you because he fears guys would stare at you
  • He’s so impressed by people’s cosplays
  • He asks all the questions
  • and gets so interested
  • but kinda annoying
  • like
  • ZEN… I want to watch the movie, smh


  • He doesn’t get it, he never will
  • but he likes the sight of you in a skirt
  • Although he gets confused when you shout spells through the house
  • “Expelliarmus!”
  • “MC, WHa-?”
  • But he can’t help himself and take photos when you put your outfit on and cuddle Ellie
  • You just look too cute
  • probably have to keep it on in the bedroom


  • He’s a gryffindor and you know it
  • Sorted by Pottermore
  • He’s so excited
  • you both cosplay as ron and hermione
  • although his fave is draco
  • “He’s a misunderstood boy, MC”
  • “Tom Felton in a suit, MC!”
  • You both go to the premiere
  • and he’s the most excited little fanboy ever
  • he even hacked into the system to get the best places in the cinema
Potter Kids Headcanons

James Albus and Lily being very close siblings

James and Lily totally not rejecting in anyway Al after he was sorting into Slytherin

James acting so much like the big bro during all Al school years for he’s afraid someone would try to hurt his lil bro bc he’s a Potter and a Slytherin

Lily admiring Al bc she’s so proud of her brave big bro being himself and always knew he was too malicious to not being in Slytherin

James and Al acting like big bros to Lily in front of everyone ever since their cute lil sis came to Hogwarts but well she’s as fiery as their mother so they quickly turned into big bros threatening firmly and softly boys when she’s not around

Potter kids being a prankster trio with Al making plans, James preparing all the materials, and Lily doing the big show

Calvin Harris Adorably Supports Taylor Swift On Twitter And It’s Beautiful

It seems like we can all agree by now that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are maybe, probably, definitely a couple.

A HELLA cute couple.

They’ve been spotted all over the country looking adorable in matching outfits, supporting each other at award shows, and cheering each other on at their concerts.

But the cutest part of their relationship is definitely how damn proud Calvin Harris is to be dating Taylor Swift — which, duh.

He’s a smart man.

Let’s examine the evidence.

He favorited this tweet celebrating her trillions of Billboard Award nominations:

Faved these beautiful words Mariska Hargitay wrote about Swift:

Was psyched for her when she broke the damn VEVO 24 hour record and favorited this tweet:

Was hella proud when Forbes named her the youngest woman on their Power Women list and faved this:

And basically recognized how damn lucky he was to be dating the current queen of the universe by faving this adorable tweet:

And obviously Swift returned the Twitter love by favoriting this proud tweet about his Billboard win:

And even faving this tweet acknowledging that their love is REAL:


♬ It’s a Twitter love story, baby, just say yes. ♬

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every time i scroll past the Dunkirk set pics of Harry I start smiling and tearing up because I’m just so proud of him, I’m proud that he’s stepping out of his comfort zone, that he’s doing something new, that he’s out there filming a Nolan movie with his cute little hair cut and that all star cast and I just see that 17 year old boy who cried on British television who used to be so concerned about what people thought of him and I just…he’s grown so much and I am so happy that he’s in my life. 

hi hi hi. my first follow forever? am i on the right blog?? so this is officially 2 years overdue and i’m sorry but i’m also incredibly proud of myself because i said this would never happen. i want to thank all the people i follow for keeping my dash cute & fun. i love all of you like harry loves louis!!!

my ppl:

@darklarries: rach…my wife. i’m really glad you ruined my life over two years ago when i skipped school to sit with you after having your wisdom teeth removed and you asked me to watch “one direction funny moments” and “harry styles dirty moments” compilation videos with you. there isn’t a single other person i would let ruin my life like that, thanks. we really get up to some shit lmao. for real, i can’t imagine my life without you and i’m so lucky to call you my best friend. you’re literally the louis to my harry. ilysm, rach.

@iusedtobeabaker: JAXXXXXXXX oh my god JAX. your text posts kill me and i’m laughing 50% of the time and crying 50% and i usually only gag like 2% of the time. we always say we feel like we have hung out before but i genuinely feel as if we were like childhood friends or something and one of us moved away but we still kept in touch and if we aren’t reunited fucking sOON i might cry. in the meantime, lets keep drunk screaming about larry and crying to each other over facetime. i love your nasty ass.

@problematicboyfriends: SARAH, MY ACTUAL MOTHER, I LOVE YOU. can you believe the first time we ever talked i was drunk in a movie theater with my country club coworkers in 2013?? HOW WILD!!!! we talk everyday and i’m honestly not sure where i would be if we didn’t?? you’re incredibly funny, nice, and you show compassion for everyone–i wish i was more like you. i love you, sarah!!

@drunkenlarry: MY MUP! i have know you for what? 12 years? more? yesterday you sent me a snapchat of your lips and i responded with my lips and said “my lips miss your lips” and you screenshotted it and then you posted it on your personal public twitter!!! :-) thank you!!!! i love you anyways. i have a lot of favorite jenna stories but most of them involved too much alcohol or when we used to read fics together and text each other after each chapter.. we are so cute????? anyways i love you i miss u lots

@bandanasandband-tees: leslie!!!! you are such a kind, caring, and collected person. whenever shit is going down on this website i know i can text you and talk to someone rational and like-minded. your fanfic fridays guide my heart to very good places and i cannot tell you how happy i am that they have made a comeback. your ao3 is also a great place to be as well but i need to be done sucking up to you LMAO you know you rock ily

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He’s the cutest little baby angel there is. Harry is the kindest person I know. I adore him so much. I love how he makes us all happy. I would love to meet him one day and just give back all the love he has made me feel. ♥


remember that time when this fandom was nice and supportive of each other. And when the fandom respected the cast and didn’t hate on the POCs like they are right now. I used to be so proud of being part of this fandom because we never had any drama, all we did was ship 35 ships cause they were all so shippable and just wrote cute messages about the cast. And now it’s one drama after another, I thought we might reach here because no fandom is perfect, it all goes to shit one day or another, but I didn’t expect it happen just months after the show aired. 

I’m just very very disappointed right now. The fans of twitter calling Matt, Dom and Harry trump supporters just because they didn’t tweet about it. Please get over yourself. The fans using the term ‘rice’ as a derogatory term against a asian man of colour, that’s just disgusting, please stop. Please, just be kind and love each other, because this world is full of hate right now, please don’t transfer it into our fandom.  


Okay, guys! we are seriously going down and this MUST NOT happen! we’ve got so far and we just MUST WIN ! at least our couple is canon and BOTH our characters are still alive and well. we got a lot more malec in the tv show than in the books and we “must do anything in our power to fight for it” (Ragnor refference :D) you know they deserve it <3

PS: even harry retweeted the link so he wants this too <3 let’s make him proud :3

Bellarke fans, we could really use a hand here of you don’t mind :D

I am really sorry that Lexa died and all of that, but if the prize of this contest is an interview with the couple and/or more scenes with them in the show (or so i heard) then why are you trying so hard to beat malec? at least our boys are alive and cute (not that your girls aren’t) and just got together! give them a chance! they are really sweet, i swear!

so my sister isn’t even a fan of one direction but she just randomly said ‘so how’s harry?? he hasn’t got dragged into all of this zayn stuff has he?’ so I just updated her on the drama and she said ‘but harry is okay isn’t he?? I need to make sure my cute little ballerina baby is okay’ and I was like ‘I thought you disliked the boys?’ and she said ‘I don’t like their music but I feel like Harry needs to be checked up on because he’s a precious little soul, my poor baby better still be growing his hair’ and I’ve never been so proud to be related to the little fuck nugget