and harry is all proud and cute
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Relationships: Seamus Finnigan/Dean Thomas
Characters: Dean Thomas, Seamus Finnigan
Additional Tags: Cuddling, Kissing, Sharing a Bed, Established Relationship, Fluff
Summary: Lots of fluff. Pretty much nothing else. It’s just Dean and Seamus being cute in the middle of the night.

I was tagged by silverparseltongue thank you! :)

~Why did you choose this URL?~
Because my name is Indigo, I love Ouji (also known as prince style or kodona) clothing and I am a proud Slytherin :) Plus I am a bit of a drama prince sometimes :)

~What is your middle name?~
Drarry, just kidding! Although it really rather could be at this point.

~If you could own a fairy tale pet, what would it be?~
Probably a cute baby dragon or a winged horse like Pegasus.

~Favorite color?~
Purples, blues and silver.

~Favorite song right now?~
In the End by Linkin Park (I only discovered Linkin Park for the first time about a month ago, so I’m enjoying all their songs as if they’re new)

~Top three fandoms?~
Harry Potter of course and lowkey Teen Wolf (I’ve only seen until the end of season 3 so no spoilers please), and also lowkey BBC Merlin. Harry Potter is my main fandom really.

~Why do you like Tumblr?~
Because of the intersectional feminism, understanding of neurodiversity, the HP fans I’ve spoken with on here are lovely and it’s a brilliant way for me to communicate when I’m nonverbal/awake at odd hours with insomnia, so it stops me feeling so lonely. Also I have discovered tagging to be a beautiful outlet for my ocd.

~Tag all nine Tumblr crushes or people you think are just cool af to do this as well
I tag foolforfelton, angeldraco, bisexualharrypotter, boomslangies, daintydraco, dracoh, dracofficial, kayla-bird, clracomalfoy and anyone else who wishes to join in :)

And You’re My Ever After~ Chapter 15

“You’re so cute when you laugh!” Louis threw his hands up into the air then continued laughing feeling Harry’s shaky head on his shoulder.

“And you’re cute too…if I could and if I wanted to I would marry you.” Harry looked up giving him a lazy smile.

“You’re not husband material.” Louis hiccuped then laughed when Harry pouted.

“And I’m proud of it.” Was all Harry said before drinking his tequila shot.

“You’re the kind of person I’ll never have sex with.” Louis stated looking back at Harry who had a horrified expression on his face.

“I wouldn’t sleep with you either.” He said then burst out laughing.

[Harry and Louis are two strangers visiting Vegas. Harry just wants to have fun and Louis just wants to get over the cheating bastard of his ex fiance. They accidentally get married.]

drunk marriage, Drunk Sex, Drunk Louis, Drunk Harry, Smut, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Cheating, Fake Marriage, Mpreg, Mpreg Louis, Bottom Louis, Top Harry, bottom!Louis, top!Harry, Strangers to Friends, Friends to Lovers, Little bit of angst, Fluff

~Chapter 15

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ethanhuntt asked:

I hope they do but that's too long to wait! Lol true everyone is so desperate for that scene but I'm sure there's a lot more material than this one

I really hope there are more training scenes. Scenes with Roxy and Merlin and JB. Like Eggsy being cute with JB and coddling him. And Merlin looking so damn proud when Eggsy succeeds on another test. And SEDUCTION LESSONS and neither Roxy or Eggsy can keep a straight face and they give Charlie soooo much shit. And pining. So much pining. Like Eggsy talking to Harry while he’s in coma, all choked up and longing looking. I’d even be down for more Chester scenes. Give us more to his character. Or or or MORE GAZELLE. holy fuck but like Gazelle just being fab.