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  • Sirius:Excuse me? Who made you the boss of the group?
  • Remus:You did.
  • Peter:You said James should be boss.
  • Remus:And then you said "let's vote," and it was unanimous.
  • Peter:And then you made him this little plaque, that said "Boss of Us", you put little sparkles on it.
  • Sirius:Valid points, all.

Listen, I just really need to know how Magnus deals when his and Alec’s kids inevitably start reading Harry Potter. “Daddy, why don’t you have a wand?” “Daddy, you’re really cool but…I wanna be Hermione when I grow up.” “Daddy, why can’t you make chocolate come to life too, you’re so LAME.”

Meanwhile, Alec has absolutely no idea Magnus is talking about books when he tells their seven year old son, “No Voldemort can’t hurt you, buttercup, don’t worry” and immediately alerts the clave because clearly his family is IN DANGER and “WHAT do we know about this…Voldemort, exactly?”

Magnus hates those goddamn books but he’ll never delete the text message Alec sends him asking him if he knows any famous warlocks called Harry because “apparently we’re going to need his help”.

You know, when you first started at Hogwarts, I had a bit of a condescending attitude towards you all, and to be fair, it was just my own prejudice. It was nothing that you guys had done or not done, cause frankly, I hadn’t seen you in action. And I have to say, your teamwork, your unwavering support, your camaraderie… three things I hate. The fact remains, you guys are the most misguided, insubordinate students that I have ever taught in my career.
—  Severus Snape [to the Golden Trio]

anonymous asked:

Why do you draw Harry as black? He's white. He's not black, he's not Indian, he's not dark brown. Create your own characters rather than turning white characters black. It's so disgusting that you have to take such an iconic character and mutilate him like that.

I am going to ignore the somewhat racist and definitely ignorant (particularly in terms of the fandom and fanart culture) implications of your message, and I refuse to argue with you because it is not worth my time at the moment, I’ve argued plenty. But if you want an answer to your initial question, read my FAQ where you’ll find a brief explanation of my POC Harry.

But there’s something that I’d like to say in response to this:
Of course, JK Rowling has my full respect and gratitude because she gave us this wonderful, endless world, this amazing place, and here I am, turning it into a home for me and for those who agree with me. I am not some official Harry Potter illustrator–I am a fan with ideas of my own, so I am here to recontextualize and reimagine, not merely celebrate the HP universe as it is. My art is a blend of canon, fanon, and me, and also some current social topics and trends and the things I see and learn, so you either connect to whatever my art represents, or you don’t. Because I don’t owe anyone anything.
I have 200 people coming to me and telling me how my art is making their days brighter and helping them appreciate themselves more, and then I have 2 saying to me how what I do is “disgusting.” Who do you think will I listen to?