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Leverage OT3 Recs: Getting Together (Eliot POV)

The OT3 get a lot of development on screen as a relationship, but we never actually get to see them actually figure out that they’re all in love with each other. Here are my favorite stories of how Parker, Eliot, and Hardison said “yes” to their relationship, told from Eliot’s point of view. A heart symbol next to the fic (❤︎) means it’s a special favorite.

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Already Here by zvi (1402 words, rated G)

Eliot does tai chi forms when he’s unhappy. Tai chi wasn’t the first formal martial arts training Eliot had, but it was the first that felt natural and comfortable even when he was bad at it. Running through the forms puts him present in his body and his space, in a way that means he’s not surprised when Parker drops in on him. He is shocked when she says, “It’s good. If you’re in love with us. We are. With you.”

Set after “The Low Low Price Job,” Eliot comes back from his failed trip to reconnect with his family, and gets a reminder of who his true family is. This story is so achingly sweet.

❤︎ anything you can give by Thorinsmut (17263 words, rated E)

“Ok,” Eliot said. “Ok.” He hadn’t planned this eventuality, not in his rosiest daydreams before he cut them down to size, forced them into more reasonable shapes. But ‘reasonable’ never had described anyone on the Leverage crew, had it? Of course Hardison and Parker would go about it all backwards, start a relationship with him with the marriage proposal.

This fic has possibly the most romantic marriage proposal possible for the OT3, which feels just right for a fic set right before The Rundown Job, because these three are totally on their honeymoon in that episode – and scorching-hot sex. 

Exceptionalism by subluxate (5028 words, rated T)

“Yeah, Parker.”

“Eliot.” She sounds unusually serious. He tenses. “Take out your comm. I need to know something.”

He takes it out and asks, “What?”

“You know how you like food because it makes you feel something?”

“Yeah,” he says warily.

“Do you ever like people like that?”

I love how this fic fills in the gaps in early Season 5 and shows us the arc of Eliot figuring out and expressing his feelings for Hardison and Parker. It takes scenes like the retirement conversations in The Real Fake Car Job and shows us what they mean to Eliot.

❤︎ It’s a Long Way to Zanzibar by facetofcathy (11,722 words, rated E)

He knew Alec got him hot, got him wound up in some way, frustrated and irritated and horny and lustful and a million other things all tangled together. Parker was simpler, an unknotted cord. There wasn’t the same heat, but there was something, some draw, and it was just possible he did like her, simple as that. With his upstairs brain, anyway. “Yeah, yeah, I do,” he said. “I like you just fine.”

The OT3 go on a road trip. One of my favorites in the fandom. The Eliot POV here is sublime – his love for Parker and Hardison just bleeds through every word. 

like you know i am better than the worst thing i ever did by postcardmystery (1744 words, rated M)

He doesn’t watch Hardison drowning, because he needs to not watch, because he needs not to remember the man that he really is, under cheap clothes and easy smiles and the guns he never uses if he can help it. He needs to be able to lie to himself, just this once, and not look at choking gasps beneath the water. He needs to forget and never to forgive and to lie and force the man that did not make him the man that he’s become believe the lies he’s peddling, because he will die for his sins, but Hardison–

A painful fic about Eliot struggling with the man he was and the man he’s trying to become as he falls desperately in love with Parker and Hardison. This is my favorite fic about Eliot coping with his own feelings of inadequacy in this relationship.

The Symbology of Orange Juice by facetofcathy (832 words, rated T)

Alec nodded solemnly and pointed at him. “He is full of unexpressed feelings that he sublimates into mashed potatoes.”

It’s canon that Eliot expresses his feelings for Parker and Hardison through cooking, which is how we end up with totally charming fics like this one about Parker and Hardison eating food Eliot made and accepting his love.

the warmth of your doorways by gyzym (3205 words, rated T)

She wraps her arms around him – Parker – and presses his face into the crook of her neck, manages to keep still for all of seven seconds before she makes one of her soft little discovery noises and starts playing with his hair. “I’m gonna give you a bunch of little braids,“ she says, sounding pleased with herself, "and then take them all out again. Secret braids,” and Eliot falls asleep to the rise and fall of her breath, the warmth of her body against his, the feeling of those clever little fingers pulling lightly at his hair.

A deeply introspective fic, almost entirely set in Eliot’s head, about him learning to accept Parker and Hardison’s love in all the peculiar shapes it takes. 

your body is a war zone but you are not a ruin by postcardmystery (2158 words, rated E)

“You do,” says Parker, serenely, “But I mean more like, ‘Parker, I want you to sit on my face in ten minutes, okay?’”

“I have never–” says Eliot, and Parker giggles, says, “And I thought Hardison over-thought everything. Krav Maga, oh my God. Hardison! Come in here! Eliot’s gonna stop being dumb!”

“I find that difficult to believe,” says Hardison, leaning on the doorframe, “He try gettin’ you to sit on his face again for ‘self-defence’ or some shit?”

In which Eliot is incredibly subby for Parker and Hardison, because he knows that following them is his only path to becoming a better person, and Parker and Hardison teach him how to ask for what he wants, for once.