and happy's like 'too bad hes already dead i wish i could kill him again


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, talk of periods

Word Count: 1,913

Prompt: After a witch spews it’s spells on Dean and the reader, the reader wishes for something to happen to Dean, and Dean turns into a whiny bitch about it.

Special thanks to @lipstickandwhiskey for betaing.

It was nearly blinding when the purplish-grey dust flew around you and Dean. Before it could all clear out, and the two of you could actually see, Sam had nailed the witch. One bullet, directly through the back of her head, and you were fine. She collapsed into a heap on the ground, and that was that.

Sam’s nose scrunched up as he approached the two of you. “What the hell did she douse you guys with?”

“Some of her freak weirdo witch juice,” Dean grumbled, practically gagging at the stench that was coming from the dust. “I need to shower, like now.”

“Good thing we’re not far from the motel,” you chimed in. “So what do we do with Bellatrix over there?”

Dean scoffed, “really? Out of all the iconic witches, you pick the one from Harry Potter?”

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The first time is serious business - Older!Damian Wayne x Reader

#10. Making love for the first time. Only slightly NSFW, mostly fluffy. And not great…Thank for the compliment by the way :), hope you’ll like it :

THERE’S SOME SORT OF PART TWO HERE : Titus likes you…too much

(My masterlist blog here :


The first time he saw you, he was barely ten years old. You were in the same class than him in Gotham Academy, and he noticed you right away because your uniform was old and had clearly been used before. He guessed pretty fast that you were one of those kids from poor families that his father gave a scholarship to, which meant, you were a smart one. 

“Smart”, didn’t even do justice to your intelligence. He never met anyone (that wasn’t his father or brothers) like you, you were extra-brainy, sometimes he even thought you were almost as astute as him…But not only, you were also full of wit and quick responses, and so damn brave. You were a short one, and yet, when he saw you get bullied by sixteen years old, he didn’t even had time to react and come help you that you already shot your foot to one of the guy’s crotch mercilessly. And then kicked his face. The two others bullies were so stunned, they just ran away. They ran away from a short ten year old girl…You were amazing. 

He pleaded to his father so that you wouldn’t get fired from school for kicking that guy’s ass, and Bruce was so impressed with you, and how his son defended you, that he pressured the school into keeping you. 

-I know it’s thanks to you I’m still here, so…yeah, thank you dude. 

-I didn’t do anything. 

-Lier. I know who your dad is. I know it’s thanks to him I have the opportunity to be in the best school of Gotham. And I know he convinced the school’s board not to fire me. My guts are telling me you’re the one responsible for your father’s intervention. So…Thanks. 

And that’s how you became friend with him. You quickly guessed he was the night vigilante “Robin”, and it wasn’t really a big deal. Maybe it was your child’s brain telling you that a hero, with all the costume wearing a people saving, such as him was just wicked cool, that you thought it really wasn’t a big deal On the contrary, you thought Damian was like, the coolest guy you ever met. After Batman and Nightwing of course. He made it his life goal to show you he was better than them…and it made you slowly fall for him as the years went by, and as you grew up together. 

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19 days/ Hanahaki Disease

AO3 link

The Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from severe one-sided love, where the patient throws up flower petals until they suffocate to death. The only cure is to have that love reciprocated, or to undergo surgery to remove the plant which wipes all memories and feelings for their beloved.

It starts on a Monday.

Jian Yi’s throat has been increasingly scratchy, ever since he saw the love letter tucked in that girl’s palm.

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Pennywise & Child Reader Imagine

Warning: Contains child abuse, family death, mild gore, and the reader being a cinnamon roll with a sad ending…for now.

Note: This is my first ever post. Pennywise is a bit canon at first but once he warms up to you (the reader) he is OOC so be warned if you don’t like characters not being canon. Anyways enjoy!

The…It, didn’t exactly know how to explain his relationship with the human girl. The little girl should’ve been digesting in his stomach a very long time ago, yet he couldn’t.

Just less than a year ago it was mid morning when the clown-alien-thing heard screams of a child calling out for help. Pennywise had grinned thinking, it was time for lunch and stalked from the sewer drain to watch and plan an attack. A little girl only 7 years old was running like she was running from the clown himself.

Pennywise grinned imagining what he could do to lure her in. Maybe transform into whatever she was running from—if it was truly anything. He had seen children screaming before out of joy and pure amusement but the closer the girl got he noticed she was truly scared covered almost entirely with bruises and cuts.

The clown continued to watch curious now, as a man ran in holding a knife. Judging by shabby clothes and the way his gait was uncoordinated and tipsy the man had been drinking too much of what the humans called alcohol. Penny’ had tried the drink once many, many, many, years ago but found the burn unpleasant and it didn’t affect him at all except make him feel nauseous.

“Someone help! Please!” The little girl cried.

Maybe if he let this show continue out just a little bit longer the child’s meat will tenderize even more. Then he could eat the man for later after all the disgusting alcohol is out of his body, ugh, it ruined the flavor just as bad as humans who smoke. He heard a shriek and saw the man had the little girl pinned to the ground by her neck holding a knife over his head.

“You! You are the one that killed her! Devil spawn!”

“Daddy! Stop!” The little girl sobbed.

Pennywise couldn’t help but feel…interested in a strange way. He narrowed his eyes and stepped a few feet closer as the little girl continued to cry for help.

“You killed my wife Lisa!”

“Daddy no!” The man lifted the knife higher and the girl shrieked, “DADDY!”

The girl closed her eyes expecting agonizing pain, but instead she felt nothing except her father loosening his choking grip on her neck. She refused to open her eyes, even after she heard a loud thud. The girl finally cracked one teary eye open and saw a clown with a grinning smile was standing by her feet.

At first she felt a little frightened until she noticed that he was the one who had killed her abusive father. He outstretched a hand and the girl trustingly took it smiling shyly, “Thank you.”

“Your welcome my dear.” The clown said before doing a magic trick revealing a bright red ballon out of nowhere made just for you.

You wiped your eyes with your sleeves before taking the string smiling. You had never really gotten a ballon. Your father never took you to a carnival or fair before so you were excited.

“Thank you Mr. Clown!” You smiled running up and hugging Pennywise tightly.

The clown was used to the gesture from his victims but for some reason this one caused a strange feeling inside of him. Penny raised his hand and gently stroked your head unsure of really anything. Why was he doing this?! He should’ve grabbed you by the neck and taken a bite already.

“Bye Mr. Clown. I hope I’ll see you soon…will I ever see you again?”

Wrong question to ask kid.

“Yes kiddo, in the near future.” He answered grinning.

You were too innocent to understand and ran off. Pennywise growled frustrated with himself. Why didn’t he….?! The clown heard the wail of police sirens and grabbed the dead carcass before dragging it back into the sewers with him. At least he has a bigger dinner now.

A few days later Pennywise heard an all too-familiar voice calling for him.

“Mr. Clown! Mr. Clooown! Mr. Clown I have a gift for you!”

The clown growled knowing he should’ve let the man kill you but put up an act and stepped out. You were standing there holding a big box in front of you that was bigger than your head poorly wrapped with colorful wrapping paper. The clown stepped out and made sure to stalk out to try to cause fear but you didn’t seem to be scared.

You more saw him as a saint than a killer.

“What do you want child?” The clown asked.

“Well I came here to give you this!” You explained holding out the box.

The clown took it and easily tore the wrapping paper off watching your excited face. He opened it and reached inside revealing a small stuffed animal. From Pennywise’s knowledge it was a (favorite animal).

“I hope you like it. It’s my favorite so please be good with it. You can name him or her whatever you like!” The girl explained bouncing in place.

“How generous of you child.” The clown grinned, “I have something for you as well.”

“Ooh ooh I wanna see! Can I see it now? Please, please, please, Mr. Clown?”

“Close your eyes.” The clown grinned.

You giggled and closed your eyes continuing to bounce on the balls of your feet awaiting for your surprise. Penny grinned and stepped forward about to take a bite of your neck but for some reason he stopped when you said, “I’m so happy Mr. Clown that we can be friends!”


The clown pulled away surprised by that. Friends? Many kids we’re usually afraid of him or were too stupid and innocent to understand. He had been asked if they were friends from his good plenty of times before but it never affected him quite like this. This child was certainly different. He went to bite again but found he couldn’t.

“Mr. Clown are you done yet?” You asked politely still keeping your eyes closed.

Pennywise knew it was hopeless and decided to just let you off the hook until he figured things out. With quick thinking he blew up a ballon and shaped and twisted it until he made a ballon animal of your favorite one.

“You may open your eyes now, child.” The clown said.

You slowly opened your eyes and blinked until you saw the ballon animal being held out to you. Anyone who knew the animal would easily guess it was a (favorite animal). You squealed and took it before nearly tackling the clown in another tight hug. That feeling returned again and the clown wanted to rip you off by your neck and taste your internal organs. Yet he couldn’t.

His hands were hovering over your shoulders tempted to dig his sharp nails into your flesh. But he couldn’t. His hands were shaking. Why was this happening?!

“Are you okay Mr. Clown?” You asked looking up at him with those adorable puppy eyes.

God prey should not be so cute! Especially this one! He had more than enough chances to kill you yet he didn't—couldn’t! Why?!

“Mr. Clown? Do you have a name?”

The clown cleared his frustration and knelt down to gently boop your nose, “Pennywise the Dancing Clown.”

“Pennywise? Can I call you Penny?”

“Whatever you wish child…”

‘Afterall it won’t be long until your dead!’

"I’m (Name)! I don’t really have friends so you can just call me whatever you want Mr.-um, Penny.”

Whatever I want? Like breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, livestock, food, prey—Pennywise’s train of thought stopped when you wrapped your arms around his neck. This was a new experience; he could feel your heart beating…and it wasn’t in his hand.

“Mr. Pennywise?” You asked pulling away. Yet you were so close he could stick his neck out an inch or two more and bit your nose off.

“Yes kiddo?” He asked.

“How come I can’t feel your heart beating? Or your chest breathing?” You asked a worried and curious look in your eyes instead of fear.

“It’s a trick my dear. I am able to stop my heart and lungs for a long time. I’m currently practicing it.” He lied.

’“Oh.” You giggled, “I have never been to the circus or a carnival. I hear there’s cotton candy and you can win prizes and all these fun rides I wanna go on! Maybe if I ask my nana enough she can take me! Oh no! My nana thinks I’m home cleaning my room! I gotta go Mr. Pennywise.”

You ran off and the clown felt cold again. When you were no longer in his sights Pennywise growled and ripped apart the stuffed animal you gave him watching as the stuffing fell. That’s what he wanted to do to you but he couldn’t! At least, that’s what he kept telling himself.

He stormed back into his sewer drain hungry for more human flesh.

Late at night Pennywise followed you to your house where your “nana” was. He used a ballon to bend reality and bring himself onto the overhang where your bedroom was. The light was off and sure enough you were sleeping soundly in your bed. Your room was surprisingly clean with only a few dolls laying around and an open castle for your princess dolls.

Penny was once again able to bend reality and passed through the window until he was on the other side. You were sleeping soundly on your bed surrounded by stuffed animals well holding a stuffed duck in your arms. Your chest was rising up and down at a steady pace. Penny stepped closer until he noticed the drawings on the wall over your bed.

They were scribbled on with crayons but he could easily tell most of them had him drawn on. Some were of you too. Penny ignored you for the moment scanning every one. There was one of him giving you the ballon, you giving him the present, and even a drawing of him with a cape with messy writing that said “My Hero”.

Hero?! An alien human flesh eating clown?! Penny wanted to laugh hysterically but instead lightly chuckled at it. He was rather amused than angry or anything else. The clown heard you stir and froze looking down to see you were awakening.

“Mr. Penny. I had a bad dream.” You said softly.

The clown sat down on the end your bed and you crawled out from under your blankets to curl up on the clown’s lap leaning against his chest. The clown put his hand on your back noticing tears forming in your doe like eyes.

“What was your dream about child?”

“You had disappeared and I was alone again.” You choked.

“I would never leave you my dear.” The clown chuckled trying to make himself believe he was putting on an act.

He didn’t understand why he even brushed a tear off your cheek with his finger. You smiled and curled up closer letting your eyes drift shut. For once, Pennywise didn’t feel the urge to kill you. After a few minutes you were fast asleep leaning on him heavily. Penny never wanted to let you go but he could hear footsteps coming down the hallway. The clown gently but quickly, put you back in bed and pulled the blankets up to your chin before hurrying out the window and closing it shut softly as the door knob twisted.

Your nana poked her head in and smiled when she saw you were sleeping soundly. The woman was very old and fragile looking like she was turning into dust. She sighed sadly and closed the door before heading back to her office.

Laying on the desk was a will form.

The new couple of weeks everyday you’d meet Pennywise who more and more lost the urge to eat you with each visit. He’d give you a ballon or show you a magic trick and even made your favorite ice cream appear out of thin air! The number of kids disappearing slowly dwindled and you gradually began to make friends. It was nice for once.

Then one day you were doing another drawing of Pennywise and you until you heard a loud thud coming from upstairs. You jumped surprised and ran to where you heard the noise. You finally arrived to your nana’s bedroom where she was laying on the floor having a heart attack.

“Nana!” You screamed.

You knew what to do and ran to the phone calling 911. A few minutes later the ambulance arrived and you watched sadly as your nana was wheeled away on a stretcher. A police woman was trying to ask you questions but you couldn’t stop crying and asking if your nana was okay.

“I’m sorry sweetheart, I don’t know.” She said sadly.

That night you stayed at the hospital wishing you could talk to Pennywise. Your nana was stable but she had to stay in the hospital from now on. No other relatives were in Maine except her so she and a man was talking in hushed voices about sending you to the closest relative.

You were in a corner of them room playing halfheartedly with your stuffed animal when you heard about it. The closest relative who could take care of you was your Aunt Sam in the southern portion of New Hampshire. How could you tell Pennywise this? Were you even going to have a chance to?

There was a hard lump in your throat choking you. Maybe you should just run away. However your nana called you over and you came taking her bony hand. She sighed and said, “I’m sorry sweet pea. I’m getting old so your Aunt Sam is going to come up tomorrow and take you to the house to grab all your belongings.”

“B-But what about Penny?”

Your nana smiled thinking Pennywise was just a figment of your imagination, but he wasn’t. How was he going to react? He was your bestest friend! After a long sleepless night at the hospital your Aunt Sam came. Your nana overnight had gone into a coma so you kissed her cheek and whispered goodbye before your aunt picked you up and took you to her car.

“A-Auntie Sam?” You said timidly.

“Yes sweetie?” She asked.

“I was wondering if I could visit my friend Penny before we leave.” You said softly.

“Of course. Where does she live?”

“A-Actually he and I can walk there by myself. He doesn’t feel comfortable around other people.” You replied.

“Oh. Well okay then. Let’s stop at the house and grab our things first then I’ll let you go say goodbye.”

You nodded feeling your heart sink. Your Aunt brought a bunch of boxes and helped you put stuffed animals, clothes, and any other belongings into the boxes before labeling them with sharpies. In an hour your room was stripped bare till at that was left was your mattress, bed post, night stand, and empty closet.

Eventually everything was packed into your aunts car and your heart broke realizing this was going to be the hardest part. Saying goodbye to your closest friend. You said goodbye to your other friends already by phone but now came the hardest one to say goodbye to.

You eventually convinced your aunt to let you walk alone to where you usually found Pennywise but for some reason he wasn’t there. You called for him but he never came out. With tears streaming down your face you shouted, “I’m really sorry Penny! I promise I’ll come back and see you soon! I swear I will! Please don’t be mad…”

You looked down at the ground sobbing until you felt something raise your chin. You looked up to see Pennywise was looking down at you with a frown. You held out the last drawing you did. It was you at a carnival with the clown, riding a ferris wheel.

“I’ll miss you.” You said giving him a tight hug.

“It’ll miss you too.” He replied back before disappearing.

You wiped your eyes with your sleeve knowing it was useless before heading back to your house where your Aunt was waiting by the car. She didn’t say anything since there was nothing she really could do.

“Goodbye Mr. Pennywise.” You muttered at the window as you passed by the Derry, Maine sign.

Epilogue: I know I’m a horrible person I’m sorry. After I edit the next chapter a little hopefully things will be more happy. Thanx for reading! =3!

You Were The One

Characters: Y/N (reader), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Amara (mentioned), Charlie Bradbury (mentioned), Charlie (OMC), Castiel (mentioned)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: fear of loss, abandonment, pregnancy - I don’t know SPNish stuff.  

Word Count: 3000ish

A/N: This is 1 out of my 13 entries for @mamapeterson / @mrs-squirrel-chester’s Album Fanfiction Challenge where I chose the album “Smoke and Mirrors” by Imagine Dragons. The song prompt for this fic is: The Fall

Thanks so much to @blacktithe7 for betaing this for me.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Frozen. Everything around you was completely still, and you saw nothing but the man standing in the doorway to your bedroom. The world around you stopped. The smell of death and blood hanging in the air wasn’t apparent to you any longer. You didn’t feel the cold night air biting your skin. You barely heard the voice roaring through the room asking if you were okay, if you were all okay.

A sharp cry sounded through the house, and you snapped back to reality. You broke away from his gaze, sprinting through the room past the tall brown haired man in the doorway. Sam. The man that had been like a brother to you. The man you had confided everything in, everything except the thing that had mattered the most. You ran down the hallway with his voice ringing after you, insuring you your son was okay. You knew that Sam had checked on him before coming to see you. Of course you knew that, but you still had to see him with your own eyes. You had almost lost your heart tonight, what was left of it anyway. It was held by your son, Charles Dean Y/L/N. Charlie for short. Named after your late best friend and his father.

The man you had never thought you’d see again stood in the doorway when you turned around with your son in your arms. You knew he was coming, but seeing him stand merely feet away from you still  made your heart leap out of your chest. You had no idea what to do or say. This was your decision, and now you were going to have to face the consequences of it. His eyes weren’t on you. They were fixated on the baby in your arms. This had not been the way it was suppose to happen. This was not the way you had wanted him to find out.

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The Art of Falling in Love

Originally posted by minhyunq

Pairing: Mark x reader
Genre: fluff, high school!au, bad girl!au 
Warnings: some language, underage drinking
Word count:  6,786

“I can’t believe you skipped school! Again!” your mother yelled furiously as she paced back and forth in the living room; she was fuming. Your eyes were focused on a loose thread on your carpet, hands behind your back. After promising not to skip school, here you stood, getting your ass scolded. 

You didn’t know how your mother put up with your antics, and truth be told you commended her patience and the fact that she still loved you after all that. It’s not that you were a bad person. It was just that, you could say you didn’t like living by the norms. Thus, that made you a very rebellious teen. Despite the young of your age you’ve lost count of the many rebellious things you’ve done; you still vividly remembered that one time you took a train to Busan all by yourself without any notice. 

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Worth Everything

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 1097

Warnings: Fluff and pregnancy!

Anon asked “hi, I know you’re working on a lot of stories right now so you don’t have to answer this, but could you do one where the reader finds out she’s pregnant and then it just goes throughout her pregnancy until during her 2nd or 3rd trimester something happens so everyone starts freaking out cause her and Bucky aren’t at the tower and they haven’t heard from them then steve gets a call and it says, ‘she’s fine, the babies are fine, just a scare thing’ and then she gives birth to twins and stuff”

A/N: Let me know if you want to be tagged!

Permanent Tag List: @meganlane84 @mizzzpink @bringmetheemobands @kimistry27 @fireandicewillsuffice @vacam79 @amrita31199 @badassbaker @feelmyroarrrr @aekr @sexy-sea-basss @isaxhorror @actual-bucky-barnes-trash @cassandras-musings @kimistry27 @mo320 @ssweet-empowerment

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Escape - Chapter Ten

SPN FanFic

~Y/N and Dean are abducted after a night at the bar and thrown into a maze of horrors. Can Sam track down his brother and girlfriend in time? Can they even hold on that long?~

Dean, Reader; Sam

1,441 Words

Series Warnings: Angst. Show level violence. Graphic gore and blood. Extreme situations that may cause anxiety and fear. Character injury and trauma. (Extra Warnings in the tags)

A/N: Anyone still with me? 

~Feedback is the crack that keeps the Writing coming back~

ESCAPE Masterlist ~  My Masterlist  

Chapter Ten: The Road Through Hell - 

Dean had to bend down a bit to fit down the passage. He ducked his head, avoiding beams every few feet and led the way as Y/N shuffled behind him.

The walls were not walls, but dirt, same as the floor, same all around. Dean figured they were in a basement, but if he was being honest, he was trying not to think about it. Things moved in the dirt, things that slithered and crawled. Things with tails and legs and antennae and teeth. Things he’d rather not think about. He was sure Y/N was in the same frame of mind, though she made a little more noise than he, jumping and gasping every so often as something slithered through her peripheral vision.  

The light from the room of fire had only taken them so far, and now they walked in darkness. Dean kept one hand on the wall to his left, and Y/N’s fingertips gently grazed his back, keeping him within arm’s reach. The farther they walked, the darker it got, and slowly, Dean began to realize that he was crouching down more and more as the ceiling lowered itself in front of him. It was a gradual slope, but the floor did not turn as the ceiling did, and soon Dean was bent in half. He stopped then and fell to his knees, deciding to take a breather before he started to crawl.

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As You Wish

A/n: So this was a request I got a while ago, sorry for the wait love. I’ve finally gotten back in the mood to write at least for a little bit, so I hope you enjoy this fic. Requests are always open! -G

Request: Can I request a reader x Loki where the reader hasn’t been sleeping well worrying about the avengers who have been on a mission. And Loki, (who doesn’t go on missions) notices and get’s her to watch a movie with him in which she falls asleep on his shoulder? Thanks! I love your work!

Pairing: Loki x reader Tony Stark x sister!reader

Warnings: Mild swearing  (one f-bomb)

Originally posted by loptrlaufey


It really shouldn’t have been taking them this long, granted it was a long mission it shouldn’t be taking this much longer than planned. For a solid week, Y/n Stark had been worrying about the safety of her teammates, namely her brother. She had been getting less and less sleep, and by this point, she had given up on even trying. Her light was on, and she was reading through one of her favorite books for the umpteenth time. She needed a distraction, and she hoped that by reading she’d edge closer and closer to sleep. She was wrong. It was about 3 in the morning the last time she checked, and she couldn’t get as submerged in her book as she had hoped.

She heard soft footsteps coming down the hall, she figured it was Loki if it was Thor he wouldn’t bother to be quiet and if the others were home she would’ve heard the quinjet land. The noise seemed to stop outside her door, but soon she heard him pass by. A few minutes later and she was more frustrated than ever, she still couldn’t keep her mind at ease and for some unknown reason her room smelt like burnt popcorn. The scent grew stronger, and she heard footsteps again, just like before they paused at her door, but this time she heard a gentle knock.

“It’s open,” she answered not bothering to try and sound asleep.

“Are you alright?” Loki said as he slowly opened the door “I’m usually the only one up at this hour, you are aware it’s nearly four in the morning,”

“I’m fine,” she lied “just can’t sleep.”

“Tony?” he asked

“Why do you suddenly care?” she raised a brow, she knew exactly why

“I like having the nights to myself and you being up ruins that,” he told her

She let out a small laugh “I haven’t even been near you,”

“Which is precisely the problem my dear,” he smirked, “the parents are away, and you haven’t once tried to stop by.”

“I’ve kinda been worried about if my brother is still alive,” she reminded him “Did you bring me burnt popcorn?”

“I did,” he handed her the bowl, she and Loki had been ‘dating’ for about a month now the only thing stopping you from telling people was a certain Tony Stark.

“You know what sucks about loving burnt popcorn?” she asked

“Everyone hates the smell,” they said in unison

“You think there ok?” she spoke up after a while

“I’m sure they are. Besides if your brother perished would it be that big of a deal?” the god jested

She glared at him “Yes it would,”

He chuckled “If you aren’t going to sleep we might as well put our time to good use,”

“Movie?” she asked

“Why not.”

She got up and made her way to the shelf full of movies and picked out the Princess Bride, she had been meaning to show it to the trickster for awhile thinking he’d enjoy it. Once she made her way back to her bed, she pulled the blankets up around them both. She and Loki hadn’t exactly gotten to be too close together since they were always worried about getting caught. Someone was always left behind to watch Loki and since Tony got to pick that person was rarely ever Y/n. She was determined to change that tonight, but she wanted to ease into it in case it made the god uncomfortable. They finished what was left of the popcorn, and after hunting down every half-popped kernel, she set the bowl on the bedside table. A few minutes later she moved a little closer to Loki, and when she didn’t feel him tense, she made a move to rest her head on his chest.

Loki had to do everything in his power to keep still, he didn’t want to tense up, but he didn’t want her to hear how loud his heart was pounding and with the positioning of her head he was sure she could. This was the one thing he didn’t like about being in a relationship, he was vulnerable. It wasn’t as bad as he thought but the moments like these, when they were taking a step, were the hardest parts. He wasn’t sure if he was worried about his safety or the safety of the relationship if Tony found out. The god really did love the younger Stark, and even if Tony deemed it unacceptable, he knew that he and Y/n would continue to sneak around. But he also understood that keeping secrets from her brother and lying to him was putting a slight strain on the relationship and he didn’t want her to lose her brother because of him.

The next morning Y/n woke up in Loki’s arms “Morning,” he smiled, his voice still a bit rough

“Morning,” she yawned and snuggled deeper into his chest “how long do you think we have before my brother gets back?”

“Not long considering I heard the jet land a few minutes ago,” Loki told her

“I should probably get moving then,” she said making no move to leave the comfort of her bed

“You should,” he reminded her kissing her hair.

After a few moments, she made her way to the kitchen making sure to turn off the tv on her way out of the room. It wasn’t long before Tony, and the others had come in, she already had a pot of coffee made for Clint, and other cups poured for anyone else who might want one.

“You look like hell,” she spoke when she saw Tony

“You don’t look much better,” he replied, “up worrying about your big bro?”

“Everyone here knows I absolutely hate you,” she smiled “pass the milk?”
“As you wish,” Tony said as he handed her the carton

“Pardon?” she looked at him in confusion

“Oh I’m sorry,” he smirked “is that Loki’s line?”

The others looked the woman waiting for her response “I haven’t the slightest idea what you’re talking about.”

“Y/n, I’ve known for a week,” he confessed, “you’re really not that good at keeping secrets.”

“First, I’m great at keeping secrets. Secondly, you aren’t pissed?” she was slightly worried

“I was going to kill him at first, but Thor convinced me otherwise,” he sighed “despite the fact that I hate the shithead I can’t deny that you’re good for him. Plus he makes you happy, and I can’t kill him while that’s true. The instant he hurts you, he will be a dead man.”

“Which will never happen because I’ll never hurt her,” Loki chimed in from the doorway, he made his way over to her and wrapped an arm around her waist.

“Ok Elsa I know I said it was ok but could you not,” Tony looked at the hand around his sister’s waist in mock disgust

“Not What? This” the god challenged leaning down to kiss her

“Yup, nope, hands off. I can’t let this happen.” the older Stark said separating the two of them.

Y/n couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped her lips “You could never split us apart,” she cried out dramatically running into the god’s arms.

“You better not fuck this up,” Tony mouthed to Loki as he watched the god lead his sister away.


A/n: I hope you liked it! The writing challenge is still open for more members we still don’t have that many so join that if you’d like! -G

Never Will I Ever

Summary: You’d waited years to get your soulmark, and when you finally did you realized that you’d never get to meet him.

Word count: 2284

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Genre: Angst with a happy ending

Warnings: Angsty

Author’s Note: So this was an idea that I’d had anyway BUT it wasn’t in the plans to be out anytime soon. However, yesterday I found myself on the receiving end of some hate, telling me to give up on writing because I wasn’t good and that I should delete my blog. Instead it fueled me to write this. So, to that anon, thanks for the motivation! And a big thank you to all of you who have been very supportive, it means a lot. Now, I feel like this started out strong but got a little weak near the end, for that I apologize, its 5am and I’m tired…If anyone wants a part 2 let me know and I can absolutely do it.

Tags: @emilyevanston, @goody2shoessmut

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Diabolik lovers Lost Eden: Ayato Sakamaki [Vampire end] ~translation|traducción+Touch~

Thanks to @infernal-iris for having helped me with the translation~!!


-Yui’s monologue-

At that moment, my father came running towards Ayato-kun,
a bright flash appeared.

Ayato-kun had used his powers.

-Monologue’s end-

*Ayato attacks Seiji with his magic*

Seiji: Ugh… …!?
Ayato: Don’t let anyone come near!!
Yui: (!… …What an incredible power… …)
Ayato: … …Hey Kanato, give me that knife.
Kanato: … …What are you trying to do?
Ayato: Just give it to me!

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Hogwarts- Part 1- The Train

A/N: So this takes place at the same time when Harry Potter is there, and they’re both first years in the same year as Harry. 

Genre: Fluff, friends to lovers (most likely) 

Word Count: 1377

Dan opened his eyes in a brand new world. He was still in the train station, but the vision of the Hogwarts Express on Platform 9 ¾ introduced Dan to this new reality. He was a pureblood, so he’d been waiting all his life for this moment. Sprinting through the entrance to the platform, he was finally there. 

The goodbye hugs were emotional, and Dan was full of a mix of excitement and fear as he hugged his little sister Louise goodbye. “Just think, Louise. Two years from now, you’ll be heading to Hogwarts with me.” 

She smiled at him. “Have fun, Dan.” 

Dan smiled back and walked off through the crowd. He was numb with this fear-excitement mix he couldn’t put a word to as he boarded the train and found a compartment and put his luggage away. Settling down in the empty compartment, he fell into his deep thoughts. 

Dan’s worries consumed his thoughts, reminding him of how different everything would be now. Although he was from a wizard family, he never really got to be friends with anyone, and he was horrifically afraid that he wouldn’t have any friends at Hogwarts. Especially after he got sorted into Slytherin. Dan’s entire family had been in Slytherin, and Dan knew he would be too. 

Dan himself didn’t have a problem with Slytherin. Despite its bad reputation, he knew not everyone in Slytherin was evil. However, the kids in the other houses thought that, and he knew they wouldn’t like him because of his house. And, in all honesty, the stereotype wasn’t that far off. The likely Slytherins Dan knew weren’t going to be very nice to him, and he knew it. 

Especially Draco. Dan knew of Draco, as his father was very famous. He never liked the family, as they all seemed so stuck up and evil. Of course, with this trait, they were all Slytherins and he knew Draco would be too. With them being in the same year, Dan wasn’t looking forward to having all his classes with Draco. He could only hope he’d find refuge in someone else. 

Dan’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the compartment door opening. “Can I sit with you?” Dan looked up to see a black-haired boy with a smile on his face and a bigger smile in his eyes. He had such kind eyes. Dan could already tell he would be a Hufflepuff. 

“Sure. You a first year?” The boy nodded. “Me too. My name is Dan.” He extended a hand to the boy. 

“Phil,” he said, shaking Dan’s hand. “So you’re just as new to this ‘wizard’ thing as I am?” 

“Well, I actually come from a wizard family, so I’ve been waiting my whole life to go to Hogwarts. I don’t know any magic though. My parents wouldn’t teach me. They wanted me to wait until I got to Hogwarts.” 

“Well, I’m glad we’re on the same level. Tell me about wizard life.” 

“There’s this sport called Quiddich-” 

“Sports have never really been my thing. Tell me about Hogwarts. Tell me about you.” Dan blushed at the last remark, beginning to speak of what they’d both encounter upon arriving at Hogwarts. He’d tell Phil about his life along the way. Dan could tell. He wouldn’t even have to try. 

“Slytherin sounds like a pretty bad place.” 

Dan stuttered. “Well… That’s really just the stereotype. A lot of good people have gone to Slytherin. My entire family’s been in Slytherin, and I probably will be too. It’s not necessarily a bad thing… Although most Slytherins aren’t exactly the nicest people you’ll ever meet. But I’m not mean, am I?”

“No. You’re actually the only one here who’s welcomed me.” 

“Well, I don’t really have friends here either. Nice to have at least one.” 

“What house do you think I’ll be in?” 

“Hufflepuff.” Dan didn’t even hesitate. “You just seem so kind-hearted. You’ll definitely be put in Hufflepuff.” 

“That’s nice of you. But I almost wish I’d be in Slytherin, just so I could be with you.”

Dan blushed. “Well, the Sorting Hat’s never taken anyone’s wishes into effect… At least not yet.” 

“A chocolate frog?” 

Dan chuckled. “Two chocolate frogs and a carton of Every Flavor Beans, please.” 

“Sure, love.” The trolley witch handed Dan the treats and rolled on, closing the compartment door. Dan tossed a chocolate frog into Phil’s lap. 

“Try one, they’re really good. They’re frogs made of chocolate.” Phil started peeling open the wrapper and grasped the chocolate. “Oh, and they-” Dan was cut off abruptly by Phil’s shriek as the frog escaped his grip and began hopping around the compartment. Dan sighed “…Move.” 

Phil finally caught the frog and took a bite. “Mmm. Stubborn, but good.” After devouring the frog, Phil spoke again. “What else moves in this universe?” 

Dan paused before answering, unsure of what exactly to say. “…A lot.” He picked up his carton of every flavor beans, opening it up. “Do you want to try one?” 

Phil glared suspiciously at the carton. “What are they? I’ve lost all trust for your magic sweets.” 

“Every Flavor Beans. I’ll admit it, these are horrific if you get the wrong flavor. Here’s a blue one. I’m not sure how you can go wrong with blue.” Dan handed Phil a light blue jellybean, and he frowned at it as if he was making a difficult decision, then popped it in his mouth. After a few seconds, he grinned. 


“I’ll try a dangerous one,” Dan said, pulling out a tannish-yellowish one. 

“Ew. I don’t know how you can go right with that.”

“Neither do I, but I might as well give you some entertainment.” Dan popped the jellybean in his mouth and winced. “Ew! I think that’s earwax.” His face scrunched up as he stuck his tongue out. Through his squinted eyes, he could see Phil hunched over laughing. Phil had such a soft, innocent, truly happy laugh. 

“Who the hell is that?” Phil asked as Draco passed by with his goonies, already wearing his robes. Dan had no clue where they were going, nor did he want to. 

“That’s Draco Malfoy. Remember how I was saying there were a lot of bad Slytherins? Well, there’s one.” 

“Oh.” Phil looked concerned. 

“His entire family is Slytherin, just like mine. Except he’s rich and, in all honesty, pretty evil. I don’t tend to talk to him because he’s just not that nice. He’s in our year though, so I’ll probably have to get used to him. His dad probably follows Voldemort, and I’m not even kidding. That’s a legitimate theory, and knowing him, I don’t doubt it.” 

“Who’s Voldemort?” 

Dan’s face went red as he remembered how little Phil really knew about the wizarding world. “Well, Voldemort is a really evil wizard. People rarely speak his name. They just call him “He Who Must Not Be Named” or “You Know Who”. His followers call him the Dark Lord. He killed a lot of people. But there’s this kid named Harry Potter. He’s in our year. Voldemort tried to kill him, but he couldn’t. The spell bounced back and hit him. He’s supposed to be dead, but I don’t know if he had enough of a soul left to kill. He’s probably sulking around the forests of England somewhere. Draco’s dad… He followed Voldemort when he was reigning terror, and then said he was under mind control when he had his downfall. I don’t believe it, but the Ministry of Magic apparently does.” 

“Wow. Voldemort sounds horrible. But, might I ask, why do you say his name if nobody else does?” 

“I don’t see why I shouldn’t. It’s that Hitler guy we learned about in muggle school. He committed atrocities just like Voldemort did, but we still say his name. It’s not like saying the name will summon him from the dead or anything. I don’t see what there is to be afraid of.” 

“I like that. You seem fearless. Maybe you’ll be in Griffindor.” Dan just laughed. He would be a Slytherin. He’d already accepted this. But he suddenly didn’t worry about it keeping him from making friends. He already had one friend, and something told him he wouldn’t be letting go of this one. 

The Night Waves, the Stars Talk, the Years Alone Know

“How did you do it?” Ford asked. Something about his tone made it clear to Stan it wasn’t an idle question. It wasn’t an offhand remark like the hundreds he’s gotten over the years. It wasn’t the rhetorical awe Soos or the kids sometimes gave him. It wasn’t even the admiration and frustration from one genius to another (hey—criminal genius is still genius, right?) It was asked in a low, clear voice.

No accusation, no awe, no admiration. Just a simple question, one brother to another. With an undercurrent of sadness that resonated deep within Stanley’s bones.

He knew exactly what Ford was referring to the moment he asked. He considered playing dumb, but he knew Ford no longer fell for that—not with him.

“Stanley?” Ford asked again, slight worry creeping into his tone. Stan sighed and turned to face his brother. The cool night air swayed their hair with the breeze, but nothing else was moving. It was a still night, cloudless, perfect for watching the stars. And telling a dead man’s story, apparently, Stan thought.

“Inside,” was all Stan said, turning to duck into the cabin and make himself a cup of hot chocolate before plunging into the story. (What could Stan say? Mabel had ruined him for coffee, it had to be hot chocolate now).

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anonymous asked:

For Weird Wednesday, Wanda seems to think Tony is lying to her so she uses he magic to put him under a 48 hour truth spell. Peter finds him in this state

“So do you have anything to say?” asks Steve and Tony looks down to his feet.

Its exactly eight months after the last time Tony saw the avengers. And now they are back in his tower. Thanks to Fury.

The last hour Steve tried to apologize but it sounded more like he just explained his actions to Tony without saying sorry at all. Tony sighs. Well he couldn’t expect more…

“Yeah… i shouldn’t have tried to hurt you and Barnes.” says Tony quietly and he nods at his own words. He isn’t angry at Barnes anymore. Mostly he is just sad.

“So you are okay with us here?” asks Sam and he looks skeptical. Tony nods again.

“Of course. Its your home, too.” Tony grins or he tries, too. It feels weird.

“Okay Fury told us there were new…people here.” says Steve and Tony nods again. He can’t do anything else.

“Yeah…uhm Peter, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot.” says Tony and Friday shows them a picture.

“Well then i think we should all have a talk together. One hour?” asks Steve and Tony, who would have thought, nods.


“Thank you for coming. I just wanted to talk about how we are going to do this in the future.” says Steve when they are all in the conference room.

Tony gulps.

“Well i think you do your job and we do ours.” says Peter and shrugs. Tony knows that he doesn’t like the avengers…at all.

“And what exactly is your job?” asks Clint and he sounds annoyed.

“We are saving the fucking galaxy! And you only the earth.” answers Rocket and he looks up from his gun at that. Its a new one and Rocket always carries it around.

“Then why are you in this tower?” asks Barnes and Peter laughs.

“Dude! Why are you all here?” says Peter and Tony stay silent. Now his two teams are fighting great.

“I think we should all agree that you are going back to space and we are going back to our stuff.” says Clint and Steve nods.

“Yeah you want back on the team or do you Tony?” asks Steve and Tonys underlip wobbles.

“I…uhm…yeah sure.” says Tony and nods. Peter groans.

“Tony man we talked about this. You want to be on our team.” says Rocket and Tony nods again.

“Y-yeah.” he says and tries to breath.

“Well you can’t be on both teams!” says Steve and Tony starts shaking. He wants to go.

“Well he is still afraid of you, because of what you did to him.” says Gamora and she looks like she wants to kill a few avengers.

“T-thats not true.” tries Tony and shivers once more.

“I don’t think he says the truth.” says Wanda and Tony hides a bit behind Peter.

Oh no.

“What do you mean?” asks Sam and a moment later Wandas red magic is in the room. Tony gets nearly a panic attack and hides now behind Drax. But Wanda can round him perfectly.

When the magic hits him, it feels cold. So cold and then its over. Tony looks up.

“What did you do?!” Peter sounds furious. Tony doesn’t feel any different.

Gamora stays behind Wanda. Her sword on Wandas neck.

“I didn’t do something bad or did I Tony?” says Wanda and she isn’t scared of Gamora at all.

“Nothing bad? You scared me! Sometimes i still can’t sleep because i remember the vision you showed me before ultron! I see you all dead and its my fault! Whenever you use your magic i want to run a-away and you use it a-again on me!” says Tony and he surprises everyone in the room, even himself.

He claps his hands before his mouth. The eyes already bathed in tears.

“I used a truth spell on him. It lasts 48 hours.” says Wanda but now she sounds guilty. Tony doesn’t say anything he turns around and runs.


Tony sits at his workshop table and cries. He can’t breath so hard is he crying. Friday tries so soothe him, but it doesn’t work.

“Tony hey.” says Peter and Tony doesn’t even ask why Friday let him in, when he said nobody could visit him the next 48 hours.

“Are you okay?” asks Peter and then flinches. He is such an idiot.

Tony sighs and he sounds so sad, that Peter wants to hold him and cuddle him close.

“No…no i’m not.” whispers Tony and for the first time in his life he admits that. Tony sobs again.

“Nobody cares about me you know? I always try to make everything good and everybody happy but nothing works and they hate me! And i … i loved them so much.” whispers Tony sadly and Peter lays his hand on Tonys shoulder.

“I’m sorry.” says Peter and he means it. He is sorry that Tony always feels like that and he is sorry for that stupid spell. The last thirty minutes he tried to allure Rocket from killing anybody.

“Not your fault.” mutters Tony then and sniffles. He is still crying but not as bad as before. Peter starts massaging his shoulders. He wish he could do something to make that better.

“But you know i’m always here for you, right?” asks Peter and groans. Why is he so stupid.

“Wait you don’t have to answer that.” tries Peter but he knows Tony has no choice.

“Of course i know that! You and the Guardians are the best thing that happened to me in forever. And i know you are always here for me Peter. And i really appreciate that, but its not in the way i want and that hurts me even more.” babbles Tony and wait what.

Peter stops his contingencies.

He knows that Tony could easily hate him for this, but he has to know.

“What do you mean not the way you would like to?” asks Peter and Tony starts to cry again.

“Because i’m in love with you Peter! And your friendship has to be enough for me i know that, but i want so much more. And i know i’m not the best choice but…”

Tony doesn’t have to end this sentence. Because Peter kisses him. At the first sentence he had walked around Tony and is now right in front of him.

Tony doesn’t kiss him back, so Peter leans back a little.

“I know i don’t have a truth spell, but you need to trust me.” whispers Peter and he strokes Tonys cheek. Tony is so beautiful with his brown eyes, still wet and his now red cheeks.

“I love you, too.” says Peter and this time Tony kisses back.

Live, For Levi

Okay, first off, I am so so sorry for not posting for such a long time. I’ve been super busy with school and such, but now that school has ended and summer has officially started, I can get back to writing! I’ve also written a little something on Wattpad, I would greatly appreciate it if you were to check it out. Its called Princess Avalon by -thatoneweirdogirl- and yes, it is an Attack on Titan fanfiction. However I’m not quite sure if I want it to be a Levi romance just yet and I’ve only managed to do the prologue. Well, enough of this shameless self promoting.

This was requested by @silexia . Also, you are a squad leader in this one.

It wasn’t meant to happen like this. Things have been going great for you and Levi, you just recently got engaged, falling more in love with each other each day. Until that day.

You had just woken up to see an extremely toned chest in front of you. You let out a little sigh of happiness before trying to get up, but found that a pair of strong arms were wrapped tightly around you, not allowing you to. You struggled a bit, trying to escape the arms that pressed you tightly to your fiancee’s chest, before you gave up, accepting the fact that you would not be able to leave until Levi woke up. Choosing to snuggle into his chest instead. 

You heard a certain someone let out a contented sigh, tightening his arms around you. “I want to wake up like this every morning, with my beautiful (wife/husband) by my side.”

“I’m not your (wife/husband) yet. But you’re right, this sure is peaceful..”

That moment of peace was interrupted, however, when a very, very hyper Hange ran into you and Levi’s shared bedroom.

“Guys!” Hange screamed, “Erwin wants all squad leaders to be in the meeting room.” Before any of you could speak, Hange was already up and running.

The both of you sighed, reluctantly getting out of bed and putting on your uniforms. You walked into the meeting room hand in hand. Before you entered, Levi gave you a quick but tender kiss.

You walked into the room, took your seats and waited to begin. After a couple  minutes, Erwin stood up and clapped. “It seems like we’re all here, so know for the news. The 54 expedition outside of the walls will begin in a week, so train your cadets well, I don’t want any unnecessary deaths.” 

After a few minutes of discussing the expedition, the meeting was adjourned. You made a move to get walk out of the room to get breakfast, as everybody else has, but it seemed that Levi had other plans. He got up and encased you in his arms, before hugging you tightly.

“Levi?” You inquired, confused as to why he was stopping you.

“Be careful on this expedition, please.” Was all he said, making you extremely worried.

“I always am, and you know it. What’s wrong?”

“It’s just, I have a… bad feeling about this one. Please, promise me you’ll be careful, for me.” 

“I will, of course I will. I love you.” You cuddled into his chest, as if telling him that you were going to be alright. Levi put his chin on your head. Your (h/c) hair tickling his chin. He loosened his grip slightly, to put a kiss on your forehead. You laughed and reached up to plant a kiss on his lips.

“I love you too.” He whispered.

It was the day of the expedition, and Levi was more stressed then ever. Not that it showed on his face, of course. He showed his worry in the little things, making sure you ate enough, keeping you in his line of sight.

When the time came for you to head outside the walls, Levi had already pulled you into a hug. He kissed you passionately. This took you by surprise. Levi had always shown that you were his, but he had never directly kissed you with this amount of force. Nevertheless, you kissed back, ignoring the oohs and aahs of the cadets.

Everything was going according to plan. There weren’t that many casualties, and this seemed like the most successful expedition in a long time. But it was too good to be true.

A bunch of titans suddenly turned up, and while they were being killed, more and more just kept coming.

Both you and Levi were fighting bravely. As you finished off the titan that tried to attack you, you took a glance at Levi. To your surprise, he seemed to be distracted, so distracted that he didn’t notice the giant hand that reached down to grab him. But you did.

So you did what any good fiancee would’ve done.

You flew over there, using a lot of gas. You probably didn’t have much left now, but that was okay. When you arrived, you didn’t waste any time and immediately pushed your fiancee out of the way of the oncoming hand. Instead of grabbing him, it grabbed you.

As soon as the gruesome looking titan registered the fact that it had successfully caught a human in his clutches, it squeezed you. 

It hurt. You could hear and feel the cracking of your bones, making you wince in pain. You struggled in the titan’s grasp, before realizing that, with your injuries, it was no use. So you waited. For what, you didn’t know. For somebody to notice and kill the titan? For the sweet freedom of death? Before you had time to think about it, you were in front of the titan’s ugly face. It had opened it’s mouth and was about to drop you in, when you heard a faint screaming. 

“(Y/N)!” You had heard, when suddenly you saw the titan before you drop, dead. It’s blood spraying your face before it evaporated. Then you started falling, before you could hit the ground, a body rammed into you. A pair of familiar arms wrapped around you before landing gently on the ground.

“(Y/N)?” A panicked voice said, you recognized it to be Levi’s. “(Y/N)! Somebody get a medic!” 

Levi stroked your hair, reassuring you that you were going to be fine and asking about your injuries, when you felt his arms pick you up and place you on something hard. A cart, you suppose. You let out a groan of pain, it was obvious that your ribs were shattered, and your legs broken. Blood immediately started pooling under you.

Levi immediately began comforting you. “It’s okay, darling. You’ll be fine. Yo-” He cut himself off with tears streaming down his face, as he glanced down at the pool of blood. “You’re going to be okay. If you even think about dying, I’ll kill you. We still have to get married, remember?” 

You barely managed a small nod before you saw the darkness creeping into your sight, swallowing up the edges of your vision before it would all go black, taking your life and Levi’s happiness with it. 

You shuddered, fear of the unknown paralyzing your every being, but amidst your fear, you could feel a sense of relief. Relief that you would finally be parting from this cruel world, relief that you would no longer be held at the mercy of the titans. Most of all, relief that you would finally be free.

‘What about Levi?’ A voice whispered in your mind. ‘Imagine how depressed he would be. You don’t want that for him… do you?’ 

‘Of course I don’t!’ You wanted to scream, ‘I love Levi with all my heart. Why would I wish him any pain?’

Then live.’ The mysterious voice hissed, but somehow, you didn’t feel intimidated, you felt grateful. That voice is right. I have to live. For Levi. 

However, it seems that while you were having a conversation with your inner voice, you were slowly bleeding out. I know right. What an idiot. It seems as if you were zoning out, causing an extremely worried Heichou to lightly slap your face. When you weren’t responding, Levi retaliated by smacking you very roughly.

“Ouch..” You whispered, trying to brighten the mood a little. 

“(Y/N)!” Levi exclaimed, tears falling from his eyes. “You idiot!

“Thanks darling, really means a lot to me.” You meekly replied, laughing a little, before letting out a cough, blood dribbling out of your mouth.

“Who told you you to protect me?! Now you’re hurt and it’s all my fault!” He screamed. Usually Levi was extremely calm in these types of situations, but seeing you like that… All of his common sense flew out the window.

“I-I’m sorry… It’s not your fault, love. I would do it again if it meant seeing you alive.” You could feel your life force fading away. It didn’t mater if you wanted to live or not. It didn’t matter if you were determined not to leave your beloved fiancee. Because this world is merciless, and it didn’t care about what you wanted, or if it was fair or not.

You made a small noise, Levi immediately reacting. “What? Are you okay? Just hold on, okay? We’re almost to Wall Rose. Just a little longer. Please, I-I c-can’t lose you, not now, not ever.” Levi erupted into small sobs, the thought of you being gone from his life too much to bear.

“L-Levi?” You tried to get his attention, knowing that you only had a limited amount of time left. 

He looked over at you. “I-I’m sorry..” You coughed again, more blood spilling out of your mouth. It seems as if the world was acting crueler than ever, allowing you a slow and painful death rather than a quick and easy one.

“I-I love you..” You had said before shuddering out your ~potentially~ last breath, allowing the darkness to take over your vision, surrendering your fight.

“(Y-Y/N)? Wake up! 

I command you to wake up! 

That’s an order! 


You’re not really gone right? 

I-I love you too..”

Originally posted by athanasia20

Okay, so I know those are a lot of sad Levi pictures, but I couldn’t pick one! I feel like they all represent how Levi feels right now. But lets just say, (Y/N) is a strong person, and (she/he) won’t go down without a fight.

Okay (angst)

Title: Okay (Jimin)
Genre: Angst
Words: 2565
WARNING: This is just fiction, it is not true nor do I claim it to be true. I’m just a stupid amateur writer who writes about depression and (para)suicide to relay how she feels. This is just my way of saving myself, okay? I absolutely DO NOT support suicide.
A/N: Sorry, just had one of my not-good days. Enjoy!

p.s. it’s not related to tfios lol.

Originally posted by cherryblossoms-and-cupcakes

Jimin wanted to die.

Honestly, if he were given a gun and was told that he had to shoot himself if he lies. He’d lie. He’s lie and lie and lie and lie until he was dead for good, his broken brain never to be fixed again.

What would he lie about?

A lot.

That life was everything he wanted.

That he wasn’t a freak anymore.

That he was very happy.

That he was alright.


Jimin let the hopeless tears roll down his face as he plunged to his unmade bed. He had just come home from work and his day has been bland as usual. It was just like a black and white movie he couldn’t walk away from. And that heavy heavy feeling in his chest has gotten worse. It had no particular reason, Jimin just didn’t feel okay. He just woke up one morning and he knew that he didn’t want to function again. He didn’t want to move, to socialize, to breathe in the pollution of human obliviousness.

Jimin curled himself into a ball, sobbing harder. He just wanted to check himself out. Just let him be free. Let him go numb. Let


But it was a hopeless case, unless...

Jimin’s eyes widen. His tears stop. And if you were and invisible spectator who didn’t know anything, you’d think he’d gone crazy. Maybe he truly had gone crazy. After all, crazy people only think of killing themselves, right?

Jimin forced himself up after a few moments of just lying in his wrinkled bed. He could feel his hands shaking as he walked towards his bathroom. He opened the tap water and listened to it for a while before uselessly splattering his face with it.

Jimin stared at himself for a while. He peered into the eyes of a reflection. And he knew. He knew that there was a day when those eyes didn’t have that dark hint of sadness. That those eyes were all happiness and innocence. That those eyes never knew loneliness and shittiness. That they used to be okay.

He opened the cabinet under his sink and found it. The dark twinkling pistol with only one bullet to spare. Jimin remembered when he had bought it. He remembered how much he sweat while walking towards the meeting place. He wondered if the seller ever thought about why he wanted to buy it. But when he looked into the eyes of the seller who said, “James? I’ve got your gun. Drop the money on the couch and you can leave.”

Jimin knew the seller didn’t give a fuck. It was just business. As if the seller really had the care to have a heart-to-heart chat with ‘James’. And somehow, that made Jimin want to kill himself more. Because no one would care. No one would miss him. He truly was alone.

He replaced his polo for a hoodie, pulling the hood over his jet black hair as he slammed his door shut and dragged himself into the world of flashing lights and skulduggeries and fake. Jimin walked across the noisy streets until he found it.

The little shop around the corner. Hope’s Cafe.

It felt stupid but Jimin really did go there for hope. Which meant he was there every after work because he was always out of hope. Out of reasons for living.

He pushed the glass doors open and the bright and pastel colours of the coffee shop greeted him, making him feel like a child opening his birthday present. It was a shop that was oblivious of the world outside.

“Good evening! What would you want for tonight?” Jimin felt his heart flutter as he looked up to see you. You absolutely knew his usual order but you loved listening to him tell you. Jimin gawked at you. You were gorgeous. Absolutely dashing. You had this smile that Jimin knew would last for eternities. Your voice was so sweet and light. Your eyes twinkled at him as if the night of serving usually grumpy customers who had night shifts didn’t bother you. And deep inside, Jimin knew he didn’t really want a coffee for the night…he just wanted to hear your voice again.

Jimin forced himself to spill the words to his order.

“Ooookay, got it.” you said as you wrote it down with a smile. “It’ll be right in your designated table in just a few moments!”

“Okay.” Jimin said but he didn’t leave. He just stayed where he was. He wanted to talk to you more. He wanted to hear more of you before he killed himself. Then he realized, he wanted to kiss you. It was a stupid realization considering since he didn’t even really know you nor did you. But Jimin felt like he just wanted to kiss you because you made his heart flutter so much it was frustrating enough to push him to kiss you.

You looked up from your notepad, “You know…there’s something I could give you right now.”

A kiss? Jimin’s brain stupidly said.

He watched you scribble something in your blue ink. You tore it from the paper then handed it to him. Jimin recognized the symbols scribbled on the paper. You gave him your number. You gave him your number on the day he would kill himself.

Well, shit.

“Call me anytime,” you winked at him as Jimin slowly took your paper. It made him feel so queasy that you’ll never receive the call you had been looking forward to. He pocketed it and smiled at you, “Sure.”

Then Jimin left without realizing he had forgotten about his coffee.

The skyline reflected at the river was so beautiful. It’s rippled image of bright and colourful lights were so aesthetic. Jimin wished he had brought his camera with him.

It would be so artistic.

The Last View, that would probably be what they’d title it after finding him dead under the bridge. After the citizens nearby hear the gunshot. It would be a grotesque image but it was all symbolic. Jimin wanted his brain to stop. To stop thinking…to stop working…to stop. He wanted peace. And it’s ironic because he’s using an instrument that destroys peace. And the last thing he sees would be of the city that turned the innocent and happy Jimin to a sad and hopeless one.

So fucking artistic.

Jimin sat on the bench that was placed below the bridge–it was a mistake bench, they were supposed to turn the place into a park but realized it was better on the other side. (And Jimin was sitting on it, being artistic as shit.) He inhaled deeply before pointing the end of the gun to the side of his forehead. He read somewhere on the internet that shooting in the head was a faster way to die. It had also saddened him that people posted something like that there even if he got frustrated with the answers telling the asker to find help or visit certain sites or that they will be praying for asker to be safe and happy. The asker never replied though. And Jimin had a number of thoughts running in his head on what happened to asker.

Jimin exhaled and the tears went with his breath. Jimin didn’t really want to do this. He wanted to live. To find a wife, little children. But it was too much for him. The world has beaten him to the bone. He couldn’t survive a day anymore.


Nothing happened. His trigger finger just stayed in its place. It stayed frozen. Jimin furiously tried again but his subconscious was stopping him to do so. Jimin’s eyes widened furiously as he fumbled for his phone.

Maybe calling you and telling you about it would unfreeze his trigger finger. He punched in your numbers and pressed the green button. He listened to it ring and he wished it would go to voice mail so that he wouldn’t have to tell you about what’s happening. He felt bad about it.

But you picked after the third ring.


Jimin stayed silent.

“Is this…the hoodie guy? You forgot your coffee. Should I bring it to wherever you are?”

It was you. It really was you. Jimin could recognize the sound of your voice even through the static.

“Um, not that I wanted to meet with you…in the um, middle of the night…” you blabbered on.

Jimin found his voice. “I…I’d like that.”

He could hear you smile from the other side of the line, “Okay then, Mr. Forgetful.”–Jimin’s heart fluttered again, he’d like that nickname too, no matter how silly. He was about to tell you that but he realized he was going to kill himself. “Where are you?”

“I–I’m going to kill myself. I–I–” Jimin blurted and he could hear the gears inside your brain stop and try to comprehend what was happening.

“What?” you said. Then quickly, “I m-mean, would you like to tell me about it?”

Jimin was surprised. He didn’t think you’d ask him about it. He thought you’d call him sick or weird or something that would make him pull the trigger.

“I mean, would you please tell me about it while I’m on my way to wherever you are?” he heard your voice and his throat constricted, making breathing difficult.

“Okay…” Jimin slowly said. “I’m under the bridge in front of the river–you know the place…”

“–that’s supposed to be a park? Yes.” you said. “Just let me tell my friend to cover for me.”

“You don’t–” Jimin started. It felt ridiculous. It is ridiculous. You, a stranger, was leaving your work to go to him, a stranger, because he wanted to kill himself. It was absurd.

“I thought you wanted your coffee?” you innocently said, shutting Jimin up. He could hear you talking to someone and it didn’t sound good but you went back to him. “Sorry about that. I’m out already. Ooh, I found a cab.” He heard you telling the driver where Jimin was. And then you narrated your whole boring trip to the bridge to him, not getting off the phone.

You were telling Jimin about how nice the skyline looked on the surface of the river when he heard the cab above him. You stopped talking about the river, “I’m here. Let me get down, okay?”


You continued to talk on and on about random stuff, “Oh. There you are. Looking poetic and all.”

Jimin stood up and turned to look at you, phone still in his hand while the other held his pistol. “Why are you doing this?”

This time you had hung up.

“Because I was about to drown myself here a few months ago.” you said. It was the first time Jimin had seen you not smiling. And something about the seriousness in your face was beautiful. “But then I saw you when I went to the job I had applied for as a joke and I realized after a few nights with you that no one would ever ask you to state your order. They would just ask you if you wanted the ‘usual’. And it was too depressing to think about that.”

Jimin knew you were lying yet he couldn’t help but smile–which was weird for a boy holding a gun to his head.

“See? Now, you’re smiling.” You chuckled and Jimin could hear the nervousness of your voice. You were trying to calm yourself. That’s why you kept rambling a while ago. Jimin’s heart sunk. Why had he called you?

You took a step closer to him and Jimin didn’t step back or anything. Another step closer. And another. Another. And another until Jimin could smell the minty scent you had. He watched you place the plastic bag of what seems to be coffee cups on the bench.

“Now, do you want to tell me about it?” you whisper.

Jimin looked at you, “I don’t even know you.”

“Hi, favorite customer of mine, I’m Y/N. May I ask you to put that gun down so that I won’t feel antsy that it might go off accidentally while you are talking to me about your problems?“

Jimin looked at you. Then to the coffee cups on the bench. His breath slipped in and out of his lips as he tried to think. He could kill himself already. He could shoot himself. He could escape this world. He could go away. He could be gone.

But, was it really going to make him okay?

“I’m…Jimin,” he says in a shaky voice as he put the safety on and lowered the gun. And he spills. Jimin actually spills everything. Every feeling, hurt, pain, and confusion. He spills it all to you and he found himself wrapped around your arms as he sobbed into your neck. He could smell the whiff of brewed coffee mixed in your minty scent and it somehow made Jimin feel a little better.

“It’s…okay, Jimin. It’s okay, I’m here,” you whisper as you make mellifluous shhh sounds. “I can’t…I can’t assure you it’s going to be better in the future but I can assure you that you have someone to hold you tight when you feel lonely. Someone to make you feel loved. I’m here, okay? I’m here. I know how the world gets so shitty as we grow older. I understand how much we just want to off ourselves so that we wouldn’t be out and about thinking numbers and money. I know how empty it feels to be lose so much hope in ourselves. I know, Jimin, I know. I’ve been through that and let’s get you through that too, okay?”

You sat the both of you on the bench and Jimn adjusted so that your arm was around him and his head was leaning on your shoulder. You offered him cup of coffee and it was still hot that it scorched the tip of his tongue. Still, it sent a warm feeling around his chest. It was proof that he was still very much alive and someone had left work just to make sure he was.

And that made him okay. Truly okay. Even if the world was still shitty. Even if he knew he’d still be a freak. He really felt okay.

“Yummy?” you say after sipping into your cup and looking straight ahead.

Jimin nodded.

Although Jimin had stopped sobbing, there were tears silently rolling down his cheek, slowly drying. He wondered if you were alone on that day you tried to drown yourself. He wondered what made you try to kill yourself. And he wondered what stopped you. Guess, he’d have to ask you that for another time.

Then, he took the pistol and emptied it. He threw the bullet on the river, the empty pistol followed after it. He smiled at your wide-eyes, feeling more better.

“Thanks,” Jimin mustered after a few sips into his coffee.

You smile, “This certainly wasn’t the first date I had in mind.”

First date? Jimin chuckled, “I’ll find a better place, then.”

You grinned to yourself. Jimin smiled, the warmth of the coffee spreading to your chests.

“Do you want to watch the sunrise? It’s actually beautiful from here,” you say after a moment of long silence.

“I’d love that,” Jimin looked at you, meaning everything.

I’m Yours

Request; Isaac Lahey imagine where y/n and Isaac are good friends because she’s part of the pack but she is in a relationship with a boy that doesn’t even care about her and just wants to get in her pants, so one day on a party he’s so drunk he tries to sleep with her, practically against her will, but Isaac hears her uneven heartbeat and beats the guy up? He comforts her afterwards and lots of fluff? Like really sweet and he gives her his shirt to cover up?
Word Count; 1.6K
Isaac Lahey x Reader
Warnings; sexual assault + violence
A/N; Finally starting to get through my requests now that my account is working again. Hope you all like it xx (gifs not mine)


Being in love with someone who loves someone else is painful. Isaac had always thought he knew pain like the back of his hand, but when you started dating your boyfriend Chris, he was faced with a whole new challenge. Chris was popular, athletic, less than intelligent, and a player. Isaac loathed him. The worst thing was that you didn’t even see it. You had been so happy to find out that someone was interested in you. Nobody had ever flirted with you before, or even noticed you. That was what you thought anyway. You were so oblivious to everything that you hadn’t noticed Isaac’s affections. You thought he just cared about you as a friend, like Stiles or Scott. So when Chris came around, you were over the moon.

Isaac couldn’t understand why you didn’t see what Chris was really after. You were the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, which naturally caught the attention of boys desperate to get in. Chris was a master of seduction, and had you thinking that all he really wanted was you, not just your body. Isaac could see right through his façade though. He saw when Chris stared at other girls bodies, and when he flirted with waitresses behind your back. Chris was just biding his time, waiting to sleep with you and then leave you. It made Isaac’s blood boil.

Jackson’s party was no different. He had thrown it to kick off the new school year, and had invited everyone he had ever met. Chris was already 3 drinks in, and the sun had not even set. Isaac gripped his cup tightly, the plastic crinkling in his hand. He wished he could get drunk. He wanted to forget about you and Chris, to enjoy himself once again. But he couldn’t shake the raging anger in his veins every time Chris wrapped an arm around you, or kissed your neck playfully. It was worse when he noticed your smile. You were happy, and it crushed him to think that that would be ruined by the dick that was your boyfriend. He wanted your happiness more than anything, but he didn’t know how to tell you. Every time he tried to prove Chris was a bad guy you would shake it off, too afraid to believe he might actually be right.

Isaac knew it wasn’t his place to interfere with your relationship. But that did not mean he didn’t want to. Especially when Chris dragged you off to a secluded room in Jackson’s house. He knew what that meant. You, on the other hand, did not.

He pulled you up the stairs and into a spare bedroom, locking the door behind you. You thought he just wanted to talk, to get away from the party, but he had more sinister plans for you. Chris began kissing up and down your neck gently as your arms wrapped around the back of his neck. This was nothing new, you both had made out before, but it had never gone past that. You smiled at the affection he was giving you as he moved to nibble on your ear, his hands sliding up your torso, dragging your shirt with it.

‘Chris.’ You whined, pulling away from him.

‘What?’ he asked annoyed, pulling you back to him.

‘Not here.’ You instructed, pushing away again. ‘You know I’m not ready.’

He huffed in frustration. ‘C’mon babe,’ he groaned, ‘I’ve waited long enough.’ His hands found your hips as he pushed you back against a wall, a little too harshly for your liking, before moving to your top again.

‘Chris.’ You shrieked, trying to get out of his arms, ‘I said no.’ He didn’t give up though. He managed to rip your shirt off your torso, sucking heavily on your collar bone as you began to cry. He pinned your arms against the wall, leaning his legs against your to prevent your escape.

‘Please stop!’ you screamed, shaking under his arms as his hand moved to your breast.

You heard a loud crash across the room as the door broke off its hinges. Isaac stood in the gap, is eyes glowing amber and his claws protruding his fingertips. Chris turned to look behind him, obviously shocked at the boy standing before him.

‘We’re busy Lahey.’ He barked, gripping onto your wrists tightly, ‘Be a good boy and shut the door behind you.’ You winced at the tight grip on your hands.

The small sound triggered Isaac forcing him to pounce on Chris. He grabbed him by the shirt, ripping his body off you before tossing him into the doorframe, which he hit with a violent thud.

‘She said no.’ he growled, standing over you protectively. ‘Don’t you ever touch her again, or I’ll kill you, you hear me?’ Chris shook on the floor, now terrified of the once docile boy he had known. He nodded fearfully before scrambling out of the room. Isaac moved over to the door, picking it up off the floor and placing it back in its frame. He turned to look at you, his eyes turning back to their natural blue, now full of fear and worry.

‘How badly did he hurt you?’ he quaked, his voice cracking in a new vulnerability you had never heard before.

‘I… I’m okay.’ You whispered, sliding to the floor, still in shock of what had just happened. He rushed over to you, wrapping his muscular arms around your tiny body, picking you up and placing you gently on the bed. He took your wrists in his hands gently, tracing his thumbs over them.

‘You might bruise a little.’ He noted, his eyes trailing back up to meet yours. They stopped halfway at your bra clad breasts, which he quickly looked away from. He pulled his grey sweater over his head, leaving him in his white undershirt before passing it to you.

‘Thank you.’ You trembled, pulling it over your own head.

You both sat in silence for a while, your body still trembling as the thought that you were almost raped by your boyfriend set in.

‘I…’ you choked, your eyes fulling with tears. ‘I’m such an idiot.’ You began to sob profusely, choking on your own tears. Isaac pulled you into his arms softly, caressing your hair gently as he comforted you.

‘No.’ he consoled, pulling you closer to him, his body encasing your own. ‘You couldn’t have known. It’s my fault. I should have forced you to leave him. I should have been with you every minute to protect you.’ His body was shaking as he became more emotional, so ashamed of allowing you to be hurt.

‘I heard your heartbeat and your cries downstairs. I just lost it and ran up here. I should have killed him when I saw what he was doing.’

‘Isaac,’ you whispered, moving your head to face him. His eyes were brimming with tears as he looked down at you, more concern coating his face than you had ever seen in your life. ‘It’s not your fault. Don’t you dare blame yourself.’

‘I should have protected you more,’ he argued, his hand cupping your cheek and wiping away your tears. ‘I should have told you how I felt before all of this. I could have stopped all of this.’

‘Told me what?’ you asked, your face unconsciously nuzzling into his palm, the warmth of it comforting you as you calmed yourself down.

He inhaled deeply before he spoke, staring you dead in the eye. ‘That I love you. That I’m in love with you. Maybe if I had just gone out and said it, you wouldn’t have even looked twice at Chris. I could have treated you the way you deserve. Like a goddamn queen, and made you feel loved. I would never hurt you like that, and now, because of my stupid decision to not tell you, I allowed you to get hurt. I’m so sorry y/n.’ His head dropped in shame, which almost broke your heart. The way he was with you, he was kind, and honest, and he cared about you. You realised how fake Chris had been all along, and how no matter what, Isaac had always been there for you. He made you laugh, he held you when you cried, he did everything and anything for you.

You placed your fingers under his chin, pulling his face up to look at yours. ‘It’s not your fault Isaac. But if you really feel this way, then stay with me. It’ll take me some time to move on from what happened here, but I want you by my side while I do. You treat me like no one ever has, and I want to be with you.’

Even through the pain in his face, you could see the pure joy he was feeling at your words. His lips moved up to press a gentle and sincere kiss to your forehead as his arms tightened around you.

‘I’m yours y/n. I’m going to love you like no man has ever loved you before. I’ll protect you, make you smile, and be the man you deserve. We’ll get through this; together.’

You snuggled into the crook of his neck as he rubbed comforting circles on your skin, the smell of his cologne filling your nose as he hummed quietly. You had been hurt, but he was going to heal you. You knew that finally, things would be perfect, and Isaac would be by your side always.

Joker Imagine - Used & Tortured PART 2

Anonymous said:can you pleaseplease please do a sequel to “used and tortured” where y/n finally grasps the courage to tell J who did it and he tortures him and gets revenge? its probably really lane but i just love it sm

Part 1 *click me*

NOTE: The bad character/kidnapper in this imagine is just someone I made up.

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Joker’s P.O.V.

I was all alone again. She wasn’t here by my side. Half of our bed was cold. Y/N was just gone

Our penthouse seemed colder without her here. So I was outside as much as possible. ‘’Y/N!’’ I yelled loudly, feeling a mix of emotions running through my veins. Feelings I hated. Anger, misery, pure rage and confusion. It was dark. So dark that I couldn’t see. I only felt things. Now I was cold. ‘’Y/N!’’ I tried again, but my only answer was my own echo.

Suddenly I felt tired, really tired. A light came out of nowhere, beaming on the ground in front of me. I saw a lifeless body. It was Y/N. ‘’No’’ I growled and stepped closer. My legs were heavier as I got near the body. She was naked, full of bruises and bleeding wounds. Then I saw her eyes, dull like a doll’s eyes. She looked dead.

I collapsed on my knees next to her and let her blood soak my clothes. ‘’Who did this to you?!’’ I shrieked out loudly, feeling a stinging pain in my body. I wasn’t an expert on naming these sad feelings. ‘’Speak to me’’ I demanded, but she didn’t. I put my hand on her face and I held my breath in agony. Instead of seeing her normally, her face fell apart in my hands. My eyes widened and I let go immediately. What the hell?

‘’J! Snap out of it!’’ Her lifeless body told me. I stood up and looked at her in confusion. ‘’You’re..’’ I tried to speak, but then my mouth felt like it was glued shut. ‘’Wake up’’ She told me again. Suddenly my vision blurred until I saw nothing but darkness. I opened my eyes and now I was in a safer place, our bedroom.

Y/N was right in front of me and she seemed worried. Her hand was on my cheek and her body was close to mine, under the same warm blanket. We were home. Right, we found her. She’s safe now. ‘’Was it a nightmare?’’ She broke the silence, bringing me back to reality. God it felt good to see her there instead of waking up alone with an awful unsure feeling.

Y/N was the only one who could make the voices in my head go away.

‘’Something like that’’ I sighed, not wanting to admit it to her. Then I pulled her body closer so I could be as close to her as I could without hurting her. She scented like her favourite shampoo because we took a real long bath before going to bed. Then I recognized gunpowder and my cologne. It killed me to think that I didn’t take care of her better. I was so stuck with my criminal job that I totally ignored Y/N and she got kidnapped. Damn I’d tear those men limb by limb the second I could. They’d regret hurting my queen. I repeat my queen.

‘’J’’ She whispered quietly, making me look into her pretty E/C eyes. It relieved me to see that glimpse of life in them. ‘’Yes?’’ I purred tiredly then gently running my fingers across her bare arm. ‘’I remember what they called the boss’’ She admitted, kinda surprising me because I didn’t expect to hear that in the middle of the night. Bloodthirst and anger ignited in my heart as I remembered.

‘’Tell me’’ I demanded seriously, ready to get up and get those motherfuckers now. ‘’Cosmo’’ She whispered to me. First it didn’t ring any bells, but when she continued, I saw his ugly face in my mind. ‘’He had a jacket with ‘newblood’ written on it. Then he had red hair and yellow contact lenses’’ Y/N continued with a fragile voice. The girl who was usually so happy and crazy was now so small and broken. It made me so angry. So fucking full of hatred. 

‘’Cosmo’’ I growled and then sat up in bed. Cosmo was a stupid wannabe gangster. He came to Gotham a while ago with his little squad and they made ‘newblood’. They wanted to get rid of the biggies like me so they could take over Gotham.I should have guessed! ‘’I’m going to kill him’’ I promised Y/N and got up. I was ready to leave now. 

‘’J’’ She said my name a little louder. I groaned and turned to look at her. She was covering her almost naked body with the purple blanket. I tried my best to stay as calm as I could, but it was hard. Most people knew that I had trouble controlling myself. ‘’Where are you going?’’ Y/N asked me. I looked away from her and grabbed my black jeans from the end of the bed. ‘’I’m going for a ride baby. Don’t worry I’ll be back soon with a surprise’’ I promised her, but I sounded a little wicked. I could already picture how I’d torture that sad pathetic piece of shit in my mind.

‘’I don’t want to be alone’’ She told me and looked away, almost like she was ashamed. It made me stop doing what I was doing. Y/N was really sad, like so sad that it was hard to understand. I didn’t know what to do. ‘’You’re safe here you know that’’ I tried to reassure her. Suddenly she faced me with glistening eyes. ‘’I’m coming with you’’ She let me know. ‘’You sure you want to?’’ I cleared my throat and then crawled back in bed. I put my hands on her face and looked deep in her eyes. I could tell that she was scared, yet she nodded.

‘’Let’s go kick his ass’’ She tried to smile. Although she had gone through that, she still had to spark of cruelty in her soul. ‘’That’s my girl’’ I smiled back, happy that she wanted to come. Damn Cosmo would be sorry and so would his men.


Frost had been nice enough to gather my best henchmen and we were now at the hideout for the ‘newbloods’. It was a stupid of building at the west side of the city close to the old factories. We were going there with seven black cars with me, Y/N, Frost and four more men in the lead. I was dressed in my black pants, my maroon button up shirt and my silver jacket. Then I had the perfect torture plan in my head, driven my anger and the hunger for revenge. 

Frost parked the car near the doors and I hurried outside. Y/N and I were surrounded by my goons as we all got ready. I bet Cosmo noticed us already and he was behind a window wetting his pants. ‘’Knock knock!’’ I yelled loudly, loading my gun that I would use to hurt him, not kill him. Oh no shooting him would be too kind. He’d be tortured so bad he’d wish he was never born.

‘’It’s polite to open the door since we don’t want to barge in’’ I yelled again, but the truth was that I was more than happy to explode the door and the wall around it. Nothing came back. So I looked at a goon dressed in a batman suit and I gave him a nod. You see fake batsy had a rocket launcher. Everyone stepped back to a safe distance and then we watched. A few seconds later he launched the deadly gun and a loud explosion ruined the door completely. I giggled happily as I saw fire and a few of Cosmo’s goons burning on the ground.

‘’Let’s get him boys!’’ I declared loudly and then most of us hurried inside. I grabbed Y/N’s hand because I wouldn’t dare to lose sight of her. She grabbed my hand a little tighter and then we went inside as well. Oh no one, I mean no one would get away with disrespecting my queen. The only person I actually cared about besides myself. Cosmo Cosmo, such a shame he was so dumb.

My goons did the job for us, making it easy to find Cosmo. They shot every single man under Cosmo’s command. Soon he’d just give himself to us. The place smelled like drugs, dirt and blood. Gunshots echoed through the dark building as men fell down dead. Y/N and I could just walk though smoothly. I kept glancing at her tho, because I was worried. She looked a little nervous, but she wanted this.

‘’Cosmo!’’ I called out for him. We all stopped on the second floor with loads of guns, dead bodies, cameras, dirty beds and locked doors. I saw cocaine bags and it smelled like it too. As the gunshots calmed down I heard women’s cries. Not that I was a saviour or anything but I couldn’t help but to think of Y/N. Just two days ago she was here, behind those doors. It made my anger ten times worse. ‘’Let them out for fuck’s sake. He can’t keep anything’’ I spat harshly to some of my goons. They nodded and walked to the doors. Then I looked around angrily, scanning everything I could.

Then I saw a door just a little better than the others. I knew that the rat was hiding there. So I walked over and shot the lock a few times. ‘’Come out come out’’ I growled and kicked the door open. My goons ran inside first, but I followed closely. There was was, trying to get out the window.Oh hell no. I ran over, letting go of Y/N’s hand at the same time. Then I grabbed Cosmo’s black leather jacket and pulled him inside and smashed him on the floor. He landed on his back and yelled like a little girl.

Now that I saw him like this I felt like I could kill him right here and now. He was so dirty, full of sin. He hurt my girl. He touched her! I couldn’t even say anything until mu anger got the best of me. I started punching his ugly face. I wanted to smash his skull into a billion pieces. He coughed out blood after a few punches, but I kept going.  ‘’How does it feel like? Huh?’’ I hissed and grabbed his jaw tightly, making him look up to me. My breathing got heavy and I felt like a wild animal. Cosmo was panting , but he didn’t reply.

Then I punched his nose so hard that I could hear and feel it breaking under my touch. ‘’You have no idea what I’m going to do to you’’ I laughed darkly. After beating his face until he bled a lot, I cupped his cheeks. ‘’We’ll have a good time, right?’’ I snickered, wiping away some blood from his face. Cosmo tried to speak, but I covered his mouth and nose, not letting him breathe.

‘’I’d love to kill you right now, but I have better plans’’ I pouted, speaking slowly.Cosmo tried to hit me so he could breathe, but I slapped him. It was really hard not to kill him on the spot, but I knew it would be too easy for him. So I got up and let my henchmen take him to the torture room back home. I turned to look at Y/N. I couldn’t tell if she was happy or disgusted perhaps scared.

‘’You’re bleeding’’ She told me. Then she walked over and grabbed my hand, showing me my knuckles. She was right. ‘’It’s worth it’’ I shrugged and then took a deep breath. Y/N kissed my hand gently and then hugged me. It took me back a little bit, but I didn’t mind. It took me a few seconds to hug her back, even tho I didn’t tend to show affection on heists. This one just happened to be different.

‘’Thank you’’ She whispered gratefully. I just nodded and ran my fingers through her soft hair. I’d do anything for this girl, but I didn’t know how to say it out loud. Even tho I was bad at showing my feelings, she could tell. She didn’t need normal love, because she could read the little signs. ‘’Now let’s go home. I’m sure you want to get your sweet revenge’’ 


A/N: Haaaaa I actually think that..this has to continue in part 3 :)

Screwball Ninja’s Mini-Review: 6x16 Mother’s Little Helper

Oh, what a tangled web we weave/ When characterization takes its leave. Let’s dig in!

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You can tell she’s evil because she farts glitter– that stuff gets everywhere!

  1. Things That Had More Screentime Than Belle This Episode: Blackbeard’s wig. Her Handsome Hero. Rumple’s dagger. Jaime Murray’s cleavage. CGI spider butt. Perhaps we could scare up some more scenes for Belle in an episode about her son where the theme is MOTHERHOOD? Look, she’s already wearing pants in a plea for attention– somebody give her a scene with Gideon before she’s parading around in leggings and a ‘Welcome to Storybrooke’ sweatshirt.
  2. I’m here for Small Business Owner S&M Jaime Murray in a sparkly black tutu. What is this show? And it’s interesting that fairy dust can be used for evil (e.g., creating the Dark Curse) and needs to be a Category 1 Controlled Substance. No wonder the Blue Fairy smacked down Nova for loaning it willy-nilly in S1. I guess the price for fairy dust is slave labor (children, dwarves)? That’s dark, show. “Excuse me, Mr. Gold? Is this fairy dust conflict-free? Because I only use– *is snailed*
  3. Dark Swan is back, folks. Emma force-choked and beat an unarmed, unresisting man who was talking to her about his history of abuse because she was angry about losing her boyfriend for a day. “YOU TOOK HOOK FROM ME,” says Emma in her exact Dark Swan throaty tone. Force-choking is *never* shown as something good or justifiable– and it’s always shown as the sole provenance of villains. (They call it ‘Vader-ing’ in the script.) She’s law enforcement– you can’t beat up suspects because you’re upset! You can’t threaten to “force” people to do things! S1!Emma would have asked Gideon WHY he wanted to kill her before any fisticuffs, and she certainly wouldn’t have made him bleed while he was talking to her. This scene also makes it sound like Emma is more pissed off that Gideon cockblocked her than about his murder attempt. Priorities, woman! (Note: This was done on purpose to put our sympathies with Gideon– hence his line that Emma was “so far wrong” and that he wasn’t “the bad guy.” Gideon’s not all bad, Emma’s not all good: message received. But it’s fascinating to see Dark Swan pop up again without the excuse of The Darkness ™ .)
  4. Gideon says that the Black Fairy tortured him and he’s trying to protect “hundreds” of abused children in another realm. Emma’s response? Going to Rumple and … threatening to kill Gideon. “Your son has a death wish, one that I’m happy to provide.” What the everliving fuck? Rumple has to spell out that the Black Fairy is Bad News and may be a direct threat to Emma before she thinks to help Gideon. “Not my family? Not my problem!” is a legitimate philosophy … but not if you’re The Savior, and not if you’re the Sheriff. Emma even makes a deal (more Dark Swan-age) with Gideon to get Hook back BEFORE she helps with the Black Fairy business. I realize it makes sense to lift any magical barriers before embarking on a dangerous enterprise but it makes it look like she cares more about Hook than an entire realm full of abused kids. If this is “walls down” Emma someone *poof* her some bricks, mortar, and an enchanted trowel because I’m not here for this.
  5. Speaking of Hook, does OUAT have a writers room? You know, a room for the writers to talk to one another about what’s happening from episode to episode? Because this episode takes place one minute after last week’s episode, where Emma shed two tiny tears because that’s what she “needed to move on.” And now she’s beating up a child she helped deliver a week ago because she can’t be without Hook for literally a day? Which is it, show? 
  6. Hook is an adult who’s survived for hundreds of years and is in a realm he used to call home. He’s not hurt, he’s not cursed, he’s not threatened– he’s just on a bit of a vacation. You know, a break– what Emma wanted him to have until he got his head right about the whole lying business. So where’s the fire? Also, Blackbeard assumed Hook stole the jewels from a “wench”– is this something Hook did before? (Have fun with the inevitable JewelThief!Hook and FBI!Emma fic, CS fans!) P.S. BLACKBEARD SHOUTS TOO. MAYBE IT’S JUST A PIRATE THING? I AM HERE FOR THEIR HARD OF HEARING FRIENDSHIP!
  7. And normal Emma returns when the giant spider shows up! Yay! (Any scene that has Emma quipping about Charlotte’s Web while pretending to be in a life-and-death struggle with dollar store Haunted House webbing is a good one in my book.) Gideon apologizes for screwing with her instead of just asking for help. Yay! And then he double-crosses her because he thinks the ends justifies the means. Boo! But he’s heart-controlled! Gasp! Note that Gideon’s contractually obligated to do his premature gloating away from the scene of the crime, giving Emma time to escape with Rumple’s help. Villain rules, folks– if you disobey they take away your black cloak and make you wear pastels for a week. Also, props to the Black Fairy for not spilling her Secret Evil Plan to anyone yet. Next-level evil, for sure.
  8. “I’m sorry, but your son cannot be saved. He’s evil,” says Emma. Excuse me? One fairy coma, giant spider, and piratical banishment and he’s irredeemable? This is a show where mass-murderer and child abuser Cora went to heaven after telling her daughters to play nicely for five minutes after she was DEAD. Split!EQ killed three peasants, cursed Snowing, threatened to poison the town’s water supply, and sped up Belle’s pregnancy leading to Belle’s son being kidnapped– and got a “fresh start” in another realm. Hook killed Merlin and tried to kill Emma’s whole family last month but that’s “in the past.” But Gideon tries to kill one person to save hundreds of abused children and he’s beyond the pale? Ahahaha, no. Also, he’s *spoiler alert* heart-controlled. Boy, won’t Emma feel silly when she learns that. "He needs help!” says Rumple. “LOL nope,” says Emma. And then Rumbelle gave them epic side-eye and held hands (and gave the fandom heart attacks; it’s been a rough year).
  9. Neverland “must have transformed when Pan left!” To … Vancouver. Truly, Dark Magic. In S3 it sounded like without magic the entire realm was going to literally explode but you know what? Gangly teens carrying torches running around Neverland-cum-Vancouver beaches are not the most ridiculous thing in this episode, never mind the show. Carry on, fellas. 
  10. I’m oddly with Isaac the Author when he complained about his imprisonment. He created the AU but he didn’t actually kill anyone– and considering Regina, Snowing, Zelena, Hook, and Emma have cast Dark Curses and are running around free he’s right that being terminally annoying isn’t really grounds for perpetual incarceration. He should join King George and Sidney in their class action lawsuit against the Storybrooke Police. Calling it now: S7 is Law and Order: Storybrooke.
  11. Being The Author causes you to write gibberish and it gets worse the longer it goes on? That explains the show! “What happens at the end of the book?” asks Henry. The Author replies: “The Savior fights the Final Battle– and trust me, no-one wants to be around to see that!” Well, with these ratings no-one will be. #BaDumChh