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How do you want S4 to be? Hannigramatic? How so? Do you believe they'll still be angsting or would have been mellowed a but? :D

My ideal for S4 (or 4, 5 and 6, for that matter–I’m not too particular on the time frame, so if Bryan wants to draw it out over more than one season, more power to him) is for Will to learn who he is: the limitations of him being a killer, that he’s NOT cut out for Hannibal’s lifestyle even if he tries, that no matter how beautiful he may have felt killing by Hannibal’s side was, it doesn’t sustain him and is only one aspect of the creature that he is.

This is why I asked @existingcharactersdiehorribly to ask the question that she did at RDC3, which was more or less a S4 question, disguised. S3 left us with a truly borderline Will Graham, one who had both finally accepted himself as a killer and sentenced himself to die for it, and Bryan has talked about how a future season of Hannibal would show Will truly on the other side of the wall for the first time, with his “tether” cut. So if that’s where they start him, then where do they intend to go? What’s the final destination? That disagreement between Hannibal and Bedelia, which was left somewhat open-ended in S3, seemed like it presented an opportunity to take the temperature of the writer’s room on the matter, so to speak. The answers they gave were exactly the answers I hoped and suspected that they would give, indicating both a dedication to Will’s duality (on Hugh’s part) as well as a remembrance of and dedication to his heroism (on Bryan’s part). Bryan’s answer is especially encouraging because he’s the one who holds the vision for the future and the direction the story would take for Will.

In conjunction with Will truly learning who he is, I also want to see Hannibal finally coming to accept this fact also. Sometimes I just want to ask Bryan and Mads, “Hey, do you think it could ever occur to Hannibal that if he wants to be with Will that maybe–MAYBE–he should stop trying to change Will and just maybe work on, oh, I dunno…CHANGING HIMSELF?”

I’m not necessarily holding my breath for this particular revelation to ever occur to Hannibal, or that the tiger could change its stripes if it did occur to him. But the course of the story that’s been told so far, from Hannibal’s side, has been about his gradual release of control in spite of his absolute reluctance to let go. I remember Hugh saying in some interview way back when something about how Hannibal wanted to control their relationship, but in the end it’s Hannibal who is willing to burn the world to the ground for Will, and that puts Will in control. I want to see a continuation of that.

S1 was about how Hannibal nearly got caught because he began taking risks for Will and Abigail, but he put Will in prison instead, to preserve his life and lifestyle and freedom. So he maintained his control. But S2 saw him begin the process of gradually dismantling everything in his life for Will. First the Chesapeake Ripper got sacrificed, along with Miriam Lass, his “get out of jail free” card. Then he gave up his anonymity and prestige and cushy life in Baltimore to go on the run for Will. When that didn’t work out, he could recreate those things somewhat, but then he chose to give them up again, along with his freedom–the very thing that he’d held back from giving up in both S1 and S2, that caused all this mess in the first place. Through all this, though, Hannibal has maintained a steadfast belief that Will is that mirror image of him, and so the one integral thing that he hasn’t given up is that slight lie that he’s told himself. That is the one aspect of their relationship that he has absolutely clung to, and it has controlled the nature of the relationship: that not only is Will a killer, but that bringing this out in him is the best thing for him.

I want to see Hannibal and Will both learn that Hannibal has been, to some extent, telling them both a lie. And I want to see Hannibal accept it, and love Will anyway. I want his love to truly become unconditional.

I’d like to see Will’s coming to a truer understanding of himself through Hannibal’s influence and mentoring as the “continuation” of their relationship that Bryan talked about, and Hannibal finally coming to understand the limits of his vision for Will as the “subversion/inversion” of it. 

Will woke to the sound of something he hadn’t heard in nearly a year.

 A dog was barking.

 He bolted upright, seeing Hannibal’s side of the bed empty and nearly falling out of bed as he followed the noise.

 Hannibal was in the kitchen, the smell of bacon and fresh cooked eggs made his mouth water as he said, “Where is it?”

 Hannibal smiled over his shoulder, “Good morning, Will. Did you sleep well after last night’s festivities?”

 Will glared at him, trying not to smile at the memory of their most recent kill and how Hannibal had licked the blood from his cheek after commenting, “They always taste sweeter when they’re scared.”

 “Don’t pretend you don’t hear that.”

 The barking continued, louder and more persistent now.

 Hannibal feigned innocence. “I am not sure I understand what you are referring to.”

 Will stalked over to him and grabbed the front of his shirt, not caring in the least as the spatula in his hand dropped to the floor. “WHERE IS THE DOG?”

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Here’s a summary of an upcoming Hannigram AU I’m in the works of writing for a fellow Fannibal and friend.

to @evertonem

Ever since Will Graham met Hannibal Lecter a few months ago, he knew he was attracted to him, but wasn’t sure how to approach him. They would interact with each other for work and during Will’s scheduled weekly appointments in Hannibal’s office, but Will could never bring himself to ask Hannibal out. After all, Hannibal could have anyone, right?

So, instead of drumming up the courage to ask Hannibal out on a date, Will decides the best way to see if there is any possibility of mutual attraction between the two would be to date other people and parade them around Hannibal. Besides, what’s better than trying to get someone to admit that they also want to fuck you and spend the rest of their life with you then to make them incredibly jealous? Hannibal, of course, sees right through Will’s little game and decides to play along, well until he can’t stand it anymore….because he has to have Will all to himself.

Hannibal Season One AU written for a fabulous friend of mine who has been with me from almost the very beginning of my Hannigram and Mads Mikkelsen obsessions. This will have multiple chapters and I’m planning to update once a week. Stay tuned !!


Hannibal Season 2 Rewatch- Ko No Mono

My reason for giffing this particular scene is primarily because this is one of the rare occasions we actually see Hannibal express genuine remorse over something. Hannibal does not feel regret or remorse often (’I don’t much indulge in regret’) so his reaction to this situation is more than a little intriguing. When Will confesses that he still dreams about Abigail, we see Hannibal look genuinely lost for words, accentuating the fact that he is experiencing an unfamiliar emotional response to the situation. He doesn’t know how to verbalise his feelings, hence the pause. When he does apologise, his voice is soft, almost a whisper and his eyes dart minimally. He then breaks eye contact with Will and actually ducks his head, physically emphasising his feeling of genuine remorse to the point where he cannot hold Will’s gaze. Even Will is somewhat taken aback by the response, his tear-filled eyes wide as he studies the man he has long since regarded as devoid of emotion or morality. When Hannibal sees that Will is actually crying he can’t bear it, hence another head ducking to avoid eye contact. Hannibal genuinely feels guilty in regards to what he has put Will through and actually feels helpless. All of this accentuates the hold Will has over Hannibal, to the point where this cannibalistic serial killer, who has a track record of brutally slaughtering people who even slightly inconvenience him, is forced to experience genuine remorse. Will humanises Hannibal, just as Hannibal forces Will to confront his more brutal nature. They represent the parts of each other they hide from, bringing out the best and worst in one another respectively. In short, they are part of one another, which is the very epitome of inescapable, uncontrollable love.

Hannibal Recap: Dolce

PREVIOUSLY ON HANNIBAL: Both Will and Hannibal were unceremoniously tossed from great heights. Battered, broken, bruised, and bloody, they continue to take their goddamn sweet ass time to reunite at their telepathically agreed upon meeting place. Jack looks on in mild surprise.

The episode opens with a bloody Hannibal limping through the luckily empty streets of Florence, only stopping to fashion a tourniquet for his leg.

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ugh re-watching Su-zakana fucked me up so bad tho and I can’t stop thinking about Will and Jack’s conversation in the beginning and how they say in order to catch the fish you have to change your tactics and make him act on instinct because he’s always a predator and  “your lure is the one thing he wants, despite everything he knows” and Will begins the episode so determined to be the best little lure he can be but by the end 

Originally posted by wendigohanni

Hannibal is the one pulling him in, Will is the one acting on instinct, acting like a predator, and despite everything Will knows about Hannibal he can’t bring himself to hate him and then you realize that they are both the fish and the lure when it comes to one another and just when I thought maybe I was done crying about season 2 it comes back around again to carve my heart out with heavy-handed fishing metaphors and it’s like i’m living in hell.


Hannigram AU: The Prince & The Knight

Prince Will is too young to fight.

 His father says so, often patting him on the back and laughing that he has soldiers who take care of such things and the silly thoughts in his son’s head should just stay there. Will hates it, hates his title and hates the thought that he will sit on the side while other young men his age go to war while he preens for the princesses his father parades in front of him.

 The idea of him learning a fighting skill at all takes much cajoling, his father relenting when he tells Will he can learn fencing by one of his most trusted knights now home from a decade long mission.

 Knight Hannibal Lecter is not a nice man.

 He fights hard for his king, his station, and after spending years in a pointless war the last thing he wants to do is teach the king’s spoiled son something so simple as fencing so the boy can show off in front of the princesses in waiting. The first time he meets Will he is relentless, angry at the circumstances that bring them together to the point where he hurts the prince enough that he’s asked breathlessly to stop.

 Hannibal does not expect to see Will again, though he is out patrolling when he spots the young Prince fighting an invisible enemy in the darkness obviously practicing after only one lesson. The idea that the boy wants to learn so badly makes him feel like the worst king of monster, their next lesson he teaches more slowly until they find themselves together more often than not.

 The first time Will bests him he’s full of such pride, a deep smile appearing without his consent and Will hugs him without thought their closeness a shock that suddenly the knight does not want to let end. They pull apart and Will stares at him, his eyes wide and embarrassed those eyes looking down at his lips more than once before Hannibal pulls away.

 He is a fool.

 The Prince has not come to a single lesson in over a week, his attentions elsewhere with the newest princess to visit the castle, Princess Mollyana. He patrols more often than not outside when they have their meetings, Will laughing at things the young woman says and not once noticing him skulking about in the shadows.

 Jealousy is not something he thought he’d ever feel, not ever in all of his life has he before, and now it was starting to seem like he’d continue to feel it for the rest of his life if the rumors were anything to go by.

 “I hear the Prince is going to marry her,” Crawford says, handing him his glass as they sit together one evening not long after the princess has gone home.

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I just saw your post on the tarrasque, and I'm really confused about why you play it up as being a huge threat. The legacy of the tarrasque is as a joke monster that's massively over-CRed for its power. Heck, in Pathfinder a single 20th level fighter (the weakest of the martial classes) can beat it unconscious in melee with a longsword. And all it takes is a 15th or higher level caster with Animate Dead to turn it into a skeleton and strip it of its Renegeration ability to permanently kill it.

image from here

Tony DiTerlizzi channeling Rob Liefeld drawing Grendel-zilla?!

As a great man once said, “Woah.”

And I’ll further admit that one of the coolest moments of my professional writing career so far was most definitely getting a chance to write up some Pathfinder canon for the Armageddon Engine

Yes, I truly do love that drooling, hunch-backed, spell-reflecting, big-critting sword-of-sharpness-toothed mega-critter. No denying that; no point in trying.

But why?

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But like what if Will and Hannibal we arguing about something about a dinner party and Will shouts "I'm gonna lick your ass" and they both stop to laugh then have furious sex. You see where I'm going with this

I thought it would be only 300 words. Maybe 400. Instead this happened. I hope you like it, Precious Nonny. <3 It got rather…NSFW

As ever, prompts always open. I answer them as inspiration strikes.

The first time they were going to have sex it was going to be perfect. Hannibal had it all planned out. He had dreamed of it for longer than he cared to think about and in that time had built the perfect scenario. Candles. There would be candles definitely. Two at first for their table, set with the finest linens and china, sterling silver utensils that had been in his family for 8 generations. A twenty one course menu made entirely of the rude they had hunted with no dish being more than 3 bites.  Ortolans would be one of the courses and Hannibal already had some on reserve.  They would be available the second Will made himself available.

Once their meal was finished, Hannibal would bathe Will in a claw footed tub filled with water from Lourdes, symbolically wash away all sin, leave him pure, cleansed, ripe for defilement.  If Hannibal’s hands wandered, teasing and touching, priming Will until the other man shuddered and whimpered, well it was only fitting. After all, Will had been teasing and priming him for years.

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I feel you're the only one who can understand how much I love Will's thighs. Like, the booty and the face and the curls are ridiculous, but them thick thighs Lord have mercy. (I bet Hannibal has fantasies about Will crushing him in between them :x)

Hannibal would happily be suffocated by those thick Grecian thighs if Will honored him with the privilege of warming Hannibal’s ears.

Season one era of The Curvaceous Thighs would involve a desperate and needy Will who has spent years and years isolating himself, finally finding a man who understands him and, even more ridiculously, WANTS him, riding Hannibal’s face half out of his mind in pleasure, trying to reign in his reactions and absolutely failing because Hannibal has an amazing tongue and he’d squeeze his thighs together around Hannibal’s head without even thinking if he’s being too hard and not caring because, again, Hannibal is a master at oral and Will never stood a chance.

Season two era is when Will is angry and fixated on catching Hannibal and hurting Hannibal and accidentally falling in love with Hannibal all over again, the reckoning comes in the form of Will stripping his clothes off, sitting on HIS chair in Hannibal’s office and telling Hannibal to get on his knees and make him feel good for once, warning Hannibal if he touches him with his hands he’ll leave and he won’t come back and even Will has no idea if he’s bluffing or not, but thankfully Hannibal is more than willing to be cautious when it comes to getting his mouth on Will and letting the small hairs of Will’s thighs tickle his neck.

Season three though is a all about connecting again and reunions and falling into each other and being blurred and mixed together so thoroughly that they can never come apart again even if they tried and it’s Hannibal who gets to touch how he wants and how Will needs, to bite into the thick muscle of Will’s thighs leaving so much purple and red behind hardly any pale skin is left and he doesn’t bother trying to hold Will’s legs back, he rejoices in Will curling and clinging to him–hands and legs and feet–seemingly all of him trying to bring Hannibal closer and closer.

Post-season three? The Curvaceous Thighs are going to continue ruling and dominating a very happy cannibal.

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a piece of fan mail to hannibal.  from my visit to prop store.





a handful of things:

1.  if henry breaks in to the bshci, i don’t think they’re gonna let him out.

2.  i picture hannibal looking at his watch every day at noon just… in… case…

3.  don’t break poor henry’s heart by telling him that hanni’s lithuanian.  bless.

4.  this looks disconcertingly similar to my best friend’s, @mooserageoussleepidity, handwriting.  for serious.

Hannibal hesitated.

He didn’t kill her. Could’ve. Could’ve thrown the knife. Could’ve tossed the blade. Could’ve taken his sure and tried and true precision and tossed it into her throat. Could’ve pierced her heart. Could’ve. But instead he put down the blades. And he openly said she could’ve left and he wouldn’t have harmed her. He wasn’t the monster. He showed her the monster, standing beside him. ‘I will kill you’. Indicated it with the way he put down those knives. Said to her it’d bring forth the monster to act in place of the man she knew.

He hesitated. And that’s what matters most. He never hurt her with his hands. Abigail did it but he didn’t. He showed her the door and asked her to walk out of his heart and abandon it whole.

He hesitated. And love is giving the other the option to do what’s best and walk away.

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Hi im really confused by wills motives now hes out of jail. in jail his motive was 'stop hannibal' it was more important than proving his own innocence. his dreams etc suggest he still wants to kill lecter. is he still trying to stop hannibal? if he's now willing to do bad things for good reasons why doesn't he just kill hannibal? will just seems like a pretty massive fuck up now. im so confused, what is happening are they actually gunna b murder buds now? will seems pretty irredeemable atm wth

Saying that Will is now willing to do bad things for good reasons is oversimplifying, I think—both in what constitutes “bad things” and “good reasons.” The things Will does are not necessarily bad (though that’s still ambiguous, and some of them will probably always remain a matter of moral debate), and the reasons he does them are not all good. 

What’s muddied the water for Will are his personal feelings: toward himself and how Hannibal has changed him, toward Hannibal and his authentic feelings of affection for Hannibal, and toward what he really wants out of stopping Hannibal, which is not just to stop him but to unmask him. While Will was in the hospital, the motivation to stop Hannibal was more important than proving his own innocence. Now that he’s free again, the motivation to unmask Hannibal is proving more important than maintaining his own innocence. 

I discussed already why killing Hannibal is not really an option. This recent episode, “Shiizakana,” expanded on Will’s conflicting feelings over the matter. When Margot asks him if Dr. Lecter “had it coming,” he’s unable to articulate an answer. He can’t say because he is beginning to acknowledge his own iniquity, the parts of himself that are not unlike the good doctor. If Hannibal deserves to die, then perhaps Will does too. But Will’s neither suicidal nor self-destructive, which means he has to accept a certain awareness of his own hypocrisy in this matter. 

The dream sequence at the beginning of the episode is probably the most important single scene we’ve had so far to reveal the complexities of Will’s  conflicting motivations. The dream is difficult not just because of these things, but because it is a dream: it’s not a literal but a figurative representation of what’s going on in Will’s mind, and since it is in his mind, Hannibal’s voice in the dream is not simply Hannibal’s voice but also Will’s own. 

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