and hands as erogenous zones

Late-Night Escape

I just wanted to write some smooches and play with that headcanon of mine that Hanzo just likes kissing a lot  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The room is dark, lit only by the gentle glow of the TV on the far wall. The clock next to it says 3:02 AM. There is a movie playing on the television screen, its sound dimmed to a low murmur, but Hanzo has long since lost track of the plot. His eyes are heavy with drowsiness, but he can’t bring himself to get to his feet and go back to bed.

Beside him, McCree sits, gazing absently toward the TV but looking likewise unfocused. His head is propped in his hand, his body turned toward Hanzo but attention elsewhere. Between them, their hands are joined and resting on the couch, and McCree’s thumb strokes idly over Hanzo’s skin. McCree had been too on-edge, too raw from his own nightmares when he stumbled into the rec room to handle any other contact, but they had both needed that grounding touch. For Hanzo, it is not quite enough, but he will not push McCree’s boundaries.

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a prompt: spock standing close to the captains chair + accidental touching

the working title of this fic was “touchy touchy” if that tells you anything ghfjdks

Loud and Clear (read it on ao3 here)

“Hey, Spock? Could you come over here and look at this report for a second?”

Spock turned promptly from his station at the sound of his captain’s voice, catching sight of Jim’s bright smile before anything else. Spock nodded once and briskly walked over to stand at the side of the captain’s chair, placing a hand on the back of it yet still hyper-aware of making sure he did not touch Jim. However, Jim immediately leaned back, his bare neck resting against the knuckle of Spock’s thumb. He could not find it in himself to move away.

“So, see, it says here that Kollona is a desert planet, right? And I know we’re still a few days away from it, but I was doing some reading up on it and read that it has an extensive rainforest? Which would not make sense at all, obviously, but…” Jim’s voice faded out in Spock’s ears as he suddenly got a bright flash of thought through their skin to skin contact.

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How does one not only cuddle but cuddle very well?

The trick to cuddling is make sure you’re both comfy. If your arm is falling asleep or her neck is crooked at a funny angle it’s gonna be awkward. To cuddle well it is very important that you are both relaxed.

Next I highly recommend you keep your hands moving. Play with her hair, run your hand down her side, hold hands and do the thumb thing. Cuddling doesn’t have to be static and it’s a really nice way to be intimate without being sexual. 

Protip: cuddling is also an easy way to find out where someone likes being touched. Let your hands explore your partner WITHOUT groping. There are many other erogenous zones besides the major sex organs.

Cuddle often, it relieves tension and stress, and builds intimacy and affection. Also don’t worry if you get an erection. I’ve never met a girl in the world who got offended when she was cuddling a guy and he got wood. It’s natural and many women will take it as a compliment.

This has been cuddling tips with Todd, I’ll be here all week.

Writer’s Block 6.1

Originally posted by lovershub

Happy Monday, Everyone! Here is a quick update for you. Longer than normal. I hope to have the next bit out by the weekend. Obviously the stress in my life is driving me back to writing. And less sleep! If you want to read the first 5 chapters, find them here

After making a few edits and many suggestions to Johanna’s nonfiction piece, I’m starting to rethink our deal. I’ve fulfilled my part, but do I really need hers? Peeta already knows I have no experience by my own admissions, so what will he think when I show up ‘looking like a pro’, as Johanna put it? He’s expecting virginal, not promiscuous. Maybe this is a terrible idea.

An abrupt knock on the door interrupts my concentration. My heart speeds up until I look at the clock. It’s too early to be Johanna. It must be Peeta, though he hasn’t made an attempt to contact me since he dropped me off last night. Not that it’s easy. We can really only communicate through google docs and I’ve been on for the last 3 hours, wondering why Johanna’s piece about the mating habits of moths sounds like it needs moth smut.

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Hey, people who ship Rocket romantically…

Raccoons have very sensitive hands. A large part of their brain is built to process their sense of touch and most of that is through their hands. Their hands get more sensitive when they’re wet, which is why they sometimes dip things in water. 

They have tactile differentiation capabilities, which means they can feel if something is food without having to look at it. They can sniff the thing, touch the thing and eat the thing.

Soooo where am I going with this? 

Rocket’s hands are probably one hell of an erogenous zone.


Ennotana week day 7: free day~!

More like, neko!Ennotana has only just begun. :3 Read from right to left.

part 1, part 2, part 3 (not quite sfw), part 4 (not quite sfw), part 5 (nsfw

Materials: Prismacolor illustration pens & Copic multiliners (various sizes & colors), Copic markers, Prismacolor markers, Prismacolor colored pencils, and white Sakura Gelly Roll.

Mars in Gemini

Mars in Gemini

“Strategy is thinking about a choice and choosing to stick with your thinking”

Jeroen De Flander

Mars, quick,breezy and invigorated with wit and cunning plans the demise of his enemies, a honed mind, is far more lethal than a honed sword in the hands of an accomplished warrior.

Those with Mars in Gemini have mars in a neutral placement, with Mars in Gemini, those with this placement are argumentative, cerebral, cunning, quick, and mental individuals. Natives with this placement are driven and motivated by the acquisition of knowledge, fun, communication and networking around in their immediate vicinity. Mars in Gemini have immense energy, though it is indeed a little scattered, they often don’t know how to properly distribute their attentions. Mars in Gemini love a good verbal debate, and never shy away from an intellectual spat, they can be rather impulsive when it comes to their words, but have a powerful wit, and rarely lose these confrontations.

Sexually Mars in Gemini is very mental, they adore trying new things, and lots variety, keep their mind engaged, and their bodies will remain engaged. Mars in Gemini love to dirty talk, and can be very vocal in the bedroom, their arms, hands and clavicles are considered an erogenous zone. Since they do like variety, they can switch from being detached and emotional, and love to treat their lover to many faces under the sheets.

rafe adler + relationship headcanons

First of all, I have never been in a fandom so welcoming and amazing. That anyone cares what I think about any character honestly blows my mind. Thank you guys so much. I wanna stay here forever.

Second of all, so I got an ask about Rafe in love and I made all these lists and then I realized I totally did not answer any of the questions that had been asked of me lmao so anyway. I’ll work on that tomorrow. For now, I figured I’d just post the lists anyway XP

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A/N: I made it! Thank you for the support, it motivated me to keep going all those times I wanted to quit.

I decided to make this last one Tiva, like seriously Tiva, as in, if I hadn’t stopped writing when I did, global warming would’ve accelerated even faster, and I would’ve had to up the rating to Mature.

Day 30: Write about facilities shut down due to the snow.

Also on FanFiction and AO3. Previous days under the tag write about winter

Word count: 1112

“What are you doing here,” Tony asked, running a hand through sleep-tousled hair.

“I am picking you up, as agreed.” Ziva looked him up and down and checked her watch. Why wasn’t he dressed yet, when she was actually 15 minutes late?

“Didn’t you get the text last night? Navy Yard’s shut down; no electricity, no heating, and you know, the whole blizzard forecast.” He waved a hand in the general direction of a window.

“Oh, my phone died. And then the electricity went out, so I couldn’t charge it.”

“Yes,” Tony said, “because of the blizzard.”

He stared at her, any trace of sleep gone from his eyes. “Wait, you drove here?”

Ziva scoffed. “Of course I did. There was no traffic.”

“Because of the blizzard. No sane person would drive around in a blizzard,” Tony said and raised an eyebrow. “Oh right…”

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Hayes x Conner Kiss and Body Language Part 1

I study body language and there were some very interesting things I picked up on during the Hayes X Conner kiss! I couldn’t resist analysing the moment. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I’ll clarify. If you want me to break down their scenes more, let me know. 

First off, we have the initial moment when she launches herself at Conner. Hayes is in emotional duress and Conner has already taken note of that fact, so he waits for Hayes to initiate it and make the first move, instead of him. Which is extremely respectful of him. Now, when she first comes at him for the kiss, he doesn’t make any move to hold her face, which men typically do when they kiss. Note how he puts his arms completely around her:

He’s essentially hugging her. This, my friends, is interesting. Because hugging is a different and unusual display during a kiss. Usually, during a kiss, hands roam about their partner’s erogenous zones. Conner’s hands did not go to Hayes’ lower back, thighs, face or any other stimulating area. Here’s another example:

His arms are completely around her upper back, pulling her torso closer. His arm wrapped around her shoulders like that is interesting because it suggests more of a comforting role than a sexual one. He seems to almost be holding her up, holding her steady. Here’s another example:

Hayes’ hands are all over his face and neck, definitely a more sexual sign. His hands remain on her upper back, cradling her. This is a supportive and gentle placement of the hands, pointing towards the fact that while he was in the heated kiss with her, he was still offering emotional support. He wasn’t just after her body. Take another example:

This is the most telling example. His hand gravitates to the back of her head, supporting her neck and back. Holding someone’s head or neck during any kind of embrace is a sign of comfort, consolation. This body language throughout the kiss indicates that he was not after Hayes’ body; he wanted to comfort her in her moment of emotional distress. Kissing can have a healing effect, physical touch is extremely soothing. Hayes had been crying, her day had been terrible. Conner kept his boundaries and when she kissed him, he didn’t just assume she wanted to bang. And he clearly wasn’t after that. His body language shows that he was using the kiss as a way to comfort Hayes, to hold her and reassure her that he was there, without verbally saying so. The acting between Hayley and Eddie is remarkable in that scene and I applaud their chemistry.

Once more my loves, if you’re interested, tomorrow, at 10:30 a.m. PST, we’ll be doing another game, to celebrate this blog becoming a year old. :) This will be more of a q/a type of activity. Next game, celebrating over 1K followers will be more scenario related like the ship game. <3 Enjoy nonetheless my loves.

❥NSFW (contains orgasm control/denial, teasing, and slight humiliation…read at your own discretion)

They say money can’t buy you love. Surely you can’t make purchases for the gambling man’s love. Especially know that your dearest boss is most vexed with you. You’re supposed to be his dutiful assistant, the one who advises him on how to go about even his most nefarious intents all for the sake of gaining all the dollars in the world. Yet you’re curious. Just willing to see how much of your bosses lust you can wholly experience. Sure, he usually initiates these lecherous sessions with you, his libido seemingly never satisfied. Yet, you took it upon yourself to disrupt his meeting with other flagrant bosses, seducing him throughout the duration of the meet up, much to his vexation. 

“Excuse us gents,” he’ll abruptly declare, pulling you out of the room harshly, clamping your wrist possessively as he leads you to a secluded office room. Without warning, he nearly shoves you upon a substantial, leather burgundy couch while eyeing you with narrowed eyes. “Just what the hell are you doing kitten?” Before you can answer, he’s already kneeled to your level, sinking his hand within your jet black, pencil skirt, searching for your most erogenous areas. Once he’s detected your core, beneath your undergarments, you let out a series of mewls with the way he frantically circles your libidinous clit. “Mmhmm, you like that kitten?” You’ll utter a soft ‘yes,’ along with begs for him to continue, to which he retracts his hand, chuckling smugly. “You think I’ll reward you with the kind of behavior you had during my meeting kitten?” You watch as he merely backs away from you, subtly undoing his shirt. 

“Strip,” he orders monotonously, to which you blink at. It is quite unlike him to just order you during sex. Usually, everything just fits itself within place, even during your most frenzied sessions. Wordlessly, you begin to gradually disrobe yourself, carefully undoing the buttons of your lacy, white top and obsidian pencil skirt. Eventually, you’ve managed to remove your diaphanous bra and undergarments, while your boss merely watches, with a small smirk tugging at his features. Before you can remove your polished mary-janes, he halts you instantly. “Spread your legs kitten,” he drones huskily, his smirk increasing with each fleeting heartbeat. Once more, you comply, slightly bashful with how vulnerable this position is. “Mmhmmm~ Very nice. Lemme watch you play with yourself baby doll.” As you open your mouth in protest, he chuckles, stopping you as he nears you. “Do you wanna turn me on or what? If you want me kitten, do as I say.” To his amusement, he watches while biting his lips as your hands traverse towards your womanhood, proceeding to stimulate your most erogenous zones.

 His eyes glimmer with dark lust as soft mewls of enjoyment escape your lips with the way your fingers trace various outlines of your core. “Don’t stop,” he commands, as he finally closes the distance between you both, now hovering above you dauntingly. Your mewls increase in volume as your hands fall limp at the feeling of his own digits entering your core. Suddenly, much to your chagrin, he ceases in thrusting. “What did I say kitten? Don’t stop, or I’ll just leave you here with no one to fuck.” Biting your lip in consideration, you allow your digits to traverse towards your clit while he resumes in thrusting within you. Your gasps and moans slowly become strident as he quickens his pace, successful in extracting your glistening arousal. “Fuck baby, this is hot,” once more, he ceases as you groan aloud in frustration. “Say my name doll. Say it, and I’ll fuck you outta your mind. If you don’t, well then, I guess you can continue fucking yourself.” Your boss is one to keep his word. Your enticement is overpowering. 

“I want you Mr. Kim”

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3 4 6 8 Ned and Cat again...


  • 3. who fixes the vehicle after a breakdown?
    • ned tries because #masculinity but he just makes it worse and they have to call triple-a
  • 4. living space has a leak! Who fixes it?
    • they call a plumber
  • 6. going out to eat: who pays? who orders the most food? and who has dessert?
    • ned, ned (except when cat’s pregnant), cat
  • 8. who knows how to swim? who doesn’t?
    • cat, NED


  • 3. any kinks they clash on?
    • no kinks TO clash on, they’re extremely vanilla (and they’re okay with that!)
  • 4. oddest place they’d have sex?
    • the sept
  • 6. dom/top? sub/bottom? any switches?
    • ned is usually on top (or on his knees, lbr), but not always
  • 8. favorite erogenous zones?
    • ned: hands, cat: neck

send me a number and a ship and i’ll write headcanons

[Fic] Curiosity Killed The Cat But Satisfaction Brought It Back

Summary: Eren is curious like a cat. He’s as greedy as a  cat. And he likes milk. Lots of it.

Author’s notes: Mike-Eren-Erwin sandwich PWP smut with double penetration and lots of bodily fluids. WHO WANTS TO GO TO HELL WITH THE DISGUSTING PIECE OF SHIT THAT IS ME

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Ok so imagine. Vulcan sign language. How would that come about because the hands are an erogenous zone, and the bones looked it up and signed some secretly scandalous things that just makes Bones look weirdly happy or something???

(cont)  And Kirk catches on because he was with bones when he looked it all up and figured it out and is laughing his ass off. And Uhura is just fed up with all the flirting and signs to all of them to go get a fucking room or she’ll throw them in one

imagine jim demanding that bones teach him how to sign as well

spock keeps on trying to disrupt the lessons because he does not need jim knowing those things

insanity-with-in-us  asked:

Can u imagined Jim watching spock finger himself and because of the whole 'a vulcan's hand is an erogenous zone' spock would just tremble and moan and he wouldnt be able to go on because of the amount of pleasure, and he would tell jim to finish him?

Spock is on his knees on the bed, fingering himself with one hand and bracing himself on the other. His ass is spread three-fingers wide and glistening with lube. He rocks his hips back onto his hand, desperate for something more in him, horny for Jim’s cock. “J-Jim, please…Jim, Jim, I am unable to…I beg of you…” Jim is there, placing his hands on Spock’s rear and gently removing his hand. Spock spreads his knees wide, totally on display for his husband, on his elbows because his hands are shaking so badly. And when Jim eases inside him, he lifts one trembling hand to his lips and licks a trail between Spock’s fingers and Spock loses it, coming onto the sheets and running his mouth off in Vulcan. He continues to moan into the mattress, shuddering, while Jim fucks him to his own climax.


Runaway. Degenerate. Escaped from society. 

This is the life you both choose. Living on edge has it’s perks contrary to what those in the urban city would conjecture. Running away to no location in particular, you’re both in it just for the sheer adrenaline. Once you’ve reached an unoccupied highway—forsaken of any life, you find yourself being cornered against the dilapidated walls by Kai. His arms encase you, leaving you trapped with no where to go. His eyes are hooded, darkened with desire as he begins to kiss the side of your neck in a sensual frenzy. You moan as he begins to mark the nape of your neck with blooming hickeys. Running your hand through his disheveled, maroon hair, you gasp aloud as you feel his wandering hands traverse from your supple breasts to your soaking core, feeling around your soft folds, tracing teasing circles upon your clit. Eventually, he’ll disrobe you both, having your hands up against the frigid wall with your body placed at an erotic angle. You emit a moan of desire once he enters himself within your core from behind. Your ears are enveloped with the sound of his low growls, muttering straggled obscenities as he thrusts into you powerfully. He delivers a few well rounded spanks to your ass, leaving behind profuse hand prints upon your skin. He continues to hit your most erogenous zones with impeccable timing much to your pleasure, eventually his hand slips towards your neck, lightly gripping it while muttering how much of a ‘bad girl’ you are. As your orgasm tears through your body rapturously, a guttural groan is emitted from Kai as his essence is released into you. You both collapse, panting satisfied. “You make me never wanna go back, let’s stay on the run forever,” he murmurs to you affectionately, planting a kiss upon your forehead.   

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