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I bet that Mari is totally the one that tells the other skaters that half of Hasetsu (the ones that don't follow Yuuri's career but do know that the Katsuki's kid went to study abroad) just asume that Viktor is Yuuri's hot foreign boyfriend who followed him to Japan after Yuuri finished his studies.

JKALSDFKLJASDFJKL I love this headcanon. Half of the people in Hasetsu are jealous of Yuuri, who returned from Detroit with a hot Russian guy following him around everywhere he goes and staring at him with doe-eyes 101% of the time

Yesterday I must’ve seen something about one more super successful Patreon and became salty, or, idk, I’ve no idea what triggered me so much, but I really was all red and hot with rage. :’D So I went and snapped a fucking photo of our half empty fridge. This rage (and following jumpy mood bc I was nervous about people’s reaction) made my blood pressure shoot up, I couldn’t fall asleep for good 4 hours after that, and even after catching some Zzz’s I still don’t feel well physically, but if it was a necessary sacrifice in order to make that post, let it be.

I’m sorry that I had to reveal the ugly truth and tell details about my everyday life in order to prove why exactly Patreon is so important to me.

People’s reaction varied, I don’t pay too much attention to the exact follower number, but I could swear there was a few unfollowers. Well.. Let the life judge them. *unkind smile* At least I didn’t get any hate messages, I was ready (and armed) even for that. If I must, I will not sugarcoat the facts and tell how exactly my life is, if it’s required for people to finally pay attention.

Maybe it’s easy to get tricked by all the colorful and cute drawings and derpy posts, one may think I’m okay because I don’t talk about my troubles. *big nod at Aketan* It must be easy to disregard a patreon sign on every drawing of mine, posts about monthly rewards, polls, whatsoever. Maybe I really had to show you WHY EXACTLY I need patrons. I told it numerous times, but nothing was as effective as yesterday’s post.

People live with families, have parents and friends to back them up, can work full-time after all. My ass isn’t covered by anyone except my patrons. I live on my own (with an artist buddy on the same conditions) and my income directly depends on how much I draw monthly. I may have several illnesses that I don’t know about because visiting a doctor in my country does more bad than good. It’s a separate topic. Anywho, I have a weak, unstable body, so I can’t work like a horse. I’m doing my best to keep your dashboards alive and filled with cute drawings, despite everything.

I figured out that people acquired a habit of ignoring posts containing “patreon”, “help”, etc. So I kinda had to go full ham in order to draw attention. Sorry if it’s too much, this post is a roundup and is the last one.

Now to the good news!

On top of that, I received several donations via Paypal. I feel.. Words can’t express it! It’s like you gave up on completing a task that proved being impossible for you, and on the last try.. Bam.. It all goes smooth.. You finally did it.

It’s not covering my entire rent bill, but is already a huge help. It shows that you guys care, and have my back. Thank you so much for that. I’m deeply moved because I also received a lot of kind messages, caring, encouraging, and just distracting with pleasant talks. That’s exactly what I needed yesterday.

I’ll reblog the main patreon post and the fridge post once again on monday, to make sure that no one missed it. But I’m already feeling much better and safer in terms on money. Hopefully we can reach the next few goals, then I won’t have to worry about money ever again. This was a heavy burden that laid on my shoulders for months now, I was anxious and felt a giant pressure. Not the perfect working conditions for an artist, right. I’ve had an artblock for so long now that I don’t remember how it was before. But I’ve gathered my last energy to push through it, and am determined to change things for better. This’s only possible with your help.

Yuzuru’s pattern

Only people who do not follow Yuzuru for long have the “knowledge” to comment that Yuzuru is not confident as before. In fact, Yuzuru LOVES challenges and the more challenges come the more he enjoys it. Go and read his interviews and watch various videos which show his expressions. 

Only people who do not follow Yuzuru constantly have the “knowledge” to comment that he is not consistent as before. I have to laugh at this comment. I mean, seriously, Yuzuru has always been HOT and COLD. He has his own pattern (and all skaters have their own pattern too). He never won his first GP event of the season, but instead he has won 4 GPF consecutively. He often peaked mid-season and they are trying to adjust his training so he can do better in the second half of the season. Some competitions are his jinx (Cup of China, Skate Canada and 4CC). Some skating orders like 2nd and 3rd he does not prefer. Sometimes he skates brilliantly sometimes he messes up. It is normal, skaters are human and they all have their good and bad days. Even Yana Kudryavtseva, the angel with iron wings, messed up and lost Olympic gold despite dominating rhythmic gymnast for so long. 

If you follow Yuzuru for long, you will see that: 1) Yuzuru has always loved challenges as challenges only make him stronger. 2) Yuzuru has always been confident about his skills. 3) Yuzuru has never been at his perfect competitive condition after a long rest (he has 2 months without competition from GPF in early December to 4CC in mid-February). 4) Yuzuru is trying to delay his peak for World Championship, the most important competition of this season. 5) And of course, Yuzuru’s main goal to peak his best is 2018 Olympic.

call out post for leo

YOU GUYS ARE SO FUCKING SENSITIVE! forget your pride for two damn seconds. sure you do a lot of nice things for people, but you also make sure it goes noticed. also stop being so fickle, falling in love with the new shiny object presented before you. things are so easily replaceable for you. you know why its called the loyalty of a lion? because half of the time you snakes are scheming to overthrow the king. you all wanna be head of the pride, none of you wish to follow. and stop using all the hot water in the shower, thanks. you also overthink and analyze EVERYTHING! i swear the person next to you has already forgotten but you’re still hung up on it! and share the spotlight for two seconds, like please stop interrupting people when they speak. i get you have some awesome story to tell but get in line. and that test you failed, yeah you should have just studied. you seem to think everything just comes naturally and maybe it does sometimes, but that one time things go off course you’re suddenly wondering why? maybe it’s because you were lazy and didn’t put forth the effort. nah, you’re a leo it has to be outside forces - maybe bad karma for not recycling.

+ other signs.

Negan - Foul-Mouthed

Negan comes to Alexandria with his men to take half your stuff, just like he promised Rick he would do. While there, he meets you, someone who wasn’t in the line-up. He takes an immediate interest in you when he hears you swearing just as much as he does. You know you should hate him, so why can’t you?

Negan x Fem!Reader

Requested by @thesisterabigail

Warnings: Swearing

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Prompt 6 - Animal Soulmates

Jason is a grey wolf and the reader is a red fox.

This is really bad, I’m so sorry for butchering this great idea.

@somethins-gotta-give ​and I came up with this amazing idea, but I’m pretty sure I fucked it up!! So sorry!


You darted through the woods in your fox form, trying desperately to get away from the lion who had been chasing you. You had accidently stumbled upon the hungry cat when they were in the middle of their meal. You had run into wolf territory, trying to deter the big cat, but they just kept chasing you. You burst out of the tree line and into a large clearing where a whole pack of wolves was resting.

Intruder” you duck down as the smallest wolf stands up, teeth bared.

Please, I’m sorry, I’m just trying to get away from…

Suddenly the lion bursts out of the trees, snarling. The creature is completely rabid, he hasn’t been human in a long time. The two largest wolves stepped forward growling at the cat. The lion didn’t have the common sense to flee in the face of an entire pack of wolves. The largest wolf was the one who attacked the lion, the fight was quick and bloody. The wolf clawed the lion across the face, blinding it, and then the lion fled.

You look up at the second largest wolf, who was standing over you. For some reason you felt safe with him, you crawled forward until you were underneath him, curling up tightly, trying to hide from the rest of his pack.

Hello, my name is Y/N

You could hear the large wolf let out a husky chuckle, “Hello, Y/N. I’m Jason

Thank you for helping me” you whisper, “I will leave now, I’m really sorry for intruding” But when you stood up to leave Jason grabbed you by the scruff of the neck and picked you up, “What are you doing?!?

Jason, let her go” the alpha growled.

Sorry Bruce, but I think I want to keep her

Bruce growled, “I want everyone to shift right now

All of the wolves obeyed, even Jason, but you were scared. You could feel the connection that you already have with Jason, he was your soulmate, and you knew that he could feel it too. Your souls were trying to merge, had already formed a fragile bond.

Instead of obeying the alphas command you twist around and snap at Jason, not really making contact, but getting close enough to startle. He drops you and you take off back into the woods. You can hear shouting and a small scuffle from the clearing, but you didn’t hear anyone follow you. With a sigh you begin the long journey to you apartment back in Gotham.


You shifted back into your human form when you got back to the apartment. Immediately you went into your bedroom and stood in front of the full length mirror.

“You know, this really doesn’t do him any justice” you murmur, gently running your hand over the tattoo that takes up the majority of your leg.

Everyone has a tattoo of their soulmates animal form somewhere on their body. Yours was a huge black wolf with a white patch a fur on his forehead, just like Jason in real life. When you were younger you had always been excited to finally meet your mate, to live happily ever after. But then when you were a teenager, the tattoo faded, your mate had died. Immediately your health also began to fail, people believed that soulmates were actually one soul always looking for its other half, and when one half died, the other was soon to follow. You were dying without ever having known the one who was killing you, suddenly a month or so later you got better. The color went back into the tattoo, now with the white mark on its head.

“That really wasn’t the way I wanted to meet my miracle mate! He was so hot! He would never go for someone like me!!”

“I thought foxes were supposed to be clever”

You scream when you heard Jason talk. Diving for the covers, trying to hide your naked body from your mate.

“Don’t worry! I didn’t see anything” he calls from around the corner of your bedroom door.

“How did you even get in here?! How did you find me?!?”

“I followed you of course”

“I didn’t even hear you!” You scramble for cloths, grabbing your pajamas from the night before. You storm out into your living room to face your soulmate.

Jason’s face breaks into a huge grin when he sees what you are wearing. “So you like the Red Hood, huh?”

You blush, “He’s hot, what can I say“

Jason chuckled, “I’m sorry I scared you, but you fucking ran away!! I couldn’t just let you leave!”

You sigh softly, “Fine, time for a proper introduction! I’m Y/N, this is my apartment, and you are kinda creepy! I mean really you could have just knocked on the door!!”

Jason shakes your hand, “I’m Jason, you are really hard o track when you don’t want to be found, and I really am sorry for scaring you. Will you go on a date with me?”

You burst out laughing, “Yeah, definitely!”

The smile that Jason gives you makes his entire face light up, it makes him look so much younger. “Great!!” He glances at the time and groans, “I didn’t realize that it was so late”

“You can stay here for the night if you want” You already felt like you could trust this man, you could feel your souls growing more attached.

You were really grateful that your wolf had been stupid enough to stumble upon a rabid lion. As you curl up in bed with your mate you can feel both of your animals practically purring in delight. You had found your mate, you had found the other half of your soul. feel both of your animals practically purring in delight. You had found your mate, you had found the other half of your soul.

You could tell that Jason had secrets, there were parts of him full of insecurity and anger, but the two of you would work through everything. You would have no secrets between the two of you, but that was a concern for another time, right now you were just going to enjoy being with the man you would grow to love.

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do you reckon in like 4th, girls and boys that were kinda friends w remus would attempt flirting w james, sirius and sometimes even peter, and moony felt really self-conscious abt it, until he found out they were just trying to get to remus? bc I feel like hot remus accidentally "friendzoning" //everyone// is a thing that definitely happened

  • remus lupin hitting his growth spurt over the summer between third and fourth year and walking into hogwarts at the start of the year
  • and all of a sudden the majority of the year level is looking at his collarbones
  • ‘holy shit when did remus lupin get tall’
  • and like
  • people notice
  • and during the summer instead of holing himself up in his room he’d escape to the meadow on the outskirts of his property, curl up beneath the big oak tree and just read for hours
  • so remus lupin is tan
  • and all of a sudden you have this tall, glorious remus who looks like he’s spent the summer in italy
  • everyone has like
  • a fucking heart attack
  • bc his hair has grown out into loping little blonde curls that fall into his eyes and he has this habit of running his long fingers through that get caught in the ends
  • the freckles on his face are way more pronounced
  • like there are these gorgeous little smatterings of them along his cheeks and nose
  • and his lips
  • like
  • oh my fucking god
  • these really sinful, pink, perfectly-shaped, full, full lips that send half the school into overdrive
  • and remus is fucking oblivious to it like for a smart kid he really doesn’t pick up on it
  • by the second week most of the girls in fourth year are crushing on him
  • and even the oLDER year levels are really taken with him
  • and remus doesn’t even notice the subtle glances all the fifth years are giving him
  • bc he’s a good kid who tutors students and all of a sudden the prefects are looking for any reason to preen him bc gOD they want this kid in power
  • they invite him to sit with them in the great hall and he tends to politely refuse but one day he’s passed alexa carroway and roger mason who are both like, aggresively chatting him up
  • and james, sirius and remus are sitting down the other end of the table
  • james narrows his eyes and has his scheming face on
  • very slowly he’s like, ‘…boys. i think our moony has some admirers’
  • remus gets a reputation for being really elusive and for like, not gettin the fuckign message
  • like he literally just interprets everything as friendly so after weeks of people trying to chat him up everyone gets super frustrated
  • ‘hey so d’you wanna hang out in the library this saturday?’
  • ‘sure! d’you need help with study or something?’
  • ‘no, i mean like, d’you wanna hang out in the library on saturday’
  • ‘i don’t believe i’m following’
  • *queue half the population of hogwarts face-palming* iT’S BECAUSE THEY LIKE YOU LUPIN
  • he’s basically just really kind-hearted, but like, really fucking oblivious
  • so people resort to chatting up james and sirius in the hopes of getting closer to remus
  • like girls will sidle up to james in the halls while he’s chatting to the boys and keep giving subtle glances in remus’s direction
  • on several occasions sirius walks past groups of people and hears them talking about ‘the hot one’, he assumes they mean him
  • he’s cornered by a hot fifth year who asks if he wants to hang out sometime and when he says yes, she winks and tells him to bring ‘the hot one’
  • he’s somewhat dumbfounded, bc of course he’ll be bringing himself, he’s not stupid
  • there’s a moment where he wonders if she meant james, but of course she didn’t mean james, james is a fucking idiot
  • anyway he like goes back to the common room with a stupid smirk on his face, flopping down onto the couch
  • lily evans lowers her copy of witch weekly and raises an eyebrow
  • ‘what are you so happy about?’
  • ‘i just heard nancy reynolds refer to me as the hot one’
  • nancy reynolds? like, gorgeous, raven-haired, 5′9 fifth year nancy reynolds?’
  • ‘yes, why?’
  • lily shakes her head and just says, ‘oh, sweetie, hate to break it to you, but she wasn’t talking about you. she was talking about remus’
  • sirius falls off the couch
  • he’s in some kind of a stupor for the rest of the day
  • they’re at lunch in the great hall and james is clicking his fingers in front of his face
  • ‘sirius? sirius? oi, you git
  • james punches him
  • what the fuck was that for?’
  • ‘i was in the middle of detailing our next prank on snivellus, and, if i’m honest, it’s a little rude to see you ignoring the finer details. you haven’t been paying attention all day. at first i just thought it was because it was divination, and we all know how boring phelan can be - ‘
  • ‘everyone thinks remus is hot’
  • james stops talking mid-sentence, peter drops his spoon, remus is frowning
  • ‘what gave you that impression?’
  • ‘don’t tell me you haven’t noticed’
  • remus raises an eyebrow, reading through that morning’s prophet, ‘enlighten me’
  • sirius starts explaining why clancy goshawk keeps hanging around in the library, why the group of third year gryffindors keep blushing whenever he walks into the great hall, the subtle glances the fifth years keep casting in his direction
  • james seems pretty pensive, and peter just looks dumbfounded, but by the end of it, remus is just sitting there with this absent little smile on his face, holding the ends of his hair distractedly
  • legitimately they just use it as an excuse to good-naturedly take the piss out of him, throwing themselves at him in corridors, fake-swooning when they see him, sending him really immaculate valentines day cards, being really overly physically affectionate, like kisses on the cheek, arms around his shoulders, calling him ‘cutie’ and ‘hottie’ and ‘darling’, telling him how much they love him
  • like several times a week they’ll just be staring at him lovingly from the other side of the table in the great hall while he’s furtively reading his daily prophet and he’ll look up at and say ‘what?’ and they’ll just sigh and tell him how dreamy he is
  • ‘shut up’
  • ‘you’re so cute when you’re angry’
  • ‘i said sHUT UP’
  • like what begins as a totally genuine series of events bc remus lupin is a local hottie ends up being a massive show of affection between them
  • they take every possible opportunity to show him how much they love him and how valued he is despite his lycanthropy
  • they have such a pure, unconditional relationship i can’t

okay so new year is like sitting next to u and picking at u like yo are u ready for some craaazy ass shit and shitty people my dude??¿¿
we all going to feel bad and happy throughout this year but fuck it this is life and we need to stay at least a bit positive mkay? and another thing is that I created this blog abouuut a month in a half and right now I woken up to 900 followers!?! I actually wanted to cry I’m so incredibly happy that u my beautiful dudes love the same hot af retard and this lil blog!! I can’t stress enough how happy I am getting sweet messages from u beautiful ppl that makes my day so much better!!
So one last time thank u all my dudes and enjoy my favorite photo of joji(all of his photos make me bust a nut don’t get me wrong!!) but this one is just so special and hila and ethan is in it so like !!!! 😤😤😤😤🙌🏻🔥💯💦
I love u all so frickin much and ty for existing.❤️

Who do I follow?

I had been asked in the past and was again recently ‘who do I follow on tumblr’? and I usual always answer peoples questions in chat individually. But after seeing the wonderful @lisa-i-am (who I follow, as I think she does her blog the way I wish I had, as well as being beautiful) tell her followers who she follows on here, I thought it time I do similar. 

So to start some individuals I follow are

@phitasian   - Cos I just hope I can look half as good as her in the future, doesnt update as much at the moment, but every photo is worth the wait.

@cherryhotwifeofficial - Her blog is so hot, and ive heard her website even hotter. I love her life style, so exciting, I couldnt do anything but want to know more when I first found her blog.

@sexyniggella - A fellow Thai, with the sexiest body and ample boobs, has a sexy snapchat too.

@dollywinksgirl - I dont know how u can be reading this and not following her already.

Other people I follow, though I tend to follow new ones and change older ones often are

@allasianpersuasion - used to follow their previous tumblr account, nice person and hottest pics of Asian girls.

@asiangirlswanted - If you are Asian and new to tumblr, this is a must to follow, always happy to help out and lovely and polite to talk to. And if that isnt enough the posts he post are hot (well cos im there of course :P)

@sexythaiuniversitystudents - If you like uniforms, the Thai university uniforms are often voted the sexiest uniform in the world (probably helps the girls in them are hot too). This blog hasnt featured me yet, but there are plenty of girls there to see already.

Recently started following

@prayforbooty - Have submitted a photo, but perhaps its delayed or wasnt up to their standard, but if anything thats why u should follow this tumblr, the standard of booty is very high, u will love it.

@we-want-nudity - They have a very big following, and it should be no surprise why, hottest photos all day, again id love to be on there, but we can see in time.

These are just an idea of who I follow on tumblr. There are other accounts I follow, and people who message me and talk to me, like and reblog, which I thank you all for. This is not meant as any favoritism, just an honest post about who I follow, and a little reason why.

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Tell us about your crush!!!!

Girl, you’re about to get a huge and detailed chunk of writing from a very sleepy me! (Btw though, thefreshprinceofmirkwood is also my crush ‘cause she’s a cutie :3)

Okay, so, when talking about recent crushes I guess I should tell you about this guy we shall call T. Anyways, so in my school there’s this program called JROTC which is sort of military sponsored, but it’s really more about building leadership and citizenship than any military commitment, although it is great if you’re planning on going into a branch of military. 

Last year he was the battalion commander and I thought he was pretty hot, so whenever I was in the same room as him I would apparently getting really quiet, which (even though I’m honestly already quiet by nature) he noticed and so did my best friend, but more on that later on. Honestly I really just thought he was hot, it wasn’t like a crush thing, it was just an observation. And I really wanted to tell him that because for some reason I’m just apparently really blunt about these things (you know, when it’s something nice so you really want to tell the other person so they feel good).

Well, I didn’t tell him and he graduated last year, so I thought that would be the end of that. Buuut then came along the Battalion Picnic last Saturday. Now, his sister and brother are also in JROTC, and since I’m in the staff this year I had to come to coordinate some things even if I didn’t want to (but I really did, so that was okay). And guess who shows up around mid-picnic to hang out? Yup, T. Since I was busy I didn’t really talk to him, but I did glance his way occasionally just ‘cause. 

Anyhow, by the end of the day two of the last activities were the “Staff pie-in-the-face” (which I really want to post pictures of as soon as I get them :D) and then the water balloon fight. After that the day ended and I volunteered to go back to school with three other people to help unload everything back there, but can you imagine what I did just a minute before I had to leave? 

I go up there, soaked in water and with shaving cream all over my hair, and I tell T: “Hey, I didn’t really know you last year but I thought you were really hot, so, yeah” in front of his sister and his dad. Did I feel embarrassed? Not really. Regretful? In the half-hour that would follow yes, a little bit, but then something pretty cool happened. 

Getting back to telling him, he just did this kinda smirk/smile thing and said “Cool.” Was I disappointed in his response? Not at all, I actually thought it was a pretty logical answer considering that I hadn’t confessed my love for him or anything, I had just told him my thoughts as a person with eyes. 

Forward to me waiting outside the school for my mom to arrive half an hour later, just scrolling around Tumblr and having completely forgotten about that, when I get a text from his sister asking if it’s alright for her to give my number to T and that he’ll explain why. Throughly confused but curious, I told her that yeah I was cool with that. 

So, a few minutes later I get an apology in which he’s basically like “Hey, I’m sorry for what I said earlier. I actually didn’t hear you and just reacted but my sister did and she told me what you said, and I thought it was pretty cool that you opened up to me like that.” So obviously I tell him that it’s fine, and that I really just thought he was hot so that was all I was trying to say. 

And then, to my surprise, he says: “Well, I’m leaving for basic tomorrow, buuut if you had said something earlier we could have done something about it.” All this time I thought he was hot, but the sheer excitement that I got from that made me realize that maybe I did have a crush on him. It was weird, because I had literally never thought about it, and it just hit me like that that even though he was older than me there could have been something between us, even if it was just friendship. 

We continued to talk for the rest of the day (and he asked me if I was quiet when I was around him because I thought he was hot and that he always heard that people said I was badass and hard-charger but he’d be around and I would be quiet so he would’ve liked to get to know me more – can you say squealing happily for some weird reason?) and on Sunday before he left for basic, and well, now it’s been a week since that and I can’t really stop thinking about him, but yeah, I guess that’s that. Now he’s in a 13-week basic training (for marines) so I’m trying to get it out of my system of anything really happening, but it would have been nice… Although who knows what the future holds? 

Also, I’m sure you probably didn’t want something this big (oops) so here’s the summary: he’s really cute, really smart, and has this smirk thing that he does that just melts your insides and his eyes! Oh my gosh, he has really cute green eyes that sometimes seem more hazel than green and that just sort of have a mischievous glint on them. His voice is pretty deep and even though he’s only a few inches taller than me that doesn’t matter because god he is so in shape and his muscles just make me want to sink into the earth and never come out again <3


I was tagged by @foggydaysinboston, thank you maya <3

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Name: Camilo

Nickname: Ain’t got one

Zodiac: Aquarius

Height: 6'2

Ethnicity: Colombian

Favourite fruit: Apple’s

Favourite season: Winter

Favourite book: Harry potter and the half blood prince

Favourite flower: Violet’s

Favourite scent: Lemon, Cherry

Favourite animal: Bats

Coffe, Tea or Hot Chocolate: Coffee

Cats or Dogs: PUPPIES!

Dream trip: Germany or Japan

Blog created: 25th September 2016

What do I post about: Gorillaz, My oc’s and occasionally Star wars

Do i get Ask on a regular basis: Ahahahahahahahahahahahah… no

Aesthetic: i dont really know

Favourite band/artist: Gorillaz, Green day, Nirvana, Queens, Blur, Jamie Hewlett and Oasis, there are probably alot more that I cant name

Fictional characters i would date: Grand admiral thrawn and Luna lovegood

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

I tag @noodlerdoodler @wolfiehippy @solittairee and @noodlelove15

Hope you’ll enjoy this


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ONE SONG: Sincerely, Me - Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack
TWO MOVIES: Star Trek: Beyond & Hot Fuzz
THREE SHOWS: Enterprise, NCIS, Designated Survivor
FOUR PEOPLE: Just four??? Okay um… My half-sister, my friends, my dad, and um… can I pick Karl Urban? Yes? Yes. 
FIVE FOODS: Peremech, Iskender kebab, sushi, salmon, clam chowder 

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NAME | Leo
NICKNAMES | Lee, Lion, Hunter
HEIGHT | 5′6″
NATIONALITY | Tatar-American
FAVORITE FRUIT | Strawberries or pineapples
FAVORITE BOOK | To Kill A Mockingbird
FAVORITE SCENT | Chocolate chip cookies
AVERAGE SLEEP HOURS | depends… insomnia
CAT OR DOG PERSON | dogs. I'm severely allergic to cats
DREAM TRIP | My bed… kidding! Japan or New Zealand
BLOG CREATED | This one was…. January 2017 I think? The archive was maybe August 2016 I think?

i’ve got you on my nice list


Excerpt: Dan followed the man into the kitchen, nearly failing to resist the temptation to make a snarky remark about how he should be the host here. Once they were both closeted into the tiny, half-arsed attempt at a room that barely passed as a place for meal-making the man introduced himself as Phil.

“Phil Lester, actually,” he added, “and I’m a huge fan of people who hospitably provide tasty holiday drinks to harangued Christmas maintenance men.”

Beta: unbeta’d

Word count: 2,244

Warnings: bruises/slight injury

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Getting You Back

Requested Part II to Cheating in All Directions


Just like you had promised, the flat was empty. He dropped his keys in the dish and sigh, sitting on the sofa. You had changed your number, email… All of it. He could find you, really, if he wanted to. But he didn’t think that would be fair given the circumstances. He had cheated on you more than once on the last three tours… How does he make a come back after ripping your heart out? Niall decided though, he missed seeing your things, being around you, all of it… Then why would he stray? He had been bored and missed sex. He went down to your parents’ house where he knew you were at. He knocked on the door and your dad answers. “What the fuck are you doing here?” He growls. “Dad, I can deal with it.” You say, pulling your dad back. You shut the door and fold your arms, “Baby-” Your hand comes up to silence him, “You aren’t allowed to call me and you can’t speak first either.” He shuts his mouth and looks at the ground. “I was around for three tours. Three of your, literal, fucking tours.” Angry tears pricked your eyes, “You promised me a forever, that I was the only one and that-that doesn’t match up. You and I… We are no more and never will be. You are suck a dick. I deserve someone better than you.” Niall opens his mouth to say something but doesn’t because of the sheer surprise. He thought it was going to be easy-easy to sweep you off your feet… He was wrong. Niall couldn’t get you back, because you were right, you deserved the best. And that wasn’t him.


He ran back to the hotel room and as the woman comes to kiss him, he pushed her away. “I got to go after her, that’s the love of my life.” Harry pulls on his boxers and jeans, tossing the tshirt over his head. “If she was the love of your life, you wouldn’t have been fucking me. Or any of the other girls.” She speaks angrily as he hunts for his little brown booties, not being able to find them. He tried to ignore her, but she had such a valid point. Yes, he loved you, but not always for the physical aspect. And sometimes it got lonely on tour! You were explaining to management that you needed an escort the airport. Harry found his boots and runs down the stairs, the elevator wouldn’t be fast enough. he didn’t care he didn’t bring a body guard like he was supposed to. You were leaving and he needed to stop you. He needed you. You were getting in the car and he pushed his way into the car as well. It started moving before you could shove him out. “Get the fuck out of the car.” You say, not wanting to look at him, not being able to get the image of him pile driving into that fucking bimbo out of your mind. “Y/N, I need you.” He says simply, but with a begging tone. “No, you need to get your head out of your arse.” You glare, “If you needed me as much as you think, you would be faithful to me.” You ask the driver to pull over and get out. “I never want to see you again Styles. Ever.” You grab your bag and call for a cab to come get you. 


Liam was relentless in calling you, even as far as sending you emails. You had unfollowed him on twitter and instagram so he couldn’t message you over those forms of social media. Nothing. You had ignored him. For almost two weeks now. You went as far as to change your number so the texts stopped. Liam had break coming up, and he couldn’t wait to get back to the flat. It was first yours, and you knew his break was soon, so you paid people to come pack up his stuff and put it in storage and you changed the locks. Liam saw your car in the car park. He was surprised, but also excited, you had forgiven him. He loved you and you were his girl, of course you were, why wouldn’t you? He hurries upstairs and goes to put his key into the door-but it wouldn’t turn. You heard the door and bite your lip. You would answer when he would knock, but not until then. Liam didn’t knock, he pounded on the door. “Y/N! Baby!” You had changed the locks on him and he would admit, it stung more than it should. You open the door, opening  it wide enough so he could see the inside of it. Liam saw all of his stuff missing. “Here’s the key to your storage locker.” You say in a dead pan tone. “But-” “No buts, I watched you fuck another girl. You don’t even deserve your shit back. You’re lucky I am not fucking psycho. I loved you and you fucked me over in such a way that I can honestly NEVER get over. Good luck.” You shut the door in his face. Liam stood there, looking down. He deserved all of this, but it didn’t make it hurt less. 


Zayn was a free man now. He was free to fuck who he pleased… But… It still felt wrong. He hurt you, he meant what he said on the voicemail, it wasn’t supposed to end that way. And for some reason, it did. And it was wrong and hurtful. When they got back into town, he went to your place of employment. He watched you serve a few people their coffee and when you saw him you dropped the pot-shattering it. Everyone turned and look and he pulled his beanie down, “We need to talk.” You wanted to make a scene. Throw hot coffee on him. Scream. Call him names, but it would not look appropriate. You walk away, feeling weird, like you were floating. You knew he was following and you could hear phones going off, taking pictures. You lead him to the walk in freezer. “I have half the mind to fucking lock your cheating arse in here.” You growl. “It wasn’t supposed to-” “No I got your fucking message. But you know what, instead of cheating, you could have broken up with me. But no, you go with a girl in your first month of tour. I tried, you know?” You shake your head, “I tried so hard to make it work for us, but you couldn’t do that. You gave up. And Zayn, if you’re here to apologise or to try and get me back, don’t.” You shake your head, “I am over this, over us, and over your cheating arse. Now go.” You point to the door, “Y/N..” “Go.” You say again and Zayn just goes, sighing to himself. He fucked up, but maybe it was for the best. 


He slammed the door to the flat and punched the door afterwards. Fuckin’ Tiffany. He should have changed the picture or something. Louis dresses quickly, needed to do damage control. Louis grabbed your keys, having a good idea where you were off to. You had driven to the edge of town, to a spot that was yours. Yours for thinking, being on your own, you and Louis made love here for the first time. You were crying in the car. You and Lou had an entire year together and he threw it away for some cunt who knew you two were still together. How could he? Louis pulls up to the spot, getting out of the car. You watch him, the nerve of the fucker.  You get out and throw his keys at him. “You fucking go. Leave.” “Y/N, it’s not-” “No, it’s not? What about the big cock that she misses?” You yell and watch the blood drain from Louis’ face. “Exactly. I’m going to pack up my stuff and I’m done. I’m out. You disgust me. I’m sorry that I am not this Tiffany bitch. But good luck keeping her faithful while you’re on tour.” You push past him, grabbing the keys from his fingers. “I hate you Louis Tomlinson, I hate you so much.” You say as you open the door, “Because I still love you, and that’s why I hate you.” “I shouldn’t have been playing chase when I had you-” “Damn straight, and now you don’t have me, play your damn game all you want.”

leienlawliet  asked:

I may or may not be in love with your ficlets and I wondered, can I ask you a cute and fluffy one for 24th may? It's my birthday!

“‘Mericano with hot soy for Derek,” Stiles half leans over the bar counter to pass the cup right to Derek, smiling beautifully at him. 

Derek takes it with as much dignity as is possible for someone who comes in twice a day purely to gaze longingly at the bright, chatty, entrancing barista that’s begun working at his local Starbucks.

“Thank you,” he manages. 

“Always with the soy,” Stiles teases, “You don’t dare try non fat?”

“’S'better for your heart,” Derek argues. 

Stiles bites his lip, looks almost fond as he blinks at Derek, “You got me there, gotta keep that thing safe, huh?”

“Yes,” Derek swallows, ducks his head, “See you tomorrow?”

“As always,” Stiles waves cheerfully, winks at him, and Derek tries valiantly not to trip over his own feet. 

He glances at the cup outside, something not totally tasting right, and does a double take when he notices writing on the cup. 

Careful, the beverage you’re about to enjoy is extremely hot. 

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blamethevechs  asked:

Please do a version of Shitty as a teacher, telling what happens when he brings Jack in. Like, how does Jack teach those days? I really wanna know <3

Sorry for the late reply, I don’t know how to work asks at all and trying to find the right time. Also finals but psshhhh

*claps hands* Ohhhh boy let’s do this. Also, self promo, read my other High School Teacher Shitty AU 1,2,3

  • So like Shitty knows a guy who knows about history
  • It’s Jack
  • So how many kids actually follow hockey in high school?
  • Like 5 out of 20?? 7 out of 20???
  • I don’t follow hockey whoops  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
  • So like they are studying World War 2
  • And it’s getting somewhat boring for some kids
  • So he’s like, ‘Yo, you want to meet this really hot guy who knows about history that most people don’t study and he knows hockey stuff?’
  • And it is a half-hearted murmur but Shitty takes that as a yes
  • Friday before a three day weekend where no one pays attention anyways he calls in Jack

Jack’s Voicemail: This is Jack Zimmmermann’s voicemail, please leave your name, message and number after the tone.

Shitty: ‘Jack! Baaaabe, wanna come in and talk about World War 2 with my kids? Because I already said you did, so show up on Friday next week. And I already called everyone and asked if you were busy and you aren’t. I’ll buy you chicken tenders from the cafeteria. Okay, thanks, can’t wait to see your glorious ass.’

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xenaphobiia  asked:

SS 3 or 10 pls!!

3. teacher/student AU

Having friends in the same classes in high school was a blessing. It was a shield against the evil teachers and rival cliques who tried to start shit when the teacher wasn’t looking. Notes were passed, drama discussed, and boys ogled, and those friends were there to share those experiences.

It’s not quite the same blessing now that they’re in college, Sakura finds.

For the most part, she and her friends all have different areas of study, and so the only reason that they even have this class together is because it’s a prerequisite that everybody ends up taking before advancing to higher level classes within their own major.

Sakura wishes she’d tested out of it when she had the chance.

It’s not that she hates calculus or finds it boring, nor does she secretly dislike her friends. But three quarters of the way into the semester, she admits that this set-up is not working.

The problem is the professor.

He’s young, closer to their age than most of the faculty on campus. He’s not even a bad teacher. The problem is that he’s hot. And this isn’t an issue for Sakura, who actually prefers to think of him as a beautiful, morose Hades risen from the Underworld to find his Persephone (it’s the black hair, black eyes, black clothes, black everything). She manages to keep her focus on the numbers and not Uchiha-sensei’s ass while he’s writing on the white board.

The same cannot be said of Ino and Karin.

Sakura loves her friends, she really does, but there is only so much talk of Uchiha-sensei’s “package” that she can take while trying to do her homework. For three months, Ino has been wearing her tightest dresses and Karin has been wearing her most cleavage-baring shirts, all to capture their professor’s attention. Sakura suspects he might be more impressed if they knew what a polynomial was, because Uchiha-sensei seems to be spectacularly immune to all female charms (and Ino and Karin have not been the only ones trying.)

Sighing, Sakura slams her textbook shut and starts gathering her things amidst talk of what kind of underwear Uchiha-sensei wears (Ino thinks boxers, Karin thinks boxer-briefs). Finally startled out of their conversation, both girls look up at her, surprised.

“Bitch, where do you think you’re going?” Karin snarks at her between sips of soda.

“I have a date tonight, unlike some people around here,” Sakura responds dryly, slinging her bag over her shoulder.

The hot professor is immediately forgotten as they follow her out of the quad and back toward their dorm, demanding details and an apology for not telling them that she’d met a guy.

“I wanted to keep it low-key,” she half-shrugs as she fights with the door handle.

Ino scoffs. “I’m sorry, but in no universe does low key mean not telling your best friends. We’ve been tight since kindergarten, Saks. KINDERGARTEN. And this is how you repay us.”

Once inside, they form a wall of crossed arms and scowling lips in front of her closet door, blocking her clothes from her. Sakura rolls her eyes and gives it right back.

After two minutes, they relent.

“Fine, just answer me this one question,” Karin demands. “Are you getting laid tonight?”

“Absolutely,” Sakura shoots back, not missing a beat.

Karin and Ino share a glance.

“You’ve got them?” Ino asks, already combing her fingers through Sakura’s cherry-pink hair.

“Of course I do,” Karin retorts as she pulls a ziploc bag out of her purse.

Sakura makes a face. “You’re not serious.”

But Karin’s straight face never wavers. “I am absolutely serious. It’s tradition.”

Sakura stares in disgust at the lacy black thong inside the baggie. “Unhygenic is what it is. I’m not wearing your panties, forget it.”

Karin and Ino both let out a long-suffering sigh. “If you’d bothered paying attention to when we talk, pinkie, you’d know that the used ones are always thrown away. These are unsullied and waiting for your conquest tonight. Now put them on.”

Grumbling, Sakura snatches them from the redhead’s fingertips and stomps into the bathroom. Her friends smirk at each other behind her back. When she finally emerges in a short red dress and presumably the thong, both girls give her the thumbs up of approval.

A car honks outside, signalling the arrival of Sakura’s date. They follow her out onto the sidewalk, where a jet black Camaro is waiting. Low whistles emerge from their lips, both silently jealous.

“Bye, bitches,” Sakura winks as she opens the door to the Camaro.

And sitting in the driver’s seat is none other than their calculus professor, Uchiha-sensei, dressed in a black button-up and jeans, dark sunglasses covering his eyes.

Their jaws drop as Sakura waves goodbye to them from the car window, a victorious smirk playing on her lips as Sasuke leans over to plant a kiss on her neck. It is Karin who snaps back to her senses first as the car picks up speed.


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(Gluten Free) Dutch Baby with Lemon Filling

You should 100% make this for breakfast (or dessert) this weekend because I will likely never go back to pancakes (crowd loudly boos me, starts chanting “Traitor! Traitor! Traitor!”).

Sorry I’m not sorry for discovering this INSANELY deliciously light and versatile pancake-crepe-puff pastry-custard-pie-hybrid via bonappetit last week.They made theirs with cinnamon apples and while that sounds DELICIOUS I’m in no huge rush to pop out a million cinnamon dishes, it’s only October. Like I mentioned in my crepe post — you could skip the fillings all together and eat with syrup, Nutella, berries, jams or plain — totally your call.

I am not gluten intolerant nor do I choose to only eat gluten free foods. I just have many friends that are gluten free and as a result I am experimenting with gluten free flours in order to register a taste or cooking method difference. I must say, I tend to prefer the GF version of my dishes. My gnocchi and Dutch Baby were both lighter and fluffier than their glutinous counterparts. I’m not trying to persuade you to stay away from regular flour, I love the stuff, just throwing my research results out there for those who are dabbling with the idea.

Ingredients for Dutch Baby:

4 large eggs, room temperature
¾ cup whole milk, room temperature
¾ cup all-purpose or GF flour
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
¼ teaspoon kosher salt
2 tablespoons unsalted butter

Ingredients for Lemon Filling:

2 lemons’ juice
1/3-½ cup of powdered sugar
1 teaspoon unflavored gelatin
2-3 tbsp of cornstarch

1: Turn oven to 425 F. Whisk eggs, milk, flour, vanilla, and salt until smooth. Place your cast iron skillet in oven for 8 minutes so that the base can get really hot.

2: Add lemon juice and sugar (bit by bit) to a medium sized pan, whisking until sugar dissolves. Repeat with cornstarch and gelatin. Heat mixture on med-high heat, whisking well for about 3-4 minutes until it thickens. Remove from heat.

3: Once your pan is hot and ready, carefully add butter to hot skillet by either tilting your pan around and moving butter about like one of those iPhone games that must give people carpal tunnel OR do what I do — unravel the tip of the butter stick and, while holding onto the covered end of the stick of butter, coat the edges and bottom of pan as though it were lipstick. Add about half of batter to bottom of skillet, spreading with a spatula if necessary and then add your filling, followed by rest of batter. Bake until “pancake” is puffed and golden brown around the edges and center is set but still custardy, 12–15 minutes.

Prepare to eat it all in one sitting.