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Water lapped at the shores of the Ruby Sea, washing rocks and shells against dark sand to litter the edge with natural debris. It was peaceful. Mixed eyes rested half lidded as she stared at the expanse of blue that seemed to go on forever, drinking in the tranquility of the moment. Jayley could scarce believe that soon this place was going to live up to its name; that the sands were to be stained with the blood of a long brewing feud. Excitement bubbled under her skin, held down only by comfortable trepidation.

A breeze rolled off of the sea, rustling short onyx strands as Jayley straightened her posture. That was enough of a break. She reached for a shovel, dislodging it from the sands to get back to digging. Her carefully laid out plans had been shattered when R’Khena’s memory was wiped for the second time, and so they stole her away here. Spicer would come soon to try and retrieve her, and while the others seemed content to deal with him as he came, Jayley wasn’t convinced that playing the situation smart was impossible. Plans fall apart all the time, after all. It was how one adapted to make it work that made a strategist so powerful.

With a dull clink the shovel’s set aside as she dropped to a knee in front of the hole. Rough hands reached for a canvas bag that sat not too far, opening it up and rummaging to carefully grab a dull looking pot no bigger than the size of her palm. She had planned for these explosives to be set in buildings, but they’d still do well enough here. She set the pot into the hole cautiously, checking the wiring around it. A small square of cloth gets laid over it, ensuring the sand wouldn’t jam any of the connections before she began to scoop the pile of dug sand back over top of the hole with her hands. She filled it in, trying to make it look as natural as possible while leaving a bit of displaced sand about a fulm in front of it. It was a trick, after all. If they thought it to be closer than it is, then stepping over would land their foot right atop of the trap.

Jayley lifts to her feet with a small huff, swiping her bare forearm across her forehead to wipe away sweat. She’d not put her face paints on yet today. There was no point if it was all going to be sweat away before the battle. “Rights.” She mumbled to herself, turning to look out over the beach, “Tha’s the lasts ones.”

Scarred lips drew a thin line under her mask, squinting over the area. She couldn’t help but feel she was at a disadvantage here. Sand wasn’t her preferred battleground. A huff escaped her as she leaned down to scoop up the bag and shovel, laying the handle of the tool overtop of her shoulder while she lumbered back towards the wooden shacks.

Near the deck she dropped the shovel and bag, exchanging it for a large metal club that looked as though it could smash through any armor. She hefted it with a grunt and made her way across towards one of the larger rocks that protruded from the beach. With a swish of sand she sunk the mace into the dirt beside the stone, laying it horizontal. She dug through the sand with her hands, making a long trench deep enough to sink the massive weapon into before pushing the sand over it. It was only a small layer, but it’d be enough to conceal the weapon from sight.

Back to the decks she went, scooping up the last weapon. An odd looking revolver that looked magitech in nature. She lumbered towards one of the few trees nearby, pulling one of her belts from her satchel. With a hop she grabbed onto one of the gnarled branches, scaling the tree with practiced form until she was halfway up. Her eye flicked between the sea and her position, finding just the right amount of needles to tuck the revolver behind. She wrapped the belt that was similar in colour to the bark around the branch, using it to pinch the weapon there and strap it in.

Feet sunk into the sand after jumping down, wiping her hands together while scanning the beach. Good. Everything looked normal. Natural even. She hoped it’d be enough, but as of right now there was just no telling. Her nose wrinkled at all the unknown variables. They had no idea what Spicer had in his arsenal, but Jayley was certain it was nothing good. She let out a rumbled sigh, exhaustion creaking in her bones as she turned back towards the deck. Bags and shovels go snatched up as she makes her way towards the shack.

The others may have promised R’Khena that killing would be a last resort, but she certainly didn’t. Anyone that worked under this man’s banner had it coming, she thought. There was no room for mercy here. Anyone who came to this beach in search of R’Khena wouldn’t be leaving alive.

She needed to sharpen her blades.

I pay waaay too much attention to eyes

I just finished watching The Ancient Magus Bride on the big screen (it was good even though it made me sleepy) – when it zoomed in on Linden and he opened his eyes my heart skipped a half-beat or something (I’m sorry they’re blue and with slit pupils which is my favorite and it was also a dramatic reveal so)

Additional things that made it good:
-Salamander and mud puppy. I just finished a herpetology class so now I’m a herpetology nerd and basically any mention of herpetology or reptiles/amphibians will brighten my day. (And yes it’s a mud puppy and not an axolotl because it has four toes on its hind foot instead of five – this was one of the first things I learned in herpetology class
-PUFFIN!!!! How many anime have puffins in them?! (Hopefully you’re all aware by now that puffins are my favorite animals.) There should have been a LOT more, considering it’s ICELAND, but one puffin still earns bonus points
-Cute dragons

hi so here we r again bc aquamarines a disaster imo. i hate her perfectly round flat face i hate her perfectly smooth flat hair i hate that she doesnt have a neck i hate that she doesnt have a midsection i hate that her gloves look photoshopped on i hate that her palette is exactly lapis’s palette i hate her design a lot

so i fixed it

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Because I love you and you're awesome and I'm bored, here: Lance from Voltron!

Right so instead of A, B, C, D this became a huge collection of some of my Lance headcanons some are serious some are funny some are idk so just brace yourself

  • Now the obvious ones, of course:
  • Lance has ADHD
    • I could write a 5 page analysis about everything that points to his ADHD; possibly longer if I was given enough time
  • Lance is bilingual
    • If Lance isn’t bilingual then what’s the point of VLD
  • Middle child Lance
    • I mean he definitely has the aura of an older sibling but also the qualities of a younger sibling so
    • Something that happens with siblings close in age is like when the older one goes through a phase everyone goes through it
    • But it also works the other way around
    • So like everyone will learn to ride a bike at the same time
    • But everyone will also watch Dora at the same time
    • Trust me on this
    • This is most definitely not from personal experience how could you ever suggest something as preposterous as me reading kindergarten books as an eight/nine year old??
    • (Fourth grade was wild I read everything from high school books to pre-k stuff)
    • But yeah middle child Lance
  • The sibling closest to his age is a sister
    • No reason why but I just know okay
  • Okay so we’ve already established that he’s competitive
  • But also with ADHD
    • So basically when he has to do something he doesn’t focus and it ends up meh
    • Like he can do better but
    • He can’t, y’know?
    • But then when it’s a competition
    • All of a sudden there’s a reward
    • And it really motivates him
    • And all of that focus that usually wanders around is completely dedicated to winning
    • And part of the reason for his “rivalry” is because he knows it’s the only way he’ll be able to get better
    • And also it’s like??? When you have a goal to do something you can always get distracted but when it’s right in front of you then you do it
  • Anyway Lance plays an instrument
    • Guitar? Piano? One of those two I think; possibly violin but more likely one of the first two 
    • He’s
    • “Talented” is an understatement
    • You can tell that he pours his soul into his playing
    • And honestly it’s beautiful. Perfect. More than perfect
    • But I mean his voice is like
    • Average
    • It’s not bad, not at all
    • It’s just not like out of this world like his skills at playing his instrument
    • But Keith
    • Keith
    • His voice is just
    • Beautiful
    • But he doesn’t really know it??
    • Like yeah sure he sings to himself and all
      • It’s a habit he gained when he lived in the desert
      • He needed something to break the silence
    • But he doesn’t think it’s anything special
    • It is though
    • And when the two team up
    • Lance playing the music and Keith singing
    • It’s amazing
  • Lance’s jacket was a hand-me-down
    • It belonged to someone in his family
    • Someone who left
      • Or died
    • And somehow or the other, his jacket gets damaged
    • And he freaks out
    • And at first they’re all “…it’s just a jacket”
    • And then they’re like maybe it reminds him of Earth??
    • But even so
    • Why would it affect him that much??
    • They don’t know
  • Lance was born in the winter
    • Not the winter-winter I guess but like?? November
  • Lance ft. emotions
    • Now he’s what you might call emotional in a way
    • But it’s not really obvious
    • Because when he’s around people it’s all jokes and stuff and like??? There’s isn’t time for emotion??? Idk how to explain this honestly
    • But when he feels something
    • He feels it
    • His true anger, his true sadness, his true feelings are so raw and full of emotion
    • But all of his feelings are very… ephemeral I guess
    • Because every day is another blur of things to think about and focus about and talk about
    • So one day he’ll be really down
    • And the next he’ll be super energetic and all
  • This isn’t something I super strongly headcanon like I never really thought about it or anything but it’s definitely feasible:
  • Lance is gifted
    • So before he was diagnosed with ADHD and got medication and stuff
    • Lance used to have bad grades
    • Not extremely bad but like a lot of B’s and some A’s and some C’s
    • But kids usually have higher grades when they’re younger
    • Since they don’t have as much work and stuff
    • So they had him take a test to see whether it was a matter of a lack of intelligence or knowledge
    • And they’re blown away
    • Bc this kid apparently knows all the information he’s supposed to learn in his grade level and the year isn’t even halfway through
    • And he has a pretty high IQ
    • So Lance is really smart
    • It’s just not his Thing™
    • It’s not what people know him for
  • Lance’s dad taught him how to shoot a gun in Hawaii
    • And to drive a boat and a plane and a car
    • No this is not an actual headcanon but to those of you who caught the reference: bless you and also please drop me a message or an ask or something if you want to I mean
  • I have about 8.2378128 million more headcanons for Lance honestly
  • And most of the VLD characters tbh
  • Bc none of them are very concrete characters so far
  • So there are so many ways to explore them
  • Anyway yeah this is just the tip of the iceberg but I think that’s enough lmao
    • Well, for now ;)

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