and haircut of doom

anakinskywaltzer  asked:

Hi! I just discovered your blog and was going through the Sandor tag and I found something about Arya mentioning he gave her a haircut. I'm just reading the books now and I'm starting ADWD, but I can't recall that scene, do you know what the quote was? (I know you're not posting about the show anymore, but I believe this was in asoiaf? sorry if it isn't!)

Oh, you mean the best haircut ever!? (Almost as good as the blanket burrito.)

The passage is in Arya’s chapter right before the Red Wedding, so I’m not surprised it was overlooked.

What would [Roose Bolton] do if he saw her? He probably won’t even know me. She looked more like a drowned rat than a lord’s cupbearer these days. A drowned boy rat. The Hound had hacked handfuls of her hair off only two days past. He was an even worse barber than Yoren, and he’d left her half bald on one side.

–ASOS, Arya X