and hair and eyes and just everything

He was always just a friend wasn’t he? The kind of guy you’ve know your whole life.

She knew everything about him. The colour of his hair, the shade of dark his eyes went once the sun had set, his habit of scratching the table when he was stressed. His mum was her second one, smothering her in hugs and kisses every time she went round for dinner or to let him copy her homework. His house was her second home, marked with her initials on his wallpaper and her scent left on his pillow. He was the brother she never had, and the kind of best friend you always wish for.

It never occurred to her that maybe he meant more. She missed his lingering stare and the hesitation behind every hug. She didn’t notice that their hands brushed a little too often to be a coincidence or that he didn’t need to copy her homework because he had already done it. She never remembered drawing the feint heart around her initials on the wallpaper or ever seeing him use a different pillow.

But then one day it was just different. She woke up and she was breathing and blood was running through her veins but it was different. And although she’d never seen it before, suddenly she was aware of the way she fit right under his chin when they hugged, and the deep breath she took as his hand touched hers, and the feeling she got when he laughed.

He became her fascination. She couldn’t help but wonder how she had missed it all this time. The way his eyes lit up at the mention of his favourite band that reminded her of Saturn. The way he bit back a smile when she told a terrible joke. The way his voice changed when he spoke about her that made her blood pulse with electricity. And she came to realise that he might have been her fascination all along.

Because he was never just a friend was he? The kind of guy you’ve actually always loved.

—  gentle-falling 
I remember when I first realised I liked her. Everything she did from then on became ineffable to me, every single thing. The way she would run her fingers through her hair, that made my heart stop for just a second. The way she tapped her pinky finger on her bottom lip when she was trying to focus, that made the smile on my face linger a little longer. The way she’d subconsciously drag her nails across my thigh while in conversation, that made me have to squeeze my thighs together gently. But my favourite thing about her was looking into her eyes — it was like looking up at the night sky and witnessing a thousand shooting stars dance across the sky all at once. That was my favourite. But the worst, God, it was the worst. Was knowing just how weak she made me.
—  k.f
Batfam cleaning headcanons
  • Dick once accidentally sucked up Tim’s iPad charger with the vacuum. 
  • Damian once intentionally attacked Tim with the vacuum. They ended up having to cut his hair just to set him loose and Tim was not happy.
  • When told to clean his room, Jason would, without fail, stuff everything into the closet and drawers… only to be busted by Alfred. 
  • Cass tends to do the same thing at her place, but more because she genuinely thinks she’s cleaning? Alfred is appalled when he opens a closet door and Literally Everything pours out.
  • Damian and Tim once had a “Windex fight”. 
  • Dick is really bad for not pointing the nozzle in the right direction when dusting or cleaning, and has sprayed himself in the eye many, many times. 
  • Jason once mopped the kitchen and forgot to tell anyone… so Bruce came back from patrol and slipped, falling face-down on the floor. When confronted, Jason shrugged and said that if Bruce had let him go on patrol “this wouldn’t have been a problem”. 
  • There is an ongoing competition to see who can scare Damian while he’s cleaning and wearing his headphones the most. Dick is currently winning with 7 confirmed scares. 
  • Eight-year-old Dick being made to do the occasional chore (at the behest of Bruce, “to teach him the values of diligence and hard work”) and singing “It’s The Hard-knock Life” from Annie just to piss of Alfred and Bruce. It works. 
  • Dick fell out of a window once when he was cleaning one of the top floor windows. Tried to do it again because he claimed it was “good practice”. 
  • Steph is forbidden from cleaning or touching anything in Wayne Manor after breaking a rare, antique vase that cost $1.2 million. She’s allowed to sit on the couch though.
  • Babs definitely stress cleans. Like, everything in sight. Don’t leave your stuff out when Babs gets really stressed because she will probably throw it away.
  • Dick dances and sings while he cleans, which means it takes him much longer and gets on everyone’s nerves because it’s usually cheesy pop or 80′s tunes. 
  • Bruce once took it upon himself to clean his own shower and Alfred found him laying on the bathroom floor, barely conscious, a strong fume permeating the room:
  • Alfred: *coughing through the fumes* Master Bruce! What on earth is— is that fear toxin?! Laughing gas? 
  • Bruce: No… *weakly points to a spray container* I used too much… Cillit Bang…. 
  • Alfred: *slowly stands and leaves the room without another word*
cuddling with monsta x


  • warm
  • like a giant teddy bear
  • he’d just smile at you and pat on his chest to signal the start of the cuddle sessions
  • probably prefers the couch and would have one arm tucked behind his head so you can have space to snuggle on top of him
  • languidly strokes your hair as you watch tv
  • wraps his arms around u occasionally and just holds you there tucked under his chin and you feel so safe and warm
  • lil kisses on top of your forehead
  • generally very quiet cuddling sessions but good god you look forward to them so much


  • most of the time you don’t trust the cuddling to not turn into something else
  • bc come on this boy is thirsty
  • you’d just settle beside him and you see that smile as he slides his arms around your waist
  • kisses your face as you tell him about your day and vice versa
  • brushes your hair out of your eyes and usually zones out on your words because he’s memorizing every inch of your face
  • and everything is cute until you feel something hard against your leg
  • are you kidding me”
  • Come on,” he’d whine, “you’re so cuddly and smell nice and you’re really pretty, fuck, come here,”
  • it has happened one too many times on that couch you feel bad for the couch


  • feels like the most adorable anaconda in the world squeezing you
  • He’d have the longest and most frequent cuddling sessions
  • most of the time against your will
  • like you’d be walking by and his arms just snatch you onto the couch or the bed and hold you in a steel grip as you try to squirm free
  • “Minhyuk, I have to get something.”
  • “Too bad. I need to cuddle. Now.”
  • very touchy
  • he’d cup your cheeks in his hands and pepper kisses all along your face and run his fingers along your arms
  • And nuzzle your neck and look at you with all the love and tell you he’s so lucky
  • he’d love it when you stroke his hair
  • also poses a danger of turning things into something else

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I would do anything for you if only you would hold me. But you told me to stop, so I did, for you. You told me to let go, but I couldn’t, for us, for me. My heart would shatter if I just let go of everything and I wish you would feel the same. Somehow I don’t see the pain I’m in reflected in you. You, with those big dry eyes and perfect face with pretty hair that falls around it. Did I love too much? Did I lose my sanity when I thought you were the best thing in my life? The worst part is that even with all my poems and late night crying, I don’t miss the hugs and kisses and hand holding as much as I miss you being a friend. Just talking about our days and sharing stories, that security and knowing you would have my back when I feel bad. And now that I feel the worst I have ever felt, you don’t want to talk. Forget romantic love, where is the reliable, consistent love we give our closest friends and family? It’s not about holding hands, it’s about holding hearts and you dropped mine.
—  I’m not angry, never angry at you. Just disappointed. I’m sorry
Don’t Speak // Spencer Reid x Reader

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Spencer knew something was wrong. He’d watched as you slowly retreated into yourself in such a complex manner that others wouldn’t know there was something wrong if they didn’t actively search for the signs. But he knew. He saw past your smiles, past the way you still laughed at whatever silly banter Penelope and Morgan exchanged. Past your routine greetings of hugs and kisses, past the way you still tried to crack jokes to fulfill your ultimate life goal of making Hotch laugh.

He noticed the dark circles beneath your eyes that you expertly hid beneath makeup. He noticed the split second longer that it took you to react to someone’s conversation, to their jokes. He noticed the way your hair was pulled back slightly less refined than usual, something others would look over as just another day of you rushing to work that morning.

But you were his. You were everything he’d ever dreamt of and because of that even the smallest change did not go unnoticed. He noticed the desperation in your kisses, the longing behind your soft lips as you tried to find love. You always did find it behind his touch and this only made you cling to his hands a little tighter as you both walked through the aisles of stores, your gaze showing your mind was elsewhere.

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character portraits >> percy jackson + annabeth chase

Even though Percy had a similar description to Harry Potter, with the messy black hair and green eyes, I’ve never imagined him to look anything like Harry. Annabeth could easily be mistaken as weak if you’re the kind of person to stereotype blonde haired light eyed girls as weak, just like people think of Fleur Delacour (which I disagree!) But to me, both of them are the fiercest in every thing they do, whether it’s love or war. I tried to find the right pictures that captured that intensity, ferocity and vulnerability that comes with having the world on your shoulders. Twice. In my opinion, the eyes say everything.

hazel + frank

Flirting/Seduction Tips 🍸

Some of these could work for your girl crushes too. 

Let’s start with the most subtle things you could do: 

- Wear a vanilla scent or something sweet. I get a lot of compliments from my guy friends when I wear a basic vanilla body spray. It smells like home to them.

-Exotic fruit scents are also very pleasant and leave an impression

-Another scent my guy friends like is the Amor Amor perfume. A bit heavy at first but it is very sexy! 

-If the guy is a friend or you both feel comfortable around eachother(which is rare when you like someone) hug him and the scent of your perfume will turn into a memory. It sounds funny but it is true!

-If you are shy, just listen to them when they speak and look at them. Eye contact can be everything sometimes. Plus everyone appreciates the people who listen to them and are interested about their life and themselves, so you could ask some questions!

-Flip your hair. Not is the sassy way but in the “I’m just trying to fix my messy hair” way. Flip your hair behind your shoulders and show of your neck and collarbones. 

-You could mention something you enjoy doing (cooking, baking cookies, collecting things) because guys will get curious(especially if it is something with food) and you could offer to do something for them sometime! However you shouldn’t lie about your hobbies. 

- Having a quieter and softer voice around the person you like is attractive! A playfull voice could work too, but don’t change up your natural voice because of another person. 

- Don’t smile all the time. But when you do, smile at them. 

-Don’t be pushy and don’t talk about very personal stuff. Do not put down other people and make fun of something. Try to be positive because they will feel the energy and enjoy being around you. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!  🍸


“Every time,” he said quietly. “Every time I think I’m missing a piece of me, you give it back.”

There were no words, so she didn’t say any; just turned around in his arms and kissed him on the cheek. He was beautiful under the night sky, the stars shedding their light down over him, gleaming against his hair and eyes and the Herondale ring shining on his finger, a reminder of everything that had been, and everything that would be.

whatever you do, do not imagine christmas morning with calum bc it hurts!! like just think about his beautiful smile that would adorn his face all day and the way his eyes would sparkle more than the lights on the christmas tree, and imagine how cute he’d look in sweatpants and a loose white t-shirt with messy hair bc even on christmas he wasn’t a morning person. and like just think about how excited he’d be for presents despite being super sleepy bc he loved seeing how happy everything made you and nothing made him feel better than your happiness. and his face lighting up more than it already was when he opened the present you got him (something small but very personal) and him laughing when you opened the present he got you. OH and can you just imagine the super loved up happy sex you’d have before christmas lunch to thank eachother for the lovely gifts, it would be so amazing!

Dear Future Wife...#664

That moment when we’ve been making out and we pull back to take a second…to check in or catch our breaths. The way you look at me and you’re not really smiling, but your eyes are sparkling and I get lost in how many colors blend into each other…I feel you holding my face or scratching up my sides softly. You might laugh at my hair sticking up or just sigh like you’re the most relaxed and happiest person in human existence…That moment wraps me up in a safe bubble and nothing else matters but how warm you are against me and how perfect it feels to be with each other.

Things I associate with the signs

white teeth, short brown hair, loud laughter, ferris wheels, bright sparkling lights

palm trees, glowing eyes, large features, goofy smiles with crooked teeth

a million freckles, dancing to outdated music, frilly skirts, cigarette smoke

the color pink, sitting by the ocean at night, the smell of salt water, greek statues

cathedrals, wearing shirts that are too big for you, blonde hair tied up, having a thousand friends but no best friend

bony hands that always shake, hazel eyes, glowing skin, flat humor that always makes someone laugh

tightly curled hair, falling for someone youve just met, pop art, marilyn monroe

fresh black nail polish, flickering lights that are beginning to dim, eyes that seem to change color, books with ripped out pages

red bandanas tied around your head, being the loudest speaker in the room, saying everything that comes to mind, pencils behind your ears

bloody knuckles, brooding frames, smoking cigarettes on the side of the road, hoodies and leather jackets

screaming at the top of your lungs, the color purple, turning the radio as loud as you can, late night talks with all your friends

chubby cheeks, singing underneath your breath without realizing it, flowers on all your dresses, dyeing your hair

So last night...

So I was cosplay as Sans last night on Omegle, enjoying myself and playing around with different Undertale fans. I saw like, two dicks. Neither were impressive or wanted. 

But one thing really got me in the heart, and that was a little girl. She didn’t look more then 7…8 years old, right? Real small, braided hair, big eyes and everything.

At first, I started up on the chat with her like I would, making a peace sign and waving, and she literally flipped her shit. She started screaming and giggling and waving at me like, “SANS!! SANS!! Hi!! I didn’t know you were real!!” And all I could literally do was laugh and smile like a dumbass under this hot rubber mask.

So right when I say hi and all the casual Sans things, she jumps up, telling me to wait just a sec and that, “I have something that makes me part skeleton just like you!” She bolts off and I just wait, cause I’m not gonna click off randomly while she’s so excited. She comes back like, five minutes later with a big bottle of ketchup. I start giggling and giving her thumbs up and just- reacting to everything she says!

But then, a wave of protective instinct starts washing over me- Like, even while she’s talking to me, I cant stop listening even when my own girlfriend is calling! ((I’m super sorry about that @strife-kind!)) I start telling myself, “You know, there are a bunch of nasty, horrible people on here who would take advantage of this little girl. Fuck that noise, I’m gonna stay on here till she falls asleep.”

I literally stayed up till 3am talking and chatting with this little girl, and she starts yawning and mumbling and I’m like “Hey, kiddo. It was awesome talking to you- youre such an awesome human kid! But uh- maybe you should head to bed. Kids like you need lots of rest to kill monsters like me.” And she just smiles dopily and nods, before blowing me a kiss and I catch it. She ends the chat, and I go one round around the bend to make sure she’s in bed and not still chatting. She’s not, and I’m happy.

The next person I talk to literally was the cutest kid, looked about 12 years old. He started implying I was in love with Toriel and I, playing along, started blushing and pulled my hood over my head and crossed my arms, the whole thing. He makes me PROPOSE to her and I did! I drew a paper board in bone letters asking if she will marry me, and when “Toriel” said yes, he literally flipped out and started giggling madly. Cutest kid ever. Sorry to say he had to get off before I could wish him a good night, but man…

Protective Sans syndrome just….WOOSH.

ok but crack!headcannon sjmaas concept...rowaelin!sonxfeysand!daughter, part 1

PART 1.5  PART 2

-so this takes place like 50 years after acowar, and like 100 years after tog6, when everyone’s happy and safe

-so rowaelin!son is the youngest, with two older sisters, and is the only one that looks just like Rowan, minus the eyes which are aelin’s

-he’s a young warrior, praised by aedion, all of the cadre, has tattoos and all, but to Aelin he’s always her baby boy

-while feysand!daughter is an only child for now, she has feryre’s hair, face, and all her powers, but everything else is rhysand, attitude, cockiness, eyes and wings

-rhys is insanely protective of his little girl, so you can imagine when she’s 17 and she, goes to nightcourt alone, without permission, she’s promptly sent to the cabin for a week as a punishment

-so rowaelin!son, 18, goes to help his sisters transport Auntie Manon’s witch mirror, from the waste lands to Adarlan, and of course the three argue about how to get it there, one thing leads to another, and he falls in

-two days into her stay, feysand!daughter hears a crash outside, and she’s shocked to see it’s a very handsome, very unconscious fae boy

-she immediately, thinks he’s from summer court, with the white hair and all, but his attire is way off, and she’s never seen the type of writing that make up his tattoos before

-despite her instincts, she can’t bring herself to leave him outside alone, so she  brings him back to the cabin

-he doesn’t move for a whole day, she has him tucked away in a guest room with a dozen blankets

- she plans to ignore him, but she’s dying to get a better look at his tattoos maybe for a painting, and her curiosity gets the better of her so she pulls up his sleeve

-aaaaand, sure as wyrd wakes him up


A/N: I feel like I’m missing a lot, but I did my best. If you can think of anything I missed please let me know! I didn’t include everything like kissing, hair-pulling, etc… and I didn’t get too freaky, I tried my best to be realistic lol they’re all fluffy babes, not freakdeaky men.

Also, pls do not report me for using ‘oppa’ it’s a real thing, just like daddy is-

-Admin Finn [this is only my opinion!]



Oppa/Daddy: A term used to refer to an older and dominant male. Either may be caring or cruel, their domineering natures giving them obsolete control.
Branding: Marking their S/O either by biting, giving a hickey to claim possession.
Asphyxiation: Breath-Play, light or heavy choking by the dominant participant.
Degrading: Talking down to the submissive in a degrading manner, names such as “slut, whore, bitch.”
Binding: Disabling another either by ropes, handcuffs, or any other material to render them.
Shibari: Traditional Japanese robe binding known for it’s precise aesthetic.
Sensory Deprivation: Depriving one of a sense, such as sight blindfolding.
Altocalciphilia: A fetish of high heels.
Corrupting: A kink associated with the pleasure the dominant party derives from ‘corrupting’ the innocence of the other party, [taking virginity, getting kinky with a shy, innocent, or inexperienced person, etc…]
Edge-Play: A dangerous kink associated with the possibility of serious harm, ie. knife-play. Or in general edgy erotic play, blood play, etc…
Facials: A man orgasming on his S/O’s face, creating self-satisfaction
Crying: The pleasure a sadistic party derives from seeing the tears of the other.
Forceful: Another term to mean rough/demanding
Voyeurism: Sexual pleasure derived from watching others in intimate acts, including masterbating, sex with another, or even undressing.



Taeyong [Switch]

  • Oppa
  • Dirty Talk [Giving & Receiving]
  • Collars
  • Biting [Giving & Receiving]
  • Branding [Giving & Receiving]
  • Voyeurism
  • Orgasm Denial [Giving]
  • Overstimulation [Giving & Receiving]

*Asphyxiation, Degrading, Shibari, Toys, Sensory Deprivation – Begging, Enjoys Pain, Enjoys Being Bound

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  • Oppa
  • Dirty Talk [Giving]
  • Altocalciphilia
  • Biting [Giving]
  • Branding [Giving]
  • Begging [Receiving]
  • Erotic Torture [Giving]
  • Corrupting

*Slapping/Spanking, Binding, Overstimulation, Sensory Deprivation, Master

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  • Lingerie
  • Asphyxiation [Giving]
  • Degrading [Giving]
  • Biting [Giving and Receiving]
  • Being Forceful 
  • Collars
  • Body Worship [Receiving]
  • Erotic Torture [Giving]
  • Overstimulation [Giving]

*Fighting/Wrestling, Disciplining, Edge-Play, Slapping/Spanking, Forced Orgasms

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  • Lingerie
  • Begging [Receiving]
  • Disciplining [Giving]
  • Slapping/Spanking [Giving]
  • Branding [Giving]
  • Using Toys

*Overstimulation, Voyeurism, Daddy, Asphyxiation, Facials, Being Forceful

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  • Oppa
  • Biting [Giving]
  • Disciplining [Giving]
  • Orgasm Denial [Giving]
  • Corrupting S/O

*Role-Playing, Being Forceful, Slapping/Spanking, Sensory Deprivation, Toys

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  • Dirty Talk [Giving]
  • Biting [Giving]
  • Degrading [Giving
  • Being Forceful
  • Begging [Receiving]
  • Disciplining [Giving]
  • Overstimulation [Giving]
  • Corrupting S/O

*Oppa, Exhibitionism, Food-Play, Crying, Binding, Gagging

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  • Altocalciphilia
  • Biting [Giving & Receiving]
  • Body Worship [Giving & Receiving]
  • Branding [Giving]
  • Sensory Deprivation [Giving]

*Using Toys, Forced Orgasms, Overstimulation, Voyeurism

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Ten [Switch]

  • Lingerie
  • Body Worship [Giving & Receiving]
  • Voyeurism
  • Using Toys
  • Erotic Torture [Giving & Receiving]
  • Sensory Deprivation [Giving & Receiving]

*Food-Play, Collars, Orgasm Denial – Begging, Giving Worship/Praise, Enjoys Being Tortured

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Don’t You Touch Her - Bucky x Reader

Request: Jealous/protective Bucky (requested by anon)

Warnings: Violence and language

Originally posted by thiddlestoff

Bucky’s arms wrapped tightly around your waist as he buried his face into your neck, “Morning.” He murmured, husky voice.

You smiled, resting your head back against him as you kept an eye on the pancakes you were making, “Happy Birthday, Buck.”

You felt him grin against you, “It is so far.”

He stayed attached to you as you cooked. He’d make cute puns and then hide his face in your hair. He was just happy to be able to relax with you.

But then there was a slam, a crash, and everything shattered. Bucky pressed you against the wall, shielding you with his body as the windows shattered, showering glass over you.

You covered your mouth in shock, your whole body shaking. Bucky took your face in his hands, forcing you to look at him. “Are you okay?”

You nodded.

“Stay here.” He released you, going to the glass-less windows and looking down on to the street below.

“There’s been some kind of explosion.” Bucky said, turning away from the window to look at you, “I should go look-”

A gunshot. 
A thud.
Bucky’s face scrunching up in pain.
A scream from your lips.
And Bucky fell to the floor.

You rushed to his side, scratching your knees on the carpet, the stinging on your torn skin, the stinging from the tears spilling from your eyes.

“Bucky.” You whispered, shaking him gently, but he didn’t respond.

“Bucky.” you repeated, shaking him a bit more violently.

“James!” You cried, shaking him once more and then collapsing against him, tears flowing freely.

You felt his heart, shaky and fast, but there.

Torn away. Hands on your shoulders, dragging you away. You screamed, struggling, clawing at the hands with your nails, kicking, wriggling.

“Restrain her.” A voice from the doorway said, and your attackers (you had realised they were two men), started to bind your wrists, gag you.

But you bit their hands, drawing blood. 

“Stupid bitch.” One of them said, punching you in the face. You bit your tongue, blood filled your mouth as you lay on the floor, you body shaking with sobs.

You saw the shadow of the man raising his arm to hit you again, you closed your eyes.

“Don’t you touch her.” Bucky.

He hit the man who’d hit you hard in the face, again, and again and again. “How dare you hurt her.” Bucky snarled. 

The man lay motionless on the floor and soon the other man who’d attacked you had joined him, leaving just the man in the doorway.

“Mr Barnes.” He said, his voice cold and oozing power.

“Who are you?”

“I’ve come to talk to you about rejoining HYDRA.”


“Okay then. I’ll be leaving.” The man said. 

“What makes you think I won’t stop you?” Bucky asked, a threat.

The man nodded to you. Bucky’s eyes filled with horror.

“Don’t.” He begged the man, referring to the sniper laser fixed on you. 

“Good bye Mr Barnes.” the man left, and the laser beam with him. 

Bucky sat you up, cupping your face, “Are you alright?” He ran a thumb gently over your split lip.

You nodded, “I will be. You were shot?”

Bucky shrugged, “They didn’t want me dead, I’ll be fine.”

“What do we do now?” You whispered.

“We run.”