and haha she looks nothing like the original

taeyeon vs wiz

well it all started when wiz posted this tweet

wiz’s dj, later on posts these tweets:

here theyre both saying she ‘backed out’ of the performance. You cant say you aint got beef when you go around mistyping taeyeons name on twitter and then brushing it off when someone corrects you. That was intentionally disrespectful. There was disrespect on both parts, but taeyeon was not at fault. I hate that theyre coming out here acting like theres nothing wrong when things have already blown out of proportion to the point where people are dragging taeyeon, calling her racist, as if stepping on that stage was literally the first time she saw him.  People said taeyeon backed off because she was racist, why  would she agree to a collab, let a teaser be released and rehearse with him if she was racist.


she later on released her side of the story on instagram, this is her statement translated:

After she posted this, taeyeon fans and sones went out of their way to show this to wiz and dj bonics.  Wiz’s reply was:

I’m sorry but what happened to ‘she gave no reason’ for backing out of the perfomance? can he not make his mind up?

you know that the best thing is though?
Dj bonics tweets.

they cant even get their stories straight. if you’re going to lie, at least make sure you guys are telling the same lie.  The best thing is that he pretends he didnt say the word hotel and has now deleted the tweets.

‘where did i say hotel?’

??????????? ?? ? ??? ?? ? ?????????

fans must of shown her the tweets, or she saw them herself, but she responded, and she posted photo proof of her at the hotel at 1am. the caption roughly translates to ‘hey buddy, i didn’t go to the hospital, i was here waiting for you,and could only wash up now’

not only am i so proud that she stuck up for herself, im dying because she looks adorable af wtfffff, and here is part of her original sc story that she posted at 1am

so she waits for their rehearsal until 1am but nothing happens so she goes back to her room as she needs to wash up. but no according to wiz, ‘she went to the hospital’ because obviously in the background of these pics u can clearly see a hospital setting.

bc obvs taeyeon just went up to to wiz and went ‘Khalifa sunbaenim, hospital kaja’

another thing i’d like to point out is another of Dj bonics tweets:

haha but dj bonics-hyungnim, your dms are closed!!! what person could have possibly sent it???

Taeyeon is clearly not at fault, but everyone blames her. the fact that she is still staying hmble and respectful is amazing to be honest.
i wouldn’t expect taeyeon would be the gentleman here instead of two dudes. 

Lastly, i would just like to show y’all some words from one of wiz’s staff:

haha im just here sipping my tea

“she backed out for no reason”
“she went to the hospital
“she went to the hotel”

hahahahahahh aight sureeeee

so guys i think its safe to say that taeyeon is innocent huh??

taeyeon stans and sones, lets try not to get too worked up over it though, wiz was never ACTUALLY releveant until he tried to mess with our beautiful princess x

keep supporting taeyeon and send her lots of love. she deserves it <3

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