and haejin just has this smile

but also, more of that cheating Au with bad boy Yoongi; Can you all imagine that smug little shoulder shrug Yoongi does when Haejin catches him and Taehyung out on a date.  Like Taehyung had probably lied to Haejin when the other boy had asked him out on a date because he knows it’s Saturday night and those are the nights Yoongi is off from work and they can just spend time together. Normally they would stay inside the elder’s apartment and just fuck and cuddle and watch shitty rap shows on tv after but this time Yoongi actually feels like showing Taehyung off so they decide to go to the movies instead.

They totally look cute as fuck in couple outfits with Taehyung in his favorite tight shorts and one of Yoongi’s, many, leather jackets as they also prance around in matching beanies.

Once they are in line to buy their tickets, Yoongi spots Haejin first. The other boy is with his good boy friends and staring at his phone screen constantly and it makes Yoongi smirk because he knows for a fact Haejin is texting Taehyung. Of course, Taehyung’s phone is turned off so that he can spend his time with Yoongi without distractions. That little streak of mischief flares up inside of Yoongi and he slips a hand into the back of Taehyung’s shorts pocket to grope the younger before coughing loudly.

“Hey Haejin.” Yoongi casually calls out pulling the boy’s attention to where he and Taehyung stand and instantly Taehyung is giggling.

“Hey… Suga…”

Haejin’s eyes never leave where the elder holds onto Taehyung while his friends stare at Taehyung’s name that sits prettily in a neat cursive font on Yoongi’s neck. The other boy has no idea what to even do as he takes in the way Yoongi and Taehyung are matching and the way Taehyung so easily leans against Yoongi’s hold as if he’s meant to be there. Haejin knows he can’t do anything about it either unless he calls off the contract between their parents and lets down his father and mother so he just watches. He watches Yoongi buy the tickets to the latest horror movie while Taehyung presses a kiss to the elder’s neck. He watches the way Yoongi, tough no fucks given, Yoongi smiles softly before leaving his own kiss on Taehyung’s forehead and he watches the way Yoongi smirks and shrugs at him before walking into the theater with his boyfriend.