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So my dear friend wrote me a really cool thing, and since I couldn’t sleep very well last night, I drew some of it…(and then added the last doodle, which took way too long to be a doodle OTL )

Fairytale AU where Reigen is a charlatan who (not so) accidentally adopted a fairy changeling, Mob. :)

991. After the war, Harry and Ron ask the Hogwarts school board to forbid students from bringing in their own brooms for Quidditch matches (to keep the richer families from buying an advantage with more powerful brooms) unless they have valid excuses like medical reasons. In exchange for giving all the Hogwarts Quidditch teams high quality brooms to use for matches and practice, Harry and Ron offer to help advertise the broom companies by being seasonal spokesmen for their ads.

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hob always has this beautiful light and warmth just radiate from him but today he just Extra Glow and Extra Warm bcs of Birthday Boy Glow™ i love him 😊💛

i have been on a “young stans” kick as far as drawing goes. i don’t think they were the kind of kids who liked being dressed up at all for any reason.

idk if Anyones Online but i was out with friends today + we had a fire going, my body and clothes still smell like the fire and its rly nice


Aaron and Robert having meals/drinks together (requested by anon)

yo if it comes down to it and the uswnt go on strike im all here for it. nothing ever comes easy. hell every right women have in this world we have had to fight tooth and nail for. give’em hell  ladies

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Tbh I think that what's left the bitter taste in my mouth is how we are supposed to accept Historia, Levi and Reiner didn't get some kind of resolution concerning Ymir, Erwin and Bert, respectively. Especially after we had the development and importance of each of those relationships shoved down our throats so explicitly in the previous months/chapters. If Armin had died back in 82, I would not have expected EM to have moved on and gone to the ocean by chapter 90, it wouldn't have made any sense

Add Hange to your list! They lost Moblit.  

It seems clear that the segment of the fans who are most fond of characters other than the 104th felt let down by the close of this arc. It’s true that there was some resolution–Historia got a letter, Levi was able to give Erwin a resting place, Hange verbally memorialized Moblit and Bert… uh… he, well, pretty much got the shaft, didn’t he? but maybe Reiner will spare him a thought once the action moves to Marley.

I was talking to a friend (*cough* @julystorms) about this, and she reminded me that this story has never been big on mourning. Most of the dead have gotten little to no acknowledgement. Knowing that doesn’t exactly help, but it’s true :(