and had to be taken away so we could sleep

It’s a Date

Anon asked: could you do a haechan we got married scenario pls :) similar to the Mark one but you can change the theme if you want

yO I LOVE. MY KIDDO. so much that this turned out longer than i anticipated but whaTever. i also still know next to nothing about wgm so. here you go i hope you enjoy.^^

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Two mood setting takes on this week’s episode for you. The first, claws and all, is from the lovely and talented @supergaysupercat. Can’t you just feel the drip, drip, drip?

Lay some love on both these posters at AO3, or hit the ask box to compliment @supergaysupercat.

Underneath we have an action take from @ofpensandcupcakes, bouncing curls and all. Just what has Kara gotten herself into? Again, love at AO3 or hit the ask box for @ofpensandcupcakes.

Which brings us to ACT 1 of Episode 3 (Wave). 

Written by @subcutaneous7:

As Cat continues to heal from her harrowing experience with Cadmus, she and Kara find new ways of working together. Meanwhile, Maggie and the NCPD investigate a string of gruesome murders, and Supergirl encounters a threat that makes her question everything she thought she knew about Krypton and the DEO.

Cat stared up at the ceiling for hours, watching the lights from the city dance like spirits across the smooth white surface, the grandfather clock ticking away rhythmically in the hall. Sleep never came easy for her, nor for very long for that matter, but lately it was nearly impossible. Alex and the rest of the medical team insisted she needed rest, and even she couldn’t argue with them this time. The ordeal with Cadmus had taken so much from her, and yet somehow, all she could fixate on was what may have been put back in.

“You know why we chose you, don’t you?” Lillian taunted, skin glowing green as the shadows from the cell lined her face.

“No.” Cat sighed, sitting crumpled and dirty in the corner of the cement block. “But I’m sure you’re going to tell me, so get on with it.”

Read Act 1 on AO3.

Warm Arms

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Request: I was wondering if you could write a one shot where the reader was assaulted in the past and has been recovering from it but she hears the sound of fabric tearing and it makes her think of that night but Dean ends up comforting her?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,800ish

Warnings: implied sexual assault

A/N: Super fluffy Dean…

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Seconds Choice: Bellamy Blake imagine

All my life I felt like I wasn’t good enough. I was always the second choice. For everything. It hurt, deep down it really did but I pretended like nothing was going on. 

But now it was my chance to start over. We were sent down to the ground, the nuclear radio active ground to survive. Not to fall in love. I didn’t want to fall in love, but it happened.

I don’t know when or how but it happened. But the series of unfortunate events only got worse when I realized nothing would ever happen. Bellamy Blake, is the leader of our camp, he sleeps with whomever he wants because down here he was like a king. 

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I just stumbled upon this blog and I’m in love with your writing, wow!! Since I’m so deep in mysmes hell, could I ask for a Jumin scenario where he’s really busy with work and obviously stressed out, and mc comforts him (perhaps in a smutty way, :^)) his voice gets me every damn time and I need something like that rn lol, thank you in advance!! <33 <br>

AHAHAHA i knew it wasn’t just me who had a thing for Jumin’s voice

also, thought i’d take a small break from the smut (since this one was ambiguous)… as much as i love smut, there’s only so much a gal can write♥♥ –also, apologies if this is slightly off; i ended up being really busy and writing this over the space of two days T_T

Jumin was rarely the last to leave the office. Usually, he was out on time, ready and willing to shut his mind off from work for the day, and take you in his arms for the night. 

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Sirius Black X Reader - Stay

“Sirius!” You throw open the front door and run out after your boyfriend, running after him to follow him down the street. “Come back, please! You’re overreacting!”

“Am I, (Y/N)?” He stopped walking and turned to face you, his hair wild and his eyes sad. Your lips formed a line, and you nodded.

“Yes,” you said firmly, walking closer to him. You just wanted to get this stupid fight past you. It was your fourth this week, and it seemed this time, it was getting out of hand. Sirius had never stormed out before. You were worried this would be the one that ended it all. “It really isn’t that big of a deal, Sirius. I told you before I left that I’d be going out with a friend after work…”

“But not once did you mention this ‘friend’ was male!”

“You’re getting jealous for no reason! You’re acting like a teenage girl!” You stopped yelling, sighing and placing a hand on your forehead. “Can we please just go home? I’ll sleep on the couch and you can have the bed, and we’ll resolve this in the morning?” Sirius just shook his head and continued down the road.

“I’m not going home tonight.” Your mouth dropped open for a split second. You caught yourself, quickly scurrying after him.

“What do you mean, you aren’t going home? Where will you go?”

“Anywhere. Just not home.”

“Sirius…” One pair of footsteps stopped, your tone became sad, as did your face. “You’ll come back, right?” you asked quietly, needing something to reassure yourself. Sirius stayed silent. Tears began to fall from your eyes, but they were hurriedly wiped away. “We can’t just let a little misunderstanding ruin this, Sirius…” Sirius’s footsteps stopped, as well, and he turned to face you.

“It isn’t just this, (Y/N). We’ve been arguing more lately. We just aren’t as compatible as we used to be. We should both move on, find other people.”

“So that’s it, then?” You wiped away more stray tears from your face. “You want to go back to your old, promiscuous ways?” This broke your heart; you really did love Sirius, you had no clue what you would do without him. He was the love of your life, and you were determined to keep the relationship together.

“That isn’t it at all.”

“What is it, then?”

“This just isn’t working!” Sirius snapped, and you took a step backward. “If we happen to see each other in the streets, don’t even say hello. Goodbye, love.” He spun on his heel and walked down the street, leaving you crying on the sidewalk, cold and alone.

“Sirius, please, stay,” you whimpered, but it was a failed effort. He was already too far away to hear you.

A week later, you were sleeping less, eating less, and just doing less. You were absolutely distraught over you and Sirius’s breakup, if you could even call it that. You had taken some time off work, claiming to be sick so you were able to sit at home. Remus had come by the house a couple of times, giving you updates on Sirius and trying to convince you to go outside. You always ignored his requests and asked if Sirius had found a new girl yet. Remus would always shake his head and refuse to answer.

After a while, you finally gave into Remus’s pleas and went outside. It was a colder, cloudy day, and you had pulled on a simply black coat and sneakers before heading out. You just planned to take a quick walk around the neighborhood park, then head back home and try to sleep.

When you got to the park, you strolled for a bit, taking in the scenery and smelling the fresh air. It was going well, and you even planned to stay out for a while longer, until you saw a sight that made your heart shatter into a million pieces. Walking in your direction was Sirius, a girl on his arm. You took a deep breath and quickened your pace, trying to get past the two as quickly as possible. You were going to listen to him and not even say hello.

Your plan didn’t go very well. The woman with Sirius tripped as you walked past, falling into you. As you helped her up, she gave you a look of obvious disgust. “Watch where you’re going next time,” she snarled, causing you to glare.

“I’ll be sure to,” you replied, rolling your eyes and dusting off your jeans. Now was your opportunity to speak with Sirius, so you took it. “Sirius, tell your new girl-toy to wear shorter heels next time.”

“Sirius!” whined the woman as you began to walk off. A hand touched your shoulder, and you spun around to see Sirius. The sight of his face almost brought you to tears. You still loved him dearly, as you just couldn’t throw all the love you had for him out the window. You simply had no idea what to do except keep it.

Not wanting any further confrontation, you swatted his hand away from your shoulder and walked off. You wanted him to come with you and stay, you wanted to be with him, but it just wasn’t meant to be. You and he both knew it to be true.

— A Couple Years Later —

An owl flew into your home, landing on the table in front of you and dropping a letter. You lazily closed your book and picked up the letter, turning it so you saw it was from Remus. The envelope was ripped and the actual letter pulled out, and your eyes quickly skimmed the page.

The light fluttering of paper sounded throughout the air as you pushed back your chair, apparating to Remus’s house as soon as you stood. “Remus!” you called, trying to find where your friend was. You ran through the house and found him, running up to him with a still shocked look on your face.

“Your letter… is that all true?” Remus slowly nodded his head, and you bursted into tears. “So Lily and James are really…?” He nodded once more, and your sobs grew louder. “Which means Sirius really is being tried…?” Remus turned away, not wanting to answer your question. “Oh, God.” You sat down on the nearest couch, letting out all your tears. Your friends had been murdered, and though everyone knew it was Voldemort who had killed them, they believed it to be Sirius who had revealed their location. You couldn’t believe the man you (still) loved would do something as horrible as that.

But you didn’t feel as though you knew him as well as you used to. If only he had stayed! If that daft idiot had given you one more chance, maybe this wouldn’t have happened! Thinking that way only made you cry harder, but you couldn’t help but think it was partially your fault he was going to Azkaban.

Little did you know, the whole time he was in Azkaban, he was thinking almost the exact same thing.

Negan - Babysitting

Originally posted by irene-jmargs

Imagine taking care of Judith while Rick and the others are giving supplies to Negan and his men and Rick calls you over so he can see how Judith is and Negan gets nervous around you.

Negan x Reader

Requested by anon

Warning - Swearing

A/N - For this particular imagine I have put C/O/C so you can decide who Negan killed.


It had been a month since Negan killed C/O/C and everyone was having a hard time coming to terms with it, C/O/C was an asset to the group and will always be missed and now the only thing you can do for them is to live on as long as you can.

Chapter 1

Rick had held a group meeting last night and told everyone that Negan was coming to gather supplies the next morning, you had offered to watch Judith, you didn’t want to be around Negan, not after what he’s done. You hadn’t even met the guy but he sounded like a monster.

You woke up to the sun streaming through the curtains and a knock at your door “Y/N? You awake?” Rick called from the hallway, he sounded tired, he hasn’t slept a lot since C/O/C was killed. You tiredly moved out of the warm bed to the door, it opened with a quiet creak “Yeah, I’ll just get ready Rick” you smiled at him rubbing our eyes. He gave you a small smile back and nodded before heading downstairs. Rick had been like a brother to you since Atlanta and it killed you to see him like this. You quickly got changed into a tank top and shorts, you combed your hand through your Y/H/C hair as you walked downstairs. When you walked into the living room Carl gave you a tight hug, you squeezed back and kissed the top of his head, Carl had grown attached to you when his mother died, you were the only one he could speak to and often came to you for a chat or when he needed a hug. Rick had Judith in his arms and she gave you that grin that you loved so much when she spotted you, just like Carl she had grown attached to you from the moment she was born.

There was a knock at the front door, signalling that Negan was here. Rick handed you Judith and he gave a kiss on the forehead and gave you a quick hug before walking out of the door, you followed them out onto the porch and sat on the porch swing watching them as they walked to the gate.

Chapter 2

You were still sat on the porch swing about an hour later singing a song to a now sleeping Judith when you heard someone calling your name, you turned your head to see Rick waving you over. You stood up slowly cradling Judith in your arms making sure not to disturb her, you continued to sing to her softly until you reached the gate. “How’s my little girl?” Rick asked with a smile on his face as you got closer to him. “Sleeping” you replied in a hushed tone.

“You’ve always been great with getting her to sleep Y/N, thank you”

“It’s no problem. I love her like I would if she was my own” your heart ached as you said this, you had always wanted children of your own but never had the chance and you didn’t want to bring one into this world. You were both smiling at the sleeping child until someone cleared their throat. Rick looked behind him to see who it was “Oh, right. Sorry Negan I’ll go get the rest of your stuff”. Rick left you there with Judith in your arms.

You finally looked up at the man that Rick was talking to and was shocked to see how handsome he was, surely this wasn’t Negan, how can a monster like him be so handsome? “Uh, hi. I-I’m Negan” he stuttered, was he nervous? You noticed the blush on his cheeks and felt the heat reach your own cheeks so you were blushing as well. “Hi, I’m Y/N” he held my gaze for a couple of seconds before shifting his gaze to the gravel floor, he started shuffling his feet.

You broke the silence a couple of minutes later “So, uh, you’re the famous Negan huh?”

“Um, yeah, I uh, I guess I am” he replied, he was definitely nervous and you don’t know why but you find it attractive, you found him attractive.

Negan’s pov

I arrived in Alexandria and Rick and his group were waiting for me. Carl or as I liked to call him ‘Future Serial Killer’ was giving me death glares as I entered the gate. “Shit kid, lighten up” I told him which only made him glare at me more before he joined the others to gather supplies. I turned to his father “Alright, where’s my shit?” I asked, I saw someone out of the corner of my eye sitting on a porch swing playing with a laughing baby. I couldn’t see her face but I have a feeling that she’s beautiful.

I had been here for about an hour when Rick called the girl on the porch over to us, as soon as she turned her head to look at Rick and I was taken away by her beauty. She started walking over to where we were stood, as she got closer I could hear her singing softly to the sleeping baby that she had in her arms, her voice was breathtaking and so was her beauty.

I let her talk to Rick for a couple of minutes before I cleared my throat letting Rick know that I was still here. “Oh, right. Sorry Negan I’ll go get the rest of your stuff” Rick walked away and left me with this girl. She looked up at me with her beautiful Y/E/C eyes. I had never seen someone so amazingly beautiful. “Uh, hi. I-I’m Negan” I stuttered, shit now she knew I was nervous, I prayed that she didn’t notice the blush in my cheeks, I noticed the blush in hers. “Hi. I’m Y/N” she spoke softly. I held her gaze for a couple of seconds before I felt my cheeks heat up again and directed my gaze towards the floor, I nervously shuffled my feet until she broke the silence a couple of minutes later. “So, uh, you’re the famous Negan huh?”

“Um, yeah, I uh, I guess I am” I could hear how nervous I was and I’m sure she heard it as well. What the hell was going on with me? I had never been nervous around a woman before, I had never been nervous around anyone before but she was different.

Chapter 3

Y/N’s pov

Rick came back a couple of minutes later to give Negan the rest of his stuff. Once he had everything he shut the door on the back of the van. He shook Rick’s hand “See you next month Rick” he said with a wide grin.

He then turned to you and gave you a small sweet smile “I guess I’ll uh see you around Y/N” he sounded nervous but you didn’t mind it was very attractive. You felt the heat reach your cheeks again and noticed that he was blushing as well “See you around Negan” you replied softly and gave him a small smile. You watched him get into the van and drive off, you were looking forward to next month when you would see him again.

Negan’s pov

I got in the van and drove out of Alexandria, I looked at her through the mirror as we drove off. I couldn’t wait to see her again next month. ‘The fuck is wrong with me?’ I thought to myself, I had never felt this way about anyone before. Seeing her with that baby only made me fall for her even more, I would love to make her mine and have our own child. I smiled to myself and thought ‘See you soon Y/N’.

A/N - I really enjoyed writing this one, nervous Negan is adorable.

anonymous asked:

In abosaa when Claire is very sick they said that roger tried to talk to Jamie about how it's all gods plan, and Jamie blew up at the idea that God would be taking his wife. Could you write that scene please

Jamie couldn’t bring himself to go back up to the house but he couldn’t bear the thought that he might miss her passing—that he wouldn’t be there with her at the last. He told himself that as long as he stayed away—as long as he didn’t go to see her—then she couldn’t die; she wouldn’t go without him there for a last goodbye. He knew it was irrational but the alternative was too unbearable, so instead of walking in the direction of the house, he walked out towards the barn, the storage sheds, and the fields beyond.

He needed to be doing something productive—it was the only time he had a hope of slipping into that thoughtless state where his body acted while his mind quieted. It was nearing harvest time and there were many things that needed doing in preparation. The cooper was supposed to deliver the barrels for the whisky and to store apples—or had he already delivered them?

Claire loved harvesting the apples from the orchard. Brianna too—nothing reminded them of their years in Boston the way the scent of warm apples baking did, and they had a fondness for cider too. He pushed aside the thought of Claire with Brianna, Lizzy, and Mrs. Bug at work in the kitchen on a slew of pies.

The hay would need to be cut soon too. He moved to the barn to locate the scythes they would need and to assess their condition—they would almost certainly need to be sharpened and that was precisely the kind of repetitive task he needed. Locating the whetstone, he grabbed up the tools and moved outside the barn to a bench to work. Laying the scythes on one side, he swung his leg over and straddled the bench as he took up the first blade and began to sharpen it.

The sun gleamed off the blade as he twisted it to see if there were any obvious nicks he should focus on first.

He had noticed the whetstone on the kitchen table the afternoon when he’d come in to check on Claire. Mrs. Bug and Malva had both been absent from the kitchen, which had struck him as odd until he remembered that Brianna had sought Lizzy’s assistance with something. But still, it didn’t take both of them to sit with Claire keeping an eye on her fever and trying to get her to swallow a bit of water or broth in her delirium. He had climbed the stairs quickly as his heart began to pound.

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Dallta Sheumais: Chapter Ten

Previous Installments

 Thank God it wasn’t raining, I thought as we made our way down the hill.  We had been lucky on our journey.  It was Scotland so of course it did rain,  but for us, not heavily,  and we never got snow. I kept us moving away from the stones as fast as possible,  never stopping for too long,  never allowing time for fear or panic, to creep in. Time passed uneventfully beyond the fact that we were now in the 1700s. Brian had taken it fairly well, with only a mild look of shock and bewilderment when we got to Inverness so I could buy a horse. He stayed quiet and clung to my side.  There were moments,  brief windows of time where we had to eat or sleep I would tell him bits and pieces of where we were and the life that we would have.  That was how we passed the journey,  and for the most part Brian seem happy. He was plainly glad to be away from Boston and out in nature.  I was starting find it a dragged,  and the mere promise of a warm bed to sleep in was keeping me going.   I was still unbearably nervous,  I had now idea what may await when I arrived a Lallybroch,  what Culloden had done to it.

We were cresting a hill when I first saw it again,  lying nestled and picturesque. The outbuildings were different,  there were sheds that hadn’t been there before. The main house was exactly the same, almost frighteningly so,  as if no time at all had gone by since I left.   I took a deep breath and settled Brian closer to me on the horse, pointing down the valley saying, “That’s Lallybroch, that were we are going to live.” Hopefully. I had no idea what life would be like there now and how they would take on the burden of two extra mouths to feed.

The horse was having some trouble getting down the steep incline. I  had to get off to help lead her down the hill.  Brian stayed on, his hands gripping tight to the reins. He looked as nervous as I did, I thought. I reached up and squeezed his foot, smiling as reassuringly as I could. The descent down the hill felt like it took years, my heart was pounding like a kettle drum and I was dizzy. Sweat  dripped uncomfortably off my brow and neck. We were just yards from the gates of Lallybroch and a swell of memories flooded my brain, each moment I had past through these gates whirled around me. I paused and wiped my face, unconscious tears running hot and sticky down my dust covered face.  I paused, and went through the gate. 

 It was mid morning, but the yard was empty, except for one young man sitting his face turn up to the sun. He was very handsome, with dark lashes and a mop of black curls. I blot struck me through my heart and I called out, “My God! Fergus is that you.”

He got up in a moment and he too looked liked he had been struck through the heart, he ran up and gathered me into a bone crushing. He held me to him amid a flurry of, “Milady, God has restored you,” and “I never dreamt,” and other statements praising God and his many miracles. His accent was still heavily French and he had an air of aristocracy about him, that made me beam at him despite myself. My moment of head clogging joy was soon broken by a short, “Mama.” Fergus looked in the direction of the noise and his eyes went as round as saucers. Brian who was standing by the horse partially hidden from view, but no amount of concealment could hide that red hair.

I looked over at Fergus who was still staring at Brian with an expression of gape mouthed awe. I placed Brian in front of me and said, “This is Brian, my son.”

Fergus looked at Brian for a long while,  taking in the copper hair,  blue eyes,  and high cheekbones,  so much like Jamie’s.  Though Brian’s face was still spattered with freckles of youth.  Fergus let out a small laugh and said, “Well Milady he looks nothing like you.  That is good,  no one can say Milord is not his father.”  I too laughed at that,  though images of the odd looks that accompanied us as we lived in Boston,  everyone knowing,  but never saying,  that Brian could never possibly be Frank’s.   Fergus crouched down and looked over Brian once more critically,  Brian who was most definitely unamused by this looking over stuck out his chin and straightened his shoulders,  giving Fergus the best look of self righteous arrogance an almost six year old could muster.  Fergus laughed again,  bowing his head to Brian,  “He is most definitely Milords son,  though” He added practically,  “he does have your ears”

Authors note: Yay! here you go kiddos.  I have decided to abandon my 1000 work update because it doesn’t work for everything and sometimes less is more.   I trust you all will like this.  Thank you all for reading and have a happy holiday.

Covered (Richonne ficlet)

In these days with the world getting colder
She spends more time sleeping over than I planned

“You know what this reminds me of?”

Michonne opened her eyes to the sound of Rick’s hoarse whisper just above her ear, and she smiled to herself sleepily. The patter of rain against the window had begun to lull her into slumber, but Rick brought her back to life. He had a habit of doing that. “What does it remind you of?” she asked back, making sure to keep her voice equally low.

“When we were on the way to Terminus. How we would hole up in some house or another, and let Carl take the couch while we’d set up camp on the floor…”

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Prairie Lullaby Chapter 19

Prairie Lullaby Chapter 19

CS 19th Century Historical Western AU Fic 19/?

Rating: M

And here for your weekend reading pleasure is another chapter.  Thanks to everyone who is sticking with this and who keep me going by their kind words, fic recs and response to this story.  I appreciate you all so much.

Anyway, here’s Prairie Lullaby.

In a bid to secure a more settled life for herself and her son, Emma Swan travels to Kansas as the mail-order bride of Liam Jones. Her dreams of a peaceful life are shattered when she finds herself married to his brother Killian, a man who appears to offer her anything but the quiet life she’d dreamed of. Where will this not-so-happy-ending take them?

Also available on FFnet

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And now available on AO3!

Emma had left him, wrecked and wanting, once again in the darkness in more ways than one.  For a long moment, Killian remained still, staring into the gloom surrounding the door through which Emma had just departed.

Only this time, it didn’t feel so much like she was running away from him.  Although he could hardly blame her if she was, certain that what had transpired between them had not been Emma’s intention when she first came to him that night.

Or had it?  He couldn’t tell; his mind dulled by drink and the last remnants of his waning lust.  Eyes slowly adjusting to the dark, Killian managed to put himself somewhat to rights and then he tried to find some peace.

His mind may have felt heavy, but it would not be quieted, intent on replaying every aspect of the night’s events.  He remembered the ill-advised trip to the saloon, the time spent at the bar under the watchful gaze of Madam Mills’ manservant, Lancelot, and the rather more reproachful looks thrown by whichever belle happened to pass him at the time.

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Daddy 5SOS Preference: Jealousy

Hey, could you do a prompt where like the kids get jealous of one of their cousins cause like their dad is paying more attention to their cousin instead of him/her? 

A/N: Thank you all for reading! I’m so thankful for all of y’all! Let’s have a great 2015!


“Daddy, can we make that collage today?” Kayla asked her dad as she bounded into his office. The nine year old had wanted to make a collage of her concert tickets and movie tickets, and her dad had agreed to help her. Yesterday after school, Luke had taken her to the craft store and bought her all kinds of scrapbook paper and glues and a frame, promising to spend that Saturday with her making the collage.

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whiskeymitch-archive  asked:

Okay so official prompt: when haymitch comes out of the rehab unit he ends up rooming with Effie because no one else will and D13 rules require people to share so as not to waste unnecessary living quarters. So naturally they end up in the same bed because she's sulking or whatever and in usual hayffie fashion it gets heated. And loud. And they have to struggle to fit/stay on one of those tiny beds. And then in the morning they have to face people knowing the walls aren't soundproof. :')

It doesn’t actually have spoilers because it’s more of behind the scenes of what happens in MJ but to be safe, avoid if you haven’t seen the movie.

Some Nights

If he knew her well, which he would like to think he did, then this was a conversation he wasn’t looking forward to having. Haymitch stopped in front of the unassuming door, checked the number against the paper he was given, took a deep breath and knocked on it. He waited and when there was no answer, he took the liberty of sliding it open and inviting himself in.

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lovelylittlemaknae  asked:

Oh my gosh I nearly peed myself laughing at those AU examples on that list. “it’s 2 in the morning and i was just trying to get home but i left my sunroof open all day and now there’s a squirrel in my car and it scared me and i drove into a pole – would you please stop laughing you’re a cop. you’re supposed to be helping”—this with ChimChim because yaaassss. Jimin as a cop *fans self*. That would be super cute as fluffy, but now I'm thinking Jimin in a uniform needs smutty. So you pick! Thanks!

I made it cute and shit bc I can’t think of any way to make a car accident and all that smutty otl uh


“Yes, hello, 911?” you said into the phone.

You were standing outside of your car, one hand on your hip as the other held your phone up to your ear. You brushed a piece of hair out of your face as you got the normal ‘What is your emergency?’ response. You let out a soft sigh, turning your back on your poor car.

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Mate’s Property - Castiel Imagine

Originally posted by magneticcas

Well I hope this shit hurt you in the ovaries as much as it hurt me. 

(first person view.)

“Cas?” I call out into the broken midnight air. I could hear nothing echoing around me in the empty bunker room. Crickets did not chirp, Sam and Dean had fallen asleep at least they went to to their room, no hustling wind to make up a smooth melody with the branches out side. It was three feet of concrete between me and the outside world. And I had began to wonder if Cas can even hear me. Because I heard nothing; I felt nothing in this shallow place. 

He is known for turning of his angle radio every once in a while, and for being so wrapped up in one subject that he could not hear the calls of ones who longed to see him.

My mind drifts as I close my heavy eyes, turning on my side to smother my face in the warm pillow. Taking in the fresh scent of the linen, I finally let the first tear fall. 

“If your listening,” I whisper into the air, pulling away from the pillow and sitting up. “Please come home; come back to me Cas.” I whisper, letting my legs dangle on the side of my bed. “Please, I need you.” I add, wiping away the tear of pain, I gather up the small lap blanket that fell on the floor and drape it over my shoulders. I slip on my glasses, needing to take a break from the silence. It makes me feel empty, the constant tune of nothingness. I wipe away and evidence that I was crying and make my way out of my room. 

I quietly find my way around the bunker, sneaking pass Deans door, which he left open. His lights were off and nothing came from his room like mine. I wonder if he is asleep right now. 

I make it past his, but run into Sam. 

“What are you doing awake?” He catches me from my almost fall, saving my ass from a very painful fall. “I-I Uhh.” I stutter, feeling my cheeks burn. “Couldn’t sleep. I’m heading down for tea.” I state into the cold air. 

He nods his head, pushing away his brown locks. “Uh, want to come?” I ask raising an eyebrow. 

“Yeah-yeah sure, I guess I could use a cup of tea.” He mumbles. I’m taken away by his shortness of words, because Sam has been very off lately. “Whats wrong? I noticed that you haven’t had much sleep.” I state, linking my arm through his. We slowly descend down the stairs, making our way through the library. 

“I’ve just been having bad dreams lately. Nothing too bad.” He says.

“Has it um, been about-Oh no. Lucifer has been long gone. He is just crazy talk now. But I feel regular again, with regular nightmares.” He states. 

“I’m only half relieved Sam. However hearing the not so normal thing I could live without.” I state.

“Why is that?” He quizzes, raising an eyebrow. 

“You’re Sam freaking Winchester, there should be nothing normal about you.” I state, pulling away from him to grab the small kettle from out under the counter. 

“Besides, you’re much less boring being, I don’t know, not normal?”

“How so?” He takes a seat, resting his chin on his palm. 

“Well, you geek out over books a-” he gives me a sour expression, “Which isn’t a bad thing, I do it too, I just enjoy geeking out together.” I smile, filling up the kettle, setting it on the warm burner. 

“And you always have fascinating things to say, you’re just like a walking google account to us.” He chuckles softly. 

“I could say the same for you.” He brushes his hair away. 

“Yeah but you have a couple more years on me.” I laugh as he rolls his eyes. I pull out two mugs and some tea bags, preparing everything. When the water is hot enough, and small talk was just picking up, we could both hear wings flutter. 

“You made a house call?” Sam asks not surprised at all. 

I blush, “I needed guidance from a certain little angel.” I guess the brothers did not know about us. We didn’t particularly try to hide what we had going on, we just kept to our selfs. Our strange hours made it hard on us, but not hard keeping things on the low in front of the boys.

“Next time call Yoda, Cas worries me some times.” Sam states, picking up his warm tea cup. 

“I can hear you Winchester, with being a Angel and all. Nothing is safe.” We hear him state from the other room. 

Sam rolls his eyes. 

“Like that time in the 10th grade you decides to sneak out for, what was her name again?” Cas starts. The younger brother blushes. “Castiel I’m giving you two seconds to stop digging in my brain before I pluck everything you got.” Sam starts walking away as I giggle. Sam starts his journey back to his room as I felt a familiar body against mine, hands holding my waist gently. 

“You heard me.” I turn around in his grip, leaning my back against the counter.
“I always do.” He leans in, pecking my lips softly. My knees go weak, and I get so caught up that I steal another kiss from him. 

“Are you here on official angel business or did you just drop by for me?” I ask, jumping up on the counter top, pulling him in between my legs, locking my ankles behind him. 

“As of, 1 hour and 34 minutes ago, I decided to take a leave of absence. Its only temporary though.” In his features I could see discomfort, his eyes looking red and irritated. His scruff is long, almost to a beard point, and his hair a devils mess. 

“You look like you’ve seen the devil himself Cas, whats wrong?” I’m only now starting to take in his features, seeing that his eyes didn’t seem to shine the bright blue his is known for.

“Nothing is…” He leans in, kissing me gently, his head cocked to the right. My fingers slip through the small curls that where forming at the base of his neck. “…Wrong baby.” He mumbles against my lips. “Just missin’ you is all.” He hushes against me, his forehead leaning on mine. 

“Why are you so?… So hairy?” I laugh softly, pulling my fingers through his messy mop and then through his beard. “If I didn’t know any better I would say its almost as you’ve given up on personal hygiene and shaving.”  I state matter of factly. 

He just rolls his eyes, leaning in for another kiss. “Just have had better things to do than worry about my beard.” There is something he is not telling me.
I hand him over my cup of tea, letting him take a sip. I almost notice that his shoulders slump automatically, some stress that he had cooped up left. “You humans have weird stress relieving things.” He sighs.

“Cas what’s bothering you?” I ask. 

“Noth-The truth Castiel.” He knows 

I’m not playing because I made aware of his full name, not joking.
His eyes dart around the bunker kitchen, and suddenly the scenery changes in a blink of an eye. From the kitchen to my room. 

I am laying on the bed, and Cas is standing, his features looking at ease to be in such a familiar place. “Last time I was in here- we where fighting and you left.” I finish his statement. His eyes glue to the floor. “Not my proudest moment, along a lot other unmentionable.” His slowly begins to strip off his coat, letting it fall to the floor. His tie and blue pressed shirt soon falls off his body too, showing his light olive skin color. His body is breathtaking and last time we have been this close was a long time ago. 

“Cas what are you not telling me?” I call. He doesn’t answer, but turns around. His wings flexed from his back, spanning out to immense proportions. His left wing looks beautiful, glowing bright and seemed to be just as strong as the last time I saw them. His right one how ever, is crumpled up, his veins running a bright red under the feathers, the wing skin glowing a bright pink that didn’t begin to look healthy. 

Some feathers had fallen off, and dried blood replaced its stump. He flaps it momentarily, groaning out in pain as he swings it to cover his shoulders. “I was out scoping for demons trying to come after me. Kill them before they killed me. They casted a spell which didn’t completely hurt me. It knocked me down for a few days after I escaped. My feathers began falling out yesterday, and I presume the spell they chanted was one created by evil himself. If I’m correct, they meant harm on my wings; casting them to make all my feathers fall out.” He states. 

I shoot up from the bed, curling around to meet the front of him. “All? Like y-you wont have wings any more?” I ask, tears gathering in my eyes. Seeing my angel broken-well it made me broken. 

“No need to cry,” his finger wipes away the tear that started its journey down my cheek. “They will regrow back, but its a painful process and it just makes me tired.” He states. His hand settles around my jaw, bringing me in closer. Our lips meet softly, and I felt his warmth around me. He made me stop feeling sad, with his angel powers. I somehow forgotten the need to cry and feel bad for the featherless angel in front of me. 

“Cas make it stop,” I tell him. “Make me sad again, don’t take that away from me.” I state firmly. 

He catches a short breath. “No, I don’t want pity from you.” He turns to walk away from me, but I snatch his hand. “Castiel, I demand you to give me back what is mine, now.” I use a direct tone, pulling him closer to me. His blue eyes look upon me, glittering with tears. “Then don’t cast your pity and sorrow onto me, I don’t need it nor deserve it.” Within a second, tears stream down my face, and I felt pity, nothing but pity and sadness that some half dick demon blazed his angel feathers. 

“C-can I mend to them? I want to help Cas.” I whisper. 

“No, no can do.” He pulls away from me, taking a seat on my bed shaking his heat.

“What? Why?” My voice breaks. 

“Wing touching is exclusively for mates, a priority of loving and willing person. Property to the one who hold me and my heart in heavy times.” He sighs.
I blink away my tears, taking a step to him. “T-then let me help you find your  mate Castiel. Let me help you find her so she can fix your wings.” I say selflessly. Even though it pained me; I wanted to help him, even if it meant giving up the angel I’ve fallen for. 

“No, I can’t just go fetch my mate whenever I need her. And besides, I’ve already met her, I don’t want to put her through the burden of fixing me up while I heal. I’ve already asked too much of her.” He says, reaching back to scratch, groaning when he scratches too hard for relief, pulling a group of bloody feathers out. 

“Oh Cas!” I run to him, dropping on my knees between his legs, “Please we have to get her.” I rest my head on his knees feeling tears fall. “Your bleeding so bad, we need her, you need her.”

Tears kept falling as I watch him try his best to stretch his wing out, seeing him double in pain, gripping onto my shoulder as he shakes it out, more feathers falling on my bed, blood starting to matte his top layer.  

“Besides, we wouldn’t have to fetch her at all when the woman I love is crying before me, weeping at my pain. I would be asking too much to have you help me.” He whispers while still doubled over. “I’ve fetched you one to many times to mend things for me.” I reach up, grabbing his cheeks. I could not form words, my mouth going dry as the information he just provided me shook me to the core. Me? His mate? Castiel loving me when we haven’t even put a label on us or anything. Our many casual hookups and time spent together didn’t mean that we were mates. Or together. 

“Its been more than just hook ups and our time spent together. We truly bond, you can’t see that. Our souls have been separated for a long time, and when you healed me all those other times, they finally became familiar, they crossed paths and woke up, and clung together tightly. That’s why I’m most powerful around you, and you ache so much when I’m gone. The headache that you have been having and not telling anyone about, is your soul calling out for me, they didn’t take it lightly when they meant love is ugly and hurts.” He speaks softly, his pain subsiding.

“Cas please, just do this for me. I-I’m your mate, like you said this is my priority.” I could see his pain peak up again as he folded his wing around his arm. I felt the soft strokes his feathers left when they brushed against my skin, and it felt, excuse my wording, but heavenly. 

“My wings give me more than just the ability to go places, but they help give me power, when people believe in angels with wings, we get stronger. And when angels meet their soulmates, their wings burn hot because they are working over time." 

I question him, "What do you mean by that?”

“Its like you, believing in my every second every day. My wings stay strong and healthy. But the spell has wea-CAS! Just shut up and please let me help you!” I stand up, pulling him to his feet. “Just let me help.” I whisper into his lips, kissing softly. His hands rest gently on my waist, and my heart flutters softly. He steps away and rests back down on my bed, stomach first. I straddle his lower back, seeing where his wings met his shoulders; they where crusted with blood and grey substance. 

“D-do I just clean them?” I ask, reaching for the red area. 

“I-I don’t know.” He mumbles. So much help. 

But in seconds, it felt like angel 101 came crashing into me. I felt like I just read an entire book on how to heal a broken wing, how to stitch it back up. I get up and gather some cloths and a small bowl to hold cold water in, knowing that warm water was not good for the pores. I begin on the skin that connect his self to the wing, gently wiping away all the clots and grey debree. I run my cold fingers along the spine of his damaged right wing, hearing him groan and cry out in pain. I saw his fingers gripping tight at the sheets below us, his teeth digging into the memory foam. 

“Cas just, try not to think about it.” I whisper, leaning in to kiss the base of his neck while continuing to run my fingers along his long feathers. 

“Yeah, just try not to think about my severely hurting wings. It feels like they have been torched off.” He mumbles, followed by a moan of pain. 

“I’m so sorry baby.” I cry, cleaning at the blood around damaged spots. Its was like thinking hair, but thinning feathers. Completely bald on some spots and bloody. At the base of his wing, was a little gland that held oils to protect the small hairs, which I somehow just found out. I rubbed the small bud, hearing him whimper out. “T-that feels so good.” His back arched lower into the bed, and I dipped down with him. “D-don’t stop.” I feel like rubbing this gland was satisfy him more than anything. “Sounds like an Angel porno in here.” I laugh to myself as I gathered the oil it produced and began rubbing it softly on the swollen nubs that once held together a feather. 

It seemed to be a instant relief to him as he sighed, like putting aloe on a sun burn. “That feel so good baby.” He whispers. I kept at this, rubbing the gland and spreading the oil until his whole wing was greased and smooth with oil, catching the light and shining.

“I-I feel bad for asking bu-Yes, I will.” I whisper, reaching over to the other wing, and began giving it the same treatment, covering the whole span in oil. When I was done, I massaged what was left on my hands into his shoulders, leaning down to kiss all along his neck as I did so. Strangely, his oil smelt amazing. It was like a natural musk, and I could not get enough of it. 

In a brief second, the scenery changed around me, and now I was laying underneath Cas, both of us stripped down to nothing. I snake my arms around his neck, seeing his eyebrows no longer pinched together in pain. “H-how did you know all of that?” He asks. 

“I don’t know, its like it just came to me.” Is state. He leans his head down onto mine, his eyes closing as he drew in breath. His cheeks tinted a bright red color, “T-Thank you. It felt… Words can not describe how it felt.” He adds. I drag my hands down his chest smoothly, “It was nothing Castiel.” His eyes flicker open in a drop of a dime.

“Why do you call me that? Why use such mockery of my name?” He ask. I knew that he did not like me calling him by his full name; in which he insisted that only I could call him by Cas, confessing that he loved the way it sounded coming out if my mouth. Also admitting that his heart skipped when I did, something that I just now realized must be a mate thing.

“Because I love you Castiel, so much.” Instate in a serious tone, trailing my hands sown farther. It wasn’t like Cas wasn’t going to be thrown around alot tonight, we both had much more to look forwards too.

“I love you to angel.” He kisses me roughly, his teeth pulling at my bottom lip. 

“So much that it hurts.”

And it did hurt, because that’s what happened when an angel falls in love with his mate; something that rarely happened; seeing as angels could not love anyone because they where made to love everyone, and secondly, because they where forced apart from there mate forever, damned by the King of Hell for eternity, because he was the one who casted the angels away from their mates, for he could not find his while trapped in his cage.