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Honestly I loved who Elena was when she was with Stefen. She loved him, but she didn't let that relationship rule her entire life, you know? She cared deeply about the people around her and she had a lot more depth. With Damon I honestly kinda find her pathetic, like she's bent all of her morals and all of her codes to be with him. she had her annoying faults in the first seasons but she wasn't a hallow person. Damon ruined who she was as a person to me. I kinda wanted your inside on this this.

Well what was great about Stelena was that both Stefan and Elena could be there for people who depended on them because they had each other to go to home to, they relied one another, which made them strong throughout the supernatural shenanigans, allowing other people to rely on them, they could be the rocks or the “power couple” so to speak so lie they do this first:

so Elena can do this after:

and they work together to protect people

so Elena was more involved with her friends and family when she was with Stefan because it was a relationship that enhanced life, not shrink it down so that the only thing that mattered was the other person.

Now, there are relationships that do the whole you’re-my-entire-world-all-I-need-is-you dark, toxic relationship well, as I’ve said repeatedly, DE isn’t one of them and it isn’t one of them because Elena just becomes bland. She’s just there for Damon to win over and she doesn’t make it hard for him and if she ever is with someone who isn’t Damon, they’re just talking about Damon.

So every once in a while, an “accident” occurs on my photo-walks

So occasionally I like to take pictures of my Pokemon plushes in rather precarious positions, which usually make great photos, but occasionally things can backfire, and shenanigans ensue.

I was trying to get this shot while exploring Chicago. It looked really cool, and the fountain in the background had just turned on as I laid Garchomp into position, so it just got even better!

But then…

Cynthia, NOOOOOOOO!!

Well this is rather awkward.

So it took about 20 minutes of watching her float down stream, and a bunch of my friends laughing and making jokes about the whole situation, but I finally managed to catch the attention of some people kayaking down the river, and I got them to throw her back to me.

A bit wet from that little adventure, but at least she’s safe again! the whole incident became a massive inside-joke between a lot of my friends, and is frequently joked about whenever I’m bringing her near a river or a canal.

She dried off quickly as I took her for lunch, and by the end of the day, I captured the perfect photo to sum up our little adventure:

… well, @underfellfangame had a really exciting hour or so where there was hype regarding some halloween-themed X & error shenanigans, so of course i got randomly inspired and immediately started making something. and then it was done and the evidence deleted, heh. so, y’know, this looks random as hell, but hey. it’s either arriving fashionably? late or just consider it the halloween content i didn’t think i’d get to post.

design of the uf cuties to the UNDERFELL fangame team, particularly including @its-captain-senpai and @ilexdamenshi~. go give them so much love, guys.

The trials and tribulations of having a boyfriend who wears nearly the same size in everything.

Fighting Time ^^

Hi everyone!

I knew this day would come and indeed it has. As of this morning, my account wattpad saehan01 [where I normally post first] is no longer active, which means the translations are not available [maybe to those that saved on their reading list] nor do I have access to my account. I will be making an inquiry regarding this issue with them as soon as I can. I do hope that my account and the novels can be recovered in a timely manner. If not…well, that means I have to re-upload everything or find another site to post on as to avoid this kind of shenanigan again. 

For the time being, I will be personally taking a few days off from translating so that I can deal with this issue. I will definitely inform everyone about the outcome as soon as I contact Wattpad and hear back from them. I do hope that everyone understands my need to take these days off, but I’ll be back.

Do not worry! We will continue to translate the novel!! :) 

As always, THANK YOU for your kind support as we continue on to translate~

Sae ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ [fighting time]

the pontifex and the pea(s).

The Bro Squad™ (or three of them at least) pull a prank on the Pontifex and his girlfriend. It goes about as well as you think it will. Because @cindersart​ wanted some bros and shenanigans <3

‘What do you mean, Frank chickened out? Like—literally or?’

'No, I mean, he didn’t want to do this with us. Which makes him a chicken in the grand metaphorical sense.’

Nico, bored already, makes an impatient noise. He was enjoying a perfectly peaceful walk with a friend before Percy and Leo had so unceremoniously hauled him away. Whether or not Solace had been worried for the duo or Nico, it was unclear. It may have just been alarm at being suddenly left behind in the garden of Bacchus on his first trip to New Rome. With a little twinge of regret at how he’d been grabbed and yanked off in the middle of a very engaging conversation, Nico begins to question why they’re here at all. Percy and Leo resume their gabbling in hushed tones, both with glaring slap marks on their shoulders and arms from where Nico had shaken off their grip.

Point one for the boy with the bony hands and an ever increasing dislike of being manhandled.

'Why would he just back out?’

'He has common sense,’ Nico offers. He doesn’t blame Frank in the slightest. They get a few days in New Rome every month or so, and this is their plan for the trip? 'Or maybe he has important Praetor business. I have a meeting with the senate later, too. He might be preparing for it.’

Leo shakes his head, pouting, and hands Nico a grease stained note. He recognizes the writing. It reads:
“Please excuse Frank from your usual fuckery today, he has a strong case of the Moral Objections that can’t be cured. Or as Hazel diagnosed it: an allergy to Leo’s ideas. Signed, Praetor Ramírez-Arellano.”

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no ok but… ham modern au eliza and burr are good friends and sit and laugh at hams shenanigans, burr complains to eliza about all the shit he’s had to put up with, eliza giggles and tells some embarrassing story about alex. they laugh and ham looks over, glad to see theyre getting along so well when in actuality they’re just talking mad shit and smiling and waving at him when he looks at them


Discharge papers had been signed.  Everything except for the cannula attached to the portable oxygen tank in his lap had been disconnected and removed.  Physical therapy instructions had been given and follow-up appointments had been set.  They were all packed up and Sheppard was sitting in a wheelchair, wearing an actual set of clothes (gym shorts and a sweatshirt) for the first time in weeks.  Nurses had been in and out, wishing them well and telling them that they’d miss the singing and other shenanigans around the floor.  

As they rolled him down and out to the car, he was just happy to see something other than the one floor of the hospital.  The change of scenery alone was enough to send waves of relief washing over him.  Once he was in the car and Ziggy was sitting beside him, it finally hit him that it was really happening–he was getting to leave.  He was going to his house.  “Finally,” he smiled at her.  “Let’s get the hell away from this place.”

Crabbing on a Budget

Water dish edition!

I always come across people wondering how they are going to provide water dishes that are deep enough for the crabs to submerge in, cheap enough to afford, yet durable enough to last a while and stand up to crab shenanigans. Plus, how can you provide easy access to them safely and cleanly? Well, the good news is, this is very doable. Even better news? It’s a cheap set up that costs less than $5!

First, make a trip to your local dollar store, and there you can find bowls like this:

Color availability and prices may vary, but from experience and from briefly looking online, a pack is less than $2. I have had these bowls (I got red) for 2 years and they have been great. They are thick, heavy, durable plastic, and I haven’t had any issues using them. Easy to clean and crab-approved. I personally put two cups of water in mine, and there’s still a bit of room to spare since I like to have a little space to avoid spills. My largest can submerge enough to replenish her shell water with no issue, so they will work for most sizes up until good sized larges and jumbos.

Next, scoot on over to your local craft shop (JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, etc.) and get a sheet (or two) of this handy stuff:

This is plastic sewing canvas! I learned from other crabbers that this stuff works great to use as a ramp in the bowls, so I had to try it out myself. Once I did I never went back to using anything else! It’s easy to clean, durable, and very cheap. A sheet costs $0.98, and is very easily cut so you can create your ramp however you like.

And that, my friends, is how you can get water bowls set up for less than $5!

Set up tip: when installing the bowls, put them in the center of your crabitat and bury them in the sand so that only the lip of the bowl is showing. Crabs like to dig against corners and sides and love tipping things over, so doing this will help prevent mishaps from happening.

Happy crabbing!

Sexually Invested In You -Chapter Three

Look, @dragonslairfilledwithapples25 two updates in two days!

Best Night of Our Lives… So Far

An hour had easily passed with the three of them sitting in Evie’s room while Jay explained exactly what he had done to infuriate his and Mal’s enemy enough to result in them having to hide for the rest of the day. If she were being honest, Evie had tuned out ten minutes into the explanation, having no interest in rivalry shenanigans, but it was difficult for her to keep to her own thoughts with how often the two laughed hysterically. She found it ridiculous really, how people could laugh at the same things they hid from, but she didn’t comment on any of it, choosing to remain on the duo’s good side – well, as much as she could while having a life-changing secret with one of them.

           Once again, Evie was glad that her mother never spent her time at their house during the day, well aware that she wouldn’t approve of her involvement in such situations. However, when she noticed Jay standing and making a move toward her bedroom door that reasoning changed drastically.

           “I’ve got something I need to do,” Jay spoke as he opened the door, looking over to Evie. “Thanks for hiding us, I promise you won’t be dragged into our shit again.”

           “Thank you, Jay,” Evie replied, nodding her head in acknowledgement as he left, closing the door behind him.

           Silence immediately washed over the room, thick as wood, and Evie debated actually going through with an idea that would surely bring excess consequences crashing down on her. Before she could even turn her head, however, Mal had gotten to her feet as well, shuffling in place for only a moment before making her way to the door as well.

           Evie decided to take her chance.

           “Do you remember what happened the last time you were here?” She asked the question in a casual tone, making it sound almost as if she were bored.

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lightingoceans replied to your post “im in the mood for dragonslayer siblings shenanigans so…..*coughs*…”

well my fav dragon bruhs gotta be natsu x gajeel so how bout…“Hey, I read about this super illegal thing and I think we should do it.” B)

Gajeel liked to believe that, over the years, he had gotten pretty good at reading his family. 

He could tell when they were lying (Wendy’s lip twitched, Sting fiddled with his earlobes, and Laxus refused to make eye contact). He could tell when they were upset about something (Rogue went silent, Sting watched awful movies, and Wendy went to sleep).

And, most importantly, he could tell when they were up to something. Something that would, inevitably, mean trouble for him.

Wendy giggled, Cobra grinned (the biggest shit-eating grin you’ve probably ever seen) and Natsu?

Natsu bounced

Gajeel quirks a brow, glancing up from his magazine to find Natsu hopping from foot to foot, beaming up at him with a look in his eyes that Gajeel has long since learnt can only mean one thing. 


“I haven’t even said anything yet,” Natsu pouts, still hopping from foot to foot.

“The answer is still no.”

You,” Natsu huffs, sliding across the kitchen table to knock the magazine out of Gajeel’s hands. “You are a party-pooper.”

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Demons and Sleepovers

Inspired by:

(Th3 post about drunk girls and their cute shenanigans.)

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The party had been going on for hours now, and all the young women at the sorority sleepover party were at that pleasant stage of drunk where everything seemed brilliant.

Which was the major reason why they were daring each other to try out the summon Bridget had been given when she’d been accepted into the Cult of Dippingsauce. The other women didn’t believe that any demon could be friendly, and, well, Bridget was drunk enough that proving them wrong about this particular demon by calling him up seemed like a wonderful idea.

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Provocative Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira has now become the face of Illicit, Jimmy Choo’s new perfume. Rebellious and provocative, she’s about to release a second album with a telling title: Masochism. Numéro met up with her.

At the tender age of just 23, Sky Ferreira is not only well known for her music but also for her free spirit. And if the talented young singer songwriter acknowledges her fragilities, she’s turned them into a strength. She has now become the face of Illicit, Jimmy Choo’s new perfume. Rebellious and provocative, she’s about to release a second album with a telling title: Masochism.

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A Little Bit of Sunshine {open}

If asked, the Purple Guy would be happy to inform you that he could, in fact, take care of children without murdering them. He could take care of them well, even- there was a reason he had been just fine working at a children’s pizzeria for thirty or so years. In fact, even as a ghost, he tried to take care of Springtrap and did a pretty damn fine job, if he said so himself. He couldn’t maintain him anymore, but there were living people to do that! Why was that relevant? Well, Springtrap’s personality clearly belonged to a child.

What he could not do, however, was take care of the very human Springtrap (well, he thought Spring was human- he still had damn bunny ears and those didn’t look fake at all- and was that a fluffy tail?!) that had replaced the animatronic. Spring was a small kid now. A small kid in a… gold waistcoat? No, just a vest with tails. And he still had that damn pink and red ribbon tied around his floppy ear. Shit. Looked like he was waking up too…

The Purple Guy immediately nope’d on out of there. He was not equipped to deal with a bunny animatronic that suddenly found himself in an organic body. Nope. Not one little bit. Springtrap was officially someone else’s problem until he was back to normal.

…Hopefully whoever found Spring would be able to put the pieces together…

So I basically watch these four and their dumb shenanigans almost every day and I thought it would be fun to draw them all~ =v=

And bonus pic for Mark and Sean’s recent hair color changes for charity:

(previously, on Fitzsimmons Sims Shenanigans…)

So I got my screenshots of my cottage finally, and populated the rest of the neighborhood with lots while I was at it so I could actually send them out into the world, and there was lots of teleporting and world editing and saving while this happened. Throughout this, Fitz and Jemma’s wishes kept changing, and by the time I finally got to a place where I was ready to play again, they were both still Very Flirty and both had a wish to woohoo.


Far be it from me to deny them their wishes! Besides, we still haven’t gotten this on the show, so, I’ll take it where I can get it. (Probably worth noting that Jemma has the option to try for a baby again. JEMMA, CHILL.) So anyway, they both look pretty excited about it…

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