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To The Wonder

Pairing: Y/N/Michael

Rating: All

Request: No

Words: 1.600+

Summary: A fight between Y/N and Michael leaves her devastated as he has left for tour without a proper goodbye and that leaves her in wonder and sadness of how to get over his actions.

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Comments like that remind me of the dark days when you would find Hetalia-related commentary on videos that had nothing to do with Hetalia. They were just…there.

For example, I remember that for a long time, if you wanted to watch almost any video on Prussian history on YT, you’d find the comments were nothing but Hetalia references, and half of them would be “kesesese~” or something.

Those were mad times…mad times…

That one time Stephen Fry was talking in the commentary for Wilde and he kept talking about how his ass hurt in one scene even though it had nothing to do with the movie.

NAME: Kayla

BIRTHDAY: December 15

GENDER: Female


FAVORITE SODA: I drink waaaay too much soda but I like dark cherry soda like Dr. Pepper, Mr. Pibb, & Cherry Pepsi

FAVORITE CANDY: chocolate, chocolate/peanut butter, sour candy
FAVORITE PIZZA: pepperoni, sausage, & bacon… yummy

FAVORITE MEAL: dry rub ribs from Bandanas

BEST MEMORY: In college when I was in my second horse show, my friend and I rode in a “pairs class” with our horses. It was the funniest thing and the most fun I’ve ever had showing. Now we do pairs all the time expecting nothing but fun and laughter out of it.

BEST RELATIVE: My mom - we fight a lot but when things get rough, she’s there to pull through.

BEST PET: An Old English Sheepdog that I had when I was little. He was pretty much a babysitter to me and the gentlest guy ever


ONE RANDOM FACT ABOUT YOU: I can drive a tractor
ONE RANDOM FACT ABOUT YOUR DAY: I have laughed a lot today

ONE RANDOM FACT ABOUT YOUR JOB/SCHOOL: I discovered last semester that I enjoy poking horses with needles and sticking my hands in their mouths
ONE RANDOM FACT ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE TV SHOW: I can quote way too many lines from it

ONE RANDOM FACT YOU WISH WAS A FACT BUT IT ISN’T: I am a clean, neat, and organized person

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i cried a little bit when i checked the notes of that post and saw people turning it into samstevebucky like how the hell does that even happen it had nothing to do with the actual post. Not even going to get into everything else. If it's any consolation there's an xKit extension that lets you turn off notifications for a certain post. Don't know if you have it already, just trying to help. But it doesn't work on mobile, so all I can really say is sorry.

the notes of that post haunt me 

to be honest the shipping thing is Way Out Of Left Field but like. also. the trump comparisons and the 9852 “well you see, person who has clearly never heard of propaganda and doesn’t understand what a public school is like, here’s 3 paragraphs of explanation” comments kinda blew everything else so far out of the water that i am Barely Surprised by anything else on that post

,,,i,,,already blocked it like 2 hours after i posted it last night…but my phone……is……..Hell now,

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Are your thoughts the same for the promo for Niall and his distribution deal with Capitol? It would be Modest/SJPR and Capitol developing a strategy? Would it be 50/50?

It depends on the deal that Niall made with them. From all outward appearances, Capitol took the lead on Niall’s marketing for This Town and Simon Jones had little to nothing to do with it, but there’s no way to know without being in the meetings :)


She shouldn’t have fallen for this man. There was nothing she could do about it now, however. She had to hide him, get him somewhere safe.

Perhaps one day, she would be able to make it up to him or his descendants. He had become a vampire now, but there were many vampires that the Council didn’t know about. By the time they did find him after they learned of her own trechery, he would hopefully be powerful enough to brush them aside.

Only time would tell.

Fuck off with this myth that people won’t be motivated or won’t accomplish any innovation without profit incentives, I want to do a ton of shit to help society but i can can’t because i spend all my time trying to fucking create a base for my future survival in a meaningless power structure producing nothing but money at the expense of society’s most vulnerable. Just get the fuck away from with that logic tbh



protect ur smol ok