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Sanctuary - Part 2

Genre: Hybrid! BTS, BTS AU, fluff

Pairing: Hybrid! OT7 x reader

Warnings: nope! 

Summary: The adventures of living with 7 hybrids.

Authors Note:  Back by popular demand, SANCTUARY! But really, a lot of you wanted to see the drabble continued so it has no become a series!

Post Date: 11/20/17

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The Thanksgiving holiday was quickly approaching. Over the years you had developed several traditions with the boys. Currently, Jin and you were going over the Thanksgiving feast.

“Namjoon really wants to try and get a turkey himself,” you said.

“Are turkeys even native to this area?” Jin asked.

“He swears he’s seen a few in the woods. I say we let him try and buy a backup turkey… or two.” Jin nodded and wrote on the piece of paper in front of him.

“I found a new recipe for stuffing I’d like to try out,” he said.

“Sounds good. Whatever you make is always delicious.” Smiling you patted his broad shoulder. His plush lips stretched into a bright smile. Jin was always a sucker for compliments.

“I think we have enough potatoes from our vegetable garden to make mashed potatoes,” you said.

“Tae really worked hard on that garden this year.” Hearing his name Tae popped into the kitchen.

“What’re you talking about?” he asked.

“Your potatoes. We’re going to use them for Thanksgiving dinner,” you said.

“Oh yay!” Tae stood behind you and grabbed your hand. He gently bit your palm.

“Ah! Taehyung!” Jin scolded.

“It’s okay it doesn’t hurt. He just bites things he likes,” you assured. Tae grinned and bit down on your pinky finger, wiggling his eyebrows. Finally satisfied, he sat in your lap.

“T-Tae…you’re too heavy,” you gasped.

“Are you calling me fat?!” He stood up and put on an offended face.

“No, you’re just physically larger than me,” you said.

“You’re not a lap dog,” Jin said.

“Ha ha,” Tae said sarcastically. He sat down in the chair next to you and patted his lap. You raised an eyebrow at him skeptically.

“Only if you let Jin and I work,” you said. Tae crossed his heart and put his hand up.

“Boy scouts honor,” he said.

“You’ve never been a-“Jin began but cut himself off. Shaking your head, you sat in his lap. Tae immediately clung onto you, his arms and tail wrapping around your waist. He nuzzled into your shoulder. You heard him chuffing, indicating he was happy. (*authors note: I had to research what happy sounds tigers make…its chuffing lmao)

“So gravy…” you began.

“I want to try out homemade gravy,” Jin said.

“Ohh that sounds good. We’ll need to make a big grocery run the day before.”

 Your meeting with Jin was done just twenty minutes later. Jin went into his room to put away his notes, leaving you alone with Tae. You attempted to stand up but found yourself stuck in his arms. His slow breathing and lack of response told you he fell asleep. Your head dropped in defeat. Tae was one of the hardest to wake up, next to Jungkook.

“Tae…Tae… wake up,” you said. He grunted and tightened his grip on you.

“Tae come on.”

“Five more minutes,” He grumbled. You wriggled a bit to see if his grip had loosened. It had not.

“Tae I have to pee!” you said.

“Liar,” he said. Indeed, you were lying but it was worth a shot.

“If you let me go now you can sleep with me tonight.”



“Okayyyyy.” Tae released his grip on you, allowing you to stand up. You ruffled his hair in thanks.

Later that day you were walking through the woods with Hoseok. As cliché as it sounds, Hobi loved going on walks with you. You two made it a game to find interesting plants or undiscovered areas. Your favorite place was the small meadow just two miles away from the house. You often took a rest there. Hobi liked to make crowns out of the various flowers. You had no idea how he learned such a skill, but it was always a treat to see him wear one.

Seeing as winter was slowly approaching, the woods were less colorful and full of life. Still, the evergreens stood up to their name, their vibrancy never fading. Hoseok always had a lot of energy so you tried to make the walks long. He grasped your hands and intertwined his fingers with yours. This was something he always did while walking with you. Grinning, he began to swing your arms back and forth.

“Ah!  You’re going to dislocate my shoulder Hobi!” you teased. He laughed and stopped  swinging.

“You have to drive into town for groceries, right?” he asked.

“Yeah I think we’ll head there tomorrow. Do you want to come along?”

“Yes! I hope I can see Mrs. Booth in town.”

“That woman really loves you like you’re her grandchild.”

“She’s very sweet. I hope her health is alright.”

Your car wasn’t big enough to take all the boys with you. They often vied for a seat. Some boys were more excited to go into town than others. You tried to rotate who came to town, so no one was left out.

“It is your turn to come with me.”

“Yay!” Hobi let go of your hand in leu of wrapping you up in a hug and spinning you around. You laughed and held on for dear life, not wanting to be flung into the woods.

As you walked back home, Hobi noticed your red cheeks. The air was quite brisk. Hoseok took off his own scarf and wrapped it high around your neck so half of your face was covered. He patted your head once he was done, smiling.

“We can’t have you being cold,” he said.

“Aren’t you going to be cold without a scarf?”

“Nope! I’m always a little warm.” He booped your nose and took your hand, leading you back home.

When you and Hobi arrived back home, the rest of the gang was waiting in the foyer for you. It took you a moment to peel of your layers before facing them all.
“What’s up?” you asked. A sudden chorus of voices jumped out at you.

“I wanna go into town!”

“But it’s my turn!”

“You went last time.”

“Y/N I really wanna go grocery shopping.”

“I can carry a lot of bags!”

You held back a laugh. Sometimes the boys did not act their age. You waved your hands in the air.
“Whoa, whoa! Slow down. You all really want to go this time?”

“Yes!” they all said in unison.

“My car isn’t big enough to fit you all…maybe…ah.”

“What?” Namjoon said.

“We could get a taxi large enough to fit all of us.”

“Won’t that be expensive?” Jimin asked.

“Mmm not too bad. Taxi’s out here are more generous than in the cities.”

“So, we all get to come?” Jungkook asked.

“Yes, you all get to come.” You were suddenly engulfed in a group hug, several boys nuzzling at you, others squeezing you a bit too hard. Despite that, you couldn’t help but laugh. You loved your odd family.

After a hot shower, you found Tae sitting on your bed in silk pajamas. He was cutely playing with the few plushies you had on your bed. You laughed, still drying your hair with a towel. Tae grinned at you and got up from the bed, following you to your vanity. He sat next to you on the bench, idly chatting with you as you did your nightly routine.

As you picked up your brush Tae suddenly grasped your hand.

“Can I brush your hair? I’ve always wanted to.”

“Really?” you asked. You would have never guessed he had such desires.

“Yeah, you always do it for me.”

“Well, okay.” You handed him the brush. He grinned, exposing his large canines. You were immediately struck with how gentle he was being. He swooped your hair into his hand and began to slowly brush out your tangles. Tae made sure to start at the bottom and work his way up like you did with him. He marveled at how soft your hair was.

Your eyes closed as he worked his way to your scalp. Once he was done he set the brush on your vanity and tucked some strands behind your ears.

“Thank you, Tae that was really relaxing.” You smiled gently at him. He beamed back at you, suddenly picking you up and plopping you down on your bed. The tiger jumped in after you and quickly burrowed under your covers. You did the same, finding a comfortable position.

“Did you brush your teeth?” you asked.

“Mhmm.” Taehyung shuffled over to you in the dark and clung onto you like a koala bear. He was a very cuddly sleeper, never letting you go. It didn’t affect your sleep either way, so you didn’t mind.

“Good night,” you said.



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Braydon Coburn or Slater Koekkoek

The Joyride -Part 4 (Jason Todd x Reader)

A/N: I’m sorry this took so long! I worked hard on it, though, and stayed up until 2:30 writing it! I hope you like it! If you’re on desktop just click the title to enlarge the post! This is not the last part!

Warnings: Injury, angst

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Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four

The past few days had been nothing short of hellish. It was an undeniable truth, but strangely enough, you were still hopeful. Jason had agreed to move back into the manor, at least temporarily, while you were recovering.

Bruce had brought the family in to visit, and it had lifted your spirits greatly. You hadn’t realized how much you would miss having a life with friends until you had to be cooped up in a bed for days at a time.

Dick had cried when he had seen your condition, and had cried even harder when Jason told him exactly what had happened. Of the three, Tim seemed to be the calmest. Dick was hysterical and Damian had vowed revenge on whoever had done this to you.

Alfred came in and talked to you for a while, which was greatly comforting.

Once they had left, Jason insisted that you rest, concerned that all the excitement had been too much.

That had been the day before, and today the nurses were telling you that they were going to try to get you back on your feet.

That was why Jason was currently easing you out of the hospital bed, careful not to aggravate your injuries.

“Take it slow, babe,” he cautioned, wrapping one arm around your back while a nurse helped shift you so that your legs dangled off the bed.

You winced as your legs were jostled. They were still bruised, and the wounds and scars where they’d had to surgically remove the shrapnel still stung slightly.

“Take it easy,” he repeated, his voice slightly hushed. “We’re gonna take it easy.”

“Yeah,” you replied softly, comforted by his presence, as he and the nurse worked to get you to your feet. Your legs felt weak, and you could barely support your own weight. Slowly, but surely, you were standing, leaning on Jason, who stood to your right, for support.

“You good?” Jason asked, careful not to overexert you.

“I’m good,” you answered, giving him a hesitant smile.

He smiled back, giving a thumbs up with his free hand. “We’ve got this.”

You nodded your head. “We’ve got this.”

“Okay, we’re gonna move forward, now. It’ll be slow at first. Are you okay with that?” the nurse inquired cautiously, standing at your left.

“Yeah,” you affirmed, preparing to move forward.

“Okay, here we go.”

Jason moved with you as you put one foot in front of the other and began to shift your weight. You faltered slightly, and Jason was quick to steady you.

“Who knew walking could be so hard?” you asked, giving a short and shaky laugh before your leg faltered again.

“Careful, there,” Jason chuckled, inching forward as you took another small step. “Don’t hurt yourself.”

“I’m okay,” you assured him softly. “We got this, right?”

He nodded as you took another step, holding you up as you wavered. This went on for a little while until you reached the doorway, and the nurse instructed that he walk you back to the bed. He helped you back in and under the blankets, and the nurse did some routine checks before leaving.

Once you were alone, you smiled over at Jay. “Wow. I made it a whole five feet. I could probably sprint a marathon now.”

“Hey, you made it five feet and back,” he joked, brushing your hair out of your face with his thumb and giving you a crooked smile.

“How impressive,” you sighed, biting your lip as you frowned slightly.

“Hey, don’t be like that,” he reassured you soothingly. “You’re recovering. It’s gonna take a little while, but you’re gonna make it.”

“I know,” you mumbled. “But I’m just impatient. Being cooped up in here all the time is just- it’s driving me crazy. At least once you recovered they let Bruce bring you your clothes and stuff. I don’t even get to wear my own clothes.”

“I get it,” he agreed, leaning forward to kiss you on the forehead. “You’ll be out in a couple days, though, and we’ll be back at the manor, and everything will be just fine.”

“God, I hope so,” you muttered, looking up at the white-tiled ceiling. You’d never thought you’d miss seeing colors other than white and the occasional blue, but you did. The tanned leather of Jason’s jacket and the blue of his eyes seemed like the only things in the room that had any real vibrancy or depth.

“We’ll be fine,” Jason repeated soothingly. He stopped himself from adding ‘I promise,’ to the end. As much as it pained him to acknowledge it, he knew that he was in no position to give you that promise.

You nodded and closed your eyes, letting out a long sigh. It was going to be a long few days.

You had been right. The next few days had crawled by agonizingly slowly, and your walking hadn’t improved much. You were able to get down the hallway with Jason’s help but that was about it. The hospital staff had decided to send you home, but you would need to be in a wheelchair and going back to the hospital every few days until they decided you were fit to walk on your own.

It wasn’t what you had wanted. You wanted to leave fully able to walk, and it frustrated you that you weren’t recovering as fast you would have liked. You were frowning as Jason wheeled you out the front entrance, though you were glad to finally breathe fresh air and you were glad to be part of the real world again.

Bruce pulled up to the curb and Jason pushed you over, helping you into the car before collapsing your wheelchair and packing it into the trunk.

You were itching to get back to the manor, and you were bubbling with anticipation as Jason took you up the walkway to the manor, excited to see your family all at once and not one at a time in a tiny room.

The boys were all waiting in the living room, all draped awkwardly across the furniture. They didn’t notice you at first, as Damian had stomach flopped onto the couch and had his nose buried in a video game, Tim was reading and looked preoccupied, and Dick was staring intently down into a bowl of Lucky Charms.

You cleared your throat softly, and they looked over. Soon, they were all on their feet and had moved to greet you. They were excited to have you back, and it was so refreshing. Happiness and excitement felt surreal compared to the tangle of panic and desperation that had consumed you mere days ago.

Of course there was always something to bring you back down, and this time it was the fatigue. You hadn’t even been interacting with your friends for fifteen minutes before you were unbearably tired. Somehow this was almost worse than the hospital. To be so close to normalcy but having it just out of reach.

“I’m so sick of this,” you hissed as Jason helped you into a separate wheelchair that you had to use for the stairs. “I’m not getting any better. How am I supposed to go back out on patrol when I can’t even walk?

“Give it time,” Jason replied, his voice comforting and soft. He moved and knelt down in front of your chair. “You’ve only been out of the hospital for two days. You’re going to be fine.”

“You keep saying that. Nothing is getting better!” you snapped, your voice breaking slightly.

“Hey, hey,” Jason soothed, moving a hand to brush the backs of his fingers against your cheek. “You’re going to get better.”

“God, I’m sorry, Jay,” you mumbled, sighing. “I’m just impatient. I want things to go back to normal, you know?”

“I understand, babe. I understand. Let’s get you upstairs now, okay?”

You nodded and sighed. You felt terrible for snapping at him. He’d been so wonderful through this whole thing. You were so tired, though. You were just beginning to process just how close you had come to losing everything, and it had started to weigh on you. You hadn’t slept very well the last few nights. Every time you closed your eyes you saw the pavement rushing towards your face or the sparks against the concrete guardrail. In moments of quiet you heard the engine of that truck as it slowly pushed you towards the edge and the screech of metal scraping against stone. Your entire stay in the hospital, you had been praying that you could come back home, and wishing that you could leave. But now that you were actually home, the aftermath had set in and you had grown weary of living in your own head.

It was a quiet day, Jason was out running some errands, and the others were all in the cave. That left you alone upstairs with a plan that no one in their right mind would approve of. You hoisted yourself out of your chair, bracing yourself against your chest-of-drawers as you rose.

Even as you stood stationary, you knew it was a terrible idea. But that didn’t stop you. You inched yourself towards the doorway, leaning on your good arm, your broken wrist dangling uselessly at your side. Logic-be-damned, you were going to walk, and you were going to walk now.

You reached the edge of the dresser, and you held onto the corner to support yourself. You were about a foot away from the doorway, and your goal was to make it through the hallway and down the stairs.

You let go of the dresser and moved towards the doorway. Your stomach dropped as your legs gave out underneath you. You let out a short cry as you collapsed partway through the doorframe. You didn’t want to call for help, that would be mortifying, but you were also aware that with one useless arm, you were in absolutely no position to get yourself back up. You sighed and stared across the floor, your cheek pressing up against the hardwood. At least you had a lovely floor-view of the hallway. You weren’t sure when, but at some point you drifted off, waiting for someone to come upstairs and find you.

Jason set the groceries down in the kitchen and put his keys back in his pocket before deciding to go upstairs to check on you. He climbed the staircase, his boots thumping lightly against the wooden stairs, and turned into the hallway.

When he saw you collapsed and unconscious, he feared the worst. When he saw you, unmoving, he froze. When he saw you, all he could think was how much you had suffered already and how much you had gone through, and for what? He rushed forward, practically diving onto his knees to be at your side. There was already a knot at the back of his throat, and tears already welling up in his eyes because this couldn’t be happening. Because he’d already suffered so much. And oh please, God, not her too.

Gently, hesitantly, he shook your shoulder. When you didn’t move at first, he let out a sob, and for a second he felt his heart being ripped out of his chest. But then you were moving, and your eyes were open and he was thanking whatever deity was listening.

“Oh my god,” was all he managed to choke out as your eyes met his, and relief seemed to be the only feeling he knew.

You frowned, confusion evident in your expression, your mind still cloudy from having just been stirred. “Jay?”

He pulled you into his arms and held you tightly. Your legs were draped off to the side in an awkward position but he didn’t care.

“I’m sorry, Jason,” you whispered into his shoulder, the side of your face pressed against the leather of his jacket. “I just wanted to walk.”

“Don’t do that to me. Don’t scare me like that. What were you thinking?” He held you even tighter as he spoke, his voice still cracking as tears spilled down the sides of his face.

“I’m sorry,” you repeated, guilt washing over you in tidal waves. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

Jason didn’t say anything, just held you closer and buried his face in your shoulder. He prayed that nothing like this would happen again. He prayed for your safety and he prayed for this nightmare to end. He had suffered through too much, but he couldn’t seem to suffer enough.


Summary: Betty Cooper is forced to make a choice between the Northside and the Southside when she is threatened by an unidentified criminal. Will she choose the home she’s always known and the mask she’s worn for her whole life? Or will she choose the dark path to new beginnings? In this oneshot, Betty is compelled to decide where her loyalties truly lie.

“Back before eight, Elizabeth,” Alice called after her daughter as Betty headed out the front door. “Your father and I have that meeting with Mayor McCoy tonight.”

“I know, mom,” Betty replied pulling the door shut behind her. She walked down the sidewalk, on her way to the bus stop. As she passed the Andrews residence, she noticed that it was unusually quiet. Fred would be off at work, but where was Archie?

Her question was answered when she saw him walking up the sidewalk towards her, his red-hair sticking out every which way. There was a look of worry on his face, but that wasn’t abnormal.

Ever since Fred Andrews had been shot, reports of kidnappings and murders in Riverdale had increased. The newspapers were filled with reports of teens going missing or someone being found lying in a pool of blood in their home. Black Hood hadn’t been caught, and this had caused a state of paranoia in Archie. He had almost gone crazy trying to find Black Hood, losing interest in music and football altogether. He stopped talking to any of his friends and after a few futile efforts, they gave up, except Betty. But that was inevitable, considering that they were next door neighbors. It had also strained his relationship with Veronica, ultimately resulting in them breaking up. No matter how hard they tried, no one could bring back the old music-loving jock.

“Hey, Betty,” Archie greeted. “Where are you off to?”

“I’m going to see Jughead,” Betty answered knowing what was about to come. Archie’s expression hardened.

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Dreams Like Air - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request - “Could you do a modern day gatsby inspired imagine (or mini series), where y/n is dating monty (aka tom buchanan kinda), and she had a thing with jeff (gatsby) in the past. And jeff tries to get her back. Thanks x”

A/N: I’m crying at this request I honestly am so in love with it, The Great Gatsby is one of my favourite books ever and i don’t know if I could ever do it justice. May or may not have nicked some… can I get done for plagiarism? Let me know if you want a Part 2, I left the ending open.

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The Song Is You (Chapter One)

Summary: A summer road trip with your best friend lends its way to some revelations. 

Author’s Note: This has been a long time coming, you guys!! You’ve probably been hearing Esme and I talk about our fic collab for a while now. We’re very excited to finally begin releasing this special piece to the public! All we can say now is that you will finally understand all the Monster Mash and “rick rolling” jokes you’ve heard in the last weeks. 

*** If you wanted to listen to the road trip playlist that is mentioned in this chapter, please click here!! 

Words: 4,481 

Warnings: an extremely cheesy mixtape, lame jokes, Lin showing off (so, nothing?) 

Without any further ado, welcome to the world Esme and I have so lovingly crafted for you! 

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The Girl From The FBI Academy, Part Two: A Stiles Stilinski Imagine

So here’s part two! Just in case you missed it, you can find Part One just below, hope it’s okay for you guys! Enjoy x

Part One   Part Three   Part Four   Part Five

Stiles couldn’t believe that someone like Y/N was actually talking to him. She was adorable, the way she tucked her hair behind her ear when she talked about something she loved, the way she laughed whenever he was his usual awkward self. 

But there was something off about her, that much Stiles noticed when he mentioned Beacon Hills. It was only for a moment, but he saw her jaw drop and her eyes lose their vibrancy. He couldn’t help but wonder if she had a connection to the supernatural. 

Stiles, being Stiles Stilinski and wanting his normal life, chose to ignore that and brushed it off, swiftly announcing that they’d reached where they were supposed to be. 

There would be no mention of the supernatural while at the FBI. 

Y/N took her place beside Stiles at the desk, stealing glances at him whenever she could while he emptied his bag. He was from Beacon Hills. Maybe, maybe he knew him. No, someone as nice as the boy next to her couldn’t possibly be associated with a monster like that. 

The lecturer began introducing the class, and Y/N felt herself becoming more and more insecure by the second. All these students, even Stiles, were here because it was where they belonged. She didn’t belong here. This was just a means to an end. Her path to justice and vengeance. 

She couldn’t help but hide her laughter when Stiles interrupted frequently. Others stared at him in a way that Y/N could relate to, a way that was supposed to make him feel different to the rest of them. But Stiles took no notice of this, continuing to interrupt when and where he could. 

She admired him for that. 

Out of the corner of his eye, Stiles saw Y/N biting her lip as she looked at him, a clear indication of her trying not to laugh. He felt that inner pride once again at knowing she was definitely interested in him. He continued to make his interruptions, his natural curiosity brimming at the surface.

And then Derek Hale appeared on the screen. 

Stiles spat out the water he was holding in his mouth, earning a few strange looks. He didn’t look at Y/N, knowing he’d just embarrassed himself in front of her, and that she’d probably want nothing to do with him now. 

What the hell was Derek Hale doing here? So much for no mention of the supernatural while at the FBI.

When Stiles showed surprise at the half-naked man on the screen, Y/N knew that she had been wrong. He obviously knew him. But, she didn’t understand how. Stiles had seemed so nice, so genuinely lovely and yet he was associated with a monster like the one on the screen. 

Derek Hale. Her reason for applying for the internship. The man who destroyed her life. 

Y/N watched as Stiles played off his earlier incident, instead proceeding to ask why the FBI was after him. 

“Mass murder,” was the answer. 

Yeah, Y/N thought, just ask me. I’ll tell you all about it. 

She didn’t look at Stiles for the rest of the day, ignoring him when he went to corner her at the end of the lecture. She had planning to do; one way or another, she was going to make Derek Hale pay. 

With or without Stiles.


Coloring Tutorial

Someone asked for a tutorial on how to color since I don’t use PSDs, so here it is! This is only the second tutorial I’ve ever made so please bear with me, and feel free to ask me questions if something isn’t clear. 

This tutorial is for people who already have a basic knowledge of photoshop and how to make gifs. 

I’m going to be showing you how to turn this:

into this:

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she wouldn’t be wearing a swimsuit that small if anyone other than you and the nearby school of angelfish were here.

“mulder, that’s ridiculous,” she said last week at costco when you put two snorkel sets - a pink one for her because you think she looks cute in that color, a grey one for yourself because, unlike her, you don’t look good in pink - into your cart. “we’re not going to get that up-close. you know i don’t like swimming in the ocean.”

but as she dives below the sea’s surface once more, follows the school as they shimmy down by the nearly-endless reef below both of you, you’re pretty sure she was wrong.

she presses against the water with her hands, moves away from you while you look in between sea-fans and fire corals. though you’re thankful for the change, for the difference, you know these colors could never exist in the states, at least not in the part of the states where you both live, no matter how greatly you wish they would. out there, everything is grassy and earthy, the colors being those of mountains, canyons, freshwater lakes, but here, cold and warm fluorescents light up the strangely-blue water, and though you’re wearing goggles, the world comes through in perfectly clear technicolor. the fish are like pizza shop open signs, the reefs textured and endless, the sand flitted with pink flecks that shine out most when they’re stuck to her hands. after the bout of winter you’ve had in virginia, the warmth and vibrance of the maldives feel life-affirming, the combination acting as a brash awakening to the varying beauties of the world. you’re glad that your first true vacation together was to somewhere that feels like another planet.

and dana scully on a beach has been your most pleasant surprise so far. somehow, she found a tiny surf-shack for you both to stay in on himmafushi, just a bedroom and no kitchen, so when you’re both not lounging around and reading with the windows open, you’re on the beach, her sunscreen close by and your typical clothes left in your suitcases; most often, you’re both wearing swimsuits, the exposure of her skin so new even though you’ve known her for so many years. now, you eye her tattoo far ahead of you in the water, her glance drifting back, her eyes signaling keep up, mulder.

then, she dives down, and because she goes head-first past its edge, you’re sure she’s at the end of the reef. kicking forward, you follow, then tense as you see the depth; apparently, you’re farther out than you assumed, for the distance from the sandy bottom to the crests of the waves is…ten, maybe fifteen feet? the reef alone must be four feet tall. with her stomach parallel to the bottom, she swims alongside two stringrays, the three making a pale pack, the rays shimmying like bedsheets on a clothesline in summer; you breathe at the top of the water, the glugging sounds of lapping waves coming into your years, and wish you had a camera so that you could immortalize the way she blends in here, could always remember her sense of ease on this part of the planet. then, the rays swivel off in other directions, and she needs a breath, so she presses up, crests through the water a few feet away, leaves a trail of bubbles behind her. lazily, you pad over to her while her dainty little ankles tread water.

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my favorite color was red

a/n: this is the first time i’ve written anything in a few years and it felt so good to start up again !!!!! i hope you all like this :-)

summary: it’s been fifteen horribly long years since alec lightwood died during a mission gone wrong and magnus cannot keep the memories at bay. despair ensues.

word count: 2,203

“Please Alec, please keep your eyes open! Look at me! Alexander,” Magnus pleaded, his voice cracking when he used Alec’s full name. “I love you! I love you! You are not allowed to leave me, you have to stay with me!” A sob was ripped out of Magnus’ throat as he did everything he could, but he was too late. He had always been too late.

It was only supposed to be a routine mission, just a few demons. Nothing that they couldn’t handle. Except that it was. There were dozens upon dozens of demons inside that warehouse, and they were simply outnumbered.

Blood. There was so much blood. Magnus’ hands were stained red with the blood of the man that he loved. He had always thought of the color red as symbolizing passion and love and lust; it was the color of wine and lipstick and it had always been one of Magnus’ favorite colors, but now all he could see was red and Alec laying in front of him, dying, on this filthy warehouse floor.

“Mag-” Alec began, but blood bubbled out of the corner of his mouth and rattling sounds came from his throat that made Magnus’ heart break in two.

Magnus was desperately trying to heal him, as tears streamed down his face. Sparks were shooting from his hands in a torrent of blues and yellows and reds as he poured everything he had into saving the love of his life.

“Magnus,” Alec whispered, his hands catching at Magnus’, forcing him to look into his eyes. “It’s okay. It’s okay.”

“Alec, it’s not okay, you’re dying! Let me heal you, p-please, please,” Magnus begged, trying to rip his hands away from Alec.

But Alec tightened his grip as much as he could and looked at Magnus with his luminous hazel eyes. They were reflecting the moonlight that shone through the broken warehouse windows, and Magnus swore he had never seen anything so tragically exquisite in all his years.

“Don’t ever forget-” Alec coughed, blood coloring his lips, and it was now that Magnus began to loathe the color red. “I love you. So much. I am so h-happy.” His eyes were wet and his shirt was soaked with blood and yet somehow he was still smiling.

Magnus’ heart lurched and he pulled his hands free from Alec’s, once again doing everything he could, casting every spell he had ever learned. Alec gasped and pain etched across his face as his breaths came out in short, harsh pants. Magnus would have burned the whole world down if it meant that Alec would never feel any pain ever again.

“Dammit Alexander, you are not dying!” Magnus sobbed. “This isn’t fair! We were supposed to have more time!”

Magnus’ magic sputtered out and he fell forward, laying his forehead on Alec’s, running his hands through the soft, onyx-black hair that he had loved so much.

“IloveyouIloveyouIloveyou,” Magnus mumbled into the small space between himself and Alec, and if he focused hard enough, he could imagine that they were back at the loft, laying in their bed and laughing and touching and kissing. But they were not in bed, and they were not laughing. This was it.

“Be happy, Magnus, promise me,” Alec begged, gripping Magnus’ sleeve so hard his knuckles turned white. His breathing began to stutter and the muscles in his body were beginning to loosen. “P-promise.”

“Yes, yes, I promise, I promise,” Magnus choked, his tears falling on to Alec’s cheeks and rolling down his face as if they were his own.

“Magnus, I love-” Alec’s voice came to a halt and his eyes widened, then closed, as he took his final breath.

Magnus yelled out Alec’s name as his vision went red and then pulled Alec’s limp body into his lap, and then he cried and he cried and he cried.

Magnus swiped angrily at the single tear that had escaped his eye and gripped his glass of whiskey until he felt it may break.

Fifteen years. It had been fifteen years since he had held the lifeless body of Alec Lightwood in that cold abandoned warehouse on the worst night of his life. All he could remember was the feeling that he was being ripped apart from the inside out, and screaming and crying and shouting until his voice had run out.

Now he sat in the same loft that he had shared with Alec only fifteen years before, only now it had lost all of the vibrancy and color it had once held. After that night, Magnus had walked into the loft, almost numb with disbelief, and had unleashed every ounce of anger he had ever possessed. He had knocked over paintings and vases and crystals; he overturned the tables and chairs and bookshelves and his skin had begun to glow dark blue with grief. Once Magnus had destroyed nearly the entire loft, he rid the place of anything that was red, unable to bare looking at the color. He had not had the will power to leave and go somewhere where there weren’t constant reminders of what he had lost; the loft was all he had left to show that Alec had loved him and that he wasn’t just one of Magnus’ wild stories.

Magnus closed his eyes and grit his teeth as he was subjected to another flashback.

“When Shadowhunters fall in love, Magnus, it’s for life,” Alec whispered, his breath falling onto the warlock’s lips.

Their foreheads were pressed against each other, and their noses were brushing and it was anything and everything all at once and Magnus found that he could not speak past the lump in his throat, as Alec’s beautiful hazel eyes bore into his own. He didn’t know how to tell Alec that he loved him so much that he felt like his chest was being crushed and he couldn’t fucking breathe. Instead, Magnus pulled Alec into him as tight as he could, sending waves of his magic from his hands to Alec’s skin, wanting Alec to really feel how much Magnus truly loved him.

Alec gasped and pulled back, his hands still woven into the hair at the nape of Magnus’ neck. He looked surprised and confused and so goddamn in love.

“By the Angel,” Alec croaked, surging forward to kiss Magnus desperately, his lips searching Magnus’ as if they were a map that could lead him to priceless treasures.

Magnus closed his eyes as Alec kissed him, and placed his hands on the sides of Alec’s face, his thumbs delicately stroking his cheeks. Alec had moved to hold on to the collar of Magnus’ jacket, trying to pull him impossibly closer. He had always loved the way that Alec had kissed him as if it was the last time he ever would. Alec poured his soul into every kiss, every touch, every breath.

“What- what was that?” Alec breathed when he had pulled away, holding on to Magnus’ jacket like it was a lifeline. His eyes were wild and his cheeks had flushed significantly. Magnus had thought he had looked positively divine.

Magnus smiled. “I used my magic to transfer some of my emotions to you,” Magnus mumbled shyly. “There are no words existing in the English language that come close to my love for you, so I showed you how I felt instead.”

“Magnus Bane, you never cease to amaze me,” Alec said, repeating Magnus’ words from so long ago.

“Shut up and kiss me, you beautiful, beautiful Nephilim,” Magnus muttered, before pulling Alec back in for another kiss, everything and everyone around them disappearing, leaving only the two of them. The whole world was theirs.

“FUCK!” Magnus yelled hoarsely, ripping himself from his memories, and throwing the glass of whiskey as anger and despair united inside of him. The glass hit the wall on the other side of the room and shattered into thousands of minuscule pieces, but it was nothing compared to the millions of broken pieces of his heart.

Magnus pushed himself out of his chair harshly, sending it toppling backwards onto the floor. He did not pay it any mind. He found that it was difficult to care about anything these days. Well, almost anything.

“You left,” Magnus seethed, speaking to nothing but the dusty furniture that had sat untouched for years, his blood boiling beneath his skin. “Just like all of the others. You left me and I hate you.”

His lip trembled as he sank to the floor, his knees pulled to his chest and his hands buried in his unwashed hair, tugging at the strands.

Oh, how you wish you could hate him said a voice inside of his head that sounded strangely like himself.

But dear gods did you love him.

You loved him so much you would have moved heaven and earth to make him happy.

And now he’s dead and there is nothing that you can do.

As the voice taunted and teased, Magnus’ heart rate began to rise and his breathing became heavy and labored.

He pushed himself off the ground unsteadily and ran to the bedroom, his throat closing and his vision becoming so blurry he could hardly see a foot in front of him. Magnus shoved the closet door open and pulled things out one by one, throwing them behind him and not caring if they broke.

When Magnus finally found what he was looking for he fell back onto the floor and held the object in his trembling hands. It was a small, black, velvet box that looked extraordinarily ordinary from the outside, but meant more to Magnus than anything had in a long, long time.

The box clicked as he opened it, and his breath hitched as he fell helplessly into another unwanted memory.

Alec seemed nervous and jittery, which was not unusual, but worried Magnus all the same. He had been pacing the apartment and was oblivious to where Magnus stood watching him from the threshold of their bedroom.

“What’s wrong, my love?” Magnus asked softly, walking up to Alec where he stood in the middle of the living room, repeatedly running his hands through his untamed hair.

“I, uh, I, um-” Alec stopped and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath and pulling something out of his back pocket. “I got you something.”

Magnus stared at the box, which was only a little larger than a box for an engagement ring and he took it gently from Alec’s outstretched hand.

“It’s not much and I’m sorry if you don’t like it. You don’t have to keep it, you can just get rid of it if you want, I don’t mind really-” Alec stopped mid-sentence.

While Alec had been rambling on Magnus had opened the box, and inside sat an obsidian arrowhead, no larger than the palm of his hand. Magnus took the gift and turned it over, his heart skipping a beat when he saw what had been engraved.

Yours for eternity, AL.

Magnus did not have the time to try and stop the tears, and they were now falling freely down his face. His whole body felt warm as he closed his fingers over the arrowhead. He had never felt so loved.

When Alec saw the tears on Magnus’ face he stepped forward and grabbed Magnus’ face between his hands, lovingly brushing the tears away with his thumbs. Magnus leaned into Alec’s touch, turning his head sideways and kissing Alec’s palm tenderly.

“Alexander,” Magnus choked, moving to clutch Alec’s shirt between his fingers. “Sometimes it is hard for me to believe that you are only half angel. You have blessed my life more than you know and I am hopelessly and implicitly in love with you.”

A smile broke out on Alec’s face, and Magnus could’ve sworn that it lit up the entire room. He saw that Alec’s eyes were glistening as well, and was glad that he was not alone in his elation.

“I love you, Magnus,” Alec whispered, pressing soft kisses to Magnus’ cheeks, his temples, his nose, his eyes, and everywhere he could reach. “More than you will ever know.”

Magnus had never been so happy in his entire life. Not once over many centuries, parties, and lovers had anyone brought him as much bliss as the stunningly magnificent Shadowhunter standing in front of him.

Magnus laughed a beautiful laugh and kissed Alec with his entire heart, handing it to him willingly, unaware of how soon it would break.

Magnus wanted to question whether or not that it was worth it. Had loving Alec been worth the unbearable agony he has endured for the past fifteen years? The sleepless nights spent sobbing on his bathroom floor, willing the memories away? The tormenting nightmares of Alec bleeding out, where he woke up screaming, looking desperately for someone who wasn’t there?

But Magnus could not bring himself to even question if it was worth it, because Alec Lightwood was worth every goddamn second.

Magnus gasped for breath and choked on his tears as he clutched the arrowhead so tight in his hand that it broke the skin.

Blood dripped down his arm and all Magnus saw was red.

Day 28: Pregnancy

SasuHina Month

Day 28. Prompt - Pregnancy. Normal Universe, Post-War.

         “Welcome back.”

         Those were the words that greeted him the moment Sasuke stepped inside of his house, slipping his shoes off by the door. He hadn’t seen his wife yet, but she had clearly been expecting him - the space was spotless from top to bottom, left to right. For a few seconds, he observed the place, full of pointless ornaments she had been adamant on purchasing. Whereas he had preferred the simple over the complex, the plain over the lavish, she had longed to settle in what would become a domain full of vibrancy, as was that place she’d called ‘home’ for so long. She insisted that it would bring him 'cheer’ and 'good will’. These were qualities he didn’t seem to possess - but he relented despite himself, allowing her to have it her way. Who was he to deny her?

         But something today seemed off. His partner, whom normally greeted him at the door, still hadn’t emerged from the depths of wherever she was in hiding, nor had she spoken since her first call barely two minutes ago. This struck him as odd. Usually, the petite figure would be settling herself in his arms by now, tutting at the dirt on his clothes and relishing in the bittersweet taste of his lips. Moving out of the entrance, Sasuke slipped silently to the area that he believed her to currently be inhabiting (which, by the way, was the bathroom). He’d suspected that she’d went to retrieve bandages. How many times would he have to relay to her that he should be expected home unscathed? It was an insult to his ability … Well, when it was anyone else.

         His wife’s doting care could never be considered an irritant.

         It was his surprise, then, when the bathroom lights turned up inactive, wooden door ajar. There was no-one inside. The bandages were untouched, tucked away on a shelf by the faucet - just as they were when he had initially departed. He blinked slowly, betraying no emotions to this find, as he turned around to leave the area - but then, a small sound gathered his attention.

         A sneeze. Her sneeze, the cute kitten sneeze she would emit after desperately crinkling her nose in vain efforts to delay the inevitable. A 'loud’ one such as this could only mean she’d been trying to restrain herself for quite some time. A good couple minutes he’d been stood there, he should think. Doubling back, his gaze fell to the left, where their living room was located. A second ’a-a-achoo!’ confirmed his suspicions.

         He started towards the noise without another thought. Tension could be felt radiating off of her in waves, long before he had reached her side. So she had been hiding from him, huh? It wouldn’t be the first time. His sweet wife had been at odds with him on previous occasions - just, not like this. Sasuke was already mentally listing a million possible reasons behind her punishing silence, wondering which of those was the cause. If any were reason enough to negate a welcoming kiss, or if it had been something else he’d missed entirely?

         No matter. Whatever the reason was, Sasuke knew she had every right to be angry. He couldn’t blame her for some short-lived distance. Had she been anyone else, hell, Sasuke suspected she’d have long since walked out the door - but his sunshine was patient. So tolerant, always poised, the picture of perfection, and she remained by him. Faithful. Kind. Loving him day by day, minute by minute; second by second. He supposed it was her upbringing -

         Never mind. Her upbringing? Oh, that’s a laugh and a half.


         The Hyuga - sorry, Uchiha - didn’t look at him. She clasped her knitting needles in her palms, the wool stretched between them as though she’d been mid-stitch when he entered. Glancing down at her work, and then at the various books scattered around her, Sasuke arched a brow. Pressed flowers were everywhere. Various scarves and other garments found themselves strewn about the place, hanging over the backs of chairs in piles. So this was how she’d been passing her time without him? He could almost laugh - making to survey every stem, leaf and petal there was to look at. But he didn’t have time - a small click, two wooden pieces clacking against each other, registered that Hinata was leaving her seat. He caught her wrist before she could take more than two steps past him. He was done playing around.

         “Are you not going to answer me?”

         She watched the floor as if it was interesting, gaze fixated on the ground. Long locks of indigo hair shielded her profile from him, and she remained, having stopped still in her tracks. Not a whisper escaped her, frozen, and the frustration of the situation had Sasuke suddenly spin her, arms encircling her waist, gripping her hips, pushing her up against him, sharing in her warmth. Up close, he felt something different about her. A certain glow that hadn’t been present the last time he’d laid eyes upon her figure, bathing her in a warmth that was new. Refreshing. Somehow, her features seemed softer, gentler - skin looking so tender, he lifted his right hand to her cheek, caressing it with his thumb. It felt just the same as it usually did. That was only to be expected, he thought, as he rested his forehead against hers, timing his breathing so their pattern synced. Quieter now, the words he whispered were born of a love only Hinata could coax from the stoic Uchiha.

         “I’m sorry, Hinata.” The man murmured, lips brushing against her nose as he felt her breathing hitch. A small chuckle emitted from his throat at the look of sheer surprise gracing her, before her pale eyes warmed, with the rest of her features remaining stubbornly Hyuga-like. If not for the thinly pressed line that had become of her mouth, it would have been oh so easy to forget where she came from. Where she’d been raised. Mentally, Sasuke took note that such expressions simply didn’t suit. This type of scowl appeared as though it should belong to him. Never her.

         “Sasuke …” his wife let loose a breath she’d been holding, as though bracing herself for impact,“ … It’s not me you need to apologise to.”

         For a few seconds there, Sasuke was struck dumb. Only when Hinata’s face contorted, a small whimper of pain trembling on the bluenette’s lips, did he think to turn his gaze from those pearl eyes he held so beloved, to the protruding curve of her stomach, where a small being had kicked out to be noticed. He didn’t understand how he hadn’t spotted it before, but then again, she’d done a pretty good job in concealing it. Hinata always did have practice shielding her body from the world, making every (beautiful) tuck and flare almost invisible. This time, it was by a large sweater she’d decided on settling into. His sweater, adorned with the Uchiha crest. Hiding their baby from his sight. Their baby.

         He almost couldn’t believe it. The evidence was right there in front of him - he could feel it as she removed his palm from her face, bringing it instead to her swollen belly, allowing him to caress her in a way that roused unfamiliar feelings. Was this what fatherhood felt like? It definitely wasn’t a large bump, not yet - but he knew it was going to grow, expanding to make room for their unborn child. Their little blessing. Inwardly, the male had to admit he was quite uncertain on how he should react, her unhappiness at his disappearance now beginning to make even more sense. Perhaps she had thought that he’d known, alerted by her altered chakra (that was so clearly infused with his, now that he’d taken enough care to notice), and decided to abandon his duties to her. The thought made his stomach churn with, dare he say, guilt. Should he apologise? She was one of the only good things that had ever happened to him (aside from the baby, of course). He didn’t wish for her to feel as though he didn't care, but …

         He didn’t know. Sasuke hadn’t had very many blessings before.

         Sliding down onto his knees, one palm clasped hers, while the other remained on her stomach. Sasuke found his forehead pressing against her belly, speaking as though addressing a little person, whose invisible tears he could see falling in his mind’s eye. Disappointed their parent had abandoned them so soon after they were conceived. “I’m sorry.” he whispered, this time not to their mother, but to the tiny Uchiha he had not physically met, yet felt so connected to. Vaguely, Sasuke felt Hinata’s free hand stroking his head reassuringly, and found comfort in her touch.

         With her fingers furled in his short tresses, her hushed, angelic voice soothing his ongoing cries, the father-to-be let slip his guard. Letting news of hope found within her shed light on the deeper reaches of his heart, where both love and hate resided, for the first time in a long time - Sasuke wept.

Here’s my little … thing. For SasuHina month, since I haven’t been participating (believe me, I wanted to). It was supposed to be a quick five-minute thing I came up with, but I’m very particular and so it ended up a lot more than that.

I was debating on whether or not Sasuke should cry, but then I realised - he lost his entire clan at such a young age. Now, he’s expecting a child with the woman he loves, his wife, his sunshine. Of course he’s going to cry. He’s human too. He’s cried before. I feel as though the Boruto series did his character injustice. He’s not a robot, guys - remember that.

Anyway, thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this excerpt for @sasuhina-month !

Many thanks - Yumina


Ok first of all, EVERYBODY BLAME @nifwrites for this, it’s all her fault and she knows it (jk ilu bb c:)

She wrote a breathtaking soulmate AU fic titled We Intertwined and I was inspired to say the least. This will be a multi-chapter (estimating 25-30 or so) Gladio soulmate AU, but if you think because it’s a soulmate fic there’s gonna be hella fluff, you’re dead wrong. Expect lots of hurt, angst, difficult situations and…there may be a death or two along the way. Either way, I hope you enjoy and are as excited as I am to take this little adventure.

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balsanm  asked:

What do you think about the whole theory about the members being looking in certain directions to end up looking at one member (who was expected to be Jin)? I honestly dont like it. I feel like everyone is trying to make a theory without convincing reasons. They are making theories out of nothing.

i don’t think that collage was possible, there’s another where all of their eyes meet at the same point, the smeraldo bouquet in jin’s hands. oh and one of my speculations xame true lmao. namjoon, hoseok, jungkook’s posters had this green-yellowish color with low contrast and vibrance, a little more blurry and grainy i think, like 70s movie posters. while taehyung, yoongi, jimin’s posters were more vibrant, with blue as the main theme color and crisper, sharper details, like modern day posters. jin’s poster was the mixture of both, it’s vibrant, crisp with blue and green as the mainly visible color. i was thinking one of the members with the green-yellowish poster would be paired with another one with blueish poster, and jin will have his own. doesn’t it feel like those with green-yellowish poster are stuck in the past and the other one have moved on to the present/future, while jin’s in the middle, like he’s moved on but he still lingers onto the past?

Colourful ; Lee Daehwi

An AU! in which a colour is your identity.

Word count: 4.9K

My first post for tumblr so I hope y’all enjoy. I’m not really a talented writer but I’m quite proud of how this turned out.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. These colours were what shaped this society to what it had come to today. Each individual’s personality could be recognised instantly - with one glace at their eyes. It is known that ‘eyes are the windows to the soul’ and this phrase is the reality in the world that Lee Daehwi lives in. For most, the world is just a dull combination of various shades of black and white with minimal splashes of colour: the colour of eyes.

For example, a yellow-eyed person would only be able to see black, white and yellow (and, of course, the colour of other people’s eyes) Additionally, people’s personalities are strongly influenced by their colour. One of Daehwi’s only friends was a particularly good example of this. Park Woojin had piercing red eyes, which reflected his character perfectly. He was usually bursting with passion and determination with everything that he does yet his more playful and excitable side came out whenever his eyes turned to a lighter shade of red. Additionally, darker shades, that were closer to brown, reflected on his maturity and masculinity. Daehwi had always admired his diversity.

People tended to be very proud of their own colours. It represented who they are and without their colour - life would be muted and dull. Although Daehwi liked how people reflected their colours and how people would treat it as their identity, he didn’t understand fully why some people were so obsessed with them. He believed that it’s due to the fact that people are deprived of seeing the beauty of the world how he saw it.

Not many people understood Daehwi: his white eyes tended to scare people away from him and so barely anyone attempted to understand him. Despite the colour white having connotations to purity and goodness, Daehwi’s white eyes were seen as plain and boring furthermore it was thought that he had a similar vision to those who had black eyes.

Unlike the 6 main colours, black-eyed people could not see any colour - not even the colour of other people’s eyes. Their vision is completely monochrome and, as a result, their personality is minimal and mysterious. Prejudice and discrimination were evident towards these people - jobs were difficult to get and, in younger years, people with this colour would often get bullied.

Luckily for Daehwi, his white eyes weren’t paid much attention. However, he was much more unique than people anticipated. What happens when you mix all the colours together?


Lee Daehwi could see all colours and very few people knew. He could truly appreciate the beauty of the world in a way that no one else could. The small number of people that knew consisted of Daehwi’s three friends: the aforementioned Park Woojin, the intelligent and caring blue-eyed Im Youngmin and the bright and optimistic yellow-eyed Kim Donghyun. Afraid of how he might be treated, Daehwi was quiet about his ability to see all colours. He had never seen or heard of any other white eyed people and he was afraid that, if people found out his secret, they would treat him differently or even experiment on him. Content with his 3 close friends knowing, he kept it on the low to avoid the consequences of being unique in this world where a colour defines who you are. Other people, who mistook Daehwi for a mysterious character, avoided him or didn’t associate with him.

Conversely, when he had reached high school, he became a target for all the colours. The polite and respectful Daehwi was easily manipulated as he had a hard time saying no. He reflected the connotations of white perfectly: pure, innocent and good.

It had started on the very first day of high school. Daehwi arrived happily, a smile on his face that was hiding the nervousness that was sitting in his stomach. In his opinion, September was a mesmerising season. As it was only the start of autumn, the leaves on the trees that used to be various shades of green were fading into their vibrant reds, oranges and yellows. Whenever the sun rose in the morning, it would have more of an orangey tint to it, instead of the bright white light that dominated the summer. The temperature was a perfect medium in which it wasn’t too hot nor too cold. That first day was supposed to go swimmingly yet it was far from that.

Since it had been a long time since he had changed schools, adjusting to the new surroundings was difficult. Mostly because people were finding it hard to adjust to the sight of Daehwi. As he walked through the halls with his three best friends, nothing could blank out the whispers that were being emitted from all directions.

“That’s fucking terrifying.”
“Why are his eyes so ugly?”
“Can he even see?”
“I can’t even look at him any longer, I’m out lmao bYE”

With all of this occurring within 1 hour of being in the school, he was already dreading the rest of the day. As he had expected, it was all downhill from there.

Teachers weren’t as judgemental towards his appearance but they were more concerned about his lack of preparation for the new school year. For some reason, the boy had to borrow a lot of equipment during lessons because 'he forgot’ to bring some of his things. The worrying part was that no one was ever unprepared for the first day. The first day of school is when all the freshmen have 5 pencil cases filled to the brim with various articles of stationery so it was quite unusual that he was unprepared.

Lunch was filled with more curious and piercing stares and Daehwi was losing his appetite as the four boys tried to eat their questionable food that they had purchased from the cafeteria. Woojin, being the jokester of the bunch, tried his best to lift the weird atmosphere but Daehwi still looked very uncomfortable.

From that day, things only got worse. Upon finding out how innocent the boy was, people began to take advantage of him - making him do their homework or do trivial tasks like running to the corner shop and getting lunch for them. Daehwi could’ve just turned them down, but it was too much of a risk when people already found him weird.

One thing that no one understood about Daehwi was his organisation skills. Although he was always on time with homework and he was a top student, he never seemed to come to school with everything he needed. Some days, he would be missing a ruler, pencil and a pen. Some days, he didn’t bring his money for lunch and had to starve for the day. Some days, he was missing his blazer despite the cold winter that was quickly approaching.

“Daehwi, do my homework - if you can even afford a pen to write it with.” Purple-eyed Junseo would often joke about Daehwi’s lack of equipment and uniform. Calm and unphased, Daehwi would do his homework without saying much to avoid more conversation with this low-life that he didn’t want to associate with.

Junseo was heavily admired in the school with his vibrant purple eyes signifying royalty and luxury (which was definitely accurate seeing as his parents were crazy rich) However, dark purple eyes reflected his moodier and more arrogant side. Daehwi was an easy target for him as he tolerated his moody moments - never disagreeing to do his homework or help him out with things.

Life continued like things for Daehwi and things got progressively worse.  There was a week during December where Daehwi worried all of his friends by coming into school without a blazer or a jacket for a full week. It was well known that Korea had very prominent seasons. Therefore, it was no surprise that it was already snowing only two weeks into winter. Snowflakes drifted lightly in the slow winds, peppering the skies like glitter as they reflected light from the sun. Winter was definitely a preferred season for everyone because it was so beautiful. White was a colour seen by everyone so it was widely appreciated when the individual snowflakes twinkled in the morning sun.

It had been snowing since the early hours of that morning, leaving a thin layer of white on everything in the outside world. Daehwi had considered just bringing an extra jacket, but that would’ve alerted his mother and he couldn’t let her know about what he had been doing.

He stepped outside of the small house he lived in with his blue-eyed mother. He had never properly known his dad since he passed away when Daehwi was young, but it was undeniable that he was the cause of Daehwi’s unique eyes. Although it had brought him many hardships, especially when he had started high school, he wishes he could’ve thanked his dad because he was able to fully appreciate the beauty of the world. There was no one else that Daehwi knew of who could see the world like he did. The cars that lined along on the curb of the street were all different colours - depending on the owner. People often bought possessions that had the same colour of their eyes so they could have more vibrancy in their lives. Yoon Jisung, the friendly green-eyed neighbour who used to look after Daehwi in his younger years, had a light green car. Kang Daniel’s family from across the road were red-eyed like Woojin and so their red car was coated with a thin layer of snow.

Daehwi was clad in a big winter coat, his usual grey pants, a white uniform shirt, a black and grey striped tie and a blue scarf that his mum had bought him. Daehwi was in charge of style in the household since he could easily differentiate between colours but his mother bought this scarf for him last Christmas since she was confident that it was a very nice shade of blue. His hands were in the process of being warmed up by the travel mug cupped between them - filled with hot chocolate and marshmallows on top. Winter felt amazing.

Despite his school starting at 8:45 am, he began his trek to school at 7:30. The slight crunch of the thin snow felt satisfying underneath his feet as he walked along his usual path to school. He quickly stopped at the Costa and ordered a toasted breakfast sandwich to go before continuing his adventures.

He approached the park with the hot chocolate still steaming in his right hand and a plastic bag with a toastie inside hung on his left hand. He could already see her from a distance - her bright red beanie sticking out like a sore thumb. She was already up and trying to sell her drawings even though the park was practically empty. Underneath the big tree in the middle of the park, stood a dangerously thin, short girl wearing dirty black ripped jeans, a summer t-shirt and worn out white converse that had lost all of the blue and red accent colours over their lifetime.

“Hello Miss, I would like to purchase a drawing.” He appeared in front of the girl with a radiant smile plastered across his face. Goo, returned his smile in a sheepish manner,

“You say that every day but you never actually buy them.” She scoffed, looking back at him. She always found his eyes interesting. Being the black-eyed person she was, she couldn’t see any colours but since Daehwi had entirely white eyes - she could actually appreciate the uniqueness of them.

“Because other people need to appreciate the talent and effort that put into your pencil drawings - If I bought them all, there would be nothing left for anyone else. We wouldn’t want that would we?” Daehwi explained before lifting the contents in his hand up to her.

“Winter’s starting to get colder - take these.” He offered. Before she could even refuse, the mug was already placed on her plastic work table and the flimsy plastic bag was slung around her left wrist.

“Daehwi, I keep telling you to stop doing this for me. I feel bad taking your stuff all the time.” She pleaded, trying to stop him as he removed his winter parka.

“And I keep telling you to stop refusing. I really care about you, Goo. You go through so much shit - I don’t even know how you survive, to be honest. Just take it okay.” He put the parka around her as she reluctantly put it on.

He had met Goo on the first day of school. She was struggling with the autumn winds as they blew her equipment off of the table despite the objects that she had placed on top of them to weigh them down. The boy approached the frantic girl who’s pencil had just rolled into the drain. She scrunched up her face in annoyance before noticing the concerned boy that was standing next to her.

“Hello, I sell my drawings for reasonable prices - please consider buying them. I also do commissions so they’re nice for gifts and such.” She bowed instantly and Daehwi was already intrigued by the girl.

“Sorry, I don’t have enough money to buy a drawing but I can lend you these pencils seeing as yours dropped into the grate.” He said apologetically before handing her his pack of 12 pencils and leaving to go to school.

From then on, Daehwi saw her every day on his way to school and, sometimes, on his way back too. On days where he had set off early, he would chat with the girl and learn more about her. Whenever he saw her on afternoons, he would try to help her sell her drawings. Although it was mentioned previously that only 3 people knew about Daehwi’s secret, Goo was also aware of the boy who could see everything that she couldn’t.

Goo was an orphan who had tried her best to survive on the streets of Seoul since she was 14 after her mum left her and never came back. Maybe it was her black-eyes that scared her yellow-eyed mother away, but she had to figure out how to live on her own. By this age, children were given some independence so when people saw Goo in the park, selling her drawings, they didn’t think much of it. Little did they know that Goo was trying to scrape up enough money to sleep in a decent place or to buy a decent meal for the night.

Daehwi always admired Goo. She was only 2 months younger than him, but her 16-year-old characteristics were hard to find when she had to be mature and careful while living on the streets. Her art was beautiful as well despite the lack of colour. The pencil tones proved that the monochrome is beautiful (much to the disbelief of the rest of society)

“I have to start going to school now.” Daehwi pouted, sadness evident in his voice, “I’ll come back for the jacket this afternoon though so don’t go anywhere okay” Daehwi made Goo feel all warm and fuzzy. Not only his jacket, but his presence heated her cold body. As he waved goodbye, she smiled, snuggling into his fluffy parka. She doesn’t know how she would survive without him.

As Daehwi reached school, Junseo approached the boy, throwing his English book in his direction.

“I told you to do my homework yesterday. Why is my book still empty?” He threatened the boy who had been in school for a second before being harassed. Daehwi wasn’t in the mood to argue with him, and so he just apologised plainly before taking the book and flipping to the next page and pulling out a pen.

He hated how he just let Junseo do what he wanted, but he didn’t know how to refuse. Maybe he was too nice for his own good. However, even when he was being nice, he still got shit for it. Daehwi returned Junseo’s book during the break and, being the salty person he is, Junseo took the book back with a smile on his face before pouring his juice bottle over Daehwi.

“Do it on time next time okay?” he instructed before throwing the empty plastic bottle at his chest. His grey uniform was now stained with orange juice and he visited the janitor’s office to get it washed.

Daehwi got a cold by the end of that week since the janitor kept forgetting to wash the blazer and he continued to give Goo his parka to keep her warm - she needed it much more than he did.

When school broke off for Christmas, Daehwi still found himself going to the park daily to help Goo. To avoid worry form his mother, he would say he was at the dance studio with Woojin and the guys. As she drew and sold her works, Daehwi would play guitar and busk to try and earn some money for her. One day, they had earned a significant amount of money since the requests for commissions increased immensely in time for Christmas. To celebrate, the two went out for the night, with Daehwi paying of course because the money they earned was for Goo.

They shared a pizza in a restaurant not far from the park. A blast of warm air hit the two as they entered the pizza place - calming their bodies after a full day working in the cold of winter. Neither of them knew exactly when they had started to fall for each other, but as time went on, the feelings built up without them realising.

As they sat and conversed in the booth next to the window, Daehwi would pay attention to the smaller yet important things about the beautiful girl in front of him. He didn’t understand those who thought black-eyes were ugly. Goo’s black eyes put him in a trance. He could easily get lost in them as they reflected elegance. Her lips were usually on the pink side since she spent hours in the cold every day but the hot chocolate that he had been bringing kept her mouth warm in the harsh conditions

Goo was incredibly thankful for everything Daehwi did for her. He informed her about his struggles at school sometimes and she never understood why people would bully someone as pure and selfless as him. When it was nearing midnight, Daehwi knew he had to get home soon and so he had to say goodbye to Goo.

They stood under a lamppost, the dim yellow light only allowing the two to barely see each other’s faces. Maybe it was the cold of the night that made Daehwi pull Goo’s warmth closer to him, but he found himself wrapping his arms around her waist and she instinctively slipped her hand around his neck - resting on his woolly scarf. You could see their breath in the cold, the hot air condensing and forming little clouds that looked like smoke. Having her this close threw all of Daehwi’s conscience out of the window as he leaned in, placing his lips on hers.

It was a major cliche, a romantic kiss at midnight under a street light, the moon and the stars. But they couldn’t care less. All that mattered was the two of them and they knew that if they were together - everything would be ok.

As the two pulled away from each other, Goo finally opened her eyes to look into his and for a second - she saw the vibrant red of his woollen scarf. She rubbed her eyes, quickly to make sure she wasn’t seeing things but as the fast beating of her heart slowed progressively - the red faded. Startled by her sudden movements, he held her firmly and her knees weakened.

“Woah, are you okay?” DAehwi clutched onto his parka that she was still wearing. A dazzling smile appeared on her lips as she hugged Daehwi tightly.

“Daehwi! I saw colour! I saw it just then! Oh my gosh, red! It’s so beautiful!” She fawned. Daehwi, surprised at her words, widened his eyes - unable to reply.

“Your scarf, it’s so vibrant and beautiful. Oh my gosh, it was so pretty.” Tears were building up in her eyes during this intense moment. He held her in his arms like she was the most precious thing on the planet.

“Thank you so much Daehwi-ah.”

When school came back around in January, the news about Daehwi and Goo had somehow surfaced. If there was a singular thing high school students were good at, it was spreading gossip like it was the plague. Not many students knew who Goo was or what she looked like, but when people heard Daehwi, the weird white-eyed kid, had a girlfriend - it spread like wildfire.

All of his friends were especially supportive of the two, all of them begging Daehwi to introduce the girl who had finally brought back the bright and happy Daehwi from middle school. Not only did she bring back his personality, she brought his confidence back up and the guys were glad that Daehwi was being more upfront when people approached him to do their work.

However, that day, dark purple Junseo refused to accept this new Daehwi. Everything came crumbling down.

As usual, Daehwi brought breakfast and a hot chocolate for Goo. It was in the middle of winter now, and Korea was the coldest as it gets during the year. This time around, Daehwi was prepared to lend her his red scarf for the day. Sending him off with a kiss, Goo waved goodbye as he made his way towards school.

“This project will be worth 20% of your final grade so please take that into consideration when choosing the topic and your partner. Work with someone that you won’t mess around with, please. I’m sick of getting these projects and having them unfinished because the students played overwatched together instead of doing the work.” The professor snapped before the bell rang through everyone’s ears - signalling the start of the break.

Before Woojin had the chance to go to Daehwi, Junseo was already at his desk with his project sheet in his hand.

“You’re being my partner on this okay?” Junseo said simply but when daehwi handed his sheet back to him, his light purple eyes that were filled with arrogance had faded into a much darker shade of frustration.

“I’m not doing all the work for you. It’s your grade.” Daehwi explained, “I’m pairing with Woojin.”

Junseo, infuriated by Daehwi’s answer, picked him up by his collar,

“listen here you little shit, you have never disagreed to do anything for me and you are definitely not declining when it’s one of the most important pieces of work for the whole year,” he began,“ that stupid little girlfriend of yours gave you too much confidence. Do you really think that low-life black-eyed girl is worth anything?”

For a split second, daehwi’s eyes flashed red, as anger bubbled up inside of him - pushing Junseo’s muscular body away from him.

“Look I couldn’t care less about what you have to say about me, but talk shit about my girlfriend, and you will regret it.”

Those words set Junseo into a frenzy - the power-obsessed boy absolutely disgusted that Daehwi was sticking up to him. Although Daehwi was decently strong, he was definitely not winning the physical fight. Luckily, Woojin was able to separate the two, bringing the principal in to help stop them.

When Goo saw him that afternoon, her heart shattered. Bruises were scattered all over his arms and the darker tones contrasting his white eyes made it obvious that he had a black eye. She took off the parka, wrapping it around him to keep him warm. Shaking nervously, she lifted her hand to touch his cheek as softly as possibly - afraid she would injure him further if she applied any pressure.

“what happened?” she let out a choked quiet voice as if he would break if she spoke anything above a whisper.

“Junseo talked shit about you.” He said plainly, cupping her cheek with his hands and giving her a particularly long kiss, “but it’s okay because I’d do anything to defend you.”

He always looked at her as if she was the most beautiful and mesmerising being on the planet. Even though Daehwi could see all colours, he would rather stare at her all day. She knew she didn’t deserve this angel. Without him, she wouldn’t be living this life she was right now. She could’ve given up when things got rough during the harsh winter. She was incredibly lucky to have him.

It was alarmingly quiet when Daehwi reached home. There stood his mother, with a very disappointed look on her face.

“Why?” she said quietly, “why?!” she repeated, her voice raised and filled with desperation.

“I work so hard to support us. To support you. Yet you give all your belongings to some stupid black-eyed girl. You didn’t even say anything about her. And then I find out when the principal calls me to say you were in a fight at school? Daehwi What is going on?” She ranted at her son who couldn’t find the words to explain.

“How’d you find out?” were the only words he could squeeze out.

“I went to the park today,” she began, “when I see this black-eyed girl sat at a plastic table - wearing your parka, your red scarf, drinking out of your travel mug, using your pencils. It was quite obvious. Why would you just give all of your stuff to some low-life like her? Those black-eyed folks are no help to our country!”

Utter disgust was evident in her voice and it made Daehwi snap,

“don’t speak about her like that. What is so wrong with black-eyed people? She is caring, talented, intelligent and a hundred and one other amazing things yet everyone overlooks all that because of her eyes? Why can’t you just see her as the human being she is - and help her? She’s been trying to survive on her own for 2 years at this young age and up until I came along, no one bothered to spare her a glance.”

By this point, his mum was speechless at her son’s passionate words.

“Why can’t we just help others, no matter what their situation? We’re all trying to survive yet some people refuse to help others and it’s selfish and unfair.”

Daehwi’s jaw was tightening by the second as he finally let out the important words that no one ever bothered to say. His mum, touched by his passion and love towards this girl, felt ashamed. She slowly got up and put her arms around her stressed child.

It had snowed quite significantly overnight so instead of a thin coating of snow, it was more like a blanket white blanket that covered everything. Daehwi’s mum had prepared a lot of things for Goo before leaving for work that morning: a blanket, some sandwiches and other living essentials like toiletries. It warmed Daehwi’s heart to see that his mum was putting in the effort.

Goo was an unusual name but it fit her perfectly in Daehwi’s opinion. Goo meant completeness and without her, he would’ve definitely felt as if a huge chunk was ripped out of him. This boy was absolutely whipped for her - there was no denying it.

Daehwi’s arms were occupied, with the fluffy red tartan blanket rolled underneath his right arm, the sandwiches his mother made were in a plastic bag slung on his left wrist and her usual hot chocolate was cupped between his hands.

Despite the unfortunate events of the day before regarding Junseo, Daehwi was elated today as his mother was so supportive. In the best case scenario, he could imagine them taking Goo into their household and looking after her. Seemingly nothing could make the bright expression on his face falter.

Nearing the park, he couldn’t spot her bright red beanie or his bright red scarf that he had given to her since Christmas since it reminded her of the splash of colour she saw that one day.

“Maybe she just slept in,” he questioned as he neared the usual tree. Each branch had snow sitting delicately on top - creating something similar to a shadow. An ominous feeling arose as he could see a splash of red, but no healthier, short girl wearing dirty black ripped jeans, one of Daehwi’s old t-shirts and worn out white converse that had lost all of the blue and red accent colours over their lifetime.

He stood in front of the tree. No plastic table workspace where her borrowed pencils were scattered - in need of sharpening. No washing lines tangled in and out of the tree where she would be able to hang up her works. No Goo.

All that was left behind was Daehwi’ special woollen red scarf and a single note, tucked inside. Written delicately on the small rectangular piece of card,

“You helped me see colour, even though I couldn’t”

t o i l & t r o u b l e

( draco x reader )

you and draco are in the same potions class. though you’ve never spoken, an unfortunate accident on draco’s part leaves him momentarily vulnerable, so you come to his aid. 1.8k+ words.

nothing, really. unless you’re uncomfortable with the word “bloody”.

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Found, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction

Summary: During a blissful afternoon with Han post-victory on Endor, Leia marvels at all she’s found.

Rated T — that’s PG-13 for all my non-fanfic readers. Nothing graphic, safe for work (I think), but definitely some implied Han x Leia happy times.

Written for @mandatheginger‘s First of May challenge.

Leia felt like she could break from the beauty of it all, lying there in the grassy forest clearing she and Han had stumbled upon earlier, his body still curled warm and lazily against her own as he slept beside her. Like she could crack wide open, split down right to her soul, from the warmth and fullness and vibrancy and peace — the peace that had until now only settled hesitantly on her heart like a question, but now sank deep, deep down through her bones and into the very earth beneath her. Endor itself celebrated its recent liberation; she could feel it now, in that intangible certainty she was coming to realize was the Force. Everything around her seemed to be moving in concert, singing in harmony. The ground, blanketed in soft grass and fallen leaves, thrummed beneath her, birds trilled all around her (she had noticed none before), leaves danced on their limbs high above her, the exultation of beings near and far wove threaded melodies on the wind, and the very air seemed brighter and fuller, ringing with victory and joy.

She had never felt so alive, or so aware of the life around her.

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In The Wind

Summary: Dean is gone. Sam is losing hope. Are you? 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, reader

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 712 (with lyrics)

Warnings: very mild smut, mentions of blood, lots of angst

A/N: A songfic based off In The Wind by Lord Huron. I know it’s angsty. I’m sorry. 

You’ve been gone
For a long, long time
You’ve been in the wind
You’ve been on my mind
You are the purest soul
I’ve ever known in my life

Two months.

It had been two long, sleepless months. Eight weeks without Dean’s smile, sunlight reflecting in his evergreen eyes, crinkles at the corners giving the depth of his emotions away. Fifty-six days, fourteen hours, and eleven minutes since you closed his eyes, blood pouring out of the wounds left by the hellhound.

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