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Kageyama remained utterly true to his word. When he said he wanted to treat Shouyou well enough to make him want to stay, he had meant it.

The second morning Shouyou woke, again far, far later in the day than he’d ever been allowed at the temple, thanks to his daily duties and the bells that rang just after dawn. But here, at the villa, no one disturbed his rest. Even after he had pulled himself from slumber, he stayed curled under the whisper soft sheets, sinking into the cushioned bed below as the gentlest breeze rippled through the room, tossing his hair on his forehead where it poked out from under the covers.

A fine fragrance eventually caught his attention, sweet and delicate on the air, the freshness of flowers. It was so pleasant that it finally roused him fully and he sat up, wondering what it was, intent on investigating. Immediately, he found he need look no further than his bedside.

“Oh…” he gasped, rubbing his eyes as he took in the sight before him.

The entire floor of his room had been strewn with rose petals, all soft pink and white. 

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SIX FEET UNDER | SugarDaddy!Seb x Reader – Part 2

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A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this next part! I have to head to work but I wanted to post it as soon as possible, so I’ll have to go through it and edit any little grammatical errors later!

← Part 1

You followed Sebastian into the large glass building. He lived in the penthouse loft at the top floor. It was exquisite. Dark mahogany lined the floors of the ivory colored walls. Windows lined the walls facing outward and you could see the entire city from the front door, mesmerized by the lights downtown. You noticed the curtains lining the windows were pushed back, allowing for more privacy if so wanted, but not like it was really needed on the top floor of this building. The furniture was mod-inspired but still relatively new. The furniture looked like it had barely been touched, it’s ivory-mocha blend color matching well in the loft.

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My Boyfriend the Pharaoh

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Ahkmenrah x Reader

My Boyfriend the Pharaoh

As an aspiring actress, it was not easy to find a job in New York. You’d think jobs would be open all over the place, but with an abundance of acting opportunities came an abundance of extremely qualified super-talented people that somehow always stole the spotlight from you. Of all places, you had never expected your first job to be here.

The New York Museum of Natural History was sort of famous for their amazing night program. The museum, as they said, “came to life” with actors and animatronics and all sorts of amazing special effects, all managed by the “Night Guard”, Larry Daley. And it just so happened that you were friends with his son.

Nicky had hooked you up the minute you mentioned a fascination with the 1940’s.

“It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is sing some songs with the other 40’s girls and maybe talk to the guests a little. Nicky said you know a lot about the 40’s right?”

“World War II is my favorite.” You nodded.

“Perfect.” Larry nodded and showed you where he kept the costumes and had you pick a dress that suited you. Surprisingly, there weren’t very many. Just a sparse collection of clothes from specific eras, particularly the ones that were getting new actors. “All right, so, everything starts up an hour after sundown. Just be there like fifteen minutes before opening.”

“Will do. Thank you so, so much, Mr. Daley.”

“See you tonight.”


The Victory Rolls had been nearly impossible to put in, but you thought they looked pretty good, although, at this point, your hair was more hairspray and pins than it was hair. You topped off the look with some simple eyeliner wings and red lipstick and then walked in the door fifteen minutes before they opened for their night session.

It was as though history had thrown up in the lobby.

People from several different eras were walking through the museum to get everything ready. And it took you a while to find a familiar face, but finally, you found Nicky. He was standing at the DJ booth talking to a man wearing a tall golden headpiece and a shimmering orange cape. The moment his eyes fell upon you, they widened. A small smile pulled at his lips.

“Nicky, where’s your Dad?”

“Woah, (Y/N), I barely even recognized you!” He looked pretty impressed. “Nice…hair.”

“Thank you.”

“I don’t know where Dad went.” Nicky looked around for a second before noticing the look on his Egyptian friend’s face. “Buuut, I can introduce you to this guy! (Y/N), this is-”

“I am Ahkmenrah, fourth king of the fourth king.” He took your hand in his own, and instead of shaking it as you had expected, he brought it to his lips. Your cheeks had never burned so bright. “And it is a pleasure to meet someone so beautiful.”

“Wow, is everyone here so into character?” there was a crack in your voice as you replied. “N-nice to meet you too. You’re…hot. Oh my God, did I just say that out loud?” Nicky smiled, as did Ahk. “I gotta go, byeeeee.” You started to walk away and eventually ran right into Larry.

“You okay, (Y/N)? Your face is all red.”

“I’m f-fine. Where do you want me?”


The night gig was fun, you decided. You got to sing with a 1940’s trio and then teach kids about World War II. And a few hours before sunrise, when the night hours were officially over, you were once again greeted by the handsome Pharaoh.

“Hi there.” You cursed the crack in your voice.

“So how did your first night on the job go?”

“It was amazing. I don’t think I’ve had this much fun in a long time.” He smiled at your response.

“I hope that means I’ll see you again tomorrow.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“Perhaps I could show you around my exhibit sometime.” He suggested.

“I’d like that. A lot.” You yawned and then glanced at a watch. It was waaaaay past your bedtime. “Goodness, I’ve gotta get home and go to bed. But thanks for the chat. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

He smiled. “Definitely.”


Because the night program only ran Friday and Saturday nights, it was with a heavy heart that you started to pack up your stuff after your shift at the museum. The few months you had been working there had felt magical. There was no way to describe it. And now that you had to face another week without him- I mean working, it was bittersweet, to say the least.

One of the storage rooms had become a sort of dressing room/lounge for yourself and the other performers. That was where you were as you packed your duffle bag with your costume and makeup and hair supplies.

“I thought I might find you here.” You looked to the door to find Ahk standing there with a beautiful flower in his hand. “I was wondering if you might want to accompany me tomorrow evening.”

“Me?” You looked around, a finger pointing to your chest. He nodded and took a step closer. His large hand gently wrapped your own around the stem of the flower.

“There is no one whose company I would like more.” His voice was soft, and his eyes were warm as they met yours. He leaned closer to whisper in your ear, and as he did so, his breath ghosted across your cheek, causing a shiver to run up your spine. “Meet me here after sundown.”

“A-all right. Will do. Can’t wait.”

“Neither can I.” He smiled and left the lounge, a proud expression etched into his handsome features. Nicky was waiting for him just down the hall.


“She said yes!” Ahk’s calm and collected demeanor shattered to pieces, and all of his relief bubbled to the surface. He would have been one brokenhearted mummy if you had said no. “Now tell me, what must I do to make (Y/N) happy?”

“Dude, I think she’d be happy watching paint dry as long as it was with you.”

“Perfect. Where do I get some paint?”

“Figure of speech. I don’t know…I could bring you a few movies and you could set up the projector down the hall.” Nick smirked and shook his head as it finally hit him. “I can’t believe my best friend is dating a mummy.”

“But…perhaps we should keep that last part between us for the time being.”

“You got it, dude. But…(Y/N) is smart. She’ll figure it out sooner or later.”


You showed up to the museum the next night wearing something casual and comfy but definitely date night attire. You did not, however, expect Nicky to be the first person you saw.

“Good, you’re just in time.” He said. You looked around at all of the activity in the museum. You had sort of expected the place to be empty, but instead, about 80% of the night staff was here wandering around in full costume.

“What’s going on? Why is everyone here?”

“Um, I’m not sure.” Nicky lied. He punched something into his phone and then looked back up at you. “Anyway, Ahk is up this way.”

“Is his-” Nick looked to you, stopping in his tracks. “Nevermind.”


“Is his name really Ahkmenrah?”

Nicky was quiet for a long moment. This was the first time you suspected something was up.

“Y-yeah. Haven’t you ever met anyone named Ahkmenrah? I know like four of them.”

“Oh. Okay then. Didn’t realize it was that common a name.” You paused. “I guess.”

You followed Nicky up the stairs and into the room where Ahk was waiting. He looked so different than you were used to, dressed in street clothes instead of his very regal Pharaoh garb. His long shimmering cape and colorful beads had been replaced instead with a gray hoodie and some jeans. His face lit up at the sight of you, and he immediately got up from the couch he and Nick had dragged into the room not long before.

“Hi.” He waved shyly. “You…you look very beautiful.”

“Thank you,” You blushed and tucked a lock of your hair behind your ear.

“Nick helped me in selecting some films I thought you might enjoy.” He said, motioning to a small stack of DVDs sitting on the table beside the projector.

“Thank you, Nicky.” You gave your friend’s chest a little shove before taking a few steps toward Ahkmenrah. You looked through the stack and then picked a romantic comedy and popped it in. Ahk sat down on the couch, heart racing as you took the spot beside him. Then, as Nicky had told him to, Ahk inhaled a large breath, stretched, and then wrapped an arm around your shoulders. You leaned into his strong chest, basking in his warmth.

“I like seeing you this way,” Ahk confessed after some time, “you seem more…you.”

“What, you don’t like the Victory Rolls?” you teased, giving him a little nudge. He laughed. “No, I feel. They’re fun, but they’re a hassle. My hair is much softer without all the spray.”

“I agree.” He smirked. “And though you seem quite comfortable on the stage, I much prefer the sight of you in my arms.”

“I do too.” You nuzzled in closer to him.



“There is something I must tell you, but I fear you would not believe me.”

“Okay.” This was the second time you suspected something was up.

“But I swear to you, I would not lie.” His eyes locked into yours and it was as though he was staring into your soul. Your heart fluttered. For a moment, you thought you might explode. The world stopped, and when he removed his arm from around your shoulders to take both of your hands, you could finally see the fear in his seemingly ancient eyes. His fingers wove through your own, gripping them tightly.

“I trust you, Ahk.” You whispered and gave his hands a squeeze. He smiled gratefully. “What is it?”

“The museum…it’s not-” he paused, arranging the words in his mind. “It’s not exactly ordinary.”

“I figured as much,” You chuckled softly. He was quiet for a moment, thinking. Suddenly, an idea struck.

“Come with me.” He stood and led you down the hall, across the second floor, and finally into the Egyptian exhibit. His hand gripped yours tightly as he led you to stand in front of the sarcophagus.

“The tablet of Ahkmenrah?” you asked. Your eyebrows crinkled as you thought it over.

“It’s said to have magical powers that bring the museum to life every night.” He stated, waiting for the pieces to click. “And inside the sarcophagus…” he slowly pushed open the lid revealing…nothing. Nothing but bandages. You gasped.

“Where did the mummy go?” and immediately as the words left your mouth, it finally clicked. The mummy was standing beside you, holding your hand. “Oh my God.”

“Are you all right?” he asked with concern.

“How are you even-” you looked him over, bringing a hand up to stroke the soft skin of his face. It felt so real. Too real to be dead. You pressed your ear to his chest, and sure enough, his heart was beating, racing even. “I don’t understand.”

“Every night for thousands of years, I’ve come to life again because of the tablet. And yet, I’d never felt truly alive…until I met you.” One of his hands rose to caress your cheek. “I promise to treat you like the queen you are…if you’d have me, that is.”

There were a few moments of silence as you looked into his eyes. And then, nodding rapidly, you rushed into his embrace.

“Yes, Ahk. A million times, yes.” You held him tighter than you had ever held anyone, afraid that he would suddenly slip away.

“I take it it went well?” Nick poked his head around the entrance of the exhibit. You rested your head against Ahk’s chest as you turned to look at your friend.

“You could say that, yes,” Ahk told him with a smile.

“Nicky, my boyfriend is a Pharaoh.” You couldn’t help but laugh a little as you said it. It was unbelievable. Impossible. And yet, here he was.

“Thank you, Nicky, for introducing me to the love of my life.”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t mention it.” He smirked. “If you need me, I’ll be downstairs partying with the others.” He walked off, leaving the two of you alone.

“What would you like to do now, my love?” he asked, his voice merely a whisper.

“Just hold me.” You gripped him tightly, and he held you fast against his chest.

“I can certainly do that.”


The following evening, you arrived at the museum precisely five minutes before sundown. When Larry opened the door, you were one of the last people he had expected to see.

“What are you doing here? Work isn’t until Friday night.”

“Well, my boyfriend is a mummy that only comes alive at night, so he and I kind of have some time to make up for.” You replied. Larry smiled slowly.

“He told you then, huh?”

“Last night was a bit more eventful than I had expected.”

“Welcome to the madness. It only gets crazier from here.” He handed you a key. “I’ll let you do the honors, then. His royal highness gets kind of impatient while waiting for me to lock up the lions.”

“All right.” You nodded. As you made your way up the stairs, the fun began. Teddy rode off of his platform and off to find Sacagawea and you ran up the steps and into the Egyptian exhibit, where you could hear your boyfriend yelling and pounding on the lid of his sarcophagus.

“LARRY LET ME OUT!” You could barely make out the muffled shouts, but you rushed to shove aside the stone slab, unlock the glass case, and then finally pull the lid off.

“Hey, Ahk, it’s all right.” You stated. His body was fully covered in bandages, and he smelled like an attic, but you didn’t care. You helped him undo the wrappings around his face. As soon as he was free, he turned his head to cough up a cloud of dust. “Good morning, babe.”

“Good evening, my love. Now, if you’d help me undo these wrappings so I can greet you properly, that would be splendid.”

“It’d be my pleasure.” You grinned and pressed a soft kiss against his lips as you pulled his wrappings further off, revealing the rich orange cape and beads that lie beneath. In all of his time, Ahk had learned many things. But he finally knew that after four thousand years, being here with you was where he truly belonged.

Tulips | Alfie Solomons [part 3]

Summary: [part 3] You’re a Shelby, born between Ada and Finn. You’re not into the family business and spend most of your time as a nurse at a local hospital. Your brothers respect your distance as you try not to get caught in Peaky Blinders business. The Peaky Blinders and Alfie Solomas have been in an alliance for years. Thomas and the rest do something that might make them lose the alliance. To reassure Alfie that they’re honorable, Alfie suggest an aliance by marriage.

16+ only

Days of you moping around and sobbing passed before you stepped foot out of your’s and Alfred’s shared room. He didn’t dare step foot in there once, not after he tried to sleep in there on your wedding night and you woke up screaming at the top of your lungs and crying out to him that you hated him and wanted to go home.

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Pieces of Clothing

If requests are open, could I see a gender neutral reader with a poly Anti and Dark relationship and the reader likes to walk around in their shirts? What do they do the first time they see them do it? (Can b nsfw, I love your writing either way xx)

Originally posted by marielgum

It was laundry day. Meaning most of your clothes were in the machine being thrown around in soapy water. This also left you in a pickle of a situation where you had very little to wear around the house. 
But considering you weren’t planning on going anywhere today, and the weather outside was rain with chilling winds; you decided on one of the boy’s shirts. 
You knew by the material whose shirt you were sliding over your head. 
Anti wore cotton shirts, simple and bare of anything but one primary color. 
Dark wore mostly button-up shirts, ranging through a vast variety of material from silk to everyday polyester.
The closest you managed to grab was one of Anti’s shirts. A deep red color that had been lying on the floor. 
That was also another difference between your lovers. They were so different, even the small things could be told apart. 
Anti just threw his clothes around, where Dark would neatly fold and put them away if they didn’t need to be washed.

It was a very loose fit and it smelled strongly of Anti, which made you take a shamelessly deep breath. 
As you walked out of the bedroom, you went to check on the washing machine to see how long it had before it needed to be emptied. 
Unbeknownst to you, you passed the doorway of Dark’s study, to which the door was slightly ajar and Dark caught a glimpse of you in the cretin’s shirt. 
Eyes narrowing, Dark stood from his desk and went to hunt you down. Finding you removing the laundry from the machine and throwing it into the dryer beside it. 
“Am I mistaken in who’s day it is today?” Dark’s growling tone made you jump in surprise. You spun and went to ask what he meant, but then you looked down and you blushed. 
“I…I couldn’t find a shirt to wear.” You admitted with a small smile. 
Dark’s expression never faltered as he moved forward, his lips crashing against yours as he trapped you against the wall. 
His hands were quick to tear the shirt off your skin. The material falling away in shreds. And the sight of your naked body made Dark rumble in appreciation. 
He then started to unbutton his shirt, his lips never leaving your skin as he trailed firm kisses down your neck. Sucking and biting as he shrugged off the shirt. 
You all but whimpered as Dark pressed himself against you. His chest crushing you against the wall as his arms circled around you. 

Then he pulled away and you felt his silken shirt fall over your shoulders. 
Dark said nothing as he snaked your arms into the sleeves of the shirt, and buttoned up the front. 
Dark stood there for a moment, taking in the sight of your bruised lips. The way his shirt flowed over your body and the very obvious twitch in his pants when you looked up at him.
He pressed one last kiss to your lips before turning to leave. 
“Strike one, Pet.” He growled over his shoulder. “Next time I won’t be so considerate.” 

“Aw hell no!” You heard Anti yell from down the hallway. 
Before you could even turn around, the buttons of your shirt exploded outwards as Anti grasped the back of the shirt and yanked it off you. 
You yelped and spun, your arms flying up to hug yourself against the cold. 
“Anti! What the hell?” You exclaimed angrily. “That’s Dark’s shirt!” 
“Exactly right!” Anti snapped, waving the torn up material in front of you. “He ain’t here! It’s my day today and I’ll be damned if I see you flaunting that cute little ass in his shirt.”

Anti’s hand clasped around your wrist and he dragged you into the shared bedroom. 
He hissed at the open drawer of Dark’s clothes. Kicking it shut and moving to his side of the room. You bit your lip, amused by Anti’s sudden outburst. 
Since the two entities had agreed on certain days to spend with you, it became a routine to wear Dark’s clothes when he was around. Seeing the glint in his eyes and the small satisfied curl on his lips made it thrilling. 
But it also just became a habit to grab one of Dark’s clothing in the morning or after a shower. Since the guy practically took away all of your clothes. Forcing you to wear his button up shirts.
And you knew it had been the first time Anti has seen you in anything other than your own clothing. No doubt it annoyed Anti greatly to see you in his rival’s clothing.
You were torn from your thoughts as Anti came back to you and forced a large black shirt over your head. 
He let you arrange yourself in it. Stepping back to take in the sight of you in his shirt. You blushed, opening your arms and doing a little twirl for him to take in the sight.
Anti smirked, a wicked grin that spread across his lips. 
“Get your ass in bed, babe. I can’t miss an opportunity to fuck you in my own shirt.”

But before you could take a step towards the bed, Anti’s arms hooked under your thighs and lifted you up. 
He threw you down on the bed, crawling over you to consume you in a heated kiss. His body pushing you down into the blankets as his hands ventured under his shirt. 
Anti hummed as his fingers scraped across the softness of your skin. Squeezing and feeling his way around. 
“You’re not going to leave this bed until I’ve tasted every inch of your body, baby.” Anti purred in your ear.

Nicknames (Philip Hamilton x Reader)

Words: 5400+

Warnings: Cursing, death, blood, 

A/N: this was a request and i can’t find it! but yes this got out of hand and i hope you enjoy!

It started with the knocks.

You just moved into your home. It wasn’t the biggest, only two bedrooms and one bathroom. Wanting to explore the world fueled your soul, and you felt like this was the beginning. This was the beginning of a long journey that you were willing to go on. Your parents didn’t want you to own a house so early, but you insisted, ignoring their frightening words like mortgage and high property taxes. You would figure that out along the way.

Because you were your own boss. You created a company from the bottom up, using all your savings and extra cash to make it successful. And now, at eighteen years old, you owned a multi-million-dollar business. And hell, if you wanted to buy a small home, it was feasible.

You were carrying your boxes into your home when you first heard the sounds. It was an even rhythm, three taps in a row. At first, you thought it was just because you bought a fixer-upper, but then it continued to get louder and louder.

“What is that sound?” You questioned, unpacking your clothes in your room. You were alone today, your family on vacation for the next few months. You placed your clothing on the hanger, and chuckled to yourself, “How about this: One knock for no, and two knocks for yes. Okay?”

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Peep Show

Word Count: 5457

Warning: Smut with voyeurism and exhibitionism

A/N: This story is a tad bit longer than the other ones I had posted. So please sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Your name: submit What is this?

“I can’t do this anymore. It’s over, y/n.”

You stared at your boyfriend, shocked at the words that just escaped from his mouth. This was not how you saw your two year anniversary going. You had planned a nice romantic evening at your apartment for you and your boyfriend, Chris. He was supposed to come over at six for a cheesy candlelit dinner you had prepared. Followed by a movie on your cozy couch which would result in you two snuggling up together in each other’s arms. Then the night would end with a little physical contact in the bedroom and lots of R&R the next day. But of course, Chris had other plans. He came over empty handed! And not only that, he forgot it was your anniversary! Chris had expressed that he had fallen out of love with you for some time now and he wanted to seek excitement elsewhere. You were blindsided by his confession and completely heartbroken.

“But Chris, can’t we-”

“NO, Y/N! We are over! There’s nothing more you can say that will make me change my mind. Besides, I started seeing someone else.”

Chris left your apartment leaving you on the floor in a balling mess.


One Week Later…

“Y/n! This is ridiculous!” Your best friend yelled as she pulled the blinds open, letting light enter your apartment. “Besides work, you haven’t let this damn place!”

You lowered your head in shame. You didn’t mean to isolate yourself from the world but the breakup was still fresh on your mind. You had given two years of your life to a guy, thinking that he loved you only for him to tell he was bored with the relationship. It was embarrassing and also insulting. You didn’t look at the situation as if it was his choice but blamed yourself because you couldn’t keep him happy. A few tears fell from your eyes. Your best friend rushed to your side, holding you close.

“Don’t you dare cry over that asshole, y/n. He doesn’t deserve your tears or thoughts,” she wiped your cheeks. “Guys don’t think when it comes to relationships. All they want is for someone, who isn’t their mother, to take care of them and supply them with sex and food. You remembered what happened with my ex?”

You thought back to the many phone calls you two shared because her ex boyfriend. If there was a king of douche bag boyfriends, he would be it. Not only did he cheat on her but he trashed her apartment and stole her money before he disappeared. You two were up all night driving around looking for him. At the time, you were relieved Chris wasn’t like that but you also didn’t expect him to walk out on you.

“Anyways, I learned from the situation. I’m too young to settle down and now I’m living my life just the way I want it. I don’t need a boyfriend and I keep a few guys around to handle my needs. Yep! Life is just wonderful which is why I don’t want you hanging in the house anymore. Let’s invite a few more friends, get dressed up and go out tonight. What do you say?”

You thought it over for a second. To hell with Chris! If he didn’t appreciate you then it was his lost. Eventually, someone will come along and appreciate what an amazing person you were. But that day was not today, so why not go out and have fun?

“Hell yeah! Count me in!” You shouted as you jumped up from the couch, storming into your bedroom closet to look for something to wear.

A couple hours later, you, your best friend, and three other girls stood in line waiting to get inside a club. You decided on wearing a simple black dress that hung off of your shoulders and black stilettos heels. Tonight you wanted to focus solely on having fun and not about Chris and what he could possibly be doing at that moment. It wasn’t long before you were let in and the blast of music followed by people all over made you tense. Your best friend noticed.

“Relax, I know it’s been awhile since you put yourself out there but you don’t have to worry. Just enjoy yourself.” She whispered in your ear. You offered her weak smile and nodded.

As the night went on, everyone was having a good time. Your group of friends were chatting with a group of guys and you danced and drank a little too much to the point that you were tipsy. You heard your friend say something about going to another club and everyone got up to leave. You tried to keep up but ended up getting lost on the street. You checked your phone but had no signal to make a call.

As you walked around looking for them, the cool outside air sobered you up. It had been ten minutes and still no sign of your friends. You were about to hail for a cab and head home until you realized you were standing in front of a club. “Desire” spelled out in red neon lights and just below the name, words in white read “live shows”. Weird. It didn’t seem like the average place to party and held some mystery to it.

“They couldn’t have come here,” you mumbled to yourself, looking around. “What the hell. No harm in checking.”

You entered through the door and immediately felt the change in atmosphere from the previous club. The furniture and walls were white with a luminous blue light reflecting off of it. The slow sensual music was loud but not enough to hear from outside. Overall, you liked the place. Everyone there was wearing all black and a mask across their face, hiding their identity. You noticed they each sported a different color wristband as well. A man approached you. His choice of clothes, although were black, was different from everyone else’s. In fact, only six men wore that uniform.

“Good evening and welcome to Desire. May I ask which show would you be interested in?” He spoke.

“Well, I was looking for my friends. I thought had came in here but I guess I am mistaken.” You told him as you continued to look around. He could sense your curiosity and offered you light smile.

“If you are interested, I could give you a tour.”

He offered his hand to you. You were hesitant but decided to take it. You thought about your friends. Wondering if they were looking for you or if they went to the club or home. He led you through the crowd, handing you a glass of champagne along the way.

“What kind of place is this? It doesn’t seem like a club.” You asked.

“That’s because this is a lounge, for entertainment purposes only. This is the main floor. Some nights the stage is available for musical performances while the guests mingle but that’s not tonight. We offer drinks, food, and music. People pay to relax, make small talk, and to watch.”

“To watch? Watch what?” Confusion etched across your faced.

You two stopped in front a black door, shield away by a black, velvety curtain located in the back. He held the door open for you and you walked through. In this area of the lounge, the walls were red, the furniture was black, and the light shining from above was bright for you to see everything.

“Our peep shows range from whatever you desire. If you have a kink for control, then I would suggest the bdsm shows or if you’re into dress up, there’s the role play shows. Orgies, gay sex, spankings, cross dressing… you name it, we have it for your viewing.” Your head was swimming in thoughts. Out of all the places, you end up in the fetish club. It was all so overwhelming.

“So have you decided on a show?” He asked, tearing you from your thoughts. You nervously rubbed your hands together.

“Actually, this is too much for me,” you admitted, turning to face him. “I don’t even know what my kinks are. I just simply enjoyed sex.”

“Ah! I know the perfect room for you and the show is just about to start.”

The host walked over to you and placed a white wristband around your wrist. Once again he led you to a door. Inside only held a single black chair.

“Which one is this?” You were almost scared to ask.

“This is Jimin. He is the crowd’s favorite.”

“Wait!” You stopped momentarily. “Will I be the only one watching?”

“Of course. For privacy reasons, we only offer one person per room.”

He ushered you inside and entered behind you, shutting the door. You took a seat and stared ahead. The black curtain parted, opening the sensual scene to your eyes. The couple was guarded by a two-way glass screen. A dirty blonde haired man, dressed only in his boxer briefs, was kissing down a woman’s neck. She had long silky dark brown hair surrounding a beautiful face. She could have definitely considered being a model if she wasn’t an exhibitionist.

Both of them were kneeling with their bodies faced towards you. His face was concealed from your view as he kissed down her back. The bra the woman was wearing loosened and she pulled it off exposing her small breasts to your gaze. Their bodies fell forward with their backside in the air. He backed away from her to stand properly. His body was well defined and chiseled but not too muscular. His hand flipped his hair out of his face, locking eyes with you. When he did that, your heart nearly stopped beating. He was breathtakingly gorgeous. You gasped, sitting up straight in the chair.

“I see you like, Jimin.” The host whispered into your ear. You weren’t even aware, he was even there.

“Yes, he is very handsome.” You mumble, unable to take your eyes off of him.

“Maybe your kink is to watch or being watched. Come here often and you will learn why he is the crowd’s favorite. Have a good evening.”

The host exited the room, leaving you to watch the rest of the show. Jimin had turned his gaze away from you and back to his partner. She rolled over on her back, sliding her hands down her body resting on her private area. Her hand moved to the inside of her panties as she lifted her hips off of the bed. You couldn’t hear their voices or sounds but by the look on her face, you could tell she was enjoying the pleasure she gave herself. Jimin watched her with hunger in his eyes. You saw his lips move and immediately she was bent over in front of him. His underwear slid down his thighs, resting at his knees. His hands gripped her hair as his hips thrust forward. You watched him fuck her mouth as yours watered to get a taste. He reached over and slapped her panty covered ass. Your hand twitched as if he just slammed yours. Jimin suddenly pushed the girl on her back, yanking her panties off her legs. You were able to see his thick cock, standing proudly against his abs. It was then you felt a strong urge between your own legs. Closing your thighs tightly, you could feel how wet your panties were. Jimin rid himself of his last bit of clothing and closed the gap between him and his lover. He found your eyes once again as he spread her legs wide and he entered her. You softly moaned out at the same time the girl threw her head back. You watched him fucked her mercilessly wishing it was you. Soon you could see a thin layer of sweat that coated his back. You groaned to yourself. You would give anything to hear their lovemaking.

They suddenly rolled over and the woman was on top. She had braced both hands on his chest was rode him with such forced. Her hair was wild and untamed and both of their eyes were shut as they became lost in the feeling. His hands held on to her hips helping her grind on his cock. You could tell they were close by speed of their movements. The girl frozen her body, her scrunched up and her mouth hung open in a perfect ‘o’. Jimin pushed her off of him and stood. Quickly stroking himself until he came all over her face. The last thing you saw was their heavy breathing before the curtain close.

You sat there amazed at what you had just witnessed. You were on the edge of the chair and your fingers left indents in the leather. Your breathing was just as labored, you may as well have been fucking.

“Shit…” you stated, astonished.


You lied in bed, tossing and turning at the unrelieved pressure between your legs. Over and over the show played in your head since you made it home. Your friends eventually called and told you they were headed home for the night. You neglected to tell them about your mystery club and instead, wished them a good night. You thought back to how Jimin hammered into that woman. The way his muscles in his ass flexed and the satisfied look on her face, giving her quite a fuck.

“Jimin…” you breathed his name.

There was something about him that intrigued you. The look of hunger in his eyes as you stared at each other. It almost felt as though he was fucking you. You certainly felt the connection and knew why everyone favored his shows. He had a presence that invited you in. Even in that type of setting, you felt welcomed. You wondered how many women left that place panties wet, horny as hell, wishing Jimin would fuck them. Knowing them, they probably just found a random guy in the lounge and brought him home for an easy one night stand. But you… you wanted Jimin.

So it was no surprise that you went back the next night. You stared at the neon sign before walking inside. Immediately, you spotted who you were looking for and smiled.

“Good evening and welcome back to Desire. May I ask which shows are you interested in seeing tonight.” The host asked.

“I would like to see The Crowd’s Favorite. Is he available?” You replied with a smile, handing him your first payment. He smiled back and gave you a slight nod. This time he placed a red colored wristband on your arm. He led you pass the black door to the rooms where the shows were being presented. He handed you a black laced mask before leaving you by yourself.

“Enjoy the show.”

You found his specific room and entered, taking a seat in the chair. You stared at the mask in your hands, debating on whether to wear it or not. You decided not to since people had already seen your face. Taking a deep breath, you waited for the curtain to open and a minute later it did.

The same woman was laid out on the bed, her fingers buried deep within her cunt. She was the only one who was visible and you wondered where Jimin was. Her eyes were shut and her lips were parted. You thought about how it would feel to put your body on display for a man or woman to see. To let them see you spread wide, performing lewd acts by yourself or with a partner. It sounds interesting but you didn’t have the guts. Maybe that’s why Chris decided to leave. You didn’t provide enough excitement in the bedroom and your sex life became dull.

As soon as you shook the depressing thought from your mind, Jimin appeared and climbed onto the bed. He snatched the woman’s hand away from her pussy and held them both above her head. She mouthed something to him as she started fidgeting. He brought his fingers up to his mouth, wetting them before they were pressed against her clit. Slowly, his fingers rubbed circles around the nub. You watched her back arch, lifting her chest in the air. Your breathing increased as well. Jimin slipped one finger after another into her twat until three of his fingers rested inside her. He worked them slowly against her walls, ultimately speeding up his pace. You couldn’t help the sudden rush you were feeling. Your fingers found what they was looking for in the inside of your panties. You were already soaked and wasted no time plunging your fingers into your pussy, trying to match his speed. Your eyes shut momentarily as you moaned out in pleasure. When they opened, you found Jimin watching you instead of his lover. His eyes drifted down from your face to your hand inside your panties. You felt your face heat up in embarrassment but you were too far gone to stop now. You opened your legs wider and used your other hand to massage your clit. Your juices flowed down your ass and onto the leather fabric. Your eyes closed again, imagining it was his fingers. You picture his naked body leaning over you, watching as you were about to cum. You looked past your heavy lids and saw Jimin lick and bite his bottom lip, his eyes still locked on your crotched.

“Oh fuck! Fuck! FUCK!” You chanted, feeling your stomach tighten.

Your head fell back and you screamed out as your orgasm washed over you. You swallowed hard, coming to the reality of what you had done. Your legs twitched from the aftermath and your panties were now ruined. When you lifted your head to face Jimin, he had a smirk on his face and a very hard dick in his boxers. You nervously shifted in your seat before getting up and running out of the room. You left the lounge, walking in no particular direction. After awhile, you stopped to calm down.

“What the hell, y/n! How do I go back after what I just did?!” You yelled to yourself.

“Simple, you just come back and take a seat because I’d love to see what else you have up your sleeve.” A deep voice joined the conversation. You turned around only to come face to face with Jimin. You immediately turned away from him and covered your face.

“I’m so sorry. I was caught up in the moment. I don’t know what came over me?”

Jimin smiled and crossed his arms. “Why are you apologizing? I enjoyed it very much.”

“Really?” You faced him. It was then you noticed his clothes hung loosely on his person, as if he rushed to get dressed.

“Absolutely! It seemed more real and genuine, better than the other shows I’ve seen.”

“That’s because it was. I was horny and I had imagined that it was you that was touching me. Like I said be– WAIT A MINUTE! Does that mean these shows aren’t real?!”

Jimin threw his head back and laughed out loud. “Of course it’s real. We are performers. It’s our job to keep the audience entertained any way possible. But doing the same thing over and over can seem artificial or rehearsed. But I can assure you, it’s real.”

“Oh.” You mumbled, running out of words to say.

“You know, you are quite experienced for a voyeur. Have you considered being an exhibitionist?”

Your eyes widen and you vigorously shook your head. “NO! There’s no way I could do that.”

“Why not? Are you afraid you might like it?” He smirked. You blankly stared at him, unable to answer. There was a possibility that he could be right. Since you came to that place, it gave boost of confidence and a high dosage of sexual excitement that was dying to escape your body. “Do me a favor. Come to the lounge tomorrow night, same time. Wear something comfortable but have on black undergarments. I will meet you in the back.” And with that, Jimin winked at you and walked away.


The next night, you had dressed exactly how Jimin said. Wearing black cheeky panties under blue jeans and a thin black dress that you pulled up into a makeshift shirt. All hidden under your black jacket. More than the regular share of people were there when you entered the lounge. Tonight, the stage was open and everyone’s attention was on an older woman who softly sung into the microphone. You looked around but couldn’t find your usual host.

“Welcome to Desire. Are you looking for someone in particular or are you interested in a show?” A deep voice asked you.

You faced the man who was dressed as a host but the only difference was that he wore a mask. From your time being there, not once have you seen them wear one.

“Yes, I was looking for you actually.” You stated confidently. Jimin removed his mask and held out his hand which you easily took.

“I had to make sure you didn’t change your mind.”

“If I did, I wouldn’t have come tonight.”

He led you to an unknown area of the club, one you were unfamiliar with. Opening a door, you were present to tiny room with a single bed inside. When you saw the closed curtain, your stomach dropped and you could feel each nerve tighten under your skin. You didn’t know if you were ready to perform such a task.

“Take off your coat and pants” Jimin spoke. He had already shed his clothes and stood in nothing but boxer briefs. Your eyes traced over every inch of him and his body looked even better close up. With trembling hands, you removed your clothes and handed it him. He sat them off to side and pulled you over to the bed. He stood in front of you, taking in your figure. You took deep slow breaths to calm yourself. Jimin picked up on your mood.

“You know you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. I won’t be upset that my beautiful date for the night decided to leave me.” He joked. You smiled, feeling a bit bashful.

“Well I already came this far and I wondered what it was like to be watched.”

“But I already watched you.”

You thought for a moment before answering. “Yes, but it I wanted to experience being watched while someone does explicit things to my body. Knowing that you were watching me, only lit the flame and what I want is a forest fire.”

Jimin walked closer, his lips barely touching yours. “Was I the one doing explicit things to your body?”

“Every time.” You breathed out.

“Relax, close your eyes, and tell me about it.”

You close your eyes and felt his presence move away from you. You cheered yourself on in your head, trying to recant your fantasies. “First, you would approach me quietly, leaving wet kisses on my neck. Your hands would roam over my breasts, lightly massaging them.”

As you spoke, you felt Jimin’s hard figure behind you. His hands gently traced up your sides, moving from under your arms to cup your breasts. He fondled the mounds of soft tissue, rubbing his thumbs along your now hard nipples. His head leaned against yours and you felt his warm breath in your ear.

“What kind of shy girl leaves home without a bra? I guess you’re not as innocent as you think.” You moaned out feeling your wetness coat your underwear. “Come on, don’t slow down now, baby. Tell me what else I do to you.”

“One of your hands goes inside my panties and you tease me before finger fucking me.”

He lifted your right leg in the air, hooking his arm under it. His hand eased their way inside your panties, rubbing his fingers along your wet lips. Your head fell back on his shoulder and your hand massaged his scalp. His other hand slipped under your dress and pinched your nipple. Spreading out his fingers, Jimin was able to play with clit and tease your entrance. You were so wet, you were dripping down your thighs.

“Open your eyes.” He whispered in your ear.

You opened your eyes and lifted your head back into its position on your shoulders. The curtains were wide open and a woman sat in the chair in front of you. She was wearing her mask so you couldn’t see her face but the look in her eyes told you everything. She was just as interested as you had been when you first showed up. Jimin lowered your leg and moved his hands away. He turned your body to face his as he gripped your panties and yanked them down your legs. He pulled the neckline of your dress down, stretching it as he bent his head to capture your areola in his mouth. As he sucked, you felt his tongue flicking at your nipple. His tongue traced up your body until his mouth found yours. The kiss was a very heated one. Your tongue explored every inch of his mouth and vice versa.

“Let’s give our guest the proper performance, shall we?” He stated. You smiled and nodded. Jimin help pulled your dress off. “Lay on the bed on your back with your head hanging over.”

You followed his command, staring at his upside down figure. Jimin pulled down his boxers, showing off his semi hard cock. When he leaned over to touch your pussy, you came face to face with his genitals. You felt both of his arms wrap around your waist before you were being lift in the air. Almost immediately, his tongue invaded your other lips. Steadying one hand on his thigh and the other around his shaft, you sucked down the mushroom tip. Like a cock hungry slut, you eagerly shoved his cock in your mouth. Taking in as much as you can. Jimin groaned as he lapped at your clit. He licked to your opening, shoving his tongue in as deep as it could go. You were the wettest you had ever been and he was drinking down every drop. You could feel yourself tightening around his little pink muscle.

“Hold it in. We are not done yet.”

Jimin lowered you to the floor and maneuvered you over to the glass screen so that your body was pressed up against it. In one stroke he entered you, squishing your breasts to the glass. The woman almost fell out of her chair at the view she was getting. Jimin pounded into your pussy, spreading your ass cheeks to sink in deeper. You were a moaning mess, the element of pleasure plastered across your face. You pushed your backside against him wanting to feel more.

“Lift your leg up so she can see what I’m doing to you. I want this image burned into her mind.” Jimin growled, sinking his teeth into your shoulder blade.

You did what he said only to feel his hand come around your waist. He pinched your swollen clit between his thumb and middle finger, using his index to flick the bundle of nerves. His hips picked up speed occasionally grinding himself into you. Your sweaty hands slid down the screen, as you were on the verge of cumming. If only you could witness what the woman was seeing. This was your third come coming to the club, it all boiled down to this moment. Falling apart in front a stranger’s eyes all because of Jimin’s actions. Your breathing increased and you could no longer hold back your excitement.

“Oh God!” You screamed out, releasing so hard Jimin’s cock was forced out of your cunt.

You gasped for air, still feeling your high as your juices puddling under you. Jimin watched you in amazement. He had his usual pleased smirk on his face. But the show wasn’t over just yet. Falling to your knees, you grasped his cock in your hands stroking him to release. You opened your mouth and held out your tongue, waiting on his salty white liquid to land on it. It wasn’t long before his legs buckled and rope after rope of sperm spurted all over your face. There was so much, it almost covered your face entirely.

By now the curtain had closed and Jimin was cleaning you up with a fresh towel. As soon as he finished, he pulled you down onto the bed so you two could rest. Your mind raced with thoughts of what you had just done. A big smile spread across your face. You didn’t think you could do it but you did and was proud of yourself. You suddenly felt like a different person.

“You know, you never told me your name.” He chuckled, interrupting your thoughts. You slapped your palm against your forehead. How could you be so forgetful?

“Oh my God, you’re right! I don’t know when I became such a daring person. My name is y/n.”

“Well y/n, it is nice to meet you. But I think you’ve always been that way and you’re just now finding out what interests you. You are a natural born exhibitionist and I would like to help you explore more of that side. Plus more.”

You were silently hoping that this experience with Jimin wouldn’t just be a one-time thing but you also weren’t ready to show your body off every night like he did.

“Let me think it over, okay?”


One Month Later

You didn’t know how in the world you found yourself sitting across from Chris at a restaurant but you were. He had suddenly called you up out of the blue asking if you were available to talk. And you agreed because he denied you the talk you wanted when he walked out. He stared at you, taking in your appearance. He smiled as he talked.

“I’m glad you decided to join me today. It’s good to see you, y/n. I don’t know what it is but you have this glow about you. You look nice.”

“Thank you. What did you want to talk about?”

He cleared his throat and moved nervously in his seat. “Well, I want to apologize for what happened the last time we talked. I was a jerk for how I treated you and I’m sorry.”

“Mmm…” You raised an eyebrow, sipping on your drink. Your phone dinged and you picked it up to check the message. Chris rubbed his hands together and leaned forward.

“And I was wondering if you could give us another shot? I miss you and I realize you are the woman for me.” He smiled. You felt your heart beating rapidly in your chest at his words. You didn’t think you ever heard him say it. You put your phone down and stared into his eyes.

“Is that how you really feel, Chris?”

“It is,” he took your hand in his. “I really want this. I love you y/n.”

You smiled. “That’s good to hear… but I think that’s the problem. I’m too much of a woman for you,” you stated as you pulled your hand away, gathering your things to leave. “I don’t want to be with a guy who is quick to toss me aside because he thinks I’m no longer valuable. Not once did you talk to me and express how unhappy you were. Instead you decided to leave me looking for something better and judging by how you are back in my face asking for a second chance, I assumed you didn’t find it. I’m sorry, Chris but I’m not someone you drop and pick up every time you feel you want a girlfriend.”

You stood to leave but decided to offer a few choice words to your ex boyfriend. “So to put it frankly, you don’t deserve another second of my time. Fuck no and fuck you! Have a nice life.”

You blew him a kiss and walked away. You smiled brightly as you walked up to Jimin, who was waiting by his car. He looked damn good in all black with his blonde hair blowing in the wind. When he spotted you, he returned your smile and opened his arms when you embraced him. You two shared a brief kiss and Chris, who was watching the entire time, turned his head away in anger. Jimin helped you into the passenger side before he hopped in the driver’s seat. He pulled off, driving to nowhere in particular. You took his hand in yours and the two of sat back and enjoyed the ride.

Your best friend was right. You were young and didn’t need a boyfriend. Not when you had your favorite performer ready to dick you down and turn you out when you needed it. Yes, life was marvelous!

Loki Imagine - ‘You’re different’

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Your P.O.V.

Pure chaos and fear was spreading across the streets of New York. People were running in different directions, hiding, screaming out in pure horror. ‘The end is here’ ‘please don’t kill me!’ and more. I was frozen by shock as I listened to this all. I had just wanted to spend a normal day at the library but instead some aliens wanted to destroy everything. 

Thunder roared in the sky and I saw clouds gathering around a hole in the sky. It was so barbaric to think about. My heart started beating harder in my chest. I saw someone that looked like Iron Man flying, destroying one of those robotic creatures in process. Parts of it flew everywhere and that’s when I knew I had to get into a safe place. Maybe I stood there too long. A huge chunk of the creature was coming straight at me.

That’s it.

I attempted to dodge it but someone grabbed me and ran away super fast. I screamed and held onto this person with my life. He didn’t stop going as fast as lighting. He just ran, probably trying to hide me. I dared to look at the person and my breath got lost. The blonde hair was flowing with the wind and I saw scratches here and there from battle. It was Thor!

‘‘Hold on’‘ He growled to me. Truly, I was confused. It mixed with my fear and nothing made sense. But of course, I did as told, clinging onto him the best way I could. Then I looked behind in, realizing why he was going so fast. We ere being chased! My eyes widened and I felt my body going numb.

‘‘You can’t get away, brother!’‘ The man yelled darkly. He was using a platform to chase us. I locked eyes with the man. He had dark raven hair and piercing green eyes. His clothes were different but the colors suit him- green, black and gold. He even had a strange helmet. As our eyes met, his smile faded.

Thor’s brother was going to say something but Thor did wasn’t going to listen. I don’t know how but with his other arm in the air, he let go of the ground. I almost screamed when I noticed we were flying. Why didn’t he let go of me! ‘’Holy fuck’’ I breathed out as tears stung my eyes. The air was cold and we were getting higher. It was terrifying to look down so I closed my eyes.

A few seconds later everything stopped. Thor put me down and I opened my eyes. We were on top of a building, but I didn’t know which one. Then he looked right into my eyes, very seriously as well. ‘’Hide’’ Was all he said before jumping off the roof, probably to fight those alien creatures.

I was astonished  by now. My entire body was trembling and Thor’s demand echoed in my head. Why should I hide? Why did he save me? Although a million thoughts raced around in my head, I decided to do as told. I ran to the door and opened it, then running down some spiral stairs. As I reached the bottom, I saw a penthouse. It looked very luxurious and expensive.

There was a fireplace with fire in it, roasting the wood. I looked around in panic in desperate need for a hiding place. There was a piano but anyone could find me from underneath it. Then I saw a door. I ran over and shut it, locking myself into the room. As I looked around, I saw that I was in someone’s bedroom. Whoever owned this place wasn’t home. At least it seemed like it.

I sat down on the bed and once again found myself listening to the explosions and screams. This time, they were quieter. Probably because I was up here. 

What was happening to our city? As I sat in silence, tears started to roll down my face. I hugged my knees and started sobbing, sad because so much got destroyed. Thor’s demand scared me. I didn’t know whether my few friends were alright!

‘‘Shit..’‘ I hissed and tugged my own H/C hair. I saw my reflection in the mirror. My heart skipped a beat as I saw myself. My usually E/C eyes were icy purple and they were glowing. I held my breath in shock. Then I saw my surroundings. I had to look around me for real to know it was real. Some objects were floating around in, surrounded by the same purple glow. A candle was on my right as the pillows were hovering over the bed. Even a chair started floating in mid air.

The door opened and all the objects fell down. I turned around swiftly, expecting the owner of this penthouse but man, I was wrong. My gut twisted as I saw the person entering the bedroom. It was the man who had chased Thor. ‘’You!’’ He growled and pointed at me with some sort of a wand with a blue light in it.

A shiver ran down my spine and I had a feeling that this was bigger than what I could understand. ‘’You’re different’’ The man smiled, getting even closer. ‘’W-what do you mean?’’ I stuttered with a very small voice. ‘’Oh Y/N’’ He chuckled at me. How did he know my name? ‘’Let me introduce myself, I’m Loki and I will soon be your king’’ He introduced himself very confidently. King?

Was this even real?

It couldn’t possibly be real!

‘‘Anyway, back to you my dear’‘ He sighed and touched my jaw with his toy. It barely touched me but I felt a weird sensation. ‘‘Why..this is interesting’’ He purred and looked at me closely. I was both afraid and curious. This Loki wasn’t chasing his brother. He chased me. Then my fear grew larger. Thor had told me to hide.

‘‘It doesn’t even work on you. So they were right about you’‘ Loki spoke words that were nonsense to me. Then I stepped back, not wanting to be in touch with his weird toy.’‘Can you please be clearer?’‘ I asked, hoping that he wouldn’t find me arrogant and kill me. I mean, he wasn’t from this world. I had no idea what he could do!

‘‘With pleasure. I need to take over this world’‘ He told me like it was nothing. For me, it was a sentence that made my heart drop. I pointed at my chest. ‘‘My help? I’m just a normal human. I can’t possibly help you!’‘ I defended myself, silently praying for Thor to show up again. What the fuck. This day had become so wild I was expecting a damn God to show up and save me. I was going bonkers!

‘‘No no no..I already told you. You’re different’‘ Loki growled and hit the floor with his toy. I flinched, not daring to move a muscle now. ‘‘Would you like some proof?’‘ He continued, almost excitedly. I shook my head no as more tears ran down my face. ‘‘Well, I’ll give it to you anyway’‘ He sighed and raised his toy. The blue light grew larger and I knew exactly what he was doing. 

He would shoot me with that beam!

I heard a ‘pew’ sound and I screamed, closing my eyes and shielding myself with my arms. The floor shook a little bit and I held my breath. I waited a little while for a burning pain but it never came. I opened my eyes and gasped. I was surrounded by a purple beam bubble- or whatever it was. Loki looked at me with a big, mischievous grin.

I couldn’t believe this. Did I create that? Everything outside the bubble besides Loki, was broken. Things had turned ashy and some things were on fire. As I lowered my arms, the shield faded away. It was way too much for my mind to handle. I was dumbfounded. So I fell onto my knees and stared at my surroundings.

‘I’m only a normal human!’‘ Loki mimicked my voice. Then there was multiple versions of him, all surrounding me. He was using his magic. ‘‘No..’‘I breathed out.Then I sniffled. My head started to ache madly from this all. I had no idea what the hell was real anymore.

My palms touched the floor and I stared at my fingers, trying to breathe but I found it hard. The temperature dropped in the room and I felt cold. Goosebumps appeared on my skin and my breath turned foggy. ‘’I know this is much for you but I know how you feel, Y/N. I also went through the shock as I found out I wasn’t who I thought I was’’ Loki started speaking more seriously.

I shook my head no, refusing to believe I was anything but human. I was quivering and crying, on the verge of having a break down. A hand touched my jaw and made me look up. Loki was down on my level and he looked deeply into my eyes. His other versions vanished into thin air and it was just the two of us left.

Then I saw something shocking. He let go of me and I kept looking. Then his flawless pale skin turned darker, almost dark blue and it even looked like he was frozen underneath. It started from his head and the color change moved towards his fingertips. He shut his eyes and sighed. My heart was beating so hard it felt like it would escape my body. Then Loki opened his eyes. They were bright red. That’s when I backed off a little bit, stumbling so I was sitting on my bum. 

What just happened?

‘‘Allow me to show you your true colors. We could work together greatly’‘ Loki tried to make me work with him again. Before I had a chance to speak, we heard a loud thud. Loki turned around and got back to normal just before the door flew open. I saw Thor once again.My headache developed into a lightheaded feeling and I swear I would faint soon.

‘‘This isn’t right’‘ Thor growled angrily at his brother. ‘’You wouldn’t understand! You never have!’‘ Loki fought back, growing angry. They were both holding some weapons, a hammer and a wand with a blue light. I gulped, afraid they’d have a brutal scene right here.

‘‘Let’s get going’‘ I heard a whisper next to me. I startled and turned around. It was Loki! Then I looked back at Thor. Loki was in front of him as well! ‘‘He’ll find out it’s just an illusion soon. We must go’‘ Loki grabbed my arm and pulled me away. He opened another door in the huge bedroom and pushed me through it. I guess I didn’t have a choice but to play his game.

Loki opened a window and then grabbed my waist, holding me tightly. In the middle of this chaos, I felt surprised by his touch. I didn’t get a chance to think until he moved to his next move. He didn’t say anything as he jumped out of the window, pulling me with him. I screamed for dear life and shut my eyes. We were free falling! Then we landed on something. I grunted in pain but it wasn’t too bad.My entire body was quivering and I was panicking. Loki here acted as if everything was fine and in control. We landed on some platform he used to chase us. 

‘‘See?It wasn’t that bad’‘ He chuckled and let me weep by myself. It felt like I could fall over the edge any second but somehow, I didn’t. Then I looked down, seeing how New York got destroyed. The sight was unbelievable but what messed with my most was my powers.

It felt like I had never known myself. Like my life so far was a lie. What was the truth? Would Loki tell me?

Solely for the truth I would stick with Loki. It’s not like I had a choice anyway. My thoughts seemed to get the best of me. My vision got blurry and I lost my balance.Then I blacked out, feeling way too overwhelmed by everything to be up and think more.

A/N: Sorry if this is bad, it’s my first Loki imagine :)

wrong number

member: kang daniel
genre: fluff
summary: you haven’t talked to daniel in a while so you used the “sorry wrong number” excuse.
a/n: a lot of people requested part two, so here it is! this is actually the last part too!
part one / two

  • after that one late night call and those uncalled for text messages, the two of you guys started talking again
  • well… mainly through text messaging since you guys didn’t have much time to meet one another
  • most of your texts consist of talking about how stupid you guys were before and how much you guys changed since high school.
  • daniel also sends a lot of photos of his two cats
  • “hey shorty, they wants to see you :(((”
  • and you wanted to see him

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Their world

Based on the song OUt of the Woods - Taylor Swift

I tag @dan-yuna because I think you will like it babe.


The world, everyone’s worlds were black and white when they were alone. And that was no different for the four of them.

Logan’s world was black and white. Virgil’s was black and white. Patton’s. Roman’s.

But soon they found out that with each other, their worlds were colorful and beautiful.

Logan and Paton’s world was green.

Patton looked at Logan and he was deep sea blue. So dark, so intense, so mysterious. His eyes were dark blue, his clothes, his lips, his hair.

Logan looked at Patton and he was light yellow. So bright, so soft and hard to look at. His eyes were light yellow, his clothes, his lips, his hair.

But when they touched, they became green.

Sometimes, it was dark green. Sometimes it was light green. Sometimes, some blues and yellows mixed in. And Patton laughed happily, played with Logan’s hair and brushed their noses together as Logan smiled and held his waist and touched his green shirt.

Green was such a beautiful color.

Roman and Virgil’s world was pink.


They didn’t like each other very much at the beginning. They were too alike, too easy to be missed and confounded. Virgil was purple and Roman was red.

Roman loved to remember that purple was not a primary color. That he needed red to make purple. And Virgil loved to remind that red was a boring color and purple was the color people liked most.

They were each in the very opposite sides of the spectrum. And yet, when they touched for the first time, the world around them became pink and their eyes shone with different shades of that wonderful color.

It felt so nice not to see only black and white, relying on others to tell you your color.

Roman’s heart raced and Virgil’s mouth curled up in a smile. They didn’t even notice, but they were holding each other close, their bodies almost glued together as if they were beginning a dance.

When they turned around to look at each other, their noses pressed together and they blushed. They blushed red and purple. Then, Roman’s eyes drifted down and Virgil’s closed, their hands finding each other down to their side, their fingers tangling as their lips touched for the first time.

It was an explosion of pink and it was beautiful.

Virgil and Patton’s world was brown.


They came together after a while. At first, two colors that would normally go great together didn’t really want to mix out. Virgil loved how bright Patton was, lightening the room with his yellow everything. Patton was admired by Virgil’s darkness and how he stood out of the normal black and white with his purple self.

They were beautiful to each other’s eyes, and it wasn’t a true surprise, but they never came too close.

And yet, when it happened, they couldn’t be happier. Because they touched and they were brown. The world was brown.

Virgil was darker brown, almost black. Patton was bright brown, almost beige. But they were beautiful anyway. They loved it. And they made sure to touch more, to be together more, finding out together the several different shades of brown they could form.

Roman and Logan’s world was purple.


Red and blue, of course they would be purple. It was only logical they would be purple.

They didn’t want to see purple. They had Virgil. They didn’t need purple in their lives.

And yet when it happened, it was like Virgil had never existed.

Their purple was so unique. So… different.

Virgil’s purple was soft, sweet, dark yes but not… evil.

Their purple… it looked like a bruise. A very ugly bruise, with green sides and yellow splashes.

After all, they had first touched when they were fighting. Logan had turned his back to Roman and he was pissed. Roman grabbed Logan’s arm to pull him back and give him a lecture, but as soon as they touched, the world became that bruised purple and Roman let go immediately, scared and surprised. Logan turned to him, just as surprised and shaken, their worlds back to black and white.

They decided not to ever touch again.

But it had been marvelous.

Logan and Virgil’s world was black.


Dark purple and dark blue? What else could it be. And yet, the two found themselves admiring that blackness pit surrounding them. Their eyes glistened colorful in the darkness surrounding. It was calm for them.

They had been playing when it happened. They loved making puzzles together. And even though those puzzles never had color, they were still beautiful.

And yet, in that exact day, they reached for the same piece without noticing and suddenly the world was black and they were holding each other’s hands. They didn’t let go, they just held tighter, and looked at each other surprised.

It was black… they saw black every day… so why was it so beautiful and different?

Their black was grey. This black was… black. So deep and strong that it felt as if it was draining their soul little by little. And yet, it felt amazing.

They decided to touch only when they needed peace and quiet.

Patton and Roman’s world was orange.


How much happiness could one touch provide? How much warmth?

They had always had a good relationship. Probably the best one until Virgil and Patton started to become closer. But Patton’s friendship with Virgil didn’t make him and Roman’s relationship fade.

Oh no, they were still pretty happy and colorful when they met and talked to each other. They were always grinning and laughing, touching and holding hands and cuddling.

Their world was so pretty and inviting and orange and nice. Of course they loved to stay there. They just loved it. And why shouldn’t they? It was beautiful!

They took a deep breath and brushed their noses together in the morning, with Roman’s arms around Patton and Patton’s hands against Roman’s chest. They smiled and kissed slowly with the warmth of the sun rising in the horizon.

It just felt really good for them to stop.

Their individual worlds were black and white.


But their world, together… well…


It was bursting in color.


When they agreed to it, Logan let out all of the possibilities of it going wrong. Virgil shared his insecurities, on how he was afraid some would feel left over. Roman and Patton assured to the cold colors that they would always be there to hold them and make everyone feel loved and included.

The first time they all held hands, they were discussing the issues, in a small circle in the living room. Patton reached for their hands, and they took it. Slowly, the world regained its colors.

The walls became yellow. The couch became brown. The paintings and puzzles became colorful. The floor was beige and the carpet was red. Their clothes now had their own colors, their true colors. Their eyes shone honey, their hair became purple and hazel.

Everything was so beautiful and colorful and happy.

Virgil’s eyes teared up beyond his control and Patton cooed. He pulled the purple boy close to his chest and slowly Logan and Roman wrapped their arms around the two as Virgil cried silently against Patton, his emotions being too many for him to control.

After he was calmer, they all shared a few kisses and sweet words, and cuddled again, staring at the shading of the different colors around them.

And their world was beautiful.

Goggle (Small!Reader x Hamilsquad)

Words: 2700+

Warnings: Abuse, cursing

Request: Yo how about a fic that’s a reverse of your fic that the reader is from the past and put into the modern world as a smol and meet the modern!hamilsquad??? Idk

A/N: nope, but maybe small drabbles

You looked at the dandelions on your front lawn. They were fully bloomed, their seeds ready to be blown. You crouched down, picking one of them up. The wind picked up immediately, causing the seeds to be blown. Your heart dropped.

Your father would be angry. You quickly threw the stem down on the ground, trying to hide it between the grass. You heard footsteps behind you, and straightened up quickly. Turning around, you came face to face with your brother. He smirked, looking at the dirt on your dress.

“Oh, Pa will be angry.”

“Johnny, please, don’t tell him. Please, can we keep this between us?” He bit his lower lip, thinking. You looked at the lust in his eyes, and quickly regretted asking him for anything. You tried moving around him, but he followed your steps. “Johnny-”

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Draw Me

Summary: You’re an artist. He was just someone you had sex with on occasion. At least that’s just what you told yourself. However, you wanted so much more with him, the only question was, would this be worth it? ??
Members: Wonho x Reader
Length: 3,410
A/N: All thanks to and courtesy of L.P.~ 

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Originally posted by garisanee

“Can I draw you?” Your words linger in the air, shaky with nerves in anticipation of his response.

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trans keef
  • he came out as trans to matt first
    • youd think itd be shiro but no; he thought shiro would think he was copying him, so he went to matt first
    • that was when they first truly became close
  • as soon as he came out to shiro, shiro immediately took him to find clothes he liked
    • he got like, 20 of the same outfit
    • shiro told him he was fine with getting him differing clothes that were more expensive than what he had picked out, but turns out, keith just really liked the color black
  • during his stay at the garrison, he got into like, fifty different fights
    • they were kinda to make him feel manlier, but mostly, it was due to them calling him his dead name and her/she
  • when they got launched into space, all he had was the spare binder he always carried on him and the sports bra he was wearing that day
    • luckily, alteans had trans ppl too, and he was immediately put on T (like he wanted) and was given a binder
  • when he found out pidge was trans, he immediately started going to her when he was feeling dysphoric, and in turn, she went to him
  • his favorite time of day is nighttime so he can take off his binder and just relax (albeit, very hesitantly)
  • he sometimes forgets to take off his binder before he trains, so pidge set it up to where whenever the simulator turns on, it says, “reminder to all trans boys: dont bind while training, and use a sports bra instead!”
    • shiro finds this useful at times too, but its mostly keith that has to have the reminder
  • during a battle one day, he forgot he had his com on, and whispered quietly to himself, “why are zarkon and prince moat tar so transphobic?”
    • it was dead silent for about ten seconds afterwards before everyone started losing their shit
    • he didnt even realize he had said it out loud until a week later when lance called prince lotor “moat tar”
  • while hes typically okay with his own body, he loathes the idea of the cryopod
    • someone having to take his clothes off to put on the cryosuit? yeah no thanks id rather bleed out
    • he says hes willing to use the cryopod as long as hes sentient enough to put the suit on himself, or if shiro is the one putting the suit on him
    • he only trusts his brother
  • “hey keith. why did the chicken cross the road?”
    • “to… get to the other side?”
    • “nope to get to the idiots house. knock knock.”
    • “whos there?”
    • “the chicken.”
    • “this is transphobia at its finest”
    • “keith… dude…. galra keith….. im trans too”
Unstoppable (4)

Genre: Romance, Angst, (future smut)

Length: 1,2k

Characters: Kim Jongin, Oh Sehun, OC

Part: 4/?

Summary: “When you felt your world tear apart, prince charming came to your rescue”

The guy you thought you would never ever see in your life again was right in front of you. 

He was wearing a button up shirt that had small flower patterns around it without leaving a space clear, it was divided into three different colors the first color was light blue, in the middle it had a white stripe and the end was black, along with some tight black jeans.You recalled that he was wearing a similar shirt yesterday, maybe he was into a summer style. His shirt had the first two buttons open letting you see part of his colorful tattoos making you wonder how many more he had under his clothes. You didn’t noticed it yesterday because of your drunkenness but now you were fully aware of those details.  

“Take a picture doll it’ll last longer” he chuckled lightly giving you smile causing his eyes to look smaller. 

A small blush crept to your cheeks since he caught you red handed checking him out, but you quickly recovered, you got up off the ground and approached him, stopping in front of him in a considerable distance. “Are you following me?!” You exclaimed ignoring his previous words, furrowing your brows at him and crossing your arms over your chest. 

“No i actually…”

Yixing turned his gaze at both of you in curiosity, completely forgetting about cleaning the shelves “Oh you finally came for your dog, Sehun” and left to untie the dog.

You looked at the dog and then back at him, the dog was so cute and fluffy, you imagined the owner would be someone soft and friendly… not him who was totally the opposite. He didn’t have the aspect of someone who would have the time to own a dog.

“Now i know why the stupid name” you murmured. 

“What?” He got to listen what you said and raised his eyebrows at you. 

“What kind of person names his male dog with a girl name?” You rolled your eyes snorting humorously. 

“What kind of person decides to get drunk publicly?” Your smile fell and he chuckled.

“Here is your dog Sehun, he’s really a playful one” Yixing smiled at him clearly not hearing your words from earlier he has always been a clueless person, giving him the dog leash that was holding the dog. “By the way how do you know Y/N? For what i know she only has one friend” just great, he was now going to add ‘loner’ to the list of things he knew from you joining it with drunk and abandoned.

He smirked towards you “Oh actually the way we met is quite interesting i found her comple…mph” You fastly covered his mouth with your hands before he could finish, if Yixing found out about yesterday you were going to be literally dead, he really didn’t tolerate those kind of actions.

You let go of his mouth slowly realizing it would look weird to Yixing “Oh, you had something in your mouth” You laughed nervously, and turned to look at a curious Yixing waiting an answer “W-we met at a concert, right Sehun?” you pushed his shoulder in a playful manner hoping he would go along with the lie. 

“Yeah we met at a concert” You sighed in relief thanking him internally “We actually got pretty close before the concert” He added, you noticing the suggestive tone slip from his tongue “We are really close friends, right?” he pulled you towards him hugging you from the side, his grip tight around your hip. You widened your eyes in surprise but composed fastly before Yixing could start to doubt. 

“Yes we are!” You put a hand around his shoulders or at least attempted since he really had wide shoulders so you just placed it at only one of his shoulders. 

“I’m glad to know that she’s starting to get more friends” Yixing smiled sincerely.

“Well i’m happy, i got to see you Sehun” you said sarcastically “But you got to get going right?” You raised your brows at him waiting for his answer.

He looked back at you and gave you a side smile “Actually i’m not in a rush i can stay a little longer” 


“Hey Y/N i know it’s a lot to ask for but can you go buy dog food? It’s almost over” 

“But i can’t drive and the store is really far from here”

“I can take herhe said at Yixing, giving him a full smile. 

Double asshole.

“If you even offered yourself to bring me at least help me” you said angrily to him since you were holding a too heavy sack of dog food painfully and slowly dragging your feet towards his car. He looked at you and shrugged getting ahead to his car.

You opened your mouth to complain about his rude behaviour, but that’s when you felt your world stop.

There he was getting out of his car and quickly going to the other side to open the door for someone else, a female, of course it had to be her

Your heart clenched at the sight, he grabbed her hand softly helping her out of the car she giving him affectionate look and smiling at him in return, she was beautiful, she had such perfect features her skin was almost like porcelain, tall and a slim body she looked almost as if she was a model, besides her you felt like nothing. 

You let the sack of dog food hit the ground occasioning the sack to break and let the croquettes scatter over the floor. People turned to look at your sudden action, including them. 

Their attention now completely on you, Jongin gulped looking at you in pity not knowing what to do on the other hand she looked at you fiercely almost in a threatening way.

Once the first tear broke free, the rest followed quickly one by one.

Sehun looked at you and saw the scene of you dropping the sack, noticing you were crying but no because of him, your eyes weren’t on him anymore. He turned to see at what were you were staring or rather whom, and that’s when it all fitted. 

You felt your heart hurt screaming in agony, you couldn’t bare seeing them anymore but your gaze was fixed at them as glue, you were in shock, your lips and body started to tremble, you were already taking hard breaths, you were destroyed. 

You suddenly got pulled from them and your empty eyes were now meeting his intense ones. His arms around your waist holding you strongly in place.

“I already told you he isn’t worth it, beautiful” and kissed you for the second time, this kiss was so different from the first one, it was slow and full of emotions, it felt comforting in ways that words couldn’t explain, his thumb caressing your cheek delicately wiping your heavy tears. 

In an instant he could be the world’s biggest asshole and then become into your prince charming to the rescue.

Headcanon that Todoroki rarely get sick. When he did, he always tried to hide it and slept it away. But not this time. (This actually became a full fledged fic so you can read it here on ao3 or right below)

‘Todoroki-kun, aren’t you cold?’


'Man, aren’t you hot in there?’


When class 1A managed to have a look inside Todoroki’s wardrobe, they were in for a surprise.

There were nothing but shirts and trousers of different colors. One or two light blue jackets dotted on the left side but that was it.

Clothes suitable for an autumn morning stroll in the park. Hardly optimal choices for the blistering hot summer or biting cold winter.

Todoroki explained between stifled yawns and subtle glances to the futon that he could regulate his own body temperature, therefore had no need for seasonal clothing before ushering them out so he could sleep.

Class 1A all agreed on one thing when they gathered back down the communal area.

Todoroki’s quirk was the coolest!

Todoroki found himself boxed on his left side on movie nights during winter time and on his right side during summer classes though it was a mad dash to be the first to reach his right side. The unlucky ones that couldn’t be the first settled for ice-creams and cold bottled water, giving the lucky one and Todoroki, who was not sweating a drop, sting eyes.

So when Hagakure, the lucky one of the day sitting with her back to Todoroki’s right side, commented on how warm his right side was, it garnered the attention of everyone in class.

Todoroki’s control over his quirk was uncanny.

Between finding a five-leaf clover and Todoroki messing up the control of his quirk, you have a far better chance of finding a field of five-leaf clovers.

A vague ‘Sorry’ came from Todoroki and Hagukure’s sigh of contentment sent the rest of the class back into an envious mob.

That was the first sign of trouble they failed to notice.

‘Midoriya-san, do you know where Todoroki-san is?’ Yaoyorozu’s clear voice made him jump in his seat and consequently drew a diagonal line over his hero costume sketch.

‘Uhm, no?’ He hurriedly closed the notebook. Not that he didn’t want her to see, he was just uncomfortable with showing his hero notebook to anyone other than Uraraka and Ida. He flustered a little when she raised an eyebrow but steeled his nerves to ask. ‘Why do you ask?’

Why ask me?

‘Out of everyone, you are closest to him so I thought you would know,’ Yaoyoruzu answered his unasked question first. ‘It’s rare to see him miss a class.’ She mumbled mostly to herself but Izuku caught it any way and had to frown.

‘I don’t know. Sorry.’ Izuku offered a helpless smile even as he dissolved into a muttering tirade. It was true. Todoroki was probably the most diligent when it came to classwork, just right after Iida. No one could compete with Iida when it came to school work any way, the guy was on a different level. It was unusual rather than rare for Todoroki to skip class, especially hero class. There must be something serious enough, something more important than training to keep him occupied. But what could that possibly be? He was kidnapped? Possible but a little far-fetched considering they all were staying at UA dorm with over-the-top securities. Then he must not be at the dorm then. If so where could he be? No, that’s not true, Izuku backtracked. He definitely saw Todoroki this morning in the kitchen area with a glass of water before his attention was drawn back to Uraraka’s floating an inch above the floor omelette.

Sometime during his mutter, Yaoyoruzu must have left, but he was too occupied to paid her any attention.

His mind whirred with different scenarios as he hastily jogged back to the dorm. Next class was modern literature and also the last for the day so he wouldn’t be in any serious trouble. Todoroki was more of a concern now.

Something happened to his family? Maybe it was his mother? Or Endeavor? Something pissed his father off enough for him to come to UA dorm to drag his son back home to train until all his bones were broken and blisters dotted his body? Oh god no please let it not be Endeavor. Todoroki’s relationship with his father might be more mutual respect than outright hatred now but who knows what might happen with Endeavor’s temperament.

Please let it not be Endeavor.

Please not Endeavor.

Anyone but Endeavor.

Please not Endeavor!

Todoroki-kun!’ Izuku swung the door to the dorm open with enough force to send the reinforced quadruple-layered glass rattling against the wall and called out as loud as his voice permitted.

Silence greeted him. Cold that had nothing to do with Todoroki’s quirk slowly wrapped around his heart.

Izuku bolted to Todoroki’s room. The door was unlocked but no signs of a break in could be seen. Todoroki was nowhere to be seen. Scouting every floor also gained no result of his whereabouts.

The kitchen area was empty as well. Izuku checked every cupboards and cabinets, even in the fridge and under the dining table.

He found himself back in the common room and was searching in All Might’s contact in his phone with shaking fingers when an out of place sound, too quiet to be heard over the pounding of his heart, caught his attention.

Izuku took a deep breath to calm his frantically beating heart and listened.

There it was. A gasp, then a second later, a soft, pained 'no’.

It was coming from the gap between the sofa and the wall.

Izuku carefully made his way over. 'Todoroki-kun…?’ He hesitantly said, not wanting to spook his friend. His thought started to drift into the lines of why Todoroki was hiding behind a sofa for he was definitely hiding from something.

All he got in response was a muffled cry of pain.

The cold around his heart that had started to melt seconds ago was returning faster and planting its root deeper.

Izuku had never, ever, heard Todoroki made such a pitiful noise.

Something was seriously wrong.

He peeked through the gap and found Todoroki sitting with his back against the wall, legs drawn up and head resting on the knees.

It looked like he was sleeping but his breath was coming out in short gasps, a mixture of steam and hot breath. A sheen of perspiration covered his face and neck.

Izuku carefully sneaked in a hand to feel his temperature and had to smother an alarm yelp.

His forehead was as hot as scalding water, even his right side felt as hot as a car left under the summer sun for hours. Had Todoroki been hiding his fever for days? Not to mention he even came to class yesterday! A fever as severe as this didn’t just develop overnight!

Todoroki shied away from his touch and tried to scoot further away but ended up toppling over.

Without fanfare, Izuku pushed the sofa away and kneeled down besides his friend.

'Come on, Todoroki-kun, we need to get you to Recover Girl.’ He said, swinging an arm around Todoroki to support him up, tears gathering in his eyes of fear and frustration.

Todoroki put up a pitiful fight, ice trying to form before immediately melting away and steaming up. 'No…, please…., stop…’ He mumbled, prying weakly at Izuku’s hold.

'Todoroki-kun, please, let me help!’ Izuku all but begged, desperately adding more force to his hold to still his squirming friend.

'No…, no…’ Todoroki shook his head weakly. 'Stop… Please…. Father…’

Izuku’s hold on his tears faltered and that was all it took for him to cry now. Todoroki was too delirious to tell the difference between reality and dreamscape. For now, he was not at the US dorm anymore but back to the horror and fear his childhood held.

'You are not with your father, Todoroki-kun. You are safe.’ Izuku bit back a choked sob and said forcefully. That was the point he needed to drive home first. 'I’m Midoriya Izuku. And you are going to get better, okay? Please, please, just let me help.’ Izuku rocked them from side to side, not knowing anything better to help.

Todoroki’s movements quietened down. He finally cracked open an eye, the blue one, to blearily blink at Izuku. The intelligence it usually held now lost to the haze of sickness and delirium.

It took Todoroki three minutes to recognize him.

'Mi-dori-ya-?’ He said brokenly, gasping for air when he finished.

'Yeah, it’s me.’ Izuku smiled encouragingly through his tears. 'I'n going to take you to the infirmary now, okay?’

Todoroki bobbed his head in consent and Izuku flew into action. He had Todoroki in piggy back style and was out of the dorm in a matter of seconds. His friend felt like a sack of burning coal on his back, incoherent mumble hot against his right cheek.

Todoroki was prideful and for him to accept help with no deliberation; it spoke volume how severe his fever was. Izuku just hoped he hadn’t arrived too late.

His footsteps dented the ground.

The news about Todoroki staying in the hospital was quick to spread around class.

Izuku found himself the center of worried questions and a crying Hagakure. Under any other circumstances, he would be dying of shame right on the spot. Right now he was just too tired to care.

'And I asked him to cool down.’ Hagakure cried in earnest, wet sobs echoing the solemn room.

'There, there Hagakure-chan.’ Mina padded her back understandingly, wiping away the tears with a tissue. 'We can all visit him tomorrow.’ She added brightly.

'About that-’ Izuku shifted in his spot uncomfortably all eyes fell on him. ‘-We can’t.’

His statement was met with varying degree of bewilderment.

'What do you mean by that, Midoriya-kun?’ Iida asked, doing that small chopping hand motion that told how nervous he was.

'Patient request,’ Recover Girl had said when Midoriya tried to step back in after she finished her treatment half an hour after he brought Todoroki in.

'He needs as much rest as he can, so I think it’s best that we not disturb him.’ He half-lied, twisting his scarred hands.

'You are absolutely right, Deku-kun.’ Uraraka accepted his explanation easily. ‘Oh, I know!’ She exclaimed for the whole class to hear. 'Let’s organize a welcoming party when Todoroki-kun is released from the hospital!’

Her suggestion was met with a round of delighted 'Yes’ and a watery one from Hagakure.

As the girls moved away to start on their planning, Kirishima released a forlorn sigh.

'Even our strongest can get a fever.’

'That is exactly why we need to dress for the season and pay attention to our health!’ Iida pronounced with wider, more prominent arm chops. 'Summer is the season of fever and heatstroke. It is important that we consume enough water to stay hydrated. I suggest we take turn-’

No one was actually listening to Iida anymore since they were all busy staring at each other in muted realization.

'Speaking of 'dress for the season’, do you remember the state of Todoroki’s wardrobe?’ Kaminari asked everyone on a whole, voicing their exact same thought.

Two days later, Shouto was cleared to return to the dorm with instruction to drink a cup of water every hour and lay off of exercising for at least a week. As if he would listen.

He could have left the day before but a disapproving scolding from Recovery Girl convinced him to obey just so he wouldn’t go deaf in the ears.

The dorm was devoid of anyone’s presence, which was strange considered it being a Friday night.

Maybe they all needed to be somewhere else. Definitely not a villain though, Shouto would have been the first to know. Endeavor made it his life purpose to drag Shouto to every villain crime scene to show him how stupid he had been for refusing to use his left side.

As he waited for the kettle to boil, laughter and talking started to fill the hall way and they all stopped dead at the sight of him leaning against the countertop in the kitchen.

Asui was the first to break the silence.

'Are you feeling well, Todoroki-chan, ribbit?’

'Yes, a bit dizzy but I am better now.’ He opened the top right cabinet where he stashed his tea leaves. 'Thank you for asking.’

'Oh no, you need to rest more Todoroki-kun!’ Uraraka said, unreasonably happy that he needed to look to make sure his hearing was not deceiving him.

Why was she happy at the fact that he needed more rest?

And it seemed she was not the only one. All the girls looked incredibly happy and delighted.

Something was definitely going on and he was not privy to it.

'Come now Ice Prince, let’s get you back to your room.’ Hagakure and Mina sudden appearance at his back did not startled him at all. Not at all.

'Ice Prince?’ He echoed, so caught of guard that the two girls could push him up five flights of stairs and into his room easily.

'Well then, off to bed with you.’ Mina sang happily, skipping away down the stairs.

'Wait, I still need to get the tea-’ Shouto added as his wit came back to him.

'No worries, someone will bring it up for you!’ Mina called out from the stairs as the sound of her steps faded away.

It took him a minute to realize he only heard one set of footstep moving away while there had been two that escorted him up.

'Can I help you with anything, Hagakure-san?’ He directed his gaze to the half closed door where he could see a flash of brown shorts in mid-air.

'Uhm.’ She pushed the door open wider and stepped in, fully facing him. 'I’m very sorry that I asked you to use your quirk that day.’ She sounded guilty and judging from the way her clothes move, she must be bowing.

Shouto’s mind took a while to remember what she was referring to. His brain was irritatingly slow tonight.

Ah. That. Frankly, he had forgotten that that had taken place.

'It’s alright. I didn’t mind. You are not at fault.’ He was awful at understanding emotions and even worse at displaying them. He hoped he conveyed his forgiveness well enough this time.

'You sure?’ She asked hesitantly, rising up from the half-bow with what would have been a quizzical look if she had not been invisible.


'Oh. Uhm, thank you.’ Her socks and shoes twitched around. A sign of nervousness. 'I’ll leave you to your rest, Todoroki-kun.’ She closed the door to his room and quickly walked away.

Shouto stared at the door for a moment then made a beeline for the table, taking out assorted notebooks and pens.

He shook his head a little to clear away the dark spots from his eyes.

He truly hadn’t gotten back to full health.

No matter. As long as he didn’t do anything physically exerting, he should be fine. And catching up on schoolwork could hardly be considered physical activity.

An hour and a half later, Shouto was forced to put down his pen as words swam around his field of vision.

He had had fever a few times before but never this terrible. Most of the time he just slept them away. He tried to did the same for this but apparently it had not work.

Maybe a cup of tea would help, he thought as the world turned topsy turvy as he stood up. Tea would be very appreciated now.

He padded over to his wardrobe to look for a pair of more comfortable indoor slippers.

And had to close it at the sight that greeted him.

Had the fever gotten to his brain?

No, not plausible.  

But he just saw some eye-watering neon green. In his own wardrobe. And he absolutely despised everything with color that bright and revulsive and made sure to never own a single piece of clothing in that color.

Shoutouts hesitantly opened it again, ice ready to freeze whoever was hiding in his wardrobe.

No one was inside but that did nothing to explain the state his wardrobe was in.

It was definitely more rainbow-y than the last time he checked. And with more variety of garments.

He spied black leather jacket, mustard insulated trousers, some plain looking jeans shorts, hoodies, sweaters, polo shirts, and even a rather expensive looking woollen long coat. The neon green belonged to a pair of mittens. All with tags attached but the price had been removed.

Most certainly not the work of his stupid old man.

It could have been Fuyumi but she knew better than to get him anything of bright colors.

That left only one other person, and knowing him, he would be down in the front yard training, on the way to the kitchen.

Perfect. He could get his tea and then started interrogating.

Someone had some explaining to do.

‘He is coming!’

‘What!? No, not yet. I’m not finished!’

‘Quickly, he’s on the first set of stairs!’

‘Just shove it in the cabinet or something!’


‘Fucking leave it and hide behind the fucking chair!’

‘Ouch, unharden your elbow, you’re poking my ribs!’


‘Why do I keep attracting small pieces of paper?

‘Ah, my bad.’

‘Everyone, remain quiet!’

‘You are the only one being noisy, ribbit

The kitchen was dark when Shouto came in but he could hear muffled sound coming from somewhere. Probably they were watching horror film and needed all the darkness they could have.

He flipped the switch and suddenly he was showered in light, sound and confetti. So much that his brain could not process anything and the first thing that came out of his mouth was ‘I need my tea.’

Surprised snorts appeared amidst the gathering of his classmates and he soon found himself nudged, pulled and sat down on the central sofa with blanket draped over his shoulders and a hot cup of tea in his hands.

He took a sip to bring his mind back into operation.

Banners saying things like ‘Get well soon’, ‘Welcome back!’ hung from the ceiling across the floor-to-ceiling glass window. Food and drinks covered every available space of the small coffee table and Shouto suspected that there were a lot more waiting in the connected kitchen and maybe even Satou’s room.

It didn’t escape his attention that all the food and drinks were rather very Japanese and heavily focused on cold soba and tea.

He looked around, noting his classmates’ eager faces and guessed it was time he put his two cents in.

‘It’s nice. Whatever for?’

Collective exasperated sigh made Shouto wanted to retract his words, but knowing his socially-stunted self, his second attempt would only be catastrophic so he kept quiet.

‘Well it’s a get well party. For you.’ Sero explained from his perch on the back of the sofa, taking the initiative.

‘I get that but why?’ Shouto hardly considered his wellbeing the reason, in and of itself, for a celebration.

‘Just fucking get it over with, you half-and-half bastard!’ Bakugou (his presence here was a surprise to Shouto) kicked out a chair from the kitchen table and explosively sat down, ignoring others’ disapproving stares.

‘What Kacchan was trying to say is that we are very glad that you are well again, Todoroki-kun.’ Midoriya chimed in hastily, doing damage control before things got out of hand and dissolved into quirk fight.

Shouto was at a loss for word. What should he say to that?

‘Uhm, thank you?’ It came out more of a question than an expression of gratitude but Midoriya beamed anyway.

‘Let’s eat everyone.’ He announced happily, diving for two mochis right off the bait and dropped one into Shouto’s cupped hands while biting into the other, coughing as he got too much powder in his airway.

The rest of the night passed by in a blur. Shouto vaguely remembered staring in silent wonder as Bakugou dumped spoonful after spoonful of shichimi into his bowl of soba, all the while spitting curses at Kirishima.

He himself got offered a lot of food, his portions were always noticeably larger than everyone else.

As the night dwindled down into small talks and desserts, Shouto slunk away from the crowd to make himself another cup of tea. He passed Midoriya and tapped him on the shoulder. Midoriya took the cue and followed him into the back yard.

It was a pleasant night as far as summer nights went. The moon was still high up, casting silver light on the grass.

‘You want to talk, Todoroki-kun?’ Midoriya ventured tentatively from behind him.

‘All this.’ He shrugged one shoulder in the direction of the brightly lit communal room, not bothering to face Midoriya fully. ‘Did you plan all this?’

‘Ah, no. Everyone just sort of wants to throw you a party. We plan it together.’

‘I see. And the wardrobe?’ Shouto didn’t need to turn around to know that Midoriya’s face had turned bright red.

‘That was Kirishima-kun’s idea. But we all pitched in so don’t be mad at him!’ Frantic hand waving. ‘I tried to tell them not to take anything too brightly colored but they all thought it was a good chance to reinvent your wardrobe. It was such a terrible idea. And we went into your room without your permission. Oh god, we went into your room without permission! Your room! Without permission! I’m so sorry, Todoroki-kun! I am terribly-‘

‘Midoriya.’ Shouto cut in sharply and turned to face the other boy. He waited until Midoriya looked up from his bow and injected every bit of sincerity into his next words. ‘Thank you.’

Thank you for helping me.

Thank you for not telling everyone.  

Thank you for respecting my wish.

Thank you for caring.

Midoriya straightened from his bow and smiled brilliantly at him.

‘You are very welcome, Todoroki-kun.’

He hesitantly returned the smile with the upturn of his lips and marched back inside, Midoriya staying in the same pace as him.

’Should we wake him up?’

’Nah, let him sleep.’

‘But it’s going to be uncomfortable as hell.’

‘No worries, I’ve got this. You two, push the sofa over here. Quietly.’

‘I’m grabbing a pillow from my room.’

‘Good idea.’

‘There, that should do it.’

‘Are we going to leave him alone down here?’

‘No way! We’re staying here and watching movies till dawn. Everyone with me?’


‘So we should do some quick clean up then.

‘Here, let me help.’

‘Bakugou, move over if you’re not gonna help.’


Rustle from the central sofa had them hold their breath but Todoroki just snuggled deeper into his blanket.

‘Thank you Sero.’

‘No prob.’

‘Walk quietly everyone. We don’t want to wake him up.’

My headcanon collection

OK, I might have gone a little bit overboard on this next villager, but I really wanted to try making a true patchwork villager and I had to pull out all the stops. I did create an elephant named Patch a while back who hinted at the style that I was going for but I thought that I could kick it up a notch. And so it was that Scraps the stitched-together pastiche of a puppy was created! 

This guy is the end result of the work of several days (I can’t even begin to estimate how much time he took to complete in total). I used an assortment of different fabric patterns to create him, many of which were actual in-game clothing textures which was quite a challenge in and of itself. At first he was only going to be one solid color with a few sewn-on patches here and there but it didn’t quite fulfill the vision that I had for this character. It’s really hard to capture all the details in screenshots, but here a few additional shots of his model to give you a better look at him from different angles:

Sorry for the picture-heavy post! I just wanted to make sure that the little intricacies weren’t lost, especially since so much work went into him. I hope that you guys dig him as much as I do.

Human Coloring Book

Notes: This is a fic in which I combine my love for Dad!Killian with my love for tattooed Killian. I refuse to believe that man only has one tattoo on his person. He’s probably not as tatted as I made him in this, but whatever. As always, I have to thank my good friend @welllpthisishappening (if you’re not following her, there is something wrong with you because she is fantastic and she makes ridiculously long but amazing fics that will make you forget that the outside world exists and when they end, you weep because it was so good and you want more.) for listening and giving me feedback on my work. She’s the best. All mistakes are mine because I don’t have a beta and I am trash. You can also read it here on AO3: [LINK]
Summary: Killian Jones is covered in tattoos, including an impressive outline of a full sleeve on his blunted arm. Emma thinks he should get it colored. Killian gets it colored in a rather unconventional way.
Rating: T
Word Count: 3,500+

Emma nearly gasped the first time she stripped him bare and saw what was underneath all the leather. Nothing had prepared her for the magnificent artwork that lay undiscovered, hidden under numerous layers of black clothing. Killian Jones was covered from head to toe in ink. She had always assumed that he had a few tattoos aside from the heart and dagger that bore another woman’s name, but what she discovered was an entirely different level.

There wasn’t much work on his torso, but there was a tiny, tiny black swan on the far end of his collarbone and it became Emma’s favorite thing to kiss. It was a tribute to her, something that he had gotten while Emma and Henry were in New York. He had taken his vow to remember her everyday seriously and had marred his skin with his promise.

A pair of coordinates with an old fashion looking sextant took up the majority of the space on his left ribcage. It was one of the older looking tattoos on his body, the ink starting to blur a bit with age. Emma knew the moment she saw it that it was another memorial wrought on skin. It was for Liam and Emma sometimes caught him tracing it with a pensive look on his face in the dark quiet moments of the night, particularly on the hard days where one of them almost didn’t make it home.

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Woozi Soulmate!AU

I took so long to make this fkjgkndfkjgnd i ‘ m  s o  s o r r y ,,,,,, ;; But here it is! I hope it’s good enough so that the wait was worth it! I’m glad I could finally finish this and I ended up liking the result!! I think it’s very cute. I really like this AU and I wish I get more ideas to write more about it with the other members!

Soulmate!AU where you can only see Black and White and can’t see any other color until you meet your soulmate

Originally posted by pledisseventeen

  • Jihoon looked up at the sky. Since he was busy working, he rarely had time to go out and appreciate certain things
  • Such as the warm feeling of the sun hitting his exposed skin in such a sunny day
  • And also the soft breeze that made the hot weather perfectly bearable
  • But the thing he appreciated the most, was colors
  • Most of his memories were in black and white, just as the entire world used to be
  • It wasn’t that bad. Black and white was his world, and after growing up surrounded by said colors, he was used to it
  • He almost didn’t feel the need of changing that. He could live just seeing those two colors
  • But he did feel curiosity
  • For the person that Fate knew would make his heart beat faster, and would make everything shine around him
  • Even though he had somewhere to go, he was early, so he took the liberty of sitting on the bench that was closest to him and reminiscing the moment he met you,
  • as he looked at the world that, after meeting you and being fully colored, looked like a different world from the one he had been living in
  • but was much more beautiful
  • “Hey, Jihoon, can you do me a favor?”
  • The voice of his friend Joshua distracted him while he was playing a game on his phone at the dining hall
  • He looked away from his phone screen to look at his friend, raising his eyebrows as if waiting for him to continue and tell him what favor would he have to do
  • “Wonwoo has been sick for a week, and I promised him I would give him my notes so he could copy them, but I can’t do it today. Could you go to his dorm and give it to him?”
  • He looked back at his phone for a second. The game was getting boring, so why not. 
  • He didn’t have classes for the next two hours, so he had more than enough free time to go to the college’s dorms, give wonwoo Joshua’s notes, and go back to the dining hall and keep playing that game while drinking another coffee
  • “Sure” After saying that, he took the notebook from Joshua’s hands
  • “Thank you” The older one responded with a kind smile before leaving for his next class. Jihoon just waved his hand at him as a goodbye before he left to go Wonwoo’s dorm
  • As he walked out of the dining hall, he took his headphones out of his bag and plugged them in his phone before playing one of his favorite playlists
  • The music blocked the noise of the cars passing by, and the voices of the people in the streets, and he found that relaxing
  • He was kind of thankful that, in the world, the things lacking until you met the person you were supposed to be with for the rest of your life were colors
  • Because if he had to live without, for example, not being able to listen to music, he just wouldn’t be able to live, or at least not happily
  • Music was of the most important things in his life
  • Which made him want to pursue a career that could let him become a professional producer in the future
  • Or who knows, maybe even an artist himself, he wasn’t again that idea
  • As he arrived to the dorms, he stopped in front of the crystal door and looked at his reflection for a second
  • His clothes, his hair, his eyes. He could just guess the tone of it
  • He was sure his hair was a dark color, maybe just black
  • He had hear of people who dyed their hair in different colors when they met their soulmate, just because they were curious to see how the change would look
  • And he must admit that, even if he didn’t dislike black, white and other shades of gray, someday he’d like to dye his hair in a different color
  • Maybe blonde? Pink? Brown?
  • He walked into the building, thinking that he’d have more time to think about that later
  • He took the elevator to the third floor, where his friend’s dorm was, and once he was in front of the door he knocked on it
  • Wonwoo opened half a minute later, but Woozi understood that he was probably still sick, and felt too weak to get up from the bed quickly and open the door
  • “Oh, hello Jihoon” the boy said, and gave him a small smile
  • “Hi, Joshua gave me this” He handed him the notebook, and Wonwoo took a look at the first few pages leaving it inside his house
  • “Thank you, do you want to come in?”
  • It wasn’t a bad idea, but probably it wasn’t the best idea either, what if he got sick too?
  • he had never missed a class, and he wanted it to stay like that
  • but probably wonwoo was a little lonely
  • he liked to read books in his free time, but not going to class for a week was enough free time 
  • and also being sick didn’t probably make the free time very enjoyable
  • so he was probably tired of it
  • Maybe instead of going back to the dining hall and playing a game on his phone by himself, if Wonwoo didn’t feel too bad, they could play videogames together
  • So he nodded his head and entered his friend’s house, taking a seat next to him on the couch
  • As if he had read his mind, Wonwoo asked Jihoon if he wanted to play any of the videogames he had
  • And when they had been playing for just 15 minutes, they were already having a lot of fun
  • Jihoon was even worried that Wonwoo would get a headache from laughing so much, since it happened to him when he laughed too much at his friends’ jokes
  • and after 15 minutes more, their laughters were interrupted and silenced by the doorbell of wonwoo’s door ringing
  • could it be another student that wanted to complain about the noise they were making?
  • they weren’t really screaming (maybe a little, but they were too much into the game to realize that)
  • but maybe if someone next door was trying to study, it could be bothersome
  • Wonwoo was going to get up, but Jihoon got up first
  • “Stay here, I’ll open”
  • “Ah, it might be (Y/N)!!” As he walked to the door, he asked Wonwoo who (Y/N) was
  • “She lives next door. She’s studying the same career as Seungcheol”
  • Jihoon nodded and once he was finally at the door, since Wonwoo seemed sure that the person ringing the doorbell was that girl, he didn’t even look through the peephole on the door before opening
  • But when he did
  • He found himself facing the most beautiful girl he had ever met. Before even saying anything, he took a look at her (hair color) hair, and her pretty (eye color) eyes. She had the prettiest eyes he had ever seen
  • He was mesmerized, and she was mesmerized while looking at him too
  • And then realization hit him
  • Behind her, he could see the pale brown color of the walls
  • the entire hallway being illuminated with a yellowish light, even though it was early, the lights were on
  • and he knew why when he looked at one of the windows at the end of the hallway, letting him see the sky fully covered in gray clouds, and the green leaves of the trees outside shaking from the wind
  • After he had admired everything around him, he looked back at her
  • The person who allowed him to see all that for the first time
  • She was also looking around, and after a few seconds, she looked back at him and their eyes met
  • And then, she smiled 
  • “Hi, I’m (Y/N). You must be one of Wonwoo’s friends?”
  • Again mesmerised by her and her smile, he took a few seconds to answer
  • “Mm- yeah, I’m Lee Jihoon. I’m- um- yeah, I’m Wonwoo’s friend” he was getting nervous, and he was also blushing
  • He could guess that much, because he felt his face getting hot
  • He wondered if his cheeks looked slightly pink, as it happened to the characters in the romance scenes of some novels he had read
  • And she would probably notice it, now that she could see colors too
  • But she didn’t say anything about it, and her pretty smile was still there
  • “I came to tell him that I’ve made warm soup and he can come to my dorm to eat it. Yesterday he said his throat hurts so I made it.”
  • ‘She’s a caring person’ it’s what he thought after hearing that, and it gave him a warm feeling on his chest
  • Even though he was already feeling warm, even in the cold weather
  • He was about to tell her that he would call Wonwoo and tell him to come and greet her, and maybe eat that soup at her dorm
  • But the boy had already walked towards the door, wondering what was taking his friend so long at the door and why he didn’t even say anything
  • “Ah, (Y/N)!”
  • “Hi! I’ve made you some soup, since you said that your throat hurts.”
  • Wonwoo thanked her with a smile, but then mentioned how happy she looked
  • “You look very happy, did something happen?”
  • Then, he looked at Jihoon, who was looking away from her, and seemed a little embarrassed, maybe even nervous
  • I met my soulmate” She said
  • “Is that so? I’m happy for you!” He said, and Jihoon could tell that he was genuinely happy for her, and that they probably were good friends since she was also inviting him over to her dorm to eat some soup
  • Then, Wonwoo looked at him and saw him looking away from her, looking slightly embarrassed, and maybe even nervous
  • “Jihoon? Are you okay?”
  • “A-Ah, yeah”
  • Then, he put two and two together
  • (Y/N) was a happy girl, but she looked even happier than usual because she had met his soulmate that day
  • And Jihoon looked shy and couldn’t even look at her
  • “Jihoon? Did something happen?” He asked him, with the same words he used to ask (Y/N)
  • “I…..
  • I met my soulmate” He said
  • He chuckled a little as he remembered how he felt after meeting her
  • He didn’t have many girl friends,
  • actually, he had no girl friends,
  • but now, he had one, he was more than a friend, and even more than a girlfriend
  • She was his soulmate
  • Suddenly, his phone started ringing
  • His favorite song started playing and the screen of his mobile phone lightened showing a picture of (Y/N) wearing a blue and white outfit that he really liked, and him next to her, both smiling to the camera for the picture
  • He answered the call, and heard her voice ask him where he was, and that she was waiting for him at her house
  • “Ah, I’m sorry, I got a little distracted” He said, smiling, and the fact that he was smiling and happy was evident in his voice, so it was natural that she’d notice
  • “You sound happy! Did something happen?” She asked, catching a little of his enthusiasm
  • I met my soulmate

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Sabo’s adventure

Okay as I promised myself, here are some slight redesigns for Sabo’s outfits during episode 737, he has no memories so I made him wear clothing that kinda resembled his kid outfit but without going too far, and with a bit of the RA’s steampunk style’s influence (trying different hats until he rediscovered the top hat), of course his trademark color is still blue. He went back to the cravat and googles after his memories returned. Enjoy :>

Loft Key

me and @dadddarioomg wanted to kill our friends and this was the outcome

pairing: Magnus Bane & Alec Lightwood

summary:  magnus and alec are tired of waking up without each other. they just miss each another. and all alec has is this loft key that magnus gave him.

read it on AO3 !

Alec couldn’t remember what it was like not waking up alone. He hadn’t slept by himself since he started dating Magnus, and now it’s been too long and way too many days. Every morning he rolls over in his bed at the Institute, hoping that everything that had happened four days ago was just a dream, but just like every other morning, he’s met with the cold sheets on the side of the bed where Magnus should be. And he can’t get up, like he physically cannot pull himself out of bed because he doesn’t have his beautiful boyfriend to wake up to, he doesn’t wake up to Magnus teasing him every morning. It makes his heart hurt, it aches inside of his chest, because all he can think about is the countless mornings that they’ve shared. Where they would both wake up, smiles on their faces and teasing words being thrown at one another.

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