and had different colors on his clothes


Just wanted to quickly point out that this new design for Ash, though it harkens back to the old artstyle we just moved on from, goes beyond just simply putting XY Ash in OS clothes and calling it a day. Using BW Ash as an idea for what he possibly would’ve looked like had that happened (and as you can see, looks very different from what we’re seeing for the movie) .

M20 Ash’s features are slightly less angular then XY’s (though not full soft boy like in SM) and his eyes are a lot less wide, it actually does harken back a bit more to the OS/AG/DP days of how Ash looked, complete with the brown coloring being a tiny sliver on the eye rather then bring clearly seen. I think this was very much purposely done to capture that “classic” feeling.

People forget Ash underwent a design change way before SM during the DP/BW transition where Ash was made to look more younger and childlike (mostly by softening up some of his features and making his eyes bigger and brown) so going fully back to their roots will be very important in making the movie feel more authentic imo.


Finally finished! I still had quite a bit of cleaning up to do on his hair, face, and clothing before I could call this one done. He was also a bit too young previously (though still quite attractive) so I aged him up a bit. 

I’ve included a close up and the step by step process! For this one, I tried a different approach and did a silhouette block in to figure out the direction I wanted to go in. Then I lined over it roughly, did greyscale, added colors via overlay layers, and finally painted on top of the overlay. 

As always I worked in Clip Studio Paint with the last step color correction (though very slight in this image) done in PaintStorm Studio.

And of course, Rhysand is from A Court of Mist and Fury, by Sarah J. Maas.

Sabo’s adventure

Okay as I promised myself, here are some slight redesigns for Sabo’s outfits during episode 737, he has no memories so I made him wear clothing that kinda resembled his kid outfit but without going too far, and with a bit of the RA’s steampunk style’s influence (trying different hats until he rediscovered the top hat), of course his trademark color is still blue. He went back to the cravat and googles after his memories returned. Enjoy :>


// seventeen + colors aesthetic (3/13)

// s.coups | jeonghan | joshua | jun | hoshi | wonwoo | woozi | dk | mingyu | the8 | seungkwan | vernon | dino |

// oxford blue

// You looked away from the sky, and over at Joshua who was lying next to you. He had a small smile on his face, a navy sweater hugging his torso. And it was then that you realized. Joshua was blue in a way you’d never be able to explain. And he wasn’t just blue, but rather different shades of blue. With lips that were tinted arctic, and clothes that were denim and sapphire. Hong Jisoo was your blue boy. And there was no denying that.

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i was gonna send this to another blog, totally, but that hoe ass bitch left tumblr so pls talk to me about magnus' hairSTREAKS

PLEASE AOIEFJO i love his hair streaks but i mean like when he had them in his spiky hair like in 1.01 and 1.02…those are the ones i want. i would love to see that back tbh it color-coordinated with his outfit and it was so good???

I miss his Pandemonium outfits like I know why he doesn’t wear them bc…he obviously dresses different outside of a club setting but I’d love to see him back in the Pandemonium so we can get those clothes. But this time he has Alec with him. For reasons.

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what if Allura chooses which paladin gets which lion based on their clothes and they have different colored clothes from canon so they get the wrong lion

Ok, so, this can be summed up in a really short one.

“I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to work,” Shiro said over the communicator.

“Nonsense,” Allura replied. “You just need to try a little harder at forming the proper bond.”

“No, I’m absolutely positive Blue’s already called dibs.”

“What makes you think that?”

He looked over to his left, where the Lion in question had picked up Lance by the back of his jacket and shirt and carried him off to the other side of the hanger, where she was now refusing to put him down. “Just a hunch.”


Once again a firm tug came from behind, your head was beginning to ache as the obnoxious boy would just not leave you be. He always made small jokes about the ends of my hair being a different color from my roots. Told me I looked stupid, a failed dye job.

He also apparently felt the need to tug on my clothes when I passed by him. I tended to wear big t shirts and pairs of ripped up tights most the time, kind of my signature look. He scared me, he made me deeply uncomfortable and I was constantly waiting for another pick from him. He liked it though. I knew he did because I always saw him smirk a bit as he turned his head away from my eyes. I had made friends with his pal Dylan though, Dylan had confided in me that Eric just pulled that act around me because he thought it would make me more interested in him. The poor boy had apparently had a hopeless crush on me since he spotted a keychain off my lanyard.

Finally, I felt somewhat safe knowing Eric was just a boy with a crush, he wasn’t a threat to me and I wouldn’t ever have to pull my butterfly knife out as a weapon. The following day in class I declared action, but surprisingly he pulled it first. I walked by, he pulled. Into his lap that is, for a moments time I was so confused I didn’t exactly understand, his legs were strong and sturdy under me, he gave me his smirk and commented, “You almost stepped on that tack.”

I didn’t believe him for a moment, I opened my mouth to begin shouting about harassment and aggression before he leaned over and picked up what was very clearly a blue push pin off the ground an placed it onto his desk. “You like pizza? I get discounted because I work at a place, we could go Thursday after school and do some studying for that test.”

I stared at him, this is the most I’d ever heard him speak, “So? You gained some confidence because I’m on your lap?” I snapped quickly but he only laughed, not the reaction I had wanted. “You don’t seem to mind darling. I’ll meet you outside by my car on Thursday. You can get up now, that is if you want to.”

For some reason I wanted to laugh, and I did for a good second. “You’re a douche, Harris.” Eric gave his smirk, “And you’ve got a lovely ass.”

Harvest Moon DS Cute

Japan: You play as a girl. It’s just like DS, but we fixed a bunch of bugs, and the story is tweaked. The Harvest King is the reason the Goddess and Sprite are missing. You can change your clothes to different colors, marry the Harvest King and…what’s this?! A handsome, eligible thief who can freeze women with his charms? But deep down he has a good heart and loves curry! Oh? You aren’t into a guy? Had your eye on a girl in the village! No problem! Let’s get you and that gal pal together! Give her that feather! Get your double bed! Adopt a child!! BE HAPPY

US: Okay, we just got our hands on DS Cute. Let’s keep it the way it is!…Except let’s not let the heterosexual girl and her heterosexual “best friend” move in together. Where will her heterosexual husband sleep? Her heterosexual best friend’s heterosexual husband is going to be lonely. Why would two heterosexual women adopt a child together. They can have children with theit heterosexual husbands. Heterosexual, Heterosexual….

As you can see, I just found out Harvest Moon: DS Cute had a feature that let you get a female “best friend” and move in together/adopt a child. However, the US took this out of the game.


“We’re bringing out the fine details in the embroidered clothing: if you look closely you can almost see individual stitches,” Mohit Kallianpur adds. “We’re trying to mimic the properties of different kinds of materials. If it’s silk, is it a rougher, raw silk of a shinier, smoother silk? That’s going to give us a really rich look.”

The artist never lost sight of the fact that the costumes, however intricate, had to support the characters and the story. Ying says, “Whenever Mike would do a color pass for us on the costumes, his choices were bold and the shapes were completely readable. No matter how much detail you put on them, it would never overwhelm that basic graphic shape.”

The Art of Disney’s Frozen, Charles Solomon

saving all my summers for you


The blistering heat seemed to pound against the Earth. With not a single cloud in the sky, it created a dry, humid atmosphere that left everyone drowsy and sluggish. The Lost Boys laid around, too hot to move their honeyed limbs and groups of them pile under any source of shade found. It was truly one of the hottest days of the Neverland summer.

This included Peter Pan, who shed his infamous dark green attire into cooler clothes. Freckles blossom around his cheeks and his sea green eyes pop with vibrancy, framed by his dark blond eyelashes. You sighed as your head lays on his lap.

Peter sat perched against an apple tree running his fingers through your hair, that in the light shines all different shades of your original color. He enjoyed the softness of your hair, twirling and twisting it around his fingers. Your eyelids fluttered shut at the feeling and from the shy breeze that danced around the open area. No words had to be said, the presence of each other was enough than any spoken words could mean.

You looked up at Peter, catching his eye and laughing as he raised an amused eyebrow. You whispered of how you could fall asleep with him playing with your hair, and he encourages you to while pushing stray forehead hair out of your face. The hot weather tinged your cheeks fuchsia but Peter couldn’t care less. It was as if the whole island was having a lazy day and Peter would surely take advantage of the alone time he had with you.

You do start snoozing eventually. Peter gathered your hair around, sectioning it into pieces and rolling them around each other into what becomes a braid. Living on an island with boys, Peter feels a sense of pride in accomplishing something so small as braiding hair since he never had sisters to teach him. He ran his hands through you hair, re braiding smaller pieces and he swears this is what heaven on Earth must be. With a beautiful girl laying on his lap, he had everything he needed.

With the heat giving him a scarce headache, Peter leaned his head back against the trunk, lightly petting your head as he fell  into a small nap of his own. 

You woke up with an awkward ache in your neck . The sky had turned a pale mauve color, and the sun rested low in the horizon. The day had cooled down now that it reached evening. You turned your head around to find Peter sleeping gently, the steady rise and fall of his chest calming you and reminding you of the afternoon spent together. Shorter pieces of your braid had fallen out and droop around your face; you tucked them behind your ear. You press small kisses to Peter’s cheek, trying to wake him up. It was time to head back to camp, the Lost Boys were probably wondering about the disappearance of their king.

He awoke and rubbed his eyes, all traces of this demon boy being replaced by the helpless young boy he once was. You grinned and he smiled back, letting you pull him up onto his feet with a few sarcastic groans. He stoped you briefly, turning you around and quickly redoing the braid that was barely left. Walking back to your side, his bashful eyes don’t go unnoticed as you take his hand and give a reassuring squeeze, as if saying thank you. With the last remainder of twilight in the sky, you and Peter leave the meadow, vowing to come back soon.

I Know a Place Where it Never Rains

(Inspired by Our Tomorrow - Luhan, Time Boils the Rain - Wu Yifan, and There Is a Place - Wu Yifan)

It’s hard to imagine a further distance than the days, which turned into months, and then over a year that separated us. Every moment stretched and clawed its way to the end of a day full of different schedules which blended together, yet still seemed empty without him. Every day fell with louder discordant notes while colors became indistinguishable. Seasons changed and with them so did his clothes and hairstyles. He became healthier from what I saw online. His eyes were brighter without me by his side. He’d become more confident, too. Had it been because of my leaving? Was my imagination playing tricks again that I thought maybe when they visited China, he would search the crowds for me? That maybe he still checked to see how I was doing online? That I was healthier now, too? That for even a few moments, he thought of me when he was making coffee in the mornings?

Where had we been a year ago? Had we been laughing together on an airplane or in a cloud-lined practice studio? The skies seemed too far above me now, and flying had become more difficult without him by my side to make me laugh or relax. After so much time apart, one by one, the memories faded and disappeared, but the feeling of loss remained the same, digging its claws into my chest until they sunk so deep that my heart physically hurt looking back through the pictures of him in my phone. I couldn’t wish the time back, though I thought there would be more before we parted. More than just the first stumbling steps toward something not yet defined. I had wanted tomorrow and the day after and hundreds and thousands to come just for us, but our tomorrow never arrived.

As the days grew busier with my own name running down black screens in a blur of different cast lists, I eventually stopped looking for others, forgot names because only his stood out to me anymore. The words stopped easily coming to my tongue, tasting foreign when only a year, was it really a year ago, I had spoken them every day to him and to the world. He hadn’t needed to ask to understand that those words ‘let’s love’ had always been meant for him.

The day you reappeared by my side, we were all smiles and it seemed almost like nothing had changed with easy laughing and chatting. We fell into old patterns and repeated phrases of friendship and though we hugged and you said you’d call, your eyes were elsewhere. It seemed that even on the outside, away from him, you still couldn’t see me. The fleeting moments of happiness were swallowed by “Luhan, eyes forward. They’re talking to you.” When you turned back, your eyes were duller and though you smiled and joked, I swear that all you could hear was the nickname you’d bestowed on him years before from some unknown lips behind us. That was all it had taken to steal you away from me again. Even in this place where only the two of us had escaped to, you brought his memories with you, trailing like chains that grew heavier with every step away from him.

I could never blame him for keeping hold of your heart in his small hands. He had been the one to look toward you, the one to actually stare into your eyes when I couldn’t. Though he hadn’t said much, standing so close together that last time, the two of you had expressed it all through a look and one real kiss before the end. And it was the end. Though you can no longer hold his heart in your hands, you gripped tightly onto his words until they too disappeared and evaporated into the air along with your tears. Along the way to this point, did you get lost or had I? When you no longer smiled at me, did it mean that I was no longer me or that you were no longer the small deer who had captured someone like me in your trap? If I could give you the wings to go back to him, it might be enough for me. If you could see him smiling back at you again, would it be enough for you?

Though we have ventured into this new place together, you still strain to look back at the last glimpses of that life. Do you still remember the way his hands felt in yours when you stand here with me? How you looked when anyone else but you touched him? If there was someone out there listening, I would pray that just for you, the past wouldn’t slowly be covered and blotted out by heavy snows. While you’re chasing toward that far away dream, please don’t forget that I will still be here waiting when you come back with the spring rains.

- Admin J

Just A Piece Of Clothing - Captain America / Marvel (Bucky Barnes)

Pairing: Bucky x Female!Reader

Requested by: @ateliefloresdaprimavera

Request:  Bucky and YN escaped HYDRA together and live as normal as possible in Romania as a couple (because they always had feelings for each other and are finally free to live it) and she decided to buy a dress and wear it for the first time when they get home (couldn’t pick clothes when you’re a super soldier).and when he sees her he’s speechless and she thought his reaction wasn’t good and stammers and when she goes back he takes her hand and kisses her.just cute/fluffy stuff before Steve finds them

Warnings: Nostalgia, fluff, general cuteness

A/N: I hope you like it, darling<3 ENJOY! 

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*gif not mine* 

Standing in a shop full of different clothes was almost too overwhelming to Y/n, not being used to the colors, the patterns and all the different styles. She steered away from everything black; she had worn enough of that during her time as one of Hydra’s super soldiers.

 So now finally being free to choose from all these different clothes and colors, almost seemed impossible, and she would take them all if she could. The shop assistant had been very helpful, helping her find something nice that fitted her body type. 

When the shop assistant had asked her if it was for any special occasion, Y/n had blushed, telling the shop assistant it was to dress up for someone special to her. 

In the end, she had found the absolute perfect dress, which hugged her body in all the right places and and she could comfortably swirl around in it. 

She loved it. 


She had eagerly changed into her new dress as soon as she had gotten back to the apartment she shared with Bucky. 

Dancing around in the little space there was, twirling and dancing, content on how just a piece of clothing could make her feel so good about herself. 

A feeling she thought she would never feel again. 

 Eventually Bucky came back from his errand, carrying a plastic bag of plums in his hand. Y/n stood by the kitchen counter when he came in, him not looking up from the floor before he had closed the door and locked it properly behind him. 

«Did you see the news ye-« Bucky stopped mid sentence as he took in Y/n’s form. 

 Y/n and Bucky hadn’t known each other before they had been captured into Hydra’s hands, only having seen each other in their gear or in normal  civilian clothes, boring often baggy clothes so they would easily blend into the crowd. But the person in front of Bucky right now, looked nothing like any of the versions of Y/n Bucky had ever seen before. 

She looked gorgeous, like a goddess in human form ready to devour him, she looked sexy. All this went through Bucky’s mind, while his mouth said nothing. He was rendered speechless on the outside, eyes wide, mouth slightly agape. 

Y/n on the other hand, thought Bucky’s reaction to her in such a beautiful dress was for a whole other reasons. That he didn’t like her as he did before because she looked different. Maybe he thought she was different than him now? 

 «I-I should- I mean-I’ll just-« Y/n began to stutter, pointing towards the tiny balcony attached to their confining, but comfy apartment, starting to walk towards it. 

 But before she could reach the door, Bucky’s hand clasped around her wrist spinning her around, making her stumble slightly out of embarrassment bumping into Bucky’s chest. Instead of letting her pull away from him, Bucky quickly made use of their closeness and captured her lips with his. His metal arm holding her close by the waist while the other one cupped her cheek. 

 «You look absolutely stunning, doll.» Bucky whispered as they pulled away, a shy smile appearing on Y/n’s lips. 

 Bucky could definitely get used to seeing her dressed like this, if only the whole world weren’t looking for him as well. Wanting his ass in a prison, no doubt they would take Y/n’s as well.

SouRin Fest - Week 4 - Tan Lines (1)

All my SouRin Fest stuff listed chronologically HERE.

For @sourinsummerfest
Words: 1,234

“Your color is different,” Rin said, poking at the bare skin on Sousuke’s side before gently pinching it between his slender fingers.

Sousuke swatted his hand away as he tried to focus on the task of pulling the packed containers of food from his sports bag. Before he could even get so far as setting the plastic containers on the sandy beach, those curious fingers returned to the side of his torso to further inspect.

“What color? I’m the same as I was two days ago,” Sousuke insisted, trying to swat the hand away again and contemplating throwing his t-shirt on to stop the fondling. Only the thought of walking back home in a sopping wet t-shirt had him hesitating. Rin didn’t understand or appreciate the concept of dry clothes.

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The city was booming with life in the market and anyone who was anyone was there.From the richest lord to the poorest beggar, the streets were full of people. It was surrounded by forests with the a large palace and a king who rule with a strict hand.The young elf was new to the city that was far different than his quieter home.Dressed in woodsy colors with the hood to hide his distinct pointy ears, he was there to trade goods. He only had a large bag with him and the clothes on his back,so hopefully he would earn some money.

Oliver was a slender Elven man with effeminate features that made hi look like a woman and the oddest color of pink on his hair. Since he always got people staring at it, he kept his hood on even when he was talking to people. With this city, anything can happen and he wanted to leave as soon as possible once his work was done.

Mario’s character design ´u´

He passed from being a happy dude who would have his eyes closed all the time (like brock, gin, etc.) with curly hair, to a not so curly haired cool guy with huge eyebrows, to a stylish, flirty, rich guy °u°"

Good thing about doing this things is that I can use the first designs for secondary characters later or something,  I guess lDDD

I’ll Love You Softly ~Calum Hood~ *smut*

Requested: no


Dinner would be perfect.

The table was set beautifully, a dark blue, almost black table cloth covering it - Calum kept it in mind how much you disliked the color white - three different sized candles set in the middle, while two plates, along with silver wear and cups were placed on either end.
Taking a step back to look at it now, he realized how cliche it all looked. But honestly, he couldn’t care less. He was so damn excited to see the look on your face when you walked through the front door and saw what Calum had done, with no help from his mother or Mali-Koa at all, and when you saw how dressed up he was. He usually hated to dress up, but for you, he could accept it.

Shit… He was so fucking romantic.

The cause for all this was simple;

It hadn’t gone unnoticed; You were incredibly stressed out. From your shitty part time job, to having to take online classes for your education, to that-time-of-the-month. You were exhausted all the time. And Calum didn’t have the heart to tell you that it was kind of bumming him out that all you wanted to do when you got home was go to sleep, or stay up until 3 am studying. So, he kept his mouth shut, offering you half hearted smiles, and a shoulder to cry on when it all came crashing down on top of you.
But he felt terrible that he couldn’t do something to make you feel better.
And thus, as he was racking his brain for something, an idea came to him; A candle lit dinner.


Calum’s ears perked up to the sound of the front door being closed, and a grin crossed his face.
“I’m in here, baby!” He called, checking the table for any necessary last touches. Feet shuffling along the floor, followed by a small figure in the dining room doorway.

“I swear to god, Cal, I’m gonna k-”
You stopped yourself short when you saw the sight in front of you.
A beautiful dinner set up, and an even more beautiful Calum standing beside the table, dressed in a nice grey button up, the sleeves rolled up just below his elbows, black tight fitting jeans, and extremely fancy dress shoes that were meant for extremely fancy occasions.
You were stunned, to say the least.

“Calum…” You trailed off, your eyes scanning over the table.
“You did all this?”
The grin tugged at his lips, and he nodded viciously. “I could see how stressed you were, and I wanted to help you relax.”
You looked up at him, the slightest trace of tears in your eyes, and a smile on your face.
“I fucking love it.”


The two of you shared a gorgeous dinner, small talk being shared as Calum’s hand was stretched across the table, holding yours gently. He had managed to create one of the most romantic evenings you two had ever shared, and all by himself, too. To be honest, surprised was an understatement.

Once finished, Calum took the responsibility of cleaning up the kitchen, telling you to take a glass of wine and relax in the living room, and you happily obliged, needing the extra time to let your muscles loosen.


“Okay,” Calum sighed, carefully letting himself fall down beside you. “Kitchen’s all taken care of.”

You smiled tiredly.
“Thank you,” You mumbled, taking his hand and pressing a kiss to it. “For all of this. The beautiful dinner, the clean up, all of it. You’re the best.”
Calum blushed at your words, then felt his cheeks grow hotter as you began pressing kisses along his arm, going up to his chest.
Blindly setting your wine glass down, you repositioned yourself to have better access to his upper body. Your lips continued to leave kisses all over his chest, his neck, his jaw, his ears. And the heat on Calum’s face continued to grow.

“Baby,” He stammered. “W…what’re you up to?”
“Kissing you,” You mumbled against his warm skin, the vibrations in your voice sending chills through him.
“But you’re tired, sweetheart. You’ve been running on fumes for the past week. You need to get some sleep.”
You pulled away, your breathing slightly heavy and your lips turning a darker red. “No. I don’t want to sleep. Not just yet.”
“Then what do you want?”

Calum’s face reddened. Usually, he wouldn’t pass up an opportunity for sex, but right now, you were so over exhausted, and Calum certainly was not pushing you to do anything.

“Baby,” He said. “I really don’t think that’s the greatest idea-”
“Please, Calum.” You said. “I haven’t had you all to myself in too long. Who knows when we’ll get the chance to have this much time together, any time soon?”

Calum contemplated your words. You did have a point. You and he hadn’t been…intimate in a while, due to both your schedules. And he would admit, he did miss your touch. The way you sounded. The way you tasted. The way you felt. The sounds he could get out of you…His hand couldn’t do justice.

He swallowed harshly, looking at you. He was sure he had never seen you more sure than you were right now. It was sexy, honestly.
Calum let out a sigh.
“Okay, baby girl.”


His skilled hands carefully undressed you and himself, abandoning both your clothing on the floor. Soon enough, Calum had you laid on the bed, his soft edged body hovering over yours. Gently, he attached his lips to yours, still tasting the wine on your tongue. Your hand went to the back of his neck, attempting to tug him closer to you in a heated way.

“No, no, sweetheart.” He whispered, breaking your kiss and taking your hands away from his neck. “No rough housing tonight.”
You whined a bit at his one - and frankly, quite irritating - condition, and let out a inaudible ‘Calum.’
He placed your hands down onto the bed, his own hand slowly tracing up your stomach, to your neck. His thumb rubbed gently along the skin of your jaw. He smiled a little.
“Tonight, I”ll love you softly.”


Kissing his way down to your waist, he let his lips linger there for a second, before gently taking his hand and rubbing it along your inner thigh, making you shiver.
It honestly felt strange making love in any other way except rough. I mean, yes there had been two or three times where you both just lovingly had sex, appreciating each other and their body. But that was rare, which is why this felt so foreign. Especially when you were too tired to take control.

His index finger reached your clit, making a small sigh of pleasure leave your mouth. Calum smiled at the sound. Not a smirk, as he knew what he could do to you at the touch of a finger, but a loving smile. One that showed how much he loved you.
“This feels good, babygirl?” He asked quietly. All you could do was nod, the pleasure overwhelming already, and that was all Calum needed.
“Okay, baby.” He whispered. “In three…two…one.”
With that, he inserted a finger into you, making a gasp sound from your throat, only growing when he began to slowly work his finger back and forth. Your hands gripped the bed sheets, your toes curling inwards.
“Fuck, Calum…” You said, squeezing your eyes shut. “Mmmm, don’t stop.”

“Of course not, baby.” Calum said, carefully picking up the pace of his finger.
Before long, you felt the knot in your stomach. You didn’t even need to say anything, either. Calum always knew when you were about to let go. ‘By the changes in your expressions,’  He said.

“You can let go baby. It’s okay to let go.” He whispered.
And that’s all you needed to fall off the edge, a long moan following your release.

Quiet pants left you as you recovered yourself, and Calum cleaned you up.
“Enough for tonight?” He asked, looking down at you. You shook your head in response, still trying to catch your breath.
“Not yet. I…need to feel you…inside me. Please.”

Calum was hesitant, but nodded anyway. Standing up, he walked over to the dresser, opening the top drawer and digging through some clothes until he found what he needed.
Coming back over to you, he ripped the condom package open, pulling the thing out and placing it on himself.
Once he was hovering over you again, he leaned down, kissing you for a long moment.

“Are you sure, sweetheart? You’re so tired. We can finish this another time.” He said, his eyes searching your half hooded ones for a sign that said stop, even if your words didn’t.
You shook your head again.
“No. I want this. Please, Cal.”

Calum inhaled through his nose, nodding once before positioning himself over you. Taking one last look at your face, he carefully entered you, a low groan leaving him.
“S-shit,” He whispered.
His hand quickly found your own, tangling your fingers together.

Slowly, and as gentle as he could, Calum began thrusting in and out of you, making sighs of bliss leave both of your mouths. His fingers tightened round yours just a bit with every deepening thrust.

“C’mon, sweetheart,” He grunted, his body feeling like it was growing weak. “C’mon, baby.”
After a moment with no signs of your high visible - as you were already close from your last one - except your moans and your ‘Fuck, Calum, harder…f-faster,’ he let his hand untangle from your own, moving it down to your clit, his fingers rubbing slow shapes.
“Come on, you can do it.” He encouraged shakily. “Cum for me. Cum for me, my beautiful girl.”

And with just a few more thrusts, and a few last fingerings, you felt the knot building in your stomach.
“Ah,” You whimpered, the pleasure so intense, no words leaving your mouth. But of course, Calum knew.

“That’s it, pretty girl. That’s it. Just let go. Just cum, baby. It’s okay.”

And finally, you reached your high, a loud cry escaping you, Calum reaching his as well just a second after.
Your moans mixed together, along with Calum’s ‘Thaaaaaat’s it, babygirl’ encouragements.
He continued to let you ride out your climax, his thrusts growing weaker with each passing second.
Finally, half of his body collapsed on top of you, his forehead dropping onto your chest, but still holding his upper body up on his arms.

“F-fuck, baby…” He panted, his hand instinctively finding yours and tangling with it once more. Your chest heaved, your lungs struggling for air.
That was by far the best romantic sex you and Calum have ever had.

After collecting himself enough, he disposed of the condom, climbing into bed behind you, and letting his damp body latch onto yours, your hands finding each others yet again. You shuffled yourself back into his chest, the familiar and beautiful feeling of sex still tingling on your skin. You weakly pushed your leg between his, and you felt his grip on you tighten ever so slightly.

“Now,” He said softly, kissing your ear. “Get some sleep babygirl.”

I’m sorry this is literal shit. I wrote this shit at 3 am but for some reason my wifi became a big burning pile of shit so I couldn’t upload it, I’m sorry. And btw, I apologize for the really shit smut, I’m still new at writing it, but hopefully I get better at it. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this bullshit thing.

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How the mighty have fallen...

(This was built up from the events starting here)

The hangar had fell silent following Jack being taken away by Them. Even his armor had vanished. Yet after all the commotion that had occurred a new sound came from the bed room,more particularity from the bed. It was…a young pup..maybe the age of 5 maybe 6..he was very small for his age.

He had the same hair exactly like Jack before he left,but different fur color as his was black as a Grue pup’s fur would be. Yet what almost made him identical to Jack was the same clothing, jacket pants,boots and all,minus the armor. Even his backpack had turned to a child size pack. Still retaining that stenciled ‘U.S Army’.

The child sleepily looked around from the under the covers.He crawled his way out before carefully climbing off the bed. Lost,confused and unaware of his surroundings.

“Hello…?” his voice squeaked softly. To which he received no response,carefully the little one walked his way out of the bed room peering into the hangar. He was rather in awe by the two aircraft’s, along with all the items around him.

I had a dream I was playing Mario Maker, but the interface was different and the mystery mushroom costumes were just alt costumes for small Mario that you could choose at the beginning of any level.

There was also new costumes that aren’t in the actual game, most of them were just Mario from different games and with different power-ups. And then there was “Fuck Mario” he had an angry expression, his clothes had the same color palette as Waluigi’s, and he was always vibrating.

"And now I'm doing time"

s8.06 Southern Comfort. This is part 2. (Part one here)

(s7.08 Time for a Wedding!) (s7.18 Party on Garth! Part 1) (Part 2)

Onwards! Last we saw Garth and Dean was when they were in Hanks convenience store trying to figure out what to do next. (Large Candy, but whose candy is large?)

Garth seems to have done his homework and suggest visiting mrs Alcott, Who goes by the name Brown now. Sam decides to visit her alone giving Dean and Garth some alone time to do some research.

The wallpaper is made of stars, the table is as well but in inverted colors. Dean is drinking Indian head beer. Nice thing about this is that they chanced clothes. Even Garth has a different shirt on, so they might have had a showers and such…