and guys the main character will never be queer

Non-binary pals need more representation

I’m an aspiring novelist, and of all the LGBT+ fiction I’ve read, I’ve never come across a non-binary character. I’m gonna do something about this and create a story featuring a non-binary character as one of the main characters. I’m cisgender, and want to make sure that I represent them correctly. If there are any non-binary pals who are interested in helping me with this, please feel free to message me. It would be much appreciated. Thank you!! ❤💛💚💙💜

@thatsthat24 Thomas, I don’t know if you’ll see this, but if you do, could you please share it? This is a project I REALLY want to work on, but will need assistance to make sure it’s done correctly.

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Who even wants Black Siren to get with Oliver my dream is they make her gay or bi and give her a girlfriend. As for Oliver i never want to see him in another different relationship again i get the guy is attractive but the sheer number of girlfriends he has had in 5 years is ridiculous. There has to be some women who are just not interested in him romantically. But literally every woman main character thats not his sister has had a relationship with him im tired of it.

The number of girlfriends / love interests Oliver had is really ridiculous. Anyhow, I hope we get the bisexual Laurel we deserve, I mean it’s not like this time they’re going to introduce her bisexual sister from Earth-2 to make up for that and it’s been 4 years since 2013. You would hope something had changed in terms of television.
Queer Quest: All in a gay's work
Queer quest is a queer-as-fuck point-and-clit adventure game.



The creator (middle nerd pictured below) describes it as a “a really gay Monkey Island meets a feminist Leisure Suit Larry”. While I never played Monkey Island myself (though I will someday), I played the hell out of Maniac Mansion which is a similar point-and-click adventure title made by the same guy, and we all know Telltale Games (the current point-and-click reigning champions) rock

Speak of the devil:

“I met the developer of this game at XOXO. I was fascinated and intrigued. Glad to see it’s on Kickstarter!” - Ron Gilbert (Monkey Island 1&2, Maniac Mansion)





Gender and Sexuality Tropes in Superwholock

Going through this list, these are all the ones that Superwholock (that is, Moffat Who + BBC Sherlock + Supernatural) is guilty of (note that most of them are bad to have, but not all of them, and some of them just really shouldn’t be called tropes (and in some cases it’s problematic to call them tropes) and I’m only keeping them here for the sake of not leaving anything out):

There were a number of them that weren’t in the shows, but, wow, look at all those tropes.

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hey, I'd like to hear ur thoughts on sam and potential canon queer moments. please?


so let’s begin with demisexual sam because as far as i’m concerned that actually IS canon. for anyone who doesn’t know, a demisexual person is a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone.” and that’s… that’s just canon. if anything, sam gets uncomfortable when strangers flirt with him, and even though he does have one night stands and hook ups, he always forms some kind of connection with the person before he shows any interest. even with madison, who he was definitely attracted to in the end, he didn’t seem to enjoy her advances at all in the beginning - not until they talked and formed a meaningful connection. the only time sam had random hook ups with people he really didn’t care about was when he was soulless, which, well, makes the whole thing even more obvious.


i’m glad we cleared that up

then, of course, there’s queer sam as in sam being attracted to more than one gender, which isn’t really canon bUT imo canon can be interpreted that way because he’s never once said that he’s straight. at the very least, it’s really easy to find things in canon that could indicate that sam’s bi/pan/not 100% exclusively attracted to women - even though i don’t think any of that was deliberate on the writers’ part, sadly. (although i’m pretty sure jared once said sam might have ~experimented~ in college so idk maybe they could see him being “open” but still see him as straight?? idk idk but anyway i doubt they ever thought of sam as anything but straight when it comes to a definite orientation)

anYWAY so yeah that’s the first thing - sam NEVER SAID HE’S STRAIGHT. never. not oNCE. and he’s not bothered when people assume he’s queer or joke about it. whenever someone assumed or joked about him and dean being together, he only ever said “we’re just brothers”, whereas dean was the one who said “we don’t swing that way” or whatever. when balthazar called cas his boyfriend, he didn’t acknowledge it. and so on.

that is really important bc uNLIKE DEAN, SAM’S SEXUALITY ACTUALLY ISN’T CANON. (AND I’M TRYING REALL HARD NOT TO MAKE THIS ABOUT DEAN’S POTENTIAL QUEERNESS BC WE ALL KNOW WHAT I THINK ABOUT THAT SO I’M JUST GONNA STOP MENTIONING IT NOW.) the two things that make a character’s sexual orientation canon, in my opinion, are that character’s own statements, and their actions. since sam never said anything about it we can only look at his actions, so all we know is that he’s attracted to women bc we’ve seen him have sex with them (and enjoy it). what we don’t know is if he’s attracted to other genders as well. we can assume, sure - we can assume he would have hooked up with a guy at some point if he was attracted to them, we can assume that the spn writers would never make a main character queer, whatever - but we can’t say for sure that it’s canon. 




now that we’ve established that there’s nothing in canon that definitely speaks against queer sam, let’s look at the things that could potentially speak for queer sam.

first, crossroads demons. you know, crossroads demons, who try to get you to make a deal with them and kiss them to seal it, and therefore usually choose a vessel that looks attractive to whoever summoned them? crossroads demons, who appeared in a male vessel two out of the three times sam summoned one? yeAH. twice. yeah. (4.09 and 8.19). i mean i’m not saying that’s proof or anything but just keep that in mind. most crossroads demons appear as a pretty women in a revealing dress when a man summons them. sam’s crossroads demon appeared as a hot guy in a suit and tie. aLRIGHT THEN. OKAY. COOL.

sam’s (and dean’s) siren in 4.14 was a guy too, but i don’t really count that as a queer sam moment because it was clearly about the brothers, and as much as i love wincest i know they did NOT write that as anything even remotely sexual.

brady though. bRADY. we know for sure that sam and brady used to be close at stanford, they said as much and sam’s reaction was clearly very emotional. but what really hints towards there being more to it than friendship is the way crowley treats the whole thing. all through 5.20 (and 5.21), he refers to brady as sam’s “demon lover” and similar things. which, granted, could just be him joking around and making it into something sexual as usual, but it’s more than that. he refers to him like that even when he’s being serious. he’s really concerned about sam fucking the whole thing up because he’s unable to control his emotions. when he describes their relationship to dean, he says “they have history”. and we know that crowley doesn’t give a shit about sexual orientation, and we know that sam’s not really bothered by people joking about his, so the continuous joking doesn’t make all that much sense - unless, of course, it’s not a joke, but simply the truth. brady and sam had some kind of friends with benefit thing going on don’t even try to fight me on that just don’t

then there’s that moment in 3.10 where sam dreams about sleeping with bela and dean asks if he dreamed about angelina jolie - or brad pitt. and he says it completely serious. like, i’m really not convinced that was a joke. even if IS straight, that was dean honestly considering sam might be into guys. just saying.

also dean’s “could you be more gay?” and sam’s complete silence for an answer in 3.05 i mean this is p much what i think about that

also sam referring to his past sexual partners with gender neutral pronouns

for example in 9.13 where he says “you aren’t the only one who’s ever dated someone bendy” which gives me some interesting headcanons about sam taking a yoga class at stanford and dating the super cute guy who teaches it and gives him private lessons where he learns some rather interesting positions but. moving on.

when bobby makes a deal with crowley and sOLD HIS SOUL the first thing sam asks is if they kissed??? i’m just saying, guys kissing guys must be kind of important for sam, if his mind is so occupied with it that it’s the first question he thinks of. the possibility that someone so close to him might not have a problem with guys kissing guys must be kind of important to sam. and tbh, at least in my experience, other people potentially being queer is something on your mind a lot when you are, especially when you’re not out yet. YOU CAN MAYBE TELL FROM THIS META THAT THE POSSIBILITY OF MY FAVE BEING QUEER IS ON MY MIND A LOT

i also think sam might have had a cute little high school crush on his teacher when he was a teenager, judging from the way he acted in 4.13 and what we see in the flashbacks.

and the most recent thing was, of course, when his issue with “destiel” was “but what do they call me and cas though”

conclusion: sam could very well be queer, there’s tons of potential queer sam canon moments, in fact there are so many that i’m having trouble posting this bc i just keep thinking of more things to add. there is so much.



C: I am so pissed right now!!! I just started watching OITNB season 4 and as I’m in the middle of the season, I learn that Poussey (one of only THREE queer black women on the show) was killed at the end of the season. She had always been one of my favs and she just got into this adorable relationship with another characters, Soso, which I loved and just as I’m getting into this ship, they decide to kill her?! But what pisses me off even more is that all these white girls, both straight and lesbians, on here are saying that her death was justified because it brought to light issues with police brutality and the black lives matter movement and I haven’t watched the episode and I don’t know if I’m even going to because I’m SO UPSET RN, but they say Poussey was killed by one of the timid, likeable guards by “accident”, so to me instead of that sending a message about how police brutality is bad, that sends a message that when police kill black people, it’s not on purpose, which basically negates the whole anti-police brutality sentiment. They said on the show that the authorities of the prison tried to cover it up and that no one was punished so that sends a message that our prison system is messed up but STILL, why couldn’t you find another way to do it???!! Poussey was probably the most likeable character on the show, she was a lesbian, and she was BLACK. First of all, I don’t care what message you were trying to send, you don’t kill off your most likeable character!!! That’s just common sense. And secondly, lesbians hardly get any representation as it is, so for there to be a BLACK, HAPPY, LESBIAN, it’s extremely rare and you’re just going to kill her off to spread a message that could’ve been spread and impactful in 100 other ways. 

As a black lesbian myself, it’s very hurtful and it’s even more hurtful when I see all these bitches, most of whom are white, on Tumblr trying to justify the death by saying that it sent a social justice message. BITCH I DON’T CARE!!! They killed off a type of character that probably won’t pop up in entertainment any time soon and I think that it’s just so inconsiderate for them to immediately try to justify it instead of giving people time to grieve. The reason they’re so quick to justify it is because they’re not black queer women and they didn’t see Poussey as a model figure like black queer women do.

When Lexa died on the 100 (she was a white lesbian), I totally stanned for all the white lesbians who were devastated. Sure, Lexa was shot by a stray bullet and in a meaningless way, but I didn’t justify it by saying, the actress was a main character on another show so she had to leave, no, I let people grieve, I said it was wrong, and I stood by them, even though Lexa’s death didn’t directly impact me as a black queer woman. White people always do this!!! (I’m not talking about the few white people who have been respectful and stuck by us queer black women on the issue–you guys are good) They never put themselves in other people’s shoes or try to be considerate, they always have to justify something if doesn’t directly affect them and they still think that they’re being progressive and open-minded and I’m sick of it. The writers could’ve found another way to send the message without killing off one of the only happy, black, queer, and woman representation that we have. I’m done with this show.

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Clarke is bisexual and Miller is gay how is there no lgbt+ representation. Also it isn't wrong for Clarke to be with a guy she's bisexual. (Ps. I'm not straight)

First of all read this post:


We are talking about the media in general. Our representation varies from 2.9% to 4%. Where is equality in that? It’s a ridiculous percentage. A tiny percentage that always dies.

There have been four confirmed queer female characters in the show. One was killed for loving Lexa and has never been seen on screen. One was beaten up immediately following a sex scene with Clarke. Lexa was killed immediately following a sex scene with Clarke. And Clarke, the main character, a bisexual teenager, has had two of her lovers die as she kisses them one last time. At some point, a pattern emerges.

Femslash Crisis: The 100 (via commander-wanheda)


Scrolling Bury Your Gays on TV Tropes today. Thanks Jason. You’re such a good guy. Making important history by adding to this list. Truly something to be proud of. *thumbs up*.

And I watched the show runner bask in the attention he was getting and the praise from the LGBT community and he damn well knew about the trope because he was dog whistling like hell “not this time, i’m different.”  And the fandom believed him.  I watched so many particularly young fans say, “see we don’t have to be like you older queer folks and believe in subtext ships, see, it’s 2016 and things have changed.”

And tonight happened and I’m not even in the fandom and suddenly it’s 1995 again and I’m sixteen wondering if I should just kill myself because … all the reasons a gay teen thinks about killing themselves… and someone had decided to play with my emotions with the full knowledge that they were going to yank the rug out from under me. -  freifraufischer


We thought this show was different but it wasn’t. Result = The same old cliche that induces vomiting.

We know that Clarke is bi, we know about Finn, we know about the shittest couple the show will do, but NO ONE WILL EVER COMPARE TO LEXA BECAUSE CLARKE AND LEXA ARE SOULMATES.

Can we also please thank fink and cranor for once again for showing amazing skills in representation?

It is just casually mentioned that Janice can’t walk. It was never once brought up in Cookies, and both Cecil and Steve seemed genuinely confused that anyone would see this as something that was “wrong” with her.

And they just go the fuck off on Kevin for even having a hint of insinuation that something about Janice needed to be “fixed.”

I fucking can’t with this podcast, you guys.

A black, teenage girl heading a revolution.

A black, woman mayor.

A Latino/queer scientist.

A queer and debatably POC main character.

Fairly frequent mention of non-binary genders.

And now a discussion of ableism.

I fucking love everything about wtnv, and I just have a lot of emotions right now.

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this isn't hate but just a suggestion - can you not reference be//arke when we're trying to trend bc isn't the movement about more than that? when you drag be//arke into the trends and it becomes most of the top tweets in "307 reasons to fight" aren't you reducing it to a shipping war again? I whole heartedly support the movement but its so hard to when every one else sees it as a joke and misses the point esp w/ things like this which derail the message we're trying to convey


*I’m editing to take off the captain america image (it was confusing people) and the “read more” (because you can’t read on mobile because of it) you can find the original here

we need to have a conversation, and I need you to follow me. I’ll basically explain why our movement is clexa vs. bel//al/kre and what you can do about it. Also, I’d appreciate if you could reblog/talk to your friends about this because we need to raise awareness.

Think about the end of the world. Everything is falling apart. Buildings are crashing down. The house is on fire. Your kids are crying. Your dog is nowhere to find, and neither is the keys of your car or your car, because a hurricane just swept it away. Oh, and I talked about the earthquake and the alien invasion?

So you’re there, in the middle of everything, and you have a pretty clear goal: YOU WANT TO FIND A SAFE PLACE. This is easy.

What isn’t easy is to decide where is the safe place. 1) Should you steal some spaceship and get away from Earth, or 2) should you find somewhere to hide here? But then your wife and you don’t agree about what is the safe place.


And in this you both agree, so you take your kids and somehow all of you jump on your pink bike and start to ride away praying that one of those lightings won’t strike you. ‘Cause of course you’re in the middle of a storm too.

So I ask you… this isn’t about a pink bike, werewolves, aliens or hurricanes, this is about finding a safe place. But should we ignore the bricks falling from the building that just exploded because this isn’t our main goal?


anyway, back to our reality, the problem is that we have all of those 923832983297233293223098 things to deal. The be//arke problem make us look like just teens fighting, right, but did you see the other effects? Here are some of them:

1) Did you see how this motivated people to go on twitter and tweet more?
2) How after some days dealing with problems between us, this gave us a sense of normality and safety, that is needed for us to keep going?
3) How this turned into jokes, that makes it easy to deal with all the pressure we have to handle.
4) How this turn the movement into a more inviting place, because if the movement gets too “dark” or “serious”, the people who don’t fully understand the necessity of what we’re doing here will just get away, even if what we’re doing will help them.
5) Oh, and look! At the same time what I just said (4) is happening to you too - so if it gets too funny one side goes away, if it gets too serious the other will. Werewolf and aliens, guys. Werewolf and aliens… we have to deal with both, not just one.


Also, there’s also an underlying meaning in this fight with be//arkes. This is not now, this started since the Clexa Ship was born, and even if for part of the people this means “my milkship is better than yours”, this is not what this dispute is about.This is basically a fight of Heteronormativity vs. Ahn… Good Representation for LGBT fans? 

These ships represent two ways of thinking. Be//arkes represents basically what we’re fighting against. Clexa represents what we’re fighting for. 

Personally, I think the story of this fight is one of the things that made everything worse for us. Why?

The great impact of Lexa/Clarke being together, was not only that TWO GIRLS KISSED. It’s because it basically broke a long tradition of erasure of the same-gender ship. This is what was progressive. Think about Destiel, Swan Queen, Sherlock/Watson, Captain America/Men and even Faking It where we have that fucking Kiam shit. I bet you know this. We always have the Perfect Girl for our Favorite Main Girl, but writers and everybody treat as if we’re delusional - haha because it’s crazy to think that the main girl is queer, it’s impossible! The “nice guys” sometimes make a special episode to make a background character kiss somebody they brought from fucking nowhere just to make their LGBT Support™ thing and say “look, we don’t hate you!” (heello bryan and miller and basically almost every fucking lgbt character out there). So we never even believe that our ship will happen, even if we’d take a bullet to see it as canon.

And when it’s true we still have the Men Threat. But okaaaaaay, we accept this shit. at least is something.


Then Lexa and Clarke kissed. Not only this, the writers said that it was canon and they liked each other. You know, I’d even believe the blarkes who said that Lexa was manipulating Clarke with her Evil Lesbian™ sex appeal, because this is how writers usually wlw sexuality. But the writers said “no, this is real, they like each other, they only have to put their people first”.

And they even killed the Man Threat:

For a year we believed this and wrote stories about it. We studied every single part of the Clexa relationship. Because we loved it and it’s fascinating, but also because we had all this blarkes using blarke logic and we had to prove that this time we were right.

We even created a bingo with stupid things people say:

But we’re not stupid, and we got ready for the worst.

Us: Alycia wouldn’t come back.
Writers: SHE IS.
Us: But it will be brief.
Us: But Lexa won’t be important.
Us: Okaay… but at least clexa won’t happen… clarke found another girl?
Writers: Guys, you need to trust us. There’s always hope. We’re really progressive, look at our writers room full of white people.
Us: Ahn… but Lexa is still going to die.
Writers: Omg, you’re seeing too much, you need a therapist. Look at Lexa swearing fealty, isn’t this enough?
Us: OH MY…
Writers: Yeah. Look at this wild leg game Lexa has. Oops. it leaked.
Writers: We told you, guys. We’re taking it slow to build a stronger relationship…
Us: But I don’t understand, Alycia won’t be on the show after 3x07 for some weeks

Originally posted by saculayem

We don’t believe in fucking anything because it’s never true. It took a lot of convincing. And it made us feel powerful and validated for once - and this is where blarkes attack again. I said they represent heteronormativity and the people who push us away, and they do. And when we saw that they started to accept, it meant that we could live in a world where people accept LGBT+ relationships - MAIN lgbt+ ships - as something common. This is 2016, and this is the way things are now. We have this great tv show we love and support and promote, because we want more people to see how it’s possible for us to exist. And they are the only ones fighting for us like this.

Then 3x07 happened. And this was all a lie. Not an Evil Lie to hurt us, but the truth we believed - that we were represented and safe and somebody understood - it was a lie. Are you seeing how the writers are just silent now? This is how they are fighting for us.

And this is why the idea that Bell/a/rke happening is so painful, because as 3x07 is another proof that the world we thought we were living - a world where we could exist - was a lie. 

Bellass/ke in this context is worse than just a bad representation, is a step back in representation. They not only did something wrong, they did it in a way that destroyed the good part. Bell/aa/rke happening is the final blow.

3x07 - You’re just a narrative tool, you’re not good enough to have a main story
Bell/sas/ke canon - Oh, and btw, we stand by the heteronormativity and think this is the important story.

This creative choice also invalidates all of us and open space for homophobic blarkes to bully LGBT people and erase LGBT ships.

So going against Blarkes now, is refusing to accept this narrative and refusing to let them bully us. Comparing how many tweets we have vs. how many they have, is the way we found to validate ourselves. Because we need it. Because all the world is telling that we are wrong for saying we don’t want stories like this. Personally, I don’t need it, but I won’t try to stop people that had their self-confidence broken and are finding their own health ways to believe in themselves. Even more when this actually helps them to find their own voice and keep fighting.

Right now, our main source of validation/hope is our numbers. When we see that everybody around us think this is wrong too, this teach us that fighting to be treated better is something we have the right to do. Is stupid, of course this is our right. But why nobody else is fighting? As you said, isn’t the movement about more than that? But if it is, why we didn’t fight before?

Basically, because with all this shit and our fights against blarkes we learned to fight for ourselves. For us, it was never just a ship war. And right now, it still isn’t, even if the majority can’t put this into words, we all feel it.

And I know that we’ve been having this “is not about one show!” x “we have to deal with this show”, but I’ll tell you what will happen:

If we ignore all this context that made us conscious, we’re just ignoring the fire that keep us going. We’re also excluding people that still aren’t aware about all the “theoric” part of this fighting. (Feeling that something is wrong is not the same that Understanding Why Something Is Wrong) But if we “kill” the people that make this movement alive, if we turn our backs to them, we’re leaving behind the heart of this. For what? I know that this is about more than just The LOO, but where are the other fandoms joining us? We had some alliances - I personally helped the Laurel and Abby trends, I talked to people on other fandoms. Guys, a month ago we tried to make an alliance with Bamons in the middle of the Zimbio Poll, but we didn’t feel that was fair asking for POC fans help, because right now the movement isn’t strong enough to reach this issue in the same way. So they fight for us and we won’t fight for them? Not fair. But we’re still in contact with people and we still want to.

So basically we’ll leave behind the people that are fighting now, for people that aren’t fighting at all. In the end it’ll be a few of us talking to a wall and having to start everything again to gain traction, which is possible and I think it’ll happen at some point. BUT why would do it if we can just grow from here?

Back to my initial metaphor, the time is running and we have to deal with everything at the same time. What we need now, is to keep this movement alive, is to jump on the pink bike and GO GO GO GO, and in the way fight like hell against all these problems (ex: 1- raise awareness inside of our movement to explain why we’re fighting; 2- deal with our outside image to make it clear that this is not about a ship).

If you’re outside and stop to look, you’ll see this:

The few people who still support the show screaming about a fucking ship (bellarke is back!).
The people who don’t support the show talking about “307 reasons to fight” for better representation.

I’d say that it looks like The 1OO cares more about a childish ship than making a story with good representation. They are the ones doing fanservice, we’re the ones asking for good stories.

But I agree that we have to keep working to make our image align to our truth. The fact that you’re here making this suggestion is a proof of this. But I don’t agree with ignoring how important is our story of Clexa vs. Blarke, and this behavior of trying to silence people around our fandom and spreading that we can’t be happy about our little competition.

My suggestion is to remember my initial metaphor, that we’re here on our pink bike running like hell and trying to fix things as we go, that nothing is permanent, everything can be made better. What I ask is for you, in this context, to not be that person who tries to steal or block the path of our pink bike, but the person who pulls a Elyza Lex and comes with your own motorcycle to help us.

I understand that we get nervous and we feel hopeless when we lose control and we don’t know what to do - this is another big monster we’re fighting. But… I’m here to help you. If you want to know how you can be our Elyza Lex, send a ask/message so we can talk on private.

And the only thing you need to do for us to achieve something is to keep fighting. Or better: to keep trying.

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Re: queerbaiting - when I first came across the concept I assumed it required intent to trick etc. as you say in your recent post. But I've heard others talk about it like racist behaviours - so you can queerbait without knowing you are, without intending to. Whether it's queerbaiting or not seems to be on whether the audience is hurt/offended as much as the way writers/actors/etc. put queerness in their texts. Hence my continual confusion over the concept... :(

That’s been my understanding exactly, and why I think something like Sherlock or Teen Wolf’s queerbaiting is very different from what we see in Supernatural. In the case of the two former shows, characters have been coded as queer, but showrunners have explicated denied any follow through with textual queerness. What makes these cases additionally frustrating (for me at least), is the acknowledgement that queerness is being presented, although perhaps in the form of a wink. In these cases, the showrunners know what they are including in their work and are choosing to deny the very thing they have included. But something I think is crucial to this equation of ‘queerbaiting’ is the conflict between text and meta-text, i.e. the text suggests queerness, but the meta-text, the author or creator’s text about the text, explicitly denies queerness.

This is not the case with Supernatural, at least if we look at the Carver Era. Neither Carver, nor any writers or producers (you know, the people who can make the decisions), have said either that Dean is definitively straight or that a romantic!Destiel is never going to happen. All we’ve gotten from the people who can affect the story is “wait and see,” which to me, is a very positive thing.  In fact, most (but not all I know) of the meta-text from writers (who are also the producers for the most part) has been supportive of the queer community who watches the show, and their interpretations of subtextual queerness. After all, Robbie Thompson said on his twitter that there’s “no such thing as ‘totally overanalyzed’.”

There have been a few hiccups along the way, in the form of the Chad Kennedy incident and Guy Bee backing him up. However, while Chad Kennedy works for their production company, Warner Bros., there is no indication that WB wants to shut down any textual queerness on SPN. Chad Kennedy said that he was never pitched it, and additionally, Adam Glass said that WB just kind of lets them do their thing, since what they’ve been doing has been working. Finally, WB also produces The 100, a CW show with a textually queer main character, so they must not be that homophobic.

People also point to Jensen’s comments at various times proclaiming that Dean is straight as proof of queerbaiting. However, as the fandomdebunker​ points out on their post, “… actor headcanons do not determine canonicity.” This has especially been demonstrated lately with Jensen’s confusion over some of the scenes in Fan Fiction and his disagreement with the use of ‘Shake it Off’ in 10x12 About a Boy. Jensen may not have understood or approved these decisions, but it is not within his power to change them, if the writers think that these decisions are crucial for the story. 

Therefore, what we have with SPN is completely different from what we have with Sherlock or Teen Wolf. SPN gives us subtext that is at the very least unremarked upon by the meta-text (and at very the best, openly acknowledged and encouraged). Since queerbaiting necessitates a relationship between text and meta-text, I do not think that queerbaiting can be done without intending to. 

Finally, as a queer woman, I do not feel queerbaited, though I know queer fans are split as to whether they do or do not feel the same. I don’t want to invalidate anyone’s hurt over the show and the portrayal of queerness, because sexuality is a personal issue. However, I have not been hurt, and I highly doubt TPTB intend to hurt at all.

even though dean winchester doesn’t have to be bisexual, it would really honestly help out thousands of kids like me who don’t get enough support

you spend too much time on the media and you think everything is fine but the moment you go out in the real world you remember just how little people know and understand and accept bisexuality

and you just feel so alien and anxious

and i’d never EVER pressure the writers to CHANGE a character in any way, but i think stating dean is bisexual or maybe that cas is pansexual

would help thousands of kids find some sort of solace and role model and comfort that they aren’t alone and they’re normal and they can find love and family and be a hero

and that their life doesn’t have to be drastically different from anyone elses and it doesn’t matter what sexuality they are, they’re still a person just like everyone else

i’d never send hate to the writers or pressure them into that but

i really wish they could see that it really isn’t a queer fetish, not to me anyways

and i think adding in that a main character is bi would mean the world to me

and definitely please not just some random minor character who dies in one episode

because it’s not like i can look up to that and hold them dear to my heart

i think it would be harmless and would only do good

maybe a scene where cas notices some guys as well or is seduced by one for a moment and nobody really questions it

or maybe a small moment where dean admits he likes guys, too, and sam is kind of confused at first but then sees how vulnerable dean is and says “hey, it’s okay. i love you and hey i don’t care if you’re bi, you’re my brother and i’ll always look up to you, you know that right? we’re family”

that’d be really nice, really really nice.