and guests at my house

Just popping in to wish my shipper family a very merry Christmas.  My house is filled with guests, all fed and happy, thankful for good traveling weather and the gift of family gathered together.  I should have known there’d be drama here though.  Honestly.  My thoughts?   It sickens me that people are first, looking at her account, and second, commenting and being so disgustingly rude.  Sam has the clout to knock it back and he used it.  How sad that it came to that.  Whatever your thoughts are of that picture, it has zip all to do with us or Sam or Outlander.  No connection except for the one you put in your own head and frankly, if this is all it takes to knock what we’ve seen lately out of the park for you?  then you weren’t holding very seriously to the ship to begin with.   It’s Christmas Eve.  Let’s give our focus to the wonderful SamCait goodness we were so happy about just one day ago.   Merry Christmas Friends!  Love to all!

Go ahead and try to tell me that this cabinet is not creepy as shit.

For context, it’s the only thing on the wall in the water closet of the guest bedroom at my parents’ house. My parents own a renovated farm house from the 1800′s  in the middle of a sleepy town in middle Georgia with at least one murder on its record. And I mean the house: a guy was shot on the front porch. 

The cabinet is not originally from the house though. Don’t know where my mom picked it up from, but like every white lady in a horror movie, she think’s it’s adorably rustic and every one of her friends thinks it’s “charming.” 

Now the water closet is separated from the rest of the bathroom by a sliding door and has it’s own light. You can go in and slide the door shut then start doing your business and the light will go out. Mind you, it doesn’t go out as soon as the door slams/slides shut - that I would blame on faulty electricity. No, the light goes out after you’ve sat down and started feeling comfortable. Sometimes, I’ll just leave the slide open ‘cause I don’t want to deal with that bullshit and the light will go out anyway. 

I blame the cabinet. The nasty haunted fucker. 

Some of you might say “it’s probably the house, not the cabinet… the house is old!” But no! The part of the house the guest bedroom, water closet, and creepy little shit cabinet are in is a new section of the house added on during the renovations. Everything in this section of the house is brand-spanking new. 

Except the cabinet. 

The cabinet will also open it’s door when you’re not looking. It always sits a little open, but every now and again I’ll come into the water closet to find it sitting just open enough to where I *KNOW* it’s not where I left it - a good couple of inches, but not all the way. Menacing little shit. 

For the record, I am not wildly perceptive of the supernatural… in fact I’m rather ridiculously skeptical despite the fact that my husband has had frequent encounters with the supernatural. But even I know this cabinet is haunted as FUCK. He can hardly sleep when we stay over with my folks and has seen figures sitting on the bed or otherwise lurking around the bathroom area. 

This cabinet freaks me out so much that although I took this picture while staying with my folks, I waited until now (weeks later) to post about it because I didn’t feel comfortable writing about the cabinet while we were staying in the house. 

Anyway… haunted as fuck, creepy ass cabinet. 

This is the situation I came home to after having Shabbat dinner at the rabbi’s house. My roommates or one of their guests have intentionally broken my Shabbat candleholders. Im very upset… b'ezrat HaShem I’ll be able to move out…

Baseball Scene Filming

It was a fateful Friday night, March 19, 1999, that I first witnessed Gillovny.

My family was on vacation for Spring Break in Santa Monica visiting one of my Dad’s long time friends and his family. I was 14 and heavily obsessed with The X-Files, lying about my age on message boards and stalking the AOL X-Files chat. I felt disconnected without the internet (dial-up ftw) so I borrowed my Mom’s giant Nokia to call my bestie back in Florida. She pretty much screamed at me that someone posted the filming location for that night’s shoot- a rec center who’s name I can’t remember- and I immediately lost my mind because we weren’t very far from LA.

I begged my parents and got nowhere. We were guests in Dave’s house and it would be rude for them to leave, blah blah blah. I was on the verge of tears before Dave’s oldest son pipes up that he’ll take me. I’ve never flung myself into a man’s arms faster. 

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Hanok Guesthouse

On my recent trip to Seoul with my mother and sister we stayed in a traditional courtyard house. The only thing was, when we arrived, the landlady had seemingly mislaid our reservation and didn’t have a room for us. Flustered she went on the phone and called a friend. Luckily, that friend still had one room vacant and all was good. As a result, we spent the first night in one house and the second night in another. What could have ended up being very stressful was in a way a lucky accident. I was very interested in the architecture of these houses and got to see more houses intimately.


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