and guess what ive started

the four horsemen of the apocalypse 

me: oh i have finals next week maybe i should study for them
also me: *listens to the full audio recording of be more chill 20 more times*

ok looking at the map again…… winterhold is really… a very, very long ways away from solitude

anonymous asked:

out of curiosity, why is elsaclack's sleepwalking fic dedicated to you?

So, basically, Em and I worked on developing the ideas for Sleepwalking together. I am faaaairly sure, if memory serves me correctly, that I’d gotten the idea from a fic i read and, as one does, I immediately messaged Emily like GUESS WHAT AU MY GOBLIN BRAIN THOUGHT OF. A half hour later, Emily the Legend messaged me back saying “guess what fic ive just started to write”, and I cried

Thru the fic writing process, we talked back and forth abt scene concepts, snippets of dialogue, character introductions, etc. Like, Doug Judy and the Wuntch arc and stuff like that were a collaborative effort. I myself have actually done this several times with Big Fics – like, the captain america au was gifted to @parlegee on ao3, and the Doug Judy fic was gifted to @elsaclack, for pretty much the same reasons; they gave a lot of creative input into the story. Sleepwalking is a much bigger, more complex fic than those two, but the idea still stands.

However, a huge amount of it was Em herself, and I am in no way here trying to take that away – I just yelled excitedly at her whenever she asked for a proofreader/soundboard. Emily did all the writing, all the execution, and is an actual hero for it.

Anyways, hope that explains things!

Sister: *sees that all my friends are hanging out together on snap chat* 

Sister: *sends text* hey, why aren’t you with them?

Me: Season 2 of Voltron came out today 

The Clayr saw me, the Wallmaker made me, the King quenched me, Abhorsen wields me.

Guess what book series ive just started? If anyone is unsure, please pick up Sabriel and start reading, its really good! I’m not very far in, and this is toootally unfinished and rough but i like the composition, its just knowing how to render it, lighting, mood etc. but meh. Plus i apparently need to add keys onto the coat/tunic/robes. Also, the bells need to be varied sizes, and, well, ok its riddled with inaccuracies, but you’ll just have to forgive me.

so yeah, so fan-art that isn’t pokemon and isn’t monsters. such a rarity!


1 year later and i still love cosplaying this nerd