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A/N: Based off the song “Wrong” by MAX (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

Warning: Contains Sexual Content, View At Your Own Risk!!!

     Luke’s grip on the steering wheel tightened as he felt your hand slid over his thigh. His eyes darted over to you in a look that said “don’t you dare.” Only you weren’t looking at him. You were facing forward, a sly smile on your lips as you continued to tease him. Your hand inched closer to his crotch and you began to palm Luke through his jeans. Luke’s teeth sunk into his bottom lip and he began to tap his finger against the steering wheel. Eyes locked on the road. He wasn’t sure what had gotten into you. Moments before you were perfectly content and full from the dinner you two just had. It was a different story now. You were on the prowl and of course had your eyes set on Luke. He cleared his throat, eyes still locked on the road as you kept palming him. You could feel Luke’s cock growing under your touch the smile on your face growing. Luke’s attention was taken off the road for just a split second when he heard your seat belt unbuckle. “What are you doing?” Luke asked, pouting at the feeling of your hand leaving his cock. 

“Just lift up,” you instructed him, already unzipping his pants. Luke did as you said, moving in his spot as carefully as he could so that his foot wouldn’t move off the brake. Lucky for him the two of you were stopped at a red light. Once his pants were off you immediately went back to giving him a handjob. Soon Luke was hard enough to your liking and you leaned over the gear shift to take him into your mouth. Luke’s foot hit against the gas pedal in surprise and the car skirted forward. 

“Oh fuck,” Luke gasped, trying his hardest to focus on the road. Your tongue swirled around the head of his cock, tasting the bit of precum that had collected at the tip. Your lips surrounded his cock as you began suck. Your tongue poking out to lick at a prominent vein on his cock. “Damn it feels so good,” Luke grunted, his foot hitting against the accelerator, so that the two of you could make it back to his place quickly. Your head bobbed at a steady rhythm and you stroked the parts that wasn’t in your mouth. Just giving Luke head made you wet. Everything about him turned you on. The way he looked in his black fitted shirt and ripped blue jeans. Luke’s hair had even grown out a bit more and started to curl. You loved it when he let his hair grow, giving you something to play with sexual or not. Luke was and is beautiful. 

Throughout the entire dinner Luke had been whispering to you. Telling you everything he wanted to do when you got back to his place. His hand placed on your thigh and thumb rubbing circles close to where you needed him. It made you crave for his touch even more than you had. Just thinking about all the things Luke was going to do to you made your core throb. Your head lifted so that you could catch your breath and you wiped at your mouth then looked around at your surroundings.

Pull over and don’t lock the doors,” you whispered into his ear, teeth tugging at his earlobe. Your words made a shiver run down Luke’s spine and he made a sharp turn towards a back road area. 

“What are you up to?” Luke moaned, feeling your hand massage his cock once more. You began to kiss alongside his neck, teeth nipping at his sweet spot. 

“I want you,” you muttered against his skin. “Take me right here. Right now,” 

“You don’t want to wait ‘til we get home?” Luke asked, coming to a stop in an empty lot. You were too busy teasing Luke to answer his question and sucked just below his earlobe. Luke turned the car off, then pulled the keys out the ignition. He tossed them into the door holder. Luke turned his head to the side and grabbed you by the back of your head to pull you into a kiss. You kissed him back with much passion and your tongue glided along his bottom lip in asking for permission. His lips parted and you stuck your tongue inside his mouth. Luke moaned against your lips, his other hand reaching down to push his seat far back. The kiss broke and you took that opportunity to kick off your shoes and climb over to sit on him. “I like this mood you’re in,” Luke chuckled, eyes closing shut as you sat down on him.

“Yeah, you like it?” you asked, beginning to grind on him. Luke nodded rapidly and his teeth sunk into his bottom lip. The only thing that was separating him from actually being inside of you was your panties. Luke pulled down the straps of your dress and pulled down the front of it. He reached behind you to unclasp your bra and massaged your breasts. Your lips connected once again, the kiss slower this time. The tension began to build when Luke began to buck his hips up into yours. Luke knew it was wrong for the two of you to be doing this in public, but it somehow felt better when it felt wrong. 

“Stop teasing me,” Luke mumbled against your lips. Even if he was showing so much dominance during dinner it was clear to the both of you who was in control at the moment. His hands moved down to your ass and squeezed at the soft flesh. He lifted up the bottom of your dress and rubbed at your clothed clit. Luke may have been extremely hard, but you were another story. He could feel how soaked your panties were, your clit swelled in arousal. “Y/N please,” Luke groaned, moving your panties to the side and running his fingers between your folds. This action took your by surprise and you let out gasp. You wanted him to be inside of you just as much Luke wanted to be there himself. “Come on let daddy in,” he whispered in your ear, plunging two fingers into your soaking heat. You whined in pleasure and began to ride his fingers. The air inside the car had gotten hot. The windows fogging up as everything escalated. Luke had turned the tables and now you were the one like putty in his hands. You lifted up so that you could line him up to your entrance. Teasing both of you by rubbing the head of his cock over your folds. 

“How much do you want it?” you asked Luke, a smirk on your lips as you saw him pout in frustration. Luke couldn’t take it anymore and held tight onto your hips as he pushed in. “Holy shi-Luke,” you moaned out, sitting down more so that he was fully inside of you. 

“Does that answer your question,” Luke chuckled. The wind had nearly been knocked out of you and your head rested against Luke’s shoulder. Both your actions had stopped and you soaked in the feeling of him filling you up. After a few seconds you began to ride him. Your hips lifting at a steady pace and rolling down in a figure eights. Luke’s grip on your hips was so tight you knew it was going to leave a mark. You picked up the pace, mouth hanging open as silent moans left your lips. Luke began to buck up into you, matching your pace. 

“Oh yes-right there,” you huffed, breath fanning over Luke’s face. You grabbed the headrest and began to bounce on his cock. The sound of his skin slapping against yours echoed around the car. You sat down on him hard then began to grind. His pubic bone hitting at your clit. His eyes closed in pleasure, head falling back against the headrest. Luke couldn’t remember the last time the two of you fucked like this. Just hot and dirty. It made him get worked up even more and he began to pound up into you. Tiny screams of pleasure leaving your lips as the head of his cock hit against your g-spot. Luke sat up straight making your back hit against the steering wheel and the horn honk. “I think we should go to the backseat,” you suggested. Before Luke could even reply you were already getting up. Your warmth no longer surrounding him. You opened the car door and quickly moved towards the back. Luke was fast on your heels and the minute you opened the back door he had you face down ass up. 

“Look at you,” Luke grinned, spreading cheeks apart. He stroked at his cock and rubbed at your bundle of nerves. “So beautiful…opening up for daddy like a good girl,” he said. You moaned at his words and raised your hips in a request to having him inside of you. Luke plunged in hard making your toes curl and a squeal of pleasure leave your lips. Your body pushed forward as Luke began to thrust into you. His hand coming down hard on your ass. No one could fuck you as good as Luke could. He made your body tingle in ecstasy.

“Luke!” you yelped, hands reaching you to grab at anything only to grab at the air. He was working into you so much that you could almost see stars. You began to clench around him and you could hear Luke curse under his breath. “S-So good. Fuck Luke d-don’t stop,” you stuttered out. He slapped your ass once again and really began to work into you. You began to clench around him, face burying into the cushions as you moaned into them. 

“Do that again baby,” he requested, rolling his hips into yours. Going in deep and hitting all the right spots. You clenched around him once more and moaned. Luke was close to his release a series of grunts coming from him. This was so wrong, wrong in the fact that you two could get arrested for public indecency, but it still made everything feel so right, so good. You could tell Luke was about to come. His pace becoming sloppy and his moans growing louder. 

“Fuck I can’t hold it,” Luke announced, his pace slowing down and letting you feel ever inch of his cock. He gave you two sharp thrusts then pulled out to spurt his load over your ass. Luke stroked at his cock as he came. Letting every bit of it leak out and coat your ass in his cum. After he had finished, Luke tapped your leg. You turned over in exhaustion and pouted up at him. “Sorry you didn’t finish baby,” he sighed, leaning down to kiss you. “How about we drive home and I can eat you out?” Luke suggested, “Then do that thing you wanted me to do too.” He kissed at your forehead, then the tip of your nose, then your cheek, and finally he kissed your lips. “Hmm?”

“You’ll do it?” you asked, trying to confirm his words. Luke nodded in response. You grinned at Luke and pulled him into another deep kiss. “Well then we better hurry home,” you said. Luke was quick on his feet. Pulling his pants up and heading to the driver’s seat. This wasn’t going to be the last time you two had sex in public, but this was going to be the start of a new kink.

Big Win [Stiles Lacrosse Week Smut]

Author: @dylan-ohbrien
Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Word Count: 3,285
Warnings: Smut (Oral male & female receiving), language that’s about it ;)
A/N: So this is my first time writing a Stiles fic and I thought what better first than one for lacrosse week? I wrote this in a few hours and I haven’t done that in forever so I’m pretty proud of myself for that lol, that being said, I’m sure there are errors that I missed. It’s just kinda cute and smutty so I hope you guys like it! :)

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She has this habit of holding me close
just as I’m about to leave for good.
As if to say, “I want to hurt you in
every way possible, even when it’s over”.

As if to say, “I can’t let you have this,
even after all that’s happened”.

She has this habit of making me want
to stay though it’ll always stay the same.
I want to say, “I am tired of hurting,
and if time heals wounds, this waiting
proves that wrong”.

I want to say, “I deserve better than this,
even if this was all you could give me”.

She has this habit of giving up on things
just when it starts to get hard.
It’s as if we are not worth fighting for,
not when he is already enough.

It’s as if he holds her when she breaks,
even though she leans on my shoulders.

—  “She gives him her time of day,
while I grow cold at night”

I can’t stop thinking about this idea of Oswald and Ed growing up with each other as neighbors, which leads to them spending a lot of time together (and Ed is constantly going over to his house because Ed’s parents are negligent and abusive and Gertrud treats him like a second son).

Ed’s a little genius and skips two years of primary school, so he ends up in high school among all these older kids. He has a super hard time of it since he’s being bullied at school and neglected and abused at home and Oswald tries really hard to help Ed through it all, but at 16 Ed decides he’s had enough and says he’s going to leave home. Oswald’s like ‘!!!!’ because he’s 20 and he’s already getting mixed up in bad stuff so he knows about all the awful things that happen to homeless teenagers, and he ends up arranging a better living situation for Ed and that’s how Ed ends up growing up to eventually have a mob boss as a best friend and everyone has to treat him nice because Oswald will literally stab anyone who is mean to Ed in the face.

Destruction, In The Name Of Love [Damon Salvatore x Reader].

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creator.

Requested by: Anonymous

Request: Hey could you please do a Damon Salvatore one shot where the reader is a newly turned vampire and she has a crush on Damon but thinks he’s so massively in love w/ Elena cuz she’s like this perfect vampire? So like in the beginning her humanity is on but eventually she gets fed up and turns it off & reeks havoc? & like Damon was helping her adjust…hope that makes sense haha but yea in the end the end up together please? I also don’t mind whoever writes it. Both of u r great writers!

A/N: Oh goodness! There’s so much within this request and definitely a lot of places I can take this; which is really good! I’m so proud of this, I think it’s my best Damon one so far. Thanks so much for requesting, I hope you enjoy what I’ve come up with! Thanks also for your kind words, Admin Kat and I really appreciate them! - Admin Erika💖  

Title: Destruction, In The Name Of Love [Damon Salvatore x Reader].

Type of piece: Fic.

Pairings: Damon Salvatore x Reader, hints of Elena x Damon (the reader thinks they’re in love).

Word Count: 1,888 words.

Warnings: Thoughts of unrequited love, possible violence because of humanity being turned off, not much fluff, more angst but happy ending. (Let me know if I’ve forgotten anything, love’s.)

Disclaimer: I don’t own TVD but L. J. Smith does!

You looked after Damon, watching as he walked away, counting each step he took without consciously realising it. You sighed, a ball of tension settling deep in your gut as you once again reminded yourself that Damon was in love with Elena and could never fall in love with someone like you. There was no way that you could ever compare to someone like Elena; she was beautiful, smart, popular, and you were… well, you.

The tension in your gut moved, churning in your stomach and making you feel sick. It’d been so long since you’d acknowledged your feelings for Damon, and yet you still hadn’t come clean about them to him. You’d told Stefan, who had been sworn to secrecy on pain of spilling his embarrassing secrets. Stefan had told you to give it time, and you had. But how much time? You’d given it years, waiting for your feelings for Damon to die down, fizzle out, but they hadn’t. If anything, all you’d seen him go through had just solidified, strengthened your feelings for him. There was no end in sight for you.

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broken glass

for day 18 of @snowbaz-feda!!

length: 817

genre(s): angst+implied smut

triggers/warnings: none

baz comes back months after he and simon have broken up

a/n: thanks @cherryonsimon for the beta even tho u CALLED ME OUT 😂


The wood is cold on my bare feet as I stand on my porch. I pull my jacket tighter around me; it’s unseasonably warm for November, but there’s still enough of a chill to make me wish I was wearing shoes. I can’t make myself go back inside right now, not when Baz’s car is pulling up my drive for the first time in months.

I’ve thought about this moment every day since he’d left, but now it’s happening and I have no idea how to feel. My stomach drops as the door to the driver’s side opens and Baz climbs out. His hair is longer, loose around his shoulders, and I want to run to him, snog him senseless and tangle my fingers in his hair and tell him it’s okay, everything’s okay now because he’s back and we can–

But we can’t.

He’s never been to this place, this cabin I’d bought when we broke up. Penny’d thought I’d gone mad, but between her moving to America and Baz leaving me I couldn’t stand to stay in that flat any longer. To stay in the city. So I left.

The sight of Baz walking towards my front door makes me want to run away, but I just step aside and let him in.

It’s terrifying how much I want him to kiss me hello.

I look up at the stars, hoping they’ll give me some sort of answer; but then Baz clears his throat and I shut the door.

“Snow,” he says and I feel like I’ve disappointed him somehow. Even more so as he runs a fingertip across the mantle and raises one perfect eyebrow as it comes away covered in dust. He flicks it away and we both watch as it floats gently to the floor.

I don’t know which one of us moves first, but my back hits the wall and he’s kissing me, hard enough to bruise; his nails are digging into my arms and it hurts, but I don’t want him to stop because this makes it feel real.


I can see the bruises already starting to form on his skin and it fills me with a sick, twisted pleasure that would’ve terrified me six months ago.

Now I embrace it.

I shove my knee between his legs and I can feel him growing hard against my thigh. It’s so familiar, drawing up memories of steamy nights and lazy mornings; I almost have to stop because it’s too much, this is too much, but I don’t and he lets me turn him around. I yank his trackies down and he’s not wearing anything under, and I’m undoing my flies, and shoving my pants to my knees, and he spreads his legs, and my mouth goes dry.

I step back to kick my trousers off fully and my wand clatters to the floor. I snatch it up and whisper the spell I haven’t used on another person in months. With one hand I hold him against the wall and I guide the other to the small of his back, running it down until I’m cupping his arse. I slip two fingers inside, feeling him clench around me and it’s intoxicating.

His neck is tantalizingly close and it’s so tempting to just inch my head forward and bite.

I could do it. I could turn him right now and no one could stop me. Not Bunce, Not Wellbelove, and definitely not Snow, helpless underneath me as he is. Snow whimpers, and I make a decision.

I dip my head and kiss the twin scars on his shoulder blades. He shudders underneath me and I lick one, running my tongue along the ruined flesh. At the same time, I crook my fingers; he fucking whimpers and I swear the sound makes me harder. I want to ruin the rest of him.

I want to run away and never look back, and I want to fuck him so hard that the both of us forget the past few months, and I want to leave, and I don’t, and he’s gasping my name so I pull my fingers out and drag my other hand down his back, letting my nails scrape his skin and watching as red lines bloom underneath my fingertips.

* * *

“I’m not back,” I say afterwards, as I climb into his bed, and Snow just nods.

“I’m not back,” I repeat as I tug on his arm until it’s wrapped around me.

“I’m not back,” I insist as I let Simon pull me closer and even I’m not convinced by my own words this time.

“Goodnight, Baz,” he murmurs and I let him stroke my hair like he used to, because I owe him that much.

Because I mean it. Because I want to mean it. I’m just going to hurt him again, like I always have.

Like I always will.


hi pretties 🌷💕

may is almost over kids, which means i have waited all of mental health month to share own my story! when i first started this blog, i mentioned that i had some issues in high school but i never really shared about them.

i got depressed for the first time when i was a sophomore. i didn’t have much friends and i was painfully shy so i had a really hard time socializing with anyone but the few friends i already had growing up. not being given much attention made me feel a little insecure, sorta like i wasn’t good enough. i had never been confident, and i developed a habit of comparing myself to other girls. because of this, i became extremely self conscious about my looks, especially my body. at this time, i was at a healthy weight; i didn’t overeat and never in my life was i overweight, but comparison and insecurity got the best of me.

it started with me wanting to lose just a few pounds. i didn’t have much knowledge about healthy eating and weight loss, but simply eating less was how it began (this is also when i started running). overall, i just wanted to look and feel more fit. what i didn’t realize was that i was becoming obsessive about it. i wouldn’t finish meals or i would skip them; i stayed away from certain foods, even foods i used to eat all the time. i even tried counting calories everyday, how much i was eating and how much i was burning. i thought i was doing myself good, but by the time i was early into my junior year, “a few pounds” became 20. this made me feel tired, depressed, even scared of eating like a normal person. all i remember from my junior year and the summer after is being unhappy with my life. i tried to fill the void with guys, partying, being around people i shouldn’t have been, and on top of all this i was completely faking my confidence; i’d cry because i hated myself then walk into a room and act like i loved myself more than anyone.

when senior year rolled around, i knew i had an eating disorder. i knew that i was unhealthy, and if i kept doing what i was doing, i was going to end up in the hospital. that was the year that i started trying to overcome these habits (notice i said TRYING). when i made the decision to start recovering, i had no idea that it would be so difficult. my weight began to go up and down, and it got really frustrating. some days i felt genuinely happy with my body, but other days i felt awful. i was proud of myself, though, because no matter how hard it was, i never let myself starve again. 

the end of my senior year and that summer is a story for another time. but i went through a lot and i met people who helped me become who i am today. i also found out that i am a lot tougher than i look! i’ve become truly happy with who i am, and i am genuinely myself again. i am able to run because i like to run, not because i’m trying to lose weight. i eat whatever i want, whenever i’m hungry (so cake). and although anorexia doesn’t consume my life anymore and i’m healthier than i used to be, i’m still recovering from those painful two years. sometimes i have my bad days, but i always end up finding a way to pick myself up.

so if you’re still reading (thanks💕), please remember to take care of yourself, whether that means staying alive another day or simply eating breakfast. and i don’t care if it feels like the whole damn world has given up on you, don’t give up on yourself. your life is worth so much more than that asshole in your head that keeps telling you you’re not good enough.

so there you go friends, my first personal story about my mental health journey! thank you for those of you who stuck through it all, i know i’m not the best writer in town but i like to tell stories! 🙆🏻
(another thanks for your support)

Soul Eater  {Sentence Starters}

  • “I screwed up…”
  • “Fear is what creates order.”
  • “Get your ass moving now, damn you!”
  • “YOU IDIOT, of course we’re still friends!”
  • “You better watch out! I can break your neck!”
  • “Symmetry is what makes the world beautiful.”
  • “I’m not going to let myself get beaten by a jar!” 
  • “I’m sure dead people are a lot easier to deal with.”
  • “You’re so scary when you’re stressed out like that.”
  • “I’ll never give up. The only time I lose is when I die!”
  • “This time, I wrote a detailed plan on this piece of paper!”
  • “Trusting someone not to hurt you? — How idiotic is that?”
  • “Come with me. Overwhelming madness and power await.”
  • “What’s the point in hurrying? We’re already three hours late.”
  • “An apple a day keeps anyone away if you throw it hard enough!”
  • “I’m scared. Of everyone. I need to learn to deal with people better.”
  • “People need fear to survive. We experience it so we can grow stronger.”
  • “Do you want to know where the REAL hell is hiding? It’s inside your head.”
  • “How can women say completely illogical stuff with such complete confidence?!”
  • “There is no inherent right or wrong in this world, those labels are just artificial constructs.”
You’re Pregnant?

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 1,230

Warnings: Mentions of pregnancy Reader is pregnant, but basically all fluff

Summary: You want to surprise your boyfriend with very important news. 

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What does it mean to be pregnant? Does it just mean that you are going to have a baby in 9 months or does it mean something else? For you, it meant the world. For you, it meant that you actually get to love someone so much it scared you. For you, it meant sharing a person with the man you loved; Dean Winchester.

At first, the morning sickness threw you off your game. You thought you came down with the flu or food poisoning but you had your suspicion when you started reading about what happened when you were pregnant. Even though you were on the pills, Dean didn’t like to use condoms.

It wasn’t that he forced you to not use them, you hated them as well, but you had always made sure you were careful. You guess something slipped through the cracks and you ended up pregnant. You had taken 5 pregnancy tests when the morning sickness wouldn’t go away.

You were having a baby with the love of your life and you wanted to do something that would surprise him. Dean has never really been upfront on wanting kids and when you mentioned it once before, he got so distant with you that you didn’t bring it up again. It was already hard enough living the hunter life and adding a baby into the mix would really make it complicated.

But you weren’t going to let that stop you. You were going to have this baby and make sure he or she knows that they are loved and will always have a family by their side. Then you realized that you weren’t going to go on hunts (Dean wouldn’t allow that anyway) and there would be a lot more fights going on about Dean or even Sam going out. You didn’t want your child to grow up without a father or uncle just because a monster got to the first.

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Jealousy - James van Riemsdyk

My first post! For @carey-pricemas I hope you enjoy! It’s been a while since I’ve written so hopefully this is up to your standards! (Also I suck at titles so I apologize for the unoriginal title here!) 

Word count: 1228
Team: Toronto Maple Leafs
Warnings: Violence (But like it’s hockey violence so it’s not too bad I hope)

“Man, isn’t he just fantastic?” you gushed to your best friend sitting next to you. There wasn’t a single game that you didn’t brag about your boyfriend out on the ice. And of course, being the playoffs, the bragging only got worse.

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Honestly stop fucking saying a lesbian is erasing her true sexuality just because she dated and/or slept with men on the past. Stop asking lesbians if they are attracted to men. Stop. Stop. Fucking STOP. It’s hard enough growing up in a society that taught ever little girl that girls grow up and marry men. Lesbians already struggle with internalized lesbophobia and compulsory heterosexuality.

anonymous asked:

Drabble. Bucky's wife pregnant and he's on a mission always panicking even though she's like 5 months along. Or.. drunk bucky calling or texting his gf/wife adoring messages. Idk. I'm in the mood for fluff. Sorry

don’t be sorry for fluff! and these are great ideas. just a disclaimer: i personally have never been pregnant so obviously i have no idea what pregnancy is like. so if i miss the mark, i apologize. and i kinda like the second prompt too so i might do that in a different post. this turned out to be longer than i anticipated. i hope you like it! 

Originally posted by caps-bucky

You were supposed to be doing computer work. It was part of this “light duty” shit that Steve forced you on when he found out you were pregnant. At five months, it had become too difficult to explain away the prominent, growing bump as you just getting fat. You kind of thought he did it as revenge for not telling the team sooner. But you didn’t want it to be a big deal. You were having a hard enough time fending off the ones that had known already. Like Wanda, because she could read freaking minds and had known pretty much exactly when you did. Her extra attention to you had gone mostly unnoticed, as well as the way that she’d use her powers to get you things rather than have you actually get up and retrieve it yourself. Admittedly, it was kind of nice, but unnecessary. You explained to her that you didn’t want to sit like a bump on a log for the next nine months. She had backed off some after that. But she was only half the problem. 

The other half of the problem was the one who you let knock you up in the first place. You loved your husband, you really did. And when you showed him the pregnancy test, you had to admit you were nervous. It was just a year into your marriage; the two of you weren’t even out of the honeymoon stage. Which was probably why this happened in the first place. You had been afraid that it was too soon for a baby. Hell, you guys had barely even talked about it. Bucky had seemed indifferent, and you hadn’t put much thought into it either. So your voice trembled as you told him the news, showing him the pregnancy test and explaining what that little plus sign meant. 

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Autumn Leaves | 01

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taehyung x reader | university au

prologue | 01 | 02 | 03

genre: fluffy; series

words: 1421

note: please read the prologue if you haven’t already before beginning the series. thank you for reading and leaving a note, it means a lot.

You had one class left in your schedule that day, Biology. You walked in, seeing a new seat being filled in by a dark haired boy, Taehyung.

Taehyung had visually stunning features: honey skin, slim jaw, beautiful brown eyes, and a genuine smile. His looks were incredible, maybe more appealing to you than Jin’s.

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When we last visited Jared and the love of his life they were excited to find out they were going to have a “little bean”!

Jared walks into the house, covered in dirt, chalk and sweat. “What are you eating?” he laughs, instantly noticing the smorgasbord of food displayed on the kitchen counter.

“I couldn’t decide, so I just wanted a bit of everything,” she says looking up at him, licking the buffalo sauce from her fingers. “I don’t even eat most of this stuff.”

Jared drops his pack on the floor and walks over to her, his smile widening with every step. “This is going to be fun isn’t it?”

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Requested by anon.


You were in bed, in nothing but your panties and one of Hans old shirts. It made you feel close to him whenever he was out, flying around.

But today, he was finally back home. He was exhausted to say the least.

He slipped into his pajama bottoms, and threw his shirt into the pile of clothes. His eyes glued to your body, and immediately, he felt himself twitch under the thin fabric.

“What?” You exhaled, placing your book on to the night stand.

He shrugged his shoulders as he climbed into bed next to you. “I just love watching you read.” He muttered.

You rolled your eyes. “Shut up. I bet you’d much rather fly than watch me read.”

Han shook his head, and gently cupped your cheek. Grazing his thumb on the smoothness of your skin. “The Millennium Falcon has nothing on you, sweetheart.”

He closed the small distance between you two and collided his lips to yours. It’s been a week since you’ve felt him, tasted him. And honestly, you missed it more than ever.

You gradually tangled your fingers in his hair, pulling him closer as he moved his hand to your back, holding you in his arms.

“God, I’ve missed you so much.” You whispered in between kisses.

You could feel Han’s lips curve just a bit and a small chuckle escape him.

He climbed over you, and pressed his lips to your neck, making his way down to the waist.

The sensation of his lips caused you to shudder.

As he reached the area of your waist, he began running his hands up and down your thigh. He would be inches away from your already drenched panties then immediately pull back down.

It drove you insane.

He loved watching you grow impatient. It somehow turned him on even more. Which was why he enjoyed teasing you until you had enough.

But as the minutes came and gone, Han felt his shaft grow hard.

“Solo, stop playing games.” You demanded.

He furrowed his brows, as a smile battled to form on his lips. “Whose playing games?”

You snarled at him, making him belt out in laughter. You couldn’t take it anymore.

As he was laughing, you threw your shirt off you, exposing your breasts. Making him shut up immediately.

You raised an eye brow at him, and flashed a cynical smile. “Like what you see?”

He quickly licked his lips, feeling himself rustle under his pants. “Dammit woman, you are going to be the death of me.”

Without missing a beat, he crashed his lips to yours, hovering over you as he ran his hand down your body until his fingers met your clit.

You let out a soft moan, feeling your stomach flutter from his sudden touch.

Han was done with teasing. He was at the point of no return. And he couldn’t hide it any longer.

He pulled your panties off, along with his pants, and boxers. He positioned himself between your legs and gripped himself in his hand.

You wanted him more than ever. To feel him inside of you. The anticipation was killing you.

Carefully you helped him meet your drenched flower, his tip teasing you. He pushed himself in slowly, giving you time to adjust to him.

You both let out a breath of relief as he entered inside of you. Your walls molded around him. He almost forgotten how tight you were, making him shake for a moment.

He steadied his pace, sliding out until the tip was barely touching you, then shoving himself back in until there was nothing more of him.

You were on a high. And your mind was hazed with nothing but serenity.
Han’s breathing grew harsh. Feeling you around him, and calling out his name, drove him crazy.

His hard cock hit every right spot, his waist rubbed against your already swollen clit. You were on a high. Constantly trying to breathe and keep from screaming. His dick throbbed inside of you, your loud moans bordering screams that only encouraged him to fuck you faster.

“I want you to cum for me.” He growled.

And within that next minute, you felt yourself reach your peak. You arched your back as your eyes rolled back behind your eyelids. Your heart raced as you let out soft whimpers of pleasure.

“Fuck, han!” You exhaled, feeling your body shake.

The sound of his name roll off your tongue and the way your walls throbbed around him, he was about to burst.

With on last thrust, he pulled out and felt himself let go all over your stomach. His eyes rolled back as he panted and grunted.

Watching him made your stomach flutter. You weren’t sure why, but seeing him this way always turned you on.

“Shit.” He mumbled. His chest heaving as he tried to catch a breath.

You let out a chuckle as he rolled over on to his back. “That was fun.”

He reached for a tissue and handed it to you, with a smirk plastered on to his face. “Had to show you just how much I missed you.”

“Han Solo missed me?” You pretended to act surprised.

He rolled his eyes, still smiling. “Alright, don’t get cocky kid.”

Han pressed his lips to yours, and stared deeply into you. “I love you Y/N.” He whispered.

“I know.” You muttered.

You wiped the cum off you. “I should make you clean this up since you were the one who made the mess!” You cackled.

Han was knocked out immediately after turning on to his stomach. With all the flying and running around and now this, he was exhausted.

You let out a soft chuckle, as you threw the tissue away and wrapped your arm around him.
And gently pressed your lips against his shoulder.

“Goodnight.” You whispered.

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hows youre day? and whats youre favorite kind of Shance au?

I’ve been actually doing pretty eh for the past few days tbh. But I don’t really need to rain on anyone’s parade today.

Ooooh boy favorite shance au. Let see, I really really love space pirate au, but I also really love college aus. (Both of which I’ve been building. One on my own now and one with a friend.)

Space pirate au I love as you can tell (-cough- shameless drawings/charms-cough-) because my gosh the story I’ve been developing is getting better. Which I haven’t shared all that much so I’m going to.

So basically the plot is the basic team voltron vs Zarkon. However, in this au, the lions have been destroyed save for the black lion. Their parts spread through out the universe. By chance (or is it?) each of the Paladins come across the cores of their lions. They’re drawn to them and eventually they are drawn to the castle of lions.

Shiro is also drawn to the black lion. Which is still in possession of Zarkon. Because he gets close to the lion Zarkon easily has Shiro captured and thrown into prison. He should have killed him quickly but he wanted his entertainment for the gladiator ring. However as punishment to shiro his colony is wiped out.

In this au the humans are more advanced and have colonized several planets so the Paladins all come from different ones. Minus Lance and hunk who come from the same island planet.

Lance comes across the blue lions core in the market being sold as a house decoration or something. After all the altean technology is kind of a lost knowledge. (At this point I’m not sure if the cores are kind of small or large I’m leaning towards quite large.) Which is followed by hunk and him finally getting off their world for a bit on their own personal ship hunks been working on. It takes a lot of convincing hunk to actually go, but luckily hunk also is pulled to the core of the yellow lion. He agrees but only because he’s curious about the tech. (Hunks still a great engineer.)

They follow hunks gut feeling and discover the core actually buried on a desert planet with a few other pieces of the lion. Which is of course made of a material hunk has never seen. Once they get it on board, they either again listen to the cores and go to the castle, or they actually find the coordinates once hunk figures out how they work a bit more through diagnostics.

(I haven’t decided I’m still working out the kinks.)

Pidge works about the same way. Her colony is already under galra rule and once her family is taken she has the motivation to follow the feeling and see if it can help. She is the first to arrive at the castle. Her background of already working with tech making it a bit easier but it’s harder for her to steal a small galra ship.

Keith finds reds core when trying to find shiro after their colony was wiped out, both as punishment as well as to ensure that no other person had the chance to become a pilot for black. (Eh? Like my nudge at Keith being able to pilot black?) He finds it on a galra ship which again he steals same as pidge. He’s the last to arrive at the castle.

With Pidge being the first to arrive Allura and coran are already awake and raring for a fight. The fact that the cores, and possibly the parts of the lions, are intact give them hope. However allura is soon to grow angry as she knows the black lion is with zarkon. (It’s not hard to catch up on some news from the Paladins.) This begins their adventure to not only fight against the empire but gather the other parts of the lions so coran, with help of some blueprints he was entrusted, can rebuild the lions.

They travel together for about a year. Building up alliances, becoming a nuisance enough to the empire they are labeled as pirates and have a bounty on their heads. (It’s at this point Lance demands they all look the part and gives them all a make over. ‘Say good bye to your crop top jacket Keith.’) Though with the black lion in hand, and the other lions destroyed. Zarkon isn’t too worried about them.

That is until they break shiro out of prison. (And possibly steal the black lion on their way out. Still debating.) Shiro is at this point known to be one of the galra empires most dangerous criminal even though they have him captive. It’s Keith’s idea to break him out after convincing allura it would damage the empire to loose him. shiro being already chosen by black is a threat but luckily the year of having a bounty has taught the team how to sneak about without being caught after they break shiro free. Coran possibly having worked with pidge and hunk to mask themselves too.

And so the story goes on with them fighting zarkon. Slowly rebuilding the lions as they pillage places for the parts, and also money because “altean money has no backbone coran. ”

For the shance side of it, Lance is instantly drawn to shiro, he’s a good looking guy and hey once he’s in the new clothes dang does it compliment his body. (Lance chooses his clothes of course. ‘We have to look like a team pidge thank you very much.’) However the romantic interest, rather than the physical interest like Lance to shiro, actually builds up first on shiro’s side. He enjoys Lances ability to keep the mood light for everyone through stories, and he’s actually pretty good at filling shiro in on everything. He annoys keith, which Shiro finds amusing, because from what he’s known it’s hard to get Keith so riled up so much. Sure he’s hot headed but he usually has a good head on himself.

Shiro just kind of slowly starts learning this team of people but Lance always seems to catch his eye, and usually when dealing with people. He’s good at it. However as he keeps watching Lance, more out of curiosity in the beginning, he notices his up and downs. When he’s faking or genuine. When he’s down Shiro always seems to find him and talk it out.

To which Lance starts to do the same after shiro comforts him for awhile. After all the man gets stuck in his head too often for his own good. So it starts going both ways. Lance helping shiro through his moments when his ptsd kicks in and shiro comforting Lance.

Things don’t start to develop between them till shiro finds out that Lance sleeps around with informants in exchange for information they need, whether it’s info on the galra or more lion parts. Shiro feels a need to defend Lance and eventually fights with another captain. Which leads to the loss of an ally.

Lance is mad at shiro, because getting information was his thing. It’s where he found his place in the team and without it he felt he was the fifth (seventh) wheel. Yet when shiro comes to check on him, and he gives this rant to shiro, he can’t help but be grateful. The captain was a creep and shiro actually saved him from having a continual unpleasant timewith him. He gives shiro a kiss in thanks and that’s when they both know they’re in trouble as they start falling a bit faster for each other.

And well that’s about it. It just follows the plot line as they fight zarkon and romance blooms XD I just really want to keep building and adding and changing things for this au. I love it so so much.

Wow this was a long reply… I apologize.

Alive | Roan x Pregnant!Clarke

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[GIF not mine]

Requested by @harduy (why doesn’t it let me tag you??) via dm: Can u do a clarke x roan smut for episode !! where he is alive in the bunker. She tells him she’s pregnant and he’s so happy and ends with lots of hot smut

A/N: after seeing this episode I got so mad at Clarke (not that I wasn’t before, but anyway) that the whole situation made it so hard for me to write your request out. And I feel like I’m so not good at writing smuts, but I did my best (and almost died laughing because that’s me we’re talking about haha) and I hope this is enough smut hahaha I really hope you’ll enjoy this anyway! (Also, thanks to @mermaidandsirenstales and @selldraug for being them - hope you’re sweating as much as me)

A/N 2: also, I apologize for any mistakes, but I don’t have the courage to read this a third time.

Fandom: The 1OO. Pairing: Roan x Clarke

Warnings: pregnant!Clarke. I think angst – I didn’t want it to be, but hey, angst is my master. Smut.

Requests are OPEN

Word-count: 2667

Clarke was sitting on a bed in a room that had luckily only one. Her head in her hands, she tried her best not to cry.

She’d acted like a bitch. Why did she keep listening to her stupid brain? Locking everyone out of the bunker had been one of the most stupid ideas of her life and she felt so sorry to be on that list.

Everything had always been about one number: one hundred. One hundred prisoners sent to Earth. One hundred seats available in the Ark when they first thought of seeking repair against the radiations in their first home. And now, one hundred people per clan, so that they could save everybody so that they could save humanity. But that was just a fucking lie, she groaned.

Some people, many people had been locked out of the bunker, sacrificed to a horrible and agonizing death. Kids were being killed, innocent people weren’t going to survive the imminent wave of death.

Not everybody was going to have a chance.

And she had known it since the beginning, but saving only her people would’ve made everything better, easier. Now eleven hundred grounders were there with them, and sure as hell they all hated Skaikru, and it didn’t matter that O had won the conclave. Troubles were coming and she could almost feel them crawling on her skin.

And then there was Roan, still lying somewhere out there, dead, while the radioactive rain poured over his body.

How could she survive this?

How could she make it without him?

By locking everyone out he would’ve died anyway, but he also might have found a way to save his ass. But now… Octavia was alive and he was dead. And he was dead for real. He wouldn’t have a second chance at life. The rain had already taken him and there was no way she was going to have him back.

Someone behind her coughed.

“Go away,” she mumbled.

She didn’t feel like seeing anybody. All she wanted was to spend the five years they had to spend in the bunker alone. She didn’t want to be around people anymore. What sense could it have?

Clarke heard someone walk up behind her and she snapped. She jumped to her feet and swiftly turned around, ready to say ‘fuck off’ to whoever wanted to talk to her. But her breath got caught in her throat and her mind went blank.

“Well?” he giggled. “No ‘hello’?”

“Roan?” she asked, not believing her eyes. It couldn’t be him.

It couldn’t.

“Who else should I be?” Roan laughed, getting closer to her and grazing his hands against her sleeves.

“I thought you were dead,” she whispered, tears welling up in her eyes. “We all thought you were dead.”

“You all thought what you wanted to think,” he corrected her. “Just as Octavia and Luna saw what they wanted to see. You really thought that drowning me could kill me? Come on, Wanheda, you should’ve known better since you tried to drown me, too.” He smiled, stroking her cheek with his thumb.

She took in a breath, while his touch had started to warm her face. “I’m fucking pregnant, you son of a bitch!” she almost yelled. “How could you?” and she hit him on his chest, tears running down her cheeks. “How could you?” she yelled again, raising her voice while his hands grabbed her wrists with strength.

“What did you just say?” he inquired, eyes burning into hers, while a frown had settled on his forehead.

Clarke fought for freedom, tears furiously streaming down her face. “I thought you were dead,” she whispered again while lowering her gaze, knees trembling.

Roan sighed. “I thought we had fixed this. I am not, I’m alive,” he said and raised her chin so that she was now looking at him.

“How could this be fixed this?” She shook her head. “You were dead and now you’re not. It’s not like breaking a leg. It’s going into fucking afterlife!” she hissed, wiping away her tears.

Another sigh escaped Roan lips. He pulled her closer to him and hugged her tight, resting his chin on top of her head. He could feel her body tremble with her sobs while he patiently waited for the storm to pass.

And yet his mind wasn’t there anymore. It had stayed stuck at one minute ago when that revelation had escaped her lips without her even wanting it to.

She was pregnant. Which meant he was having a child too unless Clarke had kept something a secret.

“Why didn’t you tell me before?” he asked, lowering his head so that he could whisper those words into her ear.

“Tell you what?” she sobbed one last time and sniffed.

“That we’re having a kid.”

Clarke stilled in his arms. How did he even know? But then she remembered her stupid tongue saying those words – I’m fucking pregnant, you son of a bitch!

She sighed. “When did you expect me to tell you?”

He shrugged his shoulders, still holding her against his body. “Oh, you know, before I enrolled into the conclave to kill Bellamy’s sister too.”

Clarke remained silent for a few seconds before pulling away to look at him. “I was so scared, and I wasn’t even expecting it. If you had only let me become Heda-”

“That’s not how the whole Heda thing works,” he pointed out, scoffing.

“I know,” she hissed. “But if that meant saving everybody-”

“And yet you locked everyone out. You cared only for your people while telling me that I was just saving mine and not humanity.”

“I made a mistake, okay?”

“It looks like mistakes are the only things you’re able to do.”

Clarke furrowed, glaring up at him towering over her. “You know what?” she spat. “Go fuck yourself.”

“Wouldn’t you like it better if the person I was fucking was you?” he smirked, squeezing her butt.

Before she could stop herself, she slapped him hard. “Don’t you think you’ve already done enough?” she spat, pushing his chest. “Getting me pregnant and all?”

Roan let out a bitter laugh. “So now it’s my fault,” he nodded. “Yeah, you know, you’re right. After all, that kid is growing inside my body. Totally makes sense now: I knew I was feeling bloated.”

They both glared threateningly at each other for minutes before Clarke leaped forward. In a second their lips crushed and she was pushing Roan against the wall, his hands tightening on her butt.

He groaned in the kiss when she bit his lower lip. She tugged at it while looking at him through her eyelashes and smirked.

“Why won’t we just celebrate the fact that you’re still alive?” she asked, nearing her pelvis to his.

She had some blood on her lips, which meant that she had bitten him for real. But that sight didn’t anger him: he could feel his excitement grow. He grabbed her nape and pulled her closer, kissing her again, harder this time. He wasn’t even thinking about the fact that he might hurt her like that: he simply didn’t care. He had almost died that day and only wanted some victory sex.

Her hands reached his belt and quickly unbuckled it before slipping inside his trousers. She didn’t unzip the fly and the pressure against his already semi hard cock almost hurt. Her other hand moved to open his zip when he moaned and Roan felt the pressure against his lips disappear.

He watched Clarke getting on her knees while pushing his trousers down.

She stared at him hungrily and tickled his balls while laughing. When her face got closer to his pulsing erection, Roan let his eyes flutter closed, already anticipating the feeling of her lips around his cock. But that feeling didn’t come, at least – not immediately. Instead, her fingers traced his shaft a few times, almost tickling his skin with her light touch. Then, suddenly, when he had almost lost hope, she grabbed his penis at the base and guided it into her mouth. She gave his head a harsh suck, almost hurting him, before sticking her tongue out to lick him downward ever so slowly.

Roan’s breath was coming out ragged, and the only thing he wanted was to push himself inside her mouth, to fuck her, to feel her around himself.

Slowly, her tongue came up again to his head before her mouth sucked at it again. Then, slowly, she took his cock in, swirling her tongue a little at its sides.

When she finally set up a pace, Roan let himself sigh and leaned his back harder into the wall. One of his hands ran down to grab her hair and force her to move faster, but she stopped him just in time and kept up with her slow movements. Then, suddenly, she sped up and both were soon moaning. The vibrations she created with her moans reverberated against him and he could feel he was close to the edge.

“Clarke,” he growled, reaching down again and grabbing her hair this time.

But Clarke didn’t listen and kept up with her pace until, suddenly, just before his release, she pulled away. She smiled up at him and finished him off with her hand, while her left hand had reached inside her own trousers to touch herself.

He came in her hands, grunting her name, and let himself fall on his knees, teeth still clenching and breath running wild.

“Stop it,” he growled, fighting with his trembling hands to take off his shirt.

She didn’t listen to him and kept touching herself in front of him.

“Stop it, I said,” he repeated and grabbed her hands.

She whined like a kid, breath ragged. Her left hand, the one that had been touching herself, was slick and the mere thought of being inside her turned Roan crazy.

“Get naked,” he ordered, resisting the urge to touch himself.

The floor was almost ice cold under his ass, but he didn’t care. All he wanted was to take her right there and then, on that damn floor, and let anyone in that bunker know that he was still alive and that a bitch like Luna couldn’t kill him.

Clarke smirked and slowly took her shirt off. He was glad to see she wasn’t wearing any bra and that her nipples were already hard. Goosebumps quickly rose on her skin, but she looked like she didn’t care.

When she got on fours to get closer to him, his eyes wandered to her breasts and he smiled. Fuck, he was so glad he was still alive!

She almost purred while kissing his chest, her hands caressing his thighs.

Roan grabbed her hips and got her closer before pinning her down on the floor.

Clarke wiggled in his grasp and tried to go back to being in control, but Roan wouldn’t let her. He knew how much she loved to be in control of the situation, but this time… he was going to have her his way. She had already had her turn while sucking his cock. Now it was time for the King of Azgeda to show what he was capable of.

“Don’t move,” he ordered, locking her hands above her head and keeping them in place with one hand.

Then, smirking devilishly, he leaned closer to her face and lingered his lips against hers, but he didn’t kiss her. He brushed their lips for a few seconds before going further down, kissing her throat. He grazed his teeth against her skin while his free hand roamed her right side, going down to her thigh and then coming up again.

Clarke trembled.

“So soft,” he whispered against her neck, kissing and sucking her skin.

“Roan,” she whined, begging him, wiggling her hips, brushing against his thigh.

Roan’s head got up again until it was millimeters from her ear. “I said,” and he nipped at her earlobe, “don’t move.”

He kissed her neck again, his hand slipping inside her trousers to touch her from above her panties.

“So wet,” he whispered against her breasts. He smiled: what would she do if he were really dead? Would she be fucking someone else? Or would she be touching herself until she was screaming his name?

He groaned at the thought of her in bed with somebody else.

Massaging her pussy, still covered with that piece of underwear, he took one of her nipples in between his lips and gently tugged at it, making her moan again. He sucked at it, grazed it with his teeth, tortured it with his lips before doing the same to the other.

He could hear her wild breath while her chest rose and fell fast under him.

His lips went even further down, kissing and sucking her skin. He teased her a little by kissing her mons pubis through her trousers.

“Don’t move or I’m leaving,” he ordered against her skin.

Clarke simply whimpered but nodded when Roan looked at her.

He released his grasp on her wrists and used both his hands to free her from her trousers and panties. His fingers brushed against her labia and let out a satisfied sigh.

Without giving her time to even comprehend what he wanted to do, his lips were sucking at her clit. Clarke’s breath got stuck in her throat while her back arched into a position that looked almost painful. But Roan simply smiled and teased her with his fingers, before penetrating her with one.

“Clarke?” he chuckled, pushing his finger in and out of her, miming what was going to come.

She simply hummed, her hands massaging her boobs.

“Tell me something,” and, without warning, he added two fingers to the one that was fucking her.

“Just fucking fuck me,” she groaned, making him laugh, his erection pressed against the floor, driving him nuts.

He retreated his fingers and grabbed her hips, sliding her closer. He positioned himself between her legs, spreading her juices on his cock. Then, in a swift movement, he was inside her, her walls clenching around him.

He was so glad he was still alive.

He leaned down, kissing her breast and sucking one of her nipples while slowly moving inside her, turning her crazy. Her breathing was labored, her skin covered in sweat, her eyes closed but still moving under her eyelids.

He kissed her and she kissed him back, her breath fanning against his skin. He moved to kiss her neck, accelerating his pace.

When he hit her just in the right spot, Clarke’s eyes opened wide, her lips parted.

He angled her legs so that he could hit her there again and when he did once, twice, three times he thought she was about to die in pleasure.

But her hands grabbed his face and pushed them closer so that she could kiss him. He moved in again and she moaned against his lips.

“Good Lord, Roan,” she panted, letting her head fall back again on the floor. Her hands reached his back and scratched his skin. “Faster,” she begged and he complied.

He put his hands on the floor at each side of her head so that he could push in faster and further.

Clarke moaned a string of ‘Roan’ and ‘fuck’ and ‘Jesus Christ’ (which he hoped wasn’t a guy she knew). Her pussy clenched tighter around him with each movement until she came with a silent scream, eyes rolled back inside her head, breasts brushing against his skin.

He lifted her leg by grabbing it from under the knee and sped up his space even more until it almost got unbearable. Then, with a grunt, he came and for a while, he wasn’t able to stop his movements.

When her hands got up to brush his chest, he pushed out and laid down next to her.

They were both panting, but he managed to say: “So, we’re having a kid, huh?”

Since I’m not sure how I am with smut and I’m always glad to do better, let me know what you think.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’ll just have a drink.

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Kisses on a Summer's Day

Roman Burki Imagine  

a/n: (REQUESTED: roman smut in Ibiza.) I wrote this one but I was looking through his tag and saw the same thing had been requested before. Can I ask to please not send multiple writers the same request, thanks. this one turned out to be a little longer than expected. The middle bit (actually more like most of it) is kind of iffy but I hope it makes sense. I really wanted to post it already.

Roman had met Y/N in the club just days ago but he while on his annual holiday down in Ibiza.

She didn’t turn out to be the usual one night stand he had the intentions of having when he left the hotel room for the club. He was awe-stricken of her from the moment he laid eyes on her. She was a marvel and although he didn’t want to believe it, he may have been properly falling for her in the short space of time he’s gotten to know her.  

He was out on the hotel room balcony soaking up the warm Spanish sun as he lay sprawled out on the deck chair. A stupid smile was spread on his face as he thought about last night’s events. Her innocent and soft-spoken nature was quite deceiving. He almost moaned remembering how she ruled over him last night, he was a sucker for a girl dominating him and even just the thought had his cock tingling. He shifted in his seat becoming a little flustered but was soon pulled from his thoughts when a shade fell upon him.

He cracked his eyes open and saw possibly a more beautiful and heavenly sight than the beaches of Ibiza. His breath hitched in his throat seeing Y/N standing there in nothing but a white bikini which contrasted so perfectly with her golden-brown skin.

“Hello there handsome.” She greeted as she straddled his lap. She felt her body graze over his cock, which was covered only by the thin material of his board shorts, as she settled on his thighs. It quickened her heart rate a little as her mind momentarily went to Sin City. She definitely wanted a piece of him right now.

Keep reading

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12 for nine/Theron?

(A little something from Theron’s point of view.)

#12-  a hoarse whisper “kiss me”

“I’m sorry, Theron,” Nine says, swiveling in her chair toward him, “but I really can’t hear you, you know.”

He makes a face, then holds up the teacup and mouths the word awful.

She sighs. “It’s supposed to be good for you, according to Lana. I never promised it would taste good.”

“Cruel woman,” he rasps, setting the cup down on the bedside table and pulling the blankets up to his chin; he’s feverish again, probably, can feel a flush rising in his cheeks but somehow he’s still freezing. “I’m already sick, and now you’re letting Lana poison me.”

She’s probably going to say it serves him right. It does serve him right, really, pushing too hard, too much work and not enough sleep but still, he can’t remember the last time he felt this awful that wasn’t from being shot or blown up or thrown headfirst into something. Coronet City was under quarantine for a reason, she’ll say. It’s only a cold, but-

He sneezes.

Setting her datapad aside, her expression softening, she picks up a stack of clean handkerchiefs- he’s gone through an alarming number of them today already, an ever-growing wadded heap littering the floor beside the bed- and climbs the steps to the sleeping area. “I can get you some soup, if you’d rather?”

“No, thanks.” It comes out a croak- so much for all the calls he’s got to make. “Not hungry.”

“You-” she sits down beside him, drops the handkerchiefs in his lap and twines her arms around his neck; stripped down to her shirtsleeves, her bare skin’s warm and he leans in, like if he presses in enough he could draw enough heat off her body to finally stop shivering- “have to eat something. You know what they say- feed a fever, starve a-”

“‘s a dumb saying.’” He closes his eyes. “Doesn’t work if it’s a cold and a fever.”

She smiles, he thinks; he can feel it against the back of his neck. “Fair point. Now go to sleep, you grump.”

“I will,” he says, a hoarse whisper. “Kiss me first, though?”

She does, her mouth brushing sweet and gentle against dry lips, a second one against his forehead-

-and then she crinkles her nose, turns her head just in time to snatch up one of the handkerchiefs and sneezes.