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Boundaries 101

We’ve all heard that a healthy relationship has healthy boundaries. But what exactly are boundaries, and what do they look like in real life?

Boundaries are the lines you draw around yourself to keep you safe and autonomous.

Good boundaries are really strong and flexible. When they change, it’s because you chose to move them; you still know where they are and you’re still comfortable with them. If someone else pushes on them, they don’t break.

Bad boundaries are fuzzy and brittle - it’s often hard to know exactly where your boundaries are, and if someone pushes on them, they may shatter completely.

Here are some boundaries that are common to all healthy relationships:

  • Each person has a say in what kind of relationship this is. No one feels obligated to be more emotionally connected, sexually involved, or socially connected than they actually want to be.
  • Each person gets to choose what they eat, what they wear, and who they want be friends with.
  • Each person has private spaces, physical or otherwise (online counts), where the other person doesn’t intrude without permission.
  • There are some hobbies that only one person does, and that’s okay - you don’t need to do everything together.
  • It’s okay to disagree on some things; each person has different tastes and opinions and it’s okay to be different to each other.
  • Some things are private, even from each other, and that’s okay.
  • Each person has the right to not engage in any sexual activity at any time.

In order to keep social systems running smoothly, some common boundaries are assumed to exist in certain contexts, and crossing them without obtaining consent is considered rude or worse.

Some of these “default boundaries” include:

  • Not kissing strangers or touching them in a sexual way, or making sexual comments to/about them.
  • Not asking personal questions until you know someone well - things like weight, sexual history, etc., unless you’re in a context where it’s relevant.
  • Not showing your genitals to people you are not in a sexual relationship with, except a medical professional when relevant.
  • Not demanding hugs from strangers, unless you both are part of a group where hugs are considered a normal greeting of a stranger.
  • Friendships are assumed to include no sex and no romance.
  • Not touching children you don’t know, if you are not their caretaker.
  • Not getting into bed with a sleeping person you don’t usually sleep with.
  • Not entering the bathroom when some else is using it.

But boundaries are more than these default templates - they’re personal things. So your specific boundaries might be different to someone else’s.

Some examples of more specific boundaries might be things like:

  • I don’t know you very well, so I want to wait until we know each other better before I decide if I want to date you.
  • It’s okay if my dating partner comes into the bathroom when I’m brushing my teeth, but not when I’m showering or using the toilet. I leave the door open when it’s okay to come in.
  • If I’m working at my computer or otherwise engrossed in something, I ask that people use words to get my attention before touching me.
  • I don’t like kissing, so I don’t kiss anyone ever and they aren’t allowed to kiss me.
  • I don’t want anyone in my new life to try to contact my estranged family of origin.
  • My phone is private; no one is allowed to read my texts, etc., but me.
  • For date night, I don’t want to go to a restaurant that doesn’t serve food I can eat as a vegetarian.

Establishing boundaries means figuring out what your boundaries are and then making them clear to the people in your life, as relevant.

You don’t need to tell everyone you know all of your boundaries, because some people will never come close to crossing certain boundaries. But it’s important that people know what your boundaries are when they’re in the relevant territory.

So when it looks like sexytimes might happen, it’s important to talk to your partner ahead of time about what sexual boundaries you each have. When you’re headed toward a serious relationship, that’s the time to talk about the boundaries you have in that kind of relationship. When you get your own place, it’s time to establish boundaries with your parents about what it will mean for your relationship.

A boundary violation is when someone crosses one of your boundaries. Some examples might be:

  • Someone sending you nudes or sexually explicit messages when you’re not interested.
  • Someone going through something of yours that you chose to keep private.
  • Someone trying to tell you what you’re allowed to wear, eat, or who to be friends with.

Some boundary violations are accidental, and when that happens, the appropriate response is to reinforce the boundary by making sure the other person knows it’s there. The people in your life should be aware of what your boundaries are.

When someone violates your boundaries, you also need to defend the boundary. That means you have to figure out how to protect yourself from having that boundary crossed again. Sometimes that means a simple conversation to let them know that boundary exists, sometimes it means taking time away from someone, changing the way you interact with them, or removing them from your life entirely. Only you can decide how best to defend that boundary in the context of your life.

Unhealthy boundaries happen when someone is made to feel like they aren’t allowed to have boundaries, and that’s where enmeshment and abuse creep in.

Some examples of bad boundaries include things like:

  • We always end up talking whenever I want to, even if you’re busy or asleep or don’t want to.
  • I make it difficult for you if you try to spend time with friends without me there.
  • I look through your phone, purse, Internet history, or other belongings when I feel like it, without your permission.
  • You are not allowed to have any secrets, even ones that don’t relate to me.
  • I touch you however and whenever I want unless you convince me not to.
  • I think you should go on a diet, so even though you don’t agree, you change the way you eat to keep me from judging you.
  • You give up wearing certain clothes you like because I’m disrespectful to you when you wear them.

When you haven’t been allowed to have boundaries for a long time because of a dysfunctional relationship, it can be hard to know what your boundaries are.

Abusive people who want to take advantage of unformed boundaries will push on the “social default” boundaries to see if you know how to defend a boundary. If you don’t, they push on bigger and bigger boundaries and try to form a relationship where they’re in control. Be aware of that - if it feels like you have less and less control of what’s happening, that relationship is not healthy.

Respecting boundaries is one of the most important parts of keeping a relationship safe, healthy, and consensual.

If you think someone you know has a hard time setting boundaries, give them extra room to set them and be extra careful not to exert any pressure. Don’t expect people in general to always tell you their boundaries - ask outright. “How do you feel about doing this thing?” is how you get real consent. Saying “We’re going to do this thing” and then doing it just because they don’t object may be crossing a boundary.

It’s important to pay attention to whether other people are setting boundaries (or may want to set them but are afraid to), and to talk about and defend your own boundaries as well, so everyone in the relationship feels safe and happy.

inspired by Marry Me by Thomas Rhett

Tom knew this was a terrible idea, but here he was walking up the steps of the chapel next to Harrison as an usher handed him the happy couple’s welcome cards. From the moment he got the invitation he told himself he wouldn’t go, but none-the-less when he had actually told her he wasn’t coming her eyes had filled with sadness and he’d quickly retracted his statement in hopes of making her eyes sparkle again as they normally did. He swallowed the lump in his throat as he followed Harrison and Emily through the crowd of people in the church to find a seat. He looked around the church his heart beating faster as he laid eyes on him, the one that was taking his Y/N away, and he looked at the deep red roses, the ivory and gold drapes decorating the walls and pews making him sigh softly. He looked down at his feet trying to keep his eyes from burning before he quickly shot up and told his friends he’d be back in a second before he all but ran out of the church wandering around to the back of the venue walking towards a pond covered in weeping willows. He watched his breath mix with the cold air as he exhaled walking towards the icy pond. If he hadn’t been so terribly heart broken at the moment he would’ve taken pictures, but he couldn’t think of that at the moment so he walked closer to the water sitting down on one the benches crying into his hands. The love of his life was about to get married, she was about to be married, A/N was going to get married. The thought alone made him choke on his own sobs, he wished more than anything he would’ve told her how much he loved her, and how desperately he wanted to be the one she was going to spend the rest of her life with. He wasn’t sure how long he cried but he was interrupted by the sound of cracking leaves and another person’s sobs. He quickly looked over only to see Y/N leaning against the stonewall of the church closest to him in that white dress, her vale placed perfectly on her head. He looked at his watch and realized she was supposed to be walking down the aisle right now. He watched as she covered her mouth with one of her hands trying to conceal her cries, Tom looked at her in shock for a minute before standing up and walking closer to her wiping his eyes.

“Y/N,” He said softly making her jump slightly but she visibly relaxed when she saw it was him walking towards her like a prince coming to save her from the nightmare she couldn’t wake up from. He didn’t say anything as he moved to stand in front of her looking at her with tears burning in his own eyes. He’d be lying if he said he’d never imagined her in a wedding dress, and even though it wasn’t under these circumstances, she looked even more beautiful than he could’ve ever imagined. He licked his lips before shrugging off his suit jacket and placing it on her bare shoulders as he realized how cold she probably was. She stared at him for a minute letting a few more tears slip down her cheeks as she reached out and gently placed her hand on his cheek running her thumb over his cheekbones smiling softly at him as more tears fell from her eyes. He carefully brought his own hand up to cover her small one that rested on his face caressing her soft skin softly before reaching out with his other hand and carefully slipping it around her waist. “You look so-“ He shook his head softly in disbelief “Absolutely stunning,” He whispered and the sincerity in his eyes made her lips part in shock as she finally realized what that strange emotion that was always swirling in his eyes whenever he looked at her was.

“Tom,” She whispered her hand beginning to shake as she began crying once again.

“Y/N please d-“ He started softly but he was cut off whenever she reached up and pressed her lips against his. He was quick to cup her face his other hand and she moved her hands to his hair running her fingers through his curls like he’d dreamed she would so many times before. She didn’t know a kiss could feel like that, she thought she knew what butterflies felt like but that feeling she had just experienced for the first time was unlike anything she’d ever felt and she never wanted it to end. After a few moments Tom felt himself getting dizzy from the lack of oxygen so he reluctantly pulled away from her “Don’t marry him,” He finished making her look up at him through teary eyes. “Y/N I should’ve told you so long ago, but I love you so much, I’m so desperately in love with you. I have been since we were eighteen and we almost kissed on that rooftop before you told me you were dating him. Y/N I love you more than I thought it was possible to love someone and I’ve tried so hard to get over you I swear but I-I can’t it’s impossible because it’s you. You’re my person, you’re the person I’m supposed to be with and I’m sorry I just now have to balls to tell you this but it’s so true and if you don’t love me back I understand and I just want you to be happy but if you think at all that you might love me back then I’m begging you please don’t marry him.” He ranted making her smile up at him contrary to the tears leaking furiously through her eyes. She threw her arms around his neck holding him as close to her as possible.

“I’m so in love with you, I love you so fucking much Tom,” She said softly into his neck making his eyes widen as he quickly broke away and held her face between his hands searching her eyes for reassurance. “I always have,” She whispered making a few tears drop from his eyes. “I love you so much,” She repeated making him smile wider than he thought possible before picking her up in a hug twirling her around happily making her laugh into her neck smiling happily. She’d loved Tom since she was sixteen and he asked her to their school’s formal because she didn’t have a date, she’d dreamed so many times that this was their wedding not hers and Daniel’s and here she was about to run out on her wedding alone but instead ran straight into the arms of the true love her life. “God I love you so much,” She murmured making him kiss her cheek repeatedly.

“You have no idea how much I love you Y/N,” He assured as he set her down carefully before placing a hand on the back of her neck and pressing their lips together in the most passionate and love filled kiss either of them had ever experienced. They both smiled like idiots as they finally kissed realizing they were in the arms of their soul mate, only breaking away after it had transformed into a heated moment between the two as their teeth clashed slightly and their tongues wrapped around each other in every way possible. “What are you going to do now love?” Tom asked carefully not wanting to send her into a panic attack but the realization that their was a church full of people waiting for her to walk down the aisle began pressing on his mind.

“I’m not going in there,” She stated taking her vail off of her head and rolling it up into a ball making him smile brightly at her as she took of her engagement ring and held it in her hand. “I’ll mail it to him,” She smiled slipping it into Tom’s pants pocket.

“Tom are you-“ A voice called out making both of them look up to see Harrison rounding the corner. “Oh shit Y/N they’re all freaking out in there,” Harrison said seeing Y/N standing with his best friend. He looked between them realizing Tom’s hands were on her waist and how close they were standing. “No way,” He smiled brightly covering his face with his hands hiding his gigantic smile and the tears welling in his own eyes. “Oh my god you guys!” He exclaimed happily running towards them pulling them both into a bit of a group hug. “Fucking finally! Fate is real! True love exists!” He yelled loudly hugging them both tightly. “What the fuck are you going to do?” He asked breaking their hug. Y/N looked at Tom for a second before looking back at Harrison and reaching back into Tom’s pocket making Harrison scrunch his face up in disgust and look away afraid of what she was doing.

“You get to be a messenger,” She stated making Harrison shake his head no and glare at her. “Tell him I’m sorry and I’ll be in touch,” She said handing him her engagement ring before grabbing Tom’s hand and running away from Harrison towards the parking lot as the couple got ready to make a break for Tom’s car and get the hell out of there.

“What? No! Y/N!” Harrison yelled in anger but he couldn’t help the smile tugging on his lips as he watched them disappear from view. He smiled happily walking back into the chapel bracing himself for the awkward interaction as he walked up to Daniel who was chewing on his nails nervously as Y/N’s parents stood next to him with worry etched on their faces. He didn’t say anything just opened his hand Y/N’s showed him the ring. “She said she’d be in touch when she’s ready and she’s sorry,” He said making Daniel look at him in shock. “Good day now,” He smiled walking away quickly grabbing Emily’s and making a beeline out of the church and hopping into one of the cabs as they’d come in Tom’s car and he’d clearly taken it. He was right, Tom and Y/N were long gone driving off down the streets of London finally able to start their lives together.

let me know what you guys think! and if you have requests or blurbs I’ll look at them! 


Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader (Gender Neutral)

Summary: You and Tom are co-workers and have grown very close within the few months you’ve worked together. But, Tom lets feelings get in the way of the friendship. Will he act on them?

Notes: This might take place of The Office – let me know what you think, or if I should! As always, feedback is appreciated. :-)

“How many are left?” You whispered, trying to ignore how close you were to Tom.

“Two, I think – and two of us. Which one do you want?”

“The young one. He’ll be easy. I know you like a challenge, and you like your fun.” You smirked, looking up over the bush and seeing the two guys on the other side of the field, conspiring. “Plus, I know for you, it’s personal.” You two placed your guns back in their holster’s, resting on your hips. “You’re surprisingly good at this.”

Surprisingly?” He asked, his eyebrows pulling in.

“Oh, come on, Thomas. You’re not the best at coordination.” You laughed silently when he scoffed, finding the offense in his face amusing.

“Just because I dropped the vinyl stack one time!”

One time? You not only dropped the vinyl, but you also broke the lamp and broke an ink pen in your mouth. You were in the emergency for two weeks – you were fine from the pen, but you also fell down a flight of stairs and fractured your leg… while at the hospital!” You laughed louder, causing Tom to quickly cover your mouth.

“Chill, Giggles. You’re gonna get us caught.”

“Whatever, just get in position,” you peered around the corner once more, seeing no one in sight. “You’re good, just make it to the hedge over there, and go on my mark. I got your back.”

Tom nodded, laying on his stomach and army crawling his way over to his position. You rolled your eyes – he was being incredibly unnecessary, but it made it that more fun. You watched him disappear and then turned your ear piece back on. “You good?” It was quiet for a few seconds before you heard Tom’s shallow breathing.

“Yes, all good. Just waiting for your cue.”

“On your left,” you whispered, holding your gun closer to your chest. You reached a hand up, adjusting your vest and speaking into your headset. “About ten seconds before interaction – be safe.” You heard a chuckle on the other end, causing you to roll your eyes prematurely, already sensing the cocky remark that was sure to come out.

“Babe, keep in mind who you’re talking to. It’s me,” he sighed heavily, and you could hear him shuffling around wherever he was at. “I’m going in.”

You peered around the corner, wanting to make sure that if he needed back-up, you’d get to him quickly. You watched as he poked his head out, looking to his left and seeing you, giving you a small salute. You saluted him back, nodding your head to silently tell him to get a move on. He breathed heavily, going back behind the hedge and pulling the gun closer to his chest. He expertly tucked and rolled, landing on his feet after the somersault, and extending his arms out.

“Freeze, scumbag!” He yelled out, causing the man jump slightly, turning quickly. He reached out, positioning his gun, but he was too late. Tom shot first, hitting him square in the chest. “You’re out!”

Harrison groaned, lowering his gun and removing his vest. “Fuck me. You two take this too seriously.”

“That’s what you get for using my toothbrush to gel your hair for Halloween, asshole.”

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onliafaze  asked:

Izuku, Bakugou, Todokori, Iida, Kaminari, and Kirishima discover their supposedly Quirkless s/o is actually hiding an amazing quirk because she doesn't want to be a hero; she can't handle the pressures that come with it.

My dear @onliafaze , I am going to do these one at a time cos I do not want you to wait forever and I am getting really into these. So first up is Midoriya! I wrote this even though it is over my character limit cos this was requested before I had posted my rules and it seemed unfair not to write it just because of that. These were supposed to be hc but I have no self control so sorry about that XD. ~Admin K 🎶

What was he going to do? These psychotic…things were destroying everything in the area. Three of them. These things looked like they were made of the odds and ends of all kinds of animals. With the body of a lion, a thick snake’s body coming from the spot where the lion’s tail would be, and from the waist up, they were human—they were the stuff of nightmares. They had terrifyingly large fangs dripping with poison, and it was obvious very quickly that the power of those snake tails had the power of being lethal with the right amount of force. Bat wings a kilometer in length sprouted from their lion backs.

People were running around like mad, desperately trying to escape them. People with all kinds of powerful quirks, but with no training to use them properly. Pro heroes had to be on their way, but who were these villians? Would the heroes even know how to stop them? First things first, he absolutely had to find ___ and get her to safety. His girlfriend was his number one priority at the moment; he could try to fend off those other guys later, but being quirkless in this situation? ___ was not safe here. He screamed her name, desperately calling to find her.

Where is she? Where is she?!


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Guilt {Part 3} // Henry Bowers

Word Count: 1439

Summary-  Being apart of the loser’s club makes you a prime target for the one and only, Henry Bowers. (CONT.)

Warnings; N/A

A/n; Slowly getting through these requests, lol. Had so much fun writing these, and I know I really kinda changed the character; but really, it wasn’t that much because it’s obvious he has trouble with emotions; just it’s portrayed more as anger and aggresive, I’ve just manipulated the thought to make him more of a softer version of himself, where he is trying to be better.

Requested; Yes, multiple times. This is the final part. Hope you enjoy!

req; Yes give me that part three of guilt .

req; Can ya do a part 3 to guilt? It was soooo good!

req; hi! could you maybe do part 3 for “Guilt” ?



“What the fuck!?” Richie screamed, making you and Henry jump apart. “Richie..” You whispered, eyes blown wide. “Y/N? I thought you were our friend!” He yelled, causing the other losers to run over to see what the commotion was all about. “What’s going on?!” Stan asked, confusedly looking between Richie, who was red in the face with anger, fists clenched at his sides, while you were standing there, all color in your face drained, except for the visible blush on your cheeks.

“You know what’s going on? I’ll tell you. Y/N here says she’s going to ‘take care’ of Bowers, but instead brings him back here to suck his fucking face off!” Richie exclaimed, leaving the losers confused. “Y-Y/N?” Bill asked, betrayal evident in his eyes. “Guys, it’s not like that..” You said, trying to convince them all; even yourself. Thinking about it, from their point of view; things weren’t looking great for you.

“Y/N, why wouldn’t you tell us?” Ben asked, softly. He was clearly upset too, but staying strong. Eddie, not so much. “No, you don’t get to pity her, Ben! None of us do! She lied to us! Who knows how long she’s been with Bowers!” Eddie exclaimed, clearly distressed. He paused, to take a breath from his inhaler. “I’m done, Y/N, I trusted you. We all trusted you!” He screamed, and stormed off. Richie looked back at you, shaking his head, before running after Eddie.

“You’re my best friend, Y/N. Why wouldn’t you tell me?” Beverly whispered, and she didn’t even look disappointed. She only looked hurt. That’s when you knew how bad you fucked up. She walked away, Mike, Bill, and Ben hot on their heels. Only Stan remained. He looked up at you, nothing but pain in his eyes. “Stan?” You asked, your voice cracking. He opened his mouth to speak, but he couldn’t bring himself to say anything. He just closed his eyes, and walked away. It hurt more than words. Much more.

It was silent for a moment, a tear slipped out of your eye. You stood still, trying to process what just happened. Your friends left you. They just left, they didn’t even let you explain. To be fair, you probably wouldn’t have wanted an explanation either, so you weren’t even mad at them. Only sad, and disappointed. Not in them, but more so yourself. You could’ve gone after them, yet here you were, still as a statue.

Henry reached over wiping a tear off your cheek. The contact made you flinch, you forgot he was standing there; he hadn’t spoken a word since you separated; you half expected him to run away. “I’m sorry.” He whispered, and the words felt foreign in your ears. It would still take some getting used to; a nice version of Henry Bowers. “It’s not your fault.” You said, distantly. Your thoughts were in a different place, it was obvious.

“I’m gonna head home.” You said, absentmindedly. “Alright, see you later.” Henry said, awkwardly. He gently kissed your cheek, and you began walking the other direction, head in the clouds. Henry hated seeing you like that; though it was strange, usually seeing you so messed up created a fire within him; made him want to pick on you more. Looking back, it seemed he had misread that feeling completely. Nonetheless, he hated seeing you like it, and had a plan.

Meanwhile, in Bill’s Garage..

The losers sat in a circle, in silence. “Are you sure-” Stan asked, and Richie glared at him, shutting him up. “What, do you think I’m blind?!” He exclaimed, and Ben opened his mouth to make a retort, but Richie glared in his direction. “Don’t even think about making a reference to my glasses.” He threatened, making Ben close his mouth and look down, avoiding Richie’s glare. A heavy silence hung in the air, no one knowing what to say.

None of them had been expecting that, to say the least. If anything, it was more likely in their minds for Stanley to date Henry Bowers; it simply didn’t make sense in the slightest. You always talked about how much you loathed Henry, and how you wished you could shove a sock in his fat mouth. Why the sudden change? Was it all an act? These thoughts ran through all their minds; trying to piece together signs you two were in a secret relationship; but nothing. It made no sense.

A loud knocking on the garage door startled them all. They all glanced around at each other, all eyes falling on Bill. “W-why me?” He asked, sighing. “It’s your garage.” Mike pointed out, shrugging. Bill rolled his eyes, standing up and opening the door. To all of their surprise, it wasn’t you. It was Henry Bowers. “Look, before you shut the door on me, I just want to say Y/N and I haven’t been dating behind your backs.” He said quickly, just as Bill was reaching to close the door again.

All the losers looked hesitant. “Just hear me out. I’m not gonna sugar coat it; I don’t like you. You don’t like me. I get that. But I really care about Y/N; I just fucking suck at showing it. She means so much to me; you wouldn’t understand. Hell, I don’t even understand. I just know I’m in love with her. Never in a million years would I think she’d like me back, but she does, and I don’t know what the fuck I did to deserve it.” Henry said honestly, but got cut off by Richie. “And your point is?”

Henry sighed. “I’m not going to make her choose between me and you. If it comes down to it, I’ll back off.” The statement made the losers freeze. Even Richie was speechless. This couldn’t possibly be the same Henry Bowers who was torturing them only last week, could it? “Just talk to her. She’s really upset.” Henry said, and hesitated, as if wanting to say something else, before turning on his heel, and walking away.

“Did that actually just happen..?” Mike asked the question everyone was thinking, and they all shook their heads. “Shit, we need to talk to Y/N..” Stan said, and the group agreed, making their way to your house. Luckily, you lived only a block from Bill’s house, so they could easily walk there; without having to get their bikes. A quick jog later, they arrived at your house.

Bill walked up to the door, knocking. You sniffled, hear upon hearing a knocking at the door. Getting up, you opened the door, and your eyes widened upon seeing not only one, but all of your friends standing in front of the door, looking sheepishly at you. “Henry told us everything.” You nearly choked on air at Eddie’s statement. “What?” You asked, and Beverly pushed forward, squeezing you in a hug. “Oh, Y/N! I’m so sorry! I should’ve known you wouldn’t keep something like that from us.” She said, sadly. “It’s okay, Bev.” You said, squeezing back. All the boys looked at you, guilt evident on their faces.

“Oh please, get over here, assholes.” You said, you and Bev both making room for a group hug. The boys happily obliged, and you all stood in silence. “I’m sorry, Y/N.” Richie said, making the group turn to him, surprised. Usually, Richie would brush off apologies by making a joke, and that was that. “It’s okay, Richie.” You smiled, hugging him. As you released, you furrowed your brows in confusion. “Now back up a second. First of all, since when do you call him Henry? Second of all, he told you? As in he talked to you, a normal conversation?” You asked, astonished.

The losers nodded, explaining everything he’d told them. Your eyes blurred with tears; happy, rather than sad this time. It was the sweetest thing you’d ever heard. “You know Y/N, I never thought I’d say this, but I think Bowers is good for you.” Stan said, slinging an arm around your shoulder. “I never thought you would either.” You teased, and the group laughed.

You couldn’t help but dwell on what the losers told you Henry said. “I’m not going to make her choose between me and you. If it comes down to it, I’ll back off.” Henry didn’t seem like the type; though you shouldn’t have been surprised; within the last week, his entire demeanor and thought of you changed. You smiled as you looked around your friends, grateful for them, and now, grateful for them, and your new boyfriend, Henry Bowers.

Summer Stay [james potter x reader]

Requested by anon: Can I ask an imagine with James where reader has been really lonely for most of the school year because of family problems and when holiday came James asked her to come over to his house and the Potters love her her and treat her like a daughter or something?

A/n: You know I can’t let Marauders fics happen without any fluff, so I hope that’s what you expected. GIF is not mine.

  • Warnings: Mentions of family problems
  • Word count: 1.8k

“Merlin, I can’t wait for summer holidays to start!”, Peter whined and threw himself on his bed, in the marauder’s dorm, where you and the boys were spending the afternoon. “I still can’t believe I managed to pass all of the final tests. Ready to relax now.”

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Boundaries 101

We’ve all heard that a healthy relationship has healthy boundaries. But what exactly are boundaries, and what do they look like in real life?

Boundaries are the lines you draw around yourself to keep you safe and autonomous.

Good boundaries are really strong and flexible. When they change, it’s because you chose to move them; you still know where they are and you’re still comfortable with them. If someone else pushes on them, they don’t break.

Bad boundaries are fuzzy and brittle - it’s often hard to know exactly where your boundaries are, and if someone pushes on them, they may shatter completely.

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thunderstorm, p2. | yoongi

read part 1 here. read part 3 here.

summary: p2/? | you thought you could rely on your friends, jungkook and taehyung, to talk some sense into you after your run in with min yoongi left you confused. they do their best to help, but the conversation only leaves you more curious about the black haired boy who you had tried so hard to ignore.

details/genre: badboy!yoongi, college au, angst/fluff, bff!jungkook, bff!taehyung

word count: 1.9k

Originally posted by yoongichii

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Boyfriend VS Best friend: Cal Freezy X Reader

Pairing: Calfreezy X Reader, Wroetoshaw X Reader (platonic)

Summary: Y/N does the boyfriend VS best friend challenge.

Warnings: Mentions of sex

(Not proofread)

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anonymous asked:

A mix of 10 and 11 with Grayson please!

Thank you for the request, I hope you like it! P.S. should I make a part 2? It was already pretty long and there wasn’t really a resolution. Let me know! 

10. Just leave me alone.

11. I need some time.

It was no secret that Grayson’s fans were dedicated. They would do anything to make sure Grayson was happy, and showed no mercy to anyone that threatened that happiness in the slightest. To say they were brutal would be an understatement, which is why when Grayson suggested you keep your relationship a secret for awhile, you completely agreed. While supporting him from the sidelines was difficult at times, you were grateful for your privacy. You weren’t a social media superstar like he was, so any hate directed toward you weighed heavily on your mind. At the time, you definitely weren’t prepared for the volume of hate you would have received had the two of you gone public.

8 months after Grayson asked you to be his girlfriend, and a few months after the twins began appearing on TRL, he decided to fly you out to New York to see him in action. You were so excited to watch the man you loved do what he loved most. When the day arrived, Grayson took extreme precautions to ensure that none of his fans would see you enter the studio, asking security to lead you in the back door, and take you immediately to the dressing room. You stayed there, hanging out and messing around with the twins until they had to go film.

A production assistant lightly knocked on the door, opened it and said “Ethan, Grayson, we’re ready for you.” Both of their eyes lit up in excitement, huge smiles spreading across their faces. Grayson walked over to where you were sitting on the couch, leaned over, and pressed a kiss to your forehead.

“Bye, baby. See you in a little,” he said.

“Bye, Gray. Go knock em dead, I love you.”

He gave you a quick kiss, and ran for the door. “Love you!” he yelled on his way out. You couldn’t help but smile, feeling overwhelming happiness come over you. You leaned back into the couch, and rested your head on the back of it. What had you done to deserve to be able to call the most talented, humble guy in the world your boyfriend?

As time went on, your heart rate started to pick up. You couldn’t help but feel nervous for the twins. They tried to play it off, but you knew that they were nervous, too. After what seemed like hours of waiting, the twins finally ran out on stage, waving and hugging fans before going to the main stage to talk to the hosts. Your heart swelled with pride as you watched your boyfriend on the screen in front of you. You couldn’t help but bounce up and down in your seat and giggle in excitement like a little kid. The twins grabbed their microphones, ready to start their segment.

“Alright boys, we’re going to start with a few questions from the fans, ready?” The female host asked. They both nodded their heads in agreement. They started off with a few silly questions, and the twins answered them perfectly. You couldn’t believe how natural they seemed out there. It was like they were born for this.

“Alright, here’s our final question for today. Ooo, a juicy one. Are either of you in a relationship?” Your breath hitched in your throat. Your heart dropped to your stomach. Was he finally going to tell everyone about you? It had come up in conversation a few times lately, and it usually ended with Grayson telling you he would do it “when the time was right.” Now seemed like as good of a time as any, right? Your mind was racing, but you couldn’t help but get your hopes up. Envisioning yourself walking out of the studio, Grayson’s hand in yours, in front of all of his fans, it was too much for your heart to take. Ethan began answering first.

“Nah, I’m single for right now.” he said, smiling and shaking his head. The cameras shifted to Grayson. Your heart felt like it was going to pound out of your chest.

“Yeah, we’re both single.” Grayson said simply. You had never felt so disappointed in your life. How stupid of me, you thought to yourself, why would he ever announce that he was dating someone like me on national television. You couldn’t hold back the tears that filled your eyes. You tried to compose yourself before they came back into the dressing room.

A few minutes later, both of them came bursting through the door. You could practically see the adrenaline rushing through their veins.

“That was insane!” Ethan exclaimed.

“Dude, I swear that’ll never get old.” Grayson replied.

You painted on your best fake smile, and approached them as they walked through the door. You wrapped both of them in a group hug, and tried your best to act unaffected.

“That was so awesome, guys! I can’t believe I’m actually here!” You yelled, faking excitement. Looking at Grayson made your heart hurt. As hard as you tried, you couldn’t help but let a few tears escape.

“Woah, why are you crying!” Grayson’s demeanor instantly changed. His eyebrows furrowed and his eyes got softer. He wrapped his arms around you and pressed your head against his chest.

“I’m just so proud of you guys,” you lied.

“Well, don’t cry you dork! We’re going to have so much fun the rest of the day!” he laughed.

You spent the rest of the day in the hotel room. Ethan had been nice enough to get his own room, allowing the two of you to enjoy some alone time. You really tried to enjoy your time together and live in the moment, but you couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened earlier. “Yeah, we’re both single,” ran through your head on repeat. You looked over at your boyfriend laying next to you in bed, the way he did almost every time you were together. Finally, your thoughts got the best of you.

“Gray?” you whispered.

“Yes?” he responded, turning over to face you. You swallowed your pride and mustered up the courage to ask the question that had been haunting you all day.

“Why didn’t you just tell them the truth?”

“What do you mean, baby?”

“Why didn’t you just tell them that we’re together?” Your voice was unsteady as you spoke. You could tell Grayson was uncomfortable, he swallowed uncomfortably and cleared his throat.

“Well, I just didn’t feel like the time was right. I want to tell everybody once we’re comfort-”

“No, stop. I’m tired of that excuse, Grayson. We’ve been together for eight months now, if you’re not comfortable with me by now, then we have a problem.” you snapped, cutting him off. He stayed silent, and looked down at his hands. “Why don’t you just go ahead and tell me the real reason you don’t want to go public. I know that you’re embarrassed of me, I can see it in your face.” Your tone was malicious, and rude. Grayson’s face burned bright red and he clenched his fists in anger.

“God damn it, Y/N. You’ve got to be less insecure, you’re being fucking crazy. That’s not the reason at all, I just-”

You cut him off again. “I’m flying home, see ya.” You grabbed your backpack off of the table, and headed toward the door. You didn’t even bother grabbing your suitcase, focusing too hard on getting the hell out of there. Grayson stood up, and chased you to the door. Just as you went to reach for the doorknob, he grabbed your wrist.

“Y/N, wait. Let’s talk this out.” You could see pain in his eyes. Any other time, you would have given in and stayed there to fix things. But this time, you had had enough.

“Just leave me alone.” You pulled your wrist from his grip. “I need some time.” You walked out of the room, out of the hotel, and into the pouring rain. You hailed a cab, and asked the driver to take you to the airport. As soon as the car door closed behind you, you collapsed in tears. What have I done? You cried quietly to yourself the whole way home.  

shadowedsoulforever  asked:

Can you tell us more about Tony spending time with his sons? Like sweet and happy moments? Content moments....just moments where Peter and Harley are bonding with their mom! 😍

  • Tony is very involved with the raising and tutoring of his children. When Harley finally learns how to read, the most likely place to find the three of them is in the library. Tony teaches both of them how to read in several languages. They can’t speak it, but they can read and write it. This has the bonus of impressing many foreign dignitaries when they’re older. Steve and Bucky are very proud of them. (They are less proud when Peter’s potential suitors offer to teach him how to speak all these languages with smarmy little smirks. They try and point out to Tony what he’s started and he just beams at them. “How lovely that they want to teach him!” “Tony, no.”)
  • Harley and Peter are very active children. Like most children, they enjoy climbing trees. Tony still doesn’t know how to do that, so he just kind of hovers at the base of the trees they climb and worries that they’ll fall. Harley and Peter take it upon themselves to help their mother learn. Tony is very embarrassed about the fact that his ten- and seven-year-old children have to teach him how to do something that it seems everyone else in the kingdom knows how to do by the time they’re five. Still, they’re very earnest teachers. (“Honey,” Steve asks, hands on his hips as he stares up at the omega. “This didn’t work when Dummy got stuck in the tree. Why did you think it would work now?” “Just get me dooowwwnnn!!!” Tony wails, arms and legs wrapped around a branch. Bucky eventually wanders out to watch and then has to climb his one-armed ass up to get both of his husbands down because Steve can’t get Tony to let go of the branch by himself. HE HAS ONE FUCKING ARM. IT’S HARD.)
  • Okay, so teaching their mother how to climb a tree didn’t work out. But!!! They can teach him to swim! Tony’s usually fine just watching them but sometimes he looks so sad that he can’t be included. Luckily, they’ve learned from their mistakes and ask their dads to help them. So Saturday afternoons are spent at the like, trying to gently coax Tony into the water to teach him to swim. He’s not very good at swimming either but he doesn’t mind wading around in the water after his kids anymore. (Steve and Bucky are amused when Peter and Harley start a splash fight with their mother. It’s sweet. Tony looks happy. They love it when Tony looks happy. He needs to look like that more often.)
  • Harley’s scared of thunderstorms until he’s eleven. On nights when it’s storming, Tony has the cooks make some hot water with honey and lemon and cuddles with the boys in his bed, one on either side. These nights usually end up with all three of them asleep in the middle of the bed with at least one cup spilled over the blankets. (Steve and Bucky love finding their family cuddled together in their bed. It makes something warm and soft in their chests settle. They set the cup(s) aside and crawl into bed, curling around their children protectively, reaching out so they’re touching Tony, too. Their family is so precious.)
  • Harley and Peter love hugging their mom. Tony always looks so pleasantly surprised when a pair of little arms wraps around his waist. They especially love hugging Tony at the same time and watching his smile go soft and affectionate as he hugs them both back. (They have a lot of group hugs when Steve and Bucky see Harley and Peter hugging Tony together. It’s so sweet, the way the kids love their mom.)

While thinking about the teenPo and teenTigress drawing some anon asked me, my hand slipped and whoops I started drawing these haha! Not shipping these two doesn’t stop me from enjoying their relationship and the few moments when they hug in Kung fu panda 2, I appreciate their friendship. Also, part of me wish that someday, they will share a hug where neither of them feels awkward. Where they could just hug and enjoy it both. (a group hug doesn’t count!!)

If I have the time, I’d like to do the color by the way :)

Truth Or Dare, Losers

Thanks to @steve-hairringtwin and @gazeboseddie for reading this and giving me their opinions. You guys are the

Word Count: 4.1k

Warning: Dares, truths, secret relationships, fun, fluff

The day, so far, had been an adventure for all the losers. It was Stan’s birthday, which was a celebration for the whole group.

They started with gifts. Bev had taken up knitting recently, and made Stanley a kippah with a light blue robin on it. Stanley and Beverly hadn’t gotten on well when she first joined the group, but she had slowly been growing on him. But when Stanley saw what she had made him, thinking about the time she must have spent on it, made him tear up. He pulled Bev into a tight hug, whispering a thank you into her ear. She chuckled and rubbed his back, telling him he was welcome. They had to wait to open the rest because Stanley immediately wanted to put it on.

Once he came back, Stanley finished opening his gifts. Richie handed him a newspaper wrapped package, filled with a stack of comics, including some of Stanley’s favorites, like the Fantastic Four and Hawkman. “I would have gotten you some binoculars, but they’re expensive as hell and I didn’t want them to think I was a fucking pervert. ‘They’re a gift’, even if it’s true, is exactly what a pervert would say,” Richie explained, gesturing and acting out the different parts of his thoughts.

“I’m not sure why you were worried, Richie. People already think you’re a pervert because you’re always talking about Eddie’s mom in perverted ways,” Stanley responded, smirking at his friend.

Richie started to protest, but Bill gave him a look, and he stopped himself. “Fine, it’s your birthday, Stanley, so I’ll save it for later.”

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Harry Styles - “Living the Dream” - Part Two

Part One and Part Three

I love this. I hope that you do as well! This is a long one!

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The First Time With Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by bottomkookie

Genre: romance/fluff/love
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 5398 words
Summary: This a series based on all of your first times with Jungkook from your childhood till when you both reach adult hood.





The first time he got kissed on the cheek

It was a new year and school started once again. Everyone was excited of going back to school. You may have played the entire summer with Jimin and Taehyung, but you were excited to get back to school. You’ve had many sleepovers and outings with the two boys meanwhile Jungkook wasn’t able to join you because of his trip in The U.S .His parents were business travelers so they had to go around the world quite frequently which caused you guys to be separated for the entire summer. You didn’t complain and played with Jimin and Taehyung, but you still missed the boy so badly.

Taehyung always tried his best to fill your best friend’s spot but it was no use, because no one could replace Jungkook in your heart. You missed playing with his hair and dressing him up with your girly clothes. You missed playing tag and holding hands while walking in the attraction park. You may have have been only 9 years old but Jungkook was your crime partner and your best ally. You still had lots of fun with Jimin and Taehyung, but every time you’d play or do something, it’d remind you momentarily of Jungkook who was far away from you. The boy sent you a few letters with his adventures and he always made sure he mentioned how much he missed you and the boys.

This time you were going to finally see him after 3 months because school was back and you were so excited. You invited Taehyung and Jimin over so that they can help you pick out your outfit for the first day of school. The boys were still boys and fashion was still far away in their brains.

Jimin playing a game on his nintendo console meanwhile Taehyung who was laying on your bed playing with all of your plushies. He was casually giving out tea to the dolls as talking to them as if they were his friends. He especially took a liking to Sailor Moon the blonde doll who was supposedly his girlfriend. It was a usual thing for him to get attached to inanimate objects

“There’s no more tea” Taehyung would pout as he’d reverse the teapot upside down to show there’s no tea left

“Tae, please.” Jimin would sigh before adding “There’s no tea in that teapot.”

“Stop breaking my dreams” Taehyung would hug the plushie tight in his arms

“Isn’t that Y/N’s Doll?” Jimin points at the sailor moon doll

“Don’t talk to my girlfriend Sailor moon” Taehyung holds the doll defensively

“Dude, you need to stop playing with dolls and plushies. We turned nine and Sailor moon is not your girlfriend” Jimin rolls his eyes

“Yes she is”

“No she’s not!!”

You suddenly got back to the room with your orange juice in a hand while you had a package in your other little arm. You were quite surprised to see Taehyung and Jimin arguing while you were away. Jimin doesn’t waste time to pause his game and go get the package from your arms. Even if he was a nine year old boy, he knew how to be a little gentlemen.His little gestures never failed to bring you a smile and a little sense of melancholy within you. His actions were getting similar to Jungkook’s. If Jungkook was there he’d actually try taking the box and the juice from your arms, because that’s how much he was concerned about you. You could say that Taehyung and Jimin did a great job at filling the empty spot of Jungkook in his absence but you’d still miss him dearly.

“I got this” Jimin grabs the box from you

“Thanks, chimchim” You smile before asking “But,What’s going on guys? I heard you fighting” you ask as you push the door

“ It’s just Taehyung who’s freaking out about your Sailor Moon doll” Jimin rolls his eyes “ I told him that we’re getting too old to play with these kinds of toys”

“Jungkook loved that doll too” You’d suddenly pout “I miss jungkook”

“Jungkook is not dead Y/N. He’s just in another country “Jimin ruffles your hair

“But still…” you feel the tears reaching up your eyes

“kookie said he’ll be back for school right?” Taehyung shots up from bed “Y/N, don’t be sad.We’ll reunite in three days” he pats your shoulder

“It would’ve been so much more fun if he was there for the summer” You play with your fingers

“Why do I feel offended now” Jimin pouts “My heart aches for some reason…”

“Face it, Jimin-ah. We can’t replace the spot of her best friend” Taehyung sighed “Y/N, come here” he opens his arms

You sniff and wipe off your salty tears before getting in Taehyung’s tiny embrace. Taehyung would play with your hair as you’d hug him back tightly. The boy knew his ways to comfort you. He may have been the most childish out of the three boys, but he was the one who knew how to bring back a smile onto anyone’s face. Taehyung didn’t like to see his friends in tears and he’d do whatever it’d take to wipe off the tears on your face.

“Wooahhh…Y/N!!!” Taehyung suddenly exclaims “Did you change your shampoo?! It smells like strawberries!!!”

“Yeah, my mom changed it up” You chuckle as you separate yourself from his hug

“I need to get the same shampoo!!” Taehyung jumps on his toes

“Of course he’d say something like that” jimin replies “Stop sniffing Y/N and playing with her dolls.”

“Why would I do that?! I have the right to do whatever I want!” Taehyung argues

“Why do you constantly copy Y/N!!!? You always ask to get the same thing as her whenever we order food. You always ask her where she buy her toys and now you even want the same shampoo” Jimin replies

“Don’t be harsh on Taetae” you touch jimin’s shoulder “He just happens to like the same things as me. It’s okay!! Do you want to me to share with you too?” you ask jimin

“Forget it” Jimin rolls his eyes

“Are you jealous or something?” Taehyung pulls his tongue out

“So what if I am?! You never play with me!!!Ever since Jungkook left for the states, you only have eyes for Y/N!!”

“Y-You wanted to play with me? “ Taehyung would blink

“WHY ARE YOU SO DUMB” Jimin would sigh “YES I WANTED TO PLAY WITH YOU. It’s been a while since we played fight. Playing with Y/N is cool, but I miss playing just with the boys!I miss playing with you and jungkook…”

It has been indeed a while since the boys got quality time together. Whenever they met up, you were there and they didn’t want to sound too aggressive by playing fight when you were with them. They knew that you were still broken over how Jungkook left for the summer and they wanted to treat you with delicacy for the time being,which resulted with Taehyung giving a 100% of his attention to you and not to jimin. They knew you were fragile and on the verge of tears every time jungkook was mentioned in a sentence.

“Oh…so that was the problem” your eyes rounded “I’m sorry if you felt that way, Chimchim” You pat his shoulder “I just happen to be a cry baby, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to take Taehyung away from you”

“Don’t blame yourself Y/N” Jimin holds onto your hand “This is not your fault”

“But you were so mean with me” Taehyung pouts

“That’s because you’re my friend” Jimin would comment awkwardly

“Group hug!” you open your arms

You hug both of them while ruffling their silky hair.

“Now that the fight is solved. Can you guys help me pick out an outfit for the first day of school?” You said with excitement in your eyes

That’s how you were now digging through the package that had all the clothing items you bought with your mother a few days before.You didn’t seem satisfied at all for some reason.You wanted to look memorable for that day.Jungkook was going to be there and it was going to be your first day of school too.

“ Do you like Sailor Moon that much?” Jimin chuckles as he stares at Taehyung who’s hugging firmly the blonde doll

“You guys may not know it, but Jungkook has a secret crush on Sailormoon” you giggled

“Really?! Taetae, Jungkook would kill you if he was there. Sailormoon is his girlfriend not yours” Jimin remarks “You know how possessive he gets with the things he likes”

“I had a date with her already so she’s mine!!”Taehyung retorts “Jungkook never put dabs on her, so I took her”

“But she’s sixteen! How can you expect to date a girl that is sixteen when you’re nine years old?” Jimin tilted his head to the side

“Just wait till she come out of the tv” Taehyung nods

“She can’t come out of tv Taehyung-ah. She’s a fictional character.” Jimin pokes Taehyung

“She’s so pretty though” Taehyung smiles like a fool

After digging through your clothes you find this one pink dress that looked quite cute.

“What do you think of this pink dress?” You ask Taehyung

“Hmmm…Don’t you have something shinier?” Taehyung blinks “With lots of glitter!”

“I don’t think so” you reply while digging through your closet

“This guy just likes glitters, don’t pay attention to him.” Jimin sighs “Why would you want to wear a dress though? I always wear pants and it’s comfortable.”

“I want to look special! It’s the first day of school!” You reply

“Pants won’t make you special?” Jimin tilts his head to the side

“I don’t feel like wearing pants” you frown

“Sorry, I’m just not familiar with the whole skirt and dresses thing!” Jimin scratches the back of his head “I like skirts and dresses too though! I just thought that girls would wear them for special occasions”

“I just want to look special” you comment

“ I want to look special too though…” Taehyung comments

“We’re still kids, you don’t need to worry about these kind of things” Jimin nudged you

“I still want to look pretty” You argue

“YEAH. LET HER BE. SHE WANTS TO LOOK PRETTY!” Taehyung takes your side

“Oh …I think I get it” Jimin gives you a sneaky glance “Is it because Jungkook is going to show up that day?”

“I-I…n-no!” you stutter and shake your head in denial

“It’s a hundred percent for him” Jimin chuckles “Why would you dress up for Jungkook though?” He blinks “Do you like him or something?”

Jimin was getting sneakier as he grew up and that part of him was making you slightly embarrassed and enraged for some reason. He knew how to get on your nerves and pick a fight.You liked jungkook and that was a fact. He was your closest friend. What was there to not like about him?! He was charming with a breathtaking smile and gorgeous hair. He was a boy that prioritized you over his other friends. A boy that treated you like a rose and not like another guy friend.

“NOOO!!!!” You shout as you feel your cheeks heat up

“Then why do you want to dress up?”

“She likes dressing up! What’s so wrong about that?!” Taehyung takes your side

“It’s the first day of school and Jungkook is coming back from his long trip! I just asked for help to pick an outfit! Why are you always digging through weird stuff?” You frown at jimin

“I don’t know, but my mom told me that girls like to dress up to impress the guy they like” Jimin giggles

“That’s NOT TRUE” you reply

“Are you saying that you don’t like jungkook?” Taehyung blinks innocently “Jungkook would feel so sad and disappointed if he heard this” Taehyung pouts

“Jungkook is my best friend. Of course I like him” you stare back at Taehyung

“Then you like him.”Jimin concludes “Okay then that’s all good. I got the information I needed “he smirks

You felt like hitting Jimin for some reason but you chose to shrug it off for the sake of Jungkook. After all, the boy was coming back in three days and you were so excited. It was a very fun after noon where you got to pick an outfit and have a cool sleepover with Taehyung and Jimin.As you went to bed you couldn’t help but feel like you weren’t going to be able to sleep.You were so excited to see Jungkook again that you wouldn’t wait for the day you’d meet him again.

The day

It was finally the day you waited for the entire summer. Jungkook just got off the plane the day before at night and he was now going to meet you up at school. Little Jungkook who was still jet lagged and couldn’t walk in a straight line. The boy was tired but knowing that he’ll be able to see you was enough for him to feel energized.

“You need to sleep more jungkook-ah” his mom would try putting him to sleep

“I’ll really get to see Y/N, tomorrow?” He’d ask for the hundredth time

“I already said yes” His mother would sigh before ruffling his hair “You must really like her a lot. You talked about her the entire summer”

“She’s my first friend” Jungkook replies shyly

“Oh really? I thought Taehyungie was your first friend” his mom smiles softly

“Y/N is the first girl I became friends with, so she’s special” Jungkook grins

“Then she must have a really special place in your heart, huh?” His mother taps his nose

“Yes she does” Jungkook nods

It may have seemed like you’re the only one who missed him for the entire summer, but it was definitely not true. You had Taehyung and Jimin by your side, but for Jungkook it was another story. He was all alone and he couldn’t even understand English which made it ten times worse. He may have spent more time with his parents, but he would pout whenever they’d reach a fun place. He wanted to show you all of these amazing places, but he was so powerless. What could a nine year old boy do?

The night went by quickly and it was finally morning. You could say that he dressed his best for that first day of school. He was going to impress many girls and break many little hearts with that attire he got from the U.S. Jungkook was now back from Boston and he learned a few little words in English. His skin was slightly tanned and his black hair was still silkier than ever. He stayed the same and his bunny teeth were still there. He didn’t change, he was still your best friend.

Jungkook’s mom dropped him off at the gates and the boy sighed while drinking on apple juice. He may have been wearing pricey clothing items as he went to many events the entire summer but he still missed his friends. He kicked the ground with his little nike sports shoes while pressing his back on the bricked wall. He adjusted his Yankees baseball jacket while ruffling his hair a few times. Jungkook was indeed lonely and his behavior was showing how much he yearn for a friend to give him a hug.

“JUNGKOOK-AH!!!!”  Your little voice shouted

It wasn’t long before jungkook’s smile that disappeared for the entire summer was finally back on his face. He could recognize you right away from the ruffles of that pink dress you loved so much. Jimin and Taehyung were both on each side of you walking to him meanwhile you were running to Jungkook. His apple juice was now dropped on the ground and he was running to your direction too.

“I missed you SO SO SO MUCH!!!” you sling your slim arms around his little neck

Jungkook smells like vanilla for some reason and you can recognize his non-usual scent.He changed up his shampoo and even his clothing style. Even if the boy was physically different, he still looked like your best friend and you were thankful that he stayed the same

“Y/N!!! I MISSED YOU EVEN MORE” Jungkook pulled you in his little embrace and got all confused to notice how you didn’t fit that well in his embrace anymore.

Wait, there’s something different about her, Jungkook would ponder in his head

“One second “He’d pull away from you to stare at you for two seconds and analyze what was this situation

“W-What’s wrong?” you panic momentarily for two seconds

What if he didn’t like you anymore? What he was going to push you away? What if he found a better friend in the states? It was a mental break down for you and you could feel that little panic arise through you.

“ It’s just that…something changed “ He stares at you from head to toe before coming to the realization “Whoa, you actually got taller” He’d blink at you

“Oh god. I thought you were going to tell me you didn’t want to be my friend or something “You held on your chest

“Do I seem that much like a jerk?” Jungkook nudged you “I’d never do that…but I can’t get it. You grew so tall. You reached me now” he’d compare his height to yours

“Yeah, I’ve been told many times” You giggle “My mom said I grew 2 inches taller”

A lot happened in the summer, such as you growing a few inches taller and reaching up jungkook’s height quite fastly. The boy was in awe at how you grew up so fastly during the summer, but he still was stuck with the same height. Meanwhile Jimin was struggling to grow taller and Taehyung didn’t even understand what was that fuss about getting taller.

“I wish I could grow taller too” Jungkook kicks the ground with a slight pout

“My mom said that girls usually grow taller before boys” you reply

“Is that so?” Jungkook plays with his hair “When will it be my turn…” he’d sigh

“Don’t make that face jungkook! Do you know how much I missed you?!!” you grab his hand in yours and Jungkook feels flustered for some reason

“O-Oh, I missed you too” jungkook would suddenly turn shy

“Let me cry a river now” Jimin wiped off his fake tears

“I missed jungkook too” Taehyung comments before tears reach up his eyes

“It’s only been three months. Come on Tae, be a man!” jimin nudges Taehyung’s shoulder

“Jungkook-ah” Taehyung opened his arms to welcome jungkook

“TaeTae” Jungkook smiled as he hugged Taehyung back “Everything was cool while I was away?”

“Tell me about it. Y/N was a mess” Taehyung whispers to jungkook

“Y/N was a mess?” Jungkook’s eyes rounded as he turned to look at you

“TAEHYUNG that’s so rude” You frown at taehyung  in embarrassment

“She’d talk about you every day. Promise me you won’t fly away next summer, cause’ I need some mental support too” Taehyung fakes a sob

“Why are you saying that!” you hit taehyung’s arm as you furrow your brows

“Really?” Jungkook chuckles before nudging you with a playful smile “I actually did the same” he’d feel heat creep up his cheeks “I missed her more than what I thought…”

“Jungkook understands” you smile as you grab his hand once again “Please don’t ever go away, It felt lonely without you” you pout at jungkook

“To that extent?” Jungkook chuckles before putting his tiny arm around your shoulder

“I feel very offended now” Jimin glares at you “I thought we were your friends too”

“I’m sorry for making you feel that way” you bite on your bottom lip

“Come on Jimin, don’t be like that. You know that her best friend is jungkook” Taehyung nudges jimin “We can’t take his place”

“Are you guys okay?” Jungkook furrow his brows at this awkward tension between jimin and Taehyung

“I was just kidding ! Take a joke!” jimin chuckles

“Taehyung and Jimin only fought the entire summer” You sighed

“Why would you tell him such a useless detail?” Jimin frowned “Plus, I didn’t even got to welcome back jungkook.”

“That’s because you keep on wanting to be cool. You said that cool guys don’t hug each other” Taehyung mimicked Jimin and you laughed

“I’ll show you how to welcome back a friend while staying cool “Jimin bragged before coming up to jungkook “What’s up bro” Jimin bro fisted jungkook

“Jimin-ah” Jungkook grins “It’s been a while! You became a little chubby around the cheeks” Jungkook giggles before pulling on jimin’s cheeks

“I’ve been eating and drinking lots of milk! You see, I want to grow tall” Jimin replies proudly

“ I’ve been trying to do that too, but it just doesn’t seem to work” Jungkook pouts

“Tell me about it, Y/N what do you eat to grow so fastly?!” Jimin kicks the ground

“You’ll tell me right?” Jungkook whisper in your ears as you chuckle  “Forget about jimin and tell me!!”

“RUDE” Jimin scoffs “Y/N will tell me first!” jimin pulls your arm “I may love you jungkook-ah, but I was the one who played with Y/N for the entire summer”

“No way, Y/N is my best friend.” Jungkook frowns “I’m keeping her.”

“No need to fight. She already gave me the secret” Taehyung replies in a very Zen tone

“You told him?” Jungkook feels a little disappointed to know that you already shared a secret with Taehyung

“Come Taetae, Tell them” you nudge Taehyung

“She said something about eating vegetables” Taehyung sighs “I hate vegetables though…”

“ Come TaeTae, don’t be picky” you ruffle his hair

After getting in class for a few hours it was finally lunch and you had planned to eat with your friends at that little picnic table.You made sure to not leave jungkook’s sight for even a second.The boy would have to ask you to let him go so that he does his business in the bathroom. That’s how much you missed him and you were going to make sure he spends the entire day with you no matter what.

“Did you learn any  english words while going to the states, jungkook?” You ask jungkook as you both sit on the table

“True, you must have learned a few words didn’t you?” Jimin nods while staring at his friend

“ Ugh…yeah” Jungkook replies awkwardly

“ I know this face a bit too well. It means he did not learn anything” Taehyung giggles

“No! I did learn some…some words” Jungkook scratches the back of his head in embarssament

“Like what?” Jimin blinks

Pardon” Jungkook would suddenly say

Pardon? What is that?” You chuckle “It sounds kind of funny!”

“It means sorry” Jimin comments “You definitely need more English training, my friend” jimin pats jungkook’s shoulder

“Ugh, leave me alone. I left for vacation not for school” Jungkook would pout

“It’s okay jungkook-ah, we’re all black holes when it comes to speak English anyways” Taehyung laughs

“What did you guys do during the time I was away though?” Jungkook asked

“We played tag and we tried teaching Y/N how to swim but…”Jimin would sigh “ Y/N does not want to get in the water”

“Why?” Jungkook would blink at you

“She’s afraid of water or something! I swear she refuses to get deeper and learn to swim. She’s freaking out whenever the water reaches her knees” jimin comments

“Oh, If I’d knew, I would’ve helped you out… but I wasn’t even there” Jungkook pouts

“No need Jungkook-ah! I don’t need to know how to swim” you play with his hair

“ She said you’d be there for her forever” Taehyung giggles and you feel your cheeks blush

“Oh really?” jungkook raises a brow

“Will you be there for me forever jungkook-ah?” Taehyung puckered his lips

“I think you can take care of your own self” Jungkook cringes his face at taehyung

“Unfair treatement” Taehyung pouts “PLEASE LOVE ME”

“In your dreams” jungkook laughs “what else did you guys do?”

“Well, I also got a new girlfriend” Taehyung adds

“A new Girlfriend?” Jungkook’s eyes rounded

“He stole Sailor Moon away from you Jungkook.” Jimin suddenly commented

“HEY! I LIKED SAILOR MOON BEFORE YOU!” jungkook frowns at Taehyung

“I just thought she was beautiful. Why can’t I like her too? I even had a date with her” Taehyung brags

“I’m not fighting over a girl” Jungkook sighs in defeat “You can take her, I’ll find a real girlfriend when I grow up”

“You said it! Sailor moon is mine then!!” Taehyung replies

“Yeah you can take her. She’s an anime character” Jungkook smirks

“Sailor Moon is still pretty gorgeous. Will we find girls like her when we grow up?” Jimin asks

“OF course!” You smiled at Jimin “I can tell that you’ll find a beautiful wife Jimin-ah”

“I’ve been searching for a wife since kindergarten. Why are they so hard to get?” jimin pouts

“We are kids Jimin-ah, think about finding a wife later please” Jungkook sighs “can’t we just play tag instead? I hate kisses and lovey dovey things” he cringes his face

“They always say that, but he’ll eventually be the first to get kissed in the end” Jimin giggles

You opened your lunch box and the boys did the same .You laughed the second you saw Taehyung cringing his face at the contents of his lunch box.

“Guys, my mom only packed me vegetables for lunch” Taehyung sighs “I hate carrots!”

“Give them to Jungkook, I’m sure he should love them.” Jimin relpies

“Why me?! I don’t like it either!” jungkook pouts

“I thought bunnies ate carrots though, why are you an exception to the rule?” Jimin taps on his chin

“Probably because I’m not an actual bunny” Jungkook rolls his eyes

“You can give them to me” You pat Taehyung’s arm “I like carrots. Do you want to share lunch with me then?” you offer

“Do you have anything like banana milk or something?” Taehyung asks

“I have banana yogurt” You reply

“For sure, I’d take that” Taehyung smiles

You’d eat lunch and it wasn’t long before you felt a little hand creep up your braid and you jumped in fright. You turn around to look at jungkook who was trying to touch your hair god only knows why.

“Y-You scared me!” you put a hand over your heart

“Can I touch your hair?” Jungkook would look at your hair in fascination

“Why?” you ask

“It just looks different and I wonder how it must feel like” he blinks

“My mom braided my hair this morning” You smile

“Exactly, I never saw this in my entire life” Jungkook comments “You call this a braid?”

“You’re so silly Jungkookie” you chuckle

“That’s because he avoids girls way too much” Jimin shows up

“I don’t avoid girls!” Jungkook frowns

“Oh please, Kookie. You really need to start playing with the other girls! They won’t bite you! In fact they’re all nice” Jimin nods

“Just leave him alone” You reply to jimin

“Is Jungkook aware that you like him?” Jimin suddenly spits out

“Yah, why would you bring such a weird topic while I’m enjoying my banana yogurt!” Taehyung nudges jimin “Let them be and let me eat my food in peace”

“ Y-Y/N likes me?” Jungkook blinks at this random information

He knew that you were very straightforward with the things you liked from the moment you hugged him in kindergarten and told him you loved him. It was probably just the way you were and he didn’t had to feel that concerned, but he couldn’t help but feel shy for some reason.

“Of course she does. I like you too jungkook-ah” Taehyung eats a spoonful of his yogurt

“Not that kind of like” Jimin rolls his eyes “You know, she likes you”

“Stop saying weird things Park Jimin. Seriously, why are you like this?” you hit his arm

“ I’m just stating what I heard from her a few days ago” Jimin lifts his hand in defense “ It’s up to you to define what liking you means”

“I like him because he’s my best friend!” you reply in defense

“I like her too though. Why would this be a problem?” Jungkook raises a brow

“I don’t know, you guys deal with yourselves. I’m just saying” Jimin keeps on eating his lunch

Jungkook chooses to ignore his friend and focus on you instead. Something caught your attention for now and it was jungkook’s attire. He was dressed differently and his clothes looked more amazing than the usual. You were fascinated by the leather on his jacket as you run your tiny fingers over the fabric.

“What is this? It’s so cool” You pat the fabric

“Do you like it?” Jungkook gives you a little smug look

“Whoa look at him bragging in front of us” jimin would gossip to taehyung

“Let him be, he can brag all he wants. He still had to travel the entire summer, while we played tag for three months” Taehyung sighs “why are my parents so poor?”

“Whoa!! I really love your new jacket!” you reply

“My mom bought it for me when we were in Boston” he grins shyly “I actually brought a present for you.” Jungkook smiles

“For me?!” you exclaim

“Of course he did” Jimin sighed

“Why are you acting like a jealous girlfriend jimin, get over yourself” Taehyung chuckles

Jimin was at that age where he wanted people to pay him more attention and the fact that jungkook just came back from a trip and took all the attention made him feel like he was left out. It was an unavoidable behavior that kids of his age would have. Jungkook and Taehyung would be bond to go through this too, but for now, it was only Jimin who was struggling and wanting all the attention.

Jungkook on his side unzipped his new backpack and took out a little pink box.Your eyes got sparkly at the sight of that little box. You knew that Jungkook never forgot about you and he even brought you a gift before coming back from his trip.If truth was to be said, the boy thought about what to give you for the entire summer and he finally figured it out 2 days before coming back. He wanted this gift to be meaningful for both of you.He wanted to give you a gift that you’d remember even after you both grow up and turn into adults.

“It’s really for me?” you blink in awe at the pink little box

“Yes, it’s just for you” Jungkook hands it to you before that blush crept up his cheeks “I don’t know if you’ll like it or not though…”

You didn’t waste time and opened the little box. Your lips curved into a smile as you saw what was inside the tiny box. It was a pink Bowtie and jungkook still remembered that you loved bows so much. You were so happy at the sight of that glittering hair accessory meanwhile jungkook was getting more embarrassed as the seconds passed by.

“ I thought that since you lent me your hair clip when we were five, I should give you something in return…” he’d ruffle his hair very awkwardly

“Thank you so much Jungkook-ah!” You reply “I’ll cherish it forever” you hugged the bowtie on your chest

“I’m happy you like it” Jungkook blushes

“I love you so much, jungkook-ah! You’re the best friend ever!!” you sling your tiny arms around his neck and press your child lips on his rosy baby cheek

Jungkook is under a mental shock he cannot seem to find himself moving from the position he’s in. He just got kissed on the cheek by a girl and this girl happened to be you. Jungkook the boy who despised kisses and things that involved his cheeks was now blushing and embarrassed while holding onto his cheek. It was his first kiss on the cheek and he was going to remember it for the rest of his life. He was going to remember that it was you who gave it to him. The first girl that gave him a kiss. His one and only Best Friend.He was going to remember that moment even in the after life,because that was how important you were for him.



Wanted (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! School starts for me tomorrow (throws up) and I’m not ready but I feel like I have motivation during school to write so I will be hopefully writing more.

Warnings: negative self talk

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: the reader works in the BAU with Garcia and is really self conscious about her body because she isn’t the thinnest and Spencer starts to like her and he will always go and visit her in her office but she doesn’t understand why he likes her

Requested by: anon


You sat next to your best friend Penelope in your swivel chair, sucking on a sucker that she insisted you have, even though you thought you didn’t need it.

You have been working at the BAU for two weeks now, paired with the technical analyst.

With two people in the position, the information and research doubled, which made catching the bad guys a lot easier and faster.

Everyone praises and congratulates you, but the little voice in the back of your head tells you that you haven’t made a dent in their performance and you were just dead weight.

The team loves you, but hanging out with Penelope had always been the one you felt most comfortable around.

Her and Spencer.

Spencer would often visit the colorful room to ask questions, which Penelope thought was odd, because normally he would call instead of walking the distance.

Spencer would also bring you both muffins and coffee more often than not, which you greatly appreciated.

One day, after Spencer left from bringing you coffee, Penelope brought something up.

“I think he likes you.” She said out of the blue.

“What? No he doesn’t.” You shot back before taking a sip out of your coffee.

“Yeah. Lover boy never came up here to ask questions, he always called, until you came. He even brings you treats.” She said pointing to the pile of wrappers from all of the muffins and cookies he brought you.

“He brings them to you too.” You pointed out.

“Yeah because it would be rude not to. Besides, he’s always blushing when he talks to you. He exercises for you. He takes the stairs because it’s quicker and he walks like mile a day just to bring you coffee.” She said with a smile. “He totally digs you.” She added with a small hit on your arm.

“No he doesn’t, he’s just being nice.” You said.

Nothing Penelope was saying convinced you that Spencer was into you.

He was so tall and perfect and you were just… bleh.

But one day, you were typing on your computer as Penelope ran to her car for a pen she bought for you when you heard a shallow knock on the door.

“H-hey Y/N.” Spencer said walking in with a small tray with coffee and muffins. “I decided to bring these a little earlier, I overheard that you didn’t have breakfast.” He said setting down the goodies rather quickly before wiping his palms on his slacks.

Was he nervous?

“Thank you. I always enjoy your treats you bring me.” You said with a smile, although as you stood on the scale this morning, you realized that Spencer’s morning muffins made you gain a few pounds, and that’s why you didn’t have breakfast.”

“G-good, that makes me happy.” He said with a smile.

You returned the smile and turned to your computer again, but you didn’t hear the door close behind Spencer.

You turned around and he was still standing there, his mouth opening and closing as if he were hesitating to say something.

“Is there something I can help you with?” You asked, confused as to why he was still here.

“Do you want to go to dinner sometime?” He asked quietly and quickly. “I-I-I really like you and I would like to take you out.”

You frowned as tears filled in your eyes.

“Was it Derek?” You asked, your voice cracking.


“Was it Derek that made a bet? How much? Did he double dare you to ask me out? Is this a joke Spencer?” You asked as a tear slipped down your cheek.

“What no. No Y/N of course not. This is me asking from my heart, no one told me to.” He said kneeling in front of you before wiping a tear away from your cheek.

“Why?” You asked as your eyes met your feet.

“Because Y/N,” he tilted your chin to look up at him. “I think you are absolutely beautiful and astonishing. Ever since I laid eyes on you, I knew that you were sweet and kind and as I got to know you better, I realized that my calculations were correct and I really like you.” He said, hesitating but then placing a kiss on your cheek.

You looked into his eyes with disbelief. “Really?”

“Really.” He said with a small smile.

“Of course I will go to dinner with you.” You said with a smile as another built up tear fell down your cheek.

Spencer flashed his heart wrenching smile as he lunged forward to hug you.

You hugged him back, taking in his warm, clean scent, making you never want to let go.

For once in a very very long time, you felt good about yourself.

You felt like you belonged and that you were wanted.

A shutter sound filled your ears as you looked forward and Spencer turned around to see Penelope with her phone out facing both of you.

“I… ship… it.” She said before waddling over to both of you. “Group hug.” She said wrapping her arms around the both of you, making everyone laugh and smile.

You felt Spencer’s arms particular wrap around you and only you.

He made you feel special.

He made you feel wanted.