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1.  GOBLIN (YoonMin + Namjoon)

“… you shall be immortal and watch your love ones die. you will not forget a single death. this is the award i give you and the punishment you shall receive. only the goblin’s wife shall remove the sword. once the sword is removed, you shall return to ash and be at peace.”


Nichijou x RWBY

This took less than I expected :D

Made from it from episode 15 of Nichijou where Nano discover her other secret.

Edited : Finally found the video on YT, X

Thank you to my friends on Angst Train Stream for the suggestion and for accompanying me~

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I write rather grim s*it/horror/dark fantasy, and I like my characters to be pretty diverse. This makes it impossible to avoid situations when a member of a marginalized group is a villain or at very least problematic/goes through tragic things. I don't want to write fluffier stuff, and making every able-bodied/neurotypical white cishet a kitten-kicker doomed to a horrible fate to turn up the contrast would be awkward. Any advice?

Writing “Diverse” Characters as Villains

When marginalised characters are made into villains or to suffer, it’s usually a problem because:

  1. Marginalised characters, often dark-skinned or queer-coded are only ever portrayed villains.
  2. These villains are one-dimensional and never fleshed out, while white villains are.
  3. These characters fall into a harmful marginalisation-specific trope.
  4. The pain of these marginalised characters always revolve around a non-marginalised character.
  5. Marginalised characters consistently suffer more than non-marginalised character.

No one is saying that villains being from a real-world marginalised group will give your story an automatic stamp of problematic, it’s just that marginalised characters are so rarely allowed to be the heroes, and/or allowed to be happy. Diversity is a good thing, just make sure you do your research and don’t treat your marginalised characters any differently from the non-marginalised ones.

After you’ve created all your characters, take some time, and look at which characters are villains, which characters suffer more, and see if they are disproportionately marginalised characters. 



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It's actually hilarious how married Reaper and Goblin are. I love it.

Haha, it’s so true. I just love how they’re so cool and serious with their jobs outside but they behave just like an old married couple when they’re home together. The grim reaper’s neither a king nor queen in his past life, he’s actually goblin’s wife xD. These two are awesome together and their bromance is the best thing of this drama. I’m just selfish to wish the show focuses on them only and there’s no romance. They already look so good together. 

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No but tho' I really wanted to see a grim reaper seventeen au ;-; I just love the thoughts about a grim reaper having a forbidden love with a human??

S.Coups: Seungcheol acts as both a Grim Reaper and Guardian Angel. He’d save those he thinks deserves one last chance, and collect the souls of those who have finally reached their time. He’s a generous Reaper, giving extra time for those who are dying to say goodbye to their loved ones. Then there’s you; he always tells himself that he’s given you enough time, but he just keeps saving you every time you get yourself in trouble.

Jeonghan: Jeonghan doesn’t abide by the rules. He collects souls when he wants, gives more time to who he wants, and takes away time from who he wants. He likes having the power to be able to control people’s lives. There’s one person he dares not mess with though; you. He didn’t know why at first, until he poured sand into your hourglass. He hasn’t given anyone more time in over a hundred years.

Joshua: Jisoo never collects souls in time. He always gives those who are on the verge of death one more chance to live. He only collects the souls of the good and pure, and he refuses to let any of them die unhappily. There’s clumsy you who’s always getting yourself in trouble, so Jisoo’s constantly watching over you. He’s given you too many chances to live, but it’s only because he’s postponing his meeting with you. He doesn’t know how he’d act in front of a mortal who has stolen a Reaper’s heart.

Jun: Junhui disguises himself as a mortal being, and goes around watching over those he’s meant to collect soon. After meeting you, he doesn’t know how he’d collect your soul because he never wants your time to be up. He’d disguise himself as anyone just to be close to you to save you from whatever’s meant to end your life. Words can’t even describe the relief he felt when your name disappeared from the list of those he’s meant to collect soon.

Hoshi: Soonyoung loves games. He’d visit someone when they’re on the verge of life and death, and suggest they both play a game. If they win, they get their life back, but if they lose, their soul is his. You were the first mortal to trick him, and Soonyoung couldn’t contain the smile on his face. He gave you your life back, and a few extra years to live. The next time you see him would be years from now, and he only hopes that you still remember him.

Wonwoo: While other Reapers think he’s fine with collecting souls, Wonwoo mourns the deaths of those he collects. He hates being Death itself, but nothing can change that. Rule-breaking’s an option, but messing with the human world is something he fears. He’s fallen for you, a mortal, so when your time’s up he doesn’t know how he’d feel or what he’d do. For now, all he can do is watch over you.

Woozi: Jihoon is the type of Grim Reaper who respects the rules. He collects those whose time is up, and has never in his entire existence refilled an hourglass to give someone more time. He’s the Grim Reaper; Death, not Life. However, he’s fallen for you, and when he sees you standing at the very edge of life and death… For the first time ever, he was willing to break the rules for you.

DK: Seokmin may be a Grim Reaper, but he’s always so bright and positive that he’s mistaken for an Angel instead. He doesn’t smile because he likes collecting souls, but he smiles to hide his pain. He hates collecting souls more than words can say, but there’s nothing he can do about it. He’s fallen for you, who smiles no matter what, because he knows how it feels to hide behind smiles too.

Mingyu: Mingyu is always late when it comes to collecting souls. No one understands how he could mess up so bad, but they just ignore it because he still gets his work done on time. You, who’s long overdue, is the subject of so many questions. Eventually, the other Reapers stopped asking because they think it’s just Mingyu being late in collecting your soul. But the truth it, no—he just wants to keep you alive.

The8: Minghao is more of a Guardian Angel than a Grim Reaper. He refuses to collect souls until he himself believes their time is up. He saves those he believes deserves more time. He does more saving than collecting, which gets him in trouble by the other Reapers, but he doesn’t care. The ones he saves the most are you and those close to you because all he wants is to always see you happy. A mortal can’t be with a Reaper, so this is all he can do for you.

Seungkwan: Seungkwan respects the rules, and does as he’s told. He’s your rival; while he’s a Grim Reaper, you’re a Guardian Angel. You’re always saving those whose times are already out, forcing him to refill hourglasses over and over. He collects souls when he believes it’s time for the person to be laid to rest, but you’re all about second chances. He can’t stand your rule-breaking, and you can’t stand his strong respect to them.

Vernon: Hansol gets attached too easily. He’s broken so many rules in the past, so because of this, he’s sent to collect only when the person has five minutes left to live. However, five minutes is enough for him to be able to see what kind of person they were within those five minutes. And when he got to you… five minutes just wasn’t enough.

Dino: Chan only collects the souls of young children. He thinks he has the saddest job of all because he collects the most innocent souls, but it’s also because he’s with them all their life, and not only when they’re close to death. He’s watched over you since you were born, so if ever the day comes that he has to collect yours, it would feel like a part of him is leaving too.

thank you for your request!!

This is another small fic dedicated to @atomi-cat‘s Boneheads AU, although this has little to do with the Boneheads themselves. I saw an ask Atomi answered a while back (that I can’t find anymore dangit) that pretty much prompted this: basically, if Glottis is with Arthur and Vivi now, is he helping with searching for Lewis?

Well, my brain had other ideas. Let my two favorite car nerds have some screen time.

I hope you like this, Atomi! And again, I apologize if this deviates from your canon in any way.

Glottis knew what he was good at.

Machines? He could work on those in his sleep.

Playing the piano? Pretty decent.

Gambling? …Well okay, maybe he wasn’t great at it (especially when a few drinks were involved), but it was something he enjoyed.

Comforting people…really wasn’t on that list. Back in the land of the dead, he didn’t have much of a need for that sort of skill, since most people he came across had accepted their afterlives.

Humans, living people, were much different, and Glottis mostly preferred not to get involved. And yet when Vivi came to him for help, hoping that he could somehow convince Arthur to get at least a little sleep, it was hard to say no.

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