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Hey do you know where I can watch the HakYona scene from Zeno's OVA (the one with Yona's nightmare), because I've seen the episode but the scene wasn't in it, so Im confused as to where to find it

Did you watch past the end credits hun??


I know a lot of you guys care and have actually prayed for us. I just wanted to drop another update about my father. Today was the day that the staples came out. Now there is still about two left because of how the scar is. We don’t go back until May, and the knot that was on his head was benign tumor so that’s GREAT news! There might be another surgery to get the rest of what’s in front. Everything is going great, better then I thought it would be going. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers, Love you guys!

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hi, i just wanted to say that i sent an ask awhile ago about being in a potentially emotionally abusive relationship, and you guys gave me awesome advice. i ended up following you guys and left him. it's been about a month, and while i'm still recovering from it, i feel loads better. so thank you <3

This is so awesome! Great news! So so so happy for you and your progress. Thank you! <3
‘Moonlight’ Could Be This Year’s Indie Box Office Breakout
“Moonlight” is a film without any big stars. It’s a drama about a shy, gay kid growing up in the inner city. t’s the kind of challenging, deeply personal, fiercely urgent look at black life in America that would be lucky to score a video-on-demand berth, let alone a major theatrical release. And yet, the no-budget film isn’t just a hit with critics, it is poised to be the breakout indie film of the year.
By Brent Lang

“This weekend, “Moonlight” scored the highest per-screen average of 2016, debuting to a sizzling $414,740 in just four New York and Los Angeles theaters. There were sellouts and standing ovations, just as there had been when the film announced itself as a serious awards contender at festivals in Toronto and Telluride..“
Pompeo confirmed as CIA chief
The Senate confirmed Mike Pompeo, President Donald Trump's pick for CIA director, on Monday night.
By Ashley Killough and Ted Barrett, CNN

Just a couple of notes about Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS) you can easily find from browsing the web:

He served on a couple of Benghazi committees and says Hillary intentionally lied to America because Obama was up for reelection.

He says Muslim leaders who don’t speak out against Muslim terrorists on behalf of their entire religion are complicit in those terrorist attacks. No comment, however, on the three angry white dudes with a plot to blow up an apartment building in his homestate that was housing Muslim refugees.

He’s also pro-life, anti-Obamacare, pro-NRA, and supported shutting down the government when the GOP didn’t get its way. Basically, he’s your average asshole from the Republican party catching a sweet promotion from President Velveeta.

One positive note: He believes the intelligence on Russia’s hacking activity during our election. I mean, he’s not going to do anything about it but ya know. There’s that.


“In an almost silent performance, Gladstone conveys a level of muted intensity wholly comparable to Liv Ullmann or early Hollywood icon Janet Gaynor. Her knack for carefully expressing a host of emotions through tiny details played across the face would make Julianne Moore proud. Gladstone possesses a strange majesty and remains in complete control of Jamie’s unruly feelings. Her eyes alight like magnetic fields as her voice slips with veiled excitement, signaling immense heartache through careful calibration. Her performance requires us to pay a great deal of attention to the detail and implication laid out across her expressive face, but the final result is a nothing less than a vigorously full-bodied creation.” — John Guerin

In Certain Women, Lily Gladstone gives one of the decade’s best performances. Here’s why.

『Haiykyuu!!』Cast Change for Ukai Kenshin

Due to the sudden passing of Coach Ukai’s original seiyuu, Tanaka Kazunari, last October, the cast has been changed.

Coach Ukai’s new seiyuu would be Egawa Hisao notable roles: Killer Bee (Naruto), Saigou (Gintama), Gatlin (World Trigger)

He would be voicing Coach Ukai starting from the 9th episode of new season.

A comment from the anime’s director, Mitsunaka, Susumu: 

I think that this is a very difficult role. We tried our best to respond to this role’s request as sincerely as possible, to be able to bequeath Kazunari-san’s will. I’m sure Kazunari-san would be satisfied with this, Egawa-san would be a great actor for the role. I’m sure that their spirits would connect and would live up to everyone’s expectations.” 

Tanaka-san, you were a great Coach Ukai.

Egawa-san, we are looking forward on how you will play Coach Ukai.