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THE REVENANT - model: Wouter Peelen - photographer: Giampaolo Sgura - stylist: Miguel Arnau - grooming: Andrew Guida -GQ Spain November 2016

  • featured designers: Coach - Ralph Lauren - Emporia Armani - Gucci - Valentino - Ermenegildo Zegna - Dries Van Noten - Hackett - Bottega Veneta - Marni - Prada - Loewe

AU where instead of going to Samwell, Jack starts a widely successful Publicly Broadcast show for children.

Jack learns that he is great with kids after coaching them for a little over two years. Moreover, kids are good with Jack. There is no pressure to be anything other than who he is.

It all starts with a local news program doing a fluff piece on Jack Zimmermann’s coaching ability. But then it turned into something completely different when Jack skated onto camera and started to introduce every single one of his kids and what was special about them. He was…really enchanting actually. He didn’t ever really talk down to them. Jack just treated them as a tiny friend. 

They ARE his tiny friends, but that’s not the point. 

The footage they got of “snack time” was really the best. Imagine a good 16 kids piled around this massive man teaching them the best way to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

 It should have been obvious that a local channel would contact him. It still surprises Jack. They want him to host a show? Why? Everyone always teased him about how impersonable he was during interviews. Is it because he’s Jack Zimmermann’s son? Or Alicia’s? 

Jack asks all of these questions to his mother and she just laughs. “You made a PB&J interesting to 16 kids just by being you”

Jack figures it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. 

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#yoiweek2017 | Day 7: Shall We Skate?
Alternative Universe

newme_ (Coach Yumi) instagram update
그리고 내 픽이었던 우리 #켄타 💖 항상 응원해!
And my pick, our Kenta 💖 I’ll always cheer for you!

trans cr. jinbutton (twt)


Manton coach pistols

Manufactured by Joseph Manton c.1811 in Great Britain - serial number 5499.
16 gauge side-by-side twin damascus steel smoothbore barrels, flintlock muzzle loaders.

If an English lord ever needed to fight his way out of a bar fight, that would be the guns to do it.

anonymous asked:

So how do we know that the banquet scene that Victor actually fell for Yuri there at that point? Because yeah his eyes sparkled but I thought that was down to him having an epiphany like "omg yes that's a great idea! I can coach for a year!" What do you think??🤔

While I don’t think Victor could have possibly fallen in love with someone he didn’t know, I do think he was swept off his feet by Yuuri at the banquet.

Look how much fun Victor’s having in that picture!

And yeah … I’m still not over these two dorks doing the bull/matador thing with each other. 

Note that Yuuri is still dressed in these pictures, which means that he didn’t ask Victor to be his coach until after they danced together. (Later, he wasn’t wearing pants and his tie relocated to a much nerdier place.)

I think at the banquet, Victor sees something exciting and new in Yuuri.

It’s not love, but it’s a spark of attraction. I think it’s obvious from Victor’s behavior at the beginning of Season 1 that he developed quite a crush on Yuuri at the banquet.

Victor is easy to misinterpret as a touchy-feely person because of how he behaves with Yuuri. But go back and watch him in Season 1. Victor only touches and flirts with Yuuri. If Victor touches anyone else (like Yakov or Yurio), it’s more friendly. The way you would act with family. Mostly, he keeps his hands to himself.

But not with Yuuri. Victor’s behavior sets him apart as a romantic interest from the beginning.

So while the idea of becoming a coach might have contributed to the sparkle in Victor’s eyes at the banquet, I do think there was also some romantic attraction happening as well.

Victor’s big gay crush on Katsuki Yuuri may have been what brought his attention to him initially, but I don’t think for one minute that Victor didn’t legitimately think, based on watching that video (and I assume other videos of Yuuri’s skating), that Yuuri didn’t have the potential to be the best competitive skater in the world. Victor’s a skater of the highest caliber, and he is watching that video with the most intense, thoughtful, expression. He knows how difficult every single stroke, every step, every spin, every single move in that program is in a way that no one else; not judges, not Yakov, etc. does.   

When he says “we’re going to win the Grand Prix Final” he’s not screwing around or trying to place false expectations on Yuuri. He absolutely believes Yuuri is capable of being the best there is. 

Victor saw something there, in Yuuri’s skating, that a lot of other people hadn’t seen, because he looked, and he was so right. 

And this is also why he is a great coach for him (Victor makes mistakes, but he learns along the way- Yuuri is human so he’s complex, and Yuuri is especially complex even for a human).   

EXCLUSIVE: The 7 Biggest Secrets From Hook & Emma's 'Once Upon a Time' Wedding: Vows, Honeymoon & Much More!


Wedding bells are officially ringing in Storybrooke!

Once Upon a Time’s highly anticipated musical episode is almost here, which means that we’re just a few days away from witnessing Emma Swan and Killian Jones say “I do” in a breathtaking wedding ceremony. (Trust us. It’s perfect.)

ET had the pleasure of visiting Once Upon a Time’s set in Vancouver, Canada, last month during filming of the musical matrimony, and we sat down with stars Jennifer Morrison and Colin O'Donoghue for an intimate and in-depth interview that focused on each and every aspect of their on-screen wedding.

From their “honest” vows, to Emma’s “timeless” wedding gown, and their dream honeymoon – only ET has all the inside scoop straight from the stars of the series! Plus, we’ve got additional details from executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, as well as Once Upon a Time’s head costume designer Eduardo Castro.

So, shall we get started? Or, as O'Donoghue cleverly put it: who’s ready for some “music and dance and some mighty fine romance” at Captain Swan’s wedding?

Just a warning that this is the biggest Once Upon a Time article we’ve ever written, so grab a comfy seat, put your cellphone on silent and get ready to go on an emotional roller coaster of feels. And, as always, please remember to breathe!

1. The Venue: The Once showrunners confessed that they had considered a number of “other places” for Emma and Killian to tie the knot – yes, even Granny’s! – but in the end, they settled on a brand new Storybrooke location for the ceremony. “Without wanting to spoil the episode, there’s a story reason for why it’s on the roof,” Horowitz revealed. “But there’s also something to us that was super romantic about having Storybrooke as the backdrop.”

Emma and Killian will tie the knot in front of a dream-worthy sunset and surrounded by their closest friends and family. “It’s the place where they’ve kind of come together,” Horowitz continued. “Where their love has grown and where both of them as characters have grown, so seeing the whole town kind of beneath and surrounding them felt like a really cool way to do it.”

“I thought it was perfect,” Morrison dished. “We just felt, like, what better way to make it feel extra special than to have [the wedding] also be the musical episode?”

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YOI Fan Rec Friday

Thanks for all your recs this week!

I randomly choose 20-25 fics (sometimes more, sometimes less) each week to be featured. When sending in a rec for FRF, please limit it to 1 fic per ask and state that it is for FRF! Thank you!

Rec’d by anonymous:
Happy Families by CursedRedRose, Mature, 79k
Yakov was content with his life. He had a great reputation as a coach and his four children were taking the skating world by storm. He thought everything was fine… until his eldest son Victor ran away with his Japanese boyfriend and his pet poodle. Now he has to go and drag him back… and the rest of the family have come with him.

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Rec’d by @fullmetalkarneval13 :
Be my chef, Yuuri by nerdlife4eva, Mature, 73k (WIP)
When 28-year-old Victor loses his parents and inherits his family’s five-star restaurant, he learns that working for a living is much harder than he anticipated. That’s when young, talented chef, Yuuri Katsuki unexpectedly arrives, providing hope in the midst of Victor’s chaos.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Unconventional by so_shhy, Mature, 4.8k
After freezing up in front of his idol at a comic con panel, Yuuri decides that he needs an awful lot of alcohol to get over the embarrassment. It is a decision he will regret.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
The Clockwork Prince by momolady, Teen, 46k (WIP)
Figures are beautiful automatons designed to entertain. Artisans are those specially trained tend to them and keep Figures in working order. Yuuri became an Artisan in hopes of meeting the Figure that captured his heart as a child, the ice dancer Viktor. Yuuri had long given up his dream and opened a small shop. Then one day, his entire life changes when Prince Yuri comes and requests Yuuri to make emergency repairs on his Figure, the one and only Viktor.

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Rec’d by @yuurioniceismylife :
An Aviator’s Heart by Kagami_Sorako, Mature, 50k (WIP) ***Graphic Depictions of Violence
Teenager Yuuri always thought his future would be on the ice. But it changed when one day he finds a dragon egg. Eight years later Yuuri is a highly decorated officer and war hero and meets his long lasting Figure Skating Idol Viktor Nikiforov. After a lot of problems and confusion, Viktor and Yuuri grow closer. Everything could be perfect … if it weren’t for an overly possessive and jealous dragon who is not at all pleased at the idea of sharing his beloved captain and aviator with an insolent and ungrateful Figure Skater.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
the fall of this empire will be loud by elesssar, Mature, 45k (WIP)
In 1991, the Soviet Union collapses. In 1989, the Berlin wall falls. In 1987, Viktor Nikiforov, iconic figure skater and darling of the USSR, defects to the United States. In 1986, Yuuri Katsuki falls in love.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
The Ebb and Flow of Your Heart by Avocadodont, Gen, 1k
An overlook into the less gloat-able part of Viktor Nikiforov’s job.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Leather and Lazy Mornings by kiaronna, Teen, 3.7k
Where Viktor is the reigning champion of English showmanship, but mostly just has a crush on the cute guy he always sees around the stables.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
We’ll Be Fireproof by Lukesnotpunk, Explicit, 26k
Yuuri is a lifeguard at his local pool, Victor is the star of the swim team that practices there, and Yuuri might spend more than a healthy amount of time watching Victor more than the other swimmers. Victor might notice.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
A Fateful Encounter by BuryTheCastle, Gen, 4.3k
Yuuri wasn’t that short. If anything, he was an average height. No, it was the grocery store’s fault. With the store so understaffed and the shelves so poorly stocked, how can anyone reach anything? At least, Yuuri can say something good came out of his ordeal. After all, he had quite a fateful encounter.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
The Next Level by azriona, Explicit, 51k (WIP)
The skating season continues (as skating seasons are wont to do), while Victor and Yuuri negotiate the shifts in their relationship, their careers, and their home rink.
Sometimes, things even go as planned.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
The World Opened With You by DiAnna44, Teen, 10k 
Despite the smiles famous violinist Victor Nikiforov puts on for the world, he’s been in a slump for almost two years, and no longer views himself as worthy of his fame. When he’s paired up to play a duet with esteemed pianist Yuuri Katsuki, he finds inspiration once again, and maybe even something more.

Thank you for all your recs! ₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

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10th House Planets

So, the really lovely and sweet l’il Gemini @geministereo (who you should all follow, by the way) suggested I make a post on 10th house planets. 

A lot of the interpretations I see can be hard to relate to because we can’t always identify the 10th house in ourselves, with it being public image and all. For this reason, this post isn’t about to exude the archetypes and be really radical and dramatic in what it says, but more aim to highlight the simpler parts of the planets in the 10th house which we can often overlook!

Without further ado, here are the planets in the 10th house.

Sun in the 10th house will make the individual want to feel confident and portray confidence in work and public image. They’re usually great people to have in areas dealing with the public or company image because of this. Often times they can be great people motivators too as their bright ego leaks through into their workplace and peers.

Moon in the 10th house is often associated with jobs and roles in social work or helping other people, and this is a very true and valid conclusion because the emotions of these people find a home in their career and public image. However, it isn’t just about helping other’s emotions, but also their own. They want and/or need to let their emotions out in a productive way! This can mean different things depending on the rest of the chart. It could mean letting their emotions flourish through an artistic career, or from running a personal blog where they vent their frustrations.

Mercury in the 10th house individuals would find themselves best suited in areas of work where they use their communication skills to build bridges or to guide others. For some, this may mean a job in Human Resources or Communications, and for others it could mean teaching or tutoring! They don’t need a particularly rigid work system or routine, but a layout and format is appreciated.

Venus in the 10th house wants to love what they do more so than others may do. Some people find it easy to work hard and then play hard, but Venus in 10th needs to feel like they are loving what they do in and out of work. Things don’t need to be kept in an order or routine, but they need to be clear in this individual’s view - you’ll notice their notes, blogs, or social media all seem quite neat and/or aesthetic! For a lot of Venus in 10th house people, something has to be made within their job, whether it’s art, a legal bond, or even just a smile. 

Mars in the 10th house brings passion and drive to the work place and public image. Often needing energetic or fast moving careers, they make great motivators or coaches! Sometimes, they may want to change or make something within their job in order to let out the drive of Mars. Not usually a fan of jobs where they can’t advance, Mars in the 10th house is most happy when they’ve got goals and ambitions to hit, and usually get frustrated by desk jobs unless there are enough goals and targets to stimulate them there.

Jupiter in the 10th house wants to grow and expand in their career on both a grounds of self and success. There has to be places they can go from their current role, and it’s got to make them what they feel to be a better person. Luck comes to these individuals in their careers, which helps them to achieve their goal of growing. They may not always appear to have one set career or idea because Jupiter isn’t a planet which wants one set idea, but even when they do choose to settle into a niche, it won’t be a dead end for them.

Saturn in the 10th house can make excellent accounts people, or managers, but this is not all their personality is defined by. This individual may not be interested in managing others, but may still enjoy having a form of routine or regulation within their work place. A spontaneous career gambling on luck may scare them away a little. They often function best as part of a team or image, but due to having their own good structure, can easily work independently. 

Uranus in the 10th house wants to revolutionise and change something for a living. Often found in politics, diplomacy, or charity work, they put their morals and revolutionary attitudes to work where they can see their actions causing change. They will find it incredibly hard to work in jobs where they feel morally compromised. But, Uranus in the 10th house isn’t all about making giant global impacts! These people may find themselves making smaller, more local impacts which are still just as fulfilling.

Neptune in the 10th house can struggle knowing what they want to do because of the illusions Neptune causes, but that’s okay! You don’t have to know what you want to do, and my best advice to this placement is to just go with your heart and let things work out. Neptune in the 10th house likes an air of mystery and fantasy. They can make great writers, poets, or artists of any kind if that is what the individual likes. With this placement, fantasy appears to have a link to the career, so they could well find themselves dreaming of being sci-fi writers, or fantasy directors.

Pluto in the 10th house aims to transform through their career. This can mean they go through multiple careers in their life, learning from each. They may help others transform and revive, for instance as a psychologist, too. The main essence of this placements is helping people or themselves get from point A to B, and this is often of an emotional sort. Their job, due to Pluto’s link to Scorpio, may also be of an investigative or research-based nature. 

  • People : do you have any example of young man with great Emotional Quotient and beautiful personality?
  • Me : Yuzuru Hanyu. He is polite and respects everyone in his sports field. Eventhough some people insulted him (e.g Alexei Mishin, Nikolai Morozov, etc) , Yuzuru still greets them politely and shakes hands with them. How splendid is that!

Summary: He always knew Dicky was different. Not bad different, just not like the rest of the boys in the neighborhood. A glimpse into the relationship of Coach and Bitty, and how Coach comes to terms with it all.  Also on AO3

Originally posted by harrimaniac27

“So, Dicky. Do you want to watch a movie?”

Coach was happy to have Dicky at home. His visits had become far and few between, a rare thing, ever since… well, recently. Suzanne was out with her bowling league, so it was just the two of them for the evening.

“Sure, Coach. What do you wanna see? I think Predator is about to start,” Bitty replied as he grabbed a bag of Brother Kane potato chips from the kitchen and settled into the couch.

He then took the remote and was browsing through the channel guide.

“Also Rocky III is on, uh… Casino. What else…”

Coach watched his son and smiled listening to the movie choices being offered to him.

He always knew Dicky was different.

Not bad different, just not like the rest of the boys in the neighborhood. When he was younger and the other coaches had their boys in pee wee leagues (already drilling the eye on the prize mentality into their heads: “One day you’ll be the star quarterback, son!”) he would look at Dicky and sigh knowing that wouldn’t be his son’s fate.

And he made peace with it, for Dicky was always kind, always helpful, always wore a smile on his face and a smudge of flour on his cheek.

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