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THE REVENANT - model: Wouter Peelen - photographer: Giampaolo Sgura - stylist: Miguel Arnau - grooming: Andrew Guida -GQ Spain November 2016

  • featured designers: Coach - Ralph Lauren - Emporia Armani - Gucci - Valentino - Ermenegildo Zegna - Dries Van Noten - Hackett - Bottega Veneta - Marni - Prada - Loewe

AU where instead of going to Samwell, Jack starts a widely successful Publicly Broadcast show for children.

Jack learns that he is great with kids after coaching them for a little over two years. Moreover, kids are good with Jack. There is no pressure to be anything other than who he is.

It all starts with a local news program doing a fluff piece on Jack Zimmermann’s coaching ability. But then it turned into something completely different when Jack skated onto camera and started to introduce every single one of his kids and what was special about them. He was…really enchanting actually. He didn’t ever really talk down to them. Jack just treated them as a tiny friend. 

They ARE his tiny friends, but that’s not the point. 

The footage they got of “snack time” was really the best. Imagine a good 16 kids piled around this massive man teaching them the best way to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

 It should have been obvious that a local channel would contact him. It still surprises Jack. They want him to host a show? Why? Everyone always teased him about how impersonable he was during interviews. Is it because he’s Jack Zimmermann’s son? Or Alicia’s? 

Jack asks all of these questions to his mother and she just laughs. “You made a PB&J interesting to 16 kids just by being you”

Jack figures it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. 

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Yakov Theory

Yakov and Lila are going to trouble in ep 9 and Yakov is trouble for the future.

First things first Yakov is a great coach. He has trained Victor, Yurio and Georgi which is quite the feat. He must of been a top figure skater himself in the past.

And perhaps in ep9 when Yuri performs he will have a flashback and it will remind him of himself and Lila’s past love. Maybe making him regret how badly he treated Yuri.(more on that later in the post)

Now Yakov has known Victor the longest out of any of our characters so its fair to say he knows Victor & his past better than the rest of us. So we may get more of Victors past out of him next ep in conversations with Yuri.

Yakov is concerned about Victors future, not only for Victor but more for himself.

 Victor is his star pupil and by threatening him by saying he ‘wont be able to come back’ to skating is a no threat to Victor. He is confident enough, that he can take time off and come back.

Still Yakov continues to play with this prospect, in a vain attempt to get Victor back.

So Yakov will do anything in his power to get him back, considering Yurio & Georgi are not flawless winners like Victor.

Victor also has star power, which is good for his image as well. He probably gets lots of advertising money for a star like that.

 Also to Yakov Victor is still a selfish man playing coach.

Perhaps Yakov is right maybe in the past Victor may have done it for the attention but our Victor has change he has clearly fallen head over heels for Yuri.

aww I love them <3

Now Yakov continues to give Victor the cold shoulder of disapproval #megashade

Now for a second here apart from his own gains of getting Victor back perhaps he pities Yuri or will at least pretend to in ep 9.

He either feels sick that Victor is using Yuri for his own gain or he feels sick that his own star pupil has ran off and disgraced him just to play pretend coach.

Not only does Victor’s coaching undermine his own reputation as a coach and by extension any one he trains.

Now back to ep 8

Victor clearly trusts Yakov enough to leave Yuri in his care.


Yakov wants Yurio to win it is his last chance of having a winner at the GPF (Georgi is out) and no way in hell is he going to let Yuri best him.

So what’s he going to do it?

In all likely-hood he along with scary Lila will tell Yuri about Victors past.

How much of a selfish boy he is etc. and here’s the clincher Yakov or Lila will say that Victor did it to impress the audience and strengthen his own career rather than helping our Yuri.

Anxiety is something that doesn’t go away easily, it will crawl back and Yuri will doubt himself, Victor and their relationship.

Enter our saviour Yurio

Now Yurio I expect will come and support him and tell him how much Victor has changed due to Yuri. Inspiring Yuri to do his act and get to the GPF.

Victor and Yuri will meet up but the moods going to be darker but that is for another theory :)

After several decades as one of the most sought after figure skating coaches in the world, Yakov Feltsman decides to quietly retire. Most of his students have retired from professional figure skating as well, and the only one left is the most recent men’s Grand Prix winner, 20-year-old Yuri Plisetsky. There’s a great clamour as several coaches rush to offer him their services, each of them trying to outdo the others. He turns them all down, saying that he already has a new coach. He refuses to reveal who. 

The figure skating world is left to contemplate who this mysterious figure is for several months. Then, the Cup of China arrives, and Yuri Plisetsky shows up accompanied by an elegant older gentleman with long silvery hair in a loose braid down his back. He’s wearing an expensive black suit, and a simple gold wedding band glinting on his ring finger.

The figure skating world explodes with excitement as, after a three year absence where he essentially disappeared off the face of the Earth, Victor Nikiforov returns to his beloved sport.

An even bigger surprise comes the next day, when a petite Asian man watches Plisetsky’s short program alongside Nikiforov - Katsuki Yuuri, three-time Grand Prix gold medalist, who had retired three years prior.

Plisetsky, usually so gruff and unfriendly, greets him with a soft smile and a friendly embrace, addressing him as “onii-san”.

(When Katsuki later teasingly refers to him as “lapushka”, he gets a not-so-soft punch in the arm.)

THE REVENANT - model: Wouter Peelen - photographer: Giampaolo Sgura - stylist: Miguel Arnau - grooming: Andrew Guida -GQ Spain November 2016

  • featured designers: Coach - Ralph Lauren - Emporia Armani - Gucci - Valentino - Ermenegildo Zegna - Dries Van Noten - Hackett - Bottega Veneta - Marni - Prada - Loewe
  • People : do you have any example of young man with great Emotional Quotient and beautiful personality?
  • Me : Yuzuru Hanyu. He is polite and respects everyone in his sports field. Eventhough some people insulted him (e.g Alexei Mishin, Nikolai Morozov, etc) , Yuzuru still greets them politely and shakes hands with them. How splendid is that!

Manton coach pistols

Manufactured by Joseph Manton c.1811 in Great Britain - serial number 5499.
16 gauge side-by-side twin damascus steel smoothbore barrels, flintlock muzzle loaders.

If an English lord ever needed to fight his way out of a bar fight, that would be the guns to do it.

Sagittarius Ascendant

Ruler: Jupiter
Descendant: Gemini
Midheaven: Virgo
1st Decan: Sagittarius (Jupiter)
2nd Decan: Aries (Mars)
3rd Decan: Leo (Sun)

Sagittarius Ascendant

Sagittarius risings are upbeat and vibrant people. They can be competitive and they are definitely larger than life. They are friendly and approachable people, but sometimes they can seem out of touch with reality, like as if they’re in their own world. They are quick witted and fun people to be around with. Sagittarius risings can be rather blunt and sometimes they can step out of line with this. They can be great coaches and motivational speakers. Sagittarius risings can also be quite tall and their features may be larger than average. Because Gemini is on the descendant, Sagittarius risings tend to be attracted to Gemini’s or Gemini-like qualities. The most common Midheaven for a Sagittarius rising is Virgo.

1st Decan Sagittarius Ascendant
(00.00 - 9.59.59)

Sagittarius risings born between the degrees of 00.00 - 9.59.59 are the Sagittarius/Jupiter decan; the most common. By far the luckiest and most humorous of Sagittarius risings. Sagittarius-Sagittarius risings value their freedom and can seem rather distant. They can be the types to LOVE traveling and have a desire to visit many far away places. Because they’re a Mutable rising sign, they are able to quickly adapt to their surroundings. They are also excellent learners and can enjoy learning about different cultures/religions. Possibly to also find themselves in the process. A noticeable physical trait of Sagittarius-Sagittarius risings is that they can be taller than most Sagittarius risings and have larger/wider assets.

2nd Decan Sagittarius Ascendant
(10.00 - 19.59.59)

Sagittarius risings born between the degrees of 10.00 - 19.59.59 are the Aries/Mars decan. Because of Mars sub-influence, this can add an intensity to the already present Sagittarius rising qualities, amplifying them. Sagittarius-Aries risings are definitely the most competitive of the Sagittarius risings and might not respond well to losses. They should be aware of the things they say because they are brutally honest to the point that their words come out impulsive, rude and harsh. They do have leadership quality and can be a force to be reckoned with if they know how to properly tame themselves, their words and their actions. A noticeable physical trait of Sagittarius-Aries risings is that they are much slimmer than most Sagittarius risings and can have slightly darker, intense features.

3rd Decan Sagittarius Ascendant
(20.00 - 29.59.59)

Sagittarius risings born between the degrees of 20.00 - 29.59.59 are the Leo/Sun decan. By far the friendliest of the Sagittarius risings. The people they meet usually are friends with them for a while. They are gregarious, bold and have a great first impression on anyone. They can be creative and should put their creativity to good use. They can make great motivational speakers and are so nice to the point that they can over-compliment someone. Sagittarius-Leo risings make lifelong friends and are very approachable people; they literally shine bright. A noticeable physical trait of Sagittarius-Leo risings is that they can have great hair, a great body and can be average or slightly taller than average height.


Valeria Saifulina (2002) on FX last weekend! She clearly wasn’t peaking for this meet, but it’s nice to see her tumbling hasn’t really deteriorated. She’s grown a lot.


I love winning games. I think that’s what it comes down to. That’s why we all play, and I’ve just been a part of so many great teams and played with great coaches. Nobody could win a football game by themselves. It takes everybody. … It means I’ve been around for a little bit and played with a lot of great players on a lot of great teams. {x}

Tom Brady ties Peyton Manning for the most career wins in NFL history with the 22-17 win over the New York Jets on November 27, 2016.

“Yuri on Ice” idea:

Yakov’s team has to do a charity event and Viktor who, because he has coached the great amount of one skater, wants to take over and have them perform an act together. And then Lilia takes over and makes them perform an abbreviated ice skating version of the Nutcracker 

and to everyone’s surprise, it turns out that Yuuri did make an ice skating version of the “Sugar Plum Fairy” for his senior debut (which won him Nationals back in Japan btw) so he already kinda knows the part and Lilia just gives it to him no problem 

and since Clara is supposed to be a child and Yurio is still the smallest one he ends up being given Clara’s role, he is mostly ok with it at first but then Lilia suggests for Viktor to be the Nutcracker and he is “I DON’T WANNA SPEND THE WHOLE PLAY DEALING WITH HIM AS MY PARTNER!!” 

and Viktor, surprisingly, turns down the lead role and instead asks to be the Cavalier that accompanies the Sugar Plum Fairy so that he can pair skate with Yuuri again. Lilia agrees, simply because she knows that they already have good chemistry on stage and that this makes the job easier.

then Mila insists on being the Nutcracker since Georgi would make a better Mouse King (Georgi agrees cause he just really wants to do his own make up ok); and any extra role is simple performed by the kids at Yakov’s summer camps since it works as practice for them, both in the dance studio and on the ice. (Yurio is still kinda pissed btw but since this means he gets to be the main character he will take it)

the play is a success (overall) and videos of it spread like wildfire all over their social media ok, Minako calls Yuuri like 5 times just to tell him how proud she was that her teachings were worth something, Lilia almost cries, and Mila’s Nutcracker gets her an even bigger fanbase,  Yuri’s angels get real tough competition in terms of media presence for a while.

Georgi even works part of his Mouse King costume into his program for that season and his only complain is that Viktor and Yuuri nearly made their duet look like foreplay.

P.S: all the black texts include links to videos for what the numbers would kinda look like ;)