and gramatically incorrect

I found this on Reddit in regards to an article about a school teacher who was pulled from teaching children for wanting them to use “Mx. They/Them” pronouns. A lot of transphobia was evident in the comments with the usual people saying “ITS TOO MUCH ITS TRENDY TO MAKE UP YOUR OWN GENDER AND PRONOUNS” “HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO REMEMBER 70 DIFFERENT PRONOUNS” “THEY/THEM ARE GRAMATICALLY INCORRECT WHEN USED IN SINGULAR FORM” etc.

It was nice to find a voice of reason within those comments. I removed their name to avoid further risk of them getting undesired attention but here’s the link to the thread

okay but imagine calum’s little girl going to her first concert. and she got to pick out whatever seat she wanted so she’s sitting a few rows back, and she stands up on her chair so she can see her daddy better. and she has those little protective earmuffs so she doesn’t hurt her tiny ears, and her hair is done in two braids and she’s wearing calum’s soccer jersey from when he was a little kid. she made a sign all by herself that says “calum hood is my dad” and it’s barely even readable but when calum comes out on stage and he sees her, his face lights up and he’s like “that’s my daughter by the way, she’s way cuter than me! i love you baby!” and she’s jumping up and down and laughing and she’s so excited!! and she sings along with calum and she waves at uncle mikey. calum hits him when he swears but little girl hood just laughs and at the end she tells calum that it was the best night ever and he keeps her sign in his bedroom for years:’)

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Hi! Can you make this hair in sims 2, too? Simetria sims - TSM to TS3 AF Hair Med Front Braids?

Hi! I’m sorry, but I still don’t know how to convert hairs to sims 2 (and I have no plans learning it) :( TSM to sims 3 conversions are relatively easy, because they’re really similar games, so you only have to make small adjustments to make it work. That’s unfortunately not true to sims 2. But if anyone knows if it was converted yet (somehow I feel like it was? even though I didn’t find it), or wants to convert it (I can provide the resources), I will recolor it with pleasure :)

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What does why'm'st've means? I know it's something like a joke I think but I'm really bad in English ookkh fucj

it’s a joke contraction of “why” “must” and “have”, so technically the elongated version would be “why must there have been discourse” which i think is gramatically incorrect but 

You dress to impress ? I undress to impress.

So yeah, I’m French and I fucking don’t know how to write in English but here is my poor attempt at Rivetra (please tell me where I made mistakes and what is gramatically incorrect).

She’s still in his bed, laying across the couch. The fact that she’s naked underneath the sheets make it hard for him not to crawl to her. Still, he has to dress up to go see those gross pigs beyond Sina’s wall, Humanity’s Strongest is requited to be there in those moments.

It would have been less difficult for him to put his suit on this morning if Petra hadn’t come the night before, wanting to offer him a little gift before he had to go. It had been a very good gift.

He can feel her amber eyes looking lazyly at him from across the room as he ties the laces of his shoes, ready to go.

Outside the window, the sun is nowhere to be seen, there’s still one or two hours before dawn.

“Do you dress this good to impress those rich merchants Captain ? ” she asks, and the playful tone of her voice can’t hide the fact that she she talks to him only to have him for herself a little longer.

He rearange some papers on his desk before looking at her.

“Of course not…” he start, and her brows furrows a little before he continue, “you do know that I undress to impress.”

She laughs and he repress a smirk as he pass the door of his room.

“Will you try to impress me at your return ?”

“Aren’t you already ?”

Her eyes shines in the light of the candle as she say, smiling too much “Not. At. All.”

This time he can’t hide a smirk, “You’ll be fucking impressed at my return then.”

And he close the door.

So, I’ve been looking at some tattos in arabic, and I have never seen more fails in my life !

That the arabic version of F I G H T E R with the space. That’s just a bunch of seperated letter that happen to spell a word if attached, which they arent.

He thinks that’s “Wave crashing” I have learnt to write arabic since I was 5. That’s literally “The waves are destroying her”

She thinks that’s “Jealousy gets you nowhere” It roughly translates to “The jealousy where it didn’t happen to you”

Literally bitch. The animal. And with written like that, it is supposed to be in a sentence, not alone.

“One Life” that’s gramatically incorrect, the last word should be first, and the first last.


They told him that’s how KARL was written in arabic. That’s L Kay.

Apparently that’s supposed to be “Never a failure, always a lesson” but they messed up the order and it turned into : “Never a lesson always a failure”

That’s like writting english from right to left.

Please, if you ever think of getting a tatto in a foreign language, don’t google translate the thing. Ask someone who knows.

And please do avoid things like these. That doesn’t say “Appreciate life”, it says “I’m disgusting”.

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can you explain why latinx is bad? i go to a school that is absolutely dominated by sjw/q*eer/transcult bullshit and i'm drowning in the gender neutral, latinx, non-binary bullshit. i'd love to hear your opinion on latinx because it sounds like more bullshit to me lol

Lol! It totally is though its just white nonsense. “Latino” is gramatically correct in spanish, and is technically gender neutral (You could argue that it was borne out of the patriarchy, but thats literally just linguistically how spanish works) so “Latinx” as a gender-neutral is redundant and incorrect (Especially because we pronounce the letter x as “j” or “ch” or “sh” because of our Nahuatl roots) 

The “feminist” alternative is to replace the masculine “Latino” with the feminine “Latina” when talking in plural but it also sounds gramatically incorrect. 

If english-speaking people would like a gender-neutral term they could use the english term “Latin” (short for latin american) or “hispanic” because “latinx” is a bastardization of our language 

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im kinda confused on the 그/저/이 사람 thing. what exactly do 그/저/이 mean individually? im guessing this/that person but there's 3 of them right? or is it all just loose context and you can use them interchangeably?

you cannot use them interchangeably as it would be gramatically incorrect and sound awkward. 

이: means ‘this’. you would use this to address something you’re holding in of your hand or something directly in front of you. ex;  이 사과예요? (is this an apple?)

그: means ‘that’. you would use this to describe something that is far but still kinda close to you. ex; 그 사람은 한국 사람이에요. (that person is korean)

저: means ‘that over there’ you would use this to talk about something far away from you. ex; 저 사람은 미국 사람입니까? (is that person over there american?) 

we would assume from context if the person is male or female here as well. so instead of “is that person over there american?” in english we’d simply translate to “is he/she american?”


yeah so i decided not to do school work today

and yeah sorry for all disjointed/gramatically incorrect sentences bc i was really excited to make this.  i hope this let’s everyone know that YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING akatsuki no yona

edit: FUKING the tsupid hoe i am!!!! HAK YOU ARE FROM WIND TRIBE IAM SO STUPID sorry everyone.  and so are the dorks from the win tribe im so bad im so embarrassed..

It’s great to see you again... I think (Steve Rogers x Reader, Steve Rogers x Peggy Carter) [Part 1/2]

Request:  Hi! Love your stories they aré amazing and lovely like you. May i request a one shot for Steve where Peggy comes back all better to see Steve again. And Steve spends all his time with her now and never with you anymore. You get mad and think something might be happening with them again and his feelings will come back. But your a master assassin and have nothing to be jealous of but you can’t help it because of the way Steve looks at Peggy. Thank you so much if you can ❤️❤️❤️❤️


A/N: This is such a funny request! Thanks anon :) (but let’s just say that I am bad at fulfilling requests so sorry in advance (and I am sorry about that sentence because I just have the feeling it is gramatically incorrect)) Hope this is what you’ve asked for. If not, you can always contact me again and tell me what was wrong/what should be perfected. I finally founded some time to write this, even though I feel like rubbish today. Hope you all enjoy this one :) As always, [Y/N] is your name :)

I’m sorry if there are any mistakes in the text. I’m still learning for my cpe which I’ll take this or next year (it’s organised from school :) And I seriously hope that I’ll be able to 

I decided to split this into two parts. Message me if you would like to read the next part since that just makes me really happy and makes me realise that you actually enjoy reading this :)

Prompt: From the stories you’ve heard, you always thought that you and Peggy Carter would get along fine. Just not when jealousy was in the way.

Your p.o.v.

Standing in front of you was someone you would have never expected to meet in real life. How could that ever happen, she lived in another time! No no, you were just imagening that she was standing there. You pinched your skin, trying to wake up from the weird dream you were having. You flinched, actually being hurt by what you just did. You looked up, seeing that the girl - no wait, woman - was still standing there, in front of you, taking in her new surrounding, unaware of your presence. Al you could really do was watch her with a strange face and yell for the first person who popped up in your head.


That had happened a week ago. You were happy that you could actually meet the famous Peggy Carter, but that feeling changed rather quickly after she came here. You weren’t really sure how, only that it had to do something with Howard Stark. 

But ever since she came here Peggy and Steve had been hanging out non-stop. It mostly consisted of him showing her around New York of today, and them drinking coffee at starbucks, which was - according to Peggy - a weird, but statisfying liquid to drink. When you heard that, you had to make sure to ask if she ever had coffee before. It sounded like she had never even heard of, which was not true, she just didn’t acknowledge it as real coffee. Whatever. That was her opinion, not yours. 

The thing was, however, that Steve and Peggy were constantly around each other. You had no reason to be yealous of them, heck you were even happy for your best friend, Steve. He had missed Peggy loads, and to actually be able to talk to her again was something you had wished to happen to him for a long time. That it happened was a whole other thing. It wasn’t that you weren’t happy for him, because you sure were. However, without meaning it, you had felt something too that you didn’t want to feel.

Due to the time spent with his old lover, your best friend barely had time to be around you left. And you missed that. You missed to be talking to him, watching old movies and slowly cathing up to the ones he missed while being in the ice. You missed the random looks you both shared and the inside jokes you had created over time. You missed him.

You had developped a small crush on him shortly after both of you became friends. You never admitted it, not wanting to ruin your friendship. The basic cliché of every love story. You had read about it a lot of times and almost every time the best friends endeed up together. If it didn’t happen, it was in your story. That was just how your life happened and thus you decided to stop about it. Besides, it was just a silly crush, nothing major. At least that was what you thought. Over time, the both of you grew closer together, and it wasn’t untill now that you realised that your crush had never went away. It only grew bigger.

You heard the elevator’s door open, followed by a sound of shared laughter. Steve and Peggy both walked in, neither of them acknowledging the fact that you were sitting in the living room. Not that you were that hard to miss. You just sat on the couch, huddled up in your favourite blanket, rereading Harry Potter for what might have been the twenty thousandth of time. You watched at them as they walked to their rooms. As they walked past the living room, you noticed Steve’s smile and the way he was watching Peggy.

O god. O god. O god. O god. O god. O god. O god. O god. O god. O god. 

Why were you even yealous in the first place? You had a perfect live, were a crime fighting superassasin in the avengers team and had a supermegaawesome best friend. Whose ‘hey-we-haven’t-been-dating-yet-but-we-had-set-our-first-date-around-seventy-years-ago-so-maybe-that-counts’-girl was here. Maybe they had even passed the stage of being just friends and picked up where they left off. It wasn’t like you would know it since you hadn’t been talking to either of them for a couple of days.

Plus, you and Steve were just friends.

So maybe there wasn’t any reason to be, but you still were left here, in the living room, not only feeling jealous but also alone. You sighed, crawling out of your blanket - somehow you always got stuck in it when you were reading - and picking up your book. You walked back to your room, not in the mood to do anything anymore - not that you were in that mood before that day - when you suddenly walked into someone. You recognised him even before you saw his face, because that’s the effect your friendship left on you. He caught you by your wrists, making sure you didn’t fall on the ground - except for the book, which fell hard on the floor. You looked up at him, in shock of what just happened. Before he could question anything, you freed yourself of his grip, picking up the book before walking back to your room. However, before you could have even set a step he grabbed your arm again, slowly turning you back so you were facing him.

“Are you alright?”

Is that it? No “Heys!”, no “We should hang out again sometime”, no “I missed you loads”. Just asking if you were alright. You didn’t even realise tears were forming up in your eyes when one slowly rolled down your cheek.

“Yeah I am.”

You freed your arm again. and looked him one more time in the eye.

“Now, shouldn’t you go back to your girlfriend? Do stuff, for instance your number one priority of the week, ignoring me?”

It was out before you even realised what you said, before he could take in what the words meant. What you truly meant by them. You muttered a small goodbye and turned around to walk to your room.

Why did you have to make everything so complicated every time?

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Hello! I'm sorry for my ignoranse and I would like to know why thrans people shouldn't be reffered to as transgenders? (I saw your comment for Leelah post)

It’s ok; the only way to learn new things is to ask!

The reason can be explained in three steps:


  1. …it is grammatically incorrect because ‘transgender’ is an adjective and not a noun.
  2. …it denotes a transgender person to something less than a person and it makes it seem like a transgender person is someone whose entire identity revolves around being trans*.
  3. …transgender people ask cisgender people not to use the word and cisgender people need to respect that. This is the most important point; the only people who get to define which terms they are comfortable with are those who are referred to by those terms.

THIS BLOG explains it really well.

Here are some other terms which you should be mindful of (as in JUST DON’T USE THEM):

Problematic: “transgenders,” “a transgender”
Preferred: transgender people, a transgender person

Transgender should be used as an adjective, not as a noun. Do not say, “Tony is a transgender,” or “The parade included many transgenders.” Instead say, “Tony is a transgender man,” or “The parade included many transgender people.”

Problematic: “transgendered”
Preferred: transgender

The adjective transgender should never have an extraneous “-ed” tacked onto the end. An “-ed” suffix adds unnecessary length to the word and can cause tense confusion and grammatical errors. It also brings transgender into alignment with lesbian, gay, and bisexual. You would not say that Elton John is “gayed” or Ellen DeGeneres is “lesbianed,” therefore you would not say Chaz Bono is “transgendered.”

Problematic: “transgenderism”
Preferred: none

This is not a term commonly used by transgender people. This is a term used by anti-transgender activists to dehumanize transgender people and reduce who they are to “a condition.” Refer to being transgender instead, or refer to the transgender community. You can also refer to the movement for transgender equality.

Problematic: “sex change,” “pre-operative,” “post-operative”
Preferred: transition (added by me: social and/or medical)

Referring to a “sex-change operation,” or using terms such as “pre-operative” or “post-operative,” inaccurately suggests that one must have surgery in order to transition. Avoid overemphasizing surgery when discussing transgender people or the process of transition.

Problematic: “biologically male,” “biologically female,” “genetically male,” “genetically female,” “born a man,” “born a woman”
Preferred: assigned male at birth, assigned female at birth or designated male at birth, designated female at birth

Problematic phrases like those above are reductive and overly-simplify a very complex subject. As mentioned above, a person’s sex is determined by a number of factors - not simply genetics - and one’s biology does not “trump” one’s gender identity. Finally, people are born babies - they are not “born a man” or “born a woman.”