and grace like smoke


(First of all, excuse my English. I’m not a native speaker so you are free to correct me)

Ok but… what if God wanted to give back Lucifer his angel’s grace to help him to redeem himself? So he sent Amenadiel to bless Penelope and then our little miracle was born? After all, this is Lucifer redemption story and Chloe is helping in the process, she makes him a better angel person and he makes her a better detective.

Honestly, I don’t think that this theory would fit well in the actual show, so maybe it’s more like an AU, but I liked the thought that they are two halves of a whole, that they were one thing ;) 

So guys what do you think? You are free to say your opinion on the matter! And maybe you could share your theories too

vibey-lesbian  asked:

Deep cut thoughts, if the boys were mermaids/mermen what colors would their tails be? In addition, any thoughts on designs for fins and/or tails in general? Lay that color spectrum of thought on, if you have any opinions. <3

Rubia, I have spent DAYS mulling over this ask in detail. Like I’ll walk from work to Subway, and ponder 1D’s mermaid tails. I’ll be mid tattoo and wonder, “in this universe where 1D are mermaids, can the scales change color like a mood ring? According to their mood? When Harry blushes does his tail get redder? When Niall gets flustered does his tail fluff up like an indignant ocean-bird? Can scales even do that?” 

You see I take this SUPER SERIOUSLY?? ANYWAY, without further ado, here’s what I came up with: 

1. Liam’s tail is primarily a red-gold, but there’s a blue tint to the interior of the scale, which creates this sort of depth because Liam is a passionate, bright-hearted person with this inner self-doubt which darkens him up a little bit, gives him this blue shadow. It’s the vulnerable bit surrounded by all the bravado, on the inside Liam just really wants to be liked!!! His tail is long with shorted, utilitarian type fins, no-frills but still pretty, like a Chinese Dragon Fish (which is like, the most expensive aquarium fish on the black market, fyi). 

2. Louis is turquoise and SUPER FANCY and absolutely gorgeous like the entire ocean and every single color in it? Represented is in his tail. There’s gold  like sunshine through surface water because he’s bright and radiant, and emerald like shadowy lagoons because he wrists deep artistic love songs. But mostly there’s just the bluest blue blue, like his eyes, so blue he sort of hurts to look at and all the other mermaids are jealous. His fins are absurd and showy and shimmery and even when he’s not trying he’s like, the most elegant swimmer ever, like fucking water ballet for days, 

3. Niall has all the colors of the sunset. He’s like, technically a goldfish, and when you’re like “wow Niall what a beautiful mermaid you are” he’s like “nah, I’m just a goldfish type mermaid, basic you know” and everyone rolls their eyes because he’s like a FANCY GORGEOUS goldfish, but whatever. He’s got gold and red and white and orange in his tail, which has a deep split fork like this, and he rolls out of mermaid bed looking all shiny, he doesn’t even have to try. 

4. Harry is the prettiest pink mermaid, all kinds of pink like a whole underwater rose garden, bright pink in place, almost fuchsia in others, but mostly, soft peachy rose gold like a blush. It suits him because he’s soft and sweet but it’s multi-layered softness and sweetness, and in some places he’s so pink he’s almost red, like blood.  His tail is one of those beta type tails that’s like, a gigantic puff of underwater smoke? He looks graceful when he’s just sitting there but when he swims he gets tangled up in his enormous tail like rapunzel. 

5. Zayn has oil slick type scales, where in some light he looks black, but when the sun is filtering through the ocean and hits him just right you see that there are so many colors to him, so much vivid complexity…cool blues and metallic purple and bright green. There’s a lot we don’t always see about zayn and it gets consumed by darkness, whether it’s inner darkness or external perceptions of darkness, but he’s actually a fucking rainbow? And his tail is multi dimensional too, spiky sort of fins almost like a peacock’s feather. 


look up more.

Are you ready to follow Jesus? Look up more.

Look up more by looking down into the Gospels. We are being conformed to the image of Christ, intended to be displays of his very self, just as he is the human display of God. How can we do that if we don’t know what he is like in the first place? How can we do that if we don’t know how he interacted with people, how he taught them, what he stopped for, how far he stooped down? Knowing all of the law in the world won’t mean a thing if we don’t know Jesus Christ himself, if we fail to display his glory and love to the world around us.

(does this already sound painful?)

Look up more. Feel your back break as you bend low to approach somebody—everybody—from a position of grace. Jesus is full of grace and truth, but every time he interact with somebody he approached them from a position of grace simply because he approached them in the first place. What else could you possibly call the Creator of the universe coming down, stepping into his creation and interacting with them, if not an act of grace and humility? Not only did he step down but he came to serve, he came to give, and he calls us to do the same.

(are you already flinching away? hold on tight. it is just beginning.)

Look up more. The callouses of the defences you’ve built up will rip off your hands, off your soul, as you bare it open to the one who created it and to those around you. He calls us to love like he does and that can only be accomplished by ripping our ribcage open, by offering everything that our hearts have to give to the aching and broken world around us. The unconditional love of the Father is the most powerful weapon that’s been given to us to beat back the darkness of this world, to conquer the hatred and the anger. Will you make yourself a target to draw near to the hurting? Will you hold your arms out in surrender as you reach for the one?

(is this the glory that you’re looking for?)

Look up more. The sun will scorch your neck as you endure it to help those who are in need. Not just those that you are drawn to, but those who you might not have even given a second thought to. Jesus bent down to the children, to the lame, to the broken. He broke thousands of pieces of bread and fish so that the large crowds that followed him wouldn’t go without. He gave of himself again, and again, and again, even when he tried to slip away to have some time to himself with his father and the crowds followed him, persistent.

(would you sacrifice your quiet evenings and weekends for those who are still far off?)

Look up more. Your feet will ache as your pride peels away, as you walk further than what just benefits yourself so that your neighbour will not fall behind. Your neighbour who you are called to love, whether they are like you or different from you, whether you could hang out with them every day or you despise them for “not working hard enough”, or “taking advantage of the system”, or “depending on other people to do the work”, or “they wouldn’t do the same for me”.

(they all have ears. what are they hearing from you?)

Look up more. Reach out to your enemies. Pray for those who persecute you. Feels your muscles stretch as your mind riots, as you feel your entire self want to look back. Don’t turn them away form your doorstep—welcome them in. Give of yourself. Feed them, clothe them. Give them water even when they have an enormous disregard for your own wellbeing.

(we are not so much like Jesus as we think we are. that is why he is the one to do the work in us.)

Look up more. Embrace that ache in your chest as you are stretched beyond yourself, further than what you want to go, as you surrender every last bit of yourself in the pursuit of something greater than yourself. As you get into the grit of not just coexisting with other people but working with them, the discomfort of personalities grinding together and clashing as they are both refined. As you shed the ideas and attitudes and thoughts of this world, ingrained into you since young adulthood since your teenaged years since childhood that have no place in the Kingdom. Throw that wasp up your theological kilt. Challenge your ideas, your attitudes, what you’ve always thought. Work it out. Strain under the weight of it, your muscles burning and tearing as they break under the strain and rebuild themselves to be stronger.

(it’s going to feel like you’re dying. to be fair, Jesus said that it would have to happen)

Read the Gospels more. Build on the foundation of Jesus, of what he’s like. You will need the reminder. You are being made into something new, something better, so shake off yourself and look up more.

"If hate is poison, then love's the cure
And it’s you that drives the demons from my door
When they got me cornered, close to giving in
I feel you round me like a second skin"

- Army of Angels // The Script

i love when i open tumblr and grace is posting and i can immediately either be like “i see grace has smoked weed” or “i see grace has definitely not smoked weed yet”

It’s a secret, but right now Jason might me slightly more scared of the Knight of Hell tied behind him than the circle of Holy Oil burning next to his feet.

let my affections, like moths

((having become crepuscular, soft w(ord)ing s in the twilight))

beat themselves senseless against the light of your



let my affections, like moths

/I/ whose clumsy

ungilded winged confessions

circle you, crude against

the stark light that reveals

scorched edges (small price to pay for searing closeness


look down towards failed devotion

let my affections, like moths


smoking bodies carry

prayers of

hardly graceful fumblings

navigation turned towards  night sun


A low electrical hum where 20 some moths cling to illuminated wooden walls

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@purple-martin87 asked 13, 20, 22, and 24 for Grace.

13. What is their favorite color? Why? Grace’s fave color is purple. It just always has been pre and post war.

20. How do they handle being alone? Grace doesn’t handle being alone well at all. Because all of her dark thoughts begin to creep back into her mind, and she will begin drinking heavily. Danse has helped tremendously with this, so now they‘re rarely seen without one another.

22. Name any bad habits they have. Grace smokes like a freight train. She know she should quit but has a very difficult time doing so. Also she curses like a sailor. Danse often gently fusses at her for her language, but it doesn’t change things. she cant help it lol

24. How would they like to spend a rainy day? Sunny day? She loves spending any day with her love (Danse) and her closest friends. On rainy days they will cuddle up together under a blanket and just listen to the rain fall. Grace loves the sound of rain, as the sound is soothing to her. On sunny days, when the pair isn’t busy with a mission, they often go to the beach for much needed relaxation, or for a quick hike through the woods hand in hand. Also they will often be seen at various settlements helping out wherever they can.

Thanks for the ask. I still have no idea why It didn’t post…but oh well, here it is again lol

19.7 x 16.4 and Semi-Basements Chapter 3

That reading thing that you’re doing with your eyes right now, that makes me happy. And I think you and your opinions on this fic would look really cute in my inbox.

19.7 x 16.4 and Semi-Basements 

Chapter 3

“…supreme power is concentrated in the hands of one person, whose decisions are subject to neither external legal restraints nor regularised mechanisms of popular control.”


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