and grace like smoke

"If hate is poison, then love's the cure
And it’s you that drives the demons from my door
When they got me cornered, close to giving in
I feel you round me like a second skin"

- Army of Angels // The Script

thelasthopeofthefallen  asked:

Look all the "let me fix you, Dean" scenes when castiel cures Dean. There's a white-blue light-grace-power. Now look at the last one, is kinda orange, like the smoke-grace-baby-energy-power-thing. When cas dies, it's the same white-blue light, as expected, but if, somehow, he's had two "energys", after the scene when Dagon died, he can still be alive, without the angel part, but probably strong then ever.

Definitely an interesting theory! I’m open to any method that will bring us back cas but I need the original cas & not some alternative version that has 8 years of superb character growth just wiped away by a stab in the back😢Let’s hope this time the writers will get it right next season🙏🏻

It’s a secret, but right now Jason might me slightly more scared of the Knight of Hell tied behind him than the circle of Holy Oil burning next to his feet.

19.7 x 16.4 and Semi-Basements Chapter 3

That reading thing that you’re doing with your eyes right now, that makes me happy. And I think you and your opinions on this fic would look really cute in my inbox.

19.7 x 16.4 and Semi-Basements 

Chapter 3

“…supreme power is concentrated in the hands of one person, whose decisions are subject to neither external legal restraints nor regularised mechanisms of popular control.”


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The first time Demon!Dean ever smoked out of his body was because he had heard a rumour that a bunch of other demons were going to be attacking his brother. Dean didn’t want to intervene, he just wanted to watch his baby brother in action. So he left his body in a motel with strict instructions that the room was not to be disturbed and began smoking his way over to Sam’s location.

But en route, a flash of blue/white catches his eye and almost immediately he recognises what it is. That’s angelic grace and it feels really familiar. He soon realises it’s definitely Castiel and so Demon!Dean follows him at a safe distance so Cas doesn’t know he’s there.

Before they get to Sam’s location though, Cas’ grace is joined by another smoked-out demon. This one feels really familiar as well but Dean can’t put his finger on why. The grace and the other smoke are twirling and twisting together, almost like they’re dancing completely invisible to all the humans down below.

Just as they reach the house Sam is fighting inside of, the grace/smoke collides with the floor and two figures stand up. Dean’s smoke settles itself down onto a nearby tree so he can see what Castiel was doing flying with another demon.

And then he sees her.

All 5ft4 of concentrated, beautiful sass stands up and the pair make a block between the house and the forest.

“You ready for this, Clarence?” She says to him with a sly grin on her face.
“This is no different to any of the other times we have protected Sam and Dean.” Castiel replied, handing Meg an angel blade and pulling one out for herself.
“Except this time Big brother’s not here.” She tells him, dropping down into an attacking stance.
“Yes. I know.” Castiel says, a note of sadness and regret in his voice.

That’s when a new sea of demons attacks them. Castiel and Meg destroy every single one while inside the house, Sam is still battling the three on his own. He keeps calling Castiel’s name but is getting no answer.

Dean sits on his tree, completely amazed. Is this the reason Castiel didn’t always answer their calls? Was he protecting their lives and giving them a break with Meg fighting at his side?

demon!dean killing sam

cas holding dean while dean sobs uncontrollably when he realises what he’s done

cas falling from deans arms as the last of his grace drains away

dean muttering ‘no’ repeatedly and shaking cas 

cas dying and the last of his grace slipping out of his mouth like a wisp of smoke

dean kissing cas’ forehead 

dean sitting on the ground with the blade in his hands and the two dead bodies around him