and grace is just shocked

You know? I think that years later there was (or almost) another big storm in the sky of CHB.

After Piper and Jason received the letter from Leo ’Hey, I’m alive’ Jason, inadvertently, formed an electrical storm in the sky. Suddenly the weather had changed and everyone had noticed. 

At first all the campers thought it was Zeus and his mood swings but was Percy the one who realized that, though Jason seemed calm and stoic when he read the letter of Valdez, it was him who had formed that great scandal in the sky and the thing was getting really ugly with clouds threatening the area, so Percy didn’t hesitate to shout: ’Hey Jason, wake up!’

And Jason came out of his trance at the same time that a big thunder fell somewhere not far from the camp, making a great noise and scaring the vast majority of the demigods.

They knew that Jason was strong but had never taken dimension of his powers until they saw it, even though it was something he didn’t intend.

And Jason just apologizes before retiring to be alone because he really did not want to cause a disaster in the sky and even less to scare anyone.

And it was that moment where all noticed what were able the powers of the Roman son of Zeus.

Because Jason looked an imposing presence, but with a friendly and nonthreatening personality, but of course appearances can be deceiving.