and grace is just shocked

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Okay but the boys or one of the boys dating someone younger than them who turns out to be this phenomenal dancer (I'm taking Briar Nolet Dangerous good) who also teaches classes for money and then them showing up to a recital not knowing S/O is performing and being blown away

•you told them that you were a dance teacher, but they’d never seen you perform before.
•you told them about the recital, but not that you’d be performing in it. they just assumed it’d be your students, but they were still excited to come see it.
•you didn’t know if they’d even show up, but as soon as you got onstage you saw them immediately.
•they have to do a double take because “Is that (Y/N)?! She’s amazing!”
•Anatoly is just shocked because it’s so graceful and beautiful and /wow/.
•At the end Vladimir just claps so loudly and cheers for you and it’s a bit embarrassing but it’s sweet.
•"We didn’t bring any roses to throw.“
•"You’re here, that’s good enough.”

I Want Her To Be Mine - Teen Wolf (Liam Dunbar) Part 2

Part 1

juliechavira said:  Please make a part two for “ I want her to be mine” it’s really good 😄

Anonymous said: def want a part 2 to I Want Her To Be Mine; not too sure on what can happen plotwise; maybe something with stiles being protective of her cause theyre family and he doesnt fully trust liam yet or something. and i was wondering if shes stiles age and older than liam maybe that can come into play.

Anonymous said: PLEASE DO A SECOND PART. Possible plot: they see each other in the hallways a lot. Then one day they are in the hallways alone together and he pushes her against the lockers and puts his face sniffing her neck, cause her scent is driving him crazy…. Or something like that.

Anonymous said: PLEASE MAKE A PART 2 I NEED IT

purplepandaqueen-13 said: Part two for the I want her to be mine Liam imagine please

I don’t think I have ever had this many requests for a part 2 on a story ever, so I hope this sequel satisfies everyones imagination^^ 

Grace had been helping the pack out a lot recently. Digging up information they never could have figured out themselves, even helping Lydia out on the mystery of Parrish’s true form, but in that case still no answer. Since in most cases things happened when the pack was on school, or just after, she came with them there. Always riding her motorbike to school, right behind Stiles’ Jeep. 

Now since she was a year older than Stiles, making her 4 years older than Liam, she had already graduated high school, and from time to time ended a helping hand to those in the pack that was slacking behind on the school work. When the rest of the pack was in class, Grace seemed to curl up with some book around school, often just standing in the hallway, leaning against a locker. 

Which was what she was planning on doing today. The day when Liam was a tad late for class. Liam was already having a hard time being around her, as just the faint smell of her scent made him go crazy, and just by a mere touch Liam’s eyes would glow for a second or two before going back to normal. It wasn’t just Scott anymore that had noticed Liam’s behavior, and Stiles had on more than one occation warned Liam to keep his claws away from his cousin. 

 Grace currently stood by Liam’s locker, trying to find something in her shoulder bag, probably her precious book, when Liam came around the corner, quickly coming to a halt. Liam had to take a deep breath before continuing towards his locker. 

 «Hi, Grace.» He greeted with a smile when he came close enough, close enough to smell her scent. 

 «Oh! Hi, Liam.» She greeted back as she looked up from her bag, looking around the hallway. 

«Aren’t you a bit late?» She looked at him skeptically, one eyebrow raised. Despite Stiles not trusting him yet, it sure looked like Grace did. 

«Oh, uhm, yeah.» Liam nodded his head as he stopped by his locker, right by where she was standing, looking at him with those beautiful clear eyes of hers. Her scent was so strong this close, all he wanted was to pull her close to him, hold her tight against himself, so he could keep her safe. 

 «What class have you got now?» 

 «Math.» Liam smiled shyly at her, quickly averting his gaze from hers, knowing he wouldn’t manage to keep his hands to himself if he didn’t. 

 «Your heart is beating really fast.» She commented from beside him, closer than she had been before. He only needed to reach out his hand a little and he could have touched her soft skin. 

 «How can you hear that?» He turned to look at her in confusion. Wrong move. He drew in a shaky breath as he tried to calm himself down. This time he wasn’t able to look away from her, it was like she had captured him when she gazed up at him like that. 

 «Liam? Are you okay?» Grace asked as Liam seemed to breath harder with each passing second. In concern for his well being, she reached out a hand, and placed it on his upper arm, which ripped away the last straw of focus Liam had left in him. 

 «I’m sorry.» He whispered before he embraced her in a hug. Making her back up against the lockers. Liam buried his face in her neck, breathing in her scent, this time having the opposite effect on him. It calmed him like nothing ever had before, it was like a wave had just washed over him. 

 Despite the shock, Grace quickly returned the hug, drawing calming circles on Liam’s back, sighing contently as he pulled her tighter against himself.


The bell rang for the end of the day, and students piled out of the classrooms. Stiles was already discussing wildly something with Scott when he stopped right in his tracks. 

 «Dude, what-« Scott began, but as he turned to look at the same as Stiles, he stopped talking as well. But unlike Stiles, Scott smiled at the sight in front of him. Grace and Liam stood by Liam’s locker. She leaning her back against it, while Liam was leaning his right hand on it, his other hand intertwined with hers. They were talking calmly, both having these stupid smiles on their faces. 

 «He did not-« Stiles weren’t able to finish his sentence before Malia came and put a hand on his chest, stopping him from walking forward. 

«Don’t.» She said warningly, keeping him put. Stiles sighed, as he looked over at his best friend, who nodded approvingly at him.

 «I don’t think Liam will be needing a ride home in your Jeep from now on, Stiles.» Scott said, as they began to walk to their lockers. 

 Looks like the little puppy of the pack, no longer was so little and innocent.


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I love your One Shots. Can I ask you to do a one with a new baby and Louis and I are at home, the new baby is there and Louis goes into Daddy mode?


“Hey, buddy. Hey,” Louis cooed, his hands cupping either side of his son’s body as he lifted him from the cushiony mattress of the crib set up in the corner of the nursery. The blue and white walls surrounding the two of them as his bare feet padded over cream carpet, a bob in his step as he made his way over to the rocking chair, with hopes that the rocking motions would calm the cries leaving the small baby’s lips. “Wha’s all the tears for, hm? Daddy’s here now, little lad,” he cooed, humming softly as he set Freddie against his chest. His small head settling just below Louis’ chin as his cries subsided, and soft whimpers began to leave his lips.

It was a regular occurrence for Louis to take the night shifts, and over the past week, he had been nothing but supportive for you by settling his tiny, week-old son with a cuddle and a kiss and a sweet little story or lullaby, and sometimes both if Freddie was becoming a terror to get quiet. When the first cry left Freddie’s mouth and filtered through the baby monitor set on your bedside table during his first night home, the duvet was gently removed from Louis’ body and he was out of the room and calming your son before your sleepy self could comprehend what was happening. 

With the presence of Louis entering his nursery in the early morning hours, his head popping over the side of the crib in the corner of the room, the cries leaving Freddie’s mouth subsided and quietened; a daddy’s boy, as his mother had explained that one afternoon she visited the hospital. With his button nose and his blue eyes being a complete mirror image to Louis, it was evident that Freddie was a perfect mix between the two of you.

“’ere we go, little lad. Are you comfy sleepin’ on daddy, yeah? Are you comfortable enough t’sleep a bit longer than normal with daddy? We don’ wan’to wake mummy up, do we? She’s had a tough week wi’you, Freddie,” Louis chuckled, his smooth skin rubbing softly at the light brown tufts of hair emerging from Freddie’s head. “You’re only a week old, y’know tha’? It’s been a great week, m’tellin’ you.”

A week that had been filled with many visits from the boys as well as friends, many cuddles through the evenings, as well as sleepless nights and early mornings. From the moment you brought Freddie home, life behind the closed door turned from smooth and sailing with just you and Louis and a silent home when necessary to chaotic and hectic with a baby that needed attention as well as nappy changes, feedings and naps that wouldn’t last as long as you and Louis had expected. 

A week that had been filled with more relaxing and lounging around then normal, your aching body in need of comfort to which you had found on the sofa under a blanket that Louis would warm in the dryer at the start of the day; the moment you woke up and stepped foot downstairs, he would wrap his arms around your figure and engulf you in a blanket he had warmed specially for you. Your sleeping son settled in his rocker in the corner of the living room as Louis settled you on the sofa, a promise of a nice fry-up and a cup of tea coming your way being whispered into your ear, followed by a soft kiss as he maneuvered Freddie from one side of the room to your arms.

A week that had been filled with nothing but the company of yourself and Louis revelling in the new journey of your life as parents. With Freddie only just 1 week old, exposing him to the public would take away the privacy you wanted to endue as two parents. Two parents who wouldn’t have cameras thrust in their faces and into the baby carrier or into the pushchair and disrupting your sleeping infant. Two parents would could have privacy without being written about, with front page stories gracing their view as whichever one of you - with the other staying home to sleep-in or to look after an unsettled Freddie - would make the quick morning run to the store for the daily paper as well as breakfast ingredients.

A week that had started with an early morning, a stressful drive to the hospital, gruelling contractions in waves of pain travelling across your stomach, and hormones crashing through the roof. 

A week that had started with labour with hours spent in a labour and delivery unit at the hospital in central London, the early morning hours sufficing in an empty waiting room and an almost quiet ward that excluded your groans and moans. A walk up and down the hall to pop your waters that were on the verge of breaking, with a supportive Louis following in suit, his shoes left in the private room you’d been assigned with the baby bag he had frantically packed that morning. Minutes prior to you leaving the house as two, and arriving home in a couple of days as three.

A weel that had started the next chapter of your life.

“M’so proud of your mummy. She carried you in her belly for nine months goin’ through body changes and hormones, n’then she had a gruelin’ and painful birth wi’you. All of which I was there for, n’she made me the proudest boyfriend ever,” Louis smiled, his eyes switching from the snuffling baby on his chest to the sun-rise taking place just over the horizon of London. “V’not married your mummy yet, but, you’ll be there when we do have a pretty white wedding. N’you’ll be my best man with your uncles and you’ll be the ring bearer and you’ll have such a significant part, everyone will be watchin’ you,” Louis chuckled. “Y’see, I do wan’to marry your mummy and I was plannin’ on doin’ it before we got pregnant with you, but we got a cheeky little surprise one afternoon and, nine months later, we go’ you.”

Nine months prior to your son being born, there was a night filled with passion and a cheap bottle of wine on the coffee table with a fire lit in the fireplace beneath the mantelpiece, a blanket laid on the carpet with his phone playing music around the living room, connected to the speakers connected at various corners of the room. Dinner had been cooked by Louis – chicken, herby potatoes and vegetables steamed to your liking – followed by a chocolate cake that had been passed through generations of your family that, through his teenage years, he had loved from he moment he had taken his first bite 

One steamy moment had lead to another and by the end of the evening and just before the night changed to the early morning, the two of you had subjected and fallen to the floor in a heap of passionate kisses and clothes being pulled off and thrown mindlessly elsewhere around the room – with difficulty tugging off tees and jeans, which lead to and ended up in drunken giggles with sloppy kisses and tender touches being given. To which a night filled with passion commenced, tender touches, soft thrusts to ensure it lasted long enough to prove how much love was coursing round not only your body but his too, the result of this night gracing your life just one week ago.

A result that had come as a shock but had been nonetheless something that had really made you both sit down and think about. You had never been the traditional couple to do things traditionally and following the norms of society had been something you weren’t constituted too – with this forthcoming step up in your relationship proving norms were thrown out of the window with the two of you.

“Are you ready to meet Auntie Lottie today, hm? Her and her boyfriend Tommy are comin’ up from London for Sunday lunch cooked by mummy, and they’re looking forward to some cuddles,” Louis explained, looking down at the baby clutching at the t-shirt covering Louis’ chest, his tiny fists clutching at the stained and dirty material. “You’re a sleepy little lad, aren’t you? You definitely take after y’mother. She loves sleep too. She’s a nightmare tryin’ to wake up in the morning,” he chuckled, “s’going to be you when you’re a teenager, innit? You’re goin’ to be a nightmare to wake up for school, I can see it now.”

“M’not a nightmare to wake up, Tomlinson,” you perked up from behind the rocking chair, your arms folded across your chest as you leant against the doorframe.

He was clueless that you had been standing there for some time, taking in the heartwarming and chest-aching sight in front of you. A feeling of guilt for breaking their little moment together coursed through your body. His voice coming to a silent stop as well as the conversation he was having with the silent and sleeping baby coming to a halt as he felt the need to include you – the mother of his child and the love of his life – in the coming conversations, sparked by whatever he could think of himself. 

“Hey, what are you doin’ up? You should be sleepin’, love,” Louis stated, looking over his shoulder as well as he could to catch your appearance in the doorway of the nursery. His feet stayed planted to the floor, as he adjusted himself in the rocking chair, being careful that his movements didn’t jolt his sleeping son from his sleep. “It’s early, love. Go back t’bed. I have him.” 

“I could hear you through the monitor,” you giggled, shuffling over to where your boyfriend was sitting. “How long have you been awake for? You look exhausted,” you cooed, standing behind the chair and running your fingers through his matted and knotted hair. His brown locks looking greasier and dirtier than normal, matching with his appearance as you approached him and took a closer look at him. “You should go back t’bed yourself. I can take over from here, babe. He’ll probably wake up again in a minute for feeding,” you stated, hunching over and pressing a kiss to the top of Louis’ head, your flesh lingering at his scalp longer and softly, your hand reaching around and stroking at the soft tufts of Freddie’s brown hair; brown hair that matched his fathers.

“M’fine. I was awake when he started to cry anyway. I don’t think I can get back to sleep,” Louis sighed, rolling his head back against the ball of his neck with his eyes flitting up to the white ceiling that was painted with the sunrise colours filtering through the window. “Wha’s the time?” 

“It was 7 when I last checked the time. You have time t’go back to sleep and wake up refreshed,” you smiled, appearing in his line of vision and smiling cheekily. “Or, you could have a bath. You smell a bit and your hair could use a wash. When was the last time you washed that shirt?” You questioned, looking over the grey t-shirt adorning his chest; a t-shirt he must have worn the majority of the week, with it going through everything dirty that week. There were stains of baby spit-up on his shoulder, and you were sure there was a distinct smell of wee lingering in the material from when Freddie felt the need to relieve himself with no nappy covering his bottom half. “You haven’t washed this shirt for a week, have you?” You asked, rhetorically, an answer unnecessary because what was visible could count as the true answer. 

“V’been busy looking after you and Freddie. I forgot to put my shirt in with the laundry, but, I promise I’ll give it a wash as soon as I can,” he reasoned, his fingers dancing up the stretched back of the baby laying on his chest. Freddie’s breathing fanning across Louis’ collar bone peeking from the loose neckline, his skin warm against Louis’ already warm skin. “He’s a gorgeous little thing, isn’t he? We made him,” Louis whispered, his chin dipping down with his head titling to rest against Freddie’s small head, his cheek fitting perfectly at the top of his son’s small head.

It was difficult to comprehend that the two of you – high school sweethearts from the get go – had made something so beautiful and so perfect and so gorgeous, adding a contribution to the population. From the moment his mother had stepped into the hospital room they had assigned you with, she hadn’t put him down. A tear in her eye with each step she took, and with each word she spoke, and with each kiss she pressed to the apples of his cheeks.

No matter who held him, the same words were exchanged; he’s perfect.

“We did. We made him. A perfect little mix of me and you,” you cooed softly, resting your chin on top of Louis’ head and closing your eyes in contentment. “I love you. You do know that, don’t you? I know it’s going to get stressful between us, especially with a new baby, and I just don’t want you to forget that I love you,” you stated softly, your hands massaging at his shoulders.

“Whatever happens, nothing will go down between us. Yes, it’ll get stressful and yes, we’ll probably end up fighting more but that’s part of being a new parent, isn’t it? We can do this,” Louis smiled.

With a young boy-turned man who had experienced three different fathers, Louis had seen his fair share of fights and hormonal arguments that led to the informidable break-up that would result in having shared custody. And he promised himself (and to you at the high-point of labour with Freddie), that no matter what happened, he would try his best to have you both work through your issues and your fighting until things went back to normal. With one rule that you spoke about from the beginning of your teen-relationship - never go to bed angry. It worked for his mother and Dan, and if it worked for then, then it would work for the two of you.

“Of course we can. We’re a team. We always have been, haven’t we? Ever since school, we’ve always been a team together,” you said, a hint of amusement in your voice, “always paired together for projects, you were my revision buddy for the exams, and we were always sat together in lessons. Nothing’s really changed, has it?” You reminded, straightening back up and removing your hands from his shoulders, your feet taking you over to the wardrobe set in the corner of the nursery.

“I felt something the first time we were paired in the English classes. Remember our first project?” Louis wondered, his eyes watching your every move as you rummaged through the clothes folded neatly on the shelves. “Romeo and Juliet. I remember it clear, and I think, during tha’ project, I felt something weird about you every time we got together outside of school. Like, when you came t’ my house and my sisters would be so excited to see you and my mum always had a cup of tea and your favourite biscuits waiting for yo  Like, it was a tragic love story and our love story had just begun at the time we finished. One love story ended and a new one started,” Louis grinned, your body turning as you gave him a soft giggle. 

“That was incredibly cringe-worthy and cheesy, you know that?” You stated matter-of-factly, a hint of amusement in your voice.

“I don’ care. I found it romantic, like the hopeless romantic I am,” he reprimanded, your body turning back round on your heels as you pulled out a blue and white striped baby grow out. “Hey, look at tha’, buddy. You’re going t’ match daddy today, little lad. I think I’m going to wear stripes today.”

Like father, like son.

You know? I think that years later there was (or almost) another big storm in the sky of CHB.

After Piper and Jason received the letter from Leo ’Hey, I’m alive’ Jason, inadvertently, formed an electrical storm in the sky. Suddenly the weather had changed and everyone had noticed. 

At first all the campers thought it was Zeus and his mood swings but was Percy the one who realized that, though Jason seemed calm and stoic when he read the letter of Valdez, it was him who had formed that great scandal in the sky and the thing was getting really ugly with clouds threatening the area, so Percy didn’t hesitate to shout: ’Hey Jason, wake up!’

And Jason came out of his trance at the same time that a big thunder fell somewhere not far from the camp, making a great noise and scaring the vast majority of the demigods.

They knew that Jason was strong but had never taken dimension of his powers until they saw it, even though it was something he didn’t intend.

And Jason just apologizes before retiring to be alone because he really did not want to cause a disaster in the sky and even less to scare anyone.

And it was that moment where all noticed what were able the powers of the Roman son of Zeus.

Because Jason looked an imposing presence, but with a friendly and nonthreatening personality, but of course appearances can be deceiving.

Derek imagine

You and Derek were a strange couple. Most of your friends thought you were an odd pair. But you did have a crazy started

You were Scott older sister and when your mom called you from college saying she was worried about your brother. You can home right away and one of the first people you met was Derek Hale.

You hated each other was a burning passion. You thought it was weird that he always followed your brother and you believe that he got Scott and Stiles into the wrong crowd.

*where they in a gang*

*Did they do drugs*


You finally followed your brother and his sarcastic best friend. And let’s say you weren’t surprised when that lend you to Derek. But you when shocked when you found out was really going on.
Your brother was a werewolf and Derek and him were friends. After weeks of following them you decided that Derek wasn’t a a bad person so you invited him to apologize.
And what better to say sorry than with some cookies.
But you had overslept and before you knew it Derek was at the door.

“Hey Derek why don’t you sit on the sofa I’ll be a couple minutes.” You said after opening the door. He nodded and grace you with a very rare smile. You were shocked and just stood there was a weird feeling in you stomach.
Did Derek hale make your heard race.

Maybe he wasn’t so bad after all. Let’s just say you brother came home to floor and egg cover kitchen with burning cookies in the oven. With you and Derek aggressively making out of the couch.

Oh my gosh. Let me tell you about the Disney magic here.

I am completely certain that when I met Tiana that day, I was brought into The Princess and the Frog and time stood still. I am swearing that for those moments, everything was animated and I was in New Orleans.

I really did meet Tiana and that was her. She was Tiana. Down to every mannerism, her looks, and her voice. While I was waiting, I was standing there in awe because it was her.

I normally have that same awe when I see Snow White. I normally lose my mind quietly when I see Snow White and I start shaking with excitement and I’m gasping because it’s really them and I’m in love with life again.

Tiana is one of my top three favorite princesses. She has a strong background with cooking and her bond with her parents is one I share with my mother. Cooking is something my mother and I do often. So…I kinda just died here.

“Ooh, darling, look at you! You’re shaking like a leaf!”

I told her that I had waited a pretty long time to meet her and I didn’t get to see her the last trip I came. And I told her how beautiful she was…Because really. She is. She complimented my dress. Green is my favorite color- her’s too! She liked the daisy print but…

“I like to think of myself more of a…southern magnolia. But I love lilies, too.”
“Lilies are my favorite!”
“Like the water lily on my dress?”
“It’s why it’s my favorite dress, Tiana!”

And it is. I am completely in love with Tiana’s dress. Words cannot say.

We talked cooking. I told her about how I make clams and spaghetti with my mother. She wanted the recipe. <3 And she talked about gumbo.

Oh my goodness she gave me so many gentle and graceful hugs…

Really just… I was in shock. This was Tiana. She had a bit of fire behind her words but there was still that grace. It was like a DREAM to talk to her and she’s on my MUST SEE character list the next time I visit.

The thing is, her gazebo is hardly visited! When I was there, the line was two people! They were waving people over!

LL Ori and the Orion Nebula
This esthetic close-up of cosmic clouds and stellar winds features LL Orionis, interacting with the Orion Nebula flow. Adrift in Orion’s stellar nursery and still in its formative years, variable star LL Orionis produces a wind more energetic than the wind from our own middle-aged Sun. As the fast stellar wind runs into slow moving gas a shock front is formed, analogous to the bow wave of a boat moving through water or a plane traveling at supersonic speed. The small, arcing, graceful structure just above and right of center is LL Ori’s cosmic bow shock, measuring about half a light-year across. The slower gas is flowing away from the Orion Nebula’s hot central star cluster, the Trapezium, located off the upper right corner of the picture. In three dimensions, LL Ori’s wrap-around shock front is shaped like a bowl that appears brightest when viewed along the “bottom” edge. The beautiful picture is part of a large mosaic view of the complex stellar nursery in Orion, filled with a myriad of fluid shapes associated with star formation.

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team

University - Chapter Eighteen

Multi-chapter AU: Grace and Hannah meet during their first year of university. Please start at the beginning otherwise this will make no sense at all. 

other parts

For Grace, Mamrie’s text message is nothing short of haunting. 

She stares blankly at her phone, unsure if her strongest emotion is anger, shame, or otherwise. Her dorm room is suddenly cold, even though the heater is constantly too high. 

Mamrie knows. She always knows. What makes it so severely worse, is that she’s completely correct. Again, nothing out of the ordinary. Grace has been acting like a child, arguably for the first time in her life. She didn’t know ‘selfish’ was a possibility for her. Then again, she didn’t know ‘lust’ was either. 

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Your sister and Grace mentioning you in the most recent it's Grace made me really happy.

AH I JUST SAW THAT THATS SO CUTE!! I remember meeting Grace the first time and I was just super shocked and she was super beautiful but she was wearing like 5’’ heels or something so she was like 6'9’’ or thereabouts and I’m only like 5'1’’ so I was like super shocked. I also really didn’t want to seem uncool, but tbh I was literally so nervous that I don’t even remember what happened. It was just like… “GRAAAACE!!! WOW WOW WOW wow woooow wowowobye” My first VidCon was a tiny social disaster and my second one I still wanted to be cool so I spent hella time not going up to the people I wanted to see so that I wouldn’t interrupt or anything gosh moral of the story always interrupt and always talk to people you wanna talk to

New Challenges Part 24

Just another short update. Chapter 25 is going to be slightly more exciting though :)

Grace and Hannah had settled in some sort of weird routine. Grace spent most of her nights with Hannah, and Alex loved it. They weren’t together, but they stopped denying their obvious affections for each other. Hannah didn’t really know if she was okay with their status quo, but she had a kid to think about. Alex’s care came first, her feelings for Grace second.

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Everyone's Waiting

Previous part can be found here.

Part 10 

This is what they do now, this is their new normal.

Mamrie and Grace sit, think about far away things, staring at things even further away the other can’t see, and wait.

They just wait.

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After All These Years - 1

Hi there! This is an experiment the first part of a new multi-chapter fic. As usual, my mistakes were fixed by the rad hell-yeah-all-bi-myself :)

Hartbig AU. All lies and all that jazz. SFW. NSFF-ish. 2850+ words.

“Hannah, wait for me.”

She is almost running down the street in high heels and if she wasn’t so concerned about Hannah she would want to kill her.

“Hannah, please, stop.” She yells. “You know I can’t run in stilettos”.

Hannah stops and turns, tears running down her face.

“I can’t stop, Sarah. I need to go. I need to leave New York. I shouldn’t have come here, I knew she lived here.” She runs a hand through her hair. “Oh God, I’m so dumb. I shouldn’t have come here.”

Sarah is closer now, but not enough to stop Hannah from turning around and starting to walk again.

“Are you insane, Hannah? Stop just for a minute. You can’t walk back to San Fran, so at least let me flag a cab for us to go back to the hotel, okay?”

Hannah stops again, turning and nodding sadly at Sarah.


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A Friend for Me

Grace is trying to clean up the house and when she enters Max’s room, it’s almost like a hurricane has hit the toy box. There are things everywhere. “Max?” Grace calls. No answer. She goes to find him, thinking he may be in the living room with more toys. “Max? I need you for a second” Grace calls. Still no answer. When she gets to the living room Max is no where to be found. Panic sets in for a moment and then she gets an idea of where he may be. She goes into her room and opens the closet door. Max is laying on the floor, staring up at the ceiling with Thomas in his hand. He looks at Grace but doesn’t budge. Grace sighs. His hiding spot was the closet. They would play hide and seek in there and she would find him there they now and then when he was pouting.

She lays down next to him and stares up at the ceiling. “What are you doing in here, bud?"She asks. Max is silent. "You’re not gonna tell me?” she says. Max stays quiet. “Is it a secret?” She asks. Max nods. “Can I know the secret? I won’t tell” she says. Max looks at her and sighs. It makes Grace’s heart sink to look at his sad eyes. “I want a friend” he says. Crack. The sound of Grace’s heart breaking. “You have friends. You just came back from a play date with the boys” Grace says. “Yea but they have each other cause they’re brothers..and I have nobody” he says. Crack. “Can I have one?” he asks, looking at Grace. Grace doesn’t know what to say. She doesn’t want to tell him yes because she’s not sure she’s ready but she can’t take looking at his sad little face. “We’ll see” she says. Max sighs and hugs Thomas to his chest. Thomas’s button eye is starting to fall off but he won’t let her fix it. He likes him that way. “How bout we get out of here and go do something fun?” she says. “Like what?” Max says. “How bout we go see dad at work?” Grace says. Max nods. “C'mon” she says, getting up. Max follows behind her.

They go visit Chester at his office. “Knock knock, I brought someone to see you ” Grace says. Max steps from behind her and Chester’s face lights up. “Hey buddy!” He says coming to greet his son. He picks him up and starts to tickle him. Max laughs so loud and it makes Grace smile to see him happy again. Chester sets Max down. He softly pecks Grace. “How’s it going?” He asks. “Fine. Just cleaning. I gotta talk to you though” she says. “Oh wait” she says. She kneels down and whispers into Max’s ear. “Can I tell daddy the secret?” she whispers. Max nods. “Okay” she whispers. “Hey come sit at my desk. You can play a game on the computer” Chester says. Max goes to the desk. Chester puts a game on and kisses the top of Max’s head before he leaves

“Whats the secret?” he says as they step outside the door of the office. “Max told me that he wants a friend” Grace says. Chester looks confused. Grace raises an eyebrow. “Ohhhh..are we ready for that?” Chester asks. “Well see i don’t know but I don’t want him to be an only child forever. I think we can do another one..maybe two more” Chester raises an eyebrow. “Okay maybe not two but definitely one” she says. Chester thinks for a moment. “Okay. But I think it’ll be better if it’s…spontaneous. I don’t want to get on a schedule” he says. Grace laughs. “Okay, we dont have to get on a schedule” she says. Chester smiles and pulls her into him. He kisses her softly. “Ready?” he asks. “Right here!?” Grace says in shock. “No!! I was just saying. Oh my gosh Grace” Chester says. He starts laughing at her. “Well I wouldn’t know. you’re crazy sometimes” she says. Chester winks at her and she rolls her eyes.

They head back into the office and grab Max. They say goodbye to Chester and head to the park and a couple other places so that Grace can cheer Max up. When it’s time for Max to go to bed, she reads him a story and he begins to drift off. Before she leaves Max holds onto her hand. “Mommy?” he says. “Yea, what is it, love?” She says.“You’re my best friend” he says. Grace starts to smile. She thinks she may cry even. “You’re my best friend too” she says. Max smiles and closes his eyes. She kisses him on his forehead. “Goodnight, I love you ” she says as he drifts off to sleep.