and got up early to return home

BTS Reaction: Walking In On Their Crush (Reader) Naked



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You carefully dragged the brush through your slightly damp hair, having just exited the shower. You had planned to finish your makeup and hair before putting clothing on so you were walking around your room naked, not too worried about your roommate Seokjin since he was out with some of his friends. You quietly scrolled through your social medias as you unconsciously brushed your hair.

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Archie x Reader: "Nice to meet you."

Warnings: none
Requested: yes

*your POV*

It was a rainy Saturday night in Riverdale, and as most people’s plans were ruined by the rain, mine were not. Tonight was my date with Archie Andrews, my new boyfriend. We had been dating about a month and a half and every Saturday night he would take me to Pop’s and we’d talk about the week. It was our thing I guess you could say. Friday nights were football and parties and Saturdays were just me and Archie in a booth sipping on a milkshake.

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technicallydeliciouspeach  asked:

Hello~ Could you please do some hc on how the rfa would react to mc having a huge scar? I'm sorry if I'm being pathetic but well... I have a huge one on my chest from an operation on my heart. I'm kinda used to it now but today one person said that it's disgusting and I had no idea it would hurt me so much. I love your writing. Thank you for everything you do


I really wanted to do this request asap to make you feel better… but I was busier for the past few weeks than I expected… And we have a LOT of requests in the inbox. 

(Plus my sprained ankle from saving a dog on the road, and a virus—btw both happened the respective days my horoscope sign was ranked 12th on Oha Asa horoscope D: Oha Asa is never wrong.)

Anyway enough with that!! I didn’t write Jaehee’s because I’m not always able to imagine her reaction… Onto the very late fic—I am still very very sorry that this took so long ;^;


RFA Reacts: MC with a Huge Scar


  • We all know he’s the somewhat shy, reluctant type when it comes to doing… explicit stuff
  • So it took a while for him to find out about the scar on your chest
  • When he saw it, his eyes were WIDE with shock
  • And that made you absolutely fucking nervous.
  • Was he… disappointed that you didn’t have perfect skin? That when he touched you during intimate moments, he would have to run his hands over your scar and maybe feel.. disgusted?
  • “Are you… disappointed?” you bit your lip, trying to control the anxious feelings boiling in your chest
  • He frantically shook his head, his eyes still wide in horror at your chest.
  • “MC… who did this to you?” he choked out, tears welling up in his eyes. “Why do you have this…?”
  • Confused, you hesitantly replied, “What… do you mean? It’s from a surgery I had on my heart, a while back…”
  • Immediately, relief replaced the fear on his face. He pulled you close, breathing shakily.
  • “Oh god… I’m so glad… I was so scared that someone hurt you…”
  • You still weren’t sure how he felt about your scar. “You don’t mind? That there’s this… thing on my chest.”
  • He continued to bury his head on your shoulder. “No, MC… I would never be disappointed in you about something like this. I fell in love with you because I enjoy being with you, not because of how you look.”
  • You returned his embrace with trembling hands, holding him tightly. “…Thank you. Just. Thank you.”


  • Usually, Zen took you out on his day-offs from work
  • But for some reason, you had rejected his invitation that day without reason
  • Worried, he visited you at home, wondering if you were sick.
  • He even brought you soup.
  • You were very reluctant in opening the door to him, feeling shitty. But you’d feel guilty letting him wait outside for hours (because he WILL do that for you) and decided to let him in
  • He was like a puppy greeting their master home, jumping onto you and hugging you as soon as he saw you
  • You winced slightly as his hard abs ahemchest bumped against your scar
  • It’s not like it really hurt anymore, but it was more of an internal pain
  • You avoided his excited gaze and his grin gradually turned to a frown. “What’s wrong, MC?”
  • You sighed. “You know how I had that surgery a while back? I… someone told me it looked disgusting today.”
  • His frown deepened, eyes narrowing into a glare. Despite his very obvious anger, he maintained a cold, low voice. “Who said it.”
  • You shook your head. “It doesn’t matter who said it, more that someone actually commented about the scar in the first place…”
  • His eyes turned sad. “But you’re very beautiful in my eyes… If anyone insults how you look, I’ll always be here to feed you endless compliments about you, because I am in love with you and I want to make you feel better any way I can. MC… for every word that hurts you, I’ll give you ten times the love and care to make you smile again.”
  • You let out a small smile. His words did help a bit. You simply nodded quietly in response to his statement, and he returned a grin, pecking you on the lips.


  • One of the bodyguards had informed him about how you’d locked yourself in your room all day. Overwhelmed with a sudden concern, he left work early, not even bothering to clean up the documents on his desk. No, you were a higher priority than his business.
  • He got home in record time, urging Driver Kim to speed on a route with tolls so he could return to your side immediately.
  • In a panic, he whizzed past the bodyguards and maids at his apartment as he rushed to your room. “MC!?” He was panting.
  • Hearing his voice, you froze inside the room. Why was he home so early…?
  • You’d planned to wipe away your tears and convince yourself you were fine before he returned so that he wouldn’t have to worry about you. You didn’t like making him stress out about you. He had so many other important matters to attend to, after all.
  • But he was here.
  • And secretly, you felt happy that he cared enough to come check on you. Not that you would ever admit it out loud. It just felt good to have someone worrying sometimes.
  • “MC… please open the door, and tell me what’s wrong,” he pleaded, knocking on the door repeatedly.
  • You quietly stepped out of the room, hesitantly meeting his gaze. It was a dark storm in his panicked eyes.
  • He looked over you quickly, sighing in relief that you appeared to be fine, physically, at least.
  • His hands were trembling when they caressed yours, bringing it to his lips to smother in kisses. “I heard that you’d locked yourself in your room today. Did something happen?”
  • You slowly nodded, knowing very well that he would catch your lie. And so you told him how someone had made a hurtful comment about your scar.
  • He knew fully well that you could be sensitive about it, even though you were usually okay. So he listened quietly as you spoke, letting him comfort you with a warm hug and calming hair strokes.
  • No matter how calm he usually appears on the outside, Jumin loved you enough to make a fool of himself for even the little things. Because he loves you for who you are, for every moment you’ve shared together, and everything you’ve ever done for him.


  • He’d actually been by your side when it had happened. When someone made fun of your scar.
  • And Seven was absolutely furious, holding himself back from punching them, only because you had quietly told him not to, in a pained voice.
  • The car ride back home was silent. He was quietly fuming in anger, while you were feeling self-conscious about yourself.
  • Then suddenly, he went off the road you usually took, calmly driving on the highway elsewhere.
  • “Where are we going?” you asked, bewildered by the sudden change in route.
  • “Somewhere. Together.”
  • You stared out the window, feeling calm from the ride as the scenery whizzed by.
  • When the car finally stopped, you noticed that you had pulled up to a hot spring motel.
  • “We’re gonna be staying here for the night,” he grinned. “So you can relax!”
  • You felt touched by his actions. He wasn’t the best at comforting people verbally considering his own history… but he always knew what to do to make you feel better.
  • “But… how did you make a reservation for us so quickly?” you asked curiously.
  • “Heheh~ That’s! A! Secret!” he winked.
Valentines day with the v3 cast!

lets just ignore the fact that its march whoops 

Also this took be 3 hours to type ugh


  • he buys you flowers, chocolates and a stuffed bear 
  • he spend the entire day with you, doing everything you ask
  • he’s very flustered the whole day, complimenting you every chance he can get 
  • No!hat!
  • he takes you out to a restaurant for dinner 
  • he insists that you get anything you want, he’ll pay for it all!
  • he gives you a very fancy necklace at the end of the night 
  • cute bushy kisses afterwards
  • you decide how long it lasts ^


  • she’s pretty new to this, so she does the basics, chocolates and flowers 
  • She invites you to stay the night!
  • so you two are in your pj’s when she offers to get you something to drink
  • about a minute late you hear the sound of a cup smashing
  • you rush down and she’s standing beside a broken mug, the contents spilled over the floor
  • she starts apologizing, she lost her balance and then her hand slipped and then-
  • you calm her down and help her clean up, insisting that its fine! It happens!
  • she plays the piano afterwards, to calm you two down
  • She shyly kisses you before you two go to sleep
  • she’s curled against you when you wake up


  • He takes you to one of those science center things that has stuff about 
  • he’s so excited to show you everything !
  • you better have lots of energy, he’s not leaving for at least 3 hours
  • he buys you a necklace as well
  • you two take the bus home, your head on his shoulder 
  • its so warm, and he gives you his jacket for protection
  • afterwards you two go home and end up ordering take-out 
  • he buys you a heart necklace
  • it has glitter in it, making it look like your looking into the milky-way.
  • You two crash when you get home, exhausted 
  • he curls you in his arms,planting a kiss on your head
  • Happy valentines. 


  • She isn’t quite sure what to do today
  • she lets you decide, shes happy as long as your happy
  • you eventually decide for a walk by the lake, and dinner 
  • She gives you a bouquet of flowers; they’re roses
  • She flushes when you ask her to hold hands 
  • you two cook dinner together
  • the entire experience is very normal, but it’s lovely all the same 
  • She reminds you that she loves you at the end of the day, placing a kiss on your lips


  • He tells you to close your eyes
  • he drives you to a building
  • when you open your eyes again, he’s dressed up and your in a candle-lit room. 
  • he shows you to your seat, across from him.
  • and then the food starts to come 
  • course upon course of fine dishes, and they don’t stop coming 
  • after you two have eaten, he takes your hand and you two dance.
  • he tells you how radiant you look
  • your swinging in his arms, as the last note plays out he finally gets down to the main course
  • getting on his knee
  • “S/o, You are the most divine creature I have set eyes on, will you make allow me the honor to marry you?”


  • …….
  • WeLL
  • you wont get this unless SOMEONE ASKS
  • on the other hand, she’d give you a nice choker as a gift 


  • wants to make you very happy today
  • so you come home…
  • “Ah! S/o! close your eyes!”
  • He leads you upstairs and tells you to open your eyes
  • surprise! 
  • there’s a blanket spread out on the floor, lots of pillows, a wrapped present and…. is that a scrapbook?
  • yes, yes it is 
  • you two make a scrapbook about you two, gotna’s prepared refreshments and offers a movie if you get bored!
  • its very fun!
  • he makes you open the gift, its a small pin of a butterfly.
  • you thank him with a gentle kiss


  • She puts weeks into her plan
  • finally the day comes 
  • the sits you down, making sure your very comfy
  • and then the show begins 
  • BAM 
  • streamers fly and glitter flies through the air as banners fall into place 
  • and the show begins 
  • she’s moving everywhere, pulling a dove from her hat and then turning it into a flower and then the flower is flying in the air..
  • so much is happening, and its breathtaking 
  • at the very end, she walks over to you and takes out a box
  • she wishes you a happy valentines day, before collapsing, exhausted 
  • after she rests, she asks if you liked it
  • you kiss her on the forehead
  • “ It was splendid.”


  • if you want to, he’d let you decide what to do
  • drive-in movie? drive-in movie 
  • he gets you popcorn and soda and you two relax
  • romance movies are too cheesy
  • so you two are watching some horror film
  • you’ve got your shirt pulled up past your nose when the jump scare happens 
  • you just weren’t expecting him to scream that high
  • in actuality, its a normal scream, but for his vocal cords its high 
  • you two make eye contact for one second 
  • and then you cant hold in your laughter, popcorn is going everywhere but that doesn’t matter.
  • you have to cheer him up afterwards 
  • you don’t ever let him fully live it down


  • shes so excited! 
  • she paints you a special picture to show her love 
  • she’ll even make a statue of you if she gets the chance!
  • lots and lots of kisses today 
  • she’d be so happy if you two made dinner together
  • there’s avocados 
  • she almost goes through he roof when you get her something 
  • shes!just!so!happy!
  • get ready for another round of kisses


  • he’s shows up to escort you two, dressed as well as a robot can be 
  • he’s constantly blushing the same color so when you gently take his hand your afraid that he’s going to overheat 
  • the date goes well! And the food is really good!
  • so you two return home..
  • he tells you to go look in your bedroom
  • ………
  • kiibo whAT
  • he explains that he couldn’t decide what gift to get…
  • so he got them all
  • good luck eating all that, s/o


  • what of course Tenko has a plan, she’s a responsible woman who knows how to treat her s/o right 
  • internally, shes p a n i c k i n g
  • what if you don’t like her gift? what if you hate her afterwards?
  • she so scared that she wakes up early because of nerves
  • she’s pacing the kitchen floor by the time you come down 
  • “Tenko, its 4 in the morn-”
  •   poor girl
  • she finally gives you the present, a cute little charm with a tiny bell on it
  • she’s stuttering about how it will match the one she has so you and her could be a matching couple 
  • you tell her its perfect
  • she blushes and says her thanks, placing  kiss on your lips


  • he’s been disappearing the past week for a couple of hours
  • you don’t really confront it because honestly your intrested on what he’s going to do.
  • so finally valentines day is here…
  • Amami doesn’t mention anything all day, he gives you a present but thats at
  • and then you two head out for dinner.
  • And then you get a look at the place
  • lanterns, fine table cloths, waiters and people ready at your every comand
  • its like you two are royalty 
  • the food is divine and there’s live music and everything is in a deep red color which just makes you fall deeper and deeper in love withe the boy
  • whe you two are alone, he cradles your face and slowly kisses you, wraping his hands in your hair, by your waist, pressing closer and closer to you
  • its up to you what happens next ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • happy valentines day s/o ;)


  • you decide to do all the cleaning, and cooking for the day!
  • she gives you a kiss of thanks when returns home
  • you offer her a bath and she graciously accepts 
  • she tells you to join her, and who are you to deny her?
  • So your sitting naked with your lover also naked now
  • she’s 100% calm
  • internally she’s panicking
  • You wash eachother’s hair and wait until the water gets cold to get out
  •  you have her cosy pj’s laid out for her! new ones!
  • you serve dinner and force her to sit still because she will get up if you don’t keep your eye on her 
  • and then she brings up that she bought a pet…
  • she what
  • he did not 
  • oh my goD SHE DID YES SHE DID 
  • lots of kisses for her! 
  • she explains that while they do shead, at least it can be kept in a certin area
  • and its like you two are parents now!
  •  you thank her sosoosos much 
  • happy valentines day!


  • oh no
  • oh no no no
  • don’t get me started 
  • he’ll pretend he doesn’t know what day it is, the majority of the day is him complaining on why theres more couples outside than usual
  • your about to think that he forgot about it completely when he takes you out 
  • your blindfolded, and are just relying on him to guide you
  • you get there in one piece thankfully 
  • you and him are watching a movie, in his.. private? living room?
  • he’s got everything you could possibly need, chips, cookies etc.
  • so when the movie ends, its dead silent 
  • and then he slithers behind you, whispering in your ear
  • you two have been together for some time now…
  • so now might be a nice chance to start…. doing it
  • he of course is stuttering slightly and is clutching onto to tightly 
  • so… when you say yes….
  • he laughs, and carries into the other room 
  • no one is going to bed early tonight 


  • she makes special clothes for you two! its a special day !
  • sweet walks in the park, and nice dinners at the local resturant, you two make the very best of the day 
  • you and her go shopping and critique a movie, and go feed birds
  • all in one day!
  • so when you get home your wiped
  • the bed is oh-so soft and fuzzy
  • your about to drift off to sleep when you hear her clear her throat 
  • you give a tired glance in her direction and bolt right up 
  • shes in loungerie
  • she made it herself 
  • you’re babbling and she’s blushing from head to toe
  • and now you can see very curve of her body, every hair that stands on end
  • and hell if she doesn’t look stunning 
  • she explains that she doesn’t intend to do anything explicit… she just wanted to surprise you
  • well you’re definitely surprised 
  • you sleep close to her, for warmth as exhaustion takes over 
  • happy valentines!
Love is...Ensuring the Enduring Happiness of Katniss Everdeen

by: @finnicko-loves-anniec

Facing twelve weeks of summer without her best friend, Posy knows she needs a project. At first, hunting with Katniss seems like enough, but when she realizes just how lonely her new friend really is, Posy is determined to find a more permanent companion for Katniss. She’s even got the man picked out – Peeta Mellark. Now, all that remains is convincing them they need each other.

It seemed wrong that summer, the time of year where there were the fewest things to do, also had the longest days. At seven and eight, and for most of her ninth year, Posy had not thought much of it. Now that she was ten, however, that observation grated at her. Yes, she could have filled her days in the same way she had in past summers, with pick-up kickball in the town square or playing pretend in the meadow with Paige and Senna, but she felt too big to play kickball with the five-year-olds and she and Senna had gotten into a fight the last day of school that neither of them had yet apologized for. Considering that she hadn’t been the one who told Mrs. Clearney about the insect case, Posy had no intention of saying sorry first. Paige and Senna didn’t agree. Being right felt nice, but it was also boring when nobody else felt like being right with you.

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Little Beasts and Where to Hide Them

Summary:  You may or may not be hiding something from your boyfriend.  Takes place between Day 11 and the After Ending.

Pairing:  Zen x MC/Reader

Genre:  Slice of Life; Fluff

Rating:  G

Word Count:  Approx. 1900

It was a lazy Saturday night.  Zen had been hard at work for over a month, leaving early in the morning and returning well into the night.  Your boyfriend’s career had definitely been picking up; for the past several weeks, he had been juggling film sessions with a new TV drama series, as well as doing a lot of commercials.  The downside was that you hadn’t seen much of him, lately, other than a goodbye kiss in the morning and maybe a midnight snack once he got home, although you called and texted each other often.  You were happy for him, of course, but he knew that you missed him.

So, tonight was going to be all about the two of you.  He finally had an evening off, and he was determined to spend it with you.  You had just eaten a lovely dinner, together, cooked by you but with prep help from Zen.  Now, you two were cuddling on the couch, rubbing noses and being generally affectionate.  It was a beautiful evening.

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#3 Mitch Marner

A Mitch one where he gets jealous? Thxx

YEEE. Jealous mitchell makes my life.



Warnings: idk language

Song suggestion of the day: UPGRADE U BY BEYONCE

Originally posted by glovesdropped

“No way Lady GaGa is better than Nikki Manaj. She’s a close second but she’s not Anaconda good. If we’re talking pre-2010 then maybe-”

You scoffed. “Mitch, that is the dumbest thing I’ve heard all week. Nikki’s good and I love her but she isn’t Lady Gaga good.” 

Were you a Lady Gaga fan? No. Were you a Nikki Manaj fan? Also no. Is this how you expected this trip to go? Not really. 

It was the leafs bye-week and what else would you be doing than watching hockey. You and Mitch were driving down to London to watch another Knights/Otters game. To be honest you didn’t really mind if it meant spending time with Mitch, and it was also super cute how much he loved his friends. Mitch also had some very strong opinions on pop music, which you had decided to bear the brunt of if it meant you didn’t have to hear the same three Nikki Manaj songs over and over again.

“Give me your phone, Mitchell.” you demanded as va va vroom came on for the eighth time. 

“i can’t believe you would even think something like that.” Mitch muttered, obviously still peeved that you would ever mention another artist save Nikki. However he passed you his phone anyway so you could finally change the song. “Is this old school Beyonce?”

You smirked, humming along to the intro of Upgrade U, making Mitch laugh and roll his eyes before eventually singing along all the way till you got to London. You’d planned to arrive super early so Mitch could quickly catch up with stromer before the game and then you and Mitch would have a couple of hours to kill in the London before the game.

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Leading Suspects - Chapter 5

Today is @peetabreadgirl‘s birthday, which means..two chapters today! One through four are up on AO3 and Chapter 5 below the cut. Chapter 6 posting later today. Happy birthday, Beyotch. You know I have to make it hurt a little before I fix it, right? Enjoy!

Originally posted by mister-pulido


“Go back to his rippling pectorals,” Johanna says and I toss aside my towel in frustration.

“Have you hear a word that I’ve said? I’m having a crisis here!”

“Calm down, drama queen. Of course I heard you. I’m just choosing to focus on Thor’s hotness right now.”

“Ugh, Jo! My childhood friend has been abused by her husband almost since the day they were married and you want me to talk about Peeta the Ass.”

“Oh his ass! You haven’t talked about his ass yet. Tell me about it’s tone and proportions and flexing power. I need to know these things. And you do too by the sound of it. Did you know your voice gets all breathy when you say his name, like a god damned sex operator or something.”

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Three years have passed

A/N: Hey everyone! I just wants to say that I’m so grateful that I received a lot of support. Thank you very much. Here is the second chapter I hope you liked it. Also, special thanks to @silvermidnightprincess @acaigawrites and @whereisthefood123 for helping me with grammar. Thank you so much!!

Anime: Fairy Tail

Couple: Gajevy

Rated: T (Language)

Genres: Romance, Hurt/Comfort

Status: On going

Summary: Tired of being “the damsel in distress”, Levy left the guild without telling anyone except Master Makarov. She spent three years far away from Magnolia learning new spells to improve her skills. But finally, is time to return home. What’s that strange magic she learn?

Chapter One:

Chapter two: The mistery begins

Footsteps sounded from the entrance of the guildhall.

“Jet! Droy! It’s time to go. The client is waiting for us,” Levy said cheerfully. “It’s been a while since I got up early to catch the first train.” She confessed to her teammates.

“Hey Levy!” She turned her head towards the voice. “Are you sure about this job?” Jet asked, sounding somewhat worried. “Beating a small dark guild is not an easy task.”

Levy smiled reassuringly. “Of course! I want to show you just how much I’ve improved in a hand-to-hand combat. I’ve grown in magic power, and…” Levy leaned forward. Curious, Jet and Droy leaned closer to her, eager to hear what she had to say. “I have a card under my sleeve,” she revealed quietly to them.

Jet and Droy glanced towards each other with confusion invading their facial features. “Why don’t you pick a translation job or something more… you know, peaceful?” Droy suggested.

The blue-haired girl sighed. “Guys! It’s time to show everyone what we’re made of!” She stretched her arms and held them close to her. “Shadow Gear will come back at full force!” She exclaimed positively.

Levy extended her arm towards her two teammates. Jet and Droy followed suit, each placing their hands on top of hers. “Shadow Gear is back! We will never break apart!” The team said in unison.

Magnolia’s most cheerful guild was making their everyday destruction, drinking and singing routine. Keeping his distance from the calamity, our favorite dragon slayer couldn’t take his eyes off a certain someone.

Shadow Gear came back from that job four days ago and I’ve noticed a few things… Gajeel thought, “He looks so pathetic.” He let his hand rest on his right cheek, still contemplating his comrade’s condition.

“Are you staring at Jet again?” Pantherlily asked.

“How am I not supposed to stare if he looks like hell! Just look at him Lil’” Gajeel replied irritated.

“Both of them sure seemed terrified.” Lily replied referring to Shadow Gears male members. “What happened on that job?” A tone of concern was now heard in Lily’s voice.

“I don’t know. Something smells fishy and it ain’t Salamander’s cat food.” Gajeel replied. Why are Shrimp’s lapdogs acting so different? Every time someone says Levy’s name they change the subject. They didn’t even answer Demon girl’s questions. His eyes turned to the blank space that is the blue haired girl favorite spot. And Levy…she hasn’t shown up in the guild either. He thought. “All this shit is confusing!” He thought out loud.

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Imagine FaceTiming Chris while you’re painting the nursery.

A/N: Hello, hello. Thank you to the anon who asked about the series, definitely pushed me to sit down and write. Anyway, this is the next part of the series; it’s called ‘Memory Lane’ and you’ll understand why soon. The first two parts and their masterlists will be linked here (‘Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts’ and 'Baby Fever’) Hope everyone enjoys this. X

Your paint roller strolled up and down the white walls, transforming its neutral shade into a darling baby blue for your son that was due in a few months. It amazed you how quickly the past six months had past, it felt like just yesterday it was Christmas and you were telling Chris you were ready to have a baby with him. It was insane to you that you were now actually pregnant and starting to prepare a proper nursery in the spare room where you had the mock nursery for your baby niece while you babysat her for the week. Chris was right when he said, “times flies when you’re having fun.” Since you found you were pregnant with the love of your life’s child, you’d been having more fun than you’d ever imagine. To think you didn’t want kids, thank God for Chris because you would’ve missed out on the biggest adventure of your life.

Speaking of Chris: he was away and had been for the past four- nearly five months, filming 'Avengers: Infinity War’. Without his help, the nursery was coming along rather slowly. You didn’t want to go shopping without him because you wanted him to have a say too, though he would agree with everything you chose- you felt it was nice for him to be there anyway. As for the painting, you both agreed the nursery’s color would be based on the gender of your future child. The fact that you’d only just found out the gender two days ago, made his offer to paint the room before he left redundant. He said he’d paint when he returned- which wasn’t long now- and that you- in no circumstance- were to do it yourself. You chuckled softly as you continued to paint, “yeah, right.”

Your music was cut short when your phone starting ringing. From the ring tone, you knew it was Chris calling through FaceTime. You lowered the roller into the paint dish and answered, turning your camera to a unpainted wall because you were yet to tell your husband he was having a son. Your face popped up on the bottom right of your screen, whereas Chris’ face filled the rest. You smiled when you saw his blond hair and clean shaven face; it didn’t matter how long the two of you’d been together, you still felt awe every time he became Captain America. The thing that amazed you the most wasn’t how different he looked, it was that Captain America was yours and yours alone.

“Hey baby,” Chris smiled brightly when the connection stabled.

“Hey Cap,” you smiled back. “How’s the movie coming along?” You asked and he chuckled.

“I understand that you’re a Marvel fan and you’re really excited about the movie,” he began and you suppressed your laughter, knowing what he was going to say next. “But can we talk about you first?” He asked and you chuckled softly, rolling your eyes. “How are you feeling?”

“Great, fantastic, the same as yesterday,” you assured him, giggling. “Stop worrying about me, Chris. I’m pregnant, not dying.” You reminded him in a playful tone and he chuckled. “Now answer my question, how’s the movie coming along?”

“Great, fantastic, the same as yesterday,” he responded similarly then laughed when you scowled. “I’m sorry,” he said with a cute pout. “You know I can’t tell you anything about the movie, Marvel’s got snipers ready to gun me down if I spill anything. As much as I’d love to tell you all the secrets, I’d like to be there for the birth of my future son or daughter.”

Your smile reached your eyes when you realized you still hadn’t told Chris about the gender of the baby. You were excited because you knew he’d be too; he could finally have someone in the house to talk Patriots with him. He did talk about wanting a daughter so he could spoil and treat her like a little Disney Princess, but he also did say he’d love a son he could raise like a mini-him. Having a husband like Chris made things easy because you really couldn’t go wrong with him; his love for children was too strong. Yeah, you were having a boy, but that didn’t mean you couldn’t try for a girl the next time.

“Can I show you something?”

“It better not be something you baked,” he warned playfully. “I’m still drooling from yesterday’s brownies.” He told you and you giggled. “You have to make them for me when I’m back and on break and don’t have to watch everything I eat.”

“I will,” you promised with a nod. “Now close your eyes for a second, I want you to be surprised.” You told him and he rolled his eyes but did as you instructed. “Okay, just keep them closed.” You said as you flipped the camera so you could show him the blue wall. “Now open.” You instructed and his eyes fluttered open.

“Why are you showing me a blue wall?” He asked with narrowed eyes. You giggled then watched him as his eyes widened with realization. “Oh my God!” He exclaimed excitedly, leaning closer to his screen. “We’re having a boy?!” He asked and you flipped the camera back to you so you could nod and grin. “Y/N! That’s amazing, I’m so excited!”

“Me too,” you agreed.

“Wait- Did you start painting without me?” He asked; his eyes narrowed and you winced. “I told you to wait till I got back, you shouldn’t be doing any hard labor.” He said and you chuckled. “Stop laughing,” he scolded but was chuckling himself, “I’m serious.”

“I know,” you giggled. “But I’m fine, Chris. It’s not hard labor, it’s just rolling the sponge thing up and down the wall. It’s honestly the easiest thing,” you tried to assure him but he didn’t look very assured. “Stop worrying about me,” you chuckled at his frowny face. “I’m not that fragile.”

“Just promise me you won’t try and climb anything, if you can’t reach- just leave it until I get back.” He told you, his face contorted with anxiousness and concern because he knew you all too well. “I mean it, Y/N.” He warned in a stern tone and you nodded. “I don’t want you to hurt yourself, or the baby. I’m not home, so don’t do anything stupid.”

“I won’t,” you promised.

“Good,” he bit then huffed. “I miss you,” he admitted with a heavy hearted smile. “I really, really can’t wait to get back home to you. I’m like literally-” he shifted his computer to show you the pug theme calendar you got him, “counting down the days.”

“Same here,” you felt your eyes tear up.

“Don’t start,” he chuckled, feeling his own eyes water. “You know if you start crying then I’m going to cry too and- I can’t afford to do that because I have to go film a scene soon.” He told you and you chuckled, wiping your eyes with the back of your hand. “God, I wish this movie wasn’t schedule for now. I want to be there with you, going through the pregnancy with you. I mean- I’ve missed everything,” he said with a sigh. “I haven’t even felt the baby kick and that-” He huffed, “it sucks, Y/N. I’m so sorry, you must be feeling so alone.”

“Hey,” you smiled to make him smile. “Don’t do that to yourself, it’s your job. Plus- you’re home soon and we can experience the rest of the pregnancy together. You’ve only missed the yucky stuff, the morning sickness and the mood swings.” You joked and he chuckled. “And I haven’t felt alone once, with an amazing husband like you- how could I? You call me all the time, text me good morning, good afternoon and good night, and leave me little baggies of Gummi Bears all around the house. Even though you’re not here physically, you’re still here with me.”

“I love you,” he smiled. “And I can’t wait to see you.”

“Right back at you,” you smiled.

You heard Chris’ trailer door open in the background. “Yo, Chris.” Sebastian’s voice came through and Chris turned as he walked into the frame. “Anthony and Joe-” He cut himself off when he saw you on Chris’ laptop screen; you smiled and waved, drawing him closer to the screen. “Y/N, hey!”

“Hi Seb,” you chuckled. “Have you come to take my husband away from me?”

“Yeah,” Sebastian chuckled. “Sorry, but Captain America is needed.” You smiled and shook your head, as if to say “it’s okay”. “You look great though, the pregnancy must be coming along well.” He commented and you nodded. “Chris is very excited to wrap up so he can get back to you, he’s been pouting about missing the experience since he got here. Everyone’s working double time so he can go home early and we can stop listening to him whine,” he said then laughed when you did.

“Shut up,” Chris chuckled, shoving Sebastian away from the laptop. “I’ll talk to you later, sweetheart.” He told you and you nodded; you smiled and waved at Sebastian, who was behind Chris waving at you. “Take it easy, alright?”

“You got it, Cap.” You saluted him and he chuckled. “Bye Buck,” you gave Sebastian a two finger wave and he chuckled, returning it. You blew Chris a kiss and he blew you one before he hung up the call. You slipped your phone back into your pocket and returned to painting, patting your belly ever so gently and whispering. “Your daddy will be home soon.”

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Writing Dump #25

AN: did I already post this? Oh well… some more unfinished prompts. I don’t edit these so disregard mistakes


It was clear that they were complete opposite. She was an Early Bird and he was an Night Owl…


Hinata was sitting up in bed when Sasuke finally came home. She watched him tiredly walk around their room. He had just returned from a mission and refused to see a medic because he wanted to make sure he got home before she fell asleep.

“You don’t have to rush home for me,” said Hinata, a frown formed at her lips. It was sweet but he could get hurt rushing things like that. Despite her protest, she did stay up for him too.

He pulled off his shirt and looked at her. “Yes, I do.”

She got out of bed and helped him undress. “I can break my curfew for you.” She smiled, holding his ANBU mask.

He took her elbow before pressing his lips to her temple. “Go to bed,” he said. “I’m going to take a shower.” Once he gave the command, he could visibly see her stubbornness grow too rapidly to stop and so he continued, “…unless you’ll join me.”

Opal eyes widened and a blush rose to her cheeks. “Sasuke…” she mumbled. He thought he won until her night gown dropped to the floor. Sasuke watched his girlfriend walk into the bathroom and he soon followed after.

By the time he woke up, Hinata was already gone running errands. He was certainly convinced that he was dating a senior citizen. He sat up and padded to the kitchen. There was a plate of breakfast waiting on him with a note: “Have a Great Day, with Love.”

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Five perfumes on the birth of cities

1. On the digging of the first foundations of Mars City, 2100. Well, this is embarrassing. The start was Mars Base one. You can still visit Mars Base one, it’s under Chang Square now. There wasn’t much of a ceremony. Everyone was suited up, of course. Our priority was to get the stilts in to make the home module functional, for personal comfort reasons as much as anything else. The return to gravity was not playing well with our digestion. Carbon, plastic and hydrogen sulphide.

2. On breaking soil for Mars City 2 atop Olympus Mons, following the Glorious revolution, 8795. It is fair to say that we were not expecting to be outcompeted by our gut flora. Nevertheless, the conditions in the early days on Mars allowed a fascinating insight into accelerated evolution regimes. As you can imagine, things got a bit uncomfortable during E. Coli’s rapid rise to sentience. In a way we welcomed the revolution, when it came. OK, so we were no longer able to shit. Some dealt with this by becoming enormously large, whilst others uploaded themselves to the cloud. One of the delights of Mars City 2 was watching giant humans barrel down the slopes on their homeward commute for the day. Anyway: a refined bouquet of hydrogen sulphide with a light sprinkling of Mars dust and ozone.

3. On the construction of Cloud.1, 10271. We tried living without a city in the cloud for a while. It didn’t quite work. The human consciousness needs geography, or else it starts trying to invent it, and trust me, you don’t want to live in a place where everyone is inventing their own different geography. So we made Cloud.1. Actually we adapted the code from MineCraft, because we wanted to honour the citadels of our digital ancestors. We hadn’t quite got the sensory experience correct at that point, though. So: banana, petrol and wet dog, with lingering notes of hot dust.

4. On the launch of the Eternal Rain, which might be termed a city by dint of containing multitudes of simulated neighbourhoods, even though it is in fact a spaceship approximately the size of a toaster, 16090. By this time, the larger remaining humans had begun to jostle around on the surface of Mars like irritable boulders, terrifying their Coli masters and bulldozing nearly 90% of our unprotected cloud servers. The eternal rain was, we felt, our last great hope. Of course, the young folk refused to believe that they were in the cloud in the first place, so it was left to us older instances to direct its construction using our few remaining personal robots. It is, I think, our greatest achievement. We have limited the spawning of new instances to preserve our processing power, but the sensory experience is now exquisite. The earthy tang of a digital garden in the morning dew, with hints of tomato leaf, marigold and decomposing pigeon.

5. Upon the rounding of the flat Earth and the consolidation of its cities, 88765. I speak as one of the few remaining original instances. We live in a constant struggle to preserve processing power against a proletariat who do not believe in this as a limit. As a desperate measure, we have made our geography spherical, drastically limiting the amount of space available. We have modelled it upon the old Earth, whose biomes I think we have made a fair effort at approximating. The cities, too, we have modelled after the ancient ones. We have long been time-limiting the new instances. There are some who regard this as a new start, requiring a new numbering system and an end to the support of old instances. So this I fear may be my last: dust, and dust, and metal, and apple blossom, rounded out by the carbon-smell of deep space from an old spaceship’s sooty coat.

Arranged Love Pt.8 | Jungkook

Originally posted by jungxook

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 14.5 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Epilogue

Summary: Whatever happened to true love? To fairytale romance? Where was that magical spark, those lingering kisses, the butterflies in your stomach, the fireworks in your heart? Where was the romance and the honesty in a forced love? And, above all else, how did you and Jungkook even find yourself being forced into an arranged marriage simply for publicity?

Word Count: 4,987

Genre: Fluff/angst

A/N: I kinda really like this chapter so :3

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{Part 1} Departure // Mark Tuan

Originally posted by blondetuan

Pairing: Mark x Reader

Genre: Sad // Angst

Summary: After receiving hate online about your relationship, you plan to break up with Mark on your 3 year anniversary and he comes home to find you packing.

A/N: I decided to do this in two parts! The next part will be smut~ So I hope you enjoy this part 1!

Read {PART 2} here

Mark took the steps up to your shared apartment two at a time with your favourite bottle of perfume and a bag filled with both of your favourite snacks and ramen. It wasn’t just any normal Sunday afternoon when he came home after meeting with the other members of GOT7 – as a matter of fact it was a pretty special occasion; your three year anniversary with your boyfriend.

He reached the door, tapping in the lock code and hearing the usual cheerful beeping that granted him access to his place, before stepping in and closing the door behind him – only to find his eyes falling to the large, black suitcase that lay toppled over on the floor just in front of him. Mark looked at it, feeling severely confused and bewildered as he set his bags on the side table in the living room, putting his hand to the back of his neck and looking around the living room to notice that most of your stuff was missing.

“(Y/N)…?” he called out gently, before hearing a faint crashing sound coming from the bedroom. Alarm bells rang off inside Mark’s mind as he sprinted to the room, bounding through the door to see you on your knees on the floor with your back facing him, fighting with your heavy tri-pod that toppled on to the ground. Mark felt dread wash over his body as he approached you, circling around to face you as he squatted down in front of you, observing your slightly red, blotchy face and puffy eyes.

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A Couple of Idiots

* Laurens × Reader
* Modern
* Request: maybe a modern Laurens × reader fic where they get into a fight about something stupid? Then the reader comments how his favorite animals must be turtles because they’re slow like his mind and he loses it and then the reader stays over at someone else’s and they are sure to mention how stupid the argument is until they make up?

A/N: Here we go! Anon, I loved this idea so I hope you like what I’ve written. An update on my end, I’ve got another imagine started and three more ideas in the works. However, if you want to request something go right ahead! If I get a request I’ll back burner my other ideas to work on it. Now this isn’t proof read but I finished it and wanted to get it up for you as I don’t know when I’d get time to read it over.

Word Count: 2,151


You blinked you eyes opened. It was Saturday, which meant both you and your boyfriend didn’t need to work today. You rolled over expecting to find him there. Usually you were greeted by his calm sleeping face, curls falling freely and covering his face slightly. Today, that side was empty. The covers were thrown back hastily and left, which was odd as John usually attempted to make his side presentable.

You climbed out of bed and went to find your boyfriend. The living room was empty, as was the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. That only left the spare room which John had changed into an office. You allowed it only after he promised to turn it into a nursery when needed.

You pushed the door open slightly and found him slumped over his desk with his back to you. His laptop was on and papers were spread out. He was grumbling under his breath. You checked the time. It was only 8:30. Why was he working?

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Today, I fucked up by drinking juice.

I was home visiting my parents for the weekend. My parents went to bed early that night, but I decided to stay up for a bit longer to finish up some reports. At some point, I got thirsty and tiptoed downstairs to the kitchen to get some raspberry lemonade.

Now, I prefer to work on my laptop in the dark. I don’t know why, but it makes me feel more productive. Upon returning to my room, I took a couple drinks of the lemonade, set it on my nightstand, turned off the lights, and crawled into my old bed.

The lemonade had only been sitting out for 10 or so minutes untouched when I took another drink of it and noticed it tasted kind of… grapey. Weird, did my parents switch brands?

Thinking nothing of it, I returned to my work and repeated this a few times. Until I took a drink and felt a few very solid somethings go POP! in my mouth, followed by an explosion of very disgusting grape flavor.

Something was moving in my mouth.

I turned the lights back on to witness DOZENS of sugar ants in and around my cup, all of them on a one way path to salvation via throwing themselves in and drowning in sugary lemonade nirvana.

I reacted appropriately and projectile vomited onto the floor and onto my bed, all the while screaming WHAT THE FUCK ANTS, WHAT THE FUCK ANTS, WHAT THE FUCK ANTS, WHAT THE FUCK ANTS.

This is why I don’t visit my parents very often.

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.

KBTBB HC - If there was a fire and you were still inside (or thought to be) [w/ GIFs]

Hey guys, I know I’ve been kind of M.I.A lately. Haven’t had the time to write as much as I’d like, so whenever I get a chance I’m going to post up little headcannons. This one is for the KBTBB boys. Got the idea from a scene I saw in another Voltage game (you’ll know it lol) Hope you enjoy :)


Baba had just returned into town from another heist. He hated leaving you home by yourself, but you couldn’t afford to take off work to go with him. He had a present he’d gotten for you tucked under his arm, excited to see your reaction to him coming home a day early. He hadn’t told you so as to surprise you. But it was him that got a surprise when he turned the corner to see the building you two lived in up in smoke, fire bursting through some of the windows on the upper floors. Baba dropped everything and took off at a dead sprint towards it. The two of you lived on the upper levels. 

He sprinted towards the door, guarded and blocked off by the firefighters trying to put the fire out. He knocked several people out of the way, throwing them to the side like rag dolls in order to get inside. He had to get to you at all costs. It took several of the firefighters to eventually wrangle him and prevent him from running inside. Baba fought them with all of his strength, screaming your name as they dragged him away from the entrance. 

It was then that he heard someone call his name from behind. He immediately stopped and looked over, seeing you emerging from the crowd. You had soot on your face from the flames, but you were there. The firefighters, seeing the situation and understanding what had happened, let Baba go. Then, like a flash of lightning, he ran to you and gathered you in his arms. He pressed his face into your neck as he trembled, holding you to him as if he would never let go. 

“Thank God…. Thank God you’re alright.” He whispered, feeling you wrap your arms around him in response. 

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A guest in the hotel had poorly discarded a lit cigarette, and the small fire that resulted erupted into one that consumed several floors. All within the matter of minutes. Eisuke had been in the conference room on the first floor when the fire started. The alarms had gone off and everyone began fleeing, the overhead sprinklers raining down water on them. But Eisuke didn’t follow the others. It was the second that alarm went off and he realized what it was for, smelling the smoke, that he realized that you were up in the penthouse cleaning. You’d be trapped there with the flames coming up towards you. 

Eisuke shoved through the crowds of people rushing out of the building, sprinting towards the stairs. If he got t you quick enough, he thought, he’d be able to get you out safely. But he had to hurry. He took several stairs at a time, his thoughts solely on you. He began to panic as he ran, wondering what would happen if the flames blocked his way up and he couldn’t get to you. Or blocked you as you tried to come down. 

But as he turned the bend towards the next flight, he saw you running down the stairs. Relief slammed into him and he took the next several stairs to you and grabbed your hand. Your eyes met for a brief moment, as if to confirm that the other was alright. But then as the smoke began to thicken, Eisuke pulled you behind him as the two of you ran back down the stairs. You had your other arm in front of you, covering your mouth from the smoke.  

The two of you managed to make it out before the flames consumed the top floors, only by a few minutes. The two of you panted as you stood on the street next to the building with the rest of the crowd. It took a moment or two for you to catch your breath, but when you did, the two of you looked at each other softly. Glad that you both were alright. Eisuke gently pulled you against him, holding your head to his chest protectively. 

“I’m glad I was able to get to you in time…” He whispered against your hair, rubbing your back soothingly. 

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It had been a rival gang that had started it while Soryu had been out one day. He’d gotten a threatening phone call, eluding to an accident you were about to have. He didn’t even listen to the rest, he tore out of his office and rushed home as quickly as possible. His worst nightmares became a reality when he turned the corner and saw the flames licking the sky above your house, consuming it. 

Without a second thought, Soryu broke through a window as passerby’s gathered around the house, sirens wailing in the distance as the firefighters neared. But he had something precious in the house that he couldn’t wait for them to get there for. Breaking through the glass, he held his arm in front of his face to shield himself from the smoke searching for you. He called your name several times, worried distantly that he was too late. You called out a few moments later to his relief, your voice hoarse and weak from breathing in the smoke. You were trapped in the bedroom, the door leading to your freedom consumed by the flames. Soryu took his foot and kicked it flat, rushing in and gathering you in his arms. 

You didn’t protest, too weak from smoke inhalation to do anything but allow him to carry you to safety. The air outside felt crisp and fresh in comparison when the two of you made it outside safely. Your lungs protested to the contrast, causing you to cough as Soryu continued to hold you, walking towards one of the ambulances to have you checked out. It was about that time that you felt the tears falling down your cheeks, realizing what would’ve happened had Soryu not shown up. You wrapped your arms around his neck and held onto him, gently sobbing against him. 

He continued to hold you up against him as you cried, refusing you put you down. “I’ve got you baby… I won’t let you go I promise.” 

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A kitchen fire had broken out at one of the galleries Ota was having his displays at, and with all of the grease that had been around from all the cooking, it exploded quickly into a all-consuming fire. Ota had stepped outside just beforehand in order to speak to one of the gallery attendants. You’d been inside with him when he’d stepped out, with him asking for you to remain inside with everyone else while he spoke with the attendant. It was the screaming of other guests that caused him to come running back. 

He kicked himself repeatedly as he ran towards the building, wishing he’d just asked for you to come along with him. He knew you were still inside and had to get to you. People ran out of the building in droves, slowing his efforts as he tried to shove past people to try to get back inside. What if you’d been hurt in the grease explosion? Thoughts raced through his mind until he was shoving and pushing through the crowd in a blind panic. 

But that was the moment his eyes met yours as you rushed out behind a couple. You appeared to be unhurt, though you did appear to be quite fearful. For good reason. Ota could’ve cried in relief knowing that you weren’t hurt. His life had flashed before his eyes when he thought something had happened to you. And he felt a twinge in his heart at knowing that it was your heart that beated in his chest, not his own. It had been yours the day he’d fallen in love with you. When you saw Ota, you rushed forward to him and threw yourself into his arms, so happy that he was also safe. 

“Are you hurt?” Ota asked gently, and when you shook your head with a small smile, he let out a breath, “Thank goodness.” 

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It had been a bomb that’d been planted in the building you two lived in that had caused the fire. Mamoru had been returning home to you after a long day at work when it had gone off. He heard the explosion from down the street, and he dropped all of the groceries he’d picked up. Screaming your name, he ran towards the building. His feet pounded against the ground as he ran to you, ignoring everyone else who had gathered around watching the building catch fire. 

He ignored the other policeman and firefighters who’d quickly gathered to the building, shoving past them without a second thought. His very existence was still upstairs, at home waiting for him. His heart shattered at the very thought of anything happening to you, and him not being there for you. He momentarily hated himself for it, thinking about how he hadn’t been able to protect you when you’d needed it most. He took several stairs at a time as he ran up towards you, racing against the rising heat as he ascended. 

You practically ran into him as you ran down the stairs. The world fell away for just a moment then, feeling himself able to breathe once again seeing you. He grabbed you then, checking you over. You’d been heading down to go pick something up from a friend when the explosion had occurred. You told him that you’d been a few flights below and were unharmed. Knowing that you still needed to exit the building, the two of you rushed outside to the waiting ambulances. 

As you reached safety, he gathered you in his arms then, unable to keep himself from touching you. He needed to hold you more than he needed to breathe. It hurt to without your touch. He realized how close he’d come to losing you, and that thought caused him to squeeze you tightly. As if someone were going to tear you away from him. 

“You scared me sweetheart…” He said, wrapping his arms around you and leaning his forehead against your shoulder. Your own heart tore as you felt his hot tears hit your shoulder, knowing you would’ve felt the exact same way had it been him inside. You ran your hand through his hair soothingly, assuring him that you were okay.

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Prank War

A/N; My BROTP is Moreid. I just love them so much. I’m having serious Moreid feels today and I always felt like they should’ve given us more about their prank war. So here is a little BROTP: Moreid fluffy, pranky stuff taking place after the prank episode in season 7.

Also, these pranks are your basic ones, because I am not smart enough to come up with Reid-level pranks like the one from season 7.

Enjoy something a little different, in honor of my blog’s third birthday!


Pretty boy thought he could record himself screaming into Morgan’s phone and that would end it? He was wrong. Morgan had an idea, but if he could pull it off, it would definitely escalate this prank war. “Bring it on, Pretty Ricky,” he thought.

He made his way to the office supply store to get what he needed. It was going to take a long time, but he was committed. Spencer had it coming. Try to hustle me in basketball. The cashier looked at Morgan inquisitively, wondering why in the hell he was buying one billion of the same thing (more like 200, but still). He just shrugged and smiled, “Getting a friend back.” He chuckled, telling the cashier of his plan.

“Good luck, sir,” the employee responded. “I hope you win!”

“It’s gonna take all night, but it’ll teach him to mess with me.”

Morgan returned home in the early hours of the morning, only hours before he had to get to work, but it was totally worth it. Pretty Boy was in for it.


Spencer woke up the same time he always did and quickly got ready for work. He was pretty proud of that prank he pulled on Morgan, but he couldn’t have done it without Penelope’s help. That’d show him. He picked up his bag and ran down the stairs, realizing he was running a little late - when he reached his car however, he was stopped in his tracks.

All he could do was stare at his car open-mouthed. It was COVERED in post-its of all different colors, and on the side he was facing read “Bring it, Pretty Ricky!” in big, blue post-it letters.

He was already running late and there was no chance of him catching the train, so driving to work in the post-it car it was. The little pieces of paper were coming off the car here and there as he made his way to work, and as he was getting out of the car some of them stuck to him. He walked into the conference room flustered and covered in pieces of colored paper. He glared at Morgan, who only returned the stare. Game on, Morgan. 

The team was well aware of the ongoing war - but they just sat there and laughed.


Both of them always conducted themselves with professionalism while they were on a case, but on their off time, all bets were off. Or rather, the war was on. Big things didn’t seem to get to Morgan, but a couple of small things might get him to break. Things that he normally took for granted.

While on their latest case, they had to stay in town for a couple of days, and Morgan and Spencer were rooming together. They used to be able to get separate rooms for everyone, but the Bureau was tightening the purse strings lately.

The next morning, Morgan pulled his toiletries and clothes and of his bag to get ready to go to the local police station. Every morning he showered, put on his clothes, brushed his teeth and went to the bathroom.

Next thing Reid knew, Morgan was screaming, “Dammit, Reid!” Pretty Boy had put a plastic sheet on the toilet seat in the middle of the night, so the pee went everywhere. He walked outside to Spencer doubling over in laughter.

“You’re dead, kid.”

Spencer was laughing so hard he was crying. It was just the beginning.


A day later, the case concluded and the team was back on the jet on the way back to Quantico. Morgan had a weakness for Oreos; he loved them, he could eat them all the time. He knew they had some on the jet, but he didn’t dare ask Spencer to grab them for him. Who knows what he would do? But JJ had just passed the cabinet, so he asked her instead.

The package was unopened, and they were mint. His favorite. He peeled open to package and popped one in his mouth, humming with delight at the taste of one of his favorite things.

Spencer had quickly peered his way, and smirked. He didn’t know…yet.

Morgan popped another. And then another. On his fourth one, his eyes popped open. He opened the box all the way and opened another couple of cookies.

“Toothpaste, REID!” he exclaimed. 

Hotch, JJ, Emily and Rossi started laughing under their collective breaths.

“Concede!” Spencer screamed laughing, “Name me the master of the prank war - the one who drives you insane, and I will stop!

“Never.” Morgan responded, matter-of-factly. “I will get you. I am the master.”


The war had died down over the past week, but only because Morgan was trying to think of something good and it was his birthday. Garcia had made him a cake and they were going to celebrate in the conference room. Pretty Ricky hadn’t tried anything else - he figured he was waiting for retaliation.

Garcia brought in the cake. It was something… It looked like a giant pile and white with sprinkles on it. “I made it myself!” she said excitedly.

It sure looked like it. But hey, it was the thought that counted. “Thanks, babygirl,” he said, giving her a kiss on the forehead.

“Birthday boy cuts the first slice!” she said happily as she passed Morgan the knife. It was a messy looking cake, but he couldn’t deny it looked delicious.

He took the knife from her hand and gently pushed it in the cake. A rush of air hit him in the face. Icing was everywhere. He was covered in sprinkles. It was a balloon covered in icing and sprinkles. His eyes were closed, but as soon as they opened, he looked at Reid.

Spencer pumped his hands in the air - a triumphant looked donning his smug little face. “Garcia didn’t make the cake, I did.” 

Morgan stood up from his seat, ready to chase Pretty Ricky to the ends of the earth, through space and time, to have his revenge.

Spencer began to walk out of the room and Morgan, covered in icing, just screamed after him, “What? Can’t the birthday boy get a hug?!”

luceromma4403  asked:

Wait, my mistake. I meant #10 or #11 with Roman.

Haha, no worries, I got you! I gave you #11. I hope you like it!!!

#11 “I didn’t know your voice went that high! I should scare you more often!”

You picked up Roman from the airport, what felt like, not too long ago. He was coming home early from the Australia tour because he got hurt. Luckily, it wasn’t anything too serious, but he was gonna be out for the next month. He hurt his shoulder first by hitting the ring post and then the spear afterwards made it worse. Like a good girlfriend, you did what you could to help him get through this past month and in return, you got to spend a lot more time with him.

Roman seemed to enjoy the extra time you spent together too…like a lot more than he should have. On top of the extra sex you had, he suddenly caught the prank bug and he was pranking you left and right. You couldn’t help but be on your guard at all times because you always felt that there was something waiting for you.

The worst of it came a few days ago. In the garage, you had this clear mat that you used when moving in to keep extra dirt from tracking in the house and onto the carpet. You guys didn’t want to have to shampoo the carpet near the front door literally right after you move in. But anyway, this clear mat had little spikes in the bottom to keep it secure to the carpet. The little spikes weren’t sharp in the slightest, but if you were to step on it barefoot, it would hurt or at the very least startle you. So Roman had the great idea to pull this specific prank while you were in the shower.

Unknown to you, Roman had placed the mat upside down outside the bathroom door. He then proceeded to turn off the water heater so the water went cold and then used the breaker box to switch the power off to the bathroom and the hallway lights. And you did exactly what he wanted. You got out of the shower, grabbed your towel and went to leave the bathroom only to step on the mat, startling you (and hurting a bit) when you stepped on it, earning a scream. You heard Roman laughing from the other room.

You don’t know where this prank bug came from (normally, you two joined forces against Dean or Jimmy and/or Jey), but it had been irritating the crap out of you. Maybe he needed something to do while off the road and it was driving him crazy.

Considering that it’s October, the stores were already selling Halloween masks and such. If Roman wanted to prank you, you could prank him too.

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Broken (Percival Graves x Reader)

Request- If you could, maybe a graves imagine where you try to leave him after what happened to him with grindlewald, and he’s being distant, but he doesn’t want you to leave because he’s broken and ends up crying and just…just break my heart please ily


“I’ve got to find him.” You said trying to convince Seraphina Picquery, the president of MACUSA, to let you lead a search party for Percival Graves. Percival was your coworker you two worked closely together, eventually it got intimate. He went on a mission months ago, when he returned he was different, if it wasn’t for Mr. Scamander no one would have known that Gellert Grindelwald was impersonating him.

It had been two weeks since then and you were non-stop asking for a search party. “Fine. Take Williams and Martin with you. You leave tomorrow.”  “Thank you Madame President. You won’t regret this. I’ll bring him home.”

After speaking with Aurors Jack Williams and Alice Martin, you left for your apartment so you could began packing. The next morning you were up bright and early, grabbing your bag you apparated to MACUSA headquarters. You met up with Jack and Alice who were standing near the entrance. “Ready?” Asked Jack after you exchanged greetings. “As I’ll ever be.” And with that the three of you grabbed onto a portkey. Within a minute the group of three were in the fields of Britain. “Okay, Grindelwald’s last known location in Britain is about 3 miles north from here in an old part of Cheshire.” You said looking down at the multiple notes you had scribbled down.

“What do you think is going to be there?” Alice asked. “Hopefully Percival.” You murmured, staring off at the horizon. And with that the three of you set off heading north. A little over an hour later you could see a worn out building. Parts of the roof was caving in and the building was littered with aged posters. The yard all around was dead, dried grass but within the middle was a path like scar. You and the others crept towards the house, wands at the ready.

 When you entered the house you were shocked by what you saw. In the corner pressed against a wall was a bed with wrinkled sheets. A few chairs littered the floor and empty cans of food stood everywhere. In the dim lighting of the building you could see a door that was open a crack. Hearing a noise from there, you opened the door and descended down the creaking wooden steps.

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