and got to see anna again

It starts with a want.
I want  a thigh gap.
I want a flat stomach.
Very basic non threatening desires.
So you start to cut down on sweets.
It gets a little more serious,
I want to weigh double digits.
I want to see my rib cage.
You cut out breakfast, your satisfied for a little.
But you could do better, you could get smaller,
so you cut out lunch, who needs it really?
And your briefly happy.  
So you eat breakfast again.
It wont make a difference, right? But it does,
you can feel your stomach inflate, your thighs look like whales.
And it all becomes a need.
You need a thigh gap. You need a flat stomach.
You need to weigh double digits and see your rib cage.
You stop eating entirely, you don’t care for a while, you just need to be thin. But when you realize you've gone to far, its too late and you drowning.
—  We are all just broken boys and girls. (t.m)

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Mod Anna! Y u no in pictures? You deserve credit as well! :3

WELL, compared to Tem and Dusty, I don’t feel like I really do that much. Once Tem and Dusty finish the pages, I then look them over and give them the thumbs up if everything looks fine. If I see an error, spelling or maybe a minor art error, then it gets fixed and I look over it again.

Other than that, I’ll sort through asks if needed, but Tem and Dusty pretty much got them under control.

So I don’t really think I ‘deserve’ credit for anything really, i’m just a helper. I also wasn’t even part of the Underline Staff until the Skell Bros first showed up. I had become friendly with Dusty just through the Undertale fandom and followed the comic. I saw a mistake on the most recent page at the time and then decided to point it out (hoping that I wasn’t stepping out of line, haha) and then after that, I started getting the pages to look over before they posted.

The rest is history as they say. I don’t feel left out or anything when I don’t show up in ‘love’ posts or other asks, because I don’t do the bulk of the work and if Dusty and Tem don’t have to draw me, then that’s less that they have on their plate. 

Also, I showed up a TON in the 1 year anniversary video, and it’s hilarious. PLUS I was a freaking main character in ‘Choices’ (a surprise from Dusty and Tem) which practically blew my little fangirl mind. 

So, it’s all good. Thanks for your concern though. :3

We all know I have never been Francis’s strongest advocate, but this moment kind of got me? Like, good job, Regbo and A-Pops? I think it helped that the preluding episodes had Francis puppy-dog eyeing Lola again (because Mary was eyeing another man AGAIN) and when Lola was like “Nah, bro, I don’t make mistakes twice. I have actual integrity” Francis LEGITIMATELY respected that. It helps that there is no actual romantic love there, they just see each other as family and they actually make good co-parents. Like??? I’m just absolutely delighted by that??? So the brush of the cheek here by Francis is saying: “Thank you for my son, thank you for being a solid rock, thank you for being strong. Please be safe.” And it sucks that any interaction between these two is to either 1) stir jealousy out of Mary, or 2) rile Catherine via her insecurities about mistresses and in this very case her jealous regarding Narcisse, or 3) ship fandom reaction (because you know writers fucking do that, we all know it). They have a solid relationship and for the most part it is healthy. And maybe I’m grateful that the writers don’t dwell too hard on these two, because they would probably ruin them like pretty much all ships on this show.

i finally got around to watching frozen all the way through and… it was okay???? like it was cute and endearing but it also felt pretty simple? some of the songs felt kind of wicked-esque (especially let it go and love is an open door, latter which i actually found really catchy) and others felt… really unnecessary (see olaf’s weird song about summer). olaf felt pretty pointless, as well as that business weasel guy. and kristoff and anna felt really forced. i liked that the ‘true love’ was sisterly and not romantic for once, but i really didn’t think they needed to make kristoff and anna a couple. i ended up liking anna’s character more than i thought i would.

He couldn’t remember off the top of his head how he got there, or at least how he got into the position he was currently in. A familiar warmth was curled up on his right, but also felt his arm instinctively wrapped around someone else on his left. Kristoff opened his eyes slowly to see that he was still in the side drawing room where he had gone to sit down after the ball, except now he had both Anna and Elsa curled up with him.

The Yule ball came back in hazy memories, he obviously hadn’t been asleep for very long but his mind was trying very hard to doze off again. He couldn’t recall what the loud mouthed trade merchant from the west had said, but he remembered his blood boiling as the man laughed. There was always at least one at every party. One person, too big for their own breeches as they looked down (or up, rather) their noses at Kristoff. First it was Sven. Then Kristoff’s clothes. Then his status. Then his breeding.

Kristoff resisted running a hand over his face as it all came rushing back. The asshole had called him a mongrel, asking if Kristoff enjoyed being the royal pet. The mountain man was very much ready to split the seams of his new formal coat to punch the guy in the face, but a sudden drop in temperature stopped them both. 

Kristoff could count on one hand how many times he had seen Elsa truly angry. He didn’t know if it was the hour, or the chaotic morning, or maybe a glass too much of wine, but frost was curling out from under the Queen’s dress as she walked up to the merchant. 

It was too bad the man didn’t have a tail, it would have been wedged very nicely between his legs as he scampered off. 

Everything died down after that, both Kristoff and Elsa irate and Anna desperately trying to calm them both down. He had left them so he could cool off, not wanting to argue or start a fight, especially not with Anna, especially not tonight. 

He could hear her murmuring against his chest, bringing his attention back to the present. Kristoff couldn’t help but smile softly at how different they were. Anna was practically on top of him, where as Elsa was curled up against him, her feet hooked around one of his legs and his arm instinctively keeping her from falling backwards off the couch. 

Rude merchants and nobles be damned, these two were his family. He wasn’t fond of politics, and less so of proper etiquette, but these two crazy women made it worth it. 

Anna and her sister Elsa.

No, he corrected himself in his head. Our sister. 

My family.

“My sister’s school was putting on a Frozen show, and she took my Anna cosplay without asking to use in it. When I found it, the skirt had been torn and looked as though the bottom had been dragged in dirt, and the top/sleeves had sauce from their pizza all over them. My sister and the girl who wore it got severely punished, and the school gave me a check for it, but I will never be able to see Anna again without feeling mad”

&& Older Brother’s Best Friend || Open

It hurt to see him with another girl. Again. It seemed like the handsome man was luring them in like moths to the flame. Anna stod there, next to her older brother, watching as his best friend walked over to them with his new girlfriend hanging off of his arm. The brunette bit on her bottom lip, only giving the man a small smile and a nod as a greeting but then she turned her green eyes away, taking another sip of the alcoholic drink she had in her hand. Suddenly she got an urge to just get drunk and forget about how her heart ached with every gaze at her crush and his ‘flavor of the week’.

Not a half an hour later Anna was giggling uncontrollably as she danced with some stranger. She was swaying her hips to the beat of the music, enjoying how his strong arms wrapped around her slender frame. She saw her crush from the corner of her eye and their gazes met for a split of a second but she quickly turned her attention back to her dance partner and just focused on grinding more against him. 

Imagine Anna seeing her parents again, running to them and hugging them and looking at their smiling faces, realizing that despite their smiles they seem so sad, realizing that she doesn’t know where she is or how she got there. Suddenly feeling so cold after a brief moment of feeling nothing at all, and her eyes blinded by a bright light, then once again there are arms around her, and she looks down to see her sister Elsa sobbing her name.

Pride on the Sound

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He’s not sure what he’s doing here, pressed against a crowd of barely-clad bodies, but Dean knows it’s definitely Jo’s fault. He’s got smudges of multi-colored paint on his arms and more glitter than a kindergarten all over his everything. The crowd cheers as another group marches by, singing songs and throwing gummy dicks and boobs into the crowd. Jo catches one and pops it in her mouth, turning back briefly to grin at Dean before leaning forward again to lose herself in the crowd pressing against the barriers and the back of the cute redhead she’s been chatting with since they got there. Eva? Anna? Whatever. Jo’s the one who got CPO Walker to grant them leave from base today along with a handful of other sailors just assigned to Kitsap. He and Jo had served together when they first enlisted, down in San Diego, but had been assigned to different ships for the past few years. It’d been a shock to see her cross the mess at Kitsap, but Dean would be lying if it wasn’t damn good to see her. She’d introduced him to Adam, who’d served with her at their last base in Yokosuka. And today she’d roped both of them and a kid named Kevin into coming down with her. “You can’t miss your first Pride in Seattle!” she’d said across the table one morning. Dean had been too tired to argue, so here he is in a colorful, sweaty mass of people covered in rainbow paraphernalia.

Despite the abundance of naked, painted chests around him, Dean can’t help but be glad for the fitted white tee Jo let him wear. She’d also insisted on the pair of jeans that “make your ass look amazing, jerkwad,” which he’s regretting if only because of the heat. There have been enough appreciative looks that he can’t be too mad. He grins as Jo sways further into the red-head, letting himself get caught up in the noise. He whistles as the Gay Men’s Chorus tromps by, singing “We Are Young” and accepts a fabric lei and a kiss of the cheek from a troupe of drag queens with coconut bras. Marriage equality is a thing and he’s going to enjoy the hell out of being surrounded by people as thrilled and relieved as he is. The crowd surges and knocks him off balance and into a solid chest. Grimacing, Dean looks back, apology half out of his mouth, only to see the most striking man he’s ever seen. Dark hair spiked with sweat, piercing blue eyes and a kind smile—and he’s shirtless, of course, exposing broad shoulders and firm arms. “No worries,” he says, squeezing Dean’s hips –how did he miss those hands—before stepping back again. Dean can’t help but smile back at him before turning back around.

This time, though, he’s aware of the presence behind him. Tall-Dark-and-Studly stays close, obviously so if they weren’t in the middle of the heart of Pride. The crowd shifts enough that Dean finds him more to his side than at his back, darts sideways glances to see the joy on the man’s face as he whoops at a passing float. A redhead throws her arm around his shoulder and screams, “That’s my girl!” and the woman in massive sequined wings at the top of the float grins and waves at them. The redhead whoops again and the man laughs. Dean can’t help but stare as the sound reaches him, snapping out of it when he realizes the redhead is grinning at him. She winks before turning back to the parade.

He blushes and ducks his head only to find Jo staring at him too. He rolls his eyes and she sticks her tongue out at him before waggling her eyebrows in the universal “tap that” signal.

Ignoring the signals from both of the girls, Dean tries to focus on the parade again. It’s a river of sequins and spandex in every color possible, on every body possible. It’s beautiful. As he sees a couple of men crying as they kiss, he finds himself aching for the kid he used to be who had no concept of Pride or that he was anything other than broken or wrong. Shaking his head, Dean looks back to find Tall-Dark-and –Studly looking at him seriously. Dean shakes his head and smiles, but the man says “Do you need water?”

“Uh,” Dean stutters, blindsided by the simple question. But it’s hot and now that he’s mentioned it, Dean is getting overheated. “Yeah,” he says, ducking his head in thanks.

“C’mon,” the other man says, grabbing Dean’s wrist and leading him out of the crowd.

“Whoa, wait a sec,” Dean sputters. “I have-“ he says before realizing that Jo has the bag with their water bottles and she’s now a crowd of people away.

“Here,” T-D-&-S says, handing him an ice cold bottle. He’s already handing the vendor a five before Dean can catch up with what’s happening, cracking open a bottle of his own.  “Hydrate or die.”

Dean barks a laugh and takes a deep gulp of water before saying, “Thanks.  You didn’t need to do that.”

“Probably not,” TD&S says. “But, now I get to talk to you. So, I’m taking that as a win.”

“Uh,” Dean chokes, turning red.

Grinning the other man holds out his hand, “Castiel Novak, Medical Student.  Very concerned with the hydration of the cute man in front of him at Pride.”

“Dean Winchester,  IP1, Navy. Thankful for medical students concerned with hydration.”


“Ah,” Dean swallows. “Information Professional, Petty Officer First Class.” He winks. “At your service.”

Throwing his head back, Cas laughs. “Are you now? Well, I have some strategies we could go over. At my place?”

Licking his lower lip, Dean says, “I think I can help you out, Doc. Least I can do after you came to my rescue.” He shakes the now-empty water bottle before grabbing Castiel’s and tossing them into the nearby recycling bin. They walk down the street, smiling at the crowd and handing out high fives to those that ask.

As they turn off the main street, Castiel says, “Call me Cas.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Sir?” Cas pauses midstride to look at Dean.

Dean winks, “Medical personnel are commissioned officers—above my rate.”

“Interesting. And do you take orders well?” Castiel leans close, crowding Dean against the parked car behind him.

“I guess you’ll find out.” Dean smirks and Castiel all but growls.

Yeah, Dean’s not sure how Jo got them there, but he’s damn sure he came. Best Pride ever.