and got some tan

Words: 7169

Genre: smut

Pairing: taehyungx(f)reader

Prompt: You tried to convince yourself that it was okay to try running away from him–he was in so much pain and it was causing him to do such awful things. But, you came to realize, there was no running away from this thing. You were in too deep to run.

A/N: this is based on the hyyh series plot, character & aesthetic (ie. i need u, prologue, run, also some of the hyyh concert vcr inspo too) version of taehyung. So basically, it will be loosely set within that universe and the tae here will be the tae there. It’s also pure filth and some angst. Intensity be comin thru like 📣📣📣📣 in this.
                     (ps. this is dedicated to my love @kstopping​)

Relevant tags/warnings: graphic smut. mentions of general law breaking and other mischief. body worship. orgasm denial. dom vibes. questionably unstable/unhealthy relationships. rough sex. read at ur own free will.
                      p.s. friends don’t let friends have unprotected sex.

It was that time of year when you found yourself sleeping under two thick blankets with your socks on, because the heat in your apartment was just about the worst at doing it’s job. Your head was the only thing out of the blanket and your nose was quite cold as you gazed at the shining letters of the clock by your bedside.

The space heater in the corner of your room was humming quietly, and you could hear the soft pang of late night autumn rain tagging the creaky windows. So far on this night, sleep was eluding you.

You considered what your life had become recently in your spare time (since you obviously weren’t about to find peace in a dream). You thought about the classes you were taking at your community college–how you really should sleep because you had an early class the next morning. You thought about how you should attempt to call your mother more often, she was probably worried about your condition. Truthfully she had every right to worry, you hadn’t been in the best of shape recently.

Like the tide when thinking about nearly anything in life, you suddenly thought about him. The reason you weren’t doing so well–Taehyung. Your closest friend, the boy you had known since you were both just kids, teasing each other but mostly, teasing others together. Yet, that constant in your life, that boy you had known for so long, was no longer around.

He hadn’t been for many months. Before that he showed up a few times, looking tired and beat down. He would inevitably disappear again, head hung low, eyes cushioned with dark bags, and a list of excuses to give you when you asked why and where. His low, smooth voice would flutter against your skin with that exhausted tone and he would walk out of your door again for an unknown period of time.

It had been—had it really been five months since the last time you had even heard from him?

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I wonder how much time Danielle spends thinking about how she is the actor dating Louis, but the musician dating Louis is the one starring in a movie.


3) What is your collection mostly; bones, pelts, taxidermy, a mixture?

Definitely a mixture! But I tend to collect mostly skulls, specifically, the skulls of mammals native to my home state (Michigan) and North America. But I’ve got some pelts, too — nearly all of them ones I’ve tanned myself. I’ve got several taxidermy mounts scattered around the house, but not many, as they take up a lot of space! Skulls are definitely my main focus, though.

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Red Room

I just dropped my wife off for work, on my way to work. She doesn’t have to be there for another hour, so I dropped her off at a tanning salon a couple blocks down the road. I got some hot selfies of her not getting any tan lines. She looks breath taking under the tanning bed lights. Better than any Snapchat filter could ever dream of.

Since it’s her first time tanning since our youngest was conceived, she said she will probably wind up burnt. I told her we should probably lay off of the spankings for a while. Not that she gets too many spankings, not nearly as many as she asks for anyway.. I can’t stand the thought of hurting her. But she loves being put in her place. And I’d be lying if I said I don’t get rigid, watching the way she reacts to rough bedroom play.. living room play, kitchen play, stairway play.. pretty much anywhere we can get away from the kids.

The first time she got me out of my clothes, was my brothers wedding night. We’d been together for about 6 months and the drinks made us realise that holding off any longer would be just plain silly. We knew that we loved each other, and were going to spend the rest of our lives together. Why not take the leap? Let’s explore.. let’s play.. I drove us to my place, at the time, our home now. Before I was up the stairs, she was already undressed on the bed. I wouldn’t dare make her wait any longer. Neither of us wanted to waste any time.

Much like a high, there is no time quite like the first time. Don’t get me wrong, we have quite the sex life to be proud of. But that first night, we were like crazy teenaged ninja turtles.. naked ninja turtles. Everything was so fast and energetic. We unlocked so many doors that night. She asked me to choke her and I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to please her but i couldn’t bring myself to inflict any pain on her. We finished out the night without anybody getting choked.

Throughout the next couple of weeks, that request came up rather frequently, and I gave in. Starting off lightly, but as weeks turned into months, my grip tightened. Not trying to cause any harm. But like chasing that first high, I needed to see that look on her face. That look of pure ecstasy, metaphorical ecstasy that is. We didn’t get into real ecstasy until our honeymoon. That’s a whole other story though.

The intense choking still didn’t set quite right with me though. So I started to back off, and I got no complaints from my better half. The more time we spent in the bedroom, the more I started to understand her. She didn’t need to be spanked and choked hard. She simply wanted to be spanked and choked. It wasn’t the pain she was after. She wanted to feel my hands on her. Feel me resist to her (playful) resistance. She just wanted to feel over powered. To know that I COULD do it. Despite her greatest efforts, I could choke her to unconsciousness if I chose to. But that is a choice I would NEVER make. I love her way too much for that to ever cross my mind.

Having that power and choosing not to use it, is what makes our love so strong and passionate. She knows that with that same power and force, I would defend her, protect her, with everything i had. That’s what makes her feel secure in my arms. And I want her to know that she is right in feeling secure around me. I got your back babe 😘

And when we outgrow this house and build our own castle, I promised her that we could have a special sex room. A secret room with a hidden entrance and sound proof walls. Full of toys and tie downs. A room full of pleasure and passion, to explore each other. To see how far we can push each other. To escape the outside world. To hide from the kids :p Someday we will have our Red Room. Right next to my arsenal haha

JR: I love all my show characters equally!! Lexa, Clarke…
*reads smudged writing on hand* Ramen, Baloney and… Thriller?