and got really emotional

a very lovely dragon, nice and detailed like most apple emojis without being too much. 9/10

the color seems a bit off but other than that, very nice, minimalistic. 8/10

the thick outline seems a bit much, but other than that, a very nice dragon. i really dig the geometric design, 7/10

oh. my gosh. im fuckin. dude im almost crying tears of joy just looking at this. this is one of the best dragons ive ever had the absolute privilege of setting eyes on. his cute eyes! his cute nose! his cute little horns!! the way he holds that little pearl!!! unratable/10, i dont even know any numbers high enough to do him justice. i would buy a samsung phone just for this emoji.

the shading seems a bit off, but other than that, this is one solid dragon. 8/10

listen i hate to say it but. really dude. htc did you even try on this one? come on it has no personality! minimalism is good but only to a point! it really pains me to say this, but 4/10. he has potential, but hes just not there yet.

the coloring is a nice step away from the bright green we usually see, and even looking past that shes just a gorgeous dragon in general. even without gradients, shes a very dynamic and interesting dragon. 11/10

this one looks a bit mischievous, very nicely done. he looks like hes about to pull a fun (but harmless) prank on you, hes just waiting for a good opportunity. 9/10, definitely a dragon with a personality.

a bit on the grumpy side, but that wont hold him back from being an interesting dragon. nice and minimalist while still keeping the dragon aesthetic going (looking at you thc) 8/10

wow that is a pretty color! and the tongue! id give it a 10, but the eyes seem a bit blank, could use more personality. 9/10 (at least she has eyes, thc)

somehow seems to stand apart from the other designs, but im not sure how. i really dig the beard though. 10/10, good design all around.

now that’s a dragon! its a very dynamic pose, while still keeping a nice simplistic design. he looks really soft too, id love to hug him. 12/10

grover goes away a lot for missions for Lord of the Wild Business™. sometimes it’s far from camp, sometimes it’s relatively nearby. a lot of them just happen to be in the more rural parts of the state of new york

he makes it a habit to always stop by the jacksons’ before going back to camp

it doesn’t matter if percy is there or not (and eventually grover forgets to use their mental bond to check), grover will show up at their door and sally will let him in offering hugs, food, a place on their couch, and an eager listener if he wants to talk about his mission 

usually, grover is exhausted and falls asleep almost immediately. there are a few missions where he shows up and sleeps on the couch for a day or two. after a particularly hard one, grover wakes up after a few days to find percy had moved him into his bedroom and taken the couch instead. sometimes, paul is there instead of sally, but is just as eager to talk. sometimes, all three are there and grover joins them for family dinners

sometimes, no one is there. percy will be off at school or at camp, sally and paul will be out or at work. once, grover falls asleep on their doormat. they give him a key, but he keeps losing it, so percy hides a key for grover under the mat (“not very secure,” grover says. percy shrugs and takes another cookie. “i think i can handle it”)

whenever grover falls asleep in the empty apartment, he always wakes up covered in a blanket with a glass of water and some sort of snack on the coffee table in front of him, because the jacksons know how to take care of family


When you told me to contemplate the world, what did you expect me to picture in my mind? A map? Some floaty cosmic energy? You know what I actually did see? Katara, Sokka and Toph. I saw the Kyoishi Warriors, The White Lotus, the monks who raised me, and I saw Zuko. I don’t know how to “contemplate the world” without first thinking of the people I care about. Including Zuko.

me watching all of the paladins tease lance in season three:

vs me watching keith, who also teased lance, make-up for it by comforting him in season three:

Do you ever get emotional thinking about Victor choreographing Yuuri’s Free Skate for him?

We’ve only ever seen Yuuri skating that routine - but remember. Someone taught him those movements. Someone demonstrated the choreography first.

Think about Victor skating Yuuri’s routine for him. Imagine him sitting down, listening to the music, and writing out Yuuri’s story through dance.

Victor would have had to understand that story, which means Yuuri shared it with him. The lonely beginning where he thought he was fighting by himself. What it felt like when Victor showed up and changed everything. That poignant moment when Yuuri came to understand love existed all around him.

And in order to translate that story into choreography, Victor would have had to empathize with it and feel those emotions himself so that he could properly express them.

He would have to understand what it feels like to fight alone.

And to have someone show up and challenge that viewpoint.

And then come to realize love is all around him.

Victor choreographed the end of Yuuri’s story before it even happened.

“Here’s the part where you show you’re the most beautiful person on the ice. Here’s where you soar on your new understanding of love. And this is when you rise up and fight - not by yourself but with your loved ones at your side.”

Victor would have had to empathize with those feelings as well. (Who could have taught him all that, I wonder?)

But this right here.

I don’t think Victor choreographed this final pose.

His reaction when he first sees it gives it away. Yuuri surprised Victor with that pose, and it was originally intended to be something else.

Yuuri choreographed this acknowledgement of Victor at the end of his Free Skate. It was a message to him.

“And here’s the part where I thank the person who got me here.”

Do you ever just get really emotional thinking about Yuuri’s Free Skate?

This post is for my mutuals and people who make my dash a wonderful place, but it’s also for anyone who’s ever reblogged, liked or even just looked at any of my posts and thought they were alright (✿◠‿◠)

Wow!! I still can’t believe there’s more than 5,000 of you who follow this blog. I’ve been on here for so long and I’ve never properly thanked everyone. I’ve been making edits for a bit now, but it wasn’t until yuri on ice that I felt more comfortable and proud of how far I had gotten with my skills. I still have a long way to go but I’m always willing to learn and I’m super happy that a lot of you seem to like my creations. So many of you have been nothing more than supportive and in all honesty so much of this support has saved me from myself. When yuri on ice was airing I was going through really though time and I coped by delving deep into photoshop and the support I got was unbelievable. Every week my thought process was just “one more week and I can feel that happiness again.” That support that I received is something that I still find absolutely incredible. Whether you’ve been putting up with me for a long time, or you followed this blog recently, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ve also made many absolutely amazing friends on here that whether you know it or not, you’ve helped me so much and words cannot describe how much I appreciate that and I hope you all know that I’ll be here for you even if we were to deactivate and move on with our lives. Ahhh sorry I got really deep and emotional there, please don’t mind me just casually professing my love to the internet ^^;

Well after that sap fest… without further ado, these are some of the people that brighten my day!!

bold - I would kill at least one man for you
italics - we haven’t talked much but I see you and ily

♡ lovely mutuals ♡

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god I just love overdone cliche drarry fics like u have no idea

give me fics where Draco and Harry fight for each other against society and family and everyone because they’re in love and won’t accept anything less

give me harry forcefully kissing Draco, storming right up to Malfoy Manor and just clutching at him because he won’t let Draco go that easy

give me harry and draco refusing to change themselves for the other, harry trying to get draco to come to the side of the Light but draco refusing to leave his family

give my loyalty, give me heartbreak, give me two boys playing off each other and unable to ever be with each other, give me trope and dark vs light and fighting and war and everything that makes them who they are

give me them falling in love against all odds

give me after the war, when hermione and ron and pansy and blaise cannot understand them, and they turn to each other because they are each other’s foils

just give me this epic love story that defies all prior belief and makes sense, finally and absolutely



This cover is absolutely amazing and I am so so so in love with it! 

And it makes me extremely emotional because of how much it fits 2D and Murdoc’s relationship, seriously every damn line! Doesn’t help that this cover was made after Plastic Beach, meaning it fits even more.

I will stick to my headcanon that 2D was the one who picked this song to cover exactly because of the lyrics 

can we just take a moment to appreciate billie joe armstrong?

billie joe is the frontman of american punk rock band green day. the band has been together since 1986 and throughout that entire time billie has been blessing the world with his amazing music and all around greatness

one of their albums was literally turned into a tony award winning broadway musical and it’s actually amazing

he’s super passionate about what he does

he says great stuff like this:

he’s got two kids and he’s the most punk rock dad look at him at his son’s graduation also both of his sons are older than me and i feel so young wtf??

he manages to make these bunny ears look punk af

also he can totally rock practically any hair colour. like honestly billie joe how??? 

he’s openly identified as bisexual since 1995 and wrote ‘Coming Clean’ about him coming to terms with his sexuality

he’s been married to his wife adrienne since 1994 and first met at one of green day’s first gigs when she approached him asking where she could buy one of their cds

look at how cute he and his entire family are wow so adorable

in short, not only is billie joe armstrong an incredible musician but he is also an excellent human being and i love him so much. this post serves no purpose other than just me crying over this amazing man