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Science Fair part 5

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Bucky high school AU request, where he and the Avengers are basically the popular crowd but not arseholes and the Reader is kind of nerdy and just keeps to herself and her small group of friends but catches his eye? xxx - anon

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You had been glad for the weekend, there was no way you would have been able to face Bucky the next day. You weren’t sure what was worse - the fact that Bucky kept calling and texting you, or that mid day Saturday he stopped trying to contact you at all. How could you have been so stupid to think he had actually been interested in you? Obviously you were just a challenge, a fun thing to do on the side until someone more popular and prettier came along to occupy his time. To think you had fallen for it all, you had fallen for his charming personality and infectious smiles, only to have it come crashing down around you in one moment. Not again, you didn’t want to hear his excuses, you weren’t going to get sucked into his games again. Not if you could help it.

Monday morning rolled around and you very nearly considered faking sick and taking the day off, but you knew that was the coward’s way out. You weren’t going to let Bucky ruin your life more than he already had, which meant going into school with your chin up and avoiding him at all costs (because deep down you knew if you saw him you might cry and you didn’t want to show that kind of weakness).

Stepping into the school building was a lot less worse than you thought it would be, there was nobody looking at you and whispering, which made sense considering nobody even knew about your involvement with Bucky. You walked to your locker, collected your books and went to your art class. All in all it was an ordinary morning, you were on constant alert as you walked through the halls but you didn’t pass Bucky once.

A million thoughts were racing through your head. Was he sorry? Had he figured it out? Was he going to try and continue whatever the hell you two had? Was he going to find you today? The answer, you thought dully, was probably no to all.

Once you made it to the art classroom you let yourself in and moved to your usual spot behind the easel at the back. The teacher wasn’t in yet but she didn’t mind you spending your free time in here considering you usually got to school earlier than you needed to be, you unpacked your pencils, paints, and brushes. Except you couldn’t find any inspiration to draw something, you felt numb all over.

There was still at least half an hour until class started and you didn’t want to waste any time, you pushed the tip of the pencil to the paper and began to draw aimlessly. Your mind zoned out as you drew methodically almost from muscle memory, only when the bell rang did you zone in to see what you had drawn. A pair of too familiar eyes stared back at you from the page, you had drawn Bucky’s eyes, you let out a small frustrated groan and ripped the paper off the easel and shoved it in you bag. God, you were pathetic.

The lesson passed much too quickly for your liking and soon it was time to leave, as you were packing up your stuff you felt a presence next to you. You looked up to see Steve standing over you frowning, you had forgotten he was in your class, “Are you okay?” he asked.

You swallowed and nodded, “Mhm,” you plastered on a fake smile.

“Oh, because Bucky was trying to reach you all weekend. He was worried about you.”

You had to bite back a sharp remark, it wasn’t Steve’s fault and he didn’t deserve a bad temper. “He stopped trying mid Saturday, actually. Some things happened that I’d rather not talk about,” you tried to keep your answer short and polite, you swung your bag onto your shoulder and headed out with Steve hot on your tail.

“Things, what things?” you heard Steve say behind you.

You looked back to answer him as you walked out the door and hit something just outside the doorway. “Yeah, what things?” Bucky said.

Looking back in front of you you saw Bucky standing there, a mix of confusion, anger and worry evident on his face. You licked your lips, this was everything you had been dreading, “Things like the blonde you were making out with at the party on Saturday,” you said bitterly and pushed past him and walked swiftly down the hall.

“You showed up to the party?” you could hear Bucky ask as he began to follow you at the same time as Steve asked Bucky, “You kissed another girl?”

You spun round sharply making Bucky almost crash into you, “Yes. I was at the party. I showed up just in time to see you lip lock with some girl I’ve never even seen before. Does she even go to our school?”

“Y/N I–”

“Save it. I trusted you Bucky, you knew that I was worried about attention at school is that why you did it? You couldn’t stand not being seen with a girl in public?”


“Then what was it?”

“It was an accident.”

You scoffed, “Oh please. A quick brush in a large crowd could be an accident, but full on lip lock with your hands in her hair for a good fifteen seconds is no accident.”

“I was drunk, Y/N, I’m sorry.”

“Drunk enough to forget me?” you challenged.

Bucky’s eyes widened then he sighed in defeat, “Yes, look, I’m sorry-”

“It’s funny,” you started and you saw him tense, you pulled out your phone. “You were apparently drunk enough to forget me but not five minutes later you were asking me where I was.” You held out your phone to show him the texts he had sent you.

From:James 21:14

Hey, where are you? I can’t find you anywhere?

From: James 21:19

Steve said he thought he saw you, seriously where are you?

From: James 21:20

Is this some kind of come-and-find-me-game? ;)

From: James 21:26

Okay I mean it where are you I’m looking all over

Bucky read over the texts guiltily and flicked his sad eyes back up to you, “You changed my name to James?”

You nodded once, “Because that’s all you are. James Barnes, the lying playboy scum I thought you were before we met.”

With that you spun on your heels and speed walked away from Bucky who was stunned into one place, tear brimmed and threatened to fall down your face but you didn’t let them. You weren’t going to let anyone see you cry, and you weren’t going to cry over James Buchanan Barnes ever again.


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