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Anyone else think RebelCaptain would make a beautiful Aladdin AU? Cassian as Aladdin, Jyn as Jasmine, Krennic as Jafar…

I’m definitely not thinking this because K-2SO would make the world’s most perfect Abu

Character design for a contest! The prompt was “Lemon Maid,” a maid character based on the lemon drop candy. 

She herself is made of lemon drop candy, her hair is toasted merengue, her gloves and top are cellophane, and her apron is a mint leaf. 

I wish I’d had more time to work on rendering her out properly, but I really like the design I settled on. Wish me luck!

Paris Geller vs. Bonnie Winterbottom

I don’t know if should cherish Paris Geller or Bonnie Winterbottom more.

Paris Geller with all her world ruling ability is one of the toughest persons I know and yet she’s one of the most insecure people I know. Paris freakin’ Geller, who is a doctor and lawyer, and an expert on neoclassical architecture. And apparently a dental technician. She rules the world and yet she carries an empty briefcase with her. She has grown so much ever since I first met her and I appreciate everything about her.

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Bonnie Winterbottom on the other hand is one of the most broken characters I came across. You can see the hurt in her face, she had been betrayed a lot in her life, she has seen the bad stuff happening to her all the time. However, she’s loyal and determined. She’s a badass, I mean, she killed for Annalise. I should be afraid of her, even hate her because she’s unpredictable, but I just admire her. She’s one of the most complex characters I have ever seen on TV and it’s hard to not dislike her, you have to love her.

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It’s so hard to decide, honestly, you know, so I’ll give my love to Liza Weil, who brought both of this characters to life so well. Thank you, Liza, you’re doing an absolutely amazing job!