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Reasons I love Yuta

- the fluffy hair in firetruck era
- that smile™
- his cute way of saying words he doesn’t know how to pronounce
- his smile
- his boldness
- did I mention his smile
- he was a soccer player
- “saw-dee-carp!”
- calling taeyong a tsundere
- red hair = yes
- he’s so accepting and non-judgmental
- how he acts with the younger members
- he roasts better that a bonfire
- how does he look so good in yellow???
- teeth
- he made Taeil have an identity crisis wow
- his love for earrings
- vegetable juice?
- his friendship with hansol
- his medium/high pitched voice yes
- rap rap rap rap rap
- you can call me “anytime”
- his lack of flexibility
- being cheesy with taeyong
- he’s honestly a huge cheeseball though
- that laugh
- murdering everyone when it comes to sports
- accidentally holding taeil’s hand
- how he gets absorbed in blankets
- I love him so much
- let my heart go u sannamja

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Hi there! Just a quick note at my daughter's request (she doesn't have a Tumblr) - she loves your art and your fics, and she tells me that she knows you're in a rough spot right now, but she's proud of you and she loves you!

This is very sweet! I’m so happy she enjoys my artwork and fanfics and I thank her for caring about me! If you can, tell her that I think she is super nice and I appreciate it so much, and that I hope she has a good day!

@danisnotonfire​ I hope you know that many of us do appreciate TATINOF so much, and are very happy and proud for what you and Phil have acomplished. We appreciate everything, and i’m sure you know that, but its good to say it once in a while; its good to remind you that a majority of us will support you no matter what, even when some say they “miss the old videos.” They don’t understand the immensity and importance of TATINOF, and they also don’t understand that its a once in a life time experience that will most likely never happen again. Let’s say you did do more tours, there would only be one first, one beginning, and you and Phil, in addition to us in the phandom, would never be the same age again, and many parts of our lives would have changed. Thank you so much for everything, and even if it may seem like “fangirl talk,” and no matter how much people may say that its impossible to love someone you don’t know, we truly do love you and Phil. Thank you for making our lives better every single day.

Little Battleborn Things #603

How relatable Attikus is as an author when he claims he doesn’t have a way with words… while you are in the wonderful story he’s written.

*another tear-jerking submission from the spooky boogeyman Battleborn insanekakashi.

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i think most people are calling alex and maggie 'detective danvers'

When will tumblr stop putting words tgoether and calling them ship names

detective danvers sounds too much like alex’s actual name. I feel like it doesn’t represent Maggie enough.