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I finally received my gorgeous Peaky print from this shop today. Please consider giving this a reblog to spread awareness of her shop, she is an incredible artist and very professional. She has almost 300 products displaying her beautiful & original work, but her Peaky work is by far the best. Not that I’m biased xx

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When i was little i had a shirt that said "Brown eyes hypnotize" and that started me off with some great confidence for my brown eyes. Cause brown eyes are fucking gorgeous.

To be honest, I don’t understand why they don’t get more attention. I think all eye colors have the potential to be beautiful (it depends on the shade), but I’ve only met one person who I felt had stunning green eyes (they were straight up EMERALD) and one person with stunning blue eyes (Cliff, duh), whereas I’ve met many people who had gorgeous brown eyes. So I don’t get it. *shrugs*

Plus omg, big, deep brown eyes? They have that puppy dog vibe. So precious!

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Gender Bend Billy as long as mun wants

“What? You can’t just..” she would stop noticing the suddenly longer flowing blonde hair, fingers brushing through it  “Oh, oh my. Well this certainly is a conundrum.” 

“Well this is a scientific impossibility and yet here I am.” she moves to look in a mirror tilting her head examining her new appearance “Huh i’m kind of.. pretty.” 

Galavant Appreciation Week: Day 4: Favorite Relationship/Dynamic

Again, I’m a day late with this one and I seem to be stuck playing catch up, but better late than never right?  There are a lot of gifs and none of them are mine, I’m just using them to illustrate my point and because Gal and Izzy are super lovely to look at.

Galavant and Isabella: 

I’m sure it’ll come as a surprise to absolutely no one that my favourite dynamic/relationship on the show is the relationship between Galavant and Isabella. Isabella is “small and cute and ethnically hard to pin down” and Galavant has  "a face most chicks have a thing about"…basically these are two uber attractive people. 

Not only are these two undeniably gorgeous (I mean, duh and as Jean Hamm would say “Well, well, well. Hello there.”), but they also subscribe to one of my fave relationship tropes which is the love/hate relationship.

When Isabella and Galavant first meet each other, they can barely stand each other. Isabella finds Gal in a perpetual state of drunkenness in his hovel and she’d probably agree with her parents at this point in time if they called him a “waste of space”. She tells him of her woes and he says, “That’s terrible, just terrible. But you have a nice way about you I’m sure you’ll land on your feet. Nice meeting you, doors on the wall.” Isabella then begs him to save her people but Gal completely tunes her out and says:

 Isabella is utterly exasperated with him and Galavant finds her annoying and bossy and is this the beginning a beautiful relationship? I think so! 

Galavant eventually agrees to help Isabella reclaim her kingdom once he learns that King Richard is the one who invaded it. It is at this point that the audience discovers that Isabella is leading Galavant into a trap, but we still can’t help but love this precious cupcake because she is clearly wrestling with guilt about it…and this is before she even gets to know our hero. The angst is built into this relationship from the get go and it is absolutely delicious. 

Over the course of season one, Galavant and Isabella grow from being strangers to reluctant teammates to friends to a couple that is meant for each other. Isabella trains Galavant and teaches him how to be a knight again.

 She becomes our hero’s hero and “brings him back to himself”.

 Galavant becomes more considerate and caring around her. She’s always on his mind 

and he defends her when she isn’t there to defend herself (“Call her a mouth breather one more time!”). Because of his feelings for Isabella, Galavant learns that it’s not always about him, he’s not just “the hero that gets the raisins”…sometimes other people get the raisins too…like when Galavant stashes some trail mix aside and gives them to Isabella “raisins intact”. 

The relationship development between these two is so well done that you can go back and rewatch it and track it episode by episode. Galavant goes from “seeing [Isabella’s] mouth start moving and…needing a drink” in Joust Friends (1x02) to telling her that he doesn’t always listen when she speaks but he’s going to work on that in Comedy Gold (1x04) 

to telling Isabella that speaking to her is one of his favorite things to do in My Cousin Izzy (1x07). 

Likewise, Isabella learns to see Galavant in a completely different light. In the pilot she thinks of him as a bumbling buffoon and she tells him, “You’re no hero”, and in Joust Friends, she constantly questions him and his abilities

 until she gradually starts to trust him and becomes his biggest fan in It’s All in the Executions (1x08) when she tells him, 

Similarly, Galavant’s heroism is directly connected to his relationship with Isabella and as their relationship blooms so does Galavant’s heroism. He becomes the hero we always knew he was.

Galavant realizes that they only kind of hero he wants to be is her hero 

and he goes from saying “Nice meeting you, doors on the wall” and giving zero shits about her and people in general (mostly because Maddie seriously did a number on him) to putting her safety and the lives of his friends above everything else. Galavant promises Isabella that he’s going to save all of them in Dungeons and Dragon Lady (1x06),

then in My Cousin Izzy, Galavant says “I’m going to save all of them, especially her” and he races across the banquet hall to save Izzy from eating shellfish. 

Lastly, in “It’s all in the Executions”, Galavant flat out refuses to leave Isabella behind until Gareth promises to to take care of her.

We’ve come quite a long way since, “You have a nice way about you, I’m sure you’ll land on your feet”. 

Of course I’d be remiss if I failed to mention their heavenly duets and how well their voices blend together and how their love songs are so honest and refresh and true to them. 

And then there’s how attractive they are and how attractive they find each other and Isabella going “damn” when she sees Gal pour water on himself because she’s found “the abs the poets praise" 

and Gal saying: 

Oh and there’s also the way Gal calls Isabella’s mom, "Mummy!” and says:

 which is simultaneously hilarious and squeeworthy because this means that he envisions a future with Isabella even in his extremely drunken state.  I mean, don’t they just look perfect together here:

Also, I can’t forget the eyesex and how they had eyesex babies in that monastery and how Isabella was hoping beyond hope that Galavant would live and he could forgive her for betraying his trust and how she had to be the one to remind him about Madalena and how he was like, “Oh yeah right her. Sorry I forget about her because of the stunning, amazing woman in front of me” and basically it all adds up to complete perfection.

“[Galabella’s] the complete package and I, for one, am finally throwing my arms in the air and giving into it.”

Oh who am I kidding? I’m Galabella trash. They had me at “I’m sorry, what is that smell?” and I’ve grown to love them more with every episode and I AM BEYOND ECSTATIC THAT MY BABIES ARE COMING BACK AND WE’RE GOING TO GET MORE FOREVER KISSES 


Can I have season 2 now please?

hello loves! so my favorite time of the year is coming up! (i do love christmas too but new years is just my fave!) so i decided to do something special for all of you!

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Tooooooo many amazing new comics in the November previews… even with Brandon Graham’s sweet November stuff pushed back to December.

Huge month for Emma Ríos–her 8house arc (Mirror) starts up and Pretty Deadly finally comes back, with a bewarethevalkyries​-exclusive variant that we’ll definitely get a million of at fantomcomics.

The Shutter team splits off into juicy side jobs, with Joe Keatinge starting his pro wrestling comic Ringside and Leila del Duca doing her guest issue of WicDiv (McKelvie’s A cover is nice but I can’t wait to see Leila’s B cover).

Nifty anthology stuff too, with the Thought Bubble anthology featuring work by faves like Babs Tarr, Farel Dalrymple, Jeff Lemire, and Emi Lenox. Alternative Comics is putting out their Alternative Comics Are Dead anthology with a badass cover by Hellen Jo and stuff on the inside by cool doodes like Malachi Ward.

And then Viz’s gorgeous JoJo reprints reach the second arc, Battle Tendency. Duh.

Sometimes I get cynical about comics, and other times I remember why I love them so much. I’m so excited for everything.

Haha yeah just because all my friends change in the dressing room and I’m the only one that blushes doesn’t mean I’m gay? and my eyes that linger on the gorgeous amazing hilarious beautiful girl (in a friend way duh) in the corner DOESNT MAKE ME GAY RIGHT


ATY READS TG : re - Chapter 15 (In which Aty becomes more and more and more scared that one of the Qs is going to die like HELL NO IT’S TOO SOON)

Ever since you guys asked me to send thoughts and predictions on Tokyo Ghoul:re, I’ve been sending updates. Here’s Chapter 15 update

Spoilers. Duh!

  • YUMMY-KUN Ayato is here. Hi, gorgeous *winks*
  • It’s worth mentioning that Ayato having aged a bit makes the butterflies in my stomach less weird
  • Eto BIATCH is here. Apparently Tatara wants Ayato and Hinami to run security for the auction.
  • About the auction… MORE LIKE TG REUNION PARTY. Naki is coming too (NAKI YAAAAAY!) Ayato is going with Hinami, Saeki (aka Torso) will be there too, and later it’s revealed Kanae is also coming, and the Qsand Suzuya, and the clowns (possibly with Uta?), and Amon might also appear, and Nishiki who’s after Saeki… and Arima might actually show up too, And Yomo… remember he used to watch Kaneki, and Touka might ask him to watch over Haise?
  • Who’s Miza? Cause Miza is also coming lol
  • Is it just me or Ayato doesn’t seem into working like he used to? It’s like he just has to do what he has to do. He seems calmer too.Hinami is sitting with Saeki (wait, did Ayato leave Hinami alone with a mass murderer who butchers girls??? like, seriously???? I know she probably can defend herself, but man, seriously? So inconsiderate…)
  • Hinamis is a sweet poor little baby. I think she had to come to Aogiri for protection. It reminds me… where is Banjo? (is he coming to the union too lol) Did Hinami contact Eto and boom she’s in Aogiri now? and Banjo definitely couldn’t come back to Aogiri…
  • Hinami’s hearing ability is like x100 better now.
  • Eto asked Ayato to take care of ‘Floppy’. He says Floppy was taken care of before. Hinami says CCG is also concerned about Floppy.
  • Who or what is Floppy? I don’t know 'what’ it can be, but if it’s a 'who’, then I can think of a few people. 1) Haise. CCG is 'concerned’ about him. Aogiri wants him taken care of. Ayato was asking about him before. So this is the most possible option I guess. If that’s the case, I wonder if Hinami knows Haise is actually her 'big brother’… 2) Nishiki. Why? Because he’s after Saeki and has been killing ghouls and is against Aogiri obviously and that could also justify the 'already taken care of’ line if Kimi is really dead *sobs*, 3) Amon. He might have become a half-ghoul but not really stayed with them? 04) Banjo. Less possible because I doubt Hinami would be okay with him dying, unless she’s really changed… Other than these, I have NO - IDEA!
  • Saeki the maniac is obsessed with Tooru because he couldn’t have him. Pfft. Maniac.
  • Back at the Qs mansion (I just love calling their house Qs Mansion, ok?), Haise is training his children the Qs
  • Ohhhhh… oooooooo 
  • OOHHHHHOOOOO Haise wow damn son…
  • *sweats* He has been working out, that’s for sure *sweats more*
  • The Qs are hopeless. Like, really bad. Even Shirazu. Saiko plays dead from the beginning. Shirazu can only fight for five seconds, and Mutsuki is hopeless.
  • For some reason Saiko playing dead makes me even more worried for her. Remember that Ishida-Sensei looooves foreshadowing
  • I feel so bad for Haise. He’s been so stressed out over the Qs lately, understandably, and their inability to defend themselves doesn’t help.
  • The whole training reminds me of the time Kaneki used to train with Banjo and then Shuu.
  • Urie is back. He’s had the operation, but with Yoshitoki’s approval. Actually, Arima supports the idea. WHAT? WHY? They don’t know how it is to be a ghoul, so they might just think 'why the hell not, more power for us!’ They don’t know or care how miserable a ghoul’s life is, and I’m now renaming Urisshole to Uriediot
  • Wait, what did Arima just say? Does that… can that mean they want to add a new element or find a replacement for Arata armor (which they made from Ayato and Touka’s father’s kakuja BTW)?
  • WHAT IF THEY WANT TO USE HAISE’S KAKUJA? Think about it, they’ve been feeding him ghouls obviously look at his super high RC level… or is this their plan B for the Qs?
  • I STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT KIND OF A PERSON ARIMA IS HE’S JUST SADISTIC AND MASSIVE AND COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY MYSTERIOUS. But please please please tell me you do care about Haise even if a bit *cries*
  • Am I the only one surprised that Urie is an artist? Am I the only one glad about it? I don’t know, it just adds to the story and breaks the stereotypes a bit…
  • Uridiot thinks he won’t lose control and go berserk like Sasaki.
  • Haha.
  • Hahahaha.
  • I think Ishida-Sensei just told us that Urie is most definitely going to lose control.
  • Kanae is here! Hey, little Shuu lol. Kanae is killing someone for Tsukiyama. He confirms what I feared and said before: Shuu is starving himself. This is sad. Sigh. Even sadder is the fact that Shuu still hasn’t figured out that he doesn’t just want to EAT Kaneki. (a whole post about that here). Shuu gambled big and lost. He couldn’t HAVE Kaneki and he also couldn’t EAT him. He lost both his friendship (or even love) and his taste. He’s depressed.
  • Kanae wants to kill Haise if Haise is really Kaneki-bun. LIKE THE WHOLE TG CAST WANT TO KILL HAISE, EVEN HAISE HIMSELF
  • If Haise is 'Floppy’, then it makes sense that CCG doesn’t want him in the auction. But we all know Haise will be there. *sobs*

Chapter 16 Thoughts & Predictions:

  • Haise pays :re a visit. Pretty please?
  • Arima pays Haise a visit.
  • HAISE GETS SO ANGRY AT URIE and in a heartbreaking scene he just grabs his collar and keeps saying, his eyes shinning, 'you don’t know what you’ve done…’ 
  • Haise will also feel responsible for this. Sigh.
  • More Shuu. Please?
  • Something terrible happens. 
  • Our hearts will break once again.
  • Ishida-Senpai will not be stopped and will forever ruin our lives.


Again, I don’t think the auction is next week. I am already scared.

Did I get something wrong? You have thoughts to add? Just add them to your reblogs or send me a msg.