and gorgeous duh but

Things about Leslie’s performance

- his voice is gorgeous, duh
- he opened with “Wait For It” and after he was like “I don’t usually do that because I’m afraid people are going to leave”
- “because I know what you’re here! You’re all Law and Order SVU fans!” (People cheer) “Or Smash fans!” (more cheers) “Yeah you applaud now but where were you when it was on air?! w h e r e”
- the band played the SVU theme and he danced
- he talked about how when he wanted to see Hamilton at Vassar he tweeted Lin and Lin told him there were no tickets. “So you’ve never been able to get tickets!”
- “so I was watching The Story of Tonight…I don’t know which number that is in the order…” (many people crowd shout “four!”) “yeah I knew you would know”
- he sang a Nat King Cole melody and oooohmygodddddd perfect
- when talking about how when he knew it was time to leave Hamilton, sometimes how you know to leave. “Like maybe you know you’re sitting next to someone right now you might need to leave HAHA JUST KIDDING I’m going to sing now”
- before “The Guilty Ones” - “guys if you have your lady here you should put your arm around her because it gets kind of…sexy”
- someone shouted out about his Nationwide commercials and he went on for like 4 minutes about how he has always loved ad jingles, he sang the Folgers jingle and I swear he could sing anything okay
- he sang a very cool version of Dear Theodosia and Room Where it Happens, and then finished with Without You
- then I met him and I kind of blacked out for a second. He is so sweet and nice and handsome ahsnsjsksk

Baahubali: The Conclusion, a summary...

*Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen the first movie, STOP READING!*

  • The cinematography and overall visuals of the film are absolutely GORGEOUS! (DUH.) 
  • Prabhas and Anushka are the OTP-est OTP ever and I really need them to be together foreva eva. (But like, really though… How can I make this happen?) 
  • The soundtrack and background score are perfection.  If you pay attention to the lyrics closely, you’ll notice that they actually help carry the narrative in certain high points of the film. 
  • The fight scenes are BRILLIANT.  I’m really not one to appreciate guts and gore but daaaaaamn.  Each maneuver and battle tactic is so creative and well thought out. 
  • Finding out why Kattappa killed Baahubali will crush your damn soul. (My heart still hurts…)
  • Almost the entire first half had me giggling like a five year old.  There was a ton of light hearted humor that really helped keep the story from dragging. 
  • Overall, I just really fucking loved this movie.  I usually end up hating sequels, but this was a fabulous wrap up of an epic saga. 
  • Whether you care for the story or not, you really should go and watch this in a theater just to enjoy the majestic visuals and the grandeur of another SS. Rajamouli masterpiece! (This sentence barely makes any sense, BUT I’M SO HYPE YA’LL!)

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Don’t Know How- Jillian Holtzmann

A/N: I’m Holtzmann trash and I needed somewhere to express that. I don’t feel as though I’ve done it justice, but it’s one of probably many to come.

Prompt: Jillian’s been ignoring the reader for awhile and not acting like her normal, goofball self, so the reader tries to figure out what’s going on.

Pairing: Jillian Holtzmann x Reader (gender neutral)

Warnings/ Word Count: The good stuff’s at the end, just some makin’ out/ 2,150

“Alright ladies! What’s on the agenda for today?” You loudly announce your presence as you burst through the doors of the Ghostbusters HQ (otherwise known as the upstairs area of the Chinese restaurant). You notice all of the heads in the room turn to you and simultaneously look down at the boxes of pizza in your hands.

“(Y/N)! Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes? We’ve been stuck here for hours and we’re starving!” Abby greets you and meets you halfway into the lab to take the food out of your hands and sets it on the booth in the corner of the room. While you weren’t an official member of the team, you were definitely their backbone and support. You met Abby and Erin in college and stuck by Abby’s side as she continued her interest in the paranormal.

“Well, why didn’t anyone call me? I would’ve come sooner had I known.” You reply grabbing a slice of pizza from one of the boxes and walking over to the table where Erin and Patty were standing before they rushed to the boxes on the table. Kevin greeted you and came to grab a slice before he sat back down at his desk in the other room. Jillian was still standing at the table, eyes fixed in concentration, focusing on the wires that were sticking out of one of the proton packs and cutting some out. “Hey Holtzmann. What’cha workin’ on?” You leaned over the other side of the table and took a bite from the pizza. It took a few tries of calling her name before she heard you. She snaps into reality and frantically looks up at you, keeping eye contact for only a second before she drops her wire cutters and stands tall, shifting her balance from one leg to the other.

“Oh, hi (Y/N)!” She grins widely and laughs an uncomfortable laugh. She refused to look at you, her eyes shifted from the table, to the wall, back to the table, literally anywhere else n the room except at you. “I, uh, have to do some rewiring in the packs because for some reason, every time we try to turn them on, they, um, shock us. Like, badly. There are still some kinks I have to work out.” The smile disappears from her face and she immediately hunches back over the dissected pack laid across the table. “Okay, well there’s some pizza at the booth. Take a break, get something to eat.” You say kindly, hoping she’d at least take a break so she didn’t starve to death over a damn proton pack. She doesn’t say a thing and continues working. Walking over to the booth, the girls are indulging in pizza while they sit and chat. You scoot in next to Patty and glance over where Jillian stands just working away.

You turn your head to join in on the conversation being held, grabbing another slice of pizza and hearing Erin and Abby playfully bicker. “Hey, Jill doesn’t really seem like herself today. She’s always one for warm welcomes, especially when food is involved. Is she alright?” You quietly say so Holtzmann doesn’t hear. “I don’t know, she’s been acting a little weird recently. She’s not that loud, joke-cracking girl that she usually is. And she won’t say what’s going on.” Patty leans into you to say. You look back over at the lonely girl and bite the inside of your cheek, letting out a deep sigh.

Everyone stopped for a second to look at her and you as well before returning to their conversation, but you kept your eyes on her. You made your way out of the booth and took one of the almost empty boxes of pizza with you as you made your way over to her. You held the box in between the space where her hands and face were and she jumped in surprise.

“Please eat something.” You said when she didn’t make a move for a piece. Jillian let out a small sigh. “C’mon, I know you’re hungry; you’ve gotta be.” Her hand slowly reached for a slice and you let out a chuckle, setting the box to the side. You pulled a stool towards the table and she did the same. You noticed the change of expression, a smile growing on her face as she took her first bite, but she still refused to meet your gaze.  It didn’t really matter though because you got a smile out of her, and you loved her smile. The two of you finished eating the remaining slices in that box, and you reminded her that there were two more and she just chuckled, staring out of the window at nothing in particular.

You stayed for the rest of the day, keeping Kevin company until his shift was over and he left for the night. Then you went back over to the girls just in time for Jillian to make the final adjustments on the first of the four proton packs. Everyone walked to the alley behind the restaurant and played a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who’d test if the pack was truly fixed. Erin was the unlucky victim, but reassuringly, there was no shock when it was turned on. She shot a couple of practice targets to make sure nothing else went wrong. Once the pack was declared fixed, everyone went back upstairs and got ready to head out for the night. All except Holtzmann. She hung the fixed pack on the wall, grabbed another and set it down at the table and began working. The rest of the team was too tired from all of the other work they did during the day, so they didn’t bother arguing with her to call it a day. But you agreed to stay with her and keep her company after the others left.

“You don’t have to feel obligated to stay here you know?” She said in a plain voice, already way too deep into her work. “Well, what if I want to? I want to keep you company, I love being around you.” You replied.

This made her look up at you, some shock in her expression and you sat up a little on your stool, taken back from her sudden interest in a conversation.

“You do?” You saw her swallow a lump in her throat and laughed. “Yeah, of course. You’re a genius Holtz, and a damn fantastic engineer. You don’t give yourself enough credit.” She quickly looked down, her hands fiddled with the wire cutters and she laughed, wide smile on her face and a blush on her cheeks as red as the tomato sauce on the pizza from earlier. “You know you’re smart, but you don’t know just how smart you are. Kind too. Sweet. Funny, hilarious actually. And beautiful.” You tilt your head to the side and look at her, hoping to regain eye contact.

You notice the smile fade from her face, a more serious look taking its’ place and her eyes widening. You straighten your head and look back at her, cleaning the smile away from your face as well. “D-Did I say something wrong? If I made you uncomfortable, please let me know. I’m sorry.” “You think I’m beautiful?” Was all she replied, smirking slightly and giggling. You felt the weight lift off of your shoulders, knowing you didn’t somehow offed her or put her in a bad situation.

“Duh, you’re gorgeous!” You two laughed and at this point Jillian’s smile stretched from ear to ear, the blush returning to her cheeks, which you found amusing. She didn’t know what to say, so she just turned her head back to her work, trying to focus on the situation at hand.

You watched as she attempted to work after what you just told her and smiled, biting your lip. She seemed to be fine now, and maybe she was just hungry earlier and that’s what had her in such an odd mood, but you couldn’t help but say something. “Hey Jill,” “Hmm?” She questioned in response, looking up at you again. “What was going on earlier? You were acting pretty strange when I came in; you wouldn’t even look at me.” You said worriedly, looking in her eyes as if they’d tell you anything. “Actually, now that I think about it, you’ve been so distant from me for the past week or so.”

She grunted in frustration and furrowed her eyebrows, sealing her eyes shut before very quickly replying. “I really wanna hug you and kiss you and touch you and I have for a long time and I don’t know how to tell you that without sounding weird and scaring you away.” It was almost inaudible with the speed she was talking with, but you somehow understood it and your eyes widened. Jillian was cringing, eyes still shut tight, but she opened one and glanced at you in time to see you smile. She relaxed her face and looked down as your hand reached across the table for hers, pulling the wire cutters out of it and holding it tightly.

“You could have said something, anything.” You tell her softly, seeing her eyes linger up to yours again.”I told you, I don’t know how to. I just started to try and push you away because I don’t know what to do about my feelings towards you. You drive me nuts.” “All of that flirting and winking, and you couldn’t ask me out?” You laugh at her sudden awkwardness. “Honestly Holtzmann, you’ve had me hooked since the day I met you. I’d say yes if you were to ask me.” You dropped an obvious hint, yet Jillian missed it anyway. “Okay, cool.” She smiled at you and looked back down at your hands, rubbing her thumb over your soft skin.

“Uh, Jill?” You waited, but she still didn’t ask. “Yeah?” She looked back up at you, smiling casually. “Are ya gonna ask me on a date?” “Oh! Yes! Sorry, my bad! Do you wanna go out with me on a date sometime, (Y/N)?”

“Hmm, tough decision.” You paused, staring at the wall behind her, your free hand tapping on your chin and you pretend to think about your answer. You looked back at her before replying. “Only if you kiss me right now.” Jillian quickly dropped your hand and rushed over to the other side of the table. You didn’t have time to prepare yourself before her lips were on yours. It was needy, but felt so natural as if the two of you had kissed hundreds of times before.

You felt the material of her finger-less gloves as she cradled your face with her hands to make sure you didn’t go anywhere. Your hands reached for her shoulders to pull her closer to you,  but sitting down made it a bit difficult, so you stood up, lips still attached together. Holtzmann broke the kiss, the two of you finding it hard to breath. She pulled her head back, a smile unlike any you’ve seen appeared on her face, both overjoyed and overwhelmed, eyes wide, yet somehow soft with a look of love in them. Neither of you said a word.

Your hands moved from her shoulders, down her arms, and over her hands that still held you as you leaned into one of them. You closed your eyes and hummed lightly, savoring in the contact. You leaned back in and your lips were met halfway with the woman in front of you. Her hands moved to your hips and you wrapped yours around the back of her neck. This kiss was a lot slower, but still just as passionate. This time you were the one to pull away, nudging your nose with hers before pecking her lips, dropping your grip around her and walking towards the door.

“You can pick me up tomorrow at 8.” You wink at her and continue walking backwards until you’re almost out of the room. “Wait! (Y/N)?” A very confused and frustrated Jillian stands alone in the middle of the room, cheeks flushed a bright red color. “Yes, my darling?” You smirk and shift your body weight to the door of the lab and cross your arms. “What do you wanna do on our date?”

“I don’t know, surprise me.” You started to head down the stairs, but quickly turned back around and when you walked in, you saw Holtzmann dancing to herself in the middle of the room with her back turned towards you and laughed. “Holtz!” You called, making her turn around, but she just kept on dancing. “Yeah?” She asked with a smile on her face. “Don’t stay here too late, you workaholic. Go home!” You chuckled and walked down the stairs again, hearing Jillian shout after you, “I won’t!”

A/N Part 2 of the “MC falls asleep on ____” Headcannons!!! V and Saeran!!

Part 1 HERE

-much love, mod cozy

- In preparation for an up and coming RFA party and since the both of you lost rock paper scissors
- You two were stuck at the venue organizing decorations and making sure everything was in order
- He was lowkey salty about it taking all day but also really happy because it’s all day with you this boy can never figure out how he feels
- You had just finished getting the last centerpiece on the table when you guys decided to go out to a quick celebratory dinner!!
- Well you decided saeran wrap just said “Ugh I’m hungry.” And hmphed
- You went to this cute little kimbap place and ordered your respective meals
- You two sat in the window and laughed and complained and made jokes about the people walking by and saeran actually smiled a few times???
- Not like a smirk or anything it was a super genuine super adorable smile???
- What???
- It was just getting dark when the both of you arrived at the train to get home
- You were sitting on the bench next to him and the rhythmic sound of the city eventually lulled you to sleep against your best efforts
- Saeran felt you lean your head on his shoulder
- “MC you’re gonna make us look like a shitty couple or something” he chuckled before realizing you’d fallen asleep and then promptly feeling pretty ding dang dumb for talking to himself
- After the initial feeling of idiocy, it sunk in
- One of his actual favorite people
- One that he may or may not be in love with
- Was currently asleep on his shoulder
- Shit he doesn’t really know how to handle this my dudes
- And the train is fast approaching but he doesn’t want to wake you shit shit shit
- Wraps you in his jacket and bridal carries you whilst praying you don’t wake up
- Accidentally hits your head on the side of the train a little ouch that isn’t helping
- Will use whatever means necessary to make sure you’re home and tucked into bed without being woken what a sweetheart (but don’t tell anyone)

- V was having his first gallery expo since he agreed to get the surgery and regain the sight he deserves!!!  If only It was cannon, fuck you rika
- He wanted you to come with him for it since he’s so nervous and happy and awwwe
- Y’all got all dressed up to go and met at a cute little café!!! The exhibit was set to open in an hour or two so you had some time to kill
- He kept snapping photos of you because he thought you looked gorgeous and wasn’t afraid to say it
- Platonically of course, kinda
- He highkey had a mega-crush on you though and I feel like he’s the type to unintentionally flirt with genuine compliments and the sort because he’s such a sweetie
- The gallery was gorgeous, duh, it’s V and he invited you to his house afterwards get your heads outta the gutter it was with pure intentions
- You were both chilling with some nice drinks (not particularly alcoholic) and snacks and he had this super lovely surround sound music system in his house
- Because he’s pretty fucking wealthy and hearing was one of only four senses a little while ago so of course he’d have a sound system
- And this really nice song comes on and you start humming along to it and V’s humming too and you both just simultaneously stand up a start dancing together and it’s so cute and dorky awwe
- You’re giggling and twirling and the whole thing is so fantastic
- He leaves for a second to refill your cups and you sit down on the couch
- And you close your eyes for a SECOND to reminisce but the long day took its toll on you and you accidentally doze off
- V finds you passed out on the couch and smiles the warmest smile that has probably ever been smiled
- Carries you to his room and tucks you in with a cute little smooch on the forehead
- Sleeps in the guest room because he’s a gentleman

Cookie Thief

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Requested by anonymous:

“The vampire diaries imagine with Enzo where you are always insulting each other jokingly and flirting with each other but then he kisses you and it’s fluffy with you two for once.”

Warnings: fluff, swearing

“Long day?” Stefan asked as I walked into the Salvatore’s living room.

“You don’t know the half of it.” I huffed grabbing the glass from Stefan’s extended hand. I muttered a thank you before plopping down on the couch in front of the fire. I let out a sigh as my muscles relaxed into the worn cushions before allowing myself a sip of the liquid.

“Do you know where Elena is by the way? I tried to call her but her cell was off.” I sighed as I reached for one of the grimoires on the coffee table.

“Yeah that would be because she’s upstairs with Damon.” Stefan laughed and I wrinkled my nose in disgust.

“That’s my boy.” A familiar accent spoke and I rolled my eyes as Enzo waltzed into the room.

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Lightsabers (Stark!Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Word Count: 1263

Summary: Reader and Pietro first bonded over their mutual love for the sci-fi series Star Wars, and now as a romantic couple, they seek out to create their own lightsabers. Because that’s what adults do.

A/N: I’m dead I’m dead. So dead. Y’all know my love for Pietro and Star Wars so I am basically just a corpse now. ENJOY MY DUDES!!!

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You can take comfort in the fact that you're not fat, you're absolutely gorgeous (appearance AND personality, duh), and you're too good for that asshat anyway

I’d deny this, because that’s my humble nature, but yep, that dickhead is beneath me. I’m wayyy too good for him. 

She's Mine!

Johnny Storm x Reader x Steve Rogers
Request: can you write an Johnny Storm x Reader x Steve Rogers where Johnny and Steve fight over reader?

Re: omigosh YES. Ideal oneshot right here lol

Genre: Romance, Humor
Rated: Everyone
Warnings: swearing, fighting, jealous johnny, jealous Steve lol

Author: Chris-Evans-imagines

You were just a natural woman living in a very superhero world in Brooklyn with two superhero’s fighting for your love. You first caught Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, eye when you came to the Avengers building to hang out with Natasha (since Natasha basically threatened you that if she didn’t, you’d be dragged there by your ear). Steve thought you were the most beautiful modern girl he’d ever seen. With your curvy, hourglass figure and tender looking lips, Steve wanted it all. He first felt ashamed when he thought about you like that but being a man, his mind wandered. You two grew close, Steve wanting to get closer to your heart, over the course of two weeks. Then, Johnny Storm, aka Human Torch, came into play. Tony had needed Mr. Fantastic’s help on a scientific ‘malfunction’ as Tony had put it. However, the whole squad had came with an apologetic Reed stating “they can’t be trusted alone.” When Johnny had walked in, his eyes scanned the Avengers. When his eyes laid on yours, he smiled and you blushed. You had to admit, the man was very attractive but your heart was confused. Steve had narrowed his gaze on Johnny and stiffened as he realized he had competition. It was frustrating for you as both men started to hover you.
It was Saturday night, you and Steve sitting in front of the TV watching black and white movies. Johnny came in as you and Steve giggled at the screen, sipping hot chocolate, saying “Hey gorgeous! ” which earned a glare from Steve. You blushed and smiled shyly, saying.
“Hey Johnny. What’s burning up now?”
Steve intertwined your fingers and johnny smirked while saying.
“I’d say me because you’re really bringing the heat.”
You threw your head back in laughter and said.
“That supposed to be a pick up line? Because that was absolutely horrible.”
“Hey, I tried at least.”
You smiled and looked at Steve, who was looking at you and you asked.
“Think you could top that, Captain?”
Steve felt a blush spread on his cheek and shrugged.
“I don’t know a lot of lines…”
“Go ahead, Rogers. I might throw one back at ya.”
Steve smiled a little and looked at you.
“Are you an angel from heaven? Because your beauty is something divine.”
You blushed and smiled.
“Aww. See, I knew you had it in you.”
Steve gave a triumphant smile and Johnny grumbled. You looked over.
“What’s wrong, firework? Someone blow your flame out?”
Johnny glared a little then smirked.
“If you were the one blowing it, I think it’d get a little hotter.”
You blushed and Steve tightened his grip on your hand.
“Show the lady some respect, Mr. Storm.”
Johnny looked over at Steve and you grumbled.
“Aw crap.”
“What would you know about women?
Steve immediately shot back.
“Enough to know not to make them feel like sex objects and one night stands.”
Johnny growled out.
“At least I could make (y/n) feel hell of a lot pleasure than you could.”
“Leave me out of this.”
You stated. Steve stood up along with Johnny and Steve replied hotly.
“I could make (y/n) feel like she’s on top of the world. I would stay with her and not leave in the middle of the night, unlike you.”
“So could I. And who the hell ever said I would be leaving?”
“Your record and my authority over you.”
You gawked at Steve’s back. He never used his title to get his way. Ever. Johnny stated hotly, starting to glow a low orange.
“She’s mine, Mr. Patriotic. Find someone else.”
“I beg a differ, Firework.”
You stood up and got in between the men, hands on their chests.
“Boys, boys enough! Jesus, I feel like I’m being pulled into WW3 because someone’s jealous of someone else.”
Johnny’s chest was hot under your hand, the flesh of your palm warming uncomfortably as your other was cool against Steve’s chest.
“Steve, I appreciate you trying to defend me from sexual innuendos but men are gonna cat call me some day or another.”
Steve gave a pained look at you and you turned to Johnny.
“Johnny, I appreciate you trying to woo me but unfortunately, I’m not interested. I like us being as close friends and I don’t wanna ruin that.”
Johnny huffed and asked.
“Can I still call you gorgeous?”
“Well duh. Build my self esteem some more, Storm.”
He smiled and said, kissing your hand.
“Good. Because I’d call you sexy either way.”
You blushed and watched as Johnny walked out, throwing a wink your way and you looked at your hand to see a red mark the shape of lips on your hand.
“I don’t wike it.”
Steve pouted and you turned, giggling a bit.
“I know, Rogers.”
You kissed his nose, making him blush.
“But that just gives me another reason to do that.” You kissed his whole face repeatedly, making Steve laugh and blush. “So…you’re mine?” “Depends, Spangles.” “(Y/n)!” You laughed. -END-

Your Gorgeous, Even If You Are A Sexist Jerk Sometimes! (Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better Part 4)


Part One   Part Two     Part Three

Who: Sam x Dean x reader

Summary: You and your sister Gwen are hunters on a job with Sam and Dean Winchester. You know now for sure you are facing a ghost. Gwen and Sam have hooked up in your room , and you are forced to bunk with Dean or sleep in the car. You are undeniably attracted to Dean, but you don’t mix business and pleasure.

You were so startled you didn’t move for a second, then you found yourself kissing him back. You threaded your hands through his hair as he trailed kisses down your neck. When he started unbuttoning your shirt, sanity returned.

“Wait…..Stop….DEAN.” You said, trying to push him off of you.

“What? Do you ever stop talking?” he growled.

“Shut up. We are not doing this. I am NOT doing this!”

“Why the hell not?” Dean asked impatiently..

“Because we’re working a case. Because I just met you this morning. Because I’m not my sister! Now get off of me! I mean it!“

Dean retreated to the other bed, eyeing you warily. “Why did you kiss me back then?”

“Because your gorgeous,even if you are a sexist jerk sometimes and I’m pretty drunk. That doesn’t mean I want to be the latest in the long line of girls who have fallen into bed with you. I don’t like mixing business and pleasure. Its never good for the hunt.”

“You think I’m gorgeous?” He said, grinning.

 “Duh. I have eyes don’t I? Did you hear anything else I said?”

  “Fine, whatever. Go to sleep, sweetheart.” 

  You settled yourself in Sam’s bed, pulled the covers up to your chin, and in no time you were fast asleep. Sleep didn’t come so easily for Dean. He kept sneaking glances over at you in the other bed.

 After some time you began tossing and turning in your sleep, and muttering, “No, no, no!!! ” over and over. Without warning you began to cry and sat bolt upright, arms flailing, “No, no!!!! ” you screamed. Dean jumped up and came to you, and took you in his arms. “Shhhhhh.. It’s okay. I’ve got you.”.

 You clung to him for dear life, stopped crying and eventually settled down, never once opening your eyes.  “Eric, your OK!” You whispered.You did manage to fall back asleep in Deans arms. So he stayed with you in Sam’s bed. 


The next morning, Sam and Gwen opened the door carrying a 4 pack of coffee and bags of food. “Y/N, I’ve been texting you! I know your mad and hung over, but you never sleep this……..” When she saw you and Dean asleep, she stopped dead in her tracks, her mouth hanging open in shock. Sam walked right into her back, and almost dropped the coffee. “Holy crap Sam! Looks like we weren’t the only ones who got lucky last night!”

You and Dean were a tangle of arms and legs in Sam’s bed. You were molded to his side, and his arms were around you. At the sound of Gwen’s voice Dean opened one bleary green eye. “Do you have to make so much damn noise?”

You lifted your head weakly and looked around. “Gwen?” Where??? Why???“ When you realized who you were wrapped around, you jumped up like a scalded cat. “Whats going on…. What the hell….Why were we…. Oh my God my head.”

“Mornin’ Sunshine, rough night last night?” Gwen said sweetly.

 “Uh, Dean? Something you want to share?” Sam gave his brother a hard look. 

“Nope, I’m good.” Dean said. “You?” 

You turned to look at Dean, still reclining comfortably. ” It’s all a blur. I don’t remember anything.“

 "Sweetheart, I can’t believe you don’t remember!” Dean said, grinning.

 “Stop calling me sweetheart!” You yelled, and immediately clutched your throbbing head.

 Gwen handed you coffee and Motrin. Noting you were wearing only Dean’s shirt said, “Well I think I can guess what happened.” 

 “Y/N isn’t your usual type, Dean.” Sam said. “

” You mean I don’t have bleached hair, fake boobs and a single digit IQ?” You said immediately. 

 “There’s my girl!” Said Dean.

 Gwen and Sam began laying out food on the small table. “I’m not your damn girl! You rounded on Gwen. ” And this is all your fault! If you hadn’t been so hot to get in Sam’s pants none of this would have happened! Your lucky I don’t know where my gun is because I’d probably shoot you! And you!“ You said, pointing at Sam. No one said anything. They were afraid to. 

 You snatched a breakfast sandwich from Sam’s hand and said angrily, ” I’m going to take a shower!“ As you made for the door Dean said, ” Maybe put some clothes on before you make the walk of shame, sweetheart?“ 

 You looked down and saw you were wearing Dean’s shirt. “Where the fuck are my clothes Dean?” He just pointed. They were in a neat pile in the corner. You grabbed them went into the bathroom, slamming the door so hard the walls rattled.

 Dean joined Gwen and Sam at the table. “Is she always like this?” 

 You marched out of the bathroom. “I hate all three of you right now!” And out the door you went.

 “Wow!” Sam said. “I definitely got the sweeter sister.” 

 “Don’t joke Sam, OK? Y/N has been thru a lot. There are reasons she is the way she is.” Gwen said shortly.   But that’s her story to tell, not mine.

 Dean seemed to debate with himself, then said, “Just for the record, we didn’t have sex, OK? She was having a nightmare…..crying and stuff.  The only way she would calm down was if I stayed with her.  So I did. I swear. I was just messing with her because she was too drunk to remember.” 

To both the guys surprise, Gwen laughed. “Good for you!  It’s about time someone gave Y/N a run for her money. Your the first guy she has shown even the slightest interest in I can’t tell you when.  I’d better go make sure she doesn’t leave without me.  Let me calm her down and we’ll meet back here to do some research, OK?”

Gwen kissed Sam passionately before she headed out the door.

“I hope she was worth it, Sammy.” Dean grumbled.

“Oh yeah.” Sam said with a slow grin that Dean matched.

“I didn’t tell Gwen this, but I did kiss Y/N.”  Dean admitted.


“So worth it.”


Gwen was waiting when you got out of the shower.  “I can’t believe you ditched me last night, Gwen. Its fine if you want to hook up with a guy you just met! But making me have to bunk with some stranger when I am drunk….. And then I wind up sleeping with him. That’s a new low, even for you.”

“I’m sorry. I just got caught up in…..Dean said you had the nightmare again.  It’s been what, a year since you’ve had it?”

“I did?” You searched your memory. Everything after the bar was a whiskey-soaked blur.  You remembered the feel of Dean’s lips on yours, but nothing else. 

“Why don’t you just cut the crap and admit your attracted to Dean? That’s why you are being such a God-awful bitch. It’s been 5 years, Y/N.  You have to let yourself live again. Get dressed, we are meeting back in their room for research.  We have to figure out who that ghost was.  Sooner we do, sooner we can salt and burn the bones.“  And with this, Gwen was out the door.

When you came back to Sam and Dean’s room, the Gwen and Sam were deep in research mode. Dean looked up when you returned.

“Feeling better?”

“Much. Let’s just not talk about last night, okay? What did you guys find out?”

“We’re going to have to make a trip to the local library. See if they have back issues of the paper. Its tedious work, but with four of us it should go quickly. ” Sam said.

 “Why don’t we just ride together?” Dean suggested. “I think we all, ahem….know each other pretty well now.” 

 “Fine, can we take your car, it’s bigger.?” You asked. 

 “No one drives my baby but me.” Dean said instantly. 

 “Wait, you call your car baby?? Your not one of those guys that has a physical thing with their car are you?” 

 “What?? No!!”

 “ Actually, he kind of is!”. Sam said laughing. 

 “I call back seat with Sam.”Gwen said. 

 “Can he even FIT in the back seat?” You asked. Your not fooling anyone G, you just want to make out. I’m not stupid.“

“So don’t look.” 

 “Wow Sammy, these two are worse than us!” Dean said affectionately to his brother.

 You did your best to keep you eyes off what was going on in back , so you made small talk with Dean. “Where are you girls from?”

 “Pennsylvania, you? 

 ” Kansas.“

 "How much older than Sam are you?”

 “Four years”. You?“

 "Three years.”

They kept peppering each other with questions until they arrived at the small Higgins County library. Visiting the reference desk they found that the back issues of the paper were on the microfiche and they would have to go through them all. Beyond tedious.

Luckily there were 4 stations so you got to work. After a while your eyes were watering and you had developed quite a headache. After about 4 straight hours of work, you caught Sam’s eye and mimed eating s sandwich. He nodded.

“I need food.” Dean said. You broke for lunch and then put in a few more hours  before the library closed. Finally after almost an entire day of research, Gwen got a .break “Guys, I think I have it. 1899 Josiah Walton killed his wife and daughters in a drunken rage. Slit their throats. Shot himself when he realized that he had done. I think this is our guy. Location matches.  Now, we just have to find out where he is buried……..

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39. His name in your phone.

Scott: Scotty pooo 💘💘
Mostly because he hated it ans it made you laugh every time it popped out on your cell phone.

Stiles: Snowman 💖⛄❄
Stiles was pale everyone knew that he was your cute little snowman.

Theo: baby T😻🔥
You often found yourself calling him T or baby a lot soo it kinda just fit.

Liam: baby beta 💓🌞
Being Scott’s sister it kind of just happenend because thats what everyone called him.

Isaac: Wolfie 😘🐕
He oftwn complained the emoji was a dog and not a werwolf but it just made you laugh.

Derek: grumps 👴💘
The name pissed him off due the grandpa just it described him well

Brett: handsome🔥🔥😍
It described him perfectly handsome because he was fucking gorgeous duh

Jackson: lizzy 😘🐍
Due to him growing scales and a tale it just fit, and you were too lazy to find the lizard emoji

littlefootpe  asked:

You should post most pics of yourself. It's inspiring and helpful to me as an individual and I'm sure to others, and you're gorgeous duh

oh my gosh this is so nice and confidence boosting! thank you!!sometimes I get self conscious posting photos because I’m nervous people don’t actually want to see them, but if you like them I’ll definitely keep putting them up on here! 😭💓

the ones I do put up are generally in the /self or /me tag and I also occasionally put some up on my Instagram which is acacia__jade !!