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Too late…

Dedicated to certain members of the skk discord group (you know who you are) who have been screaming for crying Dazai since weeks ago

p.s. I made my own insta (yulicechan) so don’t repost my art without permission anymore T_T

Wonderful things in YOI ep 10

-Victor and Chris’s fabulous almost nude pool photoshoot
-The fact that Yuuri’s gotten so much more comfortable in his relationship with Victor that he’s just like “Victor take me sightseeing NOW” and looks at him extra cutely like he knows he’s gonna get what he wants
-Yuuri and Victor basically going on a little sightseeing date around Barcelona
-Otabek SWOOPING IN ON HIS MOTORBIKE to save Yurio from his fangirls
-Yurio and Otabek being weird grumpy buddies because they apparently hate everyone else
-Yuuri buying Victor couple rings and then coming up with the flimsiest fucking excuse ever like “It’s not a couple thing it’s just…a good luck charm!! I couldn’t think of anything else it just popped into my head no deeper meaning definitely not madly in love with you no sir!”
-The fact that Yuuri and Victor were both like trembling and tearing up when they exchanged their “good luck rings”
-Phichit seeing the rings and automatically assuming that Victuuri got married like everyone was expecting it already (but tbh half the skaters probably have been rooting for Victuuri since the banquet where Yuuri got smashed)
-Victor taking the couple rings thing up a notch by casually making them engagement rings ok then Victor
-Guanghong and Leo are trying to watch the Grand Prix live stream together my heart
-Yeorgi has a date I’m so happy for him!!!!! Maybe he’ll stop doing interpretive skating about murdering his ex now!

Ok this is probably my very favorite part of the episode.
-Drunk Yuuri shamelessly begging his long time idol to move to Japan and become his coach and Victor looking at this sloppy drunk boy clinging to him and looking like he’s just had a fucking religious revelation.

  • Me: *inhales*
  • Anyone I've communicated to in the past WEEK: YES, we KnOW. You love Alex Fierro, Alex Fierro is your CHilD, Alex Fierro is lIFe, ALEX FIERRO, FIERROCHASE, JUST. SHUT. UP. PLEASE.
  • Me: *backs away slowly*
  • Me: *whispers*
  • Me: a l e x f i e r r o

BTS wishing you good luck on an audition!

Anonymous said: bts snaps you good luck on an audition? thank you :’) 

Ah, I hope this came out okay, I’m not sure :’) Either way, here you go anonie! For future reference to everyone else, please request up to max 4 members! I didn’t make that clear before, so I did this anyway ^_^



[jungkook x reader] | genre: angst

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day 220: still down

A/N: hi friends ily. good luck to all of u taking finals and those of u who feel like death from studying (me) and everyone else in between too. i love all of u so much. so. fucking. much. also how would u guys feel about me taking a couple requests for texts? its been a while since i did some and i miss it. ill finish 317 i promise im just kind of needing a little break from it! lemme know what u think! feedback appreciated!! xoxoxxxxxx stef

On Chat Noir’s Bad Luck

I saw a couple of posts saying that Chat fell twice off the sleigh, causing Ladybug to have to get him back up every time.

What I haven’t seen enough is people reminding that Chat Noir is fundamentally taking the hits for Ladybug because that’s his power. His bad luck allows Ladybug’s luck to exist.

You can’t say “Whoops that one’s lucky” unless someone else got unlucky. If everyone’s lucky, then the concept of luck doesn’t exist since nothing’s different.

It’s like good that can’t exist without evil.

Chat takes the hits, Ladybug doesn’t. Because he’s unlucky and she’s lucky.

If you rewatch all the ML episodes, you’ll notice that the akuma will always target Chat first before going for Ladybug. And if the akuma targets Ladybug directly, Chat will always jump between them because he’s the bad luck to her luck.

  • For example, in Lady Wifi, Alya targets Chat in priority, causing him to hide behind the tables while Ladybug figures out a strategy to take her down.
  • In Guitar Villain, Chat Noir distracts the Akuma yet again, allowing Ladybug to do her thing.
  • In Chronogirl, Chat jumps to protect Ladybug. Because she’s lucky? Or because he yearns to protect her? Both are correct.

He has to take the hits for her. Because that’s the very purpose of his luck.

It’s like he’s a hit magnet. All the Akumas are compelled to target him first.

Sure, Adrien does it because that’s how he is, altruistic. But also think of it as something that his Chat Noir persona just does for Ladybug. To keep the balance of luck and misfortune.


366/366 days of swan queen

wow, i can’t believe i actually started and completed this. 2016 has been a wild year! thank you to all those who have gone through its ups and downs with me. emma and regina have grown impossibly closer, trekking through hell, the east coast, and another alternate universe together. i can’t wait to see what 2017 brings to swan queen, but also what it brings everything else. good luck, and a happy new year to everyone! ♥


Hello my fellow brethren, we have now made it to the day that we have all been anticipating anxiously. Today is the day that we, along side our friends of other species, defeat the fuckbois in great quantities, even fighting against the dreaded Trump. You all have filed papers, trained, done extensive missions or work on the enemies, spread the word to your loved ones and peers, which I couldn’t be ever so grateful for your hard work. And now we march forward with everything in mind, and create the strongest and fiercest force last seen only 800 years ago. You will make everyone very proud. Good luck everyone!! #SkeletonWar2016


P.S. let your corresponding team officers know if you do not receive your gear and/or weapons. They should be at your doorstep promptly, if not, when you are picked up for service. If all else fails, message me and I will personally take care of it.


Yuzuru Hanyu + Spins - GPF 2015 SP (Congrats on another WR!)


Good luck Byung; we’re all with you!!  #ot6 forever

To the boy who got me into Teen Top and Kpop, 

To the boy who unconsciously helped me through the hardest times,

To the boy who defied odds and his parents to chase his dreams,

To the boy who thinks about his members or better yet his brothers and his fans above everything else,

To the boy who just wanted to grow and achieve his ambitions but got stomped all over, 

To the boy who didn’t fear to speak up and go against everyone and anyone who didn’t allow him this growth,

To the boy who had the guts to leave his comfort zone because he wanted more,

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- the one who tells everyone to chill before the exam but actually stresses about it the most himself

- always proud of himself when he answers correctly

- is also proud when his friends answer correctly

- whishes luck to everyone before exam

- popular af

- the captain of the basketball team


- pretends to be smart and gets mad when someone can prove that he’s wrong

- the one who’s always asking other people what they got from exam

- girls are jealous of his beauty

- is whining about how people ask to see how the homework should be done when they haven’t done it

- is whining about everything else too

- is always SHHH’ing when people are being too loud


- loves to help others do their homework

- has the prettiest notes

- is pretty good at every subject

- probably a member of the pupil council

- presses a pen against his cheek when he’s thinking

- always preaching about how important studying is and how everyone should work hard to get good grades and get to a good university


- always jamming to music while doing exercises (even when there is no music playing)

- is always asking for a pen, an eraser, or something else from others

- takes selfies during lessons

- takes selfies everywhere else too

- writes good essays and they’re probably from his dad’s binder

- he talks to people but realizes that nobody’s listening but still keeps talking because he doesn’t care


- screams a lot during the breaks

- gets decent grades

- confuses the art teacher with his strange and unique sense of art

- makes the team spirit of the class better

- gets a paroxysm everytime he gets a good grade from the exam and makes weird moves and weird noises

- the one who’s always asking if he can go to the toilet during the lesson


- actually likes school

- lives in the library

- gets good grades and is active during the lessons

- asks people a lot of guestions before exams and makes them feel like they have forgotten something important

- asks questions from the teachers after the lessons

- gets to read his essays in front of the class


- always headphones on

- salty af to everyone

- is a little evil who hides people’s stuff all the time and laughs and claps when they are desperately trying to find it

- hates presentations

- comes to class exactly when school is starting, he’s never early and never late

- laughs when people fail their exams and cries when it happens to himself


- smiles when he answers correct, smiles when he answers wrong, smiles when other people answer correct, smiles when other people answer wrong, literally just can’t stop smiling

- panics when teacher asks him something he doesn’t know

- loves to be in spotlight during the english lessons

- panics before exams (still smiling tho)

- judges people who don’t follow the school rules

- always wants to play something during breaks


- the one who’s often late

- doesn’t get anything when it’s explained for the first time

- has no idea what’s the next subject he’s having

- always clumsy; drops chalks, his pencil case and kicks the desks, falls when he has to go in front of the class

- ‘’when is the lunch break’‘

- has always sticky notes on his back and he doesn’t realize it


- never says a word during lessons

- pretends to be cool to become popular but everybody think he’s cute

- living meme, even in school

- stresses about math lessons

- during exams, he’s always peeking answers from other students

- never gets caught tho


- pretends to be dumb when someone is asking questions for the exam but then gets a good grade and confuses everyone

- the one who’s always telling stories about his life during lessons, and although the stories are related to the subject the teacher is talking about, they are seldom true

- makes everyone laugh, the teachers included

- loves to explain things to others so he likes presentations and usually makes them way too long

- has strange, random things in his pencil case (like dog food or toilet paper)

- just confuses everyone all the time


- the one who forgets to do his homework

- also probably the one who forgets about exams

- the one who everybody is waiting for during the lunch because he eats way too much but also doesn’t want to be left alone

- is popular but doesn’t know it

- is always copying other people’s answers to the exercises during the lessons

- always having some snacks in his bag


- the one who’s always quiet during lessons and pays attention

- can’t think clearly before exams

- always whining about his grades, no matter if they’re good or bad

- always the first one to sit in the classroom

- has a book with him even at lunch

- after exam he always wants to discuss about the answers and often ends up having a fight with someone about which is the correct answer

We were bored so we made this! Hopefully you liked it!

Which one of the members are you? 8)

Saturday, November 5th 2016

I once read a book with the following quote:

Sometime after midnight it became imperative to me that I show everyone I still possess those wonderful qualities that helped separate me from everyone else.

I’ve had a similar epiphany - my physics mark doesn’t really matter, but today I realised that I really, really want a good grade on the test I have this Tuesday. It’s a huge undertaking considering physics is my worst subject, but I’m going to try anyway. Wish me luck!

Alright there’s something I really really need to say because I am done hearing this shit.

Whenever I tell people I work with teenagers, they usually have one of two responses:
“Wow, good luck with that!”
Or “Why the hell would you ever do that?”
And frankly, I’m absolutely sick of this. It’s this kind of attitude that makes the kids feel like society has given up on them. They feel like no one cares about them, and that no one wants to take the time to help them or care for them. Because everyone else seems to view them as a burden.
“Oh, I’m just sympathizing!”
Okay, but show me where I asked for your sympathy. I CHOSE to work with teenagers. Yes, they are difficult. Yes, sometimes they make me want to scream. But at the end of the day, these kids just want someone to care about them and to listen to them. In the end, they want to know that SOMEONE cares. They want a friend.
They don’t need to feel like they are a waste of people’s time.
So seriously, shut the fuck up. Just because you don’t want to take the time to care about them doesn’t mean I won’t.

Tuesday, December 20th: Putting finishing touches on my infographic design at work in between responding to emails. I’m proud of myself though for hustling this semester and working my ass off because I can really feel how everything is starting to pay off. Also, I’m finally feeling confident with myself as a manager and my interactions with the other managers. 🙌🏻

Good luck to everyone else going through finals! ❤️ Keep your chin up - you’ve got this.

Broken Silence

Johnny himself, or anyone else for that matter, wasn’t sure what to expect when Meena finally stepped on the stage, before the crowd. She still seemed reluctant, and nervous, but Buster was doing his best to help her.

“Come on, you can do it.” Johnny quietly rooted for her while trapped in the suspense with everyone else.

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