and good lord he was just a baby in the first season

Why the SPN mixtape scene from 12x19 is screenwriting gold, and should be taught to the next generations of screenwriters everywhere - analysis

20 seconds. Two lines of dialogue, three gestures, a couple more camera angles. Episode 19, season 12 of a genre TV show “Supernatural”. A single strike of screenwriting and cinematic genius. The mixtape scene.

Robert Berens and Meredith Glynn, I bow before you.

This scene should be used as an example for future screenwriters how you can put maximum of meaning into minimal time and dialogue. Should be analyzed and taught at universities everywhere, how to achieve the most using the least. How to write for TV, where you only have less than an hour to built something spectacular.


Let’s just peel off all the layers of these 20 seconds of footage and these 13 words. 13 WORDS.

(Cas knocks, Dean doesn’t say anything. Cas opens the door, apologizes for disturbing Dean in his room, and then takes a cassette tape out of his left inside coat pocket, and puts it on the desk, while tapping the label on it that says “Deans (sic!) top 13 Zepp traxx”.)

Cas: Um, I just wanted to return this.

Dean: It’s a gift. You keep those.

13 tracks. 13 words. The future. So number thirteen is important for the future. I mean, are you trying to tell us something here, writers?

(Dean takes the tape, oustreches his arm, and gives it back to Cas. We see Cas’ hand grabbing the tape, and taking it back.)

That tiny scene is ENORMOUS from the perspective of the narrative and the characterization. Let’s see what we can get out of it. (Prepare yourself: it’s gonna be long. Damn, how much meta can you write based on 20 seconds of television and two lines of dialogue?) (Hint: A lot.)

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Voltron/Avatar AU

Okay, okay, okay, so I know this has been done a million times by now, but I wanted to tackle the idea from my own personal narrative perspective. So, here we go –


 Shiro – Gifted earthbender that was raised inside Ba Sing Se and was being trained as a member of the Dai Li before he was abducted by firebenders and taken prisoner. His abduction was a result of a plan by the Fire Nation to secretly infiltrate the Earth Kingdom and take down its most gifted benders. Before he was realized as being talented and brought in to train for the Dai Li, he lived in the lower ring of the city with Keith, who’d he’d long since adopted as a younger brother. They found out during their youth, however, that Keith was a firebender, which Shiro told Keith had to be kept secret. He encouraged Keith to learn his talents nonetheless, if only for self-defense. After he’s kidnapped, he loses his arm and his tortured, etc, and eventually develops metalbending out of sheer desperation to escape. Metalbending is what allowed him to create and use a metal arm as replacement for the one he lost. He eventually gets away—after learning that the Dai Li has been corrupted and secretly overtaken by firebenders—and goes back to the city to find Keith. But when he returns to Ba Sing Se, he comes home to find that Keith is gone and clearly has been for some time.

 Keith – Firebender. A very good firebender, in fact, but too ashamed of his talents to really do much with them. He grew up with Shiro in the lower ring of Ba Sing Se—basically poor—and grows so distressed when Shiro disappears that he lashes out at the Ba Sing Se law enforcers. His status as a firebender is revealed and he has no choice but to flee the city. He’d planned on leaving anyway to go looking for Shiro, and so it becomes his mission to find his older brother—even if he has to search the entire world. Unbeknownst to Keith, however, he was tossed out of the Fire Nation palace as a baby because he was an unwanted bastard son to the Fire Lord. Also, spoilers, he’s the Avatar as well, but is unaware of the fact due to how subdued he’s been forced to keep his talents his whole life. Lots of drama for Keith, haha. Poor child just wants his brother back. Oh well.  

 Lance – Waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe. Prince, though he’s nowhere near being in line to become chief. Still, there are plenty of responsibilities he has, but he decides to run away in search of adventure instead, wanting—more than anything—to be a hero and stand out, basically. He’s had this plan since he was a child—was his dream to see the world—and so he spent a lot of time not only mastering waterbending, but the spiritual connection and teachings of the Northern Water Tribe, as well as healing despite the fact that, as a male, he wouldn’t normally know how to heal. Though he wasn’t the most gifted waterbender, he spent most of his youth studying and practicing in preparation for his big leap out into the world. As a result of being a healer and having studied the spirits extensively, he’s very knowledgeable, but generally keeps these things to himself (wants to be a lady’s man, not a nerd, basically). He is a bit spoiled nonetheless, and doesn’t have a real realistic idea of what’s going on in the world. He and Keith are both opposites and foils as a result of their upbringing and positions.

 Pidge – Waterbender from the Foggy Swamp Tribe. Her father was an inventor from the Earth Kingdom, however, who found himself studying the energy levels of the swamp area before meeting her mother and promptly falling in love. Her brother and father are earthbenders, while she and her mother are waterbenders. And while she is trained in the techniques of swamp people waterbending, Pidge is far more interested in technology and the things her father studies. Her father and brother make regular trips into the earth kingdom—for research supplies, etc—and eventually end up abducted by the Fire Nation for being meddlers or something. Which inspires Pidge to leave her home in search of them, determined to rescue them much like Keith is aiming to rescue Shiro. She isn’t one to be trifled with, however. While she doesn’t have much interest in bending, she is trained and is more than capable of defending herself, as well as using the plants around her to her advantage. She and Lance practice very different types of waterbending as a result, but this doesn’t come between them or anything. They probably bond over it, actually.  

 Hunk – Earthbender. He’s from a small village to the north that is occupied by the Fire Nation and generally has no interest in getting involved with business outside of it. However, when Lance shows up and causes a ruckus (no doubt by accident), he gets caught up in it and ends up wanted by the fire nation and unable to return home because, if he did, he’d be putting his family in danger (they’re already in danger from the Fire Nation, but Hunk is kind of sheltered and naïve). So he ends up tagging along with Lance, deciding that he’d simply go to the Fire Nation higher ups and explain the misunderstanding, thus clearing his name and allowing him to go home. Obviously, he learns that this isn’t really going to work and that the conflict is much larger than he and Lance really realized. Upon seeing how people are suffering because of the Fire Nation, Hunk vows to do all he can to stop it.

 Allura and Coran – The last two airbenders in the world. They were originally part of a secret society that—after the airbenders were basically destroyed—vowed to find the new avatar (who was murdered during the airbender raids) and return balance to the world. However, the society has basically died out and so Allura and Coran are all that’s left. They’re still going around the world, searching, but to say the mission has kind of become hopeless is a bit of an understatement. Still, they’re determined, convinced that if they can find the Avatar, they can stop the Fire Nation.


 And so we have our misfit team of heroes whose paths eventually cross. Lance and Hunk come together first, and then probably end up with Pidge as a result of trying to help her (likely when she doesn’t need help), before those three maybe meet Keith in a prison where he’s searching for Shiro (they’re there because Pidge is looking for her family in the same place). Meanwhile, Shiro is hunting for Keith, knowing more about him than he realizes (Shiro knows Keith is the avatar, which is half the reason he was so protective over him. He probably saw him accidentally bend earth or something, but then lied and said he’d done it instead). He meets up with Allura and Coran, and as they have a shared interest in finding the avatar, they team up. Likely the two teams meet up as the finale of season 1 or something, where it’s revealed during a dramatic battle or something that Keith is the avatar before they all make a break for it.

 Hunk and Shiro end up as Keith’s earthbending teachers, Allura is his airbending teacher, and Lance is his waterbending teacher (though neither are happy about it. Pidge doesn’t really have the knowledge to teach waterbending, or so she claims, though she does end up teaching Keith a thing or two as well). Water ends up being the element Keith has the most trouble with, which of course spurs antagonism between him and Lance. And when it’s revealed that Keith is actually a bastard prince from the fire nation, this makes things between him and Allura rather tense as well. While all this is happening, Lotor is around causing trouble like Azula did and we’re getting a more in-depth look at what Fire Lord Zarkon is really aiming to do. Basically he not only wants to take over the world, but the spirit world as well (which Haggar, his right hand lady and spiritual expert, thinks is silly—he should be content with the normal world, obv). Zarkon is looking for the avatar not to kill them, but to somehow remove the spirit of Raava and merge with it himself. This is becoming increasingly more difficult for him to do, however—especially with Keith getting stronger—and so he learns instead (maybe from the owl library that he forced his way into) about Vaatu being imprisoned and decides to instead merge with that spirit. Which is kind of what brings us to the season 2 finale. Probably the main group has split up because they’re fighting and they all get reunited in the end, where Keith tries to fight Zarkon and fails. And it’s Lance, who maybe shows up last, that uses his knowledge of spirits (which has basically been lost to Allura and Coran, despite them being airbenders) to separate Vaatu from Zarkon before a dark avatar can really be created. But as a result, he, Lance, ends up attached to Vaatu. Why? Because he and Keith were painted as foils for a reason, that’s why.

 So basically Lance is all sorts of fucked up now, and is dealing with some pretty dark shit that Keith has to help him with, which kind of allows a friendship to form between them where there previously hadn’t been one. Through a lot of interaction and development between all the characters, they eventually come to understand that Vaatu being attached to a human is similar to having him imprisoned and that, so long as Lance remains uncorrupted, he should be able to function as a second avatar. After all, it’s about balance in the end, dark and light, yin and yang, and so while Keith and Lance seemingly oppose each other, they also complement each other. Thus Lance is the first Dark Avatar, a new avatar that will be reborn along with the original and will need to be trained in how to master the evil inside them or something like that. He gets to learn all the elements too, but probably isn’t a master by the time we reach the end of season 3, unlike Keith. Meanwhile, Zarkon is pissed and is like, fine, I don’t get an avatar spirit, I’ll create my own and he basically uses secrets taught to him by Haggar to harness raw spirit power for his own gain. Now he’s really dangerous and threatens all the worlds with potential destruction. And yeah, all of team avatar(s) have to work together to stop him!

I can’t decide if I should do a more in-depth outline for this or not. Like, one that reflects the importance of all the other characters, not just Lance and Keith, haha! Because, obv, they’re all crucial. I mean, clearly Shiro needs to have a personal connection to Zarkon, maybe even some kind of connection to the spirit world. And, like, I was thinking of trying to incorporate the lions as spirits of some kind too. I dunno–we’ll see XD

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Daenerys Targaryen: At this point, it’s just bad story-telling

The most important element of GRRM’s style of story-telling is that it follows certain key monomythic structures of story-telling, which form the heart of a good story. This structure is not followed for everyone - arguably, there are less than ten characters for whom Martin has painstakingly wrought a full arc.

Here is Dan Harmon’s (creator of Rick and Morty, [Adult Swim]) explanation of how he uses it, as mentioned on his blog (link to his tumblr included) [btw, this is a great read, and is the first part of a series about how to plot out a good story. If you’re an author, or aspiring, I highly recommend checking it out.]

Draw a circle and divide it in half vertically.

Divide the circle again horizontally.

Starting from the 12 o clock position and going clockwise, number the 4 points where the lines cross the circle: 1, 3, 5 and 7.

Number the quarter-sections themselves 2, 4, 6 and 8.

Here we go, down and dirty:

. A character is in a zone of comfort,
. But they want something.
. They enter an unfamiliar situation,
. Adapt to it,
. Get what they wanted,
. Pay a heavy price for it,
. Then return to their familiar situation,
. Having changed.

He summarizes it something like this. I think.

Hero - Want - Go - Fight - Get - Suffer - Return - Changed

There are the obvious characters for whom this arc has been granted - Jon and Daenerys and Tyrion and Arya.

And there are the less obvious ones - Theon, Sansa, Jaime, Sandor, Sam, and yes, even Cersei.

Now, the books and the show aren’t complete, but with the prevalence of so many parallel plotlines, they move back and forth within this circle repeatedly.

Here’s Jon’s first arc, for instance - he is safe in Winterfell, he wants to be a knight, he goes to the Wall, he becomes a brother, he realizes the Wall is manned by criminals and unwanted sons, he is horribly disillusioned, he realizes he can never go back.

Here’s another arc - he wants to prove himself, he goes beyond the Wall with the Halfhand’s party, he gets captured by the wildlings, he murders Qhorin to gain their acceptance, he betrays Ygritte, he returns to the Wall, broken-hearted.

Fast-forward to the show canon - he wants to take back Winterfell, he leaves the Wall with Sansa after having won repeatedly against the wildings and established himself as a notable commander, he fails to recruit the Northern Houses, he assembles an army, he watches Rickon be murdered, he loses to the Boltons and is saved by Sansa, he returns to Winterfell.

Between arc 1, and arc 3, there is a larger arc at play - when he is at Winterfell he’s deeply dissatisfied with his social status, so he leaves Winterfell to become a ‘black knight’, he adapts to the Night’s Watch, he becomes a leader, he loses his lover, his father, his family, his brothers, he becomes the Lord Commander, he returns to Winterfell as King, but now with no ambition except keeping his people alive and safe.

This. This is good storytelling.

This is what makes Jon Snow such a compelling figure. Because he fucking suffers, and it affects him. 

It alters him.

It makes him a better man, a better friend, a better commander.

This does not happen with Daenerys. 

If anything, her arc is in reverse.

Look at her first arc - she starts off in a terrible position, she is raped, repeatedly, by her husband, and abused emotionally and physically by her brother (let’s just go with show canon, since GRRM apparently green-lit this nonsense). Clearly, not a position of comfort or safety, but it goes some way in establishing her as a sympathetic character. 

Her ascent cycle begins - she seduces her husband, sidelines her brother and watches him die, becomes a Khaleesi in her own right, has her husband promise her to take back Westeros.

(Note at this point this she’s enabling slavery - the Dothraki trade in slaves. Dany personally is served by three slaves. The Lhazareen women she ‘saves’ she does so by taking in as her personal slaves. But there’s plenty of metas about Dany’s White Saviour trope. You don’t need mine.)

(Note also, that she is perfectly happy for her husband’s horde to rain havoc, bloodshed and destruction on her own country. At no point does this trouble her, that if the Dothraki cross the Narrow Sea, the women that will be raped, the men that will be murdered, the children that will be orphaned - they will be her subjects. But there’s metas aplenty on this as well, Dany’s all-consuming lust for power. You really don’t need mine.)

When Drogo dies, and her baby dies - she suffers, yes, for about the span of five minutes. She loses the khal, and replaces it with? Dragons.

She suffers what, in the universe this story is set in, amounts to, at best, a MINOR SETBACK, and has this addressed by gaining MYTHICAL WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.

This is Daenerys’ arc, (along with the most vocal, popular reactions)

So, she starts off low (awww), 
becomes a Khaleesi, (yay!),
loses her rapist, destructive, murderous husband, (…awww),
becomes a Mother of Dragons, (YAY!)
advances onto Astapor, (YAY!)
gains a slave army, (YAY!)
marches on to Yunkai (YAY!),
loses Jorah, (…aw.),
conquers Meereen (YAY!)
destroys the economies of three cities, (…)
does nothing except throw a fit when Barristan is murdered by the Sons (…)
is almost murdered by the Sons of the Harpy (..awww??)
saved by Drogon (YAY!)
taken by the Khals to Vaes Dothrak (awww)
murders the Khals, and burns their most important religious site to the ground, to free herself from being sold into slavery* (YAY!)
sails to Westeros. (YAY!)
with three mythical, all-powerful weapons of destruction (YAY!)

*Oh, the fucking irony.

And so her character stays within the same loop of -

  • Arrive at new place.
  • Intimidate via dragon.
  • Murder those who get in her way.
  • Instate herself as Queen.
  • Rage when the people refuse to accept her.

Astapor, when she cannot actually afford to buy the Unsullied:

Yunkai, when the City sends a diplomat:

Meereen, at the fighting pits:

Slaver’s Bay, after Tyrion’s peace talks fail and the Cities’ economies are on the verge of collapse:

The sheer profusion of victories accorded to her character is frankly insane.

She never loses anyone she cares about, because she cares about no one. She says it herself. Over, and over. Westeros isn’t a country, a people, a culture. It is reduced, for her, to a pointy chair, and the legacy of her mad, murderous ancestors. 

If the smallfolk must die, let them.
If the soldiers must die, let them.
If the Lords must die, let them. 

She’s callous to the point of psychopathy, and so, I repeat.




Even Cersei, arguably the series primary remaining antagonist has suffered far worse than the woman they’re pushing as the Saviour-Hero. 

Cersei loses her father,
loses all three of her children,
watches her son die in her arms,
is tortured in a dungeon,
is made to parade naked through the streets of her own city,
is heaped with literal excrement and abuse and the kind of horror that would break anyone.

Sansa loses her father,
her mother,
her oldest brother, her youngest brother,
she is beaten and humiliated in front of her peers,
subjected to Petyr’s advances,
repeatedly beaten and raped by Ramsay Bolton,
forced to look at her Father’s decapitated head,
forced to look at her ally in Winterfell, dead and skinned
bypassed by the Northern Lords for her bastard brother even though her efforts turned the tide of a war Jon Snow lost. 

Jaime loses his father,
is betrayed by his brother, who joins the enemy,
loses all three of his children,
watches his daughter die in his arms,
loses his sword hand,
is tortured by brigands,
is called Kingslayer for saving a city from burning to the ground.

I could go on, but the point is this -

Daenerys has lost nothing.
Daenerys has gained everything.

If she survives this story, if she initiates the Targaryen Restoration, if she takes the Iron Throne easily, not only does it devalue the entire point of A Song of Ice and Fire, it is a step backward for the story - a series that has devoted itself to destroying fantasy tropes, deconstructing human ambition, and reminding us, again and again and again, that the most important battles are the ones that fought in our hearts.

It is a betrayal on a scale that spans two decades of ambitious, brilliant, life-changing work. 

It reduces the worth of everything they’ve constructed so far.

It isn’t the show we were promised.

But it could be.

B99 Fanfic Recommendations (Peraltiago Stylez)

Since I’ll be off to visit my sis for about a week now and then will be busy with an internship for the following 6 weeks, I’ll probably not be able to post much during that time. So I decided to assemble a nice, mostly fluffy collection of b99 stories centered around Jake and Amy I very much enjoy :)

Canon (or canon-divergent or possible-future fic… just non-AU ;) :


  • Enigmatic Easter Bunny by huffellepuff (“The Nine-Nine does a Secret Santa of sorts, and Jake gets Amy.Takes place very shortly before 2x21, Det. Dave Majors.” This is so sweet!)
  • Untitled Prompt 1 by @elsaclack (”What if Amy and Teddy got engaged during Jake’s undercover op and when Jake’s back the wedding preparations are in full swing and he tries to be supportive but can’t bring himself to go to the wedding?“ It’s by em, so of course it’s friggin’ amazing, duh! ;)
  • Untitled Prompt 2 by @elsaclack​ (”The night of Captain Latvia, Jake talks to Amy about his thoughts on what Boyle said about Jake never becoming a dad.” Aaah, I love this one so much! So great!)
  • Untitled Prompt 3 by @elsaclack​ (Amy finds Jake’s folder about her Dad while he’s still in prison. It’s… so… great? And the ending is super sweet!)
  • Untitled Prompt 4 by @elsaclack​ (Jake moves in with Amy and Amy finds a box with his mixtapes… one of them labeled with the date he went into witness protection. Good lord, this is so amazing! Just… amazing.)
  • Untitled Prompt 5 by @elsaclack (A father’s day fic. I squealed so hard reading this the first time! It’s super cute!)
  • Oxford Comma by grapefruity (”She’s got a system, and it isn’t going to come to a standstill just because her messy, disorganized, wreck of a partner makes her sometimes feel things.” The evolution of Jake and Amy’s relationship from Amy’s perspective. Really, really great! I also really love the description of their first encounter - heelies are involved; it’s amazing ^^)
  • Untitled Prompt by @haylestorming​ (”Amy and Jake talking about their future after the Rosa/Pimento (cancelled) wedding” ADORABLE!)
  • Untitled Prompt by @hotelsweet (”Random girl at bar starts flirting with Jake, Jake is clueless and it all goes right over his head, Amy steps in and gets her to back off” Do I really need to say more? It’s glorious. ^^)
  • what’s a home without you here? by @jcobsperalta (”amy comes home, jake is still in prison.“ Oh boy, my heart! But great!)
  • you’re a sky full of stars by @oceanvirus (”Jake discovers Amy’s secret stargazing spot, but he can’t seem to focus on constellations as much as he can focus on the one excitedly pointing them out. Takes place between Boyle-Linetti Wedding and Det. Dave Majors.” So. Friggin’. Cute.)
  • it’s amazing what baking can do by @sergeant-santiago (Jake and Amy face their biggest challenge yet: baking a cake for Charles. Whee! It’s super fun and cute and awesome!!)
  • all the way home i’ll be warm by @the-pontiac-bandit (“We’re in an abandoned lodge in the middle of nowhere. Sure, you’re totally right, nothing bad could ever happen here.” Cute Christmas fic with all the Santiagos and Jake. Sooo adorable! Get ready for pure joy!)


  • breaking the first rule by @heart-eyes-santiago (“When did Jake Peralta fall in love with Amy Santiago? And when did she fall in love with him?” Soo good! Really sweet insights on Jake and Amy’s thoughts throughout the show. Complete. 4 Chapters.)
  • and all my world is losing light by @jakelovesamy (“Day one is listening to Captain Holt telling them not to give up hope, but then overhearing him calling Karen, and telling her in a quiet voice that her son has been sentenced to 15 years, telling her not to cry. Day one is spent filled with fear, and tears, and she punches a wall in their bedroom (because it is still theirs) so hard that the skin on her knuckles splits open. Day one is a cold side of the bed and a thick silence filling up the space where Jake used to be. Day one is overwhelming, plain and simple.” Amy finds out she’s pregnant after the end of S4. Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster of awesomeness! Incredibly good. Complete. 2 Chapters.)
  • it’s only me who wants to wrap around your dreams by @oceanvirus (”In which Jake Peralta showing up at Amy Santiago’s door in the middle of the night in need of a place to stay is simultaneously the best and worst thing that’s ever to happened to them.” temporary roomates… Oh yeah! Excited for more! In-Progress. 1/6 Chapters as of yet.)
  • Nothing’s Normal in Texas by @okayokaycoolcoolcool (”She started feeling something in Texas. Maybe it was the mind-numbing fear that came with being locked in jail unarmed with murderers.  She probably could’ve blamed how annoyed she was at Jake and his tendency to jump in and make her job harder. Although, now that she thought of it, it was probably just the fake pregnancy that was making her mind funny.  It was probably nothing.” Or was it?! ;) Very cool. Complete. 8 Chapters.)
  • What to Expect by @three-drink-amy (”After a crazy night together, Amy finds herself pregnant with Jake’s baby. They have to learn to be parents while navigating their partnership. Set in season 2.” Really interesting read! In-Progress. 9 Chapters so far.)



  • you, me, and the moon by @heart-eyes-santiago (“Amy Santiago’s whole world is turned upside when her brother, Manny, invites his best friend and college roommate to stay for the summer. Enter Jake Peralta, his inability to win a game of scrabble, and his ability to win Amy’s heart.” Cuuute!)


  • if you want me to stay, i will stay by your side by @elsaclack (“For someone whose job requires an unusually large amount of personal risk on a near daily basis, Amy Santiago has not dedicated much time considering how she might one day die. The vague assumption that it will probably happen on the job - via stray bullets or careening cars or massive explosions - has been enough to satisfy any musing.She never imagined doctor’s visits or specialist consultations or diagnoses. She never imagined hospital gowns and thinning hair and chemotherapy. And she never, ever imagined cancer.“ 50/50 AU.The Ultimate Angst fic, but it’s amazing! (Better have some tissues ready, though.) In-Progress. 6/11 Chapters as of yet.)
  • Amy and Jake’s Epic Detour by @hotelsweet (”When 18 yr old Amy Santiago needs to make the trip to New York City for her first year of college, family friend Jake Peralta steps in as a favour- but the week that’s about to follow is one that neither of them could have predicted.” THIS. This story is an experience, my friend, and you really should read this because it’s amazing and has an awesome playlist for every chapter and is just AMAZING, okay? Okay. Complete. 10 Chapters.)
  • everything is easier when you’re home by @sergeant-santiago (”Amy Santiago loves her new apartment. One bedroom, one bathroom, good neighborhood and decent rent. One thing she does not love? Her neighbors. More precisely, whoever lives in the apartment that shares a paper thin wall with hers.” Neighbor AU. Awesome! In-Progress. 4 Chapters so far.)
  • Camps Safe and Amusing by Talking_Bird (”Amy Santiago was NOT excited to be a camp counselor for a bunch of bratty twelve-year-olds, but she was even less excited to have a jerk like Jake Peralta be her group partner. A fluffy, slow-burn fic with awkward, nerdy Amy and cocky, insensitive Jake.“ Really cool and sweet, it has an awesome bet and everything! Complete. 8 Chapters.)
  • You’re the Only Song I Want to Hear by Talking_Bird (”Amy is having a really hard time adjusting to college life as an Art Major, but a mysterious pianist in the music conservatory keeps her sane // Jake just wants to do what he loves, but everyone else wants him to be practical. Everyone, that is, except for one person…College AU.” Highly recommended because it’s stupid good. Really. Plus, there is a great piano piece to go with each chapter. Complete. 10 Chapters. )
  • The Detective and The Squad by @three-drink-amy  (”Amy Santiago is a brilliant detective, quickly burning out on her job. Jake Peralta is a famous actor recently relocated to NYC for his new TV show “The Squad.” What will happen when Amy is assigned to be the police consultant for Jake’s new show?” Goood… Really good. In-Progress. 6 Chapters so far.)
  • around my heart like a coronary artery by @the-pontiac-bandit (”Amy Santiago enters NYU Medical School with prep books, a 60-set of colored pens, and a plan. Jake Peralta walks in with gummy bears and orange soda.” Medical students AU. Every chapter represents a year. AMAZING! In-Progress. 2/5 Chapters so far.) 

Sooo… this is a fic rec of quite respectable size, huh? ^^; Would anybody be interested in me continuing/updating this? Let me know! (I assembled this in various stages of consciousness/being awake, so I’m sorry if some of my “reviews/thoughts” on some of the fics are a little too rambly or short - I love them all so much, my dear writers; you are all incredibly awesome! 💕 )

Without Dany, Jon has no claim to the Throne

After answering too many asks ( x x x x ) on this subject, I decided to consolidate it all in a meta. Let’s get one thing out of the way, Jon has no ambition for the throne, as a character he will have a lot of trouble accepting his Targaryen heritage and Dany will be in it with him, as home, family & love have been her deepest desire her entire life. But without being legitimised by Queen Daenerys & marrying her, Jon has absolutely no claim to the throne! 

Paper trail : 

  • If we talk about the records that Sam found at the Citadel, they only state that Rhaegar’s first marriage was annulled and he officially married Lyanna but there is no record of her ever being pregnant or having a child. 
  • Plus Cersei’s treatment of the paper trail Ned presented to disprove Jeoffery’s heritage and claim, was a good example of how easily these records can be challenged despite Bran’s Ned Stark like confidence. So without Dany’s support and firepower, it can be dumped in the trash.  

Jon’s Identity : Jon has been known as Ned Stark’s bastard, fathered by a nameless woman for years, he even looks exactly like Ned as stated in the books. To prove that Rhaegar Targaryen had a child with Lyanna and that child is Jon is absolutely impossible. As not everyone in Westeros saw this cross cut!

Let’s breakdown the actual “evidence”

Now a lot of us expect everyone in Westeros to know and believe in things simply because we have seen them onscreen, which is why it’s frustrating when someone doesn’t believe in White Walkers even though it’s crazy to ask someone to believe in zombies without proof. The same way, we are dealing with a huge assumption that everyone will just believe the “visions” of a goth teenage boy who calls himself the three eyed raven.  I’m sure not everyone in Westeros, outside the North, cares much for Bran and even if he starts disclosing creepy details of their sex lives, it will only prove that he has visions, it still doesn’t prove that he’s telling the truth about having visions of Jon’s parentage.  Any sane person’s reaction to the claim that Jon is a Targaryen would be “Northen Propaganda” 

Everyone who bared witness to Lyanna’s childbirth or pregnancy is dead, except for one person, Howland Reed, Meera & Jojen’s father, the kids who took Bran to Three Eyed Raven. He was the one who fought beside Ned outside the Tower of Joy before Ned found Lyanna.  He was not present for the pregnancy or birth, though he must have witnessed Ned carrying out baby Jon & Lyanna’s bloody corpse being brought out soon after. I doubt Ned gave him any context other than asking him to keep it a secret. Again as Ned’s best friend, he alone is not reliable enough to prove anything with the circumstantial evidence he could claim to have witnessed.

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Someone asked me, that if Jon mounts a dragon, it should surely prove that he is a Targaryen. But Jon’s own brother, Bran is a Warg and is very out & proud about it. So if Jon mounts Rhaegal there will always be doubt about him being able to do it because of Dragon blood or warging. This could be chalked down as theatrics as well. 

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I was asked if Jon could walk through fire to prove that he’s a Targaryen.  In the show canon, Dany is fireproof but she is ‘The Last Dragon’, like Rhaegar before her. It’s a special mystical power not every Targaryen has. Just as Viserys died from burns, Jon too has been burnt by fire before. In season 1, Jon brought back a missing Night’s Watch member’s dead body from beyond the wall, when he takes his oath at the Weirwood tree beyond the wall & Ghost sniffs out the body. Lord Commander Jeor Mormomt wanted to examine it after Sam points out that there is no decay. That night Ghost gets anxious and leads Jon to Mormont’s chambers where the dead body wakes up and they see a wight for the first time. When Jon holds a lamp to fling it at the wight, he burns his hand, which is wounded & bandaged for the next few episodes. 

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This has been done before by someone in the books:

Which brings us to Young Griff in the books who was created for the purpose of displaying how hard it would actually be for someone to claim they are a Targaryen and how important Dany is, as the unchallenged head of her house. 

  • He claims to be Aegon Targaryen, Rhaegar’s eldest son. He was a good fake, aesthetically he looked like a Targaryen, which already puts him in a better position than Jon who looks like Ned, as described in books.
  • He had the support of Dornish, who claimed to have rescued the prince in time, who is in fact Ellia Martell & Rhaegar Targaryen’s son. He also has Varys & Aerys’ former Hand of the King and Rhaegar’s best friend supporting his claim. These are people much more reliable and highly placed compared to Howland Reed & Bran for a Targaryen claimant. 
  • He has the Golden Company backing him, which is a force much stronger than the one Jon controls if we don’t count Dany’s forces, which he can absolutely never command without her support. 

Despite all of this he was advised to pursue Dany for marriage because without Daenerys, the head of House Targaryen, validating him as a Targaryen, his claim to the throne will not be legitimate. 

The good thing for Jon is that Jon & Dany are already in love and she would marry him in a heartbeat but unless she takes the throne after the Great War and legitimises Jon, he has no claim to the throne. As a Queen she can just declare that her totally Stark looking husband is actually a Targaryen in the light of all the circumstantial evidence present, but there will be many who’ll be sceptical and view it as a man taking his wife’s family name in a medieval way. Ruling is not even a part of his character goals, but not wanting the legitimacy of his unborn child challenged could be the only reason to sway him to take the Targaryen family name and his place as King beside Daenerys. 

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That is, if he survives the war, as his character goals end after the Walkers are defeated while Dany’s character goals are long term, to break the wheel and change the political structure. Lets hope the pregnancy gives him long term character goals, he survives & we get a Jonerys wedding, Targaryen restoration & them ruling together. But let’s get one thing straight, he definitely neither wants nor would be able to stake a claim to the throne without her, just like he can’t win against the Walkers without her! I’ll just go back to sipping my truth tea brewed in hater tears now!
'Supergirl' boss teases struggle for humanity in season 3

Kara Danvers no more! In the wake of being forced to effectively banish her boyfriend from Earth in the Supergirl finale, the Girl of Steel (Melissa Benoist) has pushed aside her humanity and dedicated herself to being Supergirl.

The theme of what it means to be human will resonate with everyone, particularly with J’onn (David Harewood) in discovering he’s not the last Green Martian — we’ll meet his father, M’yrnn (Carl Lumbly), this season; with Alex (Chyler Leigh) in finding what she needs to have a full life in her relationship with Maggie (Floriana Lima); and with new villain Reign (Odette Annable), who’s initially clueless as to her origin as a bio-engineered creation of Krypton.

“We’ve never really seen the big bad become the big bad,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says. “The journey that Reign takes this season is watching her realize her heritage and see how it manifests.” Considering she’s a Worldkiller, she probably won’t take it well! Read our full interview with Kreisberg below.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Can you talk about how Kara has really pushed aside her humanity this season?
ANDREW KREISBERG: The thing that everybody is struggling with on Supergirlthis season is, what does it mean to be human? And it’s something that Kara is going through, it’s something that J’onn is going through, it’s something that Alex is going through, and it’s also something that Reign is going through, so it’s a really strong emotional through-line that’s affecting both our heroes and our villain. When we pick Kara up, she’s feeling like being Kara Danvers was a mistake, that pretending that she was human, and having human goals, and trying to have a boyfriend, that those are all human things and all it’s done is break her heart. So the one thing that she’s great at is being Supergirl. She just saved the world in the finale last year, and when we pick her up in the premiere, she is kicking ass and taking names. It’s a little bit of a metaphor for any one of us — when our personal lives are going to hell, we throw ourselves into work. But that’s not the Kara that Alex knows, that Lena knows, that James knows, that J’onn knows. The first episode is a little bit of Kara finding her way back to Kara Danvers, not just Kara Zor-El.

What can you tease of the Mon-El story line? And will that tie in at all to the four-way crossover?
I can tease nothing about the Mon-El story line, because how-when-why Mon-El comes back is one of the big mysteries of the season, so I don’t want to give too much away, other than to say that he will be back.

Can you say anything about his particular mindset when we see him again?
I really can’t.

Let’s move on to Reign. What can you tell us about her trajectory this season?
I’m not only competing with myself on Supergirl, but I’m competing with myself on all the other shows that I’ve done, and by that, I mean I don’t want to repeat what I’ve done on Supergirl, nor do I want to repeat what I’ve done on Arrow and Flash, so when we were figuring out Reign, one thing we’ve never really seen on any of these shows is we’ve never seen the big bad become the big bad. Usually on these shows, you either meet the big bad at the end of episode 1 or you meet them at episode 7 or 9, and you realize that they’ve been pulling the strings the whole time and were out there working with their multi-year plan to take down the heroes or destroy the city. When we meet Reign, she’s just a woman. Her name is Samantha Arias and she’s a single mom, and she has no idea that she is Reign. She has no idea that she was the baby in the pod at the end of last season, so the journey that she takes this season is watching her realize her heritage and see how it manifests.

What can you tell us about the Maggie and Alex story line for this season?What’s your goal in expanding or pushing forward this relationship?
With Sanvers?

Yeah, with Sanvers.
Well, unfortunately, Floriana decided to move on, which left us with, how do we write her out as a regular while still honoring these two women who were deeply in love with each other? Taking a page out of some of our own personal dating history, we’ve come up with a story that we really feel like honors what’s come before them, and honors how much they love each other, and how much they mean to each other, and how much they’ve changed each other’s lives. It’s some of the most emotional stuff we’ve ever done, and Floriana has been so good in these first five episodes. Episode 3 is all about Maggie and her dad, played by Carlos Bernard, and it’s some of the most heartbreaking stuff I’ve ever done on anything I’ve ever done. Maggie does not die. I’m sure a lot of people are afraid of that. Maggie will continue to exist in the world and if the opportunity presents itself for her, she’ll come back.

What does Morgan Edge bring to the table that’s different from Maxwell Lord?
Adrian Pasdar is so good. He is so good. We loved Peter [Facinelli] and he’s such a good guy. With Peter, what we were going for was, you’re not quite sure if he’s good and you’re not quite sure if he’s bad. Morgan Edge is just bad, and Adrian is crushing it. Based on episode 1, we’re actually having him for more episodes because we’re so in love with him and his performance. A lot of his scenes are with Katie McGrath and just watching the two of them go toe to toe as titans of industry is really exciting.

How will Lena come more into the fold of the core Supergirl team this season as, presumably, we inch toward her finding out the truth?
Well, again, I don’t want to give too much of this away, because some of this is the surprise, but Lena and Kara’s friendship will continue to grow. There’s a lot of Lena-Kara adventures early on in this season. The most interesting thing about Lena is that she is so good, and so moral, and believes in second chances, but she comes from this family of truly evil people. As people are going to realize over the course of this season, it doesn’t take much to make you bad. That’s what’s always interesting about Lena and any scenes she’s in, or any of the adventures that she and Kara go on: People don’t just turn evil; they do one small bad thing and then that leads to another, and then to another, and so any time you’re watching Lena, you’re always wondering, is this the moment when she does the one small thing?

Anything you can tease on the four-way crossover? Will we get to see more of the Supergirl characters involved?
Yeah, well, it is a true four-way crossover. One of the things that we worked out is a four-hour story, and Kara and Alex are at the center of it through all four hours. One of the things we’ve been doing a lot this season is getting back a little bit to season 1 and really making it Danvers sisters-centric, so a lot of what’s going on this season is Kara and Alex doing things in tandem, and the crossover won’t be any different.

You mentioned each of the characters dealing with their humanity this season. Can you expand on that for J’onn?
Carl Lumbly will be joining as J’onn’s father. First of all, he’s so amazing. J’onn has always felt like an alien. He spent 300 years on Earth and he’s always felt different, and other, and felt people were afraid of him, and has always had to hide who he really was. The irony is he becomes reconnected with his father and his father thinks, “Oh my God, you’ve gone so Earth-man.” So for J’onn, it’s this realization that he’s not quite the alien that he thought he was, and what that means to him, and if we’re reconnecting with his Martian heritage, how important is that to him?

What about for Alex?
For Alex, it’s tied part and parcel with her story with Maggie about what she’s looking for in life, and what she needs, and what she needs to have a full life.

For James or Winn?
For James and Winn, the overall theme isn’t as much going on with them. The four people really dealing with that theme are Kara, Alex, J’onn, and Sam.

Is there anything you can say for James and Winn though for this season?
I am as proud of Supergirl season 1 as anything I have ever done. What we were able to achieve, and the fun, and the scope and spectacle, I am blown away by, but there were some things that we felt got lost along the way. One of the things we really wanted to do was to get back a little bit to the Super Friends — the James, Winn, Kara investigative trifecta. There’s a lot more of Kara, James, and Winn teaming up as Kara, James, and Winn. James delivers a monologue about how he met Superman in episode 4 that’s one of the favorite things I’ve ever read on this show.

Supergirl returns Monday, Oct. 9 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Lost Brother’s Found: Part 1

AN: This story takes place as a crossover four years after the last episode of season two of Young Justice and the last episode of Justice League Unlimited. It’s part one of who knows how many?

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The first thing you feel, is the sharp pain in the back of your head. You categorize it as a head injury, and give it a few minutes to heal, before pulling yourself off the ground. You crack your neck while taking in your surroundings.

    It looks just like home, like Central City, but you know better. One does not go through an interdimensional hole only to remain on your own world. You vibrate your entire body, in an effort to get in tune with this earth’s frequency. It takes several minutes before it clicks.

    Then you’re running. The streets are very similar to yours. Just a bit different. You don’t stop until you see it. Your brow furrows at the sight, and your heart aches, because you’d know that outline anywhere.

    What follows is not your best week. You’re forced to steal some civilian clothes, and you break into a library at night. If you’d been anyone else you would have attracted unwanted attention. Instead, you fly just below the radar.

    You stare at the hacked Cadmus file, it only figures they’d use the exact same system. Amanda Waller being in charge is a bit of a surprise though. You stare at the name, Wallace West. And then you stare at the appearance date, the same day Wally had died fighting the light. You sigh, it’s time to make your move.

    You wait for the opportune moment, and spend a week squatting in other people’s homes. It’s not your best week, but it’s also not your worst. You wait until the world is in trouble. You watch him on the news for just a few seconds before you move.

    You scowl when you see his location. It takes you minutes to reach him, right before one of Darkseid’s minions collapses on him. You tuck and roll as you knock him out of the way. Time slows and you watch Wally’s eyes widen, “Y/N”

    You give him a slow, sad smile, “Hey there big brother.”

    And then you’re back in real time. Without saying a word the two of you set to work. You’d always worked well together, feeding off of the other with only looks, or gestures. You’d developed your own secret language when you were kids, and had used it to maneuver around your parents.

You finish at record speed. You watch with your brother as the ships slowly disappear. You glance at him, “Good to know we haven’t lost it.”

He gives you a small smile, “You changed your outfit.” You glance down. You’re dressed in blue leather pants, black boots, and a red leather jacket with the lightning bolt emblem down the center. Your hair is in a french braid, and a red mask covers your eyes.

You shrug, “It was time for a change.”

“Reminds me of Jays.”

You scoff, “You’re one to talk. You stole Barry’s costume and name.”

“It was up for grabs.”

You cross your arms against your chest and say, “You’ll always be Kid Flash to me.”

He smiles at you, and you smile back. You’re both lost in memories of the past when someone clears their throat. You lean to the left to look behind your brother and stare at who you assume is this universe’s John Stewart.

“Care to introduce us Flash.”

Wally blinks several times before saying, “This is my sister …”

You hold out your hand and say, “I’m Spitfire, this idiot’s younger sister.”

He takes your hand, brow furrowed in confusion, before holding his hand up to his earpiece and asking, “Did you get that Mr. Fantastic?”

“Loud and clear.”

A moment later you feel a fuzzy feeling and you’re standing in the Hall of Justice. Your head snaps to Wally, and he holds his hands up in surrender, “I didn’t know he was going to do that.”

Your eyes narrow, and you can feel gazes on you. Wally chuckles nervously, “She doesn’t do teleportation, boom tubes, or Zeta tubes unless absolutely necessary, or she’s had a chance to check things over herself. An old nervous habit, she was never able to break.”

You glare at him, “I lost my eyebrows!”

    “It was enough. I had to draw them on for three weeks!”


“Jack ass!”


“Slow poke!”

Wally takes a deep breath, “You didn’t just….”

You nod, “I soooo did. I could take you when we were kids and I can take you now!”

There’s a clearing of a throat, and you both come face to face with the league. Wally asks, “Where are the bad guys?”

“Batman gave them a ten second head start.” Diana says slowly.

That’s when you realize it, “They’re our age.” It’s a whisper, but they catch it. Wally winces, and you ask, “They don’t know … do they?”

“They didn’t … blabber mouth.”

You sigh, “Not my fault you didn’t tell them.”

“Up until today I didn’t exactly think there was a chance of me going home.”

“Are you actually friends with them?”

“I’m a founding league member here, of course I am!”

“That’s just weird.”

He shrugs, “I’ve gotten used to it.”

Shayera’s hand lands on Wally’s shoulder, “We need some clarification here Wally.”

You watch him hesitate, before nudging him in the side, “As most of you know my name is Wally West. Founding member of this Earth’s Justice League.”

Clark asks, “This Earth?”

Wally winces, “There are multiple Earths. But you know that. You fought the Justice Lords.”

“You come from another Earth?” Diana asks.

He nods, “I became a speedster on that Earth. That’s where my parents are, and why there’s no info on me before my twentieth birthday. I trained there as Kid Flash, under my uncle Barry, who is the original Flash.

“The Justice League there is quite a bit older than me. My sister and I are part of what was known as the team. A covert team made up of the “sidekicks.”  We were fighting an enemy known as the Light, when I was sucked into the speed force and dropped here. What follows is a lot of hacking and forgery. I really owe Dick for those skills.”

You watch Batman’s eyes widen at the name, and pride yourself on not reacting yourself.

Wally continues, “I tried for years to find a way back, even after becoming the Flash here. But I couldn’t find anything. I left some really important people behind. Including this brat beside me.”

You quirk a smile, “Remind me again why I missed you.”

He smiles back, before frowning and turning to face you, “How the hell did you get here anyway?”

You smile, “Would you accept that I’m a genius?”

“A further explanation is needed. Especially since no one has verified you are who you say you are.”

You nod at J’onn, “He did, felt him go through my mind. Nice to know you’re a ray of sunshine on all Earth’s Bruce.” He scowls at the use of his name, and you smirk, “Opps, my bad.”

J’onn nods, “She is who she says she is … and things are very different where she comes from.”

John turns towards him, “Like what?”

J’onn’s words break your heart, “My people are not dead. My niece is their friend.”

“How did you not know about this?” John asks.

J’onn’s eyes narrow, “I do not invade people’s thoughts recklessly. It was none of my business.”

You pull a small device out your utility belt, “Actually it is now.” All eyes turn towards you, “The Light is back with a vengeance, and all of the Earths are at jeopardy.”

You press the button, and feel the wind as a portal opens up, you turn to watch as the team comes through, followed by the league. Your eyes go first to Dick, and then the woman standing at his side. Artemis’ eyes focus on Wally, while her arms clutch the sleeping child closer to her body.

Your brother was in for some shocks, and you knew he wasn’t going to take some of them well.  

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what do you mean about an 'actually appropriate' use of the song 'hallelujah'?

Friend, you are the greatest because I have goddamn citations.

So I would be entirely remiss in not stating the obvious, that being that “Hallelujah” was written by Leonard Cohen, a Jewish man. And that Superman was also created by Jewish men and that Kryptonians in general are basically space-Jewish.

Okay? Okay.

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as a b1a4 supremacist, what do you think one should do to get to know them? i only recently kind of got into them because i didnt really know them until sandeul released his solo album

that’s CNU, btw, used to invent long hair before nuest ren or seventeen jeonghan.

also used to rock hipster glasses before it was cool. kang daniel the shoulder gangster? idk her. it’s CNU.


where should i start? BUT a major note to take about B1A4 is they went from this:


to this:

hallelujah. read more here.

listen, friend, i go way back with B1A4. i literally cried watching this subbed video lmaooo skip to 43:40.

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Puppy steps

This is to fill a prompt from @tibean2992. I have one more prompt I’m working on, but if anyone has any other zimbits prompts, please send them along!

Also, it got pretty long, so most of it is under a cut.

It hit Bitty’s nose first.

He unlocked the door to the condo, picked up the reusable grocery bags from his feet and shouldered the door open and was assaulted by the smell.

He groaned and put the bags in the kitchen, barely pausing to note the empty dog crate that stood there, and followed the odor to the guest bedroom. Whose rug was now decorated with a literal steaming pile of crap.


“Belinda!” he called.

No response.

He went looking and found the dog sitting in the master bedroom, facing the door, just waiting for him. Her brown eyes were warm and her forehead was furrowed slightly, as though she was worried or confused.

Bitty forced himself to take a deep breath. Through his mouth.

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The children of Lord Gendry and Lady Arya Baratheon

I.  Eddard Baratheon / The Black Stag

The oldest son of Arya Stark and the legitimized Gendry Baratheon. Eddard or ‘’Eddie’’ like his sister call him, was named like that in honor of his late grandfather Eddad Stark which his mother loved so much. Eddard inherited the Baratheon eyes and dark hair. Though he is skilled with a sword he’d rather use a bow and arrows. He  is a young man of principle, being patient, noble and just exactly like his grandfather honorable and humble. Though a natural leader, Eddard can be plagued by doubt and criticized himself whenever he makes an error. There are notables similarities between Eddard and his cousin Daemon as: their strong sense of justice and fairness, their loyalty to their family and friends, and the fact that they’re both natural leaders but a difference of his cousin, he has a moderate sense of humor and gets more laid-back more often. He likes to walk and explore all the lands in Storm’s End when he is not study and teaching his little sister Shireen how use a bow and shoot arrows. 

II. Steffon Baratheon / The Strong Blacksmith 

Steffon was the only one out of his siblings that was interested in blacksmithing like their father. Skilled in making any weapon Steffon has a kind-hearted and is a hard working boy. He enjoy making weapons in the Storm’s End forges with his father and believes that making swords and  warhammer are more easy than dealing with ‘’bigger things’’ and beause of that he always has this black, rough and hard hands. He also inherited the Baratheon blue eyes and dark hair. Known for being very humorous and easygoing he is the easiest to get long out of his siblings. He is quite popular with the smallfolk due his work in the forges, friendly ways and charisma. Since Steffon likes to spend time in the forges he knows all the weapons and how to use them, but his favorite sword is the first one he did. He spent days and nights trying to get the prefect sword that even his father began to worry, but one night in the morning finally made it. Steffon has been such a good blacksmith that it is believed that even his father says that he has overcome it him. And the only thing he likes is spending time with all his brothers.

III. Robb Baratheon / The Wild Thing

Robb is the combination of the Starks and Baratheons. He has the dark hair and grey eyes. Robb is strong, honest and brave but headstrong and rash which he inheretd from his grandfather Robert. He’s also hot-blooded, is described as originating from “the wolf blood” that his great uncle Brandon had it .That’s why he is the only child to have a direwolf, which his name is Orys, like the founder. Robb shared this trait with his cousin Rickon. Robb is the best swordman among his siblings and an excellent jouster. And although he is excellent with the sword, his favorite weapon is the warharmmer that his brother Steffon forge in his birthday. Because of his personality it is difficult to deal with him, since he tends to be like an animal that if he gets angry becomes wild. Brave and proud takes him to almost always have problems, but since the past is learned, his family and friends are always there to guide him and to control him when he does something wrong. Robb althoung has the most. Although Robb is not a boy for easy courtesies, he is very good and loving to his family and especially with his shy twin brother Ryle, that he feel he needs to protect from strangers, and because of that he likes to rider with him.

IV. Ryle Baratheon / The Wise Soul

Although Robb and Ryle were twins, they were completely different. While Robb was stubborn and reckless, Ryle was quiet, reserved and a bit shy. When they were born everyone was surprised. When they were born all were surprised, since it could be a little complicated the delivery for his mother. The first to be born was Ryle, with the Baratheon hair and Stark eyes, he did not make any noise, he were so calm that his mother was frightened, but they realized that the little baby was only quieter than normal. After 10 minutes was born Robb. This baby was completely different from Ryle,but they love each other so much by the special connection they has. Little Ryle loved since he was a boy reading every book that had his reach and all sorts of subjects. From history, healing, herblore, the speech of ravens, the building of castles, navigating by the stars, the measurement of days and the marking of seasons, but mostly the human body, so thats why he wants to be a maeste. Every day he goes to study with the maeste Malleon and encourages to follow his dream. When he is not studying or helping to write letters to the master Malleon, he is with his brother Robb riding or doing some mischief. 

V. Shireen Baratheon / The Brave Maid

The little Baratheon was the copy of his mother, but with some differences. The little Shireen has the all Baratheon look, but her personality was her mother Arya. She is a fiercely girl who has a spirited heart. As a little girl like his mother she was considerate a tomboy who wants to learn how to used a bow and arrow, but her wishes were more encouraged that from her mother. As she grown up, all her brothers teaches her all their favorites things and many important things. Shireen learned many subjects from Ryle, like speak some little High Valyrian, from his brother Robb how to fight with a sword and warhammer, with his brother Steffon how to make any weapon with almost every thing, but his most beloved teacher was her oldest brother Robb which teachers her to use the bow and arrows. Every afternoons she and Robb would train in the forrest in many situations, like walking, running or even in horses. She admired her mother for her braveness and she hoped that one day she could be just a brave as her. Shireen was the most beloved child of the family and even her brothers know that but they don’t care because she is the favorite in their hearts. In her free times she explore the forests of Storm´s End trying to find a treasure that one day she read in one book, although nobody believes her.

Hey peolpe this is my own little take on the children of Arya and Gendry . Hope everyone like it. Here’s others, because why not?

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do you think sansa will support jon? or will she be upset with him? How do you think their relationship would be next season? and how do you think her relationship with daenerys will be?

I think Sansa will always support Jon, no matter what, unless he goes insane and plots to kill her or kill Arya or have a Northern lord beheaded for rolling his eyes at the wrong moment or whatever.

That’s the thing here… I really wanted Sansa to be absolutely out of her mind furious with him for handing the North away like a first anniversary gift to his new annoying girlfriend. I don’t want that anymore.

I would really like it for Sansa to trust him and believe him to always do what he believes is right. I think that if Jon can make up his case in a logical and straightforward fashion, he can give her some convincing arguments to pursue her to agree with his decision and support him in this (he’s gonna need that support very much and I know he knows that).

If Jon explains to Sansa how essential Dany’s fire shower plus Dothraki mad men support is, essential for the survival of the North, for the survival of Westeros, then she’ll have a hard time swallowing the pill, but I believe she’ll swallow it. I think she respects Jon in his role as King a lot, she said so herself that she believes he’s good at ruling, and she knows how much he lacks power hunger, Sansa knows, more than anyone else maybe, how unself-centered (is that a word) he is.

So, giving up an independence to save millions of lives is, I think, an act she’ll be able to consciously understand, perhaps even respect, even admire. There’s a sort of self sacrifice and total lack of arrogance there that I think Sansa would find impressive, and it’ll remind her of her father. After all Sansa went through, I think she’s very capable of understanding there are greater things than pride. Yes the Northern independence is everything, but not at the cost of ever human being in the North. It hurts, but sometimes things do.

However, if she’ll be able to comprehend and understand Jon’s standpoint in all this, I don’t expect her to understand Dany’s. Demanding a deal with Cersei out of nothing but personal desire? Demanding a deal with Cersei even after facing the freaking Night King himself? Letting Jon go behind the wall on a death sentence patrol just to get the proof to get a deal with Cersei? Demanding total surrender and full loyalty in return for saving the world? Only wanting to save the world if she gets to rule it? Demanding total obedience from the North, a place she’s never been to? Calling Jon arrogant? Keeping Jon prisoner? Being an all-round arrogant selfish cry baby?

there’s nothing in Daenerys for Sansa to like or admire. Her stupid speeches of her own sufferings will have exactly zero impact, all Dany lives through Sansa did in some way or another too (without dragons). Sansa is not going to be easily impressed. Not at all ever, probably.

This all depends on Jon giving up his power (if he even did, which I doubt more and more) in fear of losing Dany’s support. I’m very confident this was his main motivation, because I can’t find any other reason that doesn’t seem absolutely ridiculously dumb. Of course there is a possibility for him to have given up the North for the ass kissing reason he gave Daenerys (a person famous for being very vulnerable to ass kissing), namely, her being simply a wonderful person with an amazingly good heart. 🙂
If that were the case, Sansa can set him on fire for all I care.


Before I begin my unsolicited recap of the episode, I beg you to please excuse the disorderliness of the piece and lack of direct quotes. I’m at work at the moment and I can’t fact check the quotes right now, so this post is pretty much based off of my impressions of last night and general scrolling through Tumblr. Please excuse the following incoherent jumble of thoughts.


Ok. First impression, Fire Beast Castle is straight up sinister. It gives me the creeps. It’s all dark and brooding and I don’t know how those poor Targs of Valyria the Old were holed up in there for 100+ years. I would have gone crazy.

D is headed down the path of insanity and I HAVE NO REGRETS. Her little speech to Varys was vaguely threatening AF. Be my dude and bow at the altar of my greatness, and you may live. Poison me like you advised Good King Bob and I will feed you to my dragons. Tell me, o readers, is this what one calls a kind, benevolent, and just queen?  It’s becoming clearer and clearer just how opposite Jon and D are. One is, like I said, just and benevolent, and the other is ruthless, power hungry, and much much much too self-confident.

I gotta say, though, I have a soft spot for wise old ladies, and I loved the little conversation with Olenna, and how she inspired the great and mighty Mother of Dragons to listen to her sage advice. Ignore the men and you’ll survive. Advice that I wholeheartedly agree with, though at this point, I’m kinda rooting for D to disregard said advice because *whispers*I don’t want her to survive. There. I said it. Make it quick, GoT Fandom. I don’t want to suffer.

And don’t even get me started on the Lady Mel’s sudden appearance! Did you see how D’s eyes light up when she hears that the prophecy may not necessarily be referring to a prince?? That lady is headed down the rabbit hole and I am here for it. And D, from one gal to another, you are NOT Jon Snow’s QUEEN until he kneels to you (which I hope and pray that Jon will not be stupid enough to do). He has his own kingdom and until he decides to proclaim you as such, you really need to get a hold of that self-titling obsession you’ve got. It’s not pretty.

Ok, but GWxM killed me. KILLED ME. “I have one weakness” ahjdhflhlsfhlgsjlgsjlgjslg. But to be honest, you know how it is when you play the Game of Thrones. They’re both basically walking corpses now :(

King’s Landing

“In Essos, her brutality is already legendary. She crucified hundreds of noblemen in Slaver’s Bay. And when she grew bored of that, she fed them to her dragons.”

Cersei, pal, I never thought I’d say this, but I agree with you, lady. I agree with you! This woman knows of that which she speaks.

@heathergee25 has a Tarly theory that looks to be on the right track. Go check it out!

Otherwise, idk, bored.


Ew, Samwell, ew. That scene was basically me browsing through another window on my screen while crackling flesh and unholy grunts made their way through my headphones. Poor Jorah and his love letter to his Khaleesi.

But I love the fact that, as JBW pointed out, bookish, shy Sam was never good at anything, yet here, in the library, here he finds his battleground, and I firmly stand behind all those underappreciated BTS players who ultimately save the day!. Sam “I killed an actual White Walker with a blade of glass” Tarly is not here for your “no can do” attitude. Looking at you, Maester Slughorn.


My baby Arya is going home!!! Hot Pie called her pretty!!! I think that’s the first time in her life she’s been called pretty and she liked it!! And her face when she finds out that her beloved Jon Snow is now King in the North!! Damn you, D&D, making my baby Starklings just miss each other. Can’t say I’m surprised, though.

I don’t cry often when watching things, but I literally had tears of joy welling in my eyes when Arya spotted Nymeria and she let herself be petted. Man, that wolf if huge! And then, of course, when Nymeria backed away, my heart cracked just that wee bit. *sniffs* WHY?????

Somewhere in the Narrow Sea

I’m not one for battle scenes, so I didn’t really follow along. Sorry if that’s your thing. BUT, Yara and Ellaria get it on, obviously, mere moments before their ship is ransacked by Pirate Uncle Euron. Obviously. Never really cared for the Sand Snakes, so I’m glad they’re gone. And Theon. I don’t know what set him off, but that guy has some serious PTSD and that breaks my heart. Are you dead, Theon? Please don’t be dead, Theon. I have so many questions.


Saved the best for last. *rubs hands gleefully together* Let’s get down to it!

I’mma be honest  here for a sec, we got wayyyy too few North scenes and they were much too rushed.  I would be happy to watch an entire 8 seasons of just my Starklings home in their ice castle. But that’s just me.

Boy, they are really laying it on thick with the Ned/Cat parallels. They’re not even trying to be subtle at this point. The first scene begins just the way the Ned/Cat scene begins in S1. An arrow hitting a target with the lord and lady figures looking down from on high. I swear though, that’s a scene straight out of a Jonsa future-fic. Mother and Father gazing down proudly as their Stargaryen babies become the best archers and swordsmen in the land.

Jon looking to Sansa for her take on Tyrion great and if you still think StarkBowl is an actually feasible possibility as cast and crew love to claim, just watch the episode. You’ll have no doubts whatsoever.

Ok. Meeting scene. I know that we all may not agree with Jon’s decisions all the time, but he is just, benevolent, and decisive. All good things in a king. Now, if he would only listen to his platonic-hot-sister-wife-hand-queen, that would be even better.

He makes his decision with listening to the dissenting voices and you know what, I understand him. “The North is my home. It’s part of me and I will never stop fighting for it, no matter the odds”. Jon has no desire to meet D. He has no desire to bend the knee. He needs the dragonglass and that is the one and only reason why he is going south. Sansa knows that he needs the weaponry and the army that D can provide. She knows that the WW are the biggest threat right now. But she protests because she’s SCARED. The last two times that the Starks rode south, they never returned. Also, kinda awkward that one grandfather roasted the other one. Oops.

But that look when Jon turns to Sansa, looks her straight in the eye, and says “I will accept”, did me in. It’s like no one else exists in the room and Hubby just asked Wifey for her consent in their secret married language. But what absolutely killed me was Sansa’s face when Jon leaves her the North. Props to Sophie and Kit, you guys, I have no words. Sansa haters will say that this is all she wanted, for Jon to leave her in charge to do with Winterfell what she wants. I say no. Sansa has been through so much, and as another blogger pointed out, they both have been constantly told that they know nothing. To suddenly have her experiences acknowledged and validated, and to be put in a position of trust by the ruler of Winterfell, I think that is the most gratifying, humbling thing she has ever experienced. And that all is clearly written on her face. Sophie, I love you.

One last thing. When Sansa gives her speech that Jon is abandoning the North, his people, etc, I SWEAR it’s on the tip of her tongue to say “you’re abandoning me”. I swear it. Fight me. 

THE SCENE which I have literally been looking forward to since the trailer came out was everything that I could have wanted, and more! Jon staring teary-eyed at the statue of his “father”, LF creeping up behind him like the creepyfinger he is, muttering unnecessary nonsense about Cat and how she never loved Jon. Jon is all like “why are you here, tho. Go away, asshole”. And as he’s about to leave, LF let’s slip about Sansa. And Jon FLIPS OUT. My lords and ladies, let me tell you, LF had a suspicion and that suspicion was just confirmed. The most fascinating thing about this episode, TBH, was watching Jon’s face transform from calm, annoyed indifference to snarling dragon-wolf hybrid ready to attack. I mean, his lip twitched and he actually snarled! I am always here for baby Jon going all Crazy Grandpa Aerys when somebody insults his platonic hot sister wife. Always here. And that smirk on LF’s blue face as Jon exits the crypts in a huff, that man knows things.

Not gonna lie, super bummed that we got no formal goodbye scene, and Jonny galloped out of Winterfell way too fast. But I do have some thoughts on what we did get. That wave. Now, I don’t remember the Jaime/Brienne scene, but seeing the gifs floating around, yep, I agree. But what I got from that brief moment was that there was a general feeling of controlled, conscious restraint. Sansa agrees that it’s necessary for Jon to leave. But she’s freaking terrified, and I think that if she lets slip something more that a curt wave and shy smile, the whole dam will break loose and she’ll never recover. That’s what I got.

Ok, time to wrap it up. Thanks for getting this far, hope you enjoyed my ramblings, and tell me what you think.

Love ya, Jonsa fam!

Canon Queer Fiction Part 3/4 (Updated 4/4/2017)

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11) Beauty and the Beast: Noooooo oneeee’s hot like Gaston, a big shot like Gaston, no one makes men  question their sexual thoughts like Gaston.

Its basically the same story you remember from the animated Disney movie, but now LeFou’s crush on Gaston is overt. And he dances with a boy at Belle and Adam’s wedding. I’d like to take a break from my usual nonsense and have moment of sincerity: I never thought I’d live to see the day that Disney had an openly gay character.  EAT YOUR HEART OUT HOMOPHOBES.

Anyway, LeFou was honestly my favorite part of this movie. Not just because he’s openly gay, but because he’s really charasmatic and funny. In an interesting change from the original movie, LeFou starts to question Gaston’s actions towards the end of the movie and, well, I let you see the rest for yourself.

  • Pros: Funny, enjoyable, guy; and, I believe, the first openly gay character in a Disney movie!
  • Cons: he’s not a main character, so the story doesn’t really focus on him.

12) Skam: Evan and Isak, minute by minute.

Originally posted by zukoshair

Skam is a Norwegian drama about a bunch of high schoolers. In season 3, it gets a gay couple, Isak and Evan. Don’t skip the first two seasons though. 1) They’re very good, and 2) if you don’t watch them you won’t know what’s going on. 

Pros: Skam is a very well written show with interesting characters. Evan and Isak’s relationship is so … so … 

Originally posted by loveis-youme-real

Their story arc is so sweet, and funny, and moving. I watched it and had to cling to my friend’s shoulder for dear life the entire time because its so romantic I couldn’t support myself. You’re going to cry, but I promise you, you’re going to cry tears of joy. It will cleanse your soul. It will make you think that maybe, just maybe, life can be good and beautiful. 

Cons: No. 

13) The Lover: Boy teases the everloving out of his room mate. Hilarity ensues.

Originally posted by 24k

The Lover is a K-Drama about unmarried couples who are living together. Unmarried couples, and Takuya and Joon Jae. Joon Jae is a misanthrope who advertises for a foreign room mate so that they won’t speak Korean and he won’t have to talk to them. What gets is Takuya, a Japanese guy who is traveling the world. Takuya is determined to get Joon Jae to come out of his shell. 

  • Pros: Its fucking hilarious. Takuya is the biggest tease on the face of the planet. He does something provocative, and Joon Jae just looks up at the sky like “Lord why are you testing me?” The show itself also represents a big step forward for Korea, where couples living together out of wedlock and homosexuality are somewhat taboo. 
  • Cons: They are one of several couples, so the show doesn’t focus entirely on them. 


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@c9-smoothie this one is for you fam. 

Its James Bond baby, spy Shenanigans are happening, as per usual. Baddie of the moment Raoul Silva kidnaps 007 and ties him to a chair. So we’re off to an excellent start, and THEN Silva pops a button on Bond’s shirt and slowly pushes the fabric aside, running his fingers over the scar tissue and groaning sympathetically. “See what [M]’s done to you?” he says.

 “Well,” says Bond, deadpan and unruffled, “she never tied me to a chair.”

 “Her loss.” says Silva blithely, running his fingers across bond’s exposed chest appreciatively. 

“Are you sure this is about M?” Bond asks, the corner of his mouth lifting in an almost imperceptible smirk. 

“Its about her,” Silva says, “and you, and me.”

“You see, we are the last two rats. We can eat each other, hmm?” smiling tightly, “or eat everyone else.” he says, running his hand up Bond’s clavicle and under his chin.

 “How you’re trying to remember your training now.” Silva says, his smile morphing into an open mouthed grin as he rubs his thumb over Bond’s throat, “What’s the regulation to cover this?”

“Well,” Silva purrs, running his hands down Bond’s spread thighs, “first time for everything, yes?”

Now it is Bond’s turn to smile. 

What makes you think this is my first time?”

  • Cons: Its only one scene, but to be honest that alone is worth the price of admission. I’m not a James Bond fan at all, but this? This is art. 

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Coming attractions I’m adding on mobile like haaa: Murdoch mysteries.


- dad captain
- ace or that one all round guy
- gets some sort of injury every playing season
- really good team talks, really embarrassing point celebrations
- probably one of the reasons why his team is very well known around the country
- makes sure everyone drinks enough water during any sort of resting break
- *jae gets called off*
- sungjin, from on court: stay hydrated!
- race between him and wonpil to lift spirits
- “they scored one point, we’ll score two more!”
- knows all the cringey lines
- blames himself for every loss
- never takes credit for any win
- friends with all the captains
- (”sungjin isn’t as scary as he looks. I watched him cry during ‘The Notebook’.”)
- spare kneepads for his team
- came up with the idea of having their names on the back of their jersey (brian sided with him immediately)
- seems calm on the outside
- danger sounds, clashing pans, red flashing warning lights on the inside
- only when wonpil is serving
- he’s been hit on the back of the head one too many times

- even though he looks like tsukki, he’s part of the pretty setter squad
- works best with brian
- likes to remind sungjin that, he, jae, is his hyung
- ‘accidentally’ hits wonpil with volleyballs
- just shows his accuracy, and so, why he’s a setter
- causes most injuries whenever he gets the chance to attack
- watch out for his serves
- chicken man is gonna send the deadliest of serves your way. spectators, watch out for the rebound
- superstitious
- ‘jae you don’t need your glasses’
- ‘we’ll lose if i don’t wear them’
- has to get a new frame after every 2 or 3 games cause they always break
- claims he taught dowoon all the tips and tricks
- his setting pattern varies all the time even his teammates get confused
- ‘i thought you were passing to brian!’
- ‘so did they.’
- says his cues in different languages
- ‘i told you to go left’
- ‘how was i supposed to know when i can’t understand you!’
- laughs when wonpil someone falls
- may be most confusing but makes the best plays. honestly.

young k
- ace, no doubt
- has YOUNG K (capitalised and double bolded) on the back of his jersey
- paid extra to get it done that way
- rarely washes his kit (pls shower)
- gets banned from matches by sungjin unless he showers and cleans his kit
- late night training
- followed up by completing his homework due for the next day
- usually forgets his water to practice
- steals wonpils
- finds any moment to snack
- ‘it helps me get energy back’
- ‘brian, thats a Super-Fruiter, Extra-Sour, Happy-Lucky-Trail, Wine Gum Mixture.’
- most likely to succeed in the sport but chooses academics over continuing with the sport at the start of one year
- immediately regrets his decision after one day and goes running back to the team
- poor dowoon had his hopes up for being the ace
- low-key the reason why people from other schools cheer for their team
- prime time for sweaty!brian and forehead!brian… maybe even bandana!brian if youre lucky
- sleeps after every game
- misses half of the warm up because he was asleep between matches

- libero or reserve
- team’s number 1 cheerleader
- #letwonpilplay
- first one to step forward when dowoon says he needs help with practice
- actually the one who washes brian’s kit so that he can attend the matches
- bakes treats and snacks for the team
- when he finally is on court, he can be a great setter
- but a terrible server
- which is why he’s a reserve (wonpil work on ur serve then u can be on the court team)
- lord save us all, who knows who’s going to get hit with his serves
- good thing he’s useful defence too
- team formation when he’s on : 4:2 (4 attackers + switching libero, 2 setters)
- makes other teams scared to hurt him
- used to get knocked over whenever he received a spike
- now he only stumbles
- hands out premade thank you cards to everyone on the opposing team after the game
- and congratulations cards if they’re beat
- once handed out ‘congratulations on your baby’ cards cause the store ran out of general ones

- the next generation’s ace
- seems quiet on court
- ‘big buff boy can’t do anything’
- boom, spike to the face
- highest jumper
- picks his own number cause he can get away with it
- sungjin goes against him saying it needs to be orderly
- dowoon got his own number
- most competitive. against brian.
- he just really wants to be ace
- tries to play mind games by shouting out things for the other team to hear (but rly does want the ball)
- other team easily catches on  that he’s being ignored
- but don’t worry that’s a secret team tactic
- dowoon doesnt know about it
- get dowoon rly annoyed so that he spikes the ball terrifyingly hard a few times when it gets passed to him
- now he needs to do that all the time without being provoked to become ace
- really just everyone’s favourite player and always gets player’s player of the season award
- can earn 10 points by making the other team continually make mistakes
- doesn’t go along with the receive plan. ever.
- legit just everyone’s favourite player, they will fight you if breathe the wrong way around him.

JONERYS HEADCANONS- Game of Thrones Season 8 Predictions:

If you haven’t checked them out, here are Part One & Part Two

I got 2 Fluffy ones and 2 Angsty ones! OKAYYE LETS GET TO IT!

Requested by @jhennelio 

Private Arguments:

As i’ve said before, I don’t think they will keep their relationship secret, as they’re both honest and unashamed, but they WILL keep it on a low radar. They will not acknowledge it in front of the Northern lord, although they suspect. So before public meetings, they have private arguments. The biggest one being their concern for each other’s safety. Jon can hardly keep quiet about his reasons for keeping Daenerys safe if the Northern lords ask her to fly Drogon to battle. And Daenerys is beside with herself when Jon says he will lead his men in the front lines. She tells him that she risked her life for him, and gave her Dragon’s life, and she is willing to do it again if he puts himself in danger. Every time they know they are bound to argue in front of others, they settle it in private, so they can express their feelings fully. Daenerys asks him to become her heir, in case she dies early, and he refuses at first, but she says that she can’t think of anyone that would make a better ruler. When she brings it up in public, we grudgingly accepts.Everyone is baffled at how well they communicate and get along in some meetings, but its only because they already made arrangements by themselves. Sometimes they will bring things up like “The dragon plan we talked about” and Tyrion looks around, confused “what plan?” and Jon remembers “Oh right, we didn’t tell you yet about the plan” and they move through meetings so fast its almost confusing to everyone else, because the two of them know their plans by heart.

The PDA that will give them away

Again, they’re not strictly hiding their relationship, but not making it obvious to spot. Or so they think! Anyone that knows Jon at all can see him smiling like an idiot or trying to make her laugh.They use each other’s names more freely than they should, when they should be saying “Your Grace”/”My Lord.” Anyone that knows Daenerys finds is unnerving when she lets him get away with stuff: Calling her Dany in public, moving to her side and brushing shoulders casually, joking about her Dragon’s looks.Sansa and Arya are annoyed that he takes Daenerys’ advice just as strongly as theirs, and Tyrion and Varys have caught on to trying to get Jon on their side because they know Dany will listen to him. The whole castle gossips about Jon Snow, the only person aside from the Mother of Dragons thats not afraid to pet them/talk to them. The Stark Sisters don’t know what to think when Ghost is absolutely smitten with Dany, and she’s not afraid of him AT ALL. Dany commenting on how she hates the word “Bastard” and Jon telling everyone that she’s not just the “Mad King’s Daughter.”Sometimes they hold hands, talk privately, or kiss when they think they’re alone but every time they’re seen by someone.


Out of all my predictions, this one is the one that will most likely happen in the show. I’m 100% sure Melissandre is coming back to Winterfell. Jon is right about to order her execution but Dany cuts him off. I think Melissandre was counting on Daenerys to defend her when the time comes. In Season 7 she says “I brought Fire and Ice together.” As Jon and Davos are rounding up on her, Melissandre talks to Dany in front of the whole Hall, but only a few can understand them because they speak in High Valyrian. Not only does she argue that she introduced her to Jon, but also that she was the one that brought him back from the dead. No one else hears this except the Essos lot. Melissandre finds out they’ve fallen in love and uses it against them, by telling Dany that if she cared for Jon at all, she would let her live in case he dies again. And it works, so Jon and Dany get in a huge argument about honor and oaths. Arya/Davos/Gendry pitch in, saying that she’s a crazy witch that will burn people alive for her God, but Dany finally snaps and tells Jon that she cannot bear if he were to die. They allow her to live, but she’s not allowed inside the Castle. They also struggle coming to terms wether one or both of them are the prince that was promised.


This is a cute one, but If you want the full headcanon, you should also check out my take on Jon Snow & Baby Fever.  Alright, so this might take place before or after the R+L=J revelation, but I believe Bran is going to tell Jon that Daenerys is pregnant. Either because she knows and doesn’t want to tell him yet (in case she miscarries) or because she doesn’t know. So Jon is late to a public meeting, and Daenerys is waiting along with everyone else to start. Bran tells Jon that he will be a good father, but Jon confesses her doesn’t know if he’ll ever be a father. He says that Dany told him she’s barren, but that he will love Daenerys no matter what. Then Bran says “No Jon, I don’t think you understand. You will be a good father. Daenerys is with child.” So after a minor freak out and making sure he heard right, he sprints to the hall where the meeting is taking place. Daenerys is already impatient, so she stands up and begins talking but Jon crosses the room and just KISSES her in front of the whole bloody north. Everyone is speechless, except the Wildings/Dothraki, who start hooting and cheering. NO ONE is sure of what to say after they break apart, but they’re still pretending like no one else exists. Loud enough for everyone to hear, he says “Marry me?” and for the first time ever, Daenerys Targaryen is at loss for words, glancing around everyone in the room. He gently tilts her head and makes her look into his eyes and she knows the world is about to end and the man she loves just proposed to her in front of all the people who don’t want him to get married, so she SURE as hell knows he loves her. So she nods her head and kisses him back and they both exit the hall holding hands while everyone stays standing astounded in a mutual “That was Wild” look.

Foster’s 1.5k Follower Fic Recs

A/N: HOLY NUTS! There’s over 1.5 THOUSAND of you following me on this hot mess of a fandom blog. Whoa! Thank you so much for the follows and the continued support. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to post my new updates with my hectic life schedule but in the mean time, please enjoy some of my new favorite stories*. (This is not exclusive in anyway or in no particular order. These are just a few of the fanfics I’ve come to love. You can find more in my ‘[character] x reader’ tag or my ‘fics I love’ tag.) 

These will also have 18+ only fics. Sorry young’ns; come back when you’re all grown up.

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The "Queen of Darkness" and what her true character may be.

Eclipsa, Eclipsa How long have we awaited you? She was tied with Moon’s legacy for biggest discovery in “Into the Wand” and, pointing to the fact original Mewman Aristocrats all had cheeks that came from a deck of cards, Eclipsa has in fact been forshadowed since Saint Olga’s. Well now she is here, and her nature- Friend or Foe- is as grey as her hair.

Why was Eclipsa frozen, because she fell in love with a monster, and dared leave her kingdom to try and be with him. Monster’s and Mewman’s go way back, and have always seen each other as the enemy. When it was discovered that Eclipsa left her Kingdom behind for a Monster she was deemed “traitorous, Evil Queen” and Crystalized for 300 years. Well as we have seem in the show, the Monsters are really no more evil than the Mewman’s are, and their hatred of each other is (like all racism here) drawn from generations past teaching more current generations that the other wants to do bad things- like eat their babies. Monsters can be good, Eclipsa and her Monster Mister where in love, her Mewman husband was probably from a loveless arranged marriage, Mewman’s can be bad/wrong. All of this points to Eclipsa being a tragic character whose only guilty of looking beyond the narrow scope her people saw, and finding love in an uncommon place. Nothing evil about that. And yet, and yet it isn’t the only thing she did.

Eclipsa also wrote the forbidden chapter in the Book of Spells. Even Glossaryck, Lord of complete neutrality Glossaryck, acts scared of this chapter. He keeps chains around the pages, and though he is required to open it if his master orders him to, he always try’s to warn people against viewing it. FOR GOOD REASON! Just looking at the pages has corrupted two people. The all seeing eye spell seems harmless, but (as seen when Star watches Marco and Jackie’s date) if the user see’s something they don’t like then magic punishes the person being watched. That “darkest spell” it is a kill spell for any opponent, even if immortal. But the weilder pays a price: Moon looks like she has suffered permanent damage to the viens in her arms, and listening to the words (crush my soul, turn my heart to blackened coal) actually killing Toffee could have dealt her an even worse fate. This definitely points to Eclipsa being a dark and dangerous person.

 Now she is back and desciding what to do has everything up in ciaos . After 300 years the Magic High counsel do not really remember her. Moon has only seen her once, but Eclipsa’s magic is enough for Moon to be scared of her. Star does not know Eclipsa, and while she came to her defense out of a belief in Justice, she clearly has not idea what to make of her. What I make of Eclipsa is under here

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I love you too Cas

12.12 “Stuck in the Middle with You” Coda

The blinding light that had surrounded Cas moments ago slowly dimmed down to a level that wouldn’t burn their damn eyes out, before disappearing as quickly as it had appeared, leaving a confused, but blessedly healed, Angel of the Lord sitting on the ratty ass couch. Cas turned to Dean, looking as shocked as he had felt, before turning to stare at something behind the hunter. That something turned out to be Crowley, as he was holding the Lance, or the top part of it anyway, running his fingers over the now relatively harmless spear head. Apparently he had broken the Lance while they had their backs turned when Cas started spazzing out, black goo that looked eerily similar to the crap that came out of him during the Leviathan fiasco, effectively breaking whatever spell that was killing Cas and allowed him to finally be able to heal himself.

They all turned to him, bewildered, but Crowley just looked at us, a look of indifference on his face. “You’re welcome” was all the King of Hell said before he dropped the spear head and left, ever the drama queen. He looked around and saw that mom and Sam looked just as confused and relieved as he did, though Sam was looking rather proud and mom looked like she was wondering how in the hell (no pun intended) a demon could do something so selfless, so human, and so out of character like saving an angel’s life.  

But none of that mattered, not when Cas was safe, healed, alive. Sure his clothes were still bloody, they’ll get him some clean ones as soon as they get to the bunker and burn the bloodied ones because he did NOT want to see the evidence of Cas’ closest and almost final brush with death for a second longer than necessary, and still weak from the amount of grace that had to have been used to heal himself, but he was alive. That didn’t stop the worry and fear that had taken hold of Dean when Crowley said that there was no cure for this one, Billie’s warning of ‘consequences of the cosmic scale’ still ringing in his ears and hammering about in his skull as he and Sammy reach out to haul Cas up to his feet. And if he held on a little longer to Cas’ hand and squeezed a little tighter than necessary, then who could blame him? He almost lost his best friend, he had a right to indulge in his need to be clingy, even if it was for like a second.  

But that fear and worry had abated, for just a moment, when Cas turned to him, blue eyes slightly widened in shock, but with an underlying sense of apprehension. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights and for a moment Dean couldn’t understand why, before what would have been his last words to them came crashing through like a frieght train

“I love you… I love all of you”

Cas might have tried to save himself by attempting to clarify that his love was equal for us all, but even Dean, the most emotionally constipated human ever, could tell that that first ‘I love you’ was directed at him. Cas loved him.


Cas loved him?

Why would he love him? Why would he, an Angel of the freakin LORD love him, a hairless ape that has caused him nothing but grief since the moment they met. The mud monkey that had gotten him killed Chuck knew how many times, had cost him his family upstairs, his wings, his grace, everything? It just didn’t make any sense. Cas should love someone who could take care of him, and he wasn’t exactly boyfriend material, people didn’t look at guys like him and think ‘that’s them, that’s the person i want to spend the rest of my life with. That’s the one.’  He never had had a good track record with long term relationships, Lisa had been his longest and even then it was rocky and wasn’t long before it all went to hell in a hand basket. He didn’t think he could be the kind of boyfriend Cas deserved, the kind he wanted to be for him, but if tonight, of all the other times they had lost or almost lost each other, had finally taught him anything, it was that life was too short for doubts and hesitation and you never knew when your time would come (for good). He was done burying his feelings.

He turned to Sammy, giving him a look that he hoped his brother understood, before addressing him and mom, “You two go on ahead in mom’s car, me and Cas will take Baby after we clean up here, don’t want the LEO’s to find the Lance, depowered or not.”

Thankfully his giant moose of a brother understood, grabbing ahold of mom while heading to the door, giving her a toned down Bitch Face #14 when she went to protest and pull away, “Sure man, you guys be careful though. I’ll get something for all of us to eat on the way to the bunker. And Cas, I’m glad you’re ok man.” Was all he said before he dragged mom out of there and to the car, not before discreetly throwing a eyebrow wiggle his older brothers way, the bitch.

Dean breathed out a sigh of relief as the door closed, he waited till he heard mom’s car start and leave before turning to look at the angel beside him. Cas looked confused, if a bit pleased. It was then that Dean realised that his hand had migrated to the angels back during his epiphany earlier, but he couldn’t bring himself to care all that much. It felt nice, the warmth of Cas’ back seeping into his hand, the surprising softness of that damn trench coat he always insisted on wearing. He was closer than Dean remember him being a few moment ago, staring at him with wonder, with no little bit of hope just shining through those beautiful blue eyes of his.

“Dean?” He asked, as if he was afraid that this was all a dream. And quite honestly Dean was having a hard time not thinking like that too.

Dean smiled slightly, eyes raking over his entire form, making sure that he was completely healed, reassuring himself that he was really alright, before moving his other hand to cup his angels cheek. Cas turned slightly into the touch, a soft smile blooming across his face.

It was then that Dean’s eyes started to burn slightly, the full gravity of what almost happened tonight, what he almost lost, finally register with him. He pulled Cas towards himself till he was flush against his body, holding him tightly. Cas looked at Dean, worried and but happy, before he brought his arms up, his left going around his waist and his right buried in the hair on the back of his head. Dean cleared his throat before looking him in the eye, thumb brushing away the stray tear that had escaped the angel’s eyes.

“Cas… I love you too.” Was all he got out as the rest of what he was going to say got stuck in his throat, but that didn’t matter, because Cas knew, he understood all that he was trying to convey, if the blinding, watery smile was anything to go by. And beside, words were no longer need, not as he finally pulled him even closer, closing the rest of the distance between them, pressing his lips to the angel’s surprisingly soft ones in a gentle, chaste kiss. It was the first of many, if he had anything to say about it, because now there was no way he was going to ever let this go, ever let Cas go.


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Hello there :) Do you have any good recommendations for gen fics featuring Zuko's friendship with the GAang?

GAang Friendship Fic Recs (Say That Five Times Fast!)

A Matter of Trust  After their escape from the Boiling Rock, Hakoda must decide if he can trust Zuko.  

A Friend  Zuko doesn’t feel like he belongs in the group, but somebody tries to convince him that he’ll be just fine.  

A Misunderstanding of Sides  When the Gaang takes a trip to the Earth Kingdom after EIP, Zuko gets captured by Earth Kingdom soldiers while away from the others. 

The Team Dad  “He’s the one we need to remind us what exactly we’re supposed to be doing, and that we just need to work harder to do it. He’s the one who can make me feel confident just by telling me I’m a talented kid. And he’s my worst enemy’s son.” Friendship fic.  

Problems and Solutions  How does Zuko handle too many assassination attempts? An expansion of two drabbles by Kimberly T. Posted with her permission.  

Not Quite Casual Conversation  It took Toph a while to decide on a nickname for Zuko - nothing quite seemed to fit. A continued conversation from Ember Island Players. 

Male Bonding  Katara understands why Zuko had to join them. What she doesn’t understand is why he and Sokka had to spend every waking moment in each other’s company.

Shopping Spree  Desperately needing supplies, the Gaang heads to a nearby tourist trap. Katara might learn to appreciate the addition of Zuko to the team a little more… that is, if the others don’t drive her completely insane first.  

Can We Keep Him?  Three snowgulls, two tiger seals, one penguin and a Fire Nation Prince. The trials of Sokka.  

Fathers in Arms  Sokka gives an uncertain Zuko some ‘fatherly’ advice.  

What’s in a Nickname?  Zuko sulks and Toph straightens him out with a dose of Earth Kingdom sensibility.

In Which Zuko Realizes How Young Aang Is  Basically what it says in the title. Takes place whenever it makes sense. Pre-Southern Raiders.  

Over My Dignity  Sokka and Zuko find that their odd friendship has unanticipated consequences, and both make choices that will effect one another and the new world order. 

Scarring and Brotherhood  A random little oneshot I wrote as a Christmas present for my big brother. Set slightly AU after the episode The Western Air Temple. Zuko goes to apologize to Toph for burning her feet and some unexpended bonding happens. Sibling!Toko.  

You’re Kuzon?  As an attempt to restore peace to a war-torn world, Zuko requests Aang to do something for him. But could this short detour lead him to a little blast to a few months ago, especially when coming back to a certain school? Post-war.  

Brothers in Arms  In a palace in Ba Sing Se, one man awaits his death, one boy – his torture, and another – his destiny. An Iroh, Sokka and Zuko adventure. Now with epilogue. Complete.  

The Beifong Estate  Because everything seemed a little better with Fire Lord Sparky there. Toko Friendsip. 

Meditating Angry  Aang drops in on his Firebending teacher.

In His Shoes  In order to fully understand a man, you must first walk a mile in his shoes. Sokka and Zuko are going to find that out the hard way. 

Baby Turtle Ducks  “Zuko!” Aang cheered, “Come look at the baby turtle ducks!”

Babysitting the Benders and Bumi  Stories about what happens when each member of the gaang has to babysit the kids: Kya, Bumi, Tenzin, Lin, and Zuko’s daughter, Ursa, aka Honora.

The Art of Intervention  Post-series. Zuko has been working himself to the bone, and really isn’t listening to anyone. Whatever. It’s not like Toph was going to ask permission anyway. Toph & Zuko friendship fic.

Bromance  crack!fic. SPOILERS FOR THE BOILING ROCK! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! Zuko: Sokka and Hakoda approved! Poor Katara. zutara, sukka, hinted sokzu  

Ozai’s Pants  Humorous one-shot. What would happen if Aang ever told Zuko that he had a dream about Zuko’s father wearing no pants? Takes place immediately after “The Boiling Rock.“ 

Boys’ Night   Zuko gets dumped. Sokka is the world’s best wingman. There is chloroform.

Year One  The things a young Fire Lord learns at the beginning of his reign.  

Relative Misery  Zuko and Toph commiserate a little. Zuko wins. 

Familial Conversations  Toph and Zuko share a conversation on the wonders of family, Iroh, and good tea. Toko!sibling fic. For smilypie.  

First Name Basis  There are lots of issues with Zuko joining the Avatar’s "Gaang.” Some are concerned with life and death, good and evil, trust and betrayal. Some, though, are just plain awkward. Set after “The Western Air Temple.” No pairings.

Long Live the Prince  One-shot. Set just after “The Boiling Rock.” Aang and the others learn the story of how Zuko got his scar from the newcomer Chit Sang, who thought the prince had been killed three years ago.  

Finally, for those people who hate happiness itself:

When All Your Dreams Come True  AU during the First Season. Zuko has finally captured Aang and returned to the Fire Nation. He couldn’t be happier. Really, he couldn’t. Warning: Very dark. Rated M for violent themes.

 And have some bonus friendship:

Forgotten Ones: Letter to Song  After the end of the war, a young Earth Kingdom herbalist named Song receives a strange letter. Who could she possibly know in the Fire Nation? 

Forgotten Ones: Lieutenant Jee  After the siege of the North Pole, Lieutenant Jee was branded a traitor and thrown in prison. The war is over now, so what could the Firelord have in mind for him?