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Matt insisted on putting the glow in the dark stars up. :)

Try to focus on accepting and loving yourself from the very core. If one is able to accept all of their own flaws unconditionally, then it becomes difficult for anyone else to be able to use their flaws against them.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

(it’s a good day to have a good day)
(it’s a good day to have a good day)

… i sure did spend a terrible amount of (occasionally distracted) time animating a shitpost of a ditty. 

just saying, Papyrus drunk = Good Times. not advised to mix with local ceiling fans.

(also i slightly blame lovely @asksansallthethings for this one, she tagged me in a decidedly more… risque ditty and i got the idea for animating drunk Pap from it because of course i did)

anonymous asked:

What are the songs you feel are andreil songs

…my andreil playlist on spotify has 208 songs but lemme try and narrow it down to the most andreil ones:

supercut - lorde // if it hurts - gallant // hold on for your life - sam tinnesz // come as you are - prep school // beautiful crime - tamer // feel something - jaymes young // honey whiskey - nothing but thieves //  clouds - borns //  it’s time - imagine dragons // end credits - eden // 400 lux - lorde // faithful heights - night beds // i found - amber run

and, of course, the andreil anthem, their iconic ringtone, runaway train by soul asylum

So my mom watched all the episodes of shadowhunters and we watched the movie today

But she had to get readjusted to all the new faces for the characters right? This was the conversation:

Mom: (pointing at movie!Jace) That one is Chase right?

Me: Mom for the hundredth time, his name is JACE. Not CHASE.

Mom: What’s the difference? 

Me: You can’t call him by the wrong name.

Five minutes later

Mom: I think that one is Alex, right?

Me: (facepalm) Mom, His name is Alec. Not Alex.

Mom: What’s the difference?

Me: You’re pronouncing it wrong

Mom: Fine. I’ll call him Alexander then 

Me: (Gasp) Mom, you can’t call him Alexander. That’s Magnus’ name for him

Mom: But-

Me: No but’s. Alexander is Magnus’ nickname. You can’t have it.

Mom: Alright! Gosh! I don’t even like Alec that much anyway 

Me: (Gasp dramatically) How DARE you?!

Serious Question

This is going to sound super silly, but I feel like I need to ask it in order to help myself. I’ve been in a massive rut with my art lately, and aside from Bi-Assed, I can’t get motivated to finish anything. Part of this is because of my day jobs, but the other part of me has just been feeling “Why bother?” I know that artists have to force themselves to get motivated and make art, and I’ve been trying, but with fatigue and depression it’s been……difficult. I honestly WANT to finish art (I have like 10 WIPS that I want to get done!!!), but I just can’t. Part of me thinks this is just because I tired, but I’m starting to feel like I’m just becoming lazy and empathetic, and I’m just using my day jobs as an excuse not to work on stuff. 

Make a long story short; depression and crappy day jobs as been making arting hard, and I don’t want to feel like this anymore. So this is going to sound arrogant and stupid, but I want to know; What is it about my art that you guys like? What are things that you think I can improve? What about my art makes you happy?

I feel like a jerk for asking this. “Ohhhh tell me how awesome I am so I’ll get motivated.” But….I don’t know. I feel like asking this will help me figure things out and get my shit together.  


so, on twitter i have been posting one joshua drawing per day, ranging from doodles to full pieces, starting on my first day of summer vacation and plan to keep doing so until the last day of it

this event is the Summer of Joshua Appreciation, a personal challenge for me to draw every single day, and why not my special boy

here is the first week of pieces (5/13/2017 - 5/19/2017) –i’ll be posting the rest in the upcoming days! 

(each photo is captioned the same way the original is on twitter, for context)