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The voting for Golden Disk Awards has begun!

Bts is nominated in the Album category

As far as I know, there’s only one way to vote and it’s downloading the voting app which is available for only android users so far.

The way it works is that you have to collect points with which you can vote. One vote costs 200 points and the way to collect points is to:

1) Open the app and go to Charge

2) Do “missions” aka liking the golden disk facebook page for example


You have to download apps and/or answer to polls and play games online (which might have viruses and like to steal your personal information so please be careful)


You can buy points, which is probably the fastest and the safest way to do it.

Happy voting!!!

OQ and the Golden Bird

(Updated after getting spoilers to 6x11)

I’ve been rewatching Once over the hiatus and my theory about Regina, her journey, and Robin Hood and the thought that it was put into motion in S3, is becoming more likely.   It’s quite blatant from the beginning of S3 that Regina is being shown that she is on the road to redemption and is ready to change.  

The story that accompanies the picture of OQ from page 23 is the story of The Golden Bird.  It seems to be about looking for and finding happiness.  The finding of a feather seems to signify the beginning of the journey.  The story is about going on a journey to find happiness but finding that happiness by following the rules and not taking any short cuts.   

Regina has wanted to be happy since the inception of the show but she always wants it to be given to her instead of earning it just like everyone else.  She cast the curse, then she tried to make Henry think he was crazy, then she tried to find the author to change her ending, then she removed her evil half, and in 6x10 she has Robin back and she asks him if he is ready to take a chance on a new story, and he says it sounds pretty good to him.  

I think the story started in 3x03 when Tink took Regina to the pub and showed her Robin inside.  Regina was too scared at that time to take the chance and in the present scenes says this.  Tink told her it would give her a ‘fresh start’ with ‘no baggage to weigh her down’  There’s an interesting conversation between Tink/Regina but Tink tells Regina that Regina not going into the pub not only ruined her life, but also his.  (He’s had some good but also some bad and died very young)     We also know that Tink is back filming and posted a picture in her Neverland dress.  Could they be going back to that time?   

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••My friend questioned this so much••


honey jars full of sunlight,
vines that wrap the walls.
summer days, half-naked,
plastered to hardwood floors.

willow trees and giant oaks.
strawberries and peaches.
freckles and whiskey eyes,
kissed by noon sun.

iced tea with lemon,
novels in the garden.
sun-bright smiles,
as wind disturbed pages.

bright golden hours,
sunrise through the window.
a china cup of tea,
held by sun-soft hands.