and going to round two

imagine when Jake and Amy sit Charles down and tell him that they’re having a baby

BTS reaction to you wanting to go another round right after the first


Jin would be panting, but he could never tell you no. I mean, why would he when he wanted you as much as you wanted him. He would give you a small smile and kiss your lips softly. “How could I say no to you, jagi?”

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He would joke around that he’s too tired to go for round two. After a little bit of you asking, he would finally give into you. Yoongi would smile a bit with a small sigh. “Well, if you want to, I guess we can.” He’d say laughing.

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He would be happy to continue. Hobi would never get tired since he has so much energy. He would be more than happy to continue pleasing you until you couldn’t take anymore. “We can go as many rounds you want, baby. We’ll see how long you’ll last.”

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He would already know what you wanted before you even asked. Namjoon would be looking down over you with a hungry look in his eyes the second you opened your mouth. “Round two? Are you sure you can handle that?”

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Jimin would get a smirk on his face. He would feel sort of proud that you wanted more of him so soon after you just finished. “Of course you’d want round two! Why wouldn’t you?” He’d lowly growl in your ear.

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He would be kinda embarrassed but he would be pretty happy to go another round. Tae would probably giggle a bit when you asked but he wouldn’t say no. “Of course we can! As long as that’s what you want, jagi”

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Jungkook would be a bit surprised that you wanted to go another round. He would be really happy though and would be more than ready to go. “Really?” He said in a bit of a shocked voice. “I was hoping you’d ask that.“

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okay but what if Derek was a hug deliveryman and Stiles ordered a hug

“Stiles Stilinski?”

Stiles looks up, his mouth dropping open when he reaches the pinnacle of stubbled beauty that is the man’s face. 

“Oh wow,” he says, “wow, I would not have called the leather.” 

“Excuse me?” 

Stiles kind of wants to marry his eyebrows. There’s something kind of Bronte about them, dark and brooding, like they could carry him across a windswept moor. He might be wearing a dress in this scenario. He’s comfortable in his masculinity. 

“You’re a little later than I was expecting -” he raises an eyebrow, his pause expectant. 


“Derek, right. I am running late for forensics, Derek, so we’ll do the whole getting to know you thing next time, okay?” Stiles pushes his chair back with a hideous screech and regards him for a second. He figures, first time, he should probably go with the clasped hands back pounding bro-hug, only under the leather jacket there’s a forest-green henley that just looks like it smells really good, and Stiles has never been good with temptation. He slides his arms between the henley and the jacket, steps in close, presses himself against body heat and a certain rigidity that melts pretty quickly into Derek’s arms around his back, perfect pressure, snuggly bliss. 

Stiles steps back and beams

“That was - shit, perfect. Thanks, Derek.” 

“Yeah,” Derek says. He looks bemused, almost dazed. Stiles’d go in for round two only he catches sight of a clock over Derek’s shoulder and swears, slings his bag over his shoulder, runs


He honestly does know better than to hang out on Craigslist, Scott, he does, but where can you go wrong with a hug delivery service? That’s like hating puppies, Scott. Why would you hate the puppies? 

Scott, sounding frustrated and a little worried and kinda reluctantly amused, insists that he doesn’t hate the puppies. 

Right, Stiles agrees, because all of his plans are amazing and a hug delivery service couldn’t possibly be wrong. Right? 

It’s so much easier to read agreement into everything Scott says when they’re only calling. There are unexpected advantages to college. 

(There’s a weird email, apologising for the mix up at the coffee shop. 

Hey, Stiles sends back, I didn’t mind that you were late, no worries. And then, greatly daring, so about getting to know each other…

He honestly does know better than to pass out his actual address on the internet, okay, he does, but… y’know. Puppies.)


Derek’s early. 

No leather this time, though, which is thoughtful of him, just a dark red sweater with thumb holes that should possibly be illegal. 

“Hey,” Stiles says, eager and happy and grinning all over his face, and this time it triggers a tiny smile in return. “Hey, Derek.”

“Stiles,” Derek says. “Look -” 

“Are you okay to do this sitting down, this time?”

Derek’s eyebrows huddle together for warmth (the windswept moors will do that to you) but he doesn’t look exactly averse, so Stiles tugs him by the sleeve towards the sinfully comfortable eyesore of a couch, getting him situated in the corner and then leaning back against him, pulling Derek’s arm around him. He tips his head back against Derek’s shoulder and moans, faintly. 

“I swear, Derek,” he says, “you were made for me.” 

Derek doesn’t respond. His arm maybe tightens, a little. 

(A little while later, halfway into Serenity, Stiles thinks he maybe hears knocking at the door, but frankly he’s in the best damn hug of his life thus far and nothing short of fire alarms is getting him out of it.

Derek huffs into his hair. Stiles is taking that as agreement.)


Laura turns around when the door opens, cocking her head to one side at her brother’s appearance - he’s flushed, and a little rumpled, and almost smiling

“So,” she says, “did you give the neighbor kid the parcel we took in, yet?” 

Derek glares at her, eyebrows lowering, a wash of bright color cresting on his cheeks. 

“I’m working on it.” The tilting of his mouth looks almost involuntary. “I’ll try again tomorrow,” he says. 

Some Reyes squadmate lines I wrote down

So the previous post had me remembering some lines I wrote in an AU where Reyes is your squadmate (if Liara can be shadowbroker on the Normandy, then Reyes can be the Charlatan on the Tempest. Case closed!).

Nomad Banter:

Jaal: Reyes Vidal.

Reyes: ???? That is my name, yes.

Jaal: Is it? I can never tell with you.

Cora: Reyes

Reyes: Yes?

Cora: I looked up your dossier on the Nexus.

Reyes: Find anything interesting?

Cora: No. The file was corrupted.

Reyes: Shame! You could’ve learned so many things…

Reyes: Jaal. I get this feeling you don’t like me?

Jaal: And here I thought I wasn’t being obvious enough.

Liam: So Reyes, I’ve been practicing my moves.

Reyes: And?

Liam: Ready for round two?

Reyes: [laughs darkly] 

Ryder: What’s going on?

Reyes: Liam thinks he can beat me in my own game.

Liam: Football [soccer] isn’t your game.

Reyes: Against you it is.

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Hello yes spacemom I finished all ur oneshot recommendations and they were SO GOOD. Got any more for a child in desperate need? :>

oh man alright here we go round two!!!!!

(also some of these are MUCH longer but i hiiighhhlyyy recommend and i legit can’t handle fics that don’t end happily so no worries there!!)

never saw you coming - dimpleforyourthoughts (sooo much pining and SOOOO GOOD OMG)

all we have to do - aknightley  (hurt/comfort and PINING BOIIII)

rainfall - sassifras  (tiiiinyyy bit of smut but SO FUCKIGN GOOD)

your claws in me - burlesquecomposer  (reading this one literally feels like WATCHING A MOVIE IT’S AMAZING PLS READ ASAP)

jealous much? - vulpesvulpes713   (THE INFAMOUS JEALOUS!LANCE TROPE YESSS)

and this one is fuckin hilarious i highly recommend:

sweet quiznak by checkeredcloth (literally if you don’t want to read it after this line i can’t help you: “just make sure that if I die Keith knows I totally would’ve mowed his ass like grass.” LMFAO)

EDIT: all of these fics are klance because honestly who would i be if they weren’t 😂😂
Round Two?

Summary: Dean’s supposed to be out with Sam, but when he has no luck at the bar, he comes home and you help him out through his dry spell.

Request: Dean being shot down by multiple girls in the bar and he gets dow. later y/n asks him why he’s not out and he says he’s lost his touch. She says thats not possible then he starts flirting with her and it doesn’t work either she just laughs uncomfortable before he walks up to her and kisses her. They get it on. And afterwards she confesses that if his flirtious remarks fail that kissing and pinning to a wall definitely will. *_*

A/N: I know it’s not exact but I cannot control my brain it takes ideas and runs with them

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, Oral (female receiving), smut (ps please do not use the pull out method for birth control!!!)

Word Count: 1.7k

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It was your ideal Saturday night. You were alone in the bunker, locked in your bedroom with Netflix. You hadn’t got the chance to watch anything lately, and you couldn’t have been more excited. Both Sam and Dean had left to go out and hopefully end their dry spells that you were sick of hearing about, Cas was…wherever, and the internet…wasn’t working.

You bumped your head on your headboard a few times and sighed before standing up and trudging into the war room to check out the routers. You were surprised to see Dean at the map table..reading a book?

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Vodka Shots

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Wonho (Monsta X), for anon

Type: Smut, College!AU

Words: 1,777

Summary: There’s something about vodka and frat parties that bring out a side of your boyfriend you’ve never seen…

“Yo! Y/N, take another shot! You’re not drunk enough yet!” Minhyuk yelled over the blaring party music, slinging his arm around your neck. He was sloppy drunk at this point, his whole body and the air surrounding him reeking incredibly of vodka. He leaned against your frame a little too much, sloshing a bit of his beer over the sides of his solo cup as he did so.

You were in a huddle mass of over incredibly drunk people, most of which were fraternity boys. Dating a fraternity boy yourself, you seemingly found yourself in this situation more often than not: the stench of alcohol coating the hair, sweaty bodies of Greek kids milling about and constantly brushing against you. The Pi Kappa Alpha, PIKE for short, house was really quite spacious, more so than most of the other fraternity houses you’d been to, but that space just left room for more party-goers.

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Chantaje - Mieczysław Stilinski Smut

REQUESTED: No, I just haven’t written for a while, and I wanted to do something for you guys!

WARNINGS: Hickeys, fingering, blowjob

SUMMARY: When you run into Stiles at a club, your past comes out. It takes a further encounter in the bathroom for you to both be okay again.

NOTES: I’ve listened to this song too many times, and it’s becoming problematic.

AAAAAnyways, SMUT YAY! (I miss writing smut. I haven’t had the motivation since my birthday because a lot’s happened.)

Hope you enjoy! Based off this song (and there will be translations of the lyrics too dw <3)

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I’ve finally figured out how to play music in the background while playing OW without overloading my laptop, and I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a more epic opening to a match than the round just now where my tunes matched up perfectly in sync with the starting countdown and I exploded out of spawn to the sound of “Thunderbirds are GO”

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Can i get yoongi, tae, and kookie reaction to them losing their virginity to you? (Lets just pretend theyre virgins 😂)


“Bet you weren’t expecting that to be as good as it was. Honestly I wasn’t either. I did good if I do say so myself.”

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“That was my first time and it was so good. Only you could’ve made it that way. Thank you, jagi.”

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“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to finish that fast. That was just so amazing. Give me a little bit and we’ll go for round two. I won’t cum as fast this time, I promise.”

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Love my boys so much. - admin nicole 💕

Seventeen Reaction: You Asking Him For Round Two (smut?)

S.Coups: Conflicted between going for a second round and resting for his schedules the next day. “Oh screw it, if a second round is what you want, then that’s what you’ll get.” Poor Scoups, was indeed tired the next day, but was worth it tbh. 

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Jeonghan: Not even two seconds after you asking for round two and he’s already getting himself ready it. Your wishes are his commands. this gif gives me life thou

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Joshua: So flustered but in 1.2 seconds he’s ready to dive right back in. “I mean if that’s what you want, but no complaining tomorrow morning.” someone bring the holy water pls

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Jun: Who are we trying to fool, this kid probably asked you for round two. “Are you ready?” yep yep indeed a wild night for the two

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Hoshi: Right after you finished doing the dirty the first time around, you began to kiss up on him. “Soonyoung, why don’t we g-” you were cut off once you noticed him sleeping already. “Hoshi fighting” yeah no that didn’t work. Hmm.. looks like you’re on your own for the night.

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Wonwoo: “What?! Another round, I just finished though.” Looks at the time, contemplating if losing sleep is worth it. “Fuck it, let’s go.” dont judge he’s very cautious about his beauty sleep

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Woozi: This bean is so flustered by you asking, he’s also feeling really proud of himself too, but also feels pressure in feeling like he has to give you double the amount of pleasure. 

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DK: Right after those words escaped your lips he is a giggly mess, still gives you what you want though. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Mingyu: Starts smiling like crazy “I knew I was good, but didn’t know I was this good.” who is he trying to fool here?? Poor members had to hear that commotion all night long. there were more than just two rounds whoops

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The8: Still extremely sweaty from the first round. But he’s a people pleaser, so the moment you asked for a second round he’s already getting into position. another gif that makes me feel a type of way

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Seungkwan: Extremely flustered and no it doesn’t go away either ”Are you sure you’ll be o-okay?” stutters. It’s takes some time to reassure him that you actually want to do it. Once he’s finally reassured, he’s all up in there. 

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Vernon: At this point his confidence is on another level, this kid will just be so cocky about you asking. “Oh was I that good? I mean I guess we could do that” lowkey freaking out inside though

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Dino: At first Dino’s so confused, poor bean is so inexperienced that he doesn’t know what to say, he just smiles feeling proud. Eventually he’ll use some of the knowledge he has gained through films and get right to it.  

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A/N: ^-^ Hope you enjoyed this, if you want feel free to request. I’m open to writing whatever. 

Harry walks him to his room, stands with him in the hallway outside of Louis’ door, and Louis can’t help but thinking that this is the first time in months he’s felt genuinely safe, happy, not so alone. And that is a massive problem. He’s let down his guard so many times over the past seven days, and he knows it’s his fault, but it’s become too much, so overwhelming he feels like he can’t breathe. In the weeks leading up to the trip, he’d prepared himself to keep his distance, to interact as little as possible, to be ready to go home and face the fact that they were finally over. He wasn’t supposed to be 36 hours away from returning home and feeling like his heart could burst from his time spent with Harry, unable to look away from him at every turn. Goddamnit, he should’ve known that he’d be leaving this island feeling more broken than he had when they’d arrived just one short week ago.

Massive problem, one he’s not sure he can undo. Not sure he wants to.

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Pairing: Kang Daniel/reader (third person)

Word count: 3,775

Rating: 18+ for language, vanilla sexual content, cat facts and shitty jokes/outdated memes

Summary: It’s the hottest day of the year but that’s not to say that things can’t get hotter

A/N: This is just self-indulgent, unedited porn because the thirst is too fucking real my dudes

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