and going to round two

Hana and Sombra play video games - round two doesn’t go quite as Hana planned.

so I hope I’m not alone in saying this but

reading The Lord of the Rings again post-Silmarillion is so incredibly bizarre? Like, specifically: nobody dies. Okay, some people die. And die in really painful feelsy noble ways. But - and here’s the Interesting Part - people succeed. Pippin doesn’t die killing that troll. Gimli and Eomer aren’t killed in the Battle of the Hornburg. I’ve read LotR enough to quote it and I’m still reading it going “I SWEAR TO GOD IF THIS IS THE NIRNAETH ROUND TWO I WILL KILL YOU.” Reading LotR in comparison to the rest of Tolkien’s works is… jarring. No curses, no terrible fates, some people die but there are no Fingolfins or Finrods

also there’s one scene in particular that never made me cry before that leaves me a sobbing mess now, and it’s when we find out that Celebrimbor, of all people, marked the Doors that he made with Narvi with the Star of his House.

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Like that girl doesn't have respect for herself. That's disgusting

She walked away the first time with several million followers on Instagram and twitter and the opportunity to turn her time stunting into a career step up (which is more than Danielle got) and yet she chose to do this again. She’s abandoned her social media, the trend pair and opportunities handed to her as a perk of her time stunting to go for round two with a man who, as the narrative would have you believe, cheated on her and who she has insinuated treated her badly. She has no respect for herself and I have no respect for her.


Summary: Loki returns to see Y/N, only to be told some surprising news.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (and Loki)

Warnings: swearin’, Loki being a little shit (I actually really love Loki, is it just me?)

A/N: this is just a lil one shot sequel for Brawling Love, I hope ya like it :)

It had been about eight months since you and Bucky got together and you were the happiest you could be. He was always so sweet, telling you how much he loved you and always cuddling up to you. You had him wrapped around your finger.

“Come back to bed.” Bucky whined, watching you slip on some pajama shorts. “C’mon we can go for round two.”

You smirk, shaking your head. “As tempting as that sounds, I’m hungry.” you pick up Bucky’s shirt and slip it on, not bothering to put a bra on. Bucky whines some more and you chuckle, walking out of the room. “Come join me when you’re ready.”

You walk down the hall, hearing Bucky sigh and you smile.

“Where is she?” a voice says from the living room.

“Why are you here?” you can hear Tony question as you near the room.

“For Y/N of course.” the voice replies, now sounding familiar.

“He won’t do any harm, I won’t let him.” Thor says.

“Yeah, and we won’t either.” Clint scoffed.

You enter the living room, being met with everyone - and someone who you haven’t seen in a while.

"Loki?” you question to the man who had his back to you.

He turns quickly at the sound of your voice and a smile takes place on his lips. “Darling.”

Loki walks up to you, arms wide open as he embraced you. “Uh, hi.” you hug him back, looking over his shoulder at the others who displayed confusion as well.

“Ah,” he sighed. “How I have missed you.”

You pull away from the hug and he smiles at you, his arm still wrapped around your waist. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to see you.” he responds. “It’s been so long.”

“Well that’s what happens when you try taking over the world.” you giggle.

“Ah, yes. Thank you for reminding me of my mistakes, darling.” Loki smirks.

“Shut up.” you smile.

At this time, Bucky enters the living room, his basketball shorts hung loosely around his waist as a grey shirt clung to his body. He smiled upon seeing you but it immediately disappeared when he saw who was holding you.

“Loki.” Bucky grit, walking up beside you.

Loki smiled. “James, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you. My brother has told me about you.”

“That’s great.” Bucky says with no emotion at all. “Now can you get your hands off my girlfriend.”

Loki takes a step back, his eyebrows knitting together at Bucky’s words. “Girlfriend?” he looks at his brother. “I was not told about this.”

"You never asked.” Thor shrugged with a smug look.

“What am I supposed to ask for you to tell me she has a boyfriend?” Loki responds.

“Many things actually, for example: is Y/N seeing someone? Is Y/N still single? Does Y/N-”

“Alright, I get it.” Loki interrupts his brother then turns to you and Bucky. “Is this… thing serious.” he gestures between you and Bucky.

“Very much so, has been for eight months.” Bucky answers, the crease between his eyebrows now showing.

Loki gives you a hurt look. “Y/N… You were to be at my side as queen. I-I don’t-”

“Yeah well, looks like that’s not gonna happen.” Bucky cuts in, the jealousy becoming noticeable which was amusing for the others who were watching. “Come on Y/N, let’s go back to the room.” Bucky takes your hand, about to guide you back to his room but Loki held you back, causing Bucky to turn quickly.

“I wasn’t finished talking to her.” Loki smiled.

“I didn’t ask.” Bucky responds.

“We were just getting started.” he says. “I mean look at her, dressed to impress, isn’t that right Y/N?”

Bucky looks over at you, noticing that you didn’t have a bra on underneath his shirt and quickly moved in front of you. “Doll, why don’t you go put something on underneath my shirt, yeah?”

You look down at your chest, feeling the heat rise to your cheeks.

“Aw, come on, Bucky, she looks fantastic.” Loki smirked which made Bucky even more angry.

“I’m not letting you stare at my girlfriends chest the whole damn time.” Bucky says.

You knew what was coming next and you step aside, between Thor and Wanda.

“What, it’s not like I haven’t seen what’s under her shirt before.” Loki responds and Bucky looks at you.

“What’s he talking about.”

“It was an accident. I was changing and he barged in my room like he owned the place.” you say.

“So you lock the door, Y/N. Doors can do that, you know.” he responds.

“People can also knock.” you reply with a roll to your eyes.

“It was quite a sight, if I do say so myself.” Loki smirked over at you.

“Hey,” Bucky shoved Loki. “Eye’s off Y/N.”

Loki pulled a face. “Who are you to be shoving a god?”

“This will be interesting.” Thor smiled, bumping your shoulder.

You give him a blank stare and he wipes the smile off his face quickly.

“You’re not the best god if you ask me.” Bucky shrugged.

“Listen here, mortal-”

“No, you listen here,” Bucky jabs his finger into Loki’s chest. “You may be a god but I can still take you out.”

Loki smiled. “Take me out? Oh, where are we going? Please do tell.” he says. “I’m very fond of Italian food.”

“You know that’s not what I meant.” Bucky rolls his eyes.

Loki steps up to Bucky, so close to the point where it looks as if they were going to kiss but it was actually quite the opposite.

“Understand who you are speaking to.” Loki says lowly and intimidating, but not intimidating enough for Bucky. “I have killed many, you will be nothing.”

“I’ve killed many as well, know who you’re threatening before you miserably threaten them.” Bucky responds.

“I’ll have you know-”

You zone out of their argument and turn to the others who stood watching with smiles on their faces.

“Are any of you gonna stop them?” you question and they all shake their head.

“Thor?” you look at him and he smiles.

“James can handle Loki on his own.” he responds.

“They’re fighting over you, princess Peach. If anyone’s gonna stop them it should be you.” Tony says and you glare at him.

“Shut your iron ass up, Stark.” you snap before turning back to Loki and Bucky.

“That’s it.” Bucky grunts before his fists comes in contact with Loki’s face.

Loki doubles over, holding a hand to his cheek and he stood up straight again. He wipes at his lip, catching blood on his finger as well.

“You’ve made me bleed.” Loki says, glaring at Bucky. It all went by so fast, Loki swung at Bucky, punches were being thrown, grunts were being heard and that’s when Thor grabbed his brother, yanking him away from Bucky. Bucky on the other hand, walked right up to Loki and raised his fist, about to hit him again but you intervened.

“Hey, calm down.” you speak, standing in front of him with your hands on his chest.

His chest rises and falls under your touch, his brows pinched together as his eyes flickered between you and Loki. He put his fist down, wrapping his metal arm around you, still glaring at Loki.

“That’s enough, brother. You promised you wouldn’t cause commotion.” Thor says to the god.

“That was until the giant oaf attacked me.” he motioned over to Bucky, out of breath.

Bucky tensed up. “I’ll show you giant oaf.” he steps around you to assault Loki again but you pull him back.

“Stop it.” you say. Bucky looks at you and sighs. “Come on.” you start pulling him out of the living room.

“It was nice seeing you again, darling.” Loki calls after you.

“Nice seeing you too, Loki.” you respond. You make it to Bucky’s room and shut the door behind you.

Loki turns to everyone with a smile on his face as blood trickles down from his eyebrow. “Well, that was fun, wasn’t it?”

A/N: Thought it’d be kinda funny to write this. Did you like it? I absolutely loved writing it :)


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Question Extravaganza Blog #2

Hi there! Remember, back in December, when we had an “End-of-the-year Question Extravaganza Blog”? And how there was going to be a second part? Well, FINALLY, here it is! Round two of our answers to the questions that you sent to us via Twitter, so long ago.

Who’s playing this time:

Tom – Localization Producer

Brittany – Localization Producer

Junpei – Assistant Product Manager/XSEED’s Garbage Disposal

Ryan – Localization Lead

Nick – Localization Editor

Alyssa – Product Associate

Liz – QA Tester

Danielle – QA Tester

WARNING: Spoiler alert, just in case! And maybe some language.


Question: which character from Senran Kagura New Wave would you most like to see become playable in a future game


There are so many! Kasumi, Kumi, Fuga, and Bashou
    Kasumi - shy girl that can code her way into your heart? aw yuss.
    Kumi - ngl I like foxes. I’m also hella curious what her animations would look like…
    Fuga - dude it’s fireworks coming from a shamisen who doesn’t wanna SEE THAT. AND THOSE PLATFORMS. DAMN.
    Bashou - paintbrushes: creation, destruction, or the beauty that comes from their combination? tune in next time on quiet girls that can artfully kill you


Fuga. I’ve loved her design ever since I first saw it and I’ve actually begged Takaki-san in person to put her in one of the core games.


Picking just one is hard, so these are the ones are the top of my list:

Meimei – She fights by throwing bombs shaped like steam buns. Just. Yes.

Ukyou – For some reason, I really like the idea of a machine gun shaped like a bass guitar. She’s also a cutie, I like her design.

Seimei – I like the fact that she rocks pajamas. I wish I could wear pajamas all the time…

Question: What is your most favorite game that you have localized And why?


Trails of Cold Steel II. I cried so much while working on it, haha. It was the game that made me feel like I was really growing up as a writer, and I was so proud of the effort I put into that during every step of the process. Everyone knows I love the series, but for now, that game has a particularly strong place in my heart because I feel like I grew as a person together with those in Class VII (is this too cheesy? lol).


Definitely the EDF series. I’ve been a big fan of the series since the first EDF came out in Japan, but also I learned a lot from the producer and the dev team. It was a very exciting to work on, and luckily, EDF2: Invaders from Planet Space was selected as a D.I.C.E  Award nominee.

Also, Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity was a favorite, too. The game is very fun and pretty. I didn’t really know about the Touhou series at first, but this was a good title for Touhou beginners like me to learn what Touhou is. The dev team is very passionate and professional. I was always impressed by them while working on this.


I have a few personal favorites: Estival Versus because I love the character banter, Deep Crimson for the same reason, and Suikoden V because it was my first real localization project and I still have a soft spot for it.


I have a soft spot for Ys: Memories of Celceta. It was published before I started working here, but was the first XSEED game that I played.

Even though we didn’t really localize it (just published it physically), I’m a big fan of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. Working with WayForward was an absolute treat and I’m so glad that we have a chance to do something with them.


I think anyone who knows me knows my answer to this, but in case you don’t: RETURN TO POPOLOCROIS, BABY!! ;) The very first game script I ever translated was part of the script to PopoloCrois Story II on the PS1, which I translated in play-script format and uploaded to GameFAQs as a translation guide. After that, the very next thing I translated was all 51 episodes of the two existing PopoloCrois anime. I am a PopoloCrois super-fan, and when the opportunity came along to work on a PopoloCrois game, to say I was ecstatic would be an understatement. Getting to officially write English dialogue for Prince Pietro Pakapuka, Narcia the forest witch, the White Knight, and the GamiGami Devil was an absolutely amazing experience, and getting to sit in on voiceover sessions and help shape the way they sounded in English was the icing on the cake.

Corpse Party is a close second, though, because I was able to get much more graphic than I’m used to, and it was a bizarre amount of fun describing some of the most horrible acts of mutilation and torture imaginable. It was weird working on Corpse Party and Fishing Resort at the same time, as I had to keep stopping myself from inserting extremely graphic language into the Fishing Resort script.

And Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed gets an honorable mention, as the three weeks spent in voice-recording for that game may be the most fun I’ve had in my seven years at XSEED.

Question: Where do you face the most unexpected challenges during the localization process?


The thing about unexpected challenges is that they’re…well, unexpected. The things we run into the most frequently are things we know to be watchful for based on past experience (which is why we usually catch the major stuff). A good example of an “unexpected challenge” would be realizing partway in that we don’t actually have all the text files for the game, even though the developer said they gave us everything. Working on games that are still in production also has the tendency to turn up a lot of unexpected issues, particularly when the developers change things and neglect to mention that they were changed. If you learn that a localization was being worked on while a game was still in development, know that it was probably a huge headache for the translators and editors compared to working on something that has been finished and more or less finalized.

Sometimes it’s because there’s an honest mix-up and they thought they’d given us everything. Other times there’s a breakdown in communication along the way, as can occur when information has to pass through too many hands. So…ultimately, miscommunication is where we stand to face the most unexpected challenges. It varies from project to project, and we know to be mindful of it, but we can never fully predict when this sort of issue will pop up.

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Question: Where do you try to draw the line between remaining loyal to the original and changing to fit the region you are localizing for?


Every editor will give you a different answer for this, so I can only speak personally, but here’s where I stand on this issue. When I localize a game, I absolutely want the intent of the original to come through. That’s what people are coming to the work for - what they want to experience. However, sometimes, truly conveying the spirit of the original work necessitates departing from the exact language of the original.

If one facet of my job is about accurately conveying information and character relationships, another facet is to ensure people who buy our games are entertained and engaged. That happens best with a script that feels fairly natural in its English phrasing. A quick example is how, if you listen to people converse, most people make frequent use of contractions. They’re a natural linguistic shorthand for English, so it feels natural to make broad use of them in character dialogue. But I often see dialogue written without them (like, where it doesn’t strike me as an intentional editorial choice). Without contractions, at the most basic level, you’ll get dialogue that sounds wooden and has less flow to it (Tom and I often compare it to the speaking style of Data, from Star Trek: TNG), but in some cases, using or not using contractions can subtly alter the way we perceive a line, especially if there’s no voice-over to clue us in. “I cannot believe he said that about me” carries a bit more of a testy tone than “I can’t believe he said that about me.”

There are also cultural differences that, when translated over on a 1:1 basis, won’t elicit the same response from an international audience, so some tweaking is necessary to make sure Western players of a game experience enjoyment similar to what Japanese players would’ve felt. This is admittedly a touchy issue, since a lot of this involves getting a good feel for the characters’ personalities, and so is inevitably colored by an editor’s own interpretations of them. In a blog I wrote before the first Trails of Cold Steel was released, I laid out some cases where I basically felt that the characterizations provided in some places by the original script were lacking, so Kris and I embarked on a mission to strengthen characterization not through any sweeping gestures, but just by bringing certain traits more clearly to the fore in scenes specific characters were in. It’s something you might notice if you had the Japanese and English scripts side by side, but it never stood out to most players, and from anecdotal accounts I’ve read many places online, I think this initiative of ours was very successful. Certainly, I think it brought a lot to Rean’s character in particular.

Ultimately, I want a localization to keep all the information the original script gave, but sometimes I re-frame how that information is conveyed because I value entertaining/engaging writing and want our games to feel, as much as possible, like the English scripts could just as well have been the original scripts.

“So, where do I draw the line? As someone who always wants to push for better writing, I generally won’t make an edit - even if it would sound great - that would result in dropping factual information conveyed by the original. Not necessarily on a line-by-line basis, but definitely on a scene-by-scene basis. Ultimately, I want a localization to keep all the information the original script gave, but sometimes I re-frame how that information is conveyed because I value entertaining/engaging writing and want our games to feel, as much as possible, like the English scripts could just as well have been the original scripts.”


This question is too broad and no one should have one answer for it. It depends on the game itself, the context, the importance of the topic in question in the scope of the story, the emotional impact it’s supposed to make. The most generic answer I can give is that we should always remain loyal to the spirit/intent of the original game, and if anything comes under question, we should consult the dev team and get their perspective on it.

I guess an example that’s happened a few times throughout Trails is one where Japanese honorifics are dropped as people become closer. A big deal is made out of it, but that sort of thing doesn’t exist in English. At the same time, there’s no reason to force it in the English version because the name-dropping isn’t necessarily the focus–it’s the result of characters becoming closer. The intent is the bond, and as long as you write the scene so that English players understand these characters have become closer thanks to what’s going on, then I believe we’re still loyal to the Japanese while still properly localizing the scene.

Question: outside of trails in the sky sc what was the hardest game to work on you’ve released?


It’s a toss-up between Unchained Blades and Rune Factory 4. RF4 was a joy to work on because I’m a big fan of the series, but it also contains so many complex algorithms that even the Japanese version of the game occasionally had random bugs that just couldn’t be reproduced. Those were everywhere during QA, and then we also had had all that text that needed to be checked for context…

Unchained Blades is far shorter with less text, but it was plagued with bugs during QA to the point where I once ran to the bathroom to cry from losing my save data for the umpteenth time. We had no debug mode for that one, either, so anything I had to test, it had to be done by playing through like a normal player. Hopefully the effort was worth it. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of players experiencing the issues on that game that I had!


Probably Fate/EXTELLA, which had a lengthy, lore-heavy script with a long history behind it, plus a writing style that was both abstractly poetic and strictly technical.


I would say the Story of Seasons series, mostly because of the sheer volume of text and variables to test.

Question: which sort of cultural references do you try to keep rather than rewriting for localization?


Generally, all of them. It’s always better to keep a reference, and just maybe insert a brief explanation, than to get rid of it. People who play our games know that they’re playing Japanese games, so I figure, why try to disguise the Japaneseness of them? Better to celebrate it.


Depends on the medium and context. Fate, in general, is known in part for drawing lore from all over the world, so we did our best to keep its references to world history and literature intact. Akiba’s Trip was chock full of Japanese-language anime references, some of which had only unofficial translations, so we did our best to cobble together appropriate translations from Japanese and English fan sites. SENRAN KAGURA drops references to well-known anime now and again, well-known enough that we can keep them intact, with an English take on their wordplay (such as when Katsuragi’s play on “a great era of sexual harassment,” referring to the “great era of piracy” from One Piece, became “a great invasion of privacy.”) Occasionally, we’ll run across Japanese proverbs that don’t have direct translations, so we’ll do our best to find English proverbs or wordplay that match the general sentiment of the original.

Question: What was the situation in a game that gave you trouble? Joke? A conversation? Interactions? Items? Names? Tell us the worse!


Shiawase no Sachiko, in Corpse Party. To this day, I’m still not 100% satisfied with my translation there.

See, in the Japanese, there’s supposed to be a distinction between 幸せのサチコ (“Shiawase no Sachiko”), which roughly translates to “Happy Sachiko,” and 死合わせのサチコ (a different way of writing “Shiawase no Sachiko”), which roughly translates to “Sachiko Aligned with Death.”

The English I came up with for this is “Sachiko Ever After” vs. “Sachiko in the Everafter.” And even that vaguely acceptable solution took far, FAR too long to come up with.

Sometimes, Japanese linguistic references are just really tough to work with!


The first example that comes to mind is a certain “My Room” conversation from Fate/EXTELLA, where Nero and the Master have a back-and-forth conversation about different kinds of bathing. The original Japanese script had an entire conversation tree about misreadings of kanji, which had no direct translation. This is one of those rare times where we were tempted to, as we sometimes call it, “Go full Samurai Pizza Cats,” after the old anime dub where the American dub team never received the original script and had to make up a whole new one, but we stuck with it, and eventually came up with some reasonably close wordplay in English.

Question: Do you have friends in other localization teams/companies? What could you learn from them? Do you reach out to them?


I’d love to hang out with some of the localization people I’ve interacted with via Twitter, because I’m actually pretty ignorant of what goes on in other companies. I’m pretty much XSEED only, but I’d love to learn the process in other places or just bond with others who do the same work that I do.


Absolutely! Other companies are “competition” to an extent, but they’re also colleagues, and we’ve met with people from numerous other nearby companies for lunch, karaoke, etc. many times since I’ve been working here at XSEED. I don’t know that we really learn much from them, nor they from us, but we always “talk shop” when we meet up, discussing localization challenges we’ve faced, fun stuff we’ve done recently, etc. It’s just good to sometimes talk with other people who fully understand what we do.


We’re good friends with the Aksys team down the street, a lot of our staff have Atlus experience, and most of the original senior staff came from Square-Enix. For Fate/EXTELLA, the Aksys guys were kind enough to share their notes and script from Fate/EXTRA as references. One of the best bits of advice I can give people looking for work in the industry is “Make friends wherever you go,” and that’s as true once you’re in as it is when you’re getting started.


“It’s an eternal bracelet that will tie the fate of you two together forever.

If you share this with someone that you love, even if you two break up, each of you will go round and round until the two of you meet again.”


You and Sam both took your relationship to the next level, by consummation in the backseat of Dean’s Impala.

It was rough, it was sensual, it was otherwordly, and so exhausted from going two rounds, you both fell asleep, sans clothing, except for a flannel blanket covering your lady and man bits.

Running out of pie…err…supplies, Dean decided to make a morning run to the nearby grocery store. He called out to both of you, but didn’t get a response. Assuming you were both asleep, he headed to the garage. He noticed that Baby’s windows were down, and he rested on his haunches, to get a look inside.

His stomach turned, his face scrunched in disgust, and then realized the importance of it all; it was payback from day one.

He moved to the driver’s seat and laid palm to the horn, startling you both awake.

“Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it,” he gave a cheeky grin and sauntered over to YN’s Camaro.

“I expect her to be washed and waxed by the time I get back,” he revved the engine and peeled out.

“Car wash, in the buff,” you teased. Sam tickled your sides, agreeing that, that sounded amazing.

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Charles Lee and John Laurens duel

So I was bored during class and looked up more information about the Laurens and Lee duel because I wanted to see how much of Ten Duel Commandments/Meet me inside was accurate. In the process I found out that Lee had declared himself wounded, so everyone was like oh wow we’ll help you and then Lee was basically like “nah that wasn’t a shot as bad as I was expecting, c'mon let’s go for a round two fight me” which was “warmly opposed” by Hamilton and Major Edwards. Lee again said to fight him and if that wasn’t funny enough from someone who was shot, Laurens AGREED to fight him again. Then Edwards basically said “ok y'all need to stop.”
I love history.


don’t let anything hold you back 

44/365 Days of Outlaw Queen

Next time / Michael Clifford

Summary: You and Michael watch porn together that he wants to show you, and after a brief conversation about it, you both start jacking off. But that’s not all there is, because shortly after that, you go for round two.

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Mentions of orgasm-denial, Dom!Michael

Word count: 1.7k


“Is he really going to do that?” You ask, voice low and weak as your fingers move up to massage Michaels bicep. You hear a deep groan coming from him, taking you by surprise. You look at him. He’s staring intensely at the computer screen that’s in front of you two on the bed. You peek a glance at it. The woman’s hands are being tied up to the bed post, and the guy is hovering over her like a puma. You hear Michael’s breathing intensifying, and one of his hands is now stroking your thigh. Up and down, up… and down.

Her hushed moans in the video suddenly increase, responding to the guy’s fingers exploring her down there. Michael’s hand is still lingering on your thigh, but his up and down motions has stopped. You can tell the girl is almost there by her moans and whines under him. He is trailing his lips down her jaw, continuing their journey down her neck, stopping to nibble at her earlobe.

“You wanted to watch this with me, because?” You dare to ask Michael. Your voice is soft, tender, even. His hand starts moving again, up and down, torturing you as he goes higher for each stroke. He is laying next to you, in nothing but boxers. You’re wearing your favorite panties with a matching bra, feeling sexy as ever in it.

“‘Oh, Michael. What are you gonna do?’ ” He mimics your voice with the words you usually use whenever you’re feeling smug and seductive. Or, when you’ve done something that he doesn’t approve. Like last week, when you teased him when the boys were over. He got a boner, and well, you got a smirk on your lips, knowing the effect you had on him. You recall murmuring out an ironic ‘what are you going to do, Mikey?’.

Keep reading