and going to hamburg next week

Tiny dancer Prologue

Sore toes. Aching shoulders. Too tight migraines.

Betty Cooper wouldn’t give any of it up, not for the world, they only meant she was doing it right. She was being the best ballerina that she could be, and she was, The best that is.

Juliard was one of the most prestigious dance schools in the world, it was nearly impossible to gain acceptance, especially when you come from a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. But that didn’t stop Betty Cooper, she was talented and strong and exceptionally determined, years and years of training and a ridiculous amount of natural talent landed her almost a full scholarship to the school of her dreams. She was in her second year now and she was at the top of her class, being rewarded solo after solo for effortless skill and hard work.

She was a shoe in for a spot on the Rockettes when she graduated thanks to her ridiculously long legs and she was already being scouted by broadway producers. Things were going flawlessly for the beautiful blonde and she could never be more grateful, but…. she was tired. She wanted to have fun, find love like her best friend and roommate, Veronica Lodge, had. She wanted to eat a hamburger instead of carrot sticks and grilled chicken. She wanted to live.

Stretching her legs and tying her incredibly worn in pointe shoes, Betty rolled her shoulders, there was no time for fun and her life was Ballet, she loved ballet she shouldn’t be thinking of frivolous things like boys and…burgers. Next week was another showcase and she was being featured in six numbers, practice was important, and anyway tonight she promised Cheryl and Veronica that she would go out to the newest night club opening right down the road. Might as well get in as much rehearsal as she could.

Jughead groaned, slamming his head into the the too flat pillow on his bed. Archie’s girlfriend was over and she always made his best friend watch some ridiculous reality television show that was currently blaring through the television speakers in their tiny dorm room. The dark haired boy had pictures to edit and he couldn’t focus on anything when some botoxed housewife was throwing tables in the other room. Trudging out of the safety of his own bedroom, Jughead entered the living room and moved to stand in front of the television blocking the couples view.

“Good evening Jughead, what a wonderful day today is.” The raven haired princess Named Veronica Lodge, stared happily from her space next to Archie, both the teens buried into the couch.

“Turn it down or turn it off. I’ve got work to do, now that I mention it, you’ve got work to do to Archie, midterms..?”

Jugheads redheaded roommate rolled his eyes
“I’ll play a couple songs, write a few notes, I’ll be good as gold”

Veronica giggled from his side and placed an obnoxious kiss to his cheeks. The shrill sound of a pop song broke all three teens out of their intense stare battle, Jughead watched Veronica pull her phone out of her pocket and stick her tongue out at Jugheads disgusted face at her choice of ringtone.

“Hey Betts….. oh yeah totally… you’re still rehearsing… what do you mean another hour? You’ve been rehearsing since six this morning…. yes I know you have solos….. come on, take a break…..fine but you’re missing out, you know how much fun you had last night with me and Cher…..fine…. okay I love you….muah.”

Veronica hung up the phone and pouted
“Betty just cancelled on going out tonight, I guess they asked her to fill in tomorrow night because one of the soloists in the upperclassmen showcase got sick, she invited me and Archie to come.” Suddenly something flickered in Veronica’s eyes as she stared wickedly at Jughead
“I think I just figured out how to make you pay up on that bet.”

A few weeks ago Jughead had bet Veronica anything she wanted if she could stay away from Archie a full week, never one to lose anything, Veronica had won and was now cashing in

“What.. oh no..” Jugheads eyes went wide

“Oh yes. You are coming to the recital tommorow. You promised.”

And she was right, Jughead never broke a promise, glaring at a cracked up Archie and smug Veronica, he slammed the door to his room and threw himself back on his bed.

What the hell was he gonna do at some stupid dance recital?


01.08.2017: Just came back from spending 10 days in Italy at my relatives beautiful place next to the ocean. Currently looking through all the pretty pictures I’ve taken and listening to the wonderful soundtrack of “The Danish Girl” by Alexandre Desplat and the rain outside. My second year of uni will start in around 4 weeks and I’m quite desperate to not repeat the dumb mistakes I’ve done in the first year, but let’s see how well this will go. Have a great summer you all, xx Amber (pics shot in Hamburg, Germany x Southern Tuscany, Italy) 

usha [ jin ]

verb : to enjoy looking at the opposite other ; appreciate their beauty by staring.

knock knock. who’s there? two idiots who are in love with each other.

pairing: kim seokjin x reader
genre: fluff
type: hogwarts au
word count: 2,380 words
warnings: none
author’s note: it’s been over two months since i had last written anything, and last night, i was reminded again of how intrinsically rewarding and absolutely wonderful writing is after talking to @jheartseok, so thank you again, ave ♡ this is based on bits of my own dreams and how i see #seokfie aka @syubits and jin in a hogwarts au ily elfie even though i know you love jimin most but you refuse to admit it still

As one of the Hufflepuff prefects, you are making your rounds around the basement floor in the hallway opposite from your house’s entrance. You had passed the barrel fifteen minutes ago, now strolling down the kitchens corridor. It is quiet, which is the usual noise level down here. Hufflepuff students tend to stick to curfew hours more so than other houses, so you rarely find them sneaking out. Any clamor made by the house elves in the kitchens is sealed away behind the massive painting of the fruit bowl. You have not seen The Gray Lady floating by, so you assume she is haunting a place elsewhere tonight.

 A soft melody stuck in your head, you hum quietly and loosely hold your wand in hand, rhythmically tapping the tip of it against the side of your thigh as you continue your stroll. Suddenly, the edge of a heavy metal painting frame makes its way into your peripheral vision, and you quickly scamper away before you can suffer from a possible concussion, or a future visible bump on the forehead at the very least. 

Your eyes are met with the outer corner portion of an ebony cloak first, then the golden lining stitched inside of it, and finally, the rather handsome side profile of the perpetrator is brought into view. Moments later, you can clearly see the man you caught red handed, who is still hastily attempting to shove something beneath his robe—Merlin’s beard, is that a two layer, frosted, decadent chocolate fudge cake with all the works?

“Seokjin, what the heck?”

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so in case you missed my freak-out the other day…im officially joining Sleeping With Sirens on 7 of their Europe dates with Rise Against (also photographing RA ofc) so if youre planning on going to any of the following shows, def let me know!!

14/11 München
15/11 Frankfurt
17/11 Düsseldorf
18/11 Hamburg
19/11 Berlin
20/11 Prague
21/11 Zürich

really looking forward to this, last time ive done a tour was back in 2012/2013 with MSI! (also lowkey pooping myself bc im taking all the official photos for their social media etc)

this whole thing has been the reason why ive been a bit absent from tumblr lately bc ive been super busy/always had other stuff on my mind and probably will be in the next few weeks altho im gonna make an effort to change that!!! and ofc ill keep you updated on everything but yeah im def gonna try and be more active again 

3. Settle The Beef (Season 9 Episode 4)

When RuPaul said he was going back to his roots with the move to Vh1, he actually meant a return to the awful prizes of years old. Coupons for a mattress store were only cool in 2006, which is ironically the last time this network was relevant.

What is particularly awkward about this week’s selections is that it ties well to some storylines from earlier. After their joint win, Sasha Velour and Shea Coulee were awarded $1000 and a year’s supply of Hamburger Mary’s. At the risk of getting vaguebooked by an assortment of WeHo queens, let me just say that Hamburger Mary’s is an unique sponsor. When I think of fast food, I don’t think of drag queens. Sure, Coco Montrese probably mixes her foundation with ketchup, but typically these two markets don’t collide.

What truly makes this prize darkly funny is the fact that Sasha Velour is a vegetarian and, according to the mirror talk, suffered from some kind of eating disorder. It’s pretty insensitive to give someone a reward involving something that they’ve suffered with. Next week they’re going to give Eureka a microphone.

-5 Funniest Moments From RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 4

I kinda just wanted to post a little throw back for all the people struggling with a eating disorder as I did in this picture. I still am, but thank god for medical marijuana, or else I would be less than a hundred lbs, and loosing my hair still.

You can come to the realization that you are perfect. It may not be tomorrow, it may not be the next day, or within the next week, but your time will come. We all learn to love ourselves at different paces. If you’re like me, and you don’t really see that you’re not eating, listen to others around you. Your family and friends are the ones who see things you don’t. You don’t need to go out and eat a full on hamburger in one sitting. Start with what you’re comfortable with. Start at your own pace.

Learn to love yourself. This is your sign. You are beautiful.

☾▫✧— JUST A QUICK UPDATE: i’m currently in hardcore study mode because of upcoming midterms next week but i’m still around & trying to get through my drafts + everything in my inbox!! also know that i’m not ignoring anyone who’s sent me messages either on here or discord & i’ll get to them asap!! regarding the indie masterlist, there’s currently around 300+ members on there so go check it out if you haven’t already (CLICK HERE TO BE REDIRECTED) but don’t forget to look at it frequently because i’ve been updating it everyday!!

I'm Yours (Forever)

Happy Friendaversary to my wonderful bestie, Haleigh! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since you first sent me a message as my CS Secret Shipmate. Time has flown by and I am so thankful for our friendship. You mean more to me than you will ever know. Thanks for always being there for me, dear. I love you!

Based on the behind the scenes pictures of Emma and Killian snuggling at Granny’s diner. After six weeks of blissfulness, Emma decides that it is finally time for them to take the next step in their relationship. 

CS first time smut, M rated, 3400+ words


It was moments like this when she knew that it was all truly worth it.

All the fights and battles and villains and magic soaringfrom her fingertips – leaving them breathless and battered, bruised and worn – made this moment golden. It was the stolen moments that she cherished, held tightly against her rapidly beating heart, never letting them go.

He felt warm beside her, the pair curled into the cornerbooth at Granny’s - and they really needed to get a new eating establishment inthis small town. Not that Granny’s wasn’t good – it was decent enough – but there were times where she would rather be snuggled against her pirate in a more private diner. And then there were times where she loved being around the people she loved – and yes, damn it, she loved him (even if the words hadn’t been spoken out loud yet).

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Fujiyoshida (=•ω•=)ฅ♡

I like Fujiyoshida :D
I like every city in Japan that I’ve visited :D

Fujiyoshida is a very nice town, with very friendly inhabitants, nice smelling air and delicious Udon :3
The ground in this town in quite uneven and there are many rivulets, rivers and canals which makes for a very interesting cityscape and buildings such as the blue house in the third photo :D

At some point I came across a street with some garages and one had a nice painting of Yabusame (horseback archery :) I wonder whether the owner does do Yabusame :3

There are many shrines in Fujiyoshida too :D
Most have a connection to Fuji-san which seems quite natural since Fujiyoshida is right next to Fuji-san :)

I wish I could spend more time exploring this town :3
I mean like watching places change during the course of a year and exploring every small street and path :3

The surroundings are great too :D
I mean it is right next to the Fuji-goko area and surrounded by lush green hills and mountains that are so relaxing to hike in :3

I want to see so many places in Japan ・:*。(ꈍᴗꈍ)

This Tuesday I handed in my thesis and Internship report :)
It was quite expensive but fortunately I already anticipated the cost and saved up some money for it :D
It was a lot of work to get this done but now all I can do is wait for my thesis ad report to get graded and for an appointment for defending my thesis which can take anywhere from 1 to 3 month (^-^;)
I hope I can call myself a bachelor of engineering mechatronics soon (*ΦωΦ)
For various reasons I don’t intend to take my master degree right after my bachelor degree.
I will start writing applications for jobs next week :)
My goal is to find work in Japan :) I also want to use some money I may get back from my university to get a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language :) and apply to become a JET ALT thingy to get to Japan :)
Right now applying for a job in Japan while not being there is kind of difficult….

My CV may be a bit confusing but there is a read line running through it :D
Basically I finished school => finished an apprenticeship at a private school run by a big German company => worked for this company for 6 years during which I slowly worked myself up the corporate ladder and during which I also worked in India => quit my job to study =>started studying and my blog :D
Basically I always wanted to study but that’s also why I’m a little disappointed with public universities I did expect too much of them…

Anyway I hope my dream of moving to Japan will come true :)
Then I can work on getting my motorbike to Japan :D

This week was mostly focussed on getting my thesis done and handed in :)
Right now I’m taking care of some things that still needed to be done for the company I wrote my thesis for and some maintenance work on my motorbike and my mothers bicycle :D
Also I started working on the carving knifes :)
I will share some knowledge about metals and abrasive technology soon :)

This weekend I want to go to a small event at the Zweirad Museum Berlin :)
It is kind of a wild mix between a museum and a shop :)
It is a great place for part you cannot get too easily or if you want to see some unusual old motorbikes :D <=got my Bosch spark plugs and some parts for my tail-light from there :)

I will return to Hamburg next week :)
Sadly I cannot take my motorbike with me (-_-)

I hope I can get back to writing 2 articles per week again :)

I wish everyone a great weekend and sweet dreams (^-^)/