and going through some of the stuff up on this blog made me cringe

Writing is Hard, Part 4: Dry Humping

Summary: Dean doesn’t understand the allure of dry humping.

Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Warning: Smut

Word Count: 3000ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

“Where does Sam think you are right now?”

Dean shrugs at you, hair dripping from the light rain that’s falling. “Can I come in?”

You head back for your chair, next to the table that holds your pizza, and leave the door open behind you. Dean follows, shrugging out of his jacket and shaking his head like a dog, though his hair is too short for it to do much good. “I told Sam I was coming to your room,” he says, a forced casual tone to his voice as he drops that bomb.

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Tips for Beginners

When typing this title, my phone autocorrected it to “Tips for Whiners” which is hilarious given the circumstances surrounding this post. However, my conscience got the best of me and I decided to title it differently even though there was peer pressure for the original title. However, not all beginners are whiners (by far) and I figured it wasn’t fair to lump people into a group. Plus, this post is meant to be far more informative and encouraging than it is critical and teasing.

New writers are always looking for help and tools to use to get their writing “out there,” wherever that is. They want to build their audience, which means gaining followers and notes on posts. They seek out help, work on their blogs, and write a lot.

However, some new writers fall into a trap of jealousy and complaining. They become frustrated, then turn their frustration into jealousy. They whine about not getting notes and followers, they complain about blogging cliques and unfair treatment, and they adopt an attitude of “Woe is me. The blogosphere is against me.”

This post is meant to be helpful to each group by providing both useful tips and reality checks. At no point do I actually mean to be hateful. Am I sassy, though? Yes. You can stop reading this post at any time, too. You can also take what works for you and throw out the rest. Nothing here is a blanket statement. 

But let’s just get on with it. ( And it is a long one)

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The Greatest Fan of Your Life

Written By: Smutty Woozfairy

Genre: Angst

Word count: 1680

Warnings: Mentions of severe depression and suicidal thoughts. Please- if you ever think about hurting yourself or anyone else, talk to someone. It is serious. And there is help. If any of you ever need someone to talk to, I am here. You can message me on here or on my personal blog. I know that sometimes all you need is for someone to really hear what you are saying- I will be here to hear your voice and listen to your story.

A/N: So I wrote this in the spur of the moment. I’m sorry to those who have requested for Seventeen- I haven’t had the best summer, at all really. Just a lot of personal stuff. But this was something that I felt like I needed to write- it wasn’t a request. It was based on my day today and just my life in general. I’m sorry if this is heavy for some, I just needed to get this off of my chest through a way that i thought could possibly benefit others… Not sure if I want to make this into a longer story, maybe just do a part two. If you like it, please let me know If you hate it, please let me know. If you want a part two/more parts (that would be happier than this one), please let me know.

(Listened to the song “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain while writing this, which is also where I got the title from.)

Summary: A really bad day leads to you telling S. Coups about your bad life, but he seems to have a solution.

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Mulan AU

Fandom: Fairytail

Ship Title: Gajevy/Gale

Rating: T for language

A.N: Hello everyone! So this is something I had been working on for a while. I don’t know if anybody still cares about Gajevy or my blog/writing, but here it is anyways. It’s inspired by Mulan and I got a few chapters written but I don’t know exactly how far it will follow Mulan’s story line or exactly where this story is going tbh. Either way, this is my first fanfic in a while so I hope you all won’t hate me if I’ve lost my touch. ^ ^’

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairytail of it’s characters. This fanfiction was inspired by Disney’s Mulan and any similarities are a result of said inspiration. I do not own, nor take credit for any of these such similarities that may be seen throughout this fanfiction.


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*Daveed Diggs x Reader

*Summary: Reader is Jasmine’s sister and is hanging out with the cast before a show. Her and Daveed get too close for Jasmine’s comfort.

*Warnings: Swearing

*A/N: So one of my nerdy ass friends is now an admin for this blog. He’s going to be dealing with the gay (AKA m/m fics, I’ll do f/f fics), and Supernatural stuff (I’m not really sure, I wasn’t listening to him when he was telling me. Sorry, dude). Anyways, he’ll mark his stuff with a D (he’s Admin Draco, that sinning nerd) and I’ll mark my stuff with an R (Admin Ridiculousn3ss). Also I’m kinda positive that someone did something kinda like this with Anthony Ramos instead, so if you know that and could tell me who that is so I can credit them, that’d be great. Also I might do a second part to this.

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alecsexual  asked:

Friendly reminder that you're awesome and such an adorable cutie! ;;u;; Also, Baekyeol/Kaisoo are my OTPs to the max. I'd love to be your friend /shies away/ unless you don't want to be friends with me, haha. It's all cool! Also, just wondering if you have AFF?? Or do you post fics?? Any hella good recommendations? (I'm sorry pls ignore me you must have a billion asks already oopS) ;;; (p.s. I love your blog and the level-headedness of your replies!)

BaekYeol/KaiSoo fic Recommendations

(Read my reply to your message below the fanfic recs! :D) Before I start recommending stuff I’m going to answer you first with a no. No, I do not post fanfics lol. I want to, but after I write a chapter or two I lose all motivation to write any more. So basically, writing fanfics isn’t my forte lol.

Okay, so since you’re a BaekYeol/KaiSoo shipper, I’m guessing you already know the classics. In case you missed some, I’m just going to list them down again (since all the classics are breathtaking) ^^

[Legend: +Chaptered; -One-shot; ^Two/Three-Shot]

BaekYeol/KaiSoo classics:

The links I provided for “Anterograde Tomorrow” and “Absolute Chanyeol” is not where it’s originally posted. The original links of those stories are not accessible as of now, so the links I provided are where you can read them ^^ (i hope I won’t get sued for this or sumthing lol) and to read fics by: “jumpthisship”, you need to create a livejournal acc and join her community (she accepts anyone so don’t be lazy!) :D

Oh and, if I forgot any other classics, don’t hesitate to tell me. My mind got a little rusty since I accidentally deleted everything I wrote to answer this ask T__T

Since the fics I listed above are classics, I’m not going to give my opinions abt them. Instead, I’m just going to go on and list my personal favorites. So I’m sorry if some of these might not be of your liking, since they are my faves after all lol. But imo, the fics I’m going to be listing down are all worth the read, so here I go~

Personal Favorites <3 (From lowest to highest. Meaning, the last fic in this list is the best for me)

-CEO SOO IS DA BOMB. Lel, I mean…the Kyungsoo who fans cal “Satansoo” is def CEO DO in this fic xD I love how he’s all strict and all here even though he’s squishy af xD And I also love the slightly stupid Jongin here lel, but I just love tsundere Kyungsoo here xD Oh but beware, there’s also melodrama in here so it’s not just all giggles and that.

-This is just me, and my love for well-written smut. I hate reading smuts that seem…forced or unreal, or just anything cringe worthy actually (how the hell am I one to talk I’m young af). But anyways! Haha, policeman Yeol is hot af so…hehe if you’re searching for smut then read this xD

-THIS IS SO FLUFFY!!!! GAHH BAEK IS SO FCKING CUTE. KYUNGSOO, JONGIN AND CHANYEOL IS SO FCKING FUNNY AND EVERYTHING’S JUST FCKIN’. Loljk no. But really, this fic is extremely fluffy and heart fluttering <3 hihi it’s just squeal and giggle worthy bc Baek is so demn cute. Ugh, there’s no reason to not read this! >u<

-This fic has one of the simplest plots ever. But what can I say, simplicity is beauty. Such a simple story being told in expressive words and sentences, and the way Jongin and Kyungsoo’s relationship progress is just…wow. A very good read :)

-Again this is just me, and my love for well-written smuts hahaha. This fic has made me go whoo~ in more times than I could remember. But maybe it’s just bc I have a thing for dominance and submissiveness in smuts? Idk shame me now hahaha. Again, if you’re in search of good smut fics, read this XD

-I just read this actually hahaha. And I found it funny bc I can seriously imagine Baekhyun and Chanyeol acting like this. And then Jongin, Kyungsoo and the rest are just there getting completely annoyed bc of them. Just…very funny hahaha, read it for laughs, come on. Lift up your mood! ^o^

-This is long, so after reading it…It’s a damn rollercoaster of emotions. You’d feel all giggly, then you’d feel sad, then you’d feel giggly, then you’d feel all hot, then you’d feel all frustrated af. For a ride of different feels, read this fic! 

-Well, it’s….love. wtf? No, I mean…you’ll feel what the characters are going through. Like, you’ll get immersed into their world. Another ride of feels with a dramatic start and a splendid finish. A very good read :)

-This gives an outlook on life. Well maybe it’s bc it’s based on a vid, but still. This fic was as great as the vid it was based on. This fic is going to teach you to not judge anything by basing solely on it’s outer appearance and what other people claim to “know” about it. This is a great read not just for it’s feels, but for it’s moral lesson :)

-Lol, this is me and my love for well-written smut. I mean, who wouldn’t love to see tsundere Baek getting pwned and…well, you know what I mean haha. This is cute in it’s own way too!! (for me at least) And it has a sequel *Q* But I’m not going to post the link bc there’s only like…only 2 chapters and it’s still ongoing. And I wouldn’t wanna leave you guys hanging (although I’m pretty sure you’re going to be reading the sequel anyways).

-This is awesome and awesome and awesome!!! GAHH, it’s literally a “Daily Lives of Highschool Boys” (this is an anime series which can kill you with laughter btw) minus the crack and with the characters falling in love with each other <3 This is super cute and adorbs! And it can also happen in the daily lives of some people so it’s very fun to read ^^

-mpreg! Okay, I’m still young and I know I shouldn’t be having good thoughts abt teen pregnancy, but I can’t help but find Kyungsoo’s pregnancy here as a cute thing. I’ve no plans for being a party goer (my parents would kill me first anyways lol) and I don’t want to be pregnant at such a young age…but I think. That teen moms are people who should be given an award. Not because they got knocked up at such a young age, but bc they chose to give life to somebody. They’re waay better than those teens who you think are good girls, but then you’re gonna find out sooner or later that they had an abortion, just bc they can’t face the responsibilities and consequences of their actions. This is another fic woth a good moral lesson. From the same author too, jjokkomi seems to be awesome at this genre xD

-THIS IS SO CUTE AND CUTE AND ADORABLE. To the highest level!!! Crazy Kyungsoo is the cutest evurr!! OMG!! KYAAAAHHHH!!! I’m sorry, it’s just that I squealed too much for my own good while reading this fic. Hahaha, kei-senpai (I’m feeling giggly by addressing her that >u<) is amazeballs in fluff! <3

-This is a little heartbreaking honestly. But overall it was beautiful <3 You’re going to fall in love with Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s relationship here, it’s just sooo…/sighs dreamily/. I swear kei-senpai takes my breath away with almost every fic she wrote.

-$w4g93r Baek in the house yo! HAHAHA! Baek was so epic in this fic! This fcker is so funny and cute and just…hahaha fic. I swear, kei-senpai is too good at writing fanfics that it’s becoming scary. Lol whoo this is the 3rd of my favorites!! SO THIS IS A MUST READ ALREADY. Now on to the 2nd~

-Bc as you can see, I’m not that fond of angst. I have a weak heart I guess. I don’t cry that easily but once a fic has struck my heart, I get emotionally unstable for some days lol. SO HENCE, I LOVE THIS HILARIOUS AF FIC. This has got me rolling on my bed and holding my stomach bc of too much laughter xD Otaku KrisHo, awkward KaiSoo and just..HAHAHA THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST CRACK FICS EVER, SO JUST GO AND READ IT. IDC IF YOU’RE IN A BAD MOOD OR NOT, THIS WILL DEF MAKE YOUR MOOD A HUNDRED TIMES BETTER XD. Oh and, kaspian writes sooo many amazing KaiSoo fics. If you’re KaiSoo deprived then just go “here” then indulge yoursleves ^^ (almost everything’s rated so…read at your own risk? lol)

Aaaand the top 1 is….

  1. +“Not Intended” -EXObubz [BaekYeol; romance, comedy]

-BECAUSE FARA (EXObubz) IS ABSOLUTELY LEGENDARY. NI Baek is my favorite Baek amongst all the fanfics I have ever read. Baekhyun’s personality in this fic is just so…LOL. Literally, LOL. He’s funny af, but there are also lots of other qualities abt him that you’re bound to love <3  And his relationship with Chanyeol in this book? OH GAWD WOW, it’s so cute and funny but just…READ IT NOW OMG. IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THIS THEN YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON LIFE. LOL. READ IT. OKAY? OKAY. And also the other characters in this fic is funny. Just everyone in this fic is hahaha. But what’s amazing is that you can still distinguish one character from the other based on their personalities, despite all of them being funny. So I guess the characters are different kinds of funny? Haha, maybe Kyungsoo is occasionally funny, Sehun is unintentionally funny, Kris is annoyingly funny, just read this and fall in love. Not just with the story, but also with it’s characters :”)

So that was my fanfic recs! Now on to my reply to your tearjerking wonderful message <3


I actually didn’t know how to respond to your message because…wow. I’m staring at my screen while thinking…whut? someone thinks I’m an adorable cutie? wtf? U for real?

Okay I’m sorry it’s just because…I’ve never read such flattering words in my life so I didn’t know how to properly react so hahaha sorry for my crappy reply. Just…THANK YOU SO MUCH OKAY? KNOW THAT I AM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL TO YOU BC OF YOUR KIND WORDS TT___TT

You’re ultimate OTP is BaekYeol/KaiSoo too? YESSSS!! OMG c’mere and let me hug you! (/TwT)/ /sends virtual hug/

Dafuq do you mean I might not want to be your friend? I’d be damned if I ever though of not befriending such a sweetheart like you ; A ; So yes, we’re friends now darling, go ahead and ask me all you want, I will never mind. I love answering questions <3 You actually read my answers? AND YOU EVEN THINK I’M LEVEL HEADED. well I’m not okay, I’m literally flailing around rn GAWD THANK YOU SO MUCH OMG YOU DON’T KNOW HOW HAPPY YOU MADE ME TTwTT

PS. Sorry if this was a little delayed, like I mentioned, I accidentally deleted everything I wrote so…just imagine the pain of having to rewrite everything above. Gahh, and there’s school too. So sorry darling, my answer also became a full-blown fanfic rec post.. I hope you’re fine with that XD

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

Saturday - Park Jimin

Hello kind anon! I’m so glad you love my blog~ (it loves you back! Thank you so much for reading my stuff <3) I hope you have a wonderful day/night! (Also, side note: #ProtectParkJimin)

The TV was the only thing on and making noise in my empty and spacious home. I didn’t know what else to do on a Saturday. I had already finished all of the cleaning that needed to be done, giving the house a more open feel, especially because it’s summer. I didn’t feel like going out either, and my fairly new boyfriend, Park Jimin, was at practice.

My eyes watched the illuminated TV screen. What was I even watching at this point? It started out with a random drama re-run, then a few cartoons popped up, and now, it was a music show. What was it called again?

I wasn’t familiar with it, but I continued watching it, almost unwillingly. Despite some of my favorite groups being on screen, I wasn’t fond of the idea of music award shows. All idols worked very hard to make every song, every comeback, and every dance move count. Putting idols up against each other wasn’t smart in my eyes because every group had its own charm. Plus, other groups were more popular than others, thus, making voting a bit biased and unfair towards rookie groups.

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☆Pairings: Karabita
☆Prompt: Chibita likes wearing dresses. Karamatsu likes Chibita,even more so when he’s wearing a dress. ☆
☆Ao3: Read here too!


okay!! so this is for mi amiga @karamatsumatsunos!!!! her bday was on jan 8 (sorry this was so late!!) and shes the biggest karabita fan ever so!!! here ya go!!

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50 reasons why Devon is the best

This post is very special because Devon (@exposing-arzaylea​ / @cunnillucas​) is going away for some time to hell (her words, not mine) and I’m going to miss her so much. I love you Devon :(

This is going be pretty long and corny so prepare for the cringe fest:

1. You used to ask a shit load of questions and it was so funny. The most iconic was “Who is Bella Ashlynn?” because same tbh.
2. You’re savage as hell. As much as you don’t like to admit it, we all know you’re the true roast master™
3. You are so kind to people unlike my bitch ass. I think your kindness rubs off on me
4. Your hair slays
5. Your face slays
6. I love the fact that you’re a Calum hoe. I ship you and Calum so hard but Daya is better so sorry Calum
7. You are the true queen of tumblr and my heart
8. You have a really great taste in music
9. You’re the Calum to my Michael
10. You promote Daya just as much as I do. Daya is real!
11. You hate people asking about Nia just as much I do. Like seriously, get that shit out of my asks
12. You motivate me to get my life together
13. You made a powerpuff girls edit thingy of Malum and Michael had no hair
14. Tech Savvy!Devon au is really just an au
15. You are my Devaddy
16. You don’t mind when I send you the most random shit. I basically put my thoughts into ten different messages because I can’t limit all those thoughts into one
17. You are my partner in crime. Dragging people together since 2016
18. I love you so much that I agree with everything you say. I’m up your ass like Michael is up Calum’s ass
19. You’re so pretty. Like I’m probably gonna mention this ten times
20. You really know how to make a bitch feel better about herself
21. “I just started following your blog… Are you a fan of 5SOS or…????” - Devon 2016 quote
22. You make my time on this site way more enjoyable and fun
23. I trust you so much. You’re one of the only people who’s seen a selfie of me. I can trust you with a lot of personal stuff too
24. I would trust you with my tumblr password yet I am very much a trust no bitch person so you’re very special
25. You give the best advice
26. You are too good for this earth and so kind hearted
27. You’re a strong woman
28. When it gets super late you tell me to go to sleep
29. That “4/4 where he finds out you’re extremely afraid of dicks” blurb was honestly art. When is it going to get published?
30. Co-wrote Tictacdick with the whatsapp group chat
31. “Gay horny men who want to fuck you in your area.”
32. Mentioned me three times in her follow forever. I still don’t know what a follow forever is
33. “I don’t think her foundation or whatever is called is her right skin tone.” I love this specialist makeup knowledge
34. Me: My ear is in pain. Devon: Have you been listening to Camilla solos???
35. Thinks we’re the next Larry. We probably are
36. Is the intelligent and logical one in the relationship whilst I’m all over the place
37. Your selfies give me life
38. One day you decided to steal me from Sophie and here we are #Daya
39. You made up the smallbluedick nickname. Iconic
40. You are a true queen
41. “Michael posted about Camila Cabello on Instagram. Is it okay to throw up?”
42. Thinks there should be a version of IKWYDLS without Canola
43. Devon: Mentions a band I don’t know. Me: I love that band
44. Slays me on a daily basis
45. Dragged Kylie Jenner through the pits of hell. What a true queen
46. Everyone who comes across you falls in love because you are such a great person
47. Tumblr wouldn’t be the same without my Devaddy
48. You’re so cute
49. You always know how to make me feel better when I’m upset about something
50. Damn, so much pressure because this one has to be the best one. I’m just repeating myself but you are honestly the most amazing person I’ve come across on the internet and I’m going to miss you so much :(

Didactism, Doubt, and Internet Social Justice

There’s something I’ve been noticing about online social justice for the past five years or so now (ever since I really got into it online) that’s making me question its effectiveness and making me have strong doubts about the whole thing.

The tendency to present social justice-oriented statements as declarations and didactic orders, rather than holding space for doubt and discussion.

You see this every time someone says “(Gentle/Friendly) Reminder that XYZ”. When someone says the same thing three times. The PSAs and the warnings and the total self-assurance that one has the Right Answer for everything.

It likely comes from people not wanting to be wrong, because being wrong has tons of unwanted consequences both for those being wronged and those doing the wronging. Faced with the fear of Being Wrong, people want pat easy check-list answers, black & white, yes or no - some sort of certification to make sure they are Doing The Right Thing.

The problem is, a lot of social justice doesn’t really have a lot of pat, solid answers, and likely never will.

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Hey guys! As some of you may know, I tend to ramble and overspeak, so of course this wouldn’t be any different.. Um, basically what this is, is a follow forever kinda thing (but not??). I never really understood ff’s because shouldn’t it be about recognizing all the people that follow you? Sadly, I cannot do that, since that would require listing too many people (rip) so I’ve decided to only focus on my mutuals~ **Quick thing: I follow as @xiuminseokyu so some of you may be surprised to know that we were mutuals this entire time hehe..

Onto the sappy stuff! Ahem—

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Oh boy, lets talk about my own personal comicon-creep cause god damn is he the definition of cringe himself…first off, this fucker is like 16 years older than me, i recently turned 21 so y'know think about that even though im legal and everything but lets start

I live in texas, near austin so i go to cons around the area, like A-kon, wizard world austin con, ect. and i usually have some pretty good times until this fucker finds me. We’re just gonna call him L cause even i dont want to fucking call him by his cringey self made nickname, and L finds me at the 2013 wizard world Austin comicon, he complimented my lady deadpool cosplay which was nice, i thanked him and asked him if he wanted a photo, took one with him and went on with my day and taking photos with others, except he was there, every time i went to take a photo with someone, taking a photo of me. okay. I assumed maybe he just wanted a couple different angles of my costume because i told him i completely hand made it and he said he was just starting out, i brushed it off and finished my day at the con and went home.

Then this fucker found me on tumblr, thats fine i suppose, i post my cosplay stuff on here too, and then he keeps messaging me about my costumes, which con i was gonna go to, stuff like that, its fine i guess, tell him the next one i was thinkin about going to was one in Waco, maybe wear lady deadpool there.

Fast forwarding to Waco comicon 2015, i took a break with cons for a bit, so i go, this con is okay, but oh. OH. he’s there. im mumbling to myself about ‘fuck i shouldnt have worn this now hes gonna know im here..’ i muster up a fake ‘hiiiii how are you’ and decline a hug politely which i guess (?) he understood because i had weapons on me and my doll in costume too, but heres where more cringe starts. he dug through my tumblr and stuff to find out more on lady deadpool because shes genuinely a fave character of mine and he starts referring to me as her and by her real name Wanda Wilson, great just fucking great.

I go around this con and this fucker is following me again while people ask for photos with me like hes jealous or some shit and continuously refers to me as Wanda though i tell him tons of times my real name and that he can use that, or the beginning of my blog name 'Chimi’ because i am not wanda wilson and i will never be the real wanda wilson she exists on paper, in comics, but he doesnt get it.

He continuously refers to me as her, my doll as 'lil ladypool’ and more, and he also completely ignored the panic attack he gave me during the con causing me to have to leave early because of this fucker, he decided to hug me while im trembling and one of the security guards had to get him away from me. Good god i hate this fucker

What kills me more is that he treats me or 'wanda’ like his waifu and tried holding my hand through that con, brushing my ponytail for my costume and more and i swear to fucking god if he shows up at the next cons i go to in july and august im gonna explode he is literally the reason i cannot even enjoy wearing my favorite cosplay i worked so hard on anymore because he ruined it for me.

The picture here is just for fun, its myself in costume on the way to that waco con before shit went downhill. Fuck you L. Fuck. You.

holy fucking god