and god will look warmly upon you

“Oh! Let’s do pickup lines!” Tony yelled, downing another drink as the Avengers lounged comfortably on the couch.
Natasha rolled her eyes, “really? Most of them are crass and stupid.”
Tony smirked, “most?”
Natasha shrugged, “a few are kinda cute and entertaining, the right guy, it all plays together.”
“What do you think?” Tony turned to you.
You shrugged, “definitely depends.”
“Alright, here. ‘Damn, you are so gorgeous, I would drink your bath water.’” Tony beamed, looking between you and Natasha.
She wrinkled her nose, shaking her head, “Ew, no. That’s just disgusting.”
Tony looked to you as you laughed, “sorry but no.”
Tony scowled.
Loki interrupted, “what a pathetic attempt, surely that is not the best you can manage?”
You glanced at Loki, whom you were leaning against. “You have one?”
“A compliment that you use upon first meeting an attractive maiden? There’s nothing generic to go with that.”
You straightened up, moving away to better look at him, “but you know what you’d say?”
“Naturally.” Loki smiled.
“Try it.” Tony challenged.
Loki straightened up, studying your face silently for a moment. His eyes met yours and he smiled warmly, “Darling, you have the most enchanting eyes, that stars have left the heavens and hidden amongst them. Tell me, do you know what it’s like to be pleasured by a god?”
You felt your cheeks flush red, unable to hold his gaze as you smiled and looked down.
Loki tilted up your chin, leaning forward to kiss you gently. “I would not say a generic compliment, merely speaking the truth of my affections for you.”
Tony cleared his throat loudly as Loki reluctantly pulled away. “You basically just said 'wanna do it’ but with fancier lingo.”
Loki frowned thoughtfully as he looked to you for a verdict.
“Sorry Tony, but Loki definitely wins.” You grinned at Loki as he mirrored you. “Care to follow through on that offer though?”
Loki’s eyes darkened as he nodded, standing up and taking your hand in his. The two of you walked hand in hand from the room giggling.
“That’s not fair…” Tony grumbled, “they were dating already.”
Taking a sip of her drink, watching you and Loki leave, Natasha laughed, “you need to learn to pick your battles better, Stark.”