and god this movie

I’ve never made a meme before in my life, but you get the point since I have been listening to that song non-stop for almost 4 days since the evening I watched that God forsaken movie

a prompt for gifset makers: tony stark + speechless suffering

- IM1: yinsen dying, adjusting his gauntlet pre-gulmira/shattering his reflection, when obadiah is taunting him after paralyzing him

- IM2: tony checking his palladium levels (backstage @ stark expo, in his bedroom before his birthday), that moment when he’s brooding alone in the car before rhodey arrives, when vanko tells him that palladium in the chest is a painful way to die

- IM3: watching pepper being tortured, watching pepper fall

- cap 3: watching his parents walk away, seeing pepper’s name in the teleprompter, the mrs spencer confrontation, watching steve walk away in berlin, checking rhodey’s vitals after his fall, watching rhodey in the MRI machine, reacting to clint’s jab about rhodey, watching the stark assassination tape, watching steve and bucky go, that moment when rhodey falls down and tony goes through all levels of hell in the background

a specific sub-set: tony closing his eyes and flinching because this is too much for him to physically watch

- closing his eyes and turning his head when pepper is being tortured (IM3)
- looking to the side when pepper falls (IM3)
- closing his eyes as the winter soldier kills his parents (cap 3)


These are so cute, esp Joker + family vacay in Japan anyone?
basically the Japanese Lego Batman Twitter is a blessing… also PLEASE WATCH THE JAPANESE TRAILER I’M DYING BC OF THE VOICES


raythebrutallyhonestguy  asked:

No interest in live-action Disney? Not even in a Mulan one?

especially not a mulan one

growing up, mulan was the first movie i ever saw that had an east asian protagonist. my family loved it. we played that movie on repeat for months on end. we still have sing alongs, we still will get together just to watch mulan. and we’re not even chinese, so we know and acknowledge that this movie isn’t even about us, but god it was so great as a seven year old mixed race east asian to actually be watching a movie where the characters looked like and acted like my family, where i could see some of our family values played out on screen.

and even then, the animated mulan movie was flawed. like i said, i’m not chinese, so you can probably find chinese sources on why the story of hua mulan was not portrayed right on screen. on top of which none of the directors and writers were chinese, save for rita hsiao who was one of the screenplay writers. you cannot write an such an inherently chinese story with such a grand lack of chinese writers and directors, not without sacrificing important cultural elements and romanticising others.

so that brings us to live action mulan, where so far we’ve endured the leaking of the first script that brought in a white man to save china instead of mulan, then the rewriting process has been done by white men with no significant input from chinese writers, they’re taking the romance plot out of the film (which there is a long history of taking romance away from people of color in film), and we still don’t know if they’re writing out the white guy from the original script or not.

its a trainwreck, honestly, but i never expected better from disney. disney does not care about marginalized peoples. from the bastardization and romanticization of pocahontas, to the fact that the only black protagonist was a frog for the majority of her film, the fucking debacle that was introducing le fou - already an implicit joke about homosexuality - as their “big gay moment” and we have all the proof we need that disney does not give a shit about marginalized people. why are we expecting them to do any better by us with mulan?

shit, beauty and the beast got a full live action remake complete with the songs, costumes, etc. that was frankly not very good, but they got an actual true-to-the-original remake. mulan is getting scraps. we’re just crossing our fingers that they’re gonna cast actual chinese actors to play these roles, and even that is a big fucking maybe.

so no, to answer your question, i don’t want a live action mulan remake. i want it to stay far the fuck away from me. go watch mulan: rise of a warrior. it was made in china, by chinese writers/directors/actors in 2009, it’s true to the actual story of hua mulan, and that’s the only live action mulan i give a shit about.

That was the most Emma Thompson-esque entrance they could possibly give Mrs. Potts when she turned back into a human!

Sliding down the stairs on a tray, screaming her head off. Like a boss.

God bless her (and God bless the casting people for putting her in this movie because she was so great) XD

My profile pic is the Blue Ranger now because I’m autistic and I’m really happy with how they handled Billy in the Power Rangers movie. Being autistic is not his defining trait. He’s funny, he’s heartwarming, he claps when he’s excited WHICH IS A THING I DO TOO!!!! I CRIED!!!!! IT’S GOOD TO HAVE GREAT REPRESENTATION!!!! EVERYBODY INCLUDES HIM IN THE GROUP!!! HE’S THE HEART OF THE MOVIE!!! GOD BLESS THIS MOVIE

orson krennic's characterization
  • before rogue one: greetings my fellow Imperial leaders, let us make haste to complete the Death Star project ahh yes tarkin of course we'll accept your help thank you
  • after rogue one: *rolls up to Imperial meeting 15 minutes late with Space Starbucks* sorry everyone couldn't find my fucking cape *sees tarkin* what bitch?