and god this band is too good

Hamilton Characters as Things Said in Choir(Warning my choir is really salty)
  • Hamilton: [beatboxing in background] I will pitch slap you so hard- maybe then you'll be on the right key and good enough to compete with me-
  • Laurens: Oh I don't mind, I've been in a closet this long, what's a few more minutes gonna do?
  • Lafayette: Scold me like one of your French girls
  • Angelica: I wanna be nice to you, but then you start talking and I change my mind
  • Eliza: My feelings may be hurt but my voice is still turnt
  • Peggy: I may be low but my notes are high
  • Maria: Hmmm okay I'm hot you're not, but you can still help me cool down
  • Washington: I just wanted to sing a song, but now I'm a freaking bed to midgets
  • Jefferson: Wow, your outfit is so sharp it made your voice sharp too good job hun
  • Madison: Guys the band is one upping us just by existing let's just end it now and cry about it together
  • Burr: Don't touch me, I might catch your inability to sing in the right key
The ToG crew in high school
  • Aelin: Choir member, popular but in a good way. Hates fake people and is good at literally everything. Haters hate her but secretly want to be her.
  • Rowan: Notorious for dating Aelin. Is the quiet hot guy who refuses to be a f*ckboy. Football captain, but not a jock. Kind and super protective of his friends.
  • Aedion: HA. BABE MAGNET. Hottest guy in school, football co-captain, sassy jock but still has tons of respect. The most loyal guy ever.
  • Lysandra: Dates Aedion and makes sure all the girls know it. Dresses super nice everyday, get chocolates from all the guys. BFFs with Aelin, lead cheerleader.
  • Elide: Lead flute in band, also in choir. Known as the nicest and most adorable. Tutors for free, has the cutest smile and wears legging and fuzzy sweaters. Always dragged along by Aelin and Lysandra to parties.
  • Lorcan: Snarls at anyone who is mean to Elide, seems like an ass to strangers, but once you get to know him he's super protective and courageous. Always drives Elide to school, also on the football team.
  • Manon: Damn. Boys got eyes on her EVERYWHERE and she ignores them. Snarls at anyone who dares cat-call at her. Good at all subjects, on the boy's volley ball team cause she's too good for the girls'. Super competitive and will kick yo ass if you get on her bad side.
  • Dorian: BFFs with the librarian. Writer for the school paper. Dates Manon to everyone's surprise. Rumour goes around saying he's secretly a sex god (hehe), always leaves flowers for Manon in her locker once a month.
  • Chaol: Captain of the boy's track team, plays trumpet for the marching band. Teacher's pet, charges 5$ an hour for tutoring, wears glasses and cute clothes.
Instruments as flutes see them
  • Piccolo: annoying little sibling in instrument form
  • Flute: God's gift to band
  • Clarinet: squeaky lil wood sticks
  • Saxophone: sound good until you talk to the person playing them
  • Oboe: better when they're not there so we can play their solos
  • Bassoon: some sort of strange mythical creature
  • Trumpet: I guess they're ok but couldn't they just... Play quieter??
  • Horn: nearly perfect. restores our faith in the brass section
  • Trombone: just kidding about that faith in the brass section
  • Euphonium: smol tuba
  • Tuba: I don't know, they're too far back for me to see one
  • Percussion: just stop ok
She's Out Of My Life

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader (sort of)

Summary: Jensen thinks about his time with the Reader, wondering if he made a mistake in letting her go. 

Word Count: 2K-ish

Warnings: Angst. Nothing but good ol’ Angst. (At least I hope it is lmao)

Author’s Note: Heyy guys! This is my entry for my boo Kari’s challenge aka @thing-you-do-with-that-thing‘s “SPN Anti Valentine’s Challenge”. I got the song “She’s Out Of My Life” by Michael Jackson. I hope you guys like it. This is one of my favorite songs from the King of Pop. Aaannnnd feedback is always welcomed!!!

I was an idiot. If there was an award for being the biggest idiot in the entire planet, I’d definitely win it without question.

I screwed up. There was no other way to put it. I fucked up the best thing that could have probably ever happened to me, and it was all because I was too much of a fucking coward to voice my feelings.

How was I to go back to before? How could I possibly make this up to her? She was my friend, for Christ’s sake. My best friend. And I messed it all up.

I guess I kinda deserved it and I shouldn’t be feeling like this because I had it coming. I definitely brought this upon myself.

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grantaire automatically leaning back in his seat whenever jehan walks into the room because the poet has a habit of sitting in his lap instead of a chair, and it’s not like jehan’s that heavy anyway so who’s grantaire to complain?

grantaire making sure he has at least one piece of fabric suitable for cleaning glasses on his person at any one time, because combeferre never remembers. ever

grantaire having a look at what page enjolras is on and then telling him when he inevitably gets distracted and loses his place

grantaire doing feuilly’s grocery shopping for him because God knows the mans too busy to remember to buy milk

grantaire making sure bahorel doesn’t push himself too far when he spars and taking him out for a smoothie afterwards

grantaire keeping a bundle of elastic bands in his pocket so courfeyrac can have something to keep his hands busy

grantaire watching the golden girls every tuesday evening with joly, and never mentioning to anyone just how often joly knows the episodes line for line

grantaire teaching ‘chetta how to cook traditional spanish dishes, straight from his mother’s recipe book

grantaire letting bossuet cut his hair because the guy is surprisingly good with the scissors, and it always puts a smile on bossuet’s face when he’s done

grantaire turning up at eponine’s apartment whenever she phones him after a nightmare and holding her till she falls asleep again

grantaire buying old books that catch his eye in shops and giving them to marius to add to his collection

grantaire teaching cosette how to press flowers and driving her out of the city to find fields to get more from

grantaire giving gavroche €10 whenever he sees him before shoving him away and making a great show of complaining about how gavroche is going to bleed him dry

grantaire caring for his friends and showing it however he can

please, stop.

I honestly feel so…, I don’t know. As a fan of Bring Me The Horizon, you can CLEARLY see their sound is changed. I know them since 2015, but if you check their old albums you can clearly see, once again, they were “heavier” back then. Okay. Linkin Park dropped a new single yesterday - “Heavy”, and yes, it sounds pop-ish, so? That song is beautiful. They are experimenting something else, just like BMTH. Now, All Time Low dropped “Dirty Laundry” today, and oh my god, it’s beautiful. I’m kind of getting into ATL now because of my cousin, it’s her favourite band and it’s becoming one of my favourites too. I’ve listened to their old albums and their newest, and they sound SO good. So, what I wanna say is: Every band changes. Every sound changes. Every little detail of the sound of a band changes, even the band members. They grow. They experiment. They IMPROVE.
Don’t get angry just because their sound changes, they are still the same idiots you love and always will, if you call yourself a fan. A real fan. If you don’t like the song, don’t listen to it. If you don’t like one single they drop because it sounds too pop, don’t judge, wait for the album to be dropped, who knows if you don’t have a little suprise? If you don’t like the band, find another one. It’s just as simple as that. Don’t hate, you will only cause drama. People are going to be rude to you and everybody’s gonna get angry at eachother next.
Don’t hate, just love.
xo ❤️ - mary.

Binary Star (VII)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jaebum / Mark

Rating: PG

Word Count: 4,270

Summary: In some cases, these close binary systems can exchange mass, which may bring their evolution to stages that single stars cannot attain.”

You and Jaebum have been dating forever when Mark Tuan shows up in your classroom. You’ve always been against change - a bit debilitating, being a writer - but for some reason this new kid has you thinking there might be an upside to chaos.

Originally posted by j-miki

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yr fave is problematic

Up Front Disclaimer: I actually think the language of “privilege” is uniquely ill-suited to articulating cis women’s relationship to being CAFAB, and some day I’d love to sit down with cis women and try and articulate exactly how the particular differences between cis women’s and trans women’s experiences function and what that means for our ability to function as a coalitional political unit, but right now…

Where mainstream (and even mainstream “radical” or “woke”) feminism deigns to engage with the lives and experiences of trans women at all, they are so convinced that transmisogyny is the purview of TERFs or some comically-off-base-and-clearly-self-interested caricature of “White Feminism” (like yr radical queer!! space isn’t white as hell? come on) that nobody is looking at their own shit and asking if maybe yeah, they’ve been part of the problem.

Like white people who talk about hating other white people, this performative anger/disdain/rejection is a distancing strategy, a way of avoiding the reality of transmisogyny in their own spaces and communities by offloading that burden onto a safe (frequently entirely imaginary, in fact!) target.

True story: your Feminist Fave has probably participated in, or happily rubbed elbows with others who have participated in, transmisogyny to their own benefit. Your friends have almost certainly done so. The loose collective of Canon Good Feminists who aren’t overtly racist, etc. is rife with cis women more than happy to mock trans women and equivocate or just ignore it when called out. With entertainers it’s basically a sure deal (I think Kate McKinnon is cute, too, ya’ll! Doesn’t change that she’s been doing transmisogynist shit forever without a second thought!) but even your honest-to-god icons are guilty here, too: every riot grrl band who wouldn’t cancel their show at MichFest, every theorist who acts like “people with penises” is a coherent social class, every trans dude who thinks tr-nny is his word, too…

The fact that you, as a person at least somewhat invested in feminist spaces, people, and theory, don’t have to keep track of this shit, is cis privilege. But unlike the more insidious parts of cis privilege, the parts more deeply embedded in our dumpster fire of a society, this is actually something you can disown. You can educate yourself on what your feminist role models and icons have said about trans women–all it takes is googling “*name* transphobia* every once in a while. If shit has been said, it’s pretty likely that some trans woman out there has done the emotional and intellectual labor of writing a summary post on their bullshit. It’ll be good for your praxis too–I think I’m a pretty decent feminist and 80%-ish of my personal feminist canon is trans women theorists and activists, TBH.

But I don’t realistically expect most cis people (or men, for that matter) to do this work because frankly, trans women don’t have the social capital to make our withdrawing support a meaningful action–and beyond that, we are oppressed under misogyny and can’t afford to not challenge it, even if the people we’re working alongside are actively sabotaging us. Nonetheless, it is possible (and not even that hard, in my opinion, but I have pretty well-worn pathways in my brain for sorting people according how sketchy they are wrt transmisogyny so IDK) even if yall don’t do it.

If I’m being honest, I am low-key a trans lesbian separatist, and this is why. I don’t trust cis folk or men to have my back because they’ve seen fit to stick a knife in it one (or two or five or a hundred) too many times, only to have ostensible allies to trans women make excuses for them or look the other way or hand them another fucking knife.

The question here cannot be "is my community and my feminism transmisogynist?” because I assure you, they are, and those questions are literally the least you can do. We need you to start asking “how are my community and my feminism transmisogynist, and what can I do about that?”. If you don’t, then no matter how well-intentioned you are, we’re gonna keep spinning our wheels, stuck in the same ditch we’ve been in for the last 70 years. Trans women are gonna keep dying, and nobody’s gonna do anything about it except other trans women, who are also being killed by the cisheteropatriarchal medical-/prison-industrial-complex that was, in a real sense, designed to do just that.

Again, not all of you will follow through here. This won’t be the first or last time I’m disappointed by folks who aren’t trans women. But I hope I’ve given you something to think about, that even if you still fuck up sometimes–which we all do–you’ve course-corrected at least a little. Trans women’s lives depend on it.

Written in reference to this tweet thread from Raquel Willis.

Your fave is problematic: Dan Smith

In honor of Dan turning 30, here’s some reasons why he’s problematic

• Shy
• Every pic he posts kills me
• “Soon”
• Plays song live then changes lyrics
• Asks interviewers questions
• Can’t dance for shit
May Dan™
• Won’t give a straightforward answer about Wild World
• Once stepped on broken glass during a show and kept going
• “Tell us a lie about the band:” “That we are good”
• Eyes too pretty for this world
• Is actually a deer
• Wrote a song about a tv show he loves
• Always looks great no matter what
• Makes mixtapes
• Throws his head forward when he laughs
• Has the voice of a god
• Looks cool but is actually a massive nerd
• Wears black clothes and skinny jeans no matter the weather 
• Has a new favorite album each week
• The mustache 
• Doesn’t talk about his music, but won’t shut about other people’s
• Points at random shit in photos
• Goes from cute to hot in .5 seconds
• Falls asleep in the recording studio
• Once wore a tiger onesie at glastonbury
• Accidentally looked like Mr.Bean in a suit
• “everybody get down!…. not in a kinky way”
• “If you don’t know the words just pretend to sing along like:*incoherent mumbling*”
• Too humble for this world
• Defensive of his fans

•once tried to invent the H-Chord
Shape of You (6)

This is probably my favorite chapter (so far) just because I love making Nesta into someone she doesn’t want to be. 

one two three four five

Chapter 6

After we ate our pizza it was close to evening and we decided to change out of our bathing suits. Feyre wanted to have drinks on the deck and so we all decided to get dressed in warmer clothes. I had gotten the first shower and since I was already ready, I started to clean up. Cassian had gone after me. I put the last few dishes in the sink, and then turned to go up to my room.

I heard someone in the living room. I didn’t really look to see who it was, there were eight of us staying in the house. Yes for some reason my sister had invited Tomas to stay here too. Luckily he had left me alone today. Which meant I had forgotten all about him. Playing pretend with Cassian was taking up more of my mind than Tomas and his stupid games.

I barely made it up the first two steps before someone was behind me. I didn’t get a chance to turn around, because he jumped in front of me and grabbed my forearm. His grip was hard, his nails dug into my skin. If he pushed any harder he would draw blood. I struggled, opening my mouth to curse at him.

Except he pushed his hand over my lips and suddenly I couldn’t breathe. Suddenly I was back in that room, when the alcohol and whatever else he had put in that cup rendered my body useless. Made me a victim of his endless games.

Tomas got real close to my face. His smile dripped with venom, “I see your perfect new boyfriend isn’t here to save you, Nesta.“

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Not the kids.

Pairing : Husband!Dean x wife!Reader, Sam x Reader, John x Reader, Lyle, Chuck
Word count : 2,422
Author : Mel
Warning : Swearing, Cheating (mentioned), Suicide (mentioned), Death, Touch of violence, Angst.
Request : @sandlee44 - What if Dean wasn’t a demon, (never got shot), would he still have been as angry about you being with John and stayed?, would he have been able to stop his death? (SLD)
A/N : Dean is still human. Getting shot never happened.

‘She’s Leaving, Dean’ 1 year celebration!

“My dad!?” Dean got up, knocking his chair back. “You’re fucking my dad!?” His green eyes held so much anger as he glared down at you. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

“I’m sorry.”

“You’re-” He laughed. “Well shit, then I guess all is good again, cuz you’re fucking sorry. You fucked my dad!”

“Dean..” John warned him as you started to cry.

“You don’t get to say a fucking word. I trusted you. I trusted you with my family, and this is what I get? How long?” You stared at the floor. “HOW FUCKING LONG!?” He yelled, making you jump.

“Hawaii.” Sam barely heard the answer, but Dean heard it loud and clear.

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anonymous asked:

MAY I request a BTS reaction on s/o falling from their bike and their knee is bleeding??? (This actually happened today lolol)

I HOPE YOU ARE OK *puts band-aid on your knee*


“What? Oh my God! Baby, what are you doing?! I told you to be careful, aish…” *reaches for you and helps you get up*

Originally posted by jimins-bootae


“Are you crazy?! What will I do if you die?” “Jin, honey, it’s ok. I’m not going to die because of a scratch” *he frowns* “You don’t know that” *you roll your eyes* *he just loves you too much* *he keeps scolding you all the way back home*

Originally posted by pjxmin


*watches you fall* *shakes head* “Let’s go get some band-aids, shall we?” *cool ass boyfriend* *really worried, but doesn’t show it*

Originally posted by bangtanbighit


*chokes a scream* “OH MY GOODNESS. WHAT HAPPENED? HOW DID YOU FALL? YOU ARE BLEEDING” *gets on the floor besides you and cleans your wound*

Originally posted by eatkookiie


“Ahh! Honey!! Are you ok?” *grabs your hand and you stand up* “Ouch… my knee hurts…” *you sob a little* *he gets on his knee and places a band-aid softly* *kisses your wound*

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*eyes opened wide* “Darling…” *trying not to laugh* “Ok, ok, I’ll be mature…” *is actually a very thoughtful boyfriend and helps you and cleans your blood and gives you hugs and is just the cutie he always is*

Originally posted by btsbulletproofgirl98


“Babe, are you hurt somewhere?! Ah, your knee… Wait a second” *picks you up* “What are you doing, Jungkook??!” “I don’t want your leg to hurt, so I’ll carry you home” *manly kookie*

Originally posted by kpop631

I’ve been doing this for like an hour? I don’t even know who I am any more hahaha Hope you like it!


Tonight I saw Mayday Parade for the forth time, and on this lucky evening I met Derek, the lead vocalist. 12 year old me would have probably cried, almost 22 year old me just said “oh my god” when he hugged me. He signed my phone with a cute lil heart too. Honestly I’m so happy and I love that band w/ all my soul.

Coffee Pt 2 - the Highschool Jeffmads + Lams fic no one asked for and no one wanted

Grinning, Alex allowed himself to be dragged along the overly-shiny floor. John marched ahead of him, gripping his long, ink-stained hand in his own. He flung open the school’s front door with complete disregard for the loud crash it produced.
“Woah there, slow down John,” Alex laughed. He hadn’t caught the gist yet, which only further aggravated John. The boys emerged into the street, the sun casting a warm haze over the street as it began to set. After a moment of silence, John snatched his hand away from Alex’s grasp and whirled round to face him. He looked extraordinarily beautiful in this light, his freckles almost glowing as much as the sky. It usually would have been something Alexander pointed out - but this time he shut his mouth. “What the fuck was that Alex?” John snapped, eyes ablaze.
“Wait, w-what?” Alex frowned. Was…was John…angry?
“Are you serious? What? Alex why the fuck did you say that to James?”
“Say what?”
“Jesus fucking Christ, Al. Why did you mention his breakdown? Last term? The one after which he was off school for ages? Yeah that was a real dick move, Alex,” John was practically shouting now, and Alex was in partial shock. He had thought John was the epitome of chill. Why had this set him off?
“It was just a joke, I didn’t me-” He began.
“A joke? For fucks sake did you see him laughing? Did you see anyone laughing except you? Do you even know how to think of anyone else except your fucking self?”
Alex wasn’t grinning anymore. His face felt hot and his heart felt heavy with guilt. John was right, really..
“Of course I do..” Alex mumbled quietly. He couldn’t meet John’s eye anymore.
“Really? I’m not so sure. I don’t know what this shitty little thing you have between you and Thomas is but James is a good guy. Leave him out of this shit, ok? And leave me out too,” John had calmed down a little, but not softened. Stray curls, having escaped his band, hung in front of his eyes and swept across his freckled forehead.
God, he was beautiful.
As he began to turn away, Alex caught his arm.
“Well, well if James didn’t want people bringing him into things, he shouldn’t have been there. Thomas would have done the same to you, you know.” He argued.
John gave him a look which turned Alex’s guts to ice. “My god, Al. Are actually justifying it by comparing yourself to…to Thomas? You can be a proper asshole, you know that?” John studied him for a second, before slowly shaking his head and turning, marching towards his beaten up old Ford. The slam of it’s door was inevitable, but it still made Alex start. He stood, alone, looking out onto the empty street, feeling just as empty inside.

Thanks to the incident with Thomas, Alex missed the bus. He walked home alone for the first time in a month and a half, in silence, replaying the argument over and over in his head. Of course, John was right. But he wasn’t going to admit it. That wasn’t him. He pulled his hood over his thick, long hair despite the heat and continued walking, only stopping to get a coffee from Starbucks which he didn’t drink - it turned cold. Despite how ridiculous it sounded, Alex had half expected John to be standing behind the counter, grinning with his arms out and his green apron draped out his tall figure. Of course, he wasn’t, and Alex hadn’t been in the mood for the Barista’s chattiness, marching out as gloomy as he had marched in. By the time he reached home he realised he was crying. He hadn’t even realised he was sad, really. No one was home, so Alex kicked his bag into the living room. Usually, Alex would have spent at least three hours doing homework, however all he could focus on was that icy look John had gave him. John had never looked at him that way. It was like he’d been stabbed, and as far as Alex was concerned he was still bleeding. Running his hand through his unruly, dark locks, he sulked upstairs and through into his tiny room. He peeled the sheets off his bed and crawled beneath them, fully clothed as his head swam and his thoughts conflicted and his tears soaked into his pillow. Checked his phone. Nothing. No texts, no calls, no apologies - John was waiting this out. For a hot second, Alex considered messaging him, but tears blurred his sight and instead he threw his phone across his bed - he could wait things out too - and closed his eyes.

He didn’t sleep for a very long time.

— Ok that was terrible. No more I promise, the suffering is over. Also idrk what direction this blog is going in..i really need sone input from you guys to keep this working, Ily all ❤️

anonymous asked:

Can I request a fluffy scenario with Bokuto? His s/o is just in love with this band from another country. His s/o tried to snag tickets for them and Bokuto, but they couldn't get any and it makes his s/o really sad. However, bokuto is the MVP and got really good tickets before they all sold out. I FEEL THIS WAY RIGHT NOW BECAUSE I WANTED TO SEE BTS in concert while they're still in my country.

Tickets for Ed Sheeran’s concert ran out in 30 minutes here in my country. But I don’t really enjoy his music anyway. I can still imagine how you feel though, rip to all the Taylor Swift concerts that I’ve missed sigh. ;.;

There were at least 20 tabs opened in your browser, maybe more, but nothing lesser. You had your credit card beside you, ready to key in whatever information that was required. At this point, you had given up on getting the good seats, you didn’t mind even if you were the farthest away from the stage, you just wanted to be there.

You could feel whatever hope you had left begin to dwindle, it wasn’t that the seats were terrible. There wasn’t even any, to begin with. The 20 tabs you had opened all shared something in coming. The giant ‘SOLD OUT’ sign that stretched across the website. After two good hours, you were mentally and emotionally prepared to not go to the concert, seeing as there were no spots left.

As if he was right on queue, Bokuto burst through the door. “Babe,” he called out, searching for you. You yelled out a quick “I’m here,” and curled up, you weren’t ready to deal with his happiness and joy at this moment. You were quite upset, seeing that the one and only chance you had to meet your favorite band was gone. And those that were reselling the tickets sold them at ridiculously high prices, far beyond what you can afford.

“Hey,” you heard a familiar voice say. Bokuto had a big grin plastered on his face but he was caught off guard in your state. He walked over to you, “What’s wrong?” and you could see a pout begin to form. You weren’t ready to accept the fact that you couldn’t attend the concert, so you shook your head.

“C'mon, it’s okay, you can tell me,” The gray haired boy asked, but you huffed out in annoyance and shook your head. Giving up, Bokuto was about to leave for the bathroom when your laptop caught his eye. He pulled the laptop towards and stared at the multiple tabs that were open.

“Are you sad about not being able to attend the concert?” he asked, gentle with his words. Finally, you nod and agree. “Hey, it’s okay, look,” you heard him ruffle against his pocket, finding for something. Bokuto pulled out his wallet, “I was saving this for out 8 month anniversary, but I figured it’s fine now,” he pulled out 2 A4 sized paper and placed it on your hand, “Surprise,” he said meekly.

“Bokuto, stop pestering-” your eyes widened as realization hit you, “Oh my god,” you looked at the sheet of paper carefully, “you’re joking, right?” Bokuto grinned, he felt proud, “We’re going to the concert,” he stated.

Tears welled up in your eyes as you looked at your lover, your heart swelled up at the thought that not only did he remember what your favorite band was but he even snatched some pretty good tickets for you too. Just as you were coming down from your high, Bokuto added, “Not just that, I got meet and greet passes for you too,”

Needless to say, you screamed, tears were pouring like an endless stream, you really had gotten lucky! You hugged Bokuto and laughed into his shirt, “I love you so much,”

Stand Up Fucking Tall

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Request fic for @mcr-scenester-plur.  “transboy!reader and bullets!gerard? (pre-t reader)”

“Shit, I need a drink,” Gerard said nervously, pacing the backstage area of the small Jersey club his band was performing at tonight.

“Gee, you’re a great singer, you’re going to be fine,” you assured him. “I’m the one who should be worried about his ‘performance’." 

"You’re not putting on any kind of show, babe,” Gerard reminded. “You’re just outwardly presenting as the man you’ve always been inside.”

“Still,” you sighed. “This one of the first times I’ve worn masculine clothes in public. I haven’t started T or anything. I bet I don’t pass at all. People might say I look weird -”

“And they can go fuck themselves,” Gerard shrugged, downing a shot Mikey had handed him. “Anyone who says My Chemical  Romance sucks can go fuck themselves, too." 

"The difference is, nobody is going to say your band sucks, because your music is amazing,” you protested. 

“You’re amazing, too,” Gerard said softly, pulling you close. “My amazing, brave, handsome, boyfriend." 

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Sonder: A Solangelo Story

Chapter 3

ch.2  /  ch.4

Table of Contents

The bell rang to signal the end of class and also cause Nico to fall out his chair. Yes, he had been sleeping but it was still demoralizing to end up face first on the floor. After a moment, he slowly started to push himself off the ground and grabbed his bag, grateful that the school day was finally over. It was strange to experience a small town school day because by lunch time everyone had already known he cursed at a teacher.

“Well, this is a dream anyway” he mumbled and started to walk towards  Will’s home. He found out that Kayla Knowles and Austin Lake were his siblings, well half- siblings as they all had different mothers. Apparently, they all lived in their father’s home and mostly took care of themselves. Once at the house, he shoved the door open and ignored the questions the two had before storming up the stairs. After he arrived in the ungodly yellow room, he closed the door and slid down before starting to cry. The tears he had been holding back ran down his cheeks.

Bianca Di Angelo was only 13 when a car drove right through her. She had been walking with Percy when it happened and called 911 but it was too late. By the time the paramedics arrived, she had already passed on. For the first two years after the incident, Nico ignored Percy and blamed him for his sister’s death. It was around that time he attempted suicide and had to be placed in a mental hospital. Over the next few years, the want to blame Percy had faded along with the wish of death.

After rubbing his eyes, Nico laid on the bed and yawned slightly. Eventually, he fell into a gentle slumber, dreaming about being with his sister again.

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I fully recognise that I dont understand nor really appreciate fashion in its higher forms, but I feel like someone needs to call Asos out on the ridiculous tshirts Ive been seeing from them lately, and I guess its down to me!

What is this monstrosity? It looks like a band shirt and a too tight tulle skirt getting stuck after trying to take it off over your head. 

This?? Which is I guess the two different shirts made into one thing just made a million times worse by using a quarter of a tshirt and a third of your dads cut up business shirt? It also has a bow on the side which I couldnt bare to capture.

A perfectly good soft purple tie dyed tshirt with some random fringing. which literally just ends in the middle of the front for god knows what reason. 

These feel like jokes to me. I don’t know why anyone would want to wear any of them let alone pay up to $50 (!!!!) for them. I try not to be super judgey about fashion because I dont really know anything about it, and whatever makes people happy right, but these are objectively terrible.

However to give Asos their kudos they are selling this amazing set which I immediately bought once their was a sale on.