and god look at his smile


He’s reading as she flits around the room getting ready for bed, he hasn’t read in a long time and is determined to get most of it read tonight, back propped up a bit as his long legs are spread across the mattress. He pays her no mind as she buzzes around the room, gaze not leaving the page as she crawls into bed next to him. He’s completely immersed in the words till she begins unbuttoning his shirt just a bit more.

She had gotten bored cuddled next to him moving instead to lay between his legs her elbows resting carefully on his hips while slender fingers trace over the two little birds. She’s not doing it for attention it’s just something she likes to do, trace them, his tattoos running her finger along the lines trying to feel a difference that isn’t there. He sneaks a glance looking to her face under the book, she’s not smiling or frowning her cheek smushed a bit as she rests her head in her free hand, she looks content it makes Harry feel funny he likes this just being in each other’s company not needing anything more than the comforts of each other’s presence … little does he know …

He returns to the words hand faltering as he turns the page, her nimble fingers cold against his stomach as she unbuttons the rest pushing it away with featherlight touches, she’s going for the butterfly, it’s her favorite one, she’s told him plenty of times before, that and the ferns she especially likes to trace with both hands mirroring the movements of one with the other across the identical ink.

She starts with the antenna to the right tracing the outing ending with the left antenna before running her fingers along the details of the middle. She too caught up with her tracing she doesn’t notice him setting down the book after dog earring the page, keeping his hands at his sides, it’s not hard just letting her do her thing biting at his plush bottom lip watching her touch him like he was some kinda work of art. She traced a finger down dragging it in a lazy circle around his belly bottom before weaving it through the course hairs crowing his boxers. His breathing has picked up a bit, something about the moment making his head swirl and blood begin to relocate.

She doesn’t know what she’s doing to him, starting at the rightmost part of the tattoo and tracing to the left, she feels it then as she shifts to have better access to the other branch, his growing cock, it’s been getting heavy and full with her touching, his lip is abused as he bites it to hold back the sounds. At the first feel she looks up at him shyly, “What’re yeh doin’ hmm?”

She looks back to where her finger is just starting the final tattoo, “I’m just touching you" she responds as her finger begins to move again. He doesn’t respond right away, letting her almost finish,

“Feels good”

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BTS - they came home late and see you sleeping in their sweatshirt.

Request: could you please do a BTS reaction to you sleeping in their sweatshirt and they see you after returning late from practice?

A/N: i’m so sorry for the delay. :(

Seokjin: You would wait for him on the couch, watching some movies, but he was late and you ended up falling asleep.
He opened the door and smiled when he saw you. “Baby… Let’s go to bed.” He said looking at you. “Oh … Okay, can you carry me?” You smiled. “Of course.” He picked you up and took you to your room. “By the way, you look so cute in my sweatshirt.”

Originally posted by beuits

Yoongi: It was normal for him to be home late, you were already used to it. But you were very needy and missing him today, so you put on one of his sweatshirts and went to sleep.
When he got home, he went to the bedroom and found you asleep in his sweatshirt. He found the cutest thing in the world. He took his phone and took a picture of you, just to remember. Then he lay down to sleep with you.

Originally posted by jeonbase

Hoseok: "Babe?“ He called when he got home. "Oh, she must be asleep by now. He spoke looking at the time. He smiled at how you were asleep.
"Hi baby, were you calling me?” You asked, sleepy. “No, you can go back to sleep, baby.” He kissed her face.

Originally posted by chimneytaels

Namjoon: He sent you a text saying that he would be home late and that it wasn’t to wait for him.

You took one of hia sweatshirts and went to bed. You fell asleep quickly.
Hours later, your boyfriend comes home and goes to the bedroom and finds his beautiful and cute girlfriend.
“Oh God, why is she so cute?!” He tells himself before he goes to bed with you.

Originally posted by bwiboo

Jimin: You always wore his clothes, especially his sweatshirts. So, when you had to sleep alone, you get one of his sweatshirts, because they smelled like him.
He smiled at you when he got home, thinking how lucky he was to have you waiting for him and for being such a cutie. He kissed your face and lay down beside you.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Taehyung: When he saw you were asleep in his sweatshirt, he almost had a heart attack. He found the cutest thing in the world. Seriously. He took thousands of pictures and sent them to the other members saying, “Look how beautiful my girlfriend is.” “She’s cute, ins’t she?” “OMG I love her.”

Originally posted by cutae-hyungie

Jungkook: His sweatshirts always got too big on you, and he loved it. You always used to sleep with one of them when you were alone, so you put it on and went to sleep.
He came home very stressed, but when he saw you sleeping peacefully, everything got better and gone. “Fuck… I love you so much, my little baby.” He smiled, lying beside you on the bed.

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requests are open.

but what if steve was missing. he’s been out on a mission a hundred miles away and then he just drops off the radar and disappears.

tony’s devastated. he’s been in love with steve for years and years and years, not that he’d ever tell steve that, because steve’s lovely and amazing and perfect and deserves so much better than a shitty messed up broken person like tony-

anyway tony and everyone else try everything they can think of to find him. tony hasn’t slept for days, hardly eaten, desperately hacking security systems worldwide to try and find just a trace of steve. but there’s nothing.

he’s got an old shirt of steve’s, worn soft and thin but smelling like steve. (tony Did Not steal it) and he’s drained and exhausted and heartsick and nothing’s working, and he finds himself curling into a ball on the couch in his workshop with steve’s shirt pressed to his face,

and then he’s sobbing, trying to stop himself but he just can’t, harsh wracking sobs that hurt his chest as they tear out of him, crying into steve’s shirt as he holds onto it with shaking hands.

he ends up falling asleep out of pure exhaustion.

anyway in the meantime steve has just been released from an interdimensional time void by stephen strange, and portalled right back to avengers tower. and he bursts in to find tony.

and tony’s lying there curled up in a little ball, asleep, his little face tearstreaked and exhausted and pressed into steve’s old t-shirt, his fingers all twisted up in it too as though he’s never going to let it go.

steve comes and looks down at him and loves him so much it hurts, and god, he’d thought he wasn’t ever coming back, that he’d never see tony again, and now he gets this second chance and he’s damned if he’s going to let it slip away.

so he puts his hand on tony’s back and rubs gently, and says ‘hey. miss me?’

and tony’s eyes fly open, red-rimmed and puffy, and he just stares disbelievingly up into steve’s face for a few seconds.

steve gives him a little wobbly smile. and tony bursts into tears and launches himself at steve’s chest and buries his face in steve’s neck and sobs fiercely at him, ‘don’t you dare - ever - ever do that - again, i hate you, i hate you,’ except he’s clinging on to steve and shaking and curling himself closer and it doesn’t really feel like he hates steve at all.

and steve peppers little kisses all over tony’s forehead and hair, whispering ‘i won’t - i couldn’t help - i love you, god, i love you, tony, i love you, i missed you so much.’

and then he kisses tony’s little wet face, and tony grabs his face and comes desperately towards him until their lips meet, and steve kisses him softly, pouring all his love and longing into it, kissing away the taste of tony’s tears.

(more ficlets on the ‘stevetony ficlet’ tag on my blog)

anonymous asked:

31 with taehyung please ^-^

thank you for requesting! i hope you like it! 

31. “I’m trying to flirt with you.” 


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Alla Prima- Chapter 7

Prologue   Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4   Chapter 5   Chapter 6

Master List

Part 1 of 2 of…Date night!

Friday dawned with bright excitement, despite the drizzling rain. It was as if sunshine filled Jamie’s heart, scattering the clouds. Nothing could ruin his mood.

Jamie had decided on a local Italian restaurant for their date. No, not a date. Just friends having dinner. Tonight. Alone. Just two friends.

Anxiety and excitement bubbled in his stomach. It was going to be a long work day.


“Sawny, sit down.” Willie’s voice came from behind him, knocking him away from his thoughts. “Yer making everyone uncomfortable.”

Jamie turned to look at his brother, a flash of sympathy lighting his dove eyes.

“I can’t, Willie. I’m just so… so…”

“Nervous? Excited? About to vomit?” Willie questioned as he led Jamie to the empty conference room to sit.

“Aye. All three. It’s stupid. I’ve gone to dinner with women before.”

Willie dropped into the chair beside him. “Sure. But, ye like this one. Otherwise, ye wouldna be so…fidgety.”

“I’m no fidgety,” Jamie replied, drumming his fingernails on the table. Willie raised a brow. “Aye, alright.”

“Just… dinna worry so much. If she didna like ye, she wouldna be having dinner with ye, aye?”

It did make sense. Damn Willie’s logic. “Aye, I guess.”

“So…it’s alright. Just, be yerself, and all that…”

Jamie sighed. “Thanks.”

Willie got up to leave, but turned in the doorway. “Just… dinna get sick on her.”


Jamie pulled in front of Claire’s house, a small brick building nestled behind an abnormally large garden. He couldn’t place the names of the flowers. Some he had never seen before. But the hazy purples, yellows, and reds grabbed at his artist heart. They were all so lovely.

I wonder which is Claire’s favorite…

As if conjuring her from his thoughts, she came bounding out of the door. Her little blue dress flounced around her, flipping up a bit with each step.

Dear God.

“Hullo, Jamie.” Her voice broke him away from his frank appreciation. She was always lovely, but he had never seen her… ‘dressed up.’ The blue was a true blue, giving her pale skin an ethereal glow. The lace overlay showed him hints of skin on her chest and arms. She was stunning.

And he was still staring.

“Oh, um, hello Claire. Ye look lovely.”

She blushed prettily, giving him a shy smile. “Thanks. You look great, too.”

He didn’t think so. In dark jeans and an olive button-up, he felt quite plain next to her. But, at least his clothes weren’t stained with paint, and for that he was thankful.

“Thank ye. Are ye ready for some pasta?”

She patted her stomach. “Lead the way.”


The Olive Pit was a local Italian restaurant, wedged between a children’s boutique and a loan office on the downtown strip. It didn’t boast much physically, being tiny with mismatched decor. But, the food was, simply put, exquisite.

“You know,” Claire began, staring at the photograph hanging next to their booth. “I’ve lived here most of my life, but I’ve never been to this place.”

Jamie’s ears perked. “Really? I dinna ken you had lived here that long…”

“Oh, yes,” Claire nodded distractedly, still fixated on the strange decorations on the walls.

“But, yer accent?”

She laughed. “I was born in Oxford. When I was 11…” Her gaze fell downward. “When I was 11, my parents died in a car crash. My Uncle Lamb became my guardian, then. And this was where he lived. Well, he still lives here.”

Jamie was taken aback by the information, but he felt nothing but empathy. “I’m so very sorry to hear that.”

She glanced up, eyes glistening without fallen tears. “Thank you, Jamie. It was a long time ago, but I still miss them.”

He reached across the table to grasp her hand.“Ye never stop, I dinna think. Ye’ll always miss them. But, they’re always a part of ye, ken? In yer heart.”

She sniffled. “How very…poetic of you.”

“Well, ye dinna get to be an artist without having a bit of a soft heart. Besides, I ken how ye feel. My parents have passed as well”

She smiled sadly, and squeezed his hand, squeezing his heart in the process. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“I don’t remember much of my mother…I was only 3. She died giving birth. My father, though… He… He died of a heart attack 4 years ago.” Jamie felt his own eyes prick thinking of his father, a large strong man taken down in an instant.

Claire squeezed his hand once more. “I’m sorry.”

“Thank ye.”

She reached over with her free hand and brushed a tear from his cheek. “Look at us. We’re a mess, falling apart in public.”

He smiled at her observation. The two of them, tearing up on the first date. No. Not a date. “Well, at least we’re messes together.”

It was her turn to smile then. She blushed and ducked her head to study the menu. “So, what’s good here?”

He couldn’t help but notice that her hand was still in his.

A 3D Film

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Summary: the god of mischief wasn’t a very big fan of midgardian sources of entertainment, but you wouldn’t let him stop you from catching a #d film you had been waiting for.

A/N: *gets up Dracula style* I’m ALIVE!!!!!! Hehe, did ya miss me? *cricket silence* I will take that as a no, so, um I am writing again. sorry for not writing for a while because I was soooo busy with school. Studying medical or simply science aint easy. So I read this thing somewhere and it inspired me to write this. I am too tired to edit it so please overlook any errors or mistakes. It is so sweet imma BARF. Hope you like it!

Warnings: FLUFF, embarrassed loki, protective lokie, cute loki, need I say anything else?

Word Count: 796

Originally posted by lokis-quinn

He was comfortable at last when you decided to disrupt his peace. Loki hated everything Midgard had to offer, the houses, the sources of entertainment, the transport system and oh, the people…

the lack of the of asgard’s beauty made living in Midgard very hard. And when he got these little peaceful moments he just didn’t want to be disturbed at all. Even if it was you, someone he didn’t quite hate as much as the others.

‘come on, loki! I really wanna watch this movie! It’s about space.’ you whined kneeling in front of him by the couch he laid on.

‘(y/n), for I have a slight liking for you and do not wish to kill you, I suggest you don’t disturb me.’ he said calmly. You huffed and got up.

‘loki, you are not going to ruin this night for me, you have to come with me.’ you crossed your arms. He looked at you with a smirk and said ‘no’. you rolled your eyes and got on your knees again and walked in that position close to him. ‘please? I promise I’d do anything.’ You looked at him pleadingly.

‘anything,’ he sat up with the smirk still intact. ‘now that seems tempting.’ He moved his face close to yours. but you were determined, and good at hiding the uneasiness and the heat that rose to your face.

‘don’t take it in the wrong direction.’ You warned and he let out a breathy laugh.

‘well, I believe I have no other option.’ He stood up. ‘my peace has been disrupted, I as well go outside with you.’ he said and you jumped with joy. His lips twitched into a smile looking at your happy face. ‘one beautiful girl I stumbled upon, wonder what it would be like to-‘ he shook off the thought.

‘eep! Thank you!’ you threw your arms around his neck and hugged him quick and tightly. He really wished to hug back, but something stopped him. you grabbed his hand and led the way and he followed, pondering over the things he felt.

Loki was invested in the movie to say the least, the glasses were uncomfortable but the experience was nice. The story was interesting and he had you by his side. Things were… good.

You couldn’t help but smile as observed him. his expressions resembled like those of a curious child, he would furrow his brows, part his lips slowly as he tried to understand something, he looked adorable. You were snapped out of your thoughts as you were pushed back into your seat by an arm you recognized to be loki’s. you ran your eyes from his arm to his face to the screen to process what had happened.

‘i-I apologise, I- I, um’ he didn’t speak any further and ran a hand through his hair before he sat back in his seat again. apparently, he had though that the rocks that flew from the asteroid belt were going to hit you and he had made an attempt to ‘save you’. To say you, turned back to watch the film but you were all giddy inside, you weren’t used to such gestures, you weren’t used to someone caring. It was the most adorable thing someone had done for you.

You both walked out of the cinema hall, he was awkward and a little embarrassed while you couldn’t stop smiling. You had chosen a late show so the night was dark and cool, he couldn’t make eye contact as he walked with you in the silence.

‘loki, um, why did you do that?’ you asked and he stopped.

‘nothing really, my reflexes took over.’ He shrugged it off still avoiding your eyes. ‘hmm,’ you hummed and slipped you hand in his as you two walked. he stiffened a little, he wasn’t used to such a warm touch.

 You looked at him and smiled the loveliest smile at him and all his embarrassment washed off. You got on your tip- toes but couldn’t quite reach where you needed to, he gulped slightly, not knowing what to do until you chuckled at yourself and motioned him to come a little closer. He moved his face closer to yours and you kissed his cheek softly, keeping your lips there for just enough time to make his stomach flip and a thousand butterflies to erupt in it. you stood on your feet again and looked at his face, he looked dreamy and pink smudge was dusted on his cheeks.

  ‘that was the sweetest thing that has happened to me,’ you grinned looking at the blushing god. You tilted your head and kept a hand on his cheek. ‘you’re adorable.’ You said and he kept his hand on yours, giving you a genuine smile.


“Did you ever open it, after?” He asked Derek, tapping his foot lightly against the drawer’s handle.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Derek shake his head. “No,” he said, voice a little raw.

“He would have said yes, you know,” Stiles said, reaching over to open it, “if you ever got the chance to ask him.”

“How can you be sure?” Derek asked.

Stiles looked back, giving him a small smile, hoping it was comforting. He picked up the scrapbook and handed it over. “Because he was already planning your wedding.” Stiles stood as Derek ran a reverent hand over the book, slowly turning the cover open.

This fic is one of the most beautiful and painful fics to read and i enjoyed it too much. I’ve probably read it like 5 times? Because I keep remembering lines or scenes and I just read it again. It just makes the perfect parallels (expect the fact that SPOILERS!!!!!!! Stiles is dead in one universe). Like you have that nice universe with the pack being all happy and okay and then you have the universe based on the show and it’s … sad and bad and negative. And then a part of one universe collapses with the other one and it made the perfect something.

If the ley lines you should follow

InTheArmsofaThief x

knock on wood

this is from miracle’s new chapter you’ve got mail, loved the jily part a lot and wanted to share it here too with those of you who are not reading the fic, it’s been a while since I wrote anything Jily related.

“Still pining, Moony?”

“I never got to taste him,” objected Remus jokingly. “Makes him ten times more appealing and you saw him, he is a fucking greek god.”

“And then he pissed me off,” she replied with that familiar scolding tone she had. “At least don’t look so desperate.”


What?” she said innocently. “If that’s what makes you happy, if he genuinely is what you think he is, go for it Rem and if he breaks your heart again, I will break his legs.”

“I’m glad you got my back,” smiled Remus. “That wanker boyfriend of yours would never do that.”

“I heard that!” yelled James from the other side. 

“Is it a lie?”

“I mean,” answered James sounding a little unsure now. “He was gonna get me tickets to the FA Cup Final.”

“Ugh, Potter,” said Lily and Remus felt her roll her eyes, there was scrambling noises coming from the other side of the phone.

“Oh- OW EVANS, that hurt,” shouted James, Lily was probably running after him in the house after that snarky comment. “Stop, trying. to. kick. me. YOU ARE FIVE FOOT NOTHING EVANS”

“I’m gonna hang up now,” laughed Remus.

“Yeah, sure,” panted Lily, that must have been one fight. “Love you, Moony”

“Love you, too, redhead.”

“Oh Potter, you shouldn’t have dragged my height into this,” laughed Lily as she tried to catch her boyfriend over the sofa and she threw the phone away carelessly

“But you are so… what’s the word?” James waited for a moment before continuing, pushed his glasses up his nose and grinned. “Ah, yes. Tiny.”


“I love it when you call my name,” he teased with a smirk on his face and a raised eyebrow. Lily was trying not to get caught up on his face because that was how she always lost these stupid fights. 

The way his mouth curled, the way his eyebrow shot up so effortlessly, his dark skin so flawless and soft and … no. She climbed up the sofa to attack the taller boy but his old reflexes were still in place and he had grabbed her by the waist and was now holding her from just below her thighs just so she can wrap his legs around his waist but Lily Evans never gave up without a fight, so for now she just dangled her feet.

“I love that you are tiny, Lils,” said James with a smile on his face, not the teasing one, the one that made Lily feel at home. “Let’s kiss and make up?”

“No,” said Lily as she tried to break free but he was too strong for him and when James buried his face in her neck she let out an involuntary laugh. “That’s not fair.”

“You smell like flowers,” he continued as he placed a soft, wet kiss on Lily’s neck that made her gasp a little bit. “I’ll never get over how beautiful you are even when we are old and grumpy.”

His eyes were so intense, Lily felt like he was being drawn into a blackhole.

“And this is how you get away with everything, you git,” she said as she wrapped her legs around James’ waist. She let her fingers get tangled in his messy locks before she leant in to give a small kiss to his boyfriend. “Now let me down.”

“Oh, I don’t think so,” grinned James as he made her jump a little to get a better grasp of her, his hand were so familiar on Lily’s legs and she could feel his grip get a little bit tighter, just the right amount.

James had a way with Lily, it was like magic. When he tilted his head just a little bit she was already hearing her own heart beats and it was soft but hungry kisses, his hair brushing on Lily’s forehead and it was so hard to breathe, when his grip got a bit tighter, she let out a moan, he just knew everything about her now. The power she gave to him was ridiculous, but he was ridiculous, too. It was the way he knew just the right time to slide his tongue in, the way they were in such harmony with eyes closed. He had started walking and without hesitation Lily knew where they were going and soon enough she felt the wooden door behind her. James kept her pinned to the door as his hands cupped her cheek ever so softly making Lily want to go mad, now his fingers were in her hair tugging gently and her back arched making him smile, she could feel it on her lips. 

“James, the door,” she whispered barely.

“No,” he objected and he was pulling her hair a bit harder exposing her neck to him. He trailed down with the softest of kisses, her jawline, her neck and nibbing at her collarbones making Lily hum happily. She loved that James took his time with her but sometimes she just wanted him to throw her on the bed already.


His hands were trailing up and down her arched back and it was about time, he would just open the bloody door. She tried finding the door knob as he was busy making her go crazy but her hand was pinned above her in a matter of seconds. 

“Jamie,” she begged. “The door, please.”

“I told you I loved it when you said my name,” smirked James as he pinned her against to wall harder with his hips and Lily barely kept herself contained however James didn’t, his eyes locked on hers like the world would end if he didn’t. Lily tried throwing her head back but she didn’t have much space, so she just closed her eyes and licked her lips, two could play this game. He took a deep breath and Lily’s top was gone in the flash of an eye. Lily freed her hand and put them on his boyfriend’s shoulders, her fingers softly trailing his shoulder muscles, God she was thankful for all the sports he did and as James continued his teasing, Lily dug her fingernails in his skin just a little bit, making sure he knows if she is going down, he is coming with her and the small grin he gave as he reached for the door handle confirmed Lily’s expectations.

When he slowly let her down to the bed, Lily wiggled out of jeans as James took his t-shirt off, there he was in all his glory the bloody idiot that stole her heart and Lily Evans smiled to herself, enjoying the view before he caught her by the legs and pulled her towards him.

“A little too excited aren’t we?” he asked with that stupid smile on his face, his eyes shining with mischief.

“Shut it and just lose the pants Potter,” she ordered and James just raised an eyebrow before he landed a kiss on her inner thigh. 

“No, I think I will enjoy this a little more,” he said as his hands roamed around her legs. “Just for making me run around the house, you know?”

“James Potter, you– oh,” cried Lily before she could help herself and bit her lip before she let her boyfriend take full control, God knew he knew what he was doing.

600 Follower Celebration - Gif Blurbs

@skymoonandstardust submitted this one, hope you like it Sis! :) 

“Is that…” You asked yourself out loud, not needing to finish your question before the man you looking at held up his finger to his lips and winked at you. 

“Oh my GOD!” You whispered/screamed with a huge smile on your face. He smiled back at you and motioned you over to him. 

Trying to act ‘normal’ you eased your way through the small crowd until you stood before him, tilting your head up to look at him.

“So you noticed me huh?” He laughed, the sound so deep and rich that it had you melting on the inside.

“Hi!” You squeaked in a high pitched voice, facepalming yourself afterwards. “I’m sorry, I just-” You said, motioning to him and laughing.

“Don’t apologize, it’s fine. I’m Chris by the way.” He smirked, holding out his hand for you.

“No shit.” You mumbled, quickly apologizing again before you took his hand in yours. He lifted your hand to his lips and gave your knuckles a gentle kiss, being a total gentlemen. “I’m Y/N.” You breathed.

“Well nice to meet you Y/N, would you like to join me on the flight? We could have a drink and if you want, maybe get to know each other?” He questioned, giving you a heartwarming smile yet again.

“I’d love that.” You responded, not believing this was actually happening.


💓😍 150327 was so good to me 😍💓

I see your Otabek is a boring formulaic “stoic male character™” and raise you:

  • DJ Altin
  • motorcycle
  • that dopey smile he gets when he looks at Yuri
  • actual God of Victory™
  • lived in at least four countries
  • proud of his ethnicity
  • fingerguns
  • managed to find his own way to make it among the world’s top figure skaters
  • juvenile delinquent  - could not find the reference for this again, help?
  • finally managed to make friends with the boy he fell in love with five years ago
  • all of that in spite of minimum screen time
It’s a [Tinder] Date! (Part 1/3)

Summary: Thinking he needs to find a date, Natasha signs Steve up to Tinder. In Queens, Peter Parker does the same to you. It’s a match! 

Word Count: 1,723

A/N: This is already planned out and written (in my head). I loved writing this.

Originally posted by imaginingbucky

Nat raised a brow, a mysterious curve to her smile. Steve was immediately suspicious. He felt his shoulders stiffen and his back straighten. He knew he looked like he had a stick up his ass, but he couldn’t help himself. Not when Natasha looked like the cat that had eaten the canary, and wanted to get caught.

“You left your phone on the coffee table,” she said. Her tone was relaxed, which made Steve more nervous.

His eyes narrowed. “What did you do, Romanoff?” he questioned, broad arms crossing over an equally-broad chest.

She merely shrugged before she turned her right-hand palm-up and relaxing it. Steve’s phone was revealed. “See for yourself.”

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Here is something I did for @meabhd colouring contest 

Your art is simply amazing and when I saw that we are free to colour your lines I thought to myself ‘’ listen Beta, even if you don’t have drawing tablet, even if you don’t have printer and are to lazy to go to the neighbour, you have a damn photoshop and a mouse, for Christ sake go utilize this opportunity to colour meabhd’s lines.’’ And so here I am ^-^. I am not good at many things, drawing being one of them, but with that said I had to do this and I hope it looks… decent. I wish you all the luck with uni and stay awesome. <3

Lines made by Méabh , coloured by me in photoshop using my damn slow mouse.