and god dan is too hot for words

Take Care

For the anon who wanted dan riding phil until his thighs gave out hehe

Genre: smut, a weird amount of fluff that I kept meaning to stop and couldn’t???

Word count: 400+

Tags/Warnings: no warning?? Degradation maybe, cum play???, lots of unnecessary fluff, riding, aftercare, kinda vanilla, daddy kink.


“Can I ride you, daddy?” Dan’s sickeningly sweet voice asks Phil.

Phil groans, “Course, baby. Gonna take daddy’s cock really well, aren’t you baby? So good for daddy, hmm?” A whimper and hasty nodding come as a reply from Dan as he straddles Phil’s hips, positioning himself over Phil’s thick, veiny cock before slowly sinking himself onto it.

“Mm, daddy, your cock is so nice inside me. Feel so full.” Phil’s hips thrust shallowly at Dan’s words, a deep moan falling from his red, spit slicked lips.

Dan begin bouncing rhythmically on Phil’s throbbing erection, and after about ten minutes, he feels his thighs begin shaking, muscles twitching in exertion. “N-need you, daddy, please.”

“Got you, baby, let me take care of you.” Dan falls forward onto Phil’s chest, letting Phil wrap his arms around Dan’s midsection, holding him still.

Phil starts thrusting into Dan like his life depends on it, brutally hitting Dan’s prostate, Dan’s whimpering breathlessly and moaning into Phil’s neck, as Phil lets out groans from underneath Dan.

Phil can feel Dan cum, his body tightens, hole grasping deliciously onto Phil’s cock, throbbing inside of Dan’s hot tunnel, before he spurted between their bodies, dick twitching, as he let out a sharp gasp, sending Phil harshly over the edge, leaving him gasping.

Phil looks down at Dan, finding him unconscious on his chest, body like jello. He lets out a breathy chuckle, ‘that good, huh?’

Pulling himself from Dan’s heat, he lets Dan stay on him, not wanting to jostle him too much. Phil tensing when he feels his own cum drop out of Dan and onto his softening erection. “Oh sweet god fuck, yeahhhh,” Phil’s cock throbs and twitches in interest, hand reaching down to touch tentatively at Dan’s loose hole.

Dan’s eyes blink open wearily, “Phillll, already?” Phil laughs, “No no, baby, you’re so fucking hot, dropping your daddy’s cum from your little whore hole, hmm?” Dan blushes, nodding submissively. “Use your words, sweetheart.”

“Yes, daddy. One correction, if I may?” Phil quirks an eyebrow in curious interest, “Your skitty hole, daddy?”

“Fuck, baby, yeah mine. And I’m gonna take it again tonight, if you want?”

“Yes, daddy.”

“Now bath?” Phil nods, sensing that Dan was slipping into headspace.

He smiles at Dan, who’s nuzzling into Phil’s chest, breath warm against Phil’s skin. “Dan, baby?”

Dan looks up at him, “Yes, daddy?”

“I love you more than anything else, you know that right?”

Dan looks momentarily puzzled, before smiling warmly at him, “I know, love you so much, Phil.”

Something Just Like This

Ship: Egobang
Rating: Teen (Angst/Fluff)
Warnings: Intrusive thoughts/Self doubt
Summary: Arin tries to work through some doubts about himself

Dan crawls into bed, careful not to rouse the sleeping bear next to him. After a few moments to let the noises settle, he moves closer, burying his face in Arin’s chest. Dan sighs happily, enjoying the warmth and scent that is his boyfriend. Arin shifts a bit, causing Dan to freeze. Exhaling the breath after Arin wraps an arm around Dan, the thinner man intertwines their legs, letting familiarity take him off to sleep.

Arin keeps his pace of breathing, hoping Dan will drift to sleep and he can muse about his worries alone. He waits five minutes, maybe ten, watching Dan relax in his arms. When he’s sure Dan has fallen asleep, Arin opens his mouth, working through his worries, “Why me?”

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Baby, You Won't Be Blue Because I'll Be Home For Christmas

Baby, You Won't Be Blue Because I’ll Be Home For Christmas

A/N first serious published phanfic lmao it’s a lot of words and it’s not really angst but theres some missing someones involved if that makes sense? Basically Dan missing Phil when they both go home for the holidays and a little surprise from 'Santa’ so yeah it’s fluffy as shit and long as hell-enjoy! ((You can prompt me if you like my writing! ^-^ feedback is epic as well!))

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything/anyone; this is all fiction. 


Dan curls in on himself more as the realization of Phil and him being away for Christmas causes his head to spin. The couch suddenly feels too firm and his shoulders sag; he really thought this year would be different…He thought…He doesn’t know what he thought but it definitely consisted of the idea of being separated on one of the most joyous times of the year out of his head. But here they were, Phil packing for his parents’ home a day before Christmas eve and Dan doing whatever humanly possible to not make leaving a reality.  

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Thin Walls

Hey guys! So I saw this draw from Dan and Phil’s apartment in London, and it kinda made me wonder how much they can hear from each other’s room. So I wrote this fic. Hope you guys like it.

Summary: Dan and Phil’s apartment has very thin walls, and they can hear everything that happens inside their house. Things get heated when Dan thinks that Phil is sleeping, and start to moan really load in the middle of the night.

Warnings: smut.

A/N: A very original - not - fic about Friends taking things to the benefits side ;)

Total words: 1627


It was a rainy cold day in London. Dan and Phil were sited side by side at their couch, in their lobby, browsing on Tumblr for the last hour. What a surprise. Both of the guys were used to sleep late in night, almost in the morning, but since they started the book tour and their live staged show, they’ve being trying to get more hours of sleep on more commercial times, so it was not a big surprise for Dan when Phil got out of the couch around 1am to go to bed.

“Goodnight Dan” Said the older one, yawning while getting his laptop from the couch.

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