and go to a hospital jfc

08 — min yoongi

drabble game: “i’m not going anywhere”

genre: angst

word count: 530

a/n: shoutout to @lollymcwoo​ for requesting this, thank you! (warning: may be slightly triggering)

— min yoongi x reader

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     THE NIGHT YOU went out with your friends for a drink was also the night you last saw them. It was also the night you lost complete control over your entire body, unable to move a single limb.

There was no doubt that you wished things had gone differently that night, mainly with how you felt and how you chose to deal with it. Yoongi was supposed to come home early for your anniversary. Instead, you were left with cold food that went into the trash.

Frustrated, you enlisted the help of your friends in order to unleash the pool of emotions swirling inside of you. Your one suggestion was hit the road to a bar to grab some drinks and then come back, but neither of you could make it to the bar before getting sent to the emergency room.

The bitter thing was, that was all it took for Yoongi to finally get out of the studio early.

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Hello, it is me, dudes gifts chick again. This was my first holiday season as management at this company, and at the mall I work at (huge tourist mall by the airport here) and let me tell you, I only cried once per shift for like 2 weeks straight (12/27 I was emotional for a different reason, but still)! Idk what it is, or if it’s because it’s after the holidays, or bc the kids are still out of school, but this is a fuck everything and everyone :) let’s begin, shall we?!

My manager stressed so much she sent herself into anaphylactic shock and was hospitalized (she’s okay, thank goodness), so she’s on some pretty heavy medication. I, on the other hand, have nothing but coffee to keep me sane. I have a few mental disorders as well, and am unmediated, so I’m still stressing. I love her to bits, hands down my favorite SM I’ve ever had, but telling me to stop stressing, to stop having anxiety, and to just stop worrying is not going to help me. It’s going to make it worse. I’m usually good at hiding my symptoms at work, but jfc. I already feel awful that my anxiety is so high that I’m literally shaking and wanting to crawl in a hole. I so wish I could just stop. But I can’t. I love the holidays, it’s such a beautiful time for family and loved ones, but working retail makes me hate it so much, and it’s so depressing.

On that note, fuck customers. Fuck them so hard. You see we’re short staffed, you see us trying our best, how dare you yell at my employee who’s doing all they can to help you! How dare you throw the stuff you don’t want ON THE FLOOR. How dare you create more work for my already exhausted staff! Why are people such ANIMALS around the holidays!? Stop opening my product because you think it’s funny! Stop destroying my packaging because you can’t fucking read! You’re costing me money!
Oh, and SHOPLIFTERS. You’re actively taking money out of mine and my fellow management pockets. You’re the reason my pay is shit, that my SM’s pay is shit, and my supers pay is shit. Is that stash jar really that important? That fake pregnancy test? That sex toy?

I love my team and will defend them to the death, but the mall is killing me… retail is killing me. I can’t do this much longer… my health, physical and mental, are stretched to their limit. I just needed to vent.

Something extremely random

Jefferson: So….. What now?

Madison: (shrugs)



Madison: (softly coughs)


Madison: (kisses Jefferson)

Jefferson: (is die)

Madison: (blushes) S-shut up.

(Laf, Herc, Jackie and Ham in the bushes)

Hamilton: Did you take it?

Herc: Yep. (Shows photo)

Lafayette: Remind me why we are doing this.

Laurens: I have no idea. Its fun though.

Hamilsquad: (Lenny face)

(from a distance)

Burr: Idiots.

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One of my store's pet grooming associates got mauled by a cat and had to go to the hospital, and I watched the owner scream at our manager because there was blood on the cat... the groomer's blood...


Dating Trini + Being Sick

Anon asked:  Being sick and dating trini, how she would react?

I’m the anon that requested the “being sick and dating trini”, can it be a headcanon? <3


Warning: Cute shit. Fluff. Sickness, ew. Swear words

@themorphinggrid mostly inspired me for these headcanons. @jxsonscott @zacktxylor

  • Did you mean, “Smol panicky Trini”?
  • I imagine that when you first get sick you brush it off and hopefully Trini doesn’t worry about since. Since she’s a Ranger and all.
    • But she does. Ooooooh boy does she worry.
  • If you somehow fainted when you’re sick Trini’s just like “GET THEM TO THE HOSPITAL”
  • But if you’re sick and in bed, Trini comes over your place very damn day.
    • Sometimes she stays over.
    • Trini brings over like soup, tea, board games, movies, medicine, cough syrup, cough drops, has a fucking care package ready.
  • You try to push her away since A: You don’t want her to get sick. B: She’s a Ranger. She’s got bigger things (Haha! See what I did there?) to worry about.
    • Trini isn’t going to fucking leave your side, she’s the hardcore ride or die kinda gal.
  • She’ll try and do your homework for you…key word here is try.
    • You’re like “jfc trini pls don’t I can handle it myself”
    • You have to help her tho.
  • She’ll take notes and collect your homework for ya if you miss class.
  • During battles, Trini would try her best not to get too beaten up since she doesn’t want to worry you while you’re sick.
  • Aggressively tries to help you get better.
    • “Trini no I don’t want to take medicine.”
    • “I WILL SHOVE THIS DOWN YOUR FUCKING THROAT, NOW DRINK IT!” and progressively tries to shove the medicine into your mouth.
    • “But Trini is tastes gross.”
    • “….I will fucking spread your mouth open and plop this medicine into your throat. Do not fucking test me.”
  • When you do get better, Trini is just super happy that she can finally cuddle you again.
  • Surprise surprise, she gets sick instead.
    • “I hate you. You gave this to me.”


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It’s kinda sad though Aaron has to suck it up and not move on at all and accept a baby his husband conceived while he was probably off his head in prison it’s kinda cruel, Aaron would never ever in a million years to this to Rob makes me wonder how people think they’re love is ever equal at all

i mean, he probably couldn’t do this to rob bc any cheating he would do would likely not result in an unxpected pregnancy so

it’s not really fair to argue that, is it?

also, like… this is absolutely a product of robert’s bad decision

but it didn’t happen in a vaccuum - this wasn’t rob sitting around like OH BOY IM BORED AND MY EX IS LOOKING FOINEEEE LETS GO GET SOME OF THAT NO I WOULD NEVER USE PROTECTION HEY BEX LETS BANG

that’s not… what happened… like jfc you’re genuinely skimming over the entirety of what happened in canon

aaron put a guy in hospital, which landed him in prison, which led to him being abused in prison, which led to him doing spice - that’s aaron’s side of things

rob’s side, on the build up, was… he couldn’t sleep in a bed without aaron and was generally a complete wreck, one day the prison didn’t let him see aaron and then liv told him that aaron was doing drugs, he finally went to see aaron who was acting like a shell of himself, was so heartbroken that he got drunk, got really fucking angry at aaron, called rebecca over to rant at her because she was his only friend and someone he’d been able to talk to about how he felt about missing aaron, decided to hurt aaron and came onto rebecca, knew exactly what to say to get her to say yes, she said yes, they banged

like…. the situation was deliberatly not as straightforward as ‘oh hey, it’s rob being a cheat again, knew he couldn’t stay faithful!’ 

it was 100% robert doing the wrong thing, but jfc so was aaron beating up kasim

look how fucking much robert and liv suffered while aaron was in jail - but that never gets held over aaron’s head - and yes, aaron was absolutely suffering while he was in prison and his suffering was moreso than rob’s suffering has been since the break up but that doesn’t change the fact that aaron is still responsible for being put in prison and aaron is still therefore the cause behind rob and liv’s suffering during that tiime.

and i’m not necessarily saying that this should be held over aaron’s head - but i don’t think it should be given less weight than the baby. rob fucked up and slept with rebecca, she got pregnant and decided to keep it, thereby destroying rob and aaron’s relationship. the root of the problem is rob’s horrible decision making, and rob’s tendency to lash out at people in insane ways, but the baby wasn’t a fuckin concious dig at aaron and liv. it has obviously caused them an incredible amount of pain and heartbreak, but the baby itself was more of a perfect storm of awful consequences - much like prison and the horrors was for aaron in a village where people genuinely get away with murder.

so no, it’s not fair to aaron. and yes, it’s a much more long-lasting consequence than prison ended up being - although aaron was supposed to be there for a year, so robert and liv would have had to survive for a year without him - imagine that after how much they struggled after a god damn week. just as they were innocent victims to aaron’s prison sentence, aaron and liv are innocent victim’s to rob’s new baby. 

it’s not fair to aaron, but also it will clearly be something he manages to get over. it’s not about rob winning and aaron losing. robert literally said today that he’s never been more miserable. aaron has been on this amazing journey of growth and come to a place with his mh where he’s much more able to handle this shit and it’s sad and i’m sad for him but… 

this baby isn’t a sign that robert and aaron don’t love one another.

aaron beating up kasim happened because rob called off the wedding, because he’d spent so long thinking he was going to lose rob (and this was again because of rob - i’m not saying he’s an innocent bean or that he doesn’t desperately need to be redeemed, because he makes horrible fuckin decisions at all time)

rob cheating on aaron happened because he was angry at aaron for going to prison and for doing spice and had spent a whole day terrified that aaron had fuckin died - he slept with rebecca because he loves aaron. and because where aaron lashes out with violence, robert lashes out by doing this sort of stupid impulsive thing.

no, that doesn’t make it better and no that doesn’t mean he wasn’t 100% spot on when he spoke about how he destroys people’s lives because he does, he fuckin does - he said ‘i do what i want and it’s always the wrong thing’ (that’s not the exact quote but yk) and he’s so god damn right. it is always the wrong thing. 

but the situation they’re in, much as it is a product of rob’s horrible horrible decisions, is not a product of robert intentionally wanting to destroy aaron’s life. yes, in that moment and fuelled by whiskey he wanted to make aaron as hurt as he felt, but that’s a perfectly human feeling to have. following that fucking impulse was the stupid part. that was where the damage was caused.

they both fucked up this year, anon. rob moreso, to be fair. i’ve said all of this before, but there’s a reason why he’s the one who needs the redemption storyline and why aaron needed the storyline about finding ways to start to heal and better coping mechanisms. but they still both fucked up. aaron having a shitty time with his mh doesn’t excuse him from putting a guy in a hospital or throwing a wrench at robert’s head. and they really really did need their break up. they really did. and rob needs a period of growth, just as aaron needed that time alone, to grow, without robert.

but people always say that aaron will force himself to love the baby and he’ll just have to ~suck it up~ and i just… why is it so out of the question that they could write it in a way where he genuinely realises that the baby isn’t as painful to be around as he thought? that he can be in rob’s life with the baby around and that it doesn’t actually hurt, that he doesn’t mind it, that maybe the baby is growing on him, that he still misses robert, that…. actually, that time apart was more valuable than he realised… especially when we have robert finally facing up to the part he’s played in destorying all these people’s lives, including aaron’s

their biggest issue blocking their happiness isn’t the baby anon

it’s rob’s potential to cause chaos and hurt aaron again, just by making the same horrible decisions and never considering the consequences, by taking ridiculous risks with other people’s lives and well-being and happiness because he has no semblance of self-control

that’s the shit that’s stopping them from being a couple that stays together and is happy, really, not the fuckin baby

that’s what needs to be dealt with. the baby is ultimately secondary to that, in terms of letting them work and getting them to a place where they can get married in the summer

i mean, fine, we don’t know how it’s going to work, we don’t know if aaron is going to warm to the baby or if it will all be an act or whatever, but it’s not a foregone conclusion that he’ll be there at the end of the year, feeling forced to suck up the existence of this child. just the poor little pineapple, constantly shit on by the narrative and by everyone around him. THAT’S NOT THE FOREGONE CONCLUSION FOR AARON’S FUTURE AND I HIGHLY FUCKIN DOUBT DANNY WOULD BE WALKING AROUND SINGING THE PRAISES OF WHAT’S COMING UP IF IT WAS 


just… god. canon exists for a reason. robron have so many god damn problems to fix and i’m sure they’ll only fix a small portion of them, but we know that part of the christmas episode is dealing with that and that’s what kicks off the route to the actual reunion so it’s hardly the most out there thing to suggest that they’re gonna deal with some shit that’s not entirely related to the baby

i’m sorry you struggle to see how their love is equal, or how aaron is anything other than a victim of robert but… just because that’s how you view it does not mean that that’s the only way to view it or even that it’s the story the show is telling. i’m js.  

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really dude? thats your response? jfc, antifa is a anarcho-communist TERRORIST group. They are horrible people. They beat up my uncle for just being near by. They ganged up on him and beat him up pretty bad. He had to go to the hospital, he had a few broken ribs and internal bleeding thanks to those asshat revolutionary LARPers who have a hard on for Karl Marx. That is so fuckin insensitive of you to just brush that shit off and give antifa a pass. Like what the actual fuck dude

piss in youre mouth Brother

Me: Okay so they said they’d be home at 9 and now it’s almost ten so–

Anxiety: –so obviously they’re DEAD and you need to call the hospital and start making funeral plans and get more hours so you can afford to survive–

Me: Or I could just text them you fucking unshelled walnut. See, they’ll be home in ten minutes.

Anxiety: A lot can happen in ten minute–

My Dog: Who fucking cares just go to bed already jfc

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modern college au where laurens and ham are out on a friday night & they see tjeffs and tjeffs is talking shit about alex so laurens punches him and it ends in a bleeding head and definite concussion for laurens but at least tjeffs has a bleeding nose and alex is like JFC u have to go to a hospital right now immediately and laurens is like no?? im totally fine?? and alex is like no ur not and then eliza appears like an angel of the lord out from her shift in the hospital as a med student (1/3)

and alex sees her and he’s like pls?? help my boyfriend?? he doesnt want to go to the hospital?? and laurens keeps insisting he’s Fine even though he’s definitely about to pass out so eliza brings them to her apartment and has laurens lying on her couch with ice packs and a bandaged head (good thing u didn’t need stitches - eliza) and alex starts flirting with eliza and she’s like your boyfriend was literally bleeding on my couch like five seconds ago (2/3)

and laurens is like it’s alright i also think you’re pretty cute and eliza is working so hard not to be Charmed so she’s like ok but you’re concussed right now so i don’t trust your opinion so alex is like ok but what if we come back when john is definitely not concussed anymore and ask you out on a date and eliza’s like ok but they actually do because they do like her a lot and eliza can’t believe it and now tjeffs has 2 ppl out for his blood when he talks shit about alex the end (3/3)


have you ever set off fireworks indoors?
fireworks inside—that’s what loving you is like.

it’s bright. searing. incandescent. it’s energy exploding out and spilling over, raw reaction too much for the chassis that tries to hold it in.

it’s going to send somebody to the hospital.

—  e.k.t., from in case of emergency, break down

My boyfriend is so good to me, holy fuck. I split my knee open at work today and had to go get stitches so it was basically a really horrible day and I’ve been in pain and just plain miserable from having to spend three hours in the hospital. I come home to him and he has candles lit all over the bedroom with a present on the bed. He went out to Sephora and got me some really nice makeup and chocolates, and has basically spent all night pampering me and doing my nails and holding me and making me feel so loved and special. Jfc, what did I do to deserve such a beautiful, caring human being. I love him so much.

I hate the United States jfc get a fucking handle on gun control regular citizens don’t need an AR-15 this should not be happening still we should not be losing children and adults to mass shootings EVERY MONTH so far this year.

Also why the fuck was this malicious monster taken into custody then brought to the hospital to be treated instead of killed on spot? What the fuck.

Students from elementary to college should not be afraid of going to class because they may be shot by someone who is just truly evil.

pensversusswords replied to your postjfc shopgirl is on tv and my head is just…


i just want a little bit of drama ok so like a couple things are: 

  • tony going to steve’s penthouse to surprise him when he gets home from work, but in the middle of getting everything ready, one of steve’s exes calls and tony overhears the message, which is basically her saying that she wants her and steve to give it another go, which is obviously devastating to tony because he has a ton of insecurities to begin with, but jfc what if he is just a rebound or something? what if steve really isn’t as serious about this as he says??? 

  • tony not really liking when steve gives all of these expensive gifts, but appreciating them all the same… but then there comes a day where tony really needs something, but he has no idea how to even ask for steve’s help 

  • steve is rushed to the hospital after thinking he’s having a heart attack–turns out, it was just a stress-related panic attack, but that doesn’t stop tony from spending his entire spring break motherhenning him 

  • after they get engaged, they argue over what kind of wedding to have. they eventually compromise and have a small, private ceremony with just them and their very closest friends, and then have a lavish reception with over 500 guests a week later 

  • steve and tony plan to travel all over europe for their honeymoon, but they decide to just stay home for a week instead with no interruptions. it doesn’t sound as fun as travelling around the world, but it’s exactly what the two of them needed: just a full seven days of nothing but the two of them.  no schedule, no distractions… just them 

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I'm sad do you have any cute courferre headcanons

  • Courfeyrac used to have an impressive collection of beanie babies when he was little, and Combeferre had cut open almost every single one, in an attempt at “dissection” after watching some documentary or other
  • Courfeyrac is known to sit in Combeferre’s lap, fall asleep on Combeferre, and generally on people because personal space? what’s that? But the cutest is when Ferre is super tired after a long day, a long lecture, hours of studying, too much work - doesn’t matter - and he lays his head in courf’s lap where courfeyrac can distractedly play with his hair, and falls asleep.
  • Courf is the only one who has ever managed to beat Combeferre at battleship, and he did it mostly by accident. After that game Combeferre dragged Courf to a corner and they made out for ages because by god if that wasn’t the hottest thing Combeferre had ever witnessed (he was pretty angry about it though, HE is the only champion)
  • The first time Courferre noticed they might just be a little in love with each other was once when Joly broke his arm on Christmas Eve and Courfeyrac was being unnecessarily anxious about it so Combeferre held his hand for the remainder of the day (it wasn’t anything new to them or anything but the fact remained that while Courf’s hand was in Ferre’s Courf no longer felt like he was at a hospital and his entire being was at peace) (Ferre forgot to let go of that hand even as they were walking home that evening)
  • Courfeyrac knew Combeferre’s coffee order from before they were dating (or before they knew they were dating, jfc) and would bring him coffee to meetings regularly. Once or twice Bahorel would tease him about it and ask “Why don’t you ever bring me coffee?” and Courfeyrac would freeze in place because he only knew two coffee orders by heart.
  • Courfeyrac, predictably, takes a lot of pictures. He has an entire folder on his laptop titled “ferre candids”. And yes, this too was from before they knew they were in love with each other.
  • When it’s exceptionally cold out and Courf is forced to wear like a million pairs of socks (his feet get cold easily!!!! don’t judge the sock man!!!) he’ll wear Ferre’s shoes because??? they’re a good few sizes bigger??? And his multiple-socked feet can fit in them comfortably?? Also they’re Ferre’s? And he loves Ferre?
  • Ferre suffers through many puns of his name. “is ‘Ferre’ for the french faire? As in do? Because yeah i’d do you”, “life is like a rollercoaster, and you’re the ferreis wheel” (”oh god courf that was horrible even by your standards”), “wow Ferre your hair looks unruly today - would you like me to Combe it?” (cue pistol fingers and Ferre’s mock-exasperation)
  • Courf isn’t the only one who puns his way to hell. Ferre is known to elicit a chorus of groans during Musain meetings because he thought it was appropriate to fit in a dinosaur pun there somewhere. (”we need to print them, prontosaurus - oh, Oh come on it was a good pun! Courf back me up” “of course, my little Ferreodactyl”
What happens when I go to bed drunk:

I was literally dreaming about McHanzo and here is what I remember:

- Teachers/professors at the same school/college. They do a good job of keeping their relationship under wraps until Hanzo walks out of McCrees office wearing McCrees shirt (and vice versa). Bonus ruffled post sexytime hair.

- Same setting but Hanzo got really sick. Didn’t tell McCree he was coming home from hospital and McCree opens his door to see Hanzo in the hospital wheelchair, with a tired smile on his face. (Still with oxygen cannula thing but he was stubborn about going home)

- Same setting where they hook up in McCrees office and Hanzo gets dressed so fast he doesn’t realize his shirt got torn in the sex process. (McCree tore his shirt off too enthusiastically jfc). Doesn’t realize until he gets to his class/lecture and the students start exchanging money and laughing. (Bets were taken on whether or not he and McCree were getting it on)

- In this setting for some reason Hanzos parents were assholes and didn’t accept their son dating a guy. It was raining heavily but Hanzo just walks to McCrees place and when McCree opens the door to see his sad partner, he just pulls him inside and hugs him, even though Hanzo is soaked from the rain.

- They got drunk and they got each others names tattooed on their asses.